Routine comfort on Facebook

March 29, 2011

Here’s an example of routine chats I use in facebook to keep distant girls on my radar, gradually building comfort and attraction until I get a good moment to amp it up. This is Goose, the 19yr old Lithuanian virgin I instant-dated from the street then had a long day 2 with in January.

The goal is to have her offer her virginity to me sometime in 2011. She’s talking about coming to London for University in Autumn. She’s a little messed up and low confidence so much of what I do is building her up or giving some light escapism from her humdrum routine. I’m not pushing hard sexually. I’ve already told her I intend to fuck her so no need to labour the point on a sexually inexperienced girl.


Me: Hey, you’re up late again
Her: its not late ;D    What about you?
Me: 1am is past your bedtime, young girl
Her: what have you been up to?    😛
Me: Still on holiday. It’s my last night
Her: nice 🙂 so why are you here? ;D    you should be havin fun!
Me: My girlfriend went home this morning. So I finally have some peace and quiet 😀
Her: peace and quiet? shouldnt you be having boys night out or smth? 😀    and be like ‘finallyyy,shes gone!’ 😀
Me: the latter   Just me and her came here
Her: youre all alone now? 😦
Me: Yes. Completely    I’m a bit scared 😦
Her: yeah,those monster.i get you :/
Me: I’m terrified now    I’ll have a nightmare    about a tall clumsy badly-dressed Lithuanian girl trying to kill me    😛
Her: well,she sounds pretty cool,so you probably deserve that.    but its only a dream,dear.
Me: If I control the dream, I’ll fight her with custard pies    and a water canon    I’ll push her back into the sea, then electrify it with power from a nuclear reactor, like in Godzilla
Her: see,youll be allright! ;D    so theres nothing to be scared of
Me: I’m never scared    I’m tough
Her: of course….

And there I leave it hanging. I’m not looking to stretch these chats out forever.

More facebook rapport and escalation

March 29, 2011

Here’s a snippet of a facebook chat I had with the 20 yr old Polish virgin. This is from December so I hadn’t yet gotten her to masturbate over sex chat (I might post that later) and she hadn’t yet agreed to come to London so I can take her virginity (I might post that later too). This snippet is mostly rapport building, framing myself as her leader, and then qualifying her on her character…. we begin about half an hour into the chat when she’s asking why I like her.

Me: No    What I mean is, I was initially attracted to you because of how you looked and danced    But that happens with 100s of girls.    So then I check your facebook and I see you are actually a normal, balanced person    and then we chat, and I see you are thoughtful and coy    Having all 3 things together is quite rare, and I like it  [qualification]
Her: i don’t wanna be like 100s girls 😛    hmmm, I think… I’m not really coy girl 😉
Me: you are with me. Why so different to usual?  [our world]
Her: hmm, I don’t understand..    you know – my english.
Me: You are coy with me. You are not coy generally (you said)    why the difference?
Her: ok….I don.t know…. maybe I’m coy… maybe it’s my real nature..    perhaps it is a problem with men… :/
Me: Have you ever had an orgasm during sex?  [Hat tip Moran for using this to screen girls. I didn’t know she was a virgin at this point – it’s only 6 weeks after I met her]
Her: !!!!!!!!!!1    it’s so personaly…    *personal   [likes boldness but remains coy]
Me: yeah, but girls who are not comfortable with men and sex usually can’t orgasm    they have to learn to relax first  [from the Moran playbook]
Her: I know that..
Me: get their minds straight
Her: nexer mind;)    *never    how was you’re day? 😀  [she’s not comfortable answering yet so I let her snip the thread]
Me: great    I built a snowman, as you know    Been writing a book    Having fun with friends    you?  [DHVs]
Her: ooh.. great, snowman like kids 😉    my day…was hard :/    early get up..    sport, sport… much sport…    and university..
Me: sport? nice  [reward, reduce my words]
Her: yes..    sport and after a little dance..    what’s the weather in London?   [she wants to keep this going]
Me: COLD brrrrr brrrr
Her: In Krk it’s snowing…    soo cold :/
Me: Not surprising    maybe you should take your trousers off   [sexualise playfully]
Her: 😉    I don’t think so 😉    you haven’t good ideas 😉
Me: so rude!!!   [tell her off, playfully]
Her: 😉    ohhhh    no 😉 I’m not rude :0
Me: Haha I know    What dancing did you do today?
Her: salsa..and a little bit rumba..    but.. i was tired and I didn’t have power for the rumba…. :/
Me: I did some salsa before. I didn’t know rumba required power
Her: to much sport before 😉    it’s sexy dance… and girl have much work 😉
Me: nice   [reward]



Her: 🙂    you’re busy now…?    I don’t want to disturb…   [worried she’s interfering in my life, a sign that she perceives herself as lower status than me]
Me: Not especially. Chatting to friends around the table in our conference room    I’m fine. I enjoy chatting to you  [comfort]
Her: nice 🙂 thanx
Me: 😉
Her: sorry….but I think….. some men are prats :/
Me: Me too? I’m kinda lazy and selfish    [false disqualifier]
Her: no..,not you..    now….I talk with man like that – prats :/ wrrr    I hate liar :/
Me: Yeah, so many men hide their intentions and use bullshit  [begin an honesty frame – I want her to feel she can open up to me, and not just her legs]
Her: yes, I hate these :/    I think, that some these are immature arses. Sorry for the words :/
Me: haha, you REALLY don’t like them 😀
Her: I’m angryyyy :/    he lie to me :/
Me: he?    Are we talking about a specific guy?
Her: haha….ok…;s not important..    I apologise, that I wrote it..    I’m angry and I don’t think 😛
Me: I’m fine    You weren’t being mean to me    You can tell me anything you want    I’m interested to know what motivates you
Her: wrrr    anger is motivating me 😛 haha    in short:
Me: I’m listening   [get her to open up and you have her]
Her: he wanted to cheat me….    he said, around there is no woman… and had her    I hate these…    I hate when the man lie to me :/
Me: yeah, I hate dishonesty    I think you should show someone who you are. And if they like that, great.    if they don’t, move on and find the person who does like you    People who hide themselves behind lies are not confident that people will like them for who they are
Her: I am not hiding myself…. I mean….I think that..    I think that too much I probably expect the boy …hmmm
Me: No. You respect yourself, so you have standards  [qualify her]
Her: I only want so so that he respects me, he didn’t lie… :/
Me: Yeah, you have to learn to read people better. Most people give you all of the information you need, without realising it
Her: it’s sad that all the time this way I am conned…    I am credulous :/
Me: How old are you?
Her: 20  [YES!!!!]
Me: there’s the answer. You are still learning about the world and about people  [frame myself as mature and her as needing guidance]
Her: yes…but it’s not fair :/
Me: Be patient    You can’t rush maturity and experience    Just keep trying your best to do the right thing, and to learn from every experience   [telling her what to do, but with benign intent]
Her: after what you said, about your first impression to my …. I think, around I am retired 😛    hehehe
Me: so no more sexy dancing from Dorota?    😦
Her: I’m too old 😛 😛 😛 <lol>
Me: yeah, 20 is virtually 40
Her: haha;) I know;)    I’m not dancing sexy…
Me: send me a sexy photo   [sexualise]
Her: no, I haven’t
Me: Take one now   [hold the frame]
Her: I don’t want to…    you can see my photo on FB..    on my gallery    ok, it’s late a bit 😉    thanx for the conversation and advice 🙂    have a good night 😉   [slightly uncomfortable]
Me: yeah, I enjoyed it    sleep well 😉   [release]

I’ll post some of the further chats later. This one is going well.

Tricks and Ho’s

March 28, 2011

Judged from his book collection (or indeed anything he actually says) Bhodisatta is a weird guy. We were out doing some daygame recently when he loaned me Tariq Nasheed’s “The Mack Within”. I’ve been interested in mack and pimp culture for a while now as these guys basically do game, just with different words and frames for the same activity. One of my favourite concepts – flipping the script – is from pimping.

I haven’t finished the book yet so don’t consider this a review. However one concept leaps right off the page as a much more elegant conceptualisation than it’s equivalents in the PUA community

Hopefully one of his lower ranking girls

Trick: A man who pays for sexual gratification
Ho: A woman who sells sexual gratification

Note this is a much wider definition than simply punters and prostitutes. There is a trick mentality and a matching ho mentality. When a man goes to a strip club, sits in pervert alley, and thrusts banknotes into a stripper’s knickers he is a trick. When a man drives his ferrari to a date and whisks the girl to a VIP table and bottle service he is a trick. When a PUA runs entourage game by bribing girls with nightclub entry and tables he is a trick.

Any time a man exchanges money or it’s equivalent for the sexual attention of a woman he is a trick. It is low value behaviour, even when performed by billionaires. It communicates “sex with you is a prize” and “I don’t have enough personal value for you so I must build it up with bribes”.

So long as a man thinks sex with girls is a prize, that the girl’s sexuality is an asset, then he will struggle to avoid the trick mentality.

On the flip side, any time a woman reciprocates a trick’s overtures by delivering some gratification she is a ho. When a woman insists on the man buying drinks and food she is a ho. When she dolls up and takes her friends to a club for free entry and drinks she is a ho. When she holds out on blowjobs until the man buys her a handbag she is a ho.

Trick-Ho interactions take place on the economic and ego planes. They are shallow and self-defeating over time. Deep rewarding male-female interactions take place on the character and charisma planes. Men and women are truly happy when their energies match and sexual polarity pulls them together. This is why women in love can say “Even if we were poor and hungry I’d still be happy if I’m by your side” and why most men are repelled by shallow bimbos.

This is why a girl who lets you fuck her in a pub bathroom on the second date is less of a ho then a girl who holds you off for two years till she gets a rock on her finger. [clarification: a girl who fucks just anyone she tingles for in the toilets is a slut. A girl who sets a high threshold of personal value that you then meet and quickly guide through the milestones of the human courtship ritual and only then fucks you in the toilets is not a slut. So says Krauser]

How do you shake yourself loose of being a trick? That’s what inner game is all about. It’s why I drill students with sociology to flush all the rubbish out of their intellectual forebrains. If you need a few catch aphorisms to remind yourself you are not a trick, try these:

  • Alpha seed is more valuable than female eggs
  • Girls like sex more than men do
  • Women get old quick. Men mature like fine wine
  • The best men have higher value than the best women
  • She’s beautiful, yeah. But what has she ever acheived in life?
  • The world is awash in beautiful women. The vagina is not gold-plated
  • That girl has to be fucked by somebody. It might as well be me.
  • Beautiful women want the same things as average women.
  • Every girl tingles to the same things.


Finally the Croatian Mouse sends me photos of her tits and woo-hoo

March 26, 2011

Strap in, this is a long one. I’m kinda into this Croatian Mouse even though she’s only a 7 on the scale and she’s not given anything out. I daygamed her for a number and then had a date that ended in a kiss. That’s it. Everything else is on Facebook and Skype but for some reason she’s got ants in her pants for me so she’s been properly stalking me ever since.

I’ll admit I am intrigued by the idea of popping her cherry. And anal vriginity. Fuck it, I want to tie this girl up, fuck her ass, and cum in her hair. Right. I’ve said it.

So I’m ploughing for photos. Here’s the most extreme chat. For those of you dumb enough to try to learn from this, note how I just stick to my guns and keep demanding the photos no matter what misdirections she throws in my way. I get the photos in the end.

Doesn't know what's about to hit her

Me: About to leave starbucks    not avoiding you
Her: Okay
Me: will be online later
Her: ..fine

[five hours later]

Her: Not avoiding me, huh?
Me: just wrapping my hands before boxing
Her: Of course    Have fun
Me: I always do    boxing is a passion 🙂    what you wearing?
Her: For you…ski suits
Me: I’ll still rip it off easily
Her: That’s what you think    So you usually tell people you’ll talk to them later and then you just decide not to? Or I get treated specially?
Me: it’s because I like you
Her: You don’t talk to me because you like me?
Me: I’m confused    send me a photo of your breasts
Her: Well good    -.-    Other girls actually listen to you when you say “send me your naked photos!! nooow!!”????
Me: yes    and so will you
Her: ..mmm     do you maybe drug those girls?
Me: with my charisma
Her: oh, right…silly me    why are you so sure I’m gonna send you some photos?
Me: They always do, eventually
Her: Cause you’re so charming?
Me: Yes    Sometimes before I fuck them. Sometimes after    With you, I think it’ll be before
Her: No one really cares you have like 15 other girls sending you photos, having sex with you – which, by the way, makes all other girls feel worthless ??
Me: ok    In a bikini first is fine    then topless    I can wait longer for the 100% naked photos
Her: God, that’s such a chauvinism!
Me: thank you
Her: What do I get with sending you photos?
Me: depends how good they are
Her: …except making myself feel more miserable cause my love life still sucks    How good they are?? You’re that confident?
Me: yes
Her: ..I don’t think so…    What makes you think you’re that “alpha”?
Me: I don’t care about that    do a topless photo now please
Her: You don’t?? You only want lots of girls?
Me: photo please
Her: ..well, no photo for you, mister    go ask some other girl, you anyway have like 2637485 of them, I believe one will be willing to send you something
Me: I want yours    Send it now please
Her: stop saying “please”, it sounds pathetic in a situation like this
Me: I’m polite    Send it now please
Her: ..sounds like you’ll come and rape me if I don’t
Me: I might    photo please
Her: Why are you dating only very young girls?
Me: I like young girls
Her: photo, you didn’t deserve it
Me: Smooth skin. Slim figure. Fresh face. Nice attitude
Her: Well, who doesn’t..but why don’t you date someone your age?    Nice attitude? You still haven’t met me?
Me: Yes I have    It’s too far away to fuck you now    So I want a photo    Send it
Her: and what if I don’t want to send you anything?
Me: you will
Her: but what if I don’t??
Me: you will    send it now
Her: ..what if I don’t feel such a strong urge to send you my naked photos?
Me: you will    send it now
Her: was that copy-paste?
Me: No    Topless is ok
Her: Oooh, well well [sends link to photo below]

Even Moran hits harder than this

Me: Try again    Topless photo of you. Now
Her: If you wanna get turned on go watch a porn
Me: Go to the bathroom and take a photo with your phone camera    Topless
Her: Or else???
Me: Go do it now
Her: I don’t want to and you can’t make me    =)
Me: That’s true    But I want it.    Send it now
Her: ..well, I want a million dollars, will you send that to me??
Me: [link]    Now send your photo

Still hate the Irish

Her: ..there were some half-naked photos of me on the facebook, but I think they’re gone now
Me: Send a new one   [my email]
Her: [link] Why do you have 2 email addresses?

Not good enough

Me: Not good enough    I like having 2 addresses    Send a new photo of yourself topless
Her: Do you maybe masturbate on photos like those?
Me: No    I just enjoy looking at them    Send one
Her: I don’t want to
Me: I want you to    I want to see you topless. And later, naked.
Her: …but I don’t and I win
Me: No    I like you. I find you sexy. I want to fuck you.    But before that. I want a photo of you naked    Send it
Her: ..oh great…a male whore wants to take my virginity….awesome -.-
Me: you’ll enjoy it    but first    photo
Her: You’re not persuasive enough
Me: I’m not being persuasive at all    I’m telling you what I want    Send me the photo
Her: say “send me a photo” or anything like that one more time and I’ll leave    …which means- no photo
Me: send me a photo
Her: Bye
Me: I don’t want you to leave    but I do want a photo
Her: Oh, well, it’s kinda too late now for that
Me: No    Go to your bedroom and take a photo    thank you
Her: Want the one on my bed or next to the mirror?
Me:I prefer the bed, thanks
Her: [link]

Not bad

Me: Yes. Copy that position. It’s a sexy photo
Her: …you copy that position and send me your photo!
Me: I’ll reward you with something    Don’t worry about that    Do the photo now
Her: Haha, what with?? Sex??
Me: Something you’ll like    Don’t worry about that    Do the photo
Her: I wanna know what
Me: I’m a fair man. Send me your photos
Her: I don’t believe you. And I don’t want to send you anything.    How many girls/women have you had sex with??
Me: I told you that already    And you do believe me because I have always been open with you
Her: No, you only said -like 30 one night stands
Me: And about 15 girlfirends
Her: …I think you just wanna take advantage of me
Me: No. I want to see you naked because I find you sexy    There is no other motive
Her: And can’t you just imagine how I look naked?
Me: Yes, but it’s not as good    I want the photos
Her: What if you don’t get ones?
Me: I will
Her: What if I’m not one of those sluts who usually send you that kind of stuff?
Me: It’s not slutty    It’s enjoying your feminity
Her: I think it is
Me: You’re wrong. But don’t worry. They are private
Her: While stranger’s looking at your “feminity”     Okay, what part of “I’m not gonna send you my photos” you clearly don’t understand?    ..that’s not what I want
Me: I understand clearly. I want the photos
Her: I don’t then why can’t you just accept the fact you won’t get any photos and stop asking for ones?
Me: I want them. Send them.
Her: fuck off
Me: You have a sexy body and a cute face. I want to see you naked.    Send them
Her: No one’s gonna see me naked…happy?
Me: No    Send them
Her: No
Me: You meant “yes”
Her: No
Me: Hurry up. Go to your bedroom. Take your clothes off. And take a photo
Her: You may think you know girls mind, but actually you have no idea about anything…
Me: I’m not trying to convince you. I’m telling you
Her: And I said “no”, so what’s the point of telling me?    Or is this an order??
Me: Something like that, yes
Her: Oh of course, my master. I’d be so very glad to please all of your needs. Is there something else you want, besides photos?
Me: Later, when you come to London, I’ll fuck you    But now, just photos
Her: Is that all?? Are you sure??    If you change your mind, just say
Me: No, that’s enough for now
Her: No blow job, quickie in a toilet or anything like that?
Me: Maybe some other time    When I take your virginity, I’ll make it special for you    A romantic and sexual experience you never forget    Not some quick fumble like normally happens for girls
Her: How can anything related to you be romantic?    …and I don’t think I’m gonna lose my virginity..
Me: I will take it in 2011
Her: ..see, even now you have no time for me!    ..and then better hurry up, there’s the end of the world in may this year…and now is march…
Me: ok    book a flight, come to London, and I’ll fuck you next week
Her: Hahaha, and who’s gonna do my exams??
Me: You won’t care when you’re lying on my bed, sweating, panting, and totally satisfied    Anyway, bed time for me. I have an early flight    sleep well
Her: Have fun    Get married

I show Burto the exchange. “You’ll get the photos” he opines. One week later out of nowhere at midnight I get a text:

Her: You still want that naked photo? I’m in a good mood….
Me: Awesome. [email address]
Her: Wait for an hour or so. I’ll send them on your phone.

I get a close up of her woo-hoo and a good shot of her tits. Result.

UPDATE: I just realised there’ll be a video on youtube of my inspiration for this chat

I blow another SNL, this time by being too laidback

March 25, 2011

It’s Friday in Camden and Jimmy is taking Wonka out for a nightgame session. Tony T and I come along for the ride and for the first hour we are building aura in the bar. Sets start to open themselves. While walking around with Tony I spot a young two set of Germans, both 19 years old. My target is a good firm-breasted eight but the obstacle is a low 7. I ask T-Bone if he’s happy to take the obstacle. It’s a sniff of fanny, so of course he says yes.

I open with something nonsensical. Doesn’t matter because my state is high and the girls are waiting for something to happen. I tease for a while to build attraction and we mini-isolate. TT is doing his usual romantic masculine presence thing whereas I’m running a douchebag version of Mystery Method. It’s hitting well. Over the next two hours we rope them in and the girls are DTF.

Jambone comes round with Wonka and sees my girl is totally wanting to get laid tonight – he has a finely tuned radar for such things. He doesn’t actually tell me though. My radar is shitty so I’m still thinking I have to continue gaming her when I should’ve been escalating. Big mistake. Halfway through the girls convene in the toilets for girl talk so I confirm with TT that he’s on too. Some little Portuguese hamster opens me asking if we’ve seen her friend. Cue some chick crack:

Hamster on the right, with my hat

Her: Have you seen my friend? She was around here a minute ago.
Me: Black hair?
Her: Yes!
Me: Ah!……. Never seen her  [I laugh, my team laughs, she pouts]
Me: Hang on. Is she about this height [indicate with my hand]
Her: No no. A bit taller
Me: I know, that’s what I meant. About this tall, with long black hair?
Her: Yes!
Me: Ah!….. Never seen her [laughs]

After four of these she storms off, then thirty seconds later comes back to screech “you’re not funny”. Jambone mutters “IOI”.

Five minutes later and before my 2-set returns the hamster proximity IOIs by walking right through our group and directly past me as she harrumps her way through her search. So I grab her and say “Look, I’m not actually an asshole. You seem really nice.” and from there it’s on. She’s well into it and her drunk friend finds her and they are all over me when my 2-set returns. Perfect pre-selection. Now I have to choose which horse to back. I decide it’s better to run the set that has over an hour of investment in me than the one that is just light attraction vapour. So I dismiss the hamster (and collect her facebook before I leave).

I start escalating my squarehead but it’s not hitting at all. I think I made two mistakes:

(1) I waited too long to escalate. I should’ve ramped it up at high buying temperature as soon as she was signalling she was DTF. Instead, I stalled out the set.
(2) I was throwing off mixed signals by going verbally direct but then dropping in Mystery-style false disqualifiers such as “I’m not going to fuck you tonight. I never have sex with a girl the same night I meet her”. Instead I should’ve picked between frames of either she chases me or I escalate her. I fell between both stools.

So the lights come on and the bar kicks out at 2am. The girls are still on the hook and we are soon walking the streets looking for a cab. Both have agreed to come back to Chateau RSG. Cabs don’t come and after five minutes the girls are kicking up a fuss. The moment has gone, again. They want to go to a nearby club and TT and I agree that we need to rebuild buying temperature before we can try another extraction. While three of us get in line my girl cadges a cigarette off an indie kid. He starts coming on to her direct but non-gamey. His vibe is good but he doesn’t have balls or finesse and eventually she dismisses him. But she’s starting to feel like a princess. We go to a bar instead. While TT gets drinks at the bar I see some indie chode eyeing my girl. The moment I go to the toilet I see him move in. Whatever – if my girl goes for him it was never really on with me. As I return she’s dismissed him and is with TT and the obstacle. I take my drink, the girls order their own, and then disappear to the toilets.

They don’t come back. An hour passes in which TT and I open a few more sets and don’t chase the girls. On toilet visits I see my girl milking two guys for validation but rebuffing their kino attempts. She’s playing everyone. Finally at chucking out time TT’s girl comes back – purely because her friend is busy and she doesn’t want to stand alone. I tell TT i want to burn the set to the ground. Both girls are playing Ho games and have wasted my time. He’s resistant but finally agrees. We dump them.

Boundary drawn and enforced.

Nonetheless I’m drunk and pissed off. The set was a dead cert at about 1am and by 2am I’d fucked it up. She was well hot too. Live and learn.

That 19 yr old Italian I haven’t banged

March 25, 2011

Here’s another vignette. This 19 yr old Italian was a simple indirect group set in Newcastle last year. Her English isn’t so good and she’s back in Italy. No problem. I just want her on my radar and gradually long game her. Here’s a sample of what happens. It’s midnight and she sees me online, opening me with….


Her: i’m drunkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Me: :O    what are you wearing?
Her: mmmh….    i don’t remember in english
Me: do Italian, I’ll translate in Google 🙂
Her: la giacca! 🙂 sono appena arrivata a casa!
Me: ah, jacket    How do you feel?
Her: i don’t know    my god
Me: 😀
Her: i go to my sweeeeeeeeeeeet bed    goooooooood night dear
Me: sleep well darlin [her name] 🙂
Her: you too

I’ll not read too much into it. It just confirms I’m on her romantic radar.

Intellectual Mastery 2

March 24, 2011

The primary purpose of IM is to redefine a girl’s reality. You make her see the world in a way she has never seen before so she feels like she is peeling back the curtain on a new vista. This is how you do it.

1. Find a topic you really care about and really know about
I like economics, and in particular the Austrian school exemplified by Ludwig von Mises. I believe it articulates eternal truths about human nature and social action in an elegant condensed form that is effective for predicting the future. It also carries within it a political program based on the moral character of value-for-value transactions without the compulsion of threatened violence. Austrian economics is embedded in my core values of who I am and the man I wish to be. Therefore it is a great topic for intellectual mastery. I can use it to show:

– My identity
– My values
– My thirst for knowledge
– The organisation of my thought
– My clarity of perception
– My passion for life
– My mission to impact the world positively
– My certainty in an uncertain world

Every single on of those is a DHV and every single one is based on my own personal charisma. There is no trick mentality in them. Don’t worry if the topic isn’t generally considered girl-friendly. Just make sure it’s a topic that can be framed in a girl-friendly manner. For example economics deals with the fundamental principles of human psychology – which girls obsess about. Art history deals with aesthetics, passion and beauty = girl friendly. Boxing deals with masculinity, competition, courage and skill = girl friendly. I’d avoid nerdy stuff like computers and spectator sports.

The Road to Playerdom

2. Create a narrative in the topic that shines light upon the world
I don’t talk about general concepts in economics because that’s going nowhere. Instead, I craft a narrative and tell a story. One I’ve used recently is how economics is at core a study of human action and it shares the same basic principles as many disparate fields of actvity, then I tie that to political history and how Karl Marx was able to pull the worlds greatest (and most tragic) reframe by denying human nature and the wisdom of economics and this is why socialism can never work. What light is shone? I have just proven that free-market capitalism is the greatest of all social systems and the only one in perfect alignment with human nature and potential, while socialism is the enemy of humanity. That’s the stuff most people never have the confidence or intelligence to learn and remain confused their whole life. And I can lead them there in twenty minutes of storytelling.

Does it matter if I’m right? Not really. A girl’s reality sits inside her man’s reality. By defining that reality I give her a comfortable seat within. And in this case I am right. The girl feels like the world became clearer.

The storytelling element matters. I don’t just jump into Austrian economics. I tell her I’m reading a book that I find fascinating and the writer is one of my heroes. He is the most intelligent, well-read man I’ve found and truly inspiring. In 1920 he wrote a book about Socialism and accurately predicted the next seventy years of the Soviet Union, despite writing only two years after the Bolshevik Revolution and before Stalin and the Great Patriotic War. This sucks the girl in because I’ve given my economic theory a hook – it’s all grounded in a real man and I’m teasing that he offers great knowledge. I then say how in the 20 page introduction to the book he massively impressed me by clarifying and condensing ideas I’d had for twenty years, putting labels onto ideas and making simple what was complex to me. The whole narrative is based on outlining three thinks Marx did to make Socialism an effective idea despite it’s absurdity – as defined by Mises. The narrative is grounded and has direction.

3. Weave disparate knowledge into the narrative
If you talk about economics by itself it shows a certain level of intelligence and knowledge but it also shows you think “on the rails” within the same tightly demarcated corridors that everyone else does. Big deal. But what happens if you start harmonising concepts from biology, maths, and sport? What if you draw examples from the girl’s life and experience? What if you hint at vast pools of knowledge that you have but don’t draw on just yet?

Think of your central narrative as the river you are sailing her down. All other forms of knowledge are the tributaries that feed more water into the river and flow the same direction. How does this work in my example:

The central narrative has three points:

  1. Marx redefined all knowledge as conditioned by the economic superstructure and thus you cannot, epistemelogically speaking, know what a future economic system looks like until you are there. Thus all analysis of how socialism would function is invalid. This neutered the scientists’ criticisms of socialism as unworkable.
  2. Marx placed socialism as the final goal of history in which every epoch is overturned by an antithesis until a Hegelian synthesis creates a new epoch with new rules. Socialism is thus inevitable. This gives confidence to it’s agitators and worries it’s opponents.
  3. Marx gave moral authority to the envy and revenge fantasies that motivate most socialists, thus allowing them to claim a moral high ground and characterise opponents as evil.

I can then weave into this narrative disparate ideas such as:

  • Meme theory (biology). What is it about the pattern of some ideas that makes then successful. For example the three major Abrahamic religions all share (i) evangelicism (ii) conquest (iii) denial and suppression of competing ideas (iv) integration of church and state (v) the carrot of heaven (vi) the stick of hell. These features mean that when in competition with a peaceful open-minded religion, the Abrahamic ones will crush them and wipe them from history
  • Immigration (politics). I then note how western democracies in the thrall of PC ideology render themselves vulnerable to such powerful outside memes like Islam because we are like hobbits that have dismissed the rangers that keep them safe
  • Universal Darwinism (sociobiology). Any time you have a variety of strategies competing for scarce resources, and then the winners can reproduce with some mutation, then the principles of natural selection and evolution apply. Economics is no different. The market is the world, profits are rewards, bankruptcy is death, and reinvestment is reproduction. Entrepreneurs provide the engine of mutation with their new ideas and refinements of the old.
  • Boxing and MMA. Both sports abide by universal darwinism in with the rule set created conditions for a harmonisation fo styles so that all boxers box in more or less the same way because the field of competition led to a single most effective style being developed. It is now refined with small mutations and no major paradigm shifts.
  • Capitalist morality (Ethics). By adhering to principles of human nature, freedom, and value-for-value exchanges, capitalism is the only morally good social system. By denying nature, ordering everyone through threat of violence, and taking value from producers to give to moochers, Socialism is inherently evil.
  • Sirens (Greek mythology). Socialism is a siren song by singing alluring words about freedom, harmony, cooperation and other soft ideas that will lure a naive soul to it. However the reality of socialism is grey crushing monotony and gulags. As Mises predicted through simple economic analysis.
  • Nightclub Doormen (self protection). One rule in self protection is don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do. People go through a predicatable attack ritual before unleashing violence so learn to recognise that rather than being distracted through words. People who want to hurt you will usually employ misdirection and get you to cooperate in your own destruction. So too with socialism. It sings the siren song while picking your pockets and robbing you of freedom.

I’m sure you get the point. Even if you’re a blank-slate left-wing nutjob who disagrees with the substance of everything I just said, you can spot the structure of the technique. There is a ton of knowledge being unloaded onto the girl but it’s constantly tied to the narrative and grounded in examples, so she’s never lost. She just feels a wide beautiful vista open in front of her. What personal characteristics can you demonstrate here?

– Certainty
– Passion
– Boundaries
– Masculinity
– Personal code of honour


Mixed 2-set

4. Keep engaging the girl
All of the prior steps can be done as homework. It’s far better to simply think your thoughts in the way I describe, but if that’s not really you then you might have to simply get a canned narrative to drop onto the girl when the opportunity arises. So far I’ve only commented on the words. When talking to the girl you must also get the delivery right. This means make sure you have:

– Strong intense eye contact. You’re basically eye-fucking her but showing a fire behind your eyes. You care about this.
– Animated gestures. Don’t flail your arms around like a retard but show true passion in your gestures when you emphasise points.
– Varied rhythm. Sometimes you’ll be leaning forward and gesticulating, other times you’ll be leaning back and shrugging your shoulders. Think of your delivery as a symphony with highs and lows of energy and emotion.
– Constantly bring the discussion back to her either by soliciting her input (“Have you ever had an experience like this..?” etc) or drawing examples from her life. She must be actively engaged, not the passive recipient of a lecture. She’ll let you talk, don’t worry about that.
– Allow her to drag it out of you. Occasionally lean back and dismiss your own knowledge such as “Ah, whatever, it’s just some stuff I personally believe in” or “This is probably too deep for when we’re just having a coffee”. Do this at peaks in her buying temperature and she’ll insist you continue thus framing her as trying to solve your mystery rather than you rambling on.

Keep calibrating to her feedback. Good signs are all the classic IOIs but in particular her eyes should open up wide and be intently focused on you, she’ll have a look of admiration and a surprised “I can’t believe it, I never expected him to be so smart” delighted expression, she’ll unconsciously fiddle with things (coffee cup, jacket zip, closed mobile phone etc), and she’ll be torn between trying to add her own perspective while being worried she’ll shut you down and lose her chance to get more knowledge.

That’s the good signs, and a smart feminine girl with a brain in her head will usually display them. However if you make a mess of it or she’s just a dumb airhead then expect to see her eyes glaze over, her eyes occasionally dart away from you, she tries to change topic, she sighs – bascially signs of boredom.

5. Let her anchor
Girls fall in love when you are not there. They anchor their own investment and positive emotions to you by daydreaming, masturbating, and trying to solve the mystery of you. Let her do that. So you will have just blitzed her with reality-redefining knowledge and it’s gonna take her ages to unpack it all, figure it out, and let it sink in. Give her some pauses during the date, such as toilet breaks for you or ordering drinks. Time it for a high point when you have teased a reveal and then go leave her to some time by herself to take deep breaths and absorb it. Same goes for between dates.

6. Be modest
Don’t congratulate yourself for your awesomeness in her presence or you’ll come across as try-hard and ego-driven. Instead let all these words flow because they are your passion and you want her to know who you are and how you think about the world. Don’t act like a pompous know-it-all university professor. Tell her they are just your ideas and maybe many people have similar ideas. When she compliments you on your awesomeness just take it like any other compliment. And once you’ve finished, don’t keep returning to the topic unless she specifically asks you more. Hold a little back. Don’t look like you are trying to get more out, or that you want to relive your past glory and flog the dead horse. Less is more now.

If this is too much work, tell her to think of a number between one and four, then guess three. Or ask her how many ‘9s’ there are between one and a hundred.