First and foremost understand that I do not give a shit about you. I have a one-way connection to the pickup community in which I write whatever I want and then you choose to read it or not. Don’t for a moment think you have a stake in this blog or any kind of claim on my time. I do not have a Book Of Rules where you can point to section 1.2 article A to demand some kind of preferred behaviour from me. So if you act like a dickhead in the comments I’ll ridicule you, debate you or delete you entirely depending on what I think is appropriate at that point in time. Regular readers with normal social skills will do fine.

I’ve been writing for years and chances are I’ve already answered your question somewhere in this blog. Therefore I will not waste my time on you just because you can’t be bothered to do your own research.

I have no tolerance for comments from angry morons whose sole motivation for commenting is to tear down what I’ve painstakingly built. If my life shakes your reality, tough shit. Stop reading. If you find a less-than-satisfactory response to your comment ask yourself this – “what was I trying to achieve with my comment?” If the answer is showing off, nitpicking, gamma-raged reality-denying or any other such inauthentic emotion then you can be sure it was blindingly obvious to everyone reading it.

2. Who are my readers?

Despite the above I do care for some of my readers. Probably half of my motivation for writing is to provide a detailed path for well-intentioned disciplined guys who wish to follow in my footsteps. I’ve met with and had correspondance with such men and its rewarding for me to know they’ve sidestepped landmines I had to trod on myself. I find Game a topic of fascinating complexity and like any hobbyist talking shop I like to have an audience / peers of similar interests and sophistication.

My ideal reader, the guy I subconsciously imagine I’m writing for, is late 30s, average but unremarkable looks, >120 IQ and spent most of his life as a dependable blue pill worker. He’s got the discipline to succeed in whatever he turns his mind to, the strength of character to persist against hardship, and the willingness to confront his own demons. He’s probably also done at least 500 daygame sets and is getting laid occasionally with normal girls who aren’t too bad to look at. I guess you could say I’m talking to intermediate players mostly.

3. Are you racist / sexist / homophobic?

Yes. That said, I reject the labels because rather than describing any kind of character trait or reality the “-ist” labels are really just smear weapons to shut down debate and force compliance of the subject in his own destruction. The worst discrimination in the UK is visited on white straight males. That’s not to say we have the worst quality of life, just that when we succeed its due to the value we are able to give to the world rather than being propped up by value stolen by others.

There is unquestionably a Feminine Imperative attack on men. In the past 40 years there’s been an unquestionable attack on white English with mass immigration and aggressively-foisted multiculturalism. Crime stats by race really do prove that ethnics are far far more criminal than whites in the UK. Blacks really do own shootings, stabbings, muggings, gang-rape and interracial street violence. Arabs and pakistanis own terrorism, ethnic cleansing of city districts and 10-on-1 street attacks. Fag culture really is a degenerate attack on all things civilised (see Jack Donovan’s “flamboyant dishonour” concept).

Any individual can transcend his race, just like any white person can shame his own. I judge people on their individual merits and find that the 50% of any given race who are right-side-of-the-bell-curve are generally law-abiding net-positive wealth creators. Hence I have (a few) black, arab and pakistani friends. I see the world as it really is and generally speaking what we call “civilisation” is really the product of a tiny group of historically great white European men. Nowhere else has ever produced it (I don’t count the slave-based societies as civilised, nor those that got rich paying white men to extract their oil and then exchanging it for white-produced goods and managerial expertise). Even within the UK, probably less than 10% of men have the Civilisation Gene.

4. Where’s the proof?

You missed it. For a couple of years I consistently posted infield videos of street pickups, dates, and lays. I also posted real photos of the girls and lengthy text and chat transcripts. Many of those have since been taken down. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you don’t believe me, don’t read me.

5. I need help with x, y, z

Tough shit. Pay a coach for his time or do your own research. I’ve written enough on this blog that my advice on your problem is somewhere on the site. Do some work. If you expect to come onto my blog and demand a freebie then here’s my advice: that attitude is precisely your problem and why you don’t get laid. There’s nothing free in this world. Successful men must carve their own openings from a hostile unyielding world. If you think someone is just gonna drop their tools and come running to your aid then you have entitlement issues. You’re probably gamma. As noted above, you have no claim on me. It’s really messed-up to think that just because I offer lots of value for free that I’m therefore beholden to you to offer more. No. Fuck off.

6. The HB8.72 that I dated the other night said…

Three points:

  1. If you are using the HBX.XX scale at all then you are rubbish at game and likely have the wrong mindset about how to acquire tight game
  2. It’s really obvious that you are qualifying to me and my readers, trying to elbow your way into being taken seriously. Stop doing it, it makes you look weak
  3. I’ve already mentally subtracted three points from the score you gave her. Almost everyone on the internet is flat-out lying about the quality of women they consort with.

7. Do looks matter?

Yes, massively so. The dirty secret in the community is that almost all of the name players who get laid can fit into one of these categories:

  1. Tall good-looking guy who really ought to be getting laid alot even without game.
  2. Scenester who has an in with rock / indie / hipster girls. These are highly promiscuous social circles where no game is required.
  3. Hard worker with no standards. This guy is relentlessly churning out sets and will fuck anything, though you’ll only ever see photos of the very best girls he meets.
  4. A liar.

There’s very very few players out there who are getting laid primarily on the basis of their game. That’s why my golden rule is you must be fucking girls who are physically better-looking than you are. Also the greater the age difference, the more impressive. It’s incredibly easy for a 23yr old guy to bang a 21yr old women. I did it plenty with zero game when I was that age. Every five years you add to the age difference makes closing an order of magnitude harder. Banging a girl 15 years your junior is very difficult.

Game works. The above 1-3 guys will fail if their anti-game is so bad they constantly fuck up (which is most men) but don’t assume just because a guy gets laid that he therefore has game. Lots of people get laid due to other reasons. Game is a value-add that gets you more women and better women. It gets you women without paying the “price” of exclusivity, waiting, losing the frame, spending money, losing your soul.

8. It’s not fair! waaaaaaah!

Psychologists call this the “just world hypothesis” – a believe that the world has some kind of karmic-balancing force that rewards the just and punish the evil. Combine that with your own self-delusion and ego-protecting buffers and you’ll naturally consider yourself as on the side of the just and owed a reward of pussy. The harder you work the greater the reward you demand and thus the angrier you get when it’s not forthcoming. This is a vicious cycle of creepiness and avoidance. To break it just learn to accept reality as it really is and process the feedback it gives you.

When you see a winner, try to learn from him. I’ll guarantee he didn’t just spring into the world as a winner. What you see and envy now is the end product of years and years of hard graft, risks taken, and opportunities seized. That winner was a loser many times over but everytime he fell off the horse he got right back on.

9. How do record your sets?

Almost every video I’ve ever posted was recorded with a cheap 8GB watch camera or a small black gum cam. See this post for details. With these being cheap Chinese imports I never figured out how to set the text file to use the correct date. Thus most of the videos have a time stamp of 01/01/2008 or suchlike. The correct dates are within a month of the post itself.

10. What are your stats?

I have no idea. Click the lay reports tab to see most of my lays. There’s about a dozen I never wrote up and another half dozen I wrote up and have since taken down. I’m not a high-notch guy. Don’t get too tied up in the numbers or they’ll hold you back. Much of your improvement with women will come from letting it all go and learning not to be so hard on yourself, to just be in the moment and focus on the ebbs and flows of the interaction. Keeping spreadsheets and tracking stats gives you extra things to worry about and the illusion of control. Ditch them.

11. You are my hero

There’s a fine line between respecting a mentor and worshipping a guru. By all means learn from my successes and failures but don’t kid yourself that I have all the answers. Use my blog for what you can learn from it but always keep an emotional distance and remain your own man. Some of the cornerstone characteristics of a sexually attractive male are his boundaries, sense of self, entitlement, stubborness, and refusal to live his life in service of others. Hero worship retards your development of those characteristics. Don’t be retarded.

12. Why do you do daygame?

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test I am an INTJ. I strongly recommend all my readers to self-administer this test. My personality type is drawn towards lone wandering, deep authentic communication and independence. I can’t stand nightclubs, cultivating social circles, status-whoring and other extroversions. Daygame perfectly synchs to my character. I like to walk around alone with my thoughts, stopping occassionally to talk to a girl. I don’t like to make small talk with people I’ll never see again. I don’t like the demands on my attention of being in groups. Per Myers-Briggs only 4% of men have my character and thus my style is a niche taste. It might not be right for you.

On a more practical note, the best Game plays to your strengths. I am highly educated, intelligent, erudite, creative and above all a good talker. I am not tall, good looking, social or high energy. Thus I can best deliver my value on the streets one-to-one and sober. I struggle to get my value out in a nightclub.

13. What you said doesn’t agree with Mystery / Style / Tyler / Roissy

Mystery and Style are bullshitters who wrote some good material and played a pivotal role in shaping the community but they were not good with women. Tyler is a fantastic analyst but strikes me as weird and not good with women. Roissy is a great writer but his brand of nihilistic game is better suited for where he shaped it – East coast metropolitan America.

Pick any pickup theorist and you’ll find any number of legitimate reasons why they’d disagree with me. They have a different personality, are working a different social mileau, target different girls, want different things, have different strengths and weaknesses etc. In other cases they don’t really disagree its just comparing apples to oranges. Read what you can and over time you’ll formulate your own game.

14. What is your opinion on x, y, z

It’s on my blog. Use the search function. If I haven’t written about it already then likely I don’t care / don’t have an opinion, or I consider it outside the thematic scope of my blog. Just to contextualise my general worldview this might help. I believe the following:

  • Government is intrinsically evil and inefficient. It’s only legitimate functions are to protect the borders, maintain domestic order, and provide a means of settling contracts. The classic Nightwatchman State of philosophical liberalism. Thus I like Ayn Rand, John Locke and the unamended US Constitution.
  • Free market capitalism is the greatest form of human organisation yet invented, providing the optimal balance between wealth creation and freedom of individual self-determination. History has shown every single departure from this model (feudalism, socialism, mercantalism, social democracy) significantly worsens the human condition and will lead to enslavement or collapse. Most western societies are closer to socialism than capitalism but its disguised. For example the Bank Of England is a fundamentally socialist institution – it centrally plans the most important price in the economy – the cost of money.
  • The world is not fair and nature doesn’t care if you’re happy. You must set your own goals and try to achieve them. What we now call “morality” is basically a conflation of two different things 1) the intersection of mutual self-interest in a I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine and I-won’t-kill-you-if-you-don’t-kill-me 2) a web of lies to encroach your frame and bullshit you into giving up your value to moochers and looters.

I don’t care if you disagree with me. I’ve stated my opinions and its not open to debate. Feel free to disagree, just don’t expect me to care.


  1. Your self-righteous tone is exactly why I OCR’d your book and posted it on bittorrent, asshole. [Thanks for massively increasing my influence in the community. K.]

    • Krauser, I missed the cut off for your pod cast. But I have a good question… How do you deal with your buddies seeing you pick up women? All of my mates say I have changed, I’m a womanising bastard and I’m a creep. I don’t think I’ve changed, still myself, just more direct with women.

  2. I’ve been writing for years and chances are I’ve already answered your question somewhere in this blog. Therefore I will not waste my time on you just because you can’t be bothered to do your own research. . . . Probably half of my motivation for writing is to provide a detailed path for well-intentioned disciplined guys who wish to follow in my footsteps

    You should write / compile a book that collects and organizes your posts. These days it’s not hard to produce and sell an ebook, and a lot of people (including myself!) would read it. I’m thinking of something less specific, and cheaper, than Nitro. You’ve got all the elements you need for a successful book: a central topic, an interesting style, and most of the content.

    A lot of guys simply won’t go through archives of random stuff on a blog. Maybe that’s simply lazy, but most blogs aren’t really organized for later consultation—which good books are. I doubt it’s a path to fortune, but you might make a few dollars / pounds / euros and gain influence.

    On a minor note, there’s a typo in this sentence: “Psychologists call this the “just world hypothesis” – a believe that the world has some kind of karmic-balancing force.”

    “A believe” should be “a belief.” [Thanks. Just a note, perhaps I should update my FAQ for it. I do not want my blog to be a source of passive income. I’m highly resistant to developing the identity of “daygame coach” or somesuch. This blog is organised as a real-time journey from chode to player and that remains its main value. My real career is lucrative. I do this blog for non-financial reasons and even if its a relatively easy conversion, I think I’d lose more in self-image from hustling for money than I’d gain in money hustled. K.]

    • wow so you are a normal working man? I thought you were a full time womanizer.. So any blog post on how you manage your time? [I live off my products now. K.]

    • I’m not sure if you would be interested to answer this but I’m giving it a try anyway .. what do you think of women with T types (INTP-INTJ .. etc)? Can they be an exception?

  3. fantastic FAQ. inspiring. some great quotes there. like this one:

    “Much of your improvement with women will come from letting it all go and learning not to be so hard on yourself, to just be in the moment and focus on the ebbs and flows of the interaction.”

  4. Whatever you do man keep posting regularly cause I among many others really appreciate it.I think more than anything this blog represents hope, that it’s real, that you can transform yourself and get good with Women know matter were you start from.

    • Hope is a marketable commodity. The sort of information provided by Krauser and ‘ his ilk’ not only offers hope but profoundly improves peoples lives.

  5. Krauser,

    question for you on looks. I’m bald and shave my head with a similar look to you. I’ve noticed in your approach videos you always wear a hat, which makes sense as you want to de-emphasize this weakness when making a first impression.

    At what point do you typically take off the hat, either in an insta-date or day 2? I wait until attraction has been built, usually after the first bounce, but wondering if you have a rule of thumb that works for you.

    cheers [It’s all in your head. Women don’t care. I open about half my sets with a hat on. Just depends how sunny or cold it is. K.]

  6. Well, while reading this I did a czech version of MBTI test online…I am INTJ, 2% of male population. I guess I should keep reading this blog.

  7. >>I see the world as it really is and generally speaking what we call “civilisation” is really the product of a tiny group of historically great white European men. Nowhere else has ever produced it

    There have been several races that have led the world militarily, scientifically, artistically, etc. US has held this position in the last century and it was Britain prior to that and many years ago it was China, it was Greece, it was India, it was Persia and the list goes on.

    The most interesting thing to come out of Britain IMO was the implementation of free market capitalism based on Adam Smith’s work. I say implementation because similar theories were proposed in other places (e.g. chanakya in India). Because of this implementation Britain and Europe flourished and became powerful. Europeans were able to conquer the rest of the world and export their culture (“civilization”). How come free market capitalism was implemented in Britain rather than other places despite of such ideas being present? Was it because of the dominance of “alpha males i.e. kings” in the rest of the world who did not let such a self-inflicting wound happen under their watch? Were rulers in Europe “beta” to let this happen? Who knows these things.

    Why is it that african neighbourhoods across the “developed” world are infested with crime? Is it because they think the rules of society just don’t apply to them? Does this make them more “alpha” than the rest?

    I agree that the prosperity humanity has seen in the past 200 years or so is largely due to the free market principles and other ideas that originated in Britain/Europe (it might not be long – couple of centuries or so – before others catch up. China is pretty close). But you seem to imply that white european men are superior genetically than men of other races. Just pointing out that it is not that clear.

    Really great to see the progress you’ve made with pick-up. I hope to get to your level some day. Thanks for writing the blog. More field reports/lay reports please!

  8. INTJ Here – I understand the entire FAQ. Very well written.

    I’ve been studying MBTI for a couple of weeks, typing everybody who I come across. I can say for certain that the writer of this FAQ is an INTJ. No doubt in my mind.

    I noticed that most who have typed themselves have absolutely no clue about MBTI at all. It is not possible to change types, ever. It is not possible to be an IXFX. You fit one of the types and not the other 15, anybody who suggests otherwise has not done their research.

    Krauser, you’re a great insperation to me. I’ve been with other PUA’s like RSD (I respect RSD) but none of them were INTJ’s. None of them adressed my problems as clearly as you and none of them has made (day)game so understandable.

    OFFTOPIC time! For any INTJ being very new to the scene or MBTI, I’d like to share something. Since I know you will google and research everything you don’t understand, I’ll give you the basics:

    In essence there are 8 cognitive functions: Ni, Ne, Ti, Te, Si, Se, Fi, Fe. An INTJ works with the following: Ni, Te, Fi, Se.

    Your first function is Introverted iNtuition (Ni): It makes you create a vision about future possibility’s. What could be. It has a huge focus on the big picture and seeing it all, it works subconsciously and will usually only present itself when it has reached a full picture. This is why you get sudden insights or brilliant idea’s. Ni also analyses every single detail and their relationship with other details. For exmaple I did A,B,C,D while in situation E and she reacted G. While much more complex, taking in everything that happened.

    Your second function is Extroverted Thinking (Te): It puts the rational framework upon what Ni creates. It is also your first extroverted function which means that you have a natural tendency to be logical when you’re ‘outside your head’ and talking to people. Te also makes sense of every single detail that Ni analyses.

    Your third function is Introverted Feeling (Fi): It creates an inner feeling, about Ni and Te, the new idea which fits inside your rational framework.

    Your last function is Extroverted Sensing (Se): These are your 5 senses which will tell you everything objectively about the outer world what is really there. Like seeing fire: It is warm, yellow, orange and it makes crisping sounds. Se does interpret this as good or bad. Se does not give you a nostalgic feeling. That is what Si does.

    Literally, compared to all the other types an INTJ has the worst functions from the get go. But once an INTJ gets a focus on game/socialising, they can become deadly as hell with Te and Se creating perfect objective understanding of the game what is true and what does really work (without any bullshit) while using Ni and Fi to create an awesome future and feel amazing about striving towards it.

    There is much, much more to Ni, Te, Fi, Se and how they work together. If you’re interested do your research or hit me up, I won’t half-ass it next time.

    Theorie about Tyler being so obsessed about Tolle Bro!
    I suspect that, but I am not sure about it myself, that Tyler is an INFJ. Ni, Fe, Si, Te. His first function is Extroverted Feeling (Fe), After that comes Ni (future oriented) Because of his extroverted feeling. That is why he can Meditate and FEEL super awesome.

    • The last part: Theory about Tyler wasn’t finished yet. In essense I suspect that Tyler is an ENFJ and uses Fe, Ni, Se, Ti. he has a strong Fe and meditation really puts a large focus on it. Making him feel incredibly good, something other types like the INTJ would never achieve.

      This is all theory without proof at all, don’t read much into it.

  9. Alright Nick

    Just discovered your work – thank you. Such as yourself I have had a seismic life changing event (boring shit) and your words are helping the transitional period. In the true spirit of human reciprocation, I think you may find these lectures entertaining:

    Thank you


  10. This thing is tough.
    Quite a bit tougher than i first thought.
    My question is, does it get any easier/smoother as i gain more experience.
    At the mo my ego is taking a massive hit and some nights after having been out for a good few hours in central London i think to myself im not sure if im cut out for this.

    cheers [It gets slightly easier, but not much. You’ll know after about 1,000 sets if you have it in you. K.]

    • Appreciate the reply. Cheers
      Ok, there’s some work to be done. Interested to see how far i can go, which means pushing myself and accepting this thing isn’t easy.
      Pretty sure most guys don’t see it through.

      • Apologies if this question has been asked before but was wondering what your opinion on Justin wayne(an American pua) is?
        Reason i ask is im starting to push myself a bit more and have started looking around for the real deals when it comes to game. Yourself, tom torero, Steve jabba and a couple others tick the right boxes, although your styles maybe a little different, from what ive seen you all have definite things in common. Justin Wayne has a good vibe but something just doesn’t add up( he seems quite needy, kino’s too much Imo and there doesn’t seem to be that much sexual tension from what ive seen of him). He doesn’t seem masculine and centred enough to be consistently pulling hot girls.

      • Hi, Jimbo.
        Fellow black guy reporting in.
        Since Justin Wayne is african American, muscular, and somewhat tall. He can’t pull off aggressive screening game that most white guys use (even tall white guys can be more direct and aggressive). I can tell you from personal experience that us black men have to use an entirely different type of day game using comfort, humor, with a lot of kino to see if shes down.

        You know if a non-black women is interest in you, if she lets you kino her for us black men.

        Black guys are very polarizing which means for us either the chick is down or she isnt down. Theres no inbetween. Being black is a screening in itself which is actually great because we weed through all the time wasters and attentionwhores (sometimes)

        Justin Wayne could be staging all of his approaches who knows, but the guys infield videos on youtube mirror what I experience in real life with fairer skin women.

        Just a black guys input [This mirrors the experience of other guys I know from “darker” ethnicities with white girls. It’s polarising. More blowouts, but the girls who like it make themselves known. K.]

  11. Krauser,

    I’d be interested if you did a post on how you break things off with girls, after you’ve gotten the notch.

    Obviously you can just stop texting them, but I’m finding a lot of girls want a relationship afterwards and get clingy. If it gets to that point, I prefer to tell them no instead of just not calling/texting, either live or phone, but I’m wondering if you’ve learned something smoother.

  12. That’s cool that you’re an INTJ. I am too and was surprised by the 4%. Never thought a PUA type could be a INTJ. I’m going to read your blog and book now. Thanks for mentioning that.

  13. What is the significance of old Dark and sultry over on the right under Krauser Girls? Is it your ex-wife?

  14. Was visiting Japan worth it? You mention it sparsely through your posts. Thinking about a short-term move there soon for the hell of it.

  15. When an individual places an additional importance on themselves through use of their imagination it tends to be humorous. When an entire community does it, it is that much more entertaining.

  16. What do you mean by “purity fantasy”? [ http://bit.ly/1i09Mux K.]

  17. HI Nick, great meeting you at Toms book launch. Have a great time in FSU. I am heading to Oslo.. Ash

  18. Im gonna chime in on this. I dont devalue your experience, and i do have respect for your growth and evolution. But why the arrogance? It really seems like you go out of your way to project this fuck-you attitude. Perhaps this works for you and attracts notice, much like the comment im writing here. Ive been following you for a few years, i just dont understand the hostile attitude here. The sentiment, i dont dispute. Personal responsibility, doing your own digging to find info, all valid, and to be expected coming from any self made man. However, i feel like the degree to which you flaunt this attitude is an ego thing. I have respect for your work and experience, but this really just makes you sound like a douche, and not in the good way. The men here are your allies….even if their naivety offends your refined sensibilities from years of hard work. It just strikes me as trying a bit too hard to seem like an asshole. I understand there are haters, and obtuse people, but your one way relationship with the manosphere should extend to these minor annoyances. You would truthfully be upset if you had no following, even the stubborn, naive readers.

  19. It is refreshing to hear someone not trying to coddle his readers for fear of losing a prospective buck. I agree–guys need to do the work, and if someone displays habitual success with women, it is most certainly the result of hard work and not luck or the result of being a so-called “natural.” FYI, when you say: “banging a girl 15 years your junior is very difficult,” that is your mindset, and not an objective reality. I am 54 years old and regularly bang good looking girls 15-25 years my junior. I currently have a 30 year old Costa Rican/Jamaican ex-girlfriend whom I still see occasionaly, and a new 32 year old Costa Rican woman living in the States. Both are guy magnets with very attractive bodies. I am an American living in Costa Rica, which may make a difference, but nevertheless, a lot of younger, sexually experienced women are tired of the shallowness and immaturity of their similar-aged male counterparts, and are attracted to older, more experienced men. I have seen this in American, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Jamaican and Cuban women in my personal experience.

  20. not that familiar with your ‘body of work’ but saw one of your interviews on thelondon real show…or something of similar name, and from the that I anticipate profound insight from your book and this blog. Good luck with these endeavors

  21. You seem like a real pig. Shame. Ever heard of the expression, ‘gentlemen never tell’?

  22. Hi Nick, I greatly enjoy your blog and your lack of sugar-coating and your books are on my reading stack. In that unsugared vein I hope you won’t mind if I offer occasional rejoinders to entries on your twitter feed (displayed on your blog’s sidebar).

    1. “It just doesn’t seem like progression to my beta male readers who are being bred out. Tough shit. Life is hard. Up your game.”

    Could you tell us how successful you have been at breeding, at being an actual r-strategist. That is, how many children do you actually have?

    2. “Don’t expect a peep from the treacherous Left on this ethnic cleansing: tinyurl.com/pnazjpq Islamists are pure evil. Don’t forget it.”

    What is your view of the origins of modern-day “Islamists” or “Jihadis”? On a related note, do you believe that the attacks of 9/11/01 were the work of a handful of Islamists? I.e., do you accept the official account of those events?

  23. “There’s very very few players out there who are getting laid primarily on the basis of their game. That’s why my golden rule is you must be fucking girls who are physically better-looking than you are. Also the greater the age difference, the more impressive. It’s incredibly easy for a 23yr old guy to bang a 21yr old women. I did it plenty with zero game when I was that age. Every five years you add to the age difference makes closing an order of magnitude harder. Banging a girl 15 years your junior is very difficult.”

    I love this! So a 58 year-old (who otherwise matches the criteria of your ideal reader) is 10,000 times less likely than yourself to bang a twenty-something woman? In other words, it’s practically impossible! Sounds like a challenge. 🙂 You mention somewhere that you are interested in daygame accounts that are supported by video. I’ll put up a blog of my future adventures (good or bad) once I’ve absorbed enough theory. Would you be interested in seeing it when it comes?

  24. Do you use your real name here, and if not where do you draw the line between your PUA persona and the rest of your life? I ask not in order to pry but to sort out such questions for myself.

  25. Are you sure you use R/K selection theory correctly? I think it relates more to how many offspring you try to have, not the quality of genes the female seeks exactly.

    As the name implies, r-selected species are those that place an emphasis on a high growth rate, and, typically exploit less-crowded ecological niches, and produce many offspring, each of which has a relatively low probability of surviving to adulthood (i.e., high r, low K).[9]

    In unstable or unpredictable environments, r-selection predominates as the ability to reproduce quickly is crucial. There is little advantage in adaptations that permit successful competition with other organisms, because the environment is likely to change again. Among the traits that are thought to characterize r-selection are high fecundity, small body size, early maturity onset, short generation time, and the ability to disperse offspring widely.

    Organisms whose life history is subject to r-selection are often referred to as r-strategists or r-selected. Organisms that exhibit r-selected traits can range from bacteria and diatoms, to insects and grasses, to various semelparous cephalopods and mammals, particularly small rodents.

    By contrast, K-selected species display traits associated with living at densities close to carrying capacity, and typically are strong competitors in such crowded niches that invest more heavily in fewer offspring, each of which has a relatively high probability of surviving to adulthood (i.e., low r, high K). In scientific literature, r-selected species are occasionally referred to as “opportunistic” whereas K-selected species are described as “equilibrium”.[9]

    In stable or predictable environments, K-selection predominates as the ability to compete successfully for limited resources is crucial and populations of K-selected organisms typically are very constant in number and close to the maximum that the environment can bear (unlike r-selected populations, where population sizes can change much more rapidly).

    Traits that are thought to be characteristic of K-selection include large body size, long life expectancy, and the production of fewer offspring, which often require extensive parental care until they mature. Organisms whose life history is subject to K-selection are often referred to as K-strategists or K-selected.[10] Organisms with K-selected traits include large organisms such as elephants, primates and whales, but also smaller, long-lived organisms such as Arctic terns.[11]

  26. Hi. What are your thoughts on abstaining from masturbation and porn entirely? [Waste of time. Your sperm is meant to refresh regularly. See Sperm Wars. K.]

  27. Do you seriously believe “game” really does anything? I used to think so too but read Aaron Sleazy’s “Debunking the Seduction Community” and now I’m not so sure. He basically discredits it completely [Sleazy is a gamma wierdo with no credibility or evidence. His whole site is just a vehicle to draw narcissistic supply from anyone dumb enough to believe him. My first year of cold approach I laid one girl, a 6. This year I’ve done 6 months cold approach and laid 19 girls, most of them hot. The difference is skill, which is learned. K.]

    • Ok. I was kinda wondering about Sleazy. He seems to HATE PUA’s for some reason. He even calls out Nick Savoy of Lovesystems and the RSD guys. He seems super angry about pickup. One guy I think who has good game is boytoystory.com. He seems to pull real hot women and I believe him. 19 women is impressive though….nice work. Where do you recommend I start? I like boytoy’s approach but I don’t know if it would work for me? [Boytoy does Good-Looking Guy Game. If you’re young and good-looking, that’s the best approach to take. If you’re not, look elsewhere. K.]

  28. Hey,

    I just read your post on Good Looking Guy Game, which is spot on in its description of what actually goes on. I think you may underestimate just how many good looking men are unable to consistently bang women even one or two smv points lower due to deeply ingrained blue pill choditude. In other words, while the challenge is certainly different for the uglier guys, good looking guy game is still game in the sense that cultivating the ability to perform your checklist description is something that many good looking guys are unwilling or unable to do.

    Perhaps Good Looking game is more the absence of anti-game (don’t fuck up game) rather than the grueling and ultimately more rewarding uphill battle that the less aesthetically gifted must face.

    Just my two cents. Thanks for your work.


  29. Hello, thanks for sharing experience. Can I get your ‘game mastery’ in .PDF or any iPhone friendly format. I promise not to share and will pay full price. Thanks for trust if you can do that. .

  30. You should like it – very much about your theory and animal world. Make sure you switch ok english subtitles http://youtu.be/dRgq0hCvfd8

  31. I guess under this nice sales page am I supposed to ask customer service questions. If at all.

    Confusing product matrix. This site: https://krauserpua.com/ and this site: http://sigmawolf.com/ sell some of the same products and some different as well.

    Daygame Nitro is supposed to be beginner to intermediate, but the criteria for that was written in coded community language an outsider cannot decipher. About 50 something. Can you help?

    (And you don’t like community language, as I read on your blog), like the 10 scale, just to add to the confusion.

    I am beginner. Thanks for your work.

    • By the way, my above comment was a question. I repeat to be clear: you offer intermediate to advanced material, but your criteria for intermediate was not clear; neither you give advice for how one progress from beginner to intermediate. Or it was just not clear to me (community lingo; which you are against in other posts).

      Friendly personal note: ‘though guy’ marketing (“you do not care”) will only take you so far. May I recommend you this recent blog post by best selling author, business and cultural visionary, Seth Godin: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/02/i-dont-care-enough-to-give-you-constructive-feedback.html

      Seth makes more money than you. OK, money is not the end of all, but his message is also reaching a far wider audience.

      Gary Vaynerchuk, badass marketer’s style might resonate with you as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87IKNGSO7tY
      The difference is, despite his hard surface, he cares.

  32. Krauser, Just read the blog about you’re racialist views. You say you are not racist and call Islam a backward religion, if this is not racist I do not know what is. You say it is backward and are against its conquering of europe, well, if it was backward it could not conquer you could it. You make so many contradictions that I feel I need to correct you. Do you even know why europe was in the dark ages? its because muslims were leading the field in science and culture, and the scientific revolution in europe came about due to Muslim innovations in science which reached europe through spain, Islam says the earth orbits the sun and that it is not flat and that there are many worlds and they used to laugh at christian europe which used to believe the earth was flat and that the sun orbits the earth, read the book “hidden debt to islamic civilization”. You are entitled to your opinion but it has to be said you are talking out of your asshole. There is good and bad in every culture but only because there are good and bad people. Educate yourself. I am glad that you’re silly comments do not make me hate Europe or even English culture. As for integration, no one should be forced or encouraged to abandan their culture no matter where they live, this world belongs to all of us, there is no racial divide, we are the same race only different nationalities. My rant is over. [Whatever. I’m not your Dhimmi. K.]

    • And I am not your slave that you should tell me to intergrate to such an extent as to lose my cultural values. I would;nt even if your culture was better, which it is not, What you don;t seem to realise is that we have as much arrogance as the English do and we think ourselves better than everyone else even as the English do.

      • Dear readers you can disregard my last comment it was a bit out of character and inappropriate to my standards it was an over reaction albeit still quiet tame and within the realm of civil conversation, a better response would have been “what is a dhimmi don’t you mean a dummy” I wrote this comment as a means of preventing this forum of debate from going south and to maintain peace and order.

    • “You say you are not racist and call Islam a backward religion, if this is not racist I do not know what is.”

      Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion. Idiot.

  33. “The worst kind of racism is against whites” As a white man I have to disagree, non whites and even non English white men are not accepted in our society, its harder to get a job, get a women, get a social life outside of your own culture. English people are like Japanese people, they only like their own. I remember when the Polish came over in their droves and then quickly disappeared for the reasons mentioned. Krauser you totally misundertsand the class war as a racial war, it is not the foreigners, its the rich guys who hoard all the wealth and top jobs for themselves. Look at any university, the working class go to the rubbish ones and all of the top universities are full of posh kids, they are not smarter its the elitism which gets them to places. The white man does not get any racism only the working class are oppressed by the higher social classes thats all.

  34. I agree with Imran, Islam taught that the wolrd was round, that the sun moon and earth all orbit, yes the sun does orbit its called the solar apex, that there are atoms and sub atomic atomic particles, and described the effect of space travel on the human body, and much much more, things which have only been discovered by modern science. But what makes me laugh the most when I think of it is that Islam taught that it is the male sperm which determines the sex of the child, and even then King Henry the 8th ignored this information and killed his wives because they could not give him a male heir, and the whole Muslim world at time must have laughed themselves almost to death. But there is another fact which is true and makes me laugh, coffee was originally a Muslim drink and was banned in christendom till it was baptised by the pope and not many people know this historic fact. This makes me believe that one day Daygame may get banned, not in my life time I hope.

  35. Hello Mr Krauser. I’ve been daygaming for a year now. 400-500 approaches all will the London Daygame Model as a guide. I have all your books and Daygame Overkill. I wish to move from a beginner level to an intermediate. I’m managing to fuck 1 girl out of every 100 approaches. That’s damn good considering I nearly vomited from nervousness on my first approach. I live in Montreal and the weather is slowly begining to get above 0 degrees. Women are appearing more and more on the streets and so I began my daygame grind after a few months off. There is such a surplus of beutiful women here so these next 6 months are going to be a really big training session for me. I want to break out of the beginner phase, begin develping more social acuity, insert sexuality into my interactions (verbally or non-verbally) so that women will place me with R-Selection more often. Do you have any recommedations on which material of yours that I could specifically focus on to level up my game?

    Thank you,

    Stephen [I think you already have enough material, and 1/100 within first 500 approaches is good work. Just keep going out, keep assessing your game. Don’t worry about collecting more material. K.]

    • Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ve really taken note to the “keep assessing your game” part. I’ve already jumped on that and purchased a camcorder with wireless microphone. My wing and I began recording each others infields today. The reason is for us to watch our footage to see what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing right. Then to change up our approaches to iron out our own kinks and flaws. Another thing though. I don’t know if this is the right area to post or even it’s within the boundaries of your rules to post questions for you here. Is it okay to ask game questions? If so, is this the correct area to post them?

      Thank you,


  36. I am very pleased to find your blog, you have a tremendous capacity to capture and synthesize the reality of human relationships, i’ve checked most of your blog entries and two of your books,
    I definitely plan to follow your advice in the future. Your general view resonates with the way i see things, except when it comes to politics.

    Off topic: Given that you are declared enemy of the welfare state, what is your opinion on the success of the Nordic economic model? [Thanks for the kind words. I think the Nordic model is based on two things: Nordic genetics and oil. The socialism is an undertow that can’t quite destroy the positives. K.]

  37. Ivee had a convo with a girl but blacked out(didnt know what to say).I need some advice of what i could have said.

    me:hi,i got a question?
    me:are u single?
    girl:no hahaha
    me:yall probaly gonna get married real soon 🙂
    she:hahaha.yeah we were discussing it a bit.
    me:so i assume i cant take u out for a drink 🙂
    she:no sorry.unfortunately.
    me:i bet u can make an exception for this one time 🙂
    she:no.im not doing that.
    me:i know that u know that is gonna be our little secret 🙂
    she:i bet it will.but i already have the guy that i want 😉
    after that my mind went blank and didnt know what to say (blackout).what could i have said ?help me out …lol [She’s not interested. Move on. K.]

  38. Krauser luv…liking the bald head and cowboy boots! Very Yul Brynner meets texas ranger Geordie inbred hick style. Superb👍🏻. You need a few more negroids on your blog though 😉

  39. Is there any way to go and read your blog from the beginning rather than endlessly scrolling down? Thanks in advance [The best way is click the “Prior Wisdom” sidebar and start at earliest date. You’ve still have to scroll down within that month. Here’s the first one already done. K.]

  40. Hey Nick, hope your having a nice week.

    I really like your content and Tom’s too, you are both clearly very intelligent so I would like to ask you something that has nothing to do with pick up, but you being an independent thinker and not a sleep walking idiot like a lot of people in todays society, maybe your answer can get me a different perspective from what my current research on the matter has brought forth up until now.

    Basically it is about protecting one’s finances during such chaotic times, with continuous obliteration of the western culture, with that cunt Merkel fucking up with the immigrant/refugee/invited invasion and because of many other factors, I basically think europe is dead, so I the way I see it, eventually the options will be: either stay and be ready to machine gun some Muslim cunts, stay and convert to Islam and get some rape game going, or leave to fucking Brazil and fuck this shit hole our cunt politicians let get all fucked up, let them and the people who were to stuck with their noses on their “smart”phones (more like cuntphones me thinks) to see what really was happening deal with the raise of the new Caliphate.

    Basically what I want to know if you are willing to get into it here, is to know how are you protecting your liquid assets (yo madcash bro) so you can GTFO of europe when becomes fully conquered by allah’s rapists.

    Thanks in advance, have a great day Nick! [I think you are overly pessimistic. This is a war which is fought (i) on our territory (ii) where we have a huge numerical advantage (iii) where our opponent is subhuman and low-IQ. It just seems bleak because we are only just taking the battlefield. K.]

  41. Hi NIck, I have just finished reading your book “balls deep” and I want to say thank you for being so open in describing how you fought your personal demons. I identify very strongly with your story and personality (I also test as INTJ). The section about “intellectual mastery” resonates strongly with me and it is an amazing revelation to use my natural strengths like that to seduce girls – I am applying many of your ideas with great success.
    So I guess thank you for providing that valuable information and being a role model!
    Cheers from Germany! [Glad you liked it. K.]

  42. Hey Krauser, I used to only go to bars to meet chicks and had no idea how to stop moving girls in the daytime and talk to them. Now I’ve been getting laid from daygame using your methods after reading your blog and Daygame Nitro. Excellent book with practical info presented in a way that is easy to understand and not cluttered with more theory than necessary that would confuse a total noob. It’s easy to just jump right in and apply it to the streets and it works! The KDM style opener is awesome. Just stop that girl walking down the street and tell her what it is about her that made you want to do that. Badass! So many years I let those chicks pass me by, not knowing how to get my shoe in the door, but not anymore. Thanks. [Glad you liked it. K.]

  43. Your explanation for why you are a racist is pretty spurious. Well, it’s completely spurious.

    In terms of why ‘civilisation’ only came from white Europeans (which isn’t true, but let’s just leave that issue aside), surely you are aware that there has been absolutely massive exploitation from elites all over the world for generations. I mean, this is very well-established. Africa has been absolutely pillaged, this has been absolutely exhaustively documented. Emphatically, society is influenced by economic issues far more than race.

    It’s one thing to make some, what I believe are, poorly founded assertions about picking up women, evolutionary psychology, etc, which many other PUAs do. But to suggest that it’s okay to be racist, and attempt to justify it with what is utterly specious and historically inaccurate material is quite another. Although I have found that PUA attracts a certain reactionary mindset, which is a shame as it merely encourages people to defend a status quo that they barely understand, if at all, and which does not benefit them in the slightest!

    There is no justification or defence for bigotry, let alone should someone who holds those views promote himself as an authority on human behaviour. And just to make things worse, you even go down the hackneyed and embarrassing route of “I’m not a racist cause I’ve got some Paki mates”! Why would anyone be attracted to someone with these views? Instantly, I would gravitate away from someone like that because it’s quite obvious they’re going down a dangerous and dark path in life. If you don’t recognise that yourself then you don’t have the basic self-awareness that is a key characteristic of the evolved human being.

    If you want to critique something, you should invest some time in wondering why the division of wealth is becoming ever more unjust, with a tiny elite hoarding vast amounts, and billions living in gut-wrenching poverty. It was just reported a couple of weeks ago that the world’s 62 richest people (they’re not actually the richest, but let’s not go into that) have as much wealth collectively as the 3,500,000,000 poorest. As George Carlin said, they have a club and you and I are not in it!

    The basis of civilisation, and post-Industrial Revolution civilisation in particular, and what we call society is simply to make it easier for a handful of people to completely dominate the planet, which they now do. It is to move us away from the actual foundations of what a healthy society would look like. This has nothing to do with race. In the West, we have been afforded better living conditions because we’re useful for the social controllers. We’re less useful now, we’re not needed due to automation, etc, so the society is being steadily broken down, austerity is being put in place, we’re being encouraged not to breed, etc.

    I hope you can find the time to investigate these matters in between fucking everything that moves, and desist from your existing ignorant views. I will entirely understand if you delete this message from your website, but you should take the time to consider what I’ve said and review your existing misguided perspective. [Blah blah blah 1970s Marxism. I read all this junk from Immanuel Wallerstein back at uni. Was wrong then and is still wrong now. K.]

    • “Blah blah blah 1970s Marxism. I read all this junk from Immanuel Wallerstein back at uni. Was wrong then and is still wrong now.”

      I didn’t think you’d come back with a coherent argument, but you’ve proved me wrong…it has nothing to do with Marxism, nothing to do with Wallerstein, nothing to do with the 1970s, and nothing to do with anything you would ever conceivably read at university. You would never study this at university because the aim of the education system it to churn out people who are no threat to the controlling oligarchy (see John Taylor Gatto), who, as Huxley put it, “have always existed and presumably will always exist”. In fact, responding to what I’ve said by describing it as Marxism is just a trained response that has been put into your head without you even knowing it.

      The powerful people in this society are the people who control, conservatively, trillions of dollars of resources, who move trillions through the markets every day, who have access to and command nuclear weapons and vast military might, and who plan and organise everything to ensure that you, I and 99.99% of the society only get the crumbs that are swept from their table.

      One of the most effective ways that they keep the great unwashed in their place is divide and conquer tactics (there are a few others as well) in which groups are played off against each other, or blamed for problems, to ensure that the average slobs in the street, who they view as merely bacteria beneath a petri dish, don’t ever get uppity, realise that they’re getting fucked every day of their lives, and decide to do something about it. It’s essential for people other than the socio-economic elite to be blamed for the ills of society, and ideally to ensure that the proles acquiesce with them making the decisions regarding what to do about those problems (which are always things that benefit them and which they wanted to do in the first place).

      We are seeing this with Trump now, who will do nothing to help the average American whatsoever, and is instead blaming the disastrous state of the US today, which is caused entirely by economic elitism and corporate fascism, on immigrants. People are extremely vulnerable to this tactic by now, so he’s getting massive support. I have no doubt my mum’s husband would support him; he appeals to a certain demographic of ignorant people. It’s a reverse of the confidence trick that was played by the promotion of Obama, whereby it was assumed that he would improve the lives of poor black people, but in fact has done nothing for them whatsoever.

      If you do not understand this, if you do not understand that society is controlled by capital, that the society we live in now was envisaged many decades ago and has been systematically constructed in the post-Second World War period (this is all outlined in Quigley), and instead focus on race, which is exactly the sort of useless response that they want (although it would be slightly better if you blamed poor people; class warfare is preferable to race warfare, but it’s hard to maintain that indefinitely when it’s so obvious that virtually everyone in the world is poor compared to the elite)…you will never understand anything about this society.

      Fucking around all over the place is in itself a degenerate activity that has again been promoted by the powerful to play a part in the overall process of ensuring that communities, families and anything that would could potentially pose some sort of threat to them is neutralised. I mentioned Huxley before…you only need to read Brave New World to see this.

      The alpha males in society are the people who could buy or sell your arse a thousand times over (and mine) and not miss a penny, not people down the disco trying to pull some inebriated chicks. The latter group are just white trash. I wouldn’t expect you to know that, though. The issues related to race and economics are more obvious, and that’s why it takes a lot of misdirection to push people in the direction of useless and completely ill-founded opinions. Manufacturing consent, as it’s sometimes known. [You’ve got the cart before the horse. All that stuff you bang on about is the outcome of racial mating strategies colliding. K.]

      • I can’t really see how billions of people living in abject poverty, while 62 people posses wealth equal to the 3.5 billion poorest people (widely reported by the media recently) is the result of racial mating strategies. But good luck with your new book.

      • Chris, you’re changing the goal posts. You were talking about how racial conflict is merely a creation of the elite or some other biology denying conspiracy theory. If you want to talk about poverty, the solution is simple. Look around you and imagine 90% of the people on this planet died: the bottom 90% in wealth, looks, IQ etc. Do you seriously think humanity would be worse off? The reason why most people live in abject poverty is because they bring no value to others and their only claim to humanity is their ability to breathe. Most of the shit we like and see around today was created and invented by maybe ten million people in all human history.

        If anything, most of us live too well compared to how much we contribute to human advancement, not too bad. If we decimated all those 3.5 billion people tomorrow and all traces of their existence from this planet, would I even notice? Because I know for a fact if the top 62 richest people and all their traces were removed, humanity would be far worse off.

        Also, your whining when it comes from blacks is the result of their racial mating strategy: getting white people to pay for their shit. When it comes from white people it’s just sanctimonious pretending to be virtuous while not truly giving a shit about people you’ve never met(just like the rest of us). You’re free to contradict me and tell me how much you’ve done in the last year for those 3.5 billion unfortunate souls.

  44. Hey Nick, hope everything is going swell for you brother.

    Quick question, does the Daygame Mastery paperback version has the same content as the hardback version? I just ordered the paperback version from lulu and only thought about this now, so I hope they have the same content!

    Thanks in advance, have a great day mate! [It’s identical content. Hope you like it. K.]

  45. Hey Nick!

    Quick question(s): when you go to Belgrade (if you go), which site do you use for the rental? Any areas there to avoid?

    Have a great day brother!

    PS: I’m reading the blog from Feb 2014 forward, it’s great 😀 [I always go to the Old Town. So long as you’re somewhere between Slavia Square and Kalamegdan you’ll be fine. Airbnb is great for apartment rentals. K.]

  46. Hey Mr. Krauser anti-guru master of daygame deluxe and mindwaking blogger extraordinaire, hope your having a great day m8!

    1st of all, dude, damn, your Daygame Mastery book… what a fucking piece of masterful work, I’m really glad to have the pleasure of having it and reading it. I actually started to read it from the beginning and jumped from mindsets to the SS3: Care and maintenance chapter before I kept going into targeting, and man, just those 2 chapters are so well written and packed with dense and essential knowledge for anyone even considering diving into game seriously I think I had a dopamine spike right there and then (braingasm). I just love it.

    I also really liked the symphony metaphor, has a musician and music writer, that makes so much sense it actually makes perfect sense. Also loved the part where you talk about the special nature of the experience a good player can give its “audience”. The art of a great seduction is just like the art of making a great song, expertly navigating it’s audience thru the valleys and peaks of emotional stimulation with beautiful artistic precision. DUDE, YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER DUDE.

    I really find your writing very appealing, it is highly logical and beautiful at the same time.

    Have a great day man!

    PS: does the guy “Antony” you talk about in the Post Script chapter writes on a blog or something (or maybe has books or ebooks out)? I’m curious because I know who all the other are and have read or seen them talk about game, but I have no idea who “Antony” might be, also googling “Antony pua” was not fruitful at all and now my obsessive tendency for reading everything game related has left me curious about what the guy might have had to say/write.

    PSS: when read I Bodi’s name on the post script chapter I got this stupid smile on my face because my brain reminded me of his cake meltdown crisis and replayed his voice telling it (he did on a podcast with Tom, that is where I heard from it), God lord, if I ever meet the guy I will pay him a beer, it’s kinda fucked up, but when I heard his story all I could think about is how I thought I had it bad, but damn, he had it bad, no me! Guy is an inspiration.

    PSSS: is there any way to get in contact with you via non-public messaging? I understand and respect if you are not interested, but if you don’t mind, I would really like to ask you a quick question about your opinion on another guy’s book and theory, it would be interesting to have a short discussion about it with you cuz for me you are one of the top minds regarding game (and not only game), and I’m almost sure you have read the book I’m talking about and applied it’s tech’s and it would be interesting for me to share with you my experience with that material and the way I applied it and it’s possible implications in the further advancement of both our game (not that I’m anywhere near your level, but I think my experiments with that guy’s material may have some significance and I would like to discuss it for mutual benefit). If you are interested drop me an email, if not, well, you are a busy guy I can understand.

    PSSSS: what the fuck, this is a big ass post, I only wanted to express my reading delight! Have a good one! [Thanks for the kind words. I can be contacted at nickkrauser1 [at] gmail [dot] com K.]

  47. Hey Nick

    Look what I found on internet. This is so huge now in Poland that today they were talking about it on national Polish TV. Make Google to translate this to you. In case of any problem I can do translation for you, too. See attached below links:




    What do you make of that?

    Pablo [I read an awkward translation of first link. Just sounds like a freak stalker guy. K.]

  48. Krauser is there any decent resource you would recommend for Game/Red Pill for a LTR including having a family? [No. The married guys who talk about it are all full of shit, except Rollo. Best just learning Game from the legit players, and applying what you can to your situation. The married guys have no game and are just shamming it. K.]

    • That’s what I’ve been doing till now and it has been helpful (It’s unlikely I would have been able to get the girl in the first place if I hadn’t been following you and Roissy. So, again, thanks.).

      Realistically I need to limit exposure to the YHT notch-counting mentality because long-term it’s just going to make me confused and unhappy, if I commit to a family life with a woman who ages along with me. At the very least I need some counterbalance to the bachelor-player stuff.

      One problem with having a family is that certain constants would have to stop (attitudes like ZFG and readiness to walk away at any time, or dread game like not calling back for a day). I would have the big priority of keeping the nest together no matter what for the childrens’ sake. Kids are not compatible with attitudes like this recent tweet of yours: “#1 rule of relationships: If you don’t like how it’s going, ignore her and get new girls. Don’t try fixing her. She can fix herself.” If we have the family, then the #1 rule of the relationship is work hard to keep family unit as strong as possible.

      That’s just an example; I could list several. Does Rollo discuss this or similar stuff? I don’t follow him, was never impressed by his thinking to be honest.

  49. Yo yo yo Mr. K, hope everything is a-ok with you mate.

    Curious situation happened and I would be grateful for a short comment if you wish to bestow such good grace upon thy humble reader.

    -> Randomly started to DM on tweeter with a girl from the other side of the world
    -> We click, long game and anchoring starts (oh yes baby, Daygame Mastery saves the day, every day).
    -> She asks if I have skype (I don’t, and I don’t want it, and I prefer just words on screen because they’re more effective than showing my melon and moving my pie hole)
    -> On another occasion she asks if I want to talk on WhatsCrapp. My cell phone is 200 years old, so that’s a no go.

    My question is:
    (i) when she suggested skype and whatsapp it was always after some major spike via projection or some other shit. Is that a escalation on her part?
    (ii) given that I’m one billion miles away from the broad, even if I could, would I actually gain anything from changing from twatter to other platform of communication?

    PS: You keep blowing my mind with Daygame Mastery everyday, lovely peace of work. It fucking 11/10 man. Thanks. Also great to know about the news on your memoir and all the books (I really like the name on the 2nd volume, is that the book Skeletor originally advised you abandon writting?) [It sounds to me like she’s escalating. Decide what you want from her and proceed accordingly. Thanks for the compliments, glad you liked the books. K.]

    • Thanks for the quick reply Nick.

      Will have to decide what do, I think I’ll go full pimp on her ass and make her travel to me, that sounds like a nice challenge hahaha. I’m sure you must’ve pulled one of those off sometime along the way.
      Gonna keep doing the twatter shit, see no point in changing to skype.

      Have a great day mate!

  50. Hi. I want to buy your primal seduction book but I don’t have paypal. Isn’t there another way I can buy it? [Hardback from lulu.com will accept cards. Paypal also accept one-time card payments at their checkout if you want the PDF version. K.]

  51. Hi, I saw you in Prague this weekend. Do you do bootcamps there and how do I enroll?
    Thanks for your reply, Mike [Sorry boss, no coaching. But feel free to say hello. K.]

  52. Hey Mr. K, hope all is going banging.

    I’m going to be a bit of a cheeky bastard like Tom would say, and ask you to post more examples of long game projections/written fantasies/anchoring. That shit is some major fun to do, and I would like to analyze your style of doing it a bit more (and by a bit more I mean a lot of a fuck more hehehe), so here you have my suggestion for future posts.

    Wish you a great fucking day mate!

    PS: thanks for the last article, that was a great mind wank/practical mindset advice for nuanced outcome independence and long term emotional stability in our players journeys.

  53. Hey Mr. K, hope you’re feeling awesome.

    Just a quick question: did you ever by any chance ended up meeting Narciso Babaero?
    If so, could you make a short comment on his vibe and/or other observations?

    Thanks mate, wish a great fucking day brother! [I have no idea who he is. K.]

  54. Hey Nick, hope everything is cool with you.

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to be seduce and guide relationships with older well established ladies to accumulate an harem of Sugar Mommas? And don’t answer just get a job, I’m sick of those 😉

    Have a great day mate, you’re the man!

    PS: Really liked the new product, always a pleasure to hear you rant for 5 hours and receive a good stimulating Krauser mindwank. [I only know YHT game. I have no expertise in your area. K.]

  55. Krauser, if you’re bored with you current life’s work endeavor to give this gift to humanity:

    Teach the younger (male) generation about your worldview and how you came upon it. Turn them into a an army of shitlords.

    Create viral content that will communicate at a subconscious level and program young men at the deepest level with unshakable shitlordian worldviews.

  56. Hey big K, hope everything is swell with you mate.

    Quick question: what do you think about Starbucks as a venue for dates? V1, or V2 maybe?

    Thanks in advance, stay cool brah. [I sometimes use Costa if I’m doing an afternoon filter date. K.]

    • Hey mate, thanks for the quick reply.

      wtf is a filter date, is it a V1? Thanks in advance.

      Also: I’m experimenting with drawing IOI’s (Pre-opening) on the street with girls who are walking the oposite direction. I started with just looking into their eyes and smirking, very few would look back (is that IOI, or just if she smiles back?), then I started to add some “shoulder roll” swag, and more of them look back and make eye contact, also with more duration, but none of them smiles at me. Any observations or thoughts about pre-opening, oh old wise man of the day game pantheon? 😉

      Have a nice one K.

  57. Hey,
    recently discovered your blog and started reading the most recent posts and like it so far; I just wanted to ask if you’d consider making something like a list of ‘Must reads’ / ‘Most popular articles’ ‘Read this first before you make stupid comments elsewhere’- type of thing, because that would make it easier to get an overview what you’re all about(And in case I sound like a lazy bitch, thats partly because I am and partly because doing that would most likely lead to greater clarity in deciding if one or which ones of your books would be a good buy). [I hate going back to old stuff. If someone else compiles a good list I’ll post it. K.]

  58. Hey there K.

    I hope all is going swell with you, and I hate to be a pain in the ass cuz I already asked you but you must have missed it or just found the question lame, but I would really like to know if you consider when you go on the street and go past a hot girl and look into her eyes, if she makes (super brief) eye contact with you without smiling, do you consider that an IOI or only if she smiles?

    Thanks in advance mate, have a great one! [It’s not mechanical yes or no. You’ll feel it as an IOI or not. It’s calibration. Often there’s no smile. K.]

  59. Yo K, how is that MPUA big dick of yours hanging mate? 😉

    Quick question, my usual tease after the openers 2 compliments is usually “crazy eyes”, but now a lot of them wonderful and respectable bitches have sun glasses on, so I use the tease “the energy/vibe of someone who just escaped the crazy house”. Do you think it’s to agro? Would you sugest another alternative tease for the girls who are wearing sun glasses? What do you use mate?

    Thanks in advance, have a great one mate! [You don’t have to stick to a formula. Use whatever comes to mind. K.]

  60. Hey K, hope all is good with you mate.

    Could you please kindly give us some tips on how to optimally seed the 2nd Date on the 1st date?

    Also, do you repeat your V2 K-Close verbal/physical escalation ladder before kissingng her on the 2nd Date?

    Thanks in advance, your book on mastery is so good that I refer to it all the time and I already had to glue some pages back lol, thanks for all the help man, you rock 😉

    Have a great one K!

  61. Hey K, hope all is good.

    Sorry to be a pain in the ass about this shit, but do you repeat the whole 3 venues model before extraction to your house on d2? Had my first d2, even after trying for a d1 pull with this girl and failing to beat lmr on v4 (my bed), and I went to have wine with her for a v1 on a esplanade before dinner then extracted from that v1 to my house, ordered a pizza but still couldnt beat fucking lmr after having her on underware only… Had 3 girls (acceptable ones, I would say they are 7s) in my bed this week, this one twice, and i’m getting better at beating lmr but still no fucking lays… My fucked up problem is that as i’m chipping away the lmr they say they are tired then bail to their hostels (they are from tinder, I use an adaptation of the model on that shit, my cold approach is still to shitty and the only 2 numbers I got stopped replying to pings, one after sending nudes, leaving me confused), I tell them they can sleep over but they all refused. I’m going in a touristy Date tomorrow (a d3) with this d2 in 3 hours, my balls are too blue.

    Thanks in advance, I hope I make sense as i’m still a little drunk.


  62. Hey K, hope all is well with you mate.

    Did you find your vibe becoming more and more zen as you progressed in your game journey? I still dont approach during the day as much as I want to, but since grinding on tinder for dates and being on many with better than expected results, I found many bullshit thoughts and outcome depence were just gone since I went 3 days without doing shit (recovery from massive grind and major lifestyle chance). I’m still not where I want in life and as a person, but I start to feel some kind of ressemblance to self-acceptance as of late, almost like a permanent buzz of contentment in the back of my mind/soul. It’s almost spiritual.

    Also: I bought Begginer daygame before you and T decided to pull it out the shelf, but my laptop went to heaven and I don’t have a back-up, could you email me another copy please? I can send you the receipt if you need it. Thanks in advance.

    As always, thanks for all the priceless help you’ve been sharing with the community, you rock mate.

  63. Hello Nick,

    With this message I would like to thank You for everything.

    Your books and sharing of knowledge really helped me a lot to boost my Game, though now it is time go my own way, develop my own Mindsets and my own type of Game.

    I gladly would have shared my story of the Players journey with You and thank You in person on Your current Jaunt, though it seems it was not suppose to happen.

    Whatsoever I wish You all the Best, good luck with the girls You chase and health for Your future.

    Maybe see You some day in some other European City


    Joe [Glad you enjoyed my writing. K.]

  64. Hey Nick, quick question about your date model: At what time do you set up your dates most of the time? If its during the day is it still acceptable to go for drinks at venue 2 and then to a dark secluded place for venue 3? thanks [It doesn’t really matter, but later the better. K.]

  65. Krauser, I just came across this, do you think its a good sign? I think it wouldn’t hurt to share it with our burger frens.

    “Lets get antifa labeled as terrorists, official white house petition here:

    For those who don’t know what antifa is, it is a far-left domestic terrorist group (only considered so in 1 state, for now) that is part of the alt-left and promotes killing cops, destruction of private property, anti-white racism, open borders, islamic terrorism and the implementation of communism thru means of violent revolution.

    Read more here: https://farleftwatch.com/2017/07/26/far-left-militia-training-for-guerrilla-warfare/

  66. I just came across this and think you and your audience will find it, as well as its implications, as interesting and important as me, which I did think VERY important and crucially fundamental to understand what is going on in the world right now: http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1503283727519.png

    I urge everyone to read that.

    Have a great day everyone.

  67. Nick what are your thoughts on twitter? [Evil thought police who banned me for my truth-to-power. Or something…. K.]

  68. Cringeworthy, I only watched from 27:00 to 29:00 but this is gold

  69. According to this https://www.careerplanner.com/MB2/TypeInPopulation.cfm
    INTJ comprises 2.1% of the population, not 4% (though you did say “of men”).

    Keep in mind that the most common MBTI Type is ISFJ, but even that–the most common type–comprises only 14% of the population.

    There are 16 types which include everyone, so even if the 16 types were evenly distributed among the population, each person could say that only 6% fall into his type.

    In other words, it’s easy to think one is special because only a small percentage of the population is a _ _ _ _ (not that this is what you were saying).

    Almost EVERYONE can say that their type is special and uncommon, since the majority of people (10 out of 16) fall into a type that only 5% or less falls into.

    50% of ALL PEOPLE (INFJ, ENTJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTP, INTP, ESTP, INFP) can say that “only 4% of people have my character.”
    Each of the eight types above have 1.5% to 4% of representation in the population.

  70. Watch, read and listen to be free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyeKiT7HvIE

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