What I learned from reading 200 books in 15 months

April 14, 2019

I have been on something of a reading binge, having read 136 books in 2018 (and reviewing each and every one of them) and then another 54 books so far in 2019 [1]. I’m averaging better than three books a week and I’ve hoovered up a lot of content. Perhaps it’s a good time to reflect. Here are some observations in no particular order.

1. Abundance allows risk taking

A man who reads only a handful of books a year will be extremely discriminating in what he tries. This will bias him towards authors or topics he’s already familiar with and, depending upon his goals, he may choose 100% entertainment or 100% education. When I was burning through three books a week I felt like the downside of picking a bad book was minimal. No matter how boring it got, so long as I stayed the course for two days I’d be on to the next book. This is not unlike the abundance mentality a player has with girls: if this girl isn’t working out, you can walk away and find another. This freedom to experiment enabled me to try discover different authors and topics, many of which I grew to like.

2. Ideas need time to sink in

On a couple of occasions I read three books in one day [2]. I encountered a bizarre time distortion effect whereupon I’d sink into the world of a book and its characters, only to shut the book and then promptly disappear into the next world. At the end of the day, those first two books felt like weeks in my past. A negative side-effect of fast reading is my brain didn’t have sufficient time to let ideas percolate, test them against my existing world view, and tease out all their implications. Much of that learning comes while lying in the bath, or sitting on a bus, or out walking. Often, I’d be deep into the next book by then, so the prior books wasn’t fully explored before having been pushed out of my awareness by the next.

3. Reading can be insatiable

I soon realised the addictive qualities of mass reading. My attention span lengthened enormously so I’d think nothing of sitting in a chair for six hours straight. Books were answering questions, exploring topics, and introducing imaginary worlds. I’d find myself immersed and not wishing to do anything else. Often lines or phrases would trigger compelling questions that I’d mull over for minutes at a time. It was all so interesting that as soon as I finished one book I’d have a chocolate box selection of interesting titles to try next. I was almost resentful that by choosing one book, I’d have to decline the others, and thus I wanted to race to the end of the current book to minimise the missed opportunities. That made it quite compulsive behaviour for me.

4. Movies and TV are shit

“The book is better than the movie” is true in 99% of cases. The human brain can process words and ideas far faster than physical action and the human voice can articulate them. Thus an hour of reading time packs in far more than an hour of televisual time. Added to that, books are generally far longer than movies and TV shows – the only exception being a premium cable series. These latter shows have the time to develop complex plots and introduce mood-setting redundancy. In a movie, there’s the famous dictum that if you show a gun on the mantelpiece in the first act, it must be fired by the third act. Nothing can be introduced without being relevant. After a while this gets tiresome and predictable. Books can hide foreshadowing better and even create wild goose chases to misdirect you.

Aaron Sorkin made the observation that stories belong in different media. If the focus is physical action, it’s a movie. If the focus is dialogue, it’s a play. If it’s internal thoughts and emotion, it’s a book. This makes books more immersive by nature, as they are a medium for pulling you into the character’s minds rather than observing them from the outside. Lastly, movies and TV are shit because they are pozzed and designed by committee. Books can touch subjects in ways that ((executives)) don’t allow in movies and TV.

5. Writers are good at different parts of writing

As a writer, I’m constantly attempting to improve my own literary ability. One dividing line I often see between writers is between writers of good stories, and writers of good prose. For example, War & Peace has beautiful sentence construction. Judged on a sentence-by-sentence basis its really very impressive. But it’s boring as fuck. It’s just not a good story [3]. In contrast, pulp magazine adventure writers in the early 1920s were often the opposite in that the stories whipped along in compelling and imaginative fashion but the sentences were as painfully crude as music played out of key.

Some writers are fantastic at snappy dialogue, some set a scene well, some tease out human emotion from the strangest places, some set you thinking about how to live the Good Life. Some are competent at everything and special at nothing. Reading lots of books allowed me to see the differences in stark contrast.

6. I like dusting off old gems

I’ve got an aversion to reading modern books and popular books. Generally, I don’t like the pozz, the dumbed-down style, and the pretension. I’d rather read the books by the men who created civilisation than the Jews men who try to destroy it. The wonder of books is they transport you into the writer’s world, and thus reading, for example, Edgar Wallace’s Sanders Of The River stories gives you window into colonial Africa from the viewpoint of a Victorian Englishman. You simply can’t get that on TV or movies. Recently I experimented with picking up dusty paperbacks from a second-hand store, selecting for authors and genres I rarely favour. I also try old stuff on Kindle. Lots of it is fascinating. It feels like you’re the only person to read the book in over fifty years.

7. Committing to finish what I start

I’ve had a rule that if I start a book, I must finish it. I’ve only broken that rule one time, on Ernest Becker’s Denial Of Death [4]. A dozen times I’d start a book and be shaking my head thinking “oh fuck, I’ve picked a bad one” but in each case by the end I was glad I read it. Most recently, I finished Martin Butler’s The Corporeal Fantasy. It’s mostly his blog posts and podcast transcripts hastily edited into book format (it really shows), conveying his personal philosophical system based on Spinoza, Schopenhauer, and Kant. For the first thirty pages I thought he was just a rambling old fruitcake [5] but I persevered and by the end I was extremely glad I’d read it because a sentence here, a turn of phrase there, and even entire paragraphs set me off thinking about philosophical issues in directions I’d never before considered. Had I been more judgemental, I’d have deleted it from my Kindle early and missed out. Committing to finish what I start ensures I encounter scenarios, ideas, and styles I might otherwise filter out.

8. Projects get ambitious

Most people who’ve heard of Alexandre Dumas and want to try him will read The Count Of Monte Cristo. If you’re such a man, I heartily recommend it. Those who get a little more ambitious might read his trilogy of which The Three Musketeers is volume one. More ambitious still, you’ll read all FIVE books of that series. I was more ambitious still – I decided to read all of his multi-volume series, namely: The D’Artagnan Romances, The Valois Saga, The Saint-Hermaine Trilogy, The Marie Antoinette Saga. That’s a total of 17 books, most just as long as The Three Musketeers, itself a big book (so far I’ve read 12).

I read his Joseph Balsamo volume 1 halfway through before realising I had a bad translation, so I bought the better translation and read that same half again – on the same day.

When you read a lot, a 200-page paperback seems like nothing. Just a warm-up. I’ve found myself drawn ever stronger towards epic books and multi-part series. I want the greater journey, and greater complexity that demands ample word-count to achieve.

9. You learn things you didn’t expect to

Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Egypt and then, when the British Navy sank his fleet near Alexandria, he deserted his troops and snuck back into France incognito in order to carry out a coup d’etat. I have now read about those events from three different perspectives: Dumas gave the French nationalist version in his The Companions of Jehu. Dennis Wheatley gave the British espionage perspective in his The Sultan’s Daughter. Then I also read the Time Life History Of The World academic summary version. I’ve also ordered a bodice-ripping women’s romance novel covering the events to see how they approach the material.

I never expected I’d learn so much about the conditions of St Petersburg during the Bolshevik Revolution, but I’ve now read two memoirs on it: one from a British spy, and one from an anarchist Jew. My knowledge of the courts of the kings of France is epic, thanks to Dumas and Wheatley, and I know lots of the Bottom World side of that period thanks to Casanova. It’s enlightening.

I may add more thoughts in another post, should they occur to me.

If you still just want to chase skirt and increase your notch count, remember all my best books are on Amazon now, in full colour, and Daygame Overkill is still the best infield instructional video product.

[1] Readers who have read some mathematics books will know 136+54=190 rather than 200. Those who have read some rhetoric books know that a catchy but inaccurate title sells more copies than a clunky but accurate one.
[2] It was raining.
[3] It’s hugely deficient in intention-plus-obstacle. It meanders without purpose.
[4] It’s horrendously insipid NYC Jewish psychoanalytical claptrap. Imagine watching Woody Allen movies on loop into perpetuity.
[5] Maybe he is, you be the judge. He certainly misunderstands Trump and Brexit.

How I lost 13 kilos in 7 months

April 11, 2019

“Nick is a right fat bastard” are words that had never been uttered until 2016. Then, at the tail end of the year, I stepped onto the scales to see I weighed a whopping 13 1/2 stone (86kg/189lbs). Those of you familiar with the old boxing weight divisions will remember the cruiser-weight limit is 190lbs.

Famous cruiser-weight world champions include Evander Holyfield and David Haye, men who went on to win the heavyweight title. Another heavyweight champ, Michael Moorer, won his first world title at light heavyweight. So, 189lbs was clearly not a good weight for me. I took a bit more care, laid off the TGI Friday’s milkshakes, and slimmed down to 83kg, 183lbs.


“take on someone your own size” applied to me

The real weight loss began in July 2018, at 83kg, and ended in February 2019, at 70kg. So now I was in my natural boxing weight division and I’d only need to fight guys like Gennady Golovkin and Carl Frotch. My waist shrank from 36 inches to 29 – the slimmest of my entire adult life. I’m far from a diet expert but I think trimming 13kg at the age of 43 was quite an achievement and some of you might want to know how I did it.

Phase 1 – The Mad Crash Diet

I installed the Chronometer app on my phone in which I input my daily food intake. The app’s database holds the relevant nutritional data so it can track my daily calories and macro-nutrients. For two months my only target was to maximise my daily calorie deficit. My body required approximately 2000 calories for maintenance and most days I ate around 1000, giving me a whopping 1000 calorie deficit. Typically, I ate only once a day at 3pm after the gym, so I was intermittent fasting 23 hours.

In addition to this I went to the gym three times a week (half-assing it) and walked an average of 7 miles a day, equivalent to adding another 400 calories to the deficit. The result was I ended August at 76kg, a total cut of 7kg.

All was not as good as it appears. First, it wasn’t 7kg of fat. Contained in that weight was loss of glycogen muscle stores and lots of water. I also was laid up in bed three times with ‘flu, something I rarely catch under normal conditions. I was also listless and irritable. I spent every evening fantasising about food and it took tremendous willpower to keep to the diet.

Still, I lost a ton of weight so I was happy.


Two elephants and a piglet, December 2016, at 86kg


Phase 2 – Maintenance

It was then that my bodybuilder friend convinced me my madcap diet was foolhardy. For all of September I’d been unable to lose any more weight. I was still on regular -700 to -1000 deficits but despite ravenous hunger I couldn’t shift weight. My body had adjusted my metabolism to cope with the starvation. So, I spent one full month back on 1900 calories daily maintenance.

My weight went up to 78kg which bothered me but it was just the water and glycogen refilling. I felt much better. It was also on the third month that I began weightlifting properly. My weekly routine was split into 4 sessions. Each began with a large compound (dead-lift, bench press, barbell squat, overhead dumbbell press respectively) and then three smaller exercises. The two key principles were:

1. Reverse Pyramid Training: lift the first set at maximum load. Take 10% off the bar for the second set and try to match same reps, plus one extra. If there’s a third set, keep it same as second.
2. Progressive Overload: single-minded focus on adding weight to the bar every session, and if unable to do that, try to force out at least one more rep. Keeping pushing weight upwards.

Psychologically, my trainer encouraged me to put 100% mental focus into the first set of the first compound exercise. Max that, then just try my best for the rest of the session without undue worry. I trained six times a week. It would’ve been seven, but the gym was closed on Sunday.

Phase 3 – Sensible deficit

With my metabolism reset, I returned to daily calorie deficits, but only -300 to -500. I remained ravenously hungry at night but was no longer a slobbering beast. I still had newbie gains in the gym so was making good progress with the overloading, despite the deficit that should’ve been weakening me. This was my CNS adaptation – my central nervous system was becoming more efficient at controlling my muscles, so my strength gains were due to that more than they were to hypertrophy and repair. It’s why I could keep training six times a week.

At the end of December I’d gotten to 73kg but it was a much better body composition than my August 76kg. I wasn’t so drained. I was 50% stronger on all my lifts compared to August.

Phase 4 – Sensible recovery

My lifts plateaued in December on all the compounds, my gains limited to the secondary exercises. This suggested my newbie CNS-adaptation gains were over. Now I needed hypertrophy, which meant I needed longer recovery. So, I cut the training from six to four days and also eliminated one secondary exercise per session. I also increased rest time between sets, using a stopwatch to be precise.

From mid-December to mid-February I finally hit my goal of 70kg. The compounds were stubbornly unchanged but I was pleased to at least retain my strength under deficit conditions. It took rather a lot of willpower in the gym. While lifting, I sounded like a women’s tennis match.


No homo, at 70kg in February 2019

I’m now doing lean gains with a calorie surplus and am up to 74kg but I’ll report back on that later. It’s a completely different process and I’ve been doing it less than two months. Early results are encouraging. So, that’s the detail. How about if I learned anything from the process? Okay, here are some thoughts…..

1. To lose weight, only calorie control really matters. You must run a daily deficit. It takes willpower because you’ll be hungry most of your waking hours.
2. Intermittent fasting helps, especially a 16-hour fast – that basically means skipping supper and breakfast. It’s very easy to do.
3. Sugar is the big killer. Cut it out of everything. Get used to bland food.
4. I’d never taken diet or weights seriously before. You absolutely must make it your first priority in life to make big fast improvement. If I’d had a job, or been daygaming, I’d have too little willpower remaining to expend in the gym and resisting bad food.
5. Almost everyone in the gym is half-assing it or training badly. I made more progress in six months than the previous five years combined. So many people do stupid routines, girly gay weights, and bad form.
6. It’s incredibly satisfying to see your body look a little better every single week.
7. Body dysmorphic disorder is real. I would take a photo in the mirror and think I looked good, then two months later look back on it and realise I was still fat then and wonder how I’d been unable to see it.
8. Everything in life became easier. Imagine how heavy a 15kg rucksack feels on your back. I’d been walking around with one of them every minute of every day. Now I’m free of it.
9. It’s astonishing what can be achieved at 44 years old 100% naturally. I look better now than I did in my mid-twenties when I was extremely fit from kickboxing (but had a shit diet). I’ve far exceeded my original target from beginning the cut.

Two Months In Prague

February 28, 2019

You all know my shtick: Euro-jaunt season begins in late-March and runs to early-November. Then there’s an off-season hibernation in which I recuperate and catch up on my projects. It was different this time around because in summer I quit daygame. That revulsion period lasted awfully long, the longest and deepest I’ve ever experienced.

I’m done being a notch-hunting player, but not done with girls. Hence, at some point, I’d need to get back in the saddle and make a go of it. Wanting to at least leave the option of daygame open, should my revulsion lift, spending my winter in Newcastle was ruled out.

So where?

Well, the third world is fucking disgusting. I’ve already tried Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand. Shit-holes. Never again. The Balkans and Russian Federation are too damn cold. I settled on Prague. If nothing else, it’s a lively and beautiful city. I flew out on the 4th January and returned to the UK not quite two months later. I set myself some goals, in descending order of importance:

  1. Gym and Diet
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Daygame

Now the two-month period is up, I’ll tally my score against objectives. Not really sure why anyone would care, but this blog is about my life’s path, so suck it up.


Like this, but a dozen kilos fatter

Gym and Diet
I’d become a right fat bastard. Since first moving to Japan in 2000 I’d been fairly fit and trim, right up until 2014. My mental self-image was as a fit, healthy young man. By 2015 the reality was starting to slip further away from it. The fattest I ever got was 86kg and a 36 inch waist in January 2017. I lost a bit that year but remained chubby. In the summer of 2018 I weighed 83kg and dared not measure my waist – probably 35 inches.

Still, when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t seem fat – not to my naked eye. Especially when I sucked my belly in. My self-delusion was broken in June 2018 in Warsaw. My Ukrainian regular came around for sex and she’s quite happy to have me record her on camera. So, I videoed my fucking her. When I watched back the tape, I was horrified. I looked fucking disgusting naked. Bitch tits, distended stomach, puff face, thick smooth thighs. I felt sorry for the poor girl. Love is blind.


Lip up, fatty

My next stop was Belgrade where, as luck would have it, I was sharing an apartment with Jimmy for a week. He’d just begun an extreme calorie restriction diet. I joined him. We spent all week eating barely 1000 calories a day, competing to see who was hungriest. It was awful, but the weight dropped off. I continued the starvation diet until the end of August, when a bodybuilder friend explained I need to do it smarter. I agreed – I’d weakened by immune system so much I was bedridden with ‘flu three times in two months.

Still, better than being fat.

I’ve been training hard and watching my diet ever since. My highest priority in Prague was to maintain this discipline. It was a success. I didn’t miss a single gym session, nor miss a single day’s diet target. 100% success on my top priority – easy really, it’s all within my control. I ended my weight cut in early February at 71kg with a 29 inch waist, 39 inch chest. Since then I’m targeting lean gains and a daily +300 calorie surplus. I’ve only gained 0.5kg so far as the glycogen, water, and food weight stablise.

The big goal was to write another memoir, finishing the first draft before leaving Prague. Initially I expected to do a single volume to cover 2015 and 2016. That soon became impractical, as I’d need to rush too many stories and leave too much out. So, I split the period to give each year its own volume. My Prague goal was to finish volume 5, for 2015.

I’ve done that. It’s a 40 chapter, 155k word draft now. I’m happy with it. It can now be added to the queue of memoir volumes to be edited. It feels like a weight off my shoulders, not just because writing a big book in two months is quite a task. It also puts me 6/7ths towards completing my memoir project. Additionally, I was concerned I might not remember enough details to tell the stories well. I needn’t have feared. Additionally, my Instagram account and Airbnb booking history helped me get the timeline exactly right, with all the stories in order.

Volume 6

Now I gotta start writing this one

This was a high priority last year and writing a review after each book was rather demanding. I relieved myself of that for 2019. There were no targets for reading, just a general sense that I want to maintain my reading momentum. I’ve come to very much enjoy it, so much so that my Netflix and video game time has shrunk to almost nothing.

I read 35 books in two months. Many were normal novels, but there were also three massive Alexandre Dumas epics, and a massive Great American Novel. I can also tick off ‘reading’ as a success.


Proper big bastards

And here we get to the goal that was least important and also least within my control. My intent remained low, but I was pleased to find on some days I was enjoying it again. The extended break had rekindled some of my interest. I did very few solo sets but had a regular wing from England, and also Roy Walker was over for a weekend when I gave it a good effort.

Overall, I did around 60 sets. Maybe a bit more, I wasn’t logging them. I got an SDL with a hot Russian tourist I met in Palladium. She made it rather easy for me, and my game felt out of practice so I was lucky that it didn’t matter. I dated a few more girls of the type I really like, including a very memorable Kazahk village girl. Ultimately, only the Russian panned out.

About 3/4 of the time, my game felt way off the peak. For the 1/4 it went well, it was almost like the good old days. Those latter sets were great fun and I remembered why I like daygame. Overall, I’ll say this was a qualified success. The worst of the revulsion is over, I still appear to have some of the old magic left, and I can only see myself getting better as the weather improves and I shake off more of the cobwebs.

How many suckers joined BlackDragon’s Loser Club?

February 26, 2019

I’m curious. I think BlackDragon is a faker and full of shit. His “rebuttal” to my accusation that he’s a pathetic delusional cuck was nothing of the sort. It was a squirt of squid ink: obfuscation masquerading as rebuttal.

When you’re over the target, that’s when you get the flak.

It’s one thing to read a man’s material, watch his videos, and conclude he’s full of shit. It’s quite another to watch him dissemble and run away in real time. BlackDragon made oh-so-big-a-deal about him being all about the business and that my post lead to a rapid +19% rise in his eBook sales [1]. There are also people accusing me of attacking him in an attempt to lure his Loser Club over to my business. Something rang false, again. So, I’m increasingly suspicious that the BlackDragon Alpha Male 2.0 scam is more of a Potemkin village than I’d first credited. I don’t know it is, so I’m posting this to see if my readers can confirm one way or the other.

KPUA screen 1

An internet loudmouth gets 103 comments

BD screen 1

A titan of business gets 63-10=53 comments

Here are the red flags:
1. His post got 63 comments so far, of which 10 are from him. So, 53 from real people. Mine has 103, all real people.
2. His side bar claims 20,000 subscribers on his email list. That’s A LOT [2]
3. His Alexa rank is high than mine, but not massively so.
4. His SimilarWeb stats are not much higher than mine in any respect. This despite my solidly neglecting my blog while he actively curates his.

KPUA Alexa

BD Alexa

I know I’m in a tiny niche. Does he?

My initial conclusion is that his level or traffic and engagement does not support his grandiose image of his business. I know I occupy a tiny niche and I live comfortably but nothing to puff my chest out about. If you can throw the rock of 20,000 subscribers into a pool, I’d expect more ripples.

KPUA SimilarWeb screen 1

BD SimilarWeb screen 1

So, what’s going on? Does BlackDragon have a big successful business and it merely isn’t fully represented in his reader engagement and traffic? Or are his business claims as delusional as the claims of his sex life? I really don’t know. I’m no expert in analysing websites from a distance. Are there any experts in this area?

It seems relevant to me. This clown has the temerity to ask readers for $9597 per year to join his VIP Losers Club. I’m curious just how many suckers he’s lured into his shell game.

Loser Club sales page

Nuclear indeed

[1] The proceeds of which will fund him for a few more hookers. Glad to be a help to his sex life.
[2] If it were true, lol.

BlackDragon is a pathetic delusional cuck

February 21, 2019

ebook guff

I’ll pass, thanks

I promised myself that this year I would resist the temptation to play PUA Police. The world is so full of bullshitters and charlatans that exposing them is like a game of whack-a-mole. A wannabe seducer needs to develop his own nose for fakes, a calibration skill that will serve him well when dealing with women. Think about it: if you can’t spot an incompetent fraud like JMULV, how likely are you to penetrate the layer of subterfuge that covers female interactions with men?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how many men will take a fraud seriously just because the guy has a blog / book / YouTube channel. Their reasoning seems to be, “this guy is a legitimate expert whose advice I ought to follow, because he says on his own marketing platform that he is.” Pick-up adversely selects for men who are naive, unable to read social cues, easily hoodwinked, and who over-rate book learning. Write a blog, hawk an ebook, and get some credulous seminar booker or podcaster to talk about you…. that’s it. You can now sell memberships to a Superior Man Inner Circle.

You people really need to learn to evaluate the evidence presented. Just because a random man on the internet tells you he’s an Alpha Male doesn’t make it so. Does he have an Instagram that is all bluff, showing a lonely wandering existence with no friends, no girls, and no visible success (e.g. Christian Macqueen, Troy Francis)? Perhaps you should prioritise the evidence of your eyes over his claims to be a social circle whizz or lone wolf sigma. Does his Instagram show him with lots of obvious hookers that he claims are notches (e.g. JMULV)? Does he talk like a double glazing salesman, full of glib evasion and clumsy Cialdini-like persuasion and his life seems locked into a squalid circle of messy apartments and fruity short-term ‘friends’ (e.g. Beckster)?

It’s not hard. Trust your nose. If someone looks, talks and quacks like a fruitcake, he’s probably a fruitcake.

I love Donald J. Trump and I’d love to see him Make America Great Again. We can start with the USA’s pick-up community because it’s undoubtedly the worst in the world. Perhaps because it’s the biggest market and thus attracts the most scammers. Perhaps it’s because Americans tend to be a trusting bunch. Perhaps it’s because America uses 80% of the world’s prescription drugs and therefore roiding up till you are red in the face and shoving nootropics down your gullet doesn’t strike you as very odd behaviour indeed for a man of high self-esteem. I don’t know what the cause is, but America is positively rife with bullshitting PUAs.

The funniest of these is BlackDragon. And oh my god, is he funny.

I read BD a while ago and immediately smelled a rat. By his own admission he’s an unattractive middle-aged man living in the Portland area who gets laid mostly from online dating sites. Just stop and think about that. If that one-sentence description didn’t immediately set alarm bells ringing, you are clueless.

Portland is SJW-central. It’s an absolute hell-hole of unattractive women. It’s not Prague, or Belgrade, or Moscow. It’s one of the ugliest cities in a country full of ugly women. Now add in the fact BD is not using high-level daygame. He’s using online dating which, as every man who cold approaches will attest, always leads to a drop of a point or two (minimum) from cold approach. Take it further: BD is an older gent chasing younger women, and thus aiming very high. Lastly, he’s admitted to being physically unattractive – while searching for women in a format where age or photos are the most important criteria in passing the first filter for hook point.

BlackDragon would need exceptional charisma to surmount these odds. There’s your first red flag.


It’s not his looks or physique is it?

The second red flag was how he constantly positioned himself as an Alpha Male and then directs you to either self-referential blogposts (i.e. circular sourcing, which doesn’t increase credibility) or to products with buzzword titles and taglines. That carries the unmistakable whiff of the online bullshit artist attempting to dip his hands in the pocket of a newbie before he learns the lay of the land.

The third red flag were BlackDragon’s preposterous claims about MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships, i.e. open) and monogamy. Not only that, but about raising children in such an environment. Even if you took him at his word (which I don’t) BD was advocating raising children in an environment where his dad is openly sleeping with women who aren’t his mother, where his father has openly rejected monogamy and love of his mother, and where mummy is sleeping around like a worthless whore too. That’s child abuse. It’s spectacularly tone-deaf and egocentric. I’ll tell you something right now: the only men who obsess over “harems”, “rotations”, and “MLTRs” are men who either don’t have them, or are flush with the excitement of recently getting that kind of action. It’s an ego-driven goal and the thrill wears off very quickly. That BD is constantly puffing his chest out about it is a huge red flag that his reality isn’t very impressive at all.

Then, of course, we get to the absence of evidence. Having, according to his marketing spiel, lived the Alpha Male Lifestyle for six years sleeping with Ultra Very Young Women it would be reasonable to suppose he’d have a ton of evidence to prove it. I mean, if you’ve persuaded UVYW to sleep with you in MLTRs and you’re an Alpha Male, then persuading them to let you post evidence about it shouldn’t be too hard. Every legitimate PUA finds a way to do so.

From 2014 onward I made very little effort to continue proving my bona fides but you can still find plenty of infields, Same Day Lay videos, and pictures of me with hot girls. You can bump into me on the streets, or interrogate active daygamers who’ve winged or travelled with me. It’s really not hard to prove your bona fides if you actually have game.

Anyway. All those preceding paragraphs explain why I very quickly dismissed BlackDragon as just another basement-dwelling bullshitter. It took about half an hour and skimming through a dozen blogposts of his. I left it at that. The reason I return to the subject is my faithful commentors have done far more research and fleshed out just how delusional and full of shit BlackDragon really is.

And oh my God is it comically funny. Let’s start with the best one.

Please read this post. I beg you to. It’s cringe on a level beyond Ricky Gervais or Mr Bean. Here’s the summary: Black Dragon married an ageing mudshark who was hitting the wall and brought along her bastard offspring of a deadbeat negro wanderer. I didn’t make that up or infer it. Those are the literal facts contained within his own blogpost. If my friends like Roy Walker or Mr White had SDL’d such a skank outside Palladium mall at midnight I’d have never let them live it down. BlackDragon wifed her up for ten years and adopted the mystery-meat son as his own.

“Fortunately, my son’s bio-dad is a loser whom he doesn’t even remember, and was living in another state when we got married, so it was game on. She was a white blonde Barbie, and her son was a fun half-black half-white hyper kid. She became my wife, he became my son.”

He literally cucked. Rollo has great posts on this kind of self-abasement. Read through them to get a feel for just how craven and weak a man must be to knowingly put himself into that position. His kid has wisely rejected the squalid ego-driven hooker-shagging of his dad. Probably because this kind of thing kept happening:

“My rule with my kids in terms of the women I see is that none of my women are allowed to have access to my kids in any way whatsoever unless the woman has proven to me that she’s going to stick around for a very long time. As you might imagine, very few women ever get that far, so the vast majority of the women I sleep with never, ever meet my kids, even in passing.

Of course life isn’t perfect, so there have been occasions where the schedule gets fucked up and my daughter might see a woman quickly leaving the house or something. I do admit that’s happened before, but not often.”

Poor kid.

But there’s more! Read this one.

Now he’s admitting that he uses hookers, while desperately trying to convince himself that it’s not whoremongering and that these women he pays for sex are not like those other women that other men pay for sex. He calls it “sugar daddy game” – yes, game. Paying women to sleep with you is game now. Like every other delusional whoremonger he spends considerable time convincing himself the women genuinely like him and he’s not just a pathetic loser.

Look, how much more evidence do you need? If it’s not enough that he married a skank six years older than him, got knowingly cucked with her son, and has to pay to have sex, what more do you need to convince you he has no game and isn’t any kind of role model to pattern your life on? He is like a posterboy for Rollo’s archetypal victim of femcentrism.

At least his women aren’t openly cucking him by letting other men bang them out. Oh wait, what’s this?

“Fortunately, since I’m an Alpha Male 2.0 and outcome independent…” he says. Oh, my sides! Wait, it gets even better. Here he is describing the yo-yo knickered slag: “She’s blonde, trim, super hot, and what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women. I’m not going to show you photos at this time so please don’t ask. She’s 37 years old.”

A 37 year old 10. Yes, he actually said that.

Hottest women ever

Tens! I see nothing but tens!

But she’s no doubt sweet and girl and feminine…. “She’s a corporate woman with many years of professional experience. She has an impressive resume and is an extremely hard worker. This is another common trait with women I really like and tend to be attracted to.” If you’re reading this Roissy, please go easy on him! BD is ticking more boxes on Rollo’s checklist of cucked effeminate clueless beta: the inversion of male-female polarity and the valorisation of women’s resumes in the male sphere.

It’s going to hurt my head to continue. Let’s summarise. BlackDragon is an internet alpha. He’s a mouthy deluded low-value cuck who pays for sex, his girlfriend is a busted old shrike who sleeps with other men, and his head is full of all the beta brainwashing Rollo has dedicated his life to undoing. BlackDragon offers no evidence whatsoever that he has game. Obviously. He has constructed a complex front in which he’s really an Alpha Male 2.0, an enlightened modern man with an innovative lifestyle, and a source of learning for a future generation of womanizers.

In short, he’s completely delusional.


Did your wife’s boyfriend give you permission to wear that suit?

“BlackDragon” is a false idealised self for the low-value, pathetic cuck that is Caleb Jones as he tries to convince himself and others that he’s not an ageing shlub shacked up with a skank, pays hookers to pretend to like him, and role-plays “father” to another man’s son.

Really, people? At least JMULV knows he’s full of shit.

If you’ve already given BlackDragon your money then you’re too far gone for my books to be any use to you. But, here’s the link anyway.

Player’s Path – London Seminar on March 2nd

February 15, 2019

It’s been something of an annual custom for me to do two things in winter: release a major new product, and do a London seminar. Though I was tempted to do both an infield video product and a new daygame textbook this year, ultimately…. I just couldn’t be bothered. The memoir is more important to me, so I’m doing that first.

However, I do rather enjoy these seminars. It’s nice to visit my old stomping ground in London. At last year’s Daygame Infinite talk there was a big room full of keen daygamers and I got properly steaming drunk right after. Happy times.

So, imagine my pleasure when Eddie Hitchens of Street Attraction raised the topic of doing another seminar this year. He was sitting on some infields he and Richard had shot, and also a book he’d been working on. Their fellow coach George had been on a deep dive into the sociology side of Game and the manosphere. The Street Attraction lads had things they wanted the world to see.

As did I.

I’d only recently committed myself to finishing the seven-volume memoir series. Rather than pitch a product at the seminar, I quite fancied the idea of taking a holistic look back at my Player’s Journey, at the themes that emerged as I tackled each volume of the memoir. This would be the first time presenting live where, as far as I was concerned, I was looking back on the Game rather than being intimately involved as an active player. What interesting snippets could I share to men following the same road as myself, men who started later and have yet to see things I’ve grown very familiar with?

Everything is lined up now. The venue is booked. The ticket page is up.

Design jpg 2

Definitely not influenced by Resident Evil 2 or Days Gone logos.

So, if you’d like to hear me rattled on about life as a player, go sign up. Eddie, Richard, and George will also be presenting so you won’t have to suffer my rambling for the whole six hours. More details on the ticket page here.

P.S. In other news, I decided I will coach some residentials this year. Check this page for more details, and there’s a detailed review from a former client here. I’ll post more soon, but I’m accepting enquiries now. I’ll probably limit myself to three clients for 2019.