Nick Krauser Coaching Testimonial

April 16, 2022

I’m now something of a PUA ghost when it comes to blogging and writing books [1] but I’m still doing some coaching. I was in Zagreb last week to do a few days with some enthusiastic daygamers. Here’s a client’s assessment in his own words. Thanks Mr C…….

I did a one-on-one residential with Nick Krauser, here’s my review.

I was approximately 4 years and 50 daygame notches into my journey when our meeting took place, so although I did get decent results I felt I had plateaued. Daygame wasn’t as much fun anymore – often times it felt like I was merely going through the motions to reach my minimal monthly diet of fresh meat. I also felt there was room for improvement – like something was missing – so I wanted an expert, one of the OG’s of daygame, to diagnose me to point out potential blind spots. My hope was that this would put the fun back into daygame and help me improve my results.

Having read and seen Nick’s material it was obvious that he has a knowledge of game that is at a different level compared to any other PUA-instructor I’ve ever come across.

Sure, a beginner may not need much more than a technical introduction to the London daygame model and being pushed into set, but let’s face it; being a consistent daygamer for more than a couple of months will eventually (hopefully…) force you to dig deeper than that and really think about a multitude of things.

Early in the process I did a couple of sets and Nick diagnosed me – he was able to rapidly spot a number of bad habits I had developed and that needed to change. Feedback was brutally honest and direct but respectful. If you want to pay a coach for patting your back and telling you you’re doing just fine – don’t hire Nick (and don’t expect to ever get good results from daygame or in life in general). As expected, my current strengths were also mentioned.

Some things we went through in detail were:

  • Street presence
  • Vibe
  • Different kinds of stops
  • Different kinds of IOI’s
  • Various gambits you can pull off when approaching with a wing
  • Suggestions for improving style (clothing etc)
  • Various other topics that naturally emerged from whatever the current context was

I’m very happy I did a residential with Nick.

He has a profound understanding of the subtleties of social interactions and conveys his knowledge in an easily digestible and concise manner. Also, I’d like to mention that he was very generous with his time. Obviously don’t expect more than the contractually agreed number of hours, but I’m grateful for having received vastly more than expected for no additional charge.

I am coaching 5-day residentials for £7k GBP. Have a look at this page for details.

[2] The final memoir will eventually come out, but it’s a low priority right now.


  1. Any chance you’d do Bitcoin coaching for a fee?

  2. Random question Krauser, but what philosophers are your views most aligned with?

    I feel I am similar to you in personality, and would like to have the same ‘sigma male’ transformation that you had…totally leaving behind guilt and social conditioning etc.

    Any books or philosophers that align closely with your general attitude to life?

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