The [insert PUA’s name] Tremble

November 9, 2017

I was out yesterday with Eddie of Street Attraction. We were walking up a chav street with pokey shops on one side and a nice park on the other. A girl came the other direction and as she went passed she didn’t IOI.

No sideways glance

No smile

My spider sense immediately triggered and I turned my head to check her out as she walked past. Young-ish, probably a student, dressed in mostly black with the odd flash of colour. Why did my spider sense trigger, I asked myself.

Bird in heels black

This one trembled, too

Eddie clearly noticed something too because he was already off giving chase. She hooked strong and he took a number. Coming back to us he commented, “Really strong set. Strongest positive reaction I’ve had in a long time”

The germ of an idea formed. I think I realised why we’d both picked her out as a high-probability target over and above all the other girls walking past.

The next day, today, we were having a little walkabout after lunch. A pretty student girl walked past me and I have exactly the same feeling. I opened, she hooked well, clear attraction but unfortunately not enough to want to give up the number. Nice set, nothing doing. About half an hour later, another girl goes past and I get the exact same feeling. Again I open, again it’s a strong hook and this time she gives up the number and seems keen.

So, three sets in three days is three data points for my emerging idea. I shall continue to consider it. I call it the tremble.

All three girls visibly trembled as they walked past us. It wasn’t an IOI per se. But they visibly reacted to noticing us go past. How did it look? Difficult to describe. Think of it this way: how does the image on your TV set temporarily shimmer when you hit the side of the unit. There’s a tiny pulse before the image stabilises it again, but for a micro-second you notice the shimmer.

It means the girl is reacting to you. That’s a good sign.

Crack Pipe Daygame

November 7, 2017

Let me explain to you the three main types of daygame I see people doing [1] and what fuels them. All three will look nominally similar on the street were you to watch an infield but once you’re sharp enough to see nuance, you’ll easily categorise guys into one of the three types.

Dentist Chair Daygame
This is almost every beginner and many of the less experienced coaches [2]. These men are carrying the “invisible rucksack” around. They are motivated by the desire to get laid but their hindbrain isn’t on board so they experience significant cognitive dissonance. They don’t enjoy daygame and don’t want to be on the street, but they do desperately want to improve their dating life. Thus they “embrace the grind” and mentally prepare themselves to endure the pain in order to get the reward.

It’s like heading to the dentist to get your tooth out. You are wracked with nerves, feel the pressure, but steel yourself for the moment the needle is injected into your gums because you know you need that tooth fixed.

Young boy in a dental surgery

First one is the worst one

Such daygame relies upon forebrain willpower overruling hindbrain resistance. In order to do so, the daygamer must repeat his favourite mantras, wrangle his forebrain, forestall the weasels and push himself into set. It’s hard. It’s unsustainable. It’s very easy to be knocked off course because the slightest adverse wind can blow down the house of cards.

Watching these guys infield you’ll see stiff body language, pained facial expressions, repetitive formulaic sets, almost always crappy Yad Stops, and forced smiles.

The invisible rucksack is the weight of expectation you carry on your back while daygaming. It tires you out. This is why men can hit the streets for three hours, do only a couple of sets, and yet they are exhausted like they’ve run a marathon [3]. Unfortunately this type of daygame is a necessary period for almost every would-be daygamer. It takes a long time to prepare your hindbrain to start enjoying daygaming.

Crack Pipe Daygame
Once you’re good at the model and have stacked up plenty of positive reference experiences you can begin to enjoy what I called the Joy Of Daygame. It becomes a hobby you look forward to because the very act of being on the street chasing girls is fun in and of itself. The Dentist Chair daygamers may enjoy certain individual sets or even a short run of “peak vibe” but for the most part it’s a miserable chore. Crack Pipe daygamers enjoy almost the full session including the blowouts, and all the walking between sets.


You look… like… really… um… what? where? Hang on..

This style is based on momentum. The daygamer gets himself into a happy vibe and then keeps taking hits on the crack pipe (each set) to maintain his high. Watching these sets you’ll notice high energy, very real fun being had, and usually the techniques are free-form and follow the model in principle more than in specific actions. It’s often belligerent, fizzy, and gets strong positive reactions from girls [4]

I like crack pipe daygame and did it especially a lot in 2015-16. I still do it when the weather is nice, lots of girls are out, and I’m in a good mood. I thoroughly recommend it. It does have a downside though.

It’s extremely tiring. It’s like firing the afterburners non-stop. It’s not just negative reactions that tire you (like Dentist Chair daygame). The positive reactions also rapidly drain your brain chemistry and you’ll soon sink into a zombie like state of muttering short sentences and failing to hear your friends talking. That’s the time to end the session and refuel for the next time.

It’s also such an exuberant form of daygame that it’s highly tempting to over-escalate. That said, most crack pipe daygamers are savvy enough to know what’s up and how to rein it in.

Fat Buddha Daygame
This is the type I prefer now mostly because it has the minimum energy spend and is thus the most sustainable. This type of daygamer has spent so long on the streets and has so thoroughly absorbed the skill-set into his muscle memory that daygame feels as natural as walking. Although aware of the model he doesn’t ever think about it. He’s walking around the street like a car in idling, the engine turning but barely revved up and almost no petrol cost. Usually he’s talking about something completely unrelated to game with his wing.

He’s standing in the Daygame River, enjoying the sunshine.


Not so badass

Then his pre-approach skills identify high-probability targets as they drift past. He opens, and if the immediately reaction is okay he fires up the afterburners for as long as the set lasts. Then he’s right back to idling the motor for as long as it takes until the next set. While in set, it looks a lot like Crack Pipe daygame but not as fizzy. It’s more controlled, less extravagant in the use of energy.

There’s a downside to this type too, which is lower overall activity. You’ll only do a 1/10th of the work as Crack Pipe daygaming [5] which is good, but you’ll only fuck half as many women. This is why men who still have high motivation to turn over the notch counter prefer the crack pipe, whereas men satisfied to pick off just a handful of girls prefer the ease of the zen route.

So, that’s three types I’ve noticed. Dentist Chair daygame is clearly the worst of the lot and you should only do it while you have to, and bin it when conditions are favourable. I’d say Crack Pipe and Fat Buddha game are equally good but very clearly appropriate for different moods and circumstances.

If you enjoyed this post you’ll love Daygame Mastery, the bible of daygame

[1] Of those daygamers who actually have a decent chance of getting laid. There’s probably a fourth type of Buffoon Daygame for the likes of Deepak, Justin Wayne, Sol, Berba, Jacob Prince etc
[2] By which I mean guys who’ve been daygaming long enough to want to try their hand at coaching, but haven’t been coaching for long
[3] Or watched a Deepak infield right the way through
[4] Richard from Street Attraction is a good example of crack pipe daygame, as he usually plays that angle when the camera is turned on.
[5] The joy of the crack pipe encourages you to seek out marginal sets, chasing the hit. It’s not unusual to do twenty or more sets in a crack session. In contrast, fat Buddhas may do less than five.

Off the Balkan coast

November 3, 2017

I looked out the window as the plane began it’s descent. Below me, the city sprawled for miles, clinging to a winding river as it snaked to the sea. There’d be many girls in that city. Many hot girls.

Oh yes, I wanted my share, and would fight to have it, but there was more than the girls… there was the getting of the girls; there was the smooth glide of the air-plane as it approached the landing strip and then the bump and rattle as the landing gear hit tarmac; there was the lap of river water against the waterfront lined with bars, restaurants and a pedestrian promenade… there were bird sounds, the water sounds… the distant hubbub of a group of students laughing and drinking… these things that no man can buy; these things that get in the blood; these things that build the memories of tomorrow; the hours to look back upon.

South Seas

Volume 5 of the memoir

I wanted these more than notches. There is a time for adventure when the body is young and the mind alert and all the world seems there for one’s hands to use, to hold, to take. And this was my New World, this world of the Former Soviet Union, these lands where long ago the Tartars, and Cossacks, and Bolsheviks came, and which now were teeming with hot young women. Where waterfront bars buzz with accordions and song, where hard-working men throw shots of raikya down their necks and tell tales of war.

What is any man but the total of what he has seen? The sum of what he has done? The strange foods, the women whose bodies have merged with his, the smells, the tastes, the longings, the dreams, the haunted nights? The dive bars of Kiev, the plazas of Moscow, the clubs of Minsk… the worst of it, and the best… the grand arches and monuments built by lost, dead hands, the nights on an isolated hill staring at stars, the splendour of a storm, the tumultuous power of winds whipping through streets. These are a man.. and the solid thrill of a punch landed, the faint smell of whiskey, spice, a girls perfume…. the taste of blood from a split lip.

Yad stop

“Excuse me! You look French. I said… YOU LOOK FRENCH!!!”

Oh yes, I had come for things other than women but that evening, for the first time, I was sleepless. Tomorrow there would be, with luck, a throng of beautiful women… and with four of my friends, many ways to tackle them. Many things to be done and memories to be formed.

Life can be carved into two halves: the anticipation, and the memory. And if we remember richly, we must have lived richly.

This fragment was inspired by Louis L’Amour and an adventure story of his I read today, Off The Mangrove Coast.

Another book update

November 2, 2017

I’m sure the entire daygame world is on tenterhooks waiting to see what’s inside Daygame Infinite [1]. I’ve been playing it fairly close to my chest for a few reasons, my extreme arrogance paranoia notwithstanding. Regular readers know I like to under-promise and over-deliver on my products [2] and I also like to take my time meticulously polishing them until ready.

Infinite screengrab 1

I was recently watching one of Vox Day’s periscopes and he broke it all down nicely, explaining how different people conceive of “success” in different ways. I’m too lazy to go back to his podcast, but he listed potential motivations for why people write and thus what would constitute success for them. For example:

  • To get on the New York Times bestseller list
  • To make a big pot of money
  • To get invited on speaking tours and lecture circuit as an expert
  • To get reviewed in certain high-brow magazines
  • To settle scores with rivals
  • To achieve something of quality that stands the test of time.

There are many motivations. I realised my main motivation is posterity. I want to leave my mark on my little corner of the world, producing the very best material there is while I still have the motivation to put in the work necessary to do so [3]. Obviously I’m not much motivated by money or else I’d be rushing out shit to sell to fools, and I’d put way more effort into my marketing efforts [4]. Perhaps next year I’ll become a PUA whore selling nonsense e-books to no-hoper idiots, but at least until the end of this year I’m more interested in writing for the knowledgeable crowd.

So, long pre-amble over, how is Daygame Infinite coming on, you ask?
Well, I’m glad you asked sonny-Jim. Let’s see, shall we…….

Infinite screengrab 2

The book is done. Like, properly done. I just sent a list of typos / layout imperfections to my graphic designer to process and after that I could release it as is. But I won’t. Why? Well, two things:

  • I’m having technical issues with the publisher’s software accepting my PDF upload. We’ve been on to technical support for a couple of weeks now and they’ve essentially given up in frustration. They layout is so complex it’s giving the conversion software a meltdown, even though tech support say it’s a compliant file. So, while trying to get Lulu to take the file, I’m also trialling alternate publishers. I’m optimistic, but this book won’t be released until I’ve had a paper copy in my hands that I’m satisfied with.
  • Given the delay in publication, I’ve decided to add some extra commentary to the WhatsApp chats used in the book. to squeeze in a bit more content. This is a pretty quick job to fit them in, probably less than a week, so can run concurrently with the efforts to fix the printing issue.

But yeah, the book is done. I’m travelling all through November so the earliest it’ll be released is end of November because that’s the earliest I can possibly get my hands on a paper copy test print. I’m not deliberately delaying the release. If that test print is good, I’ll release it to the public within hours of checking it [5]

Infinite screengrab 3

Most chats have commentary but some, like this, don’t yet

[1] Or at least the coaches wondering what material they’ll be rehashing for the next few years
[2] Literally the opposite of most PUA blowhards
[3] Believe me, I’m rapidly losing interest. If Daygame Infinite wasn’t written in 2017 it would never be written at all
[4] Money tip: spend 90% of your time producing polished marketing and 10% rushing out substandard products. You’ll make way more money than doing it the other way around, like I do.
[5] But if the test print has bad errors, it’s another week or two to fix them and get a new test print.

In other news, I’ve returned to working on volume three of the memoir. It’s current sitting at 79k words, of which I’ve rewritten the first 20k recently. My plan is to chip away at the rewrite until all 79k words of the first draft have been replaced with a (far superior) second draft. Then I’ll reflect on where it’s at, and how long it is, before doing another pass to add in new stories and additional themes. I’d like it to finish up between 120-160k words so that it matches up with the other three volumes. Don’t expect to hear much before 2018 unless I get a sudden rush of enthusiasm to write. I’m enjoying it but there’s no money in the memoir so I’m writing only when I feel like it.

Big Game Hunting

October 28, 2017

Jared slowly shuffles forwards through the undergrowth on his elbows and knees, his hunting rifle cradled in his arms. Brush scratches at his face and the midday African sun beats down hard. He’s grateful for the shade offered by his wide-brimmed hat and the sweet succour of his water flask.

Water supplies are running low, as are the other provisions in his small backpack. He’s been in the bush for over a week now, tracking the king lion. He picked up the lion’s trail on the second day, tracked him for hours, then lost it again. There were several days of nothing, just casting around searching for spoor and carefully observing the behaviour of other African wildlife for any hints of his quarry’s movements.

Jared was tired. Sleepy. Beaten down. But he was still focused on the prize.


There’s a noise from a large copse of trees a few hundred yards away. A few birds are startled into the air then wheel away to fly over the horizon. Jared investigates. He reaches the copse and his heart races – he’s found tell-tale spoor of a lion. He follows the trail.

Hours pass. He once thinks he catches sight of the beast through dense trees. It was just a flash of colour and movement. He’s not even sure he saw it. Nerves taut, his eyes seeing everything, he follows the tracks to the best of his ability. And ability honed over years.

When it happens, it happens fast.

Dead silence, eerie, and then suddenly the crack of tree branches snapping and a roaring fiend leaps from the gloom. Jared rolls, raises his rifle, and lets off a shot. The huge beige shape flies overhead, so close he can smell it’s perspiration, but so fast it’s a blur. He thinks he hears a yelp of pain as well as a flash of red blood.

As fast as it came, the beast has disappeared. Jared lies on his back, pushed up against a fallen log, his heart pounding and his knuckles white from gripping the rifle close to his chest. What just happened? Did he hit the lion? Why did it suddenly retreat?


For two more days he tracks the beast but his water runs low and he’s forced to trek back to base camp, empty-handed. He arrives as dusk has settled over the plains. Light peeks out from inside once of the tents and there are sounds of merry-making. He rests his rifle against a rock and ducks inside the tent, announcing his return.

There’s another hunter there, one he’s never met before. He must’ve stumbled across the camp while on an expedition of his own. A big husky man with impressive side whiskers and a ragged checked shirt. He introduces himself as Robert and pours Jared a draught of ale from his bottle.

Soon they are sharing hunt stories.

“I bagged four just last week” boasts Robert, grinning widely. “It was quite a haul. How about you?”
“Nothing” muttered Jared. It wasn’t uncommon to spend two weeks in the bush and never take down the big game. “Nothing in ten days.”
Robert poured him another drink and slapped him on the back in good humour. “Never mind. Come out with me on the next trip. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

The next day the pair are riding horses through the plains. Jared looks around but they seem to be riding away from lion country. A few hours later they crest a hill and on the other side is an oasis. A herd of wildebeest are drinking at the water source. Robert slides off his horse and shoulders a high-powered rifle with scope.

“Watch this” he says and kneels down.

He sights onto a fat wildebeest sleeping in the shade of a tree, then lets off three shots. Two strike the ground but the third hits the sleeping animal in the head, killing it.


“Now wait” he says, and lights up a tobacco pipe. A few hours later the herd moves on and Robert walks down to the dead animal. “There’s number one. I’ve got a good feeling about this trip.”

Jared shakes his head. Technically, you could call this hunting, he thinks. Somehow it doesn’t feel like the same thing.

Reading Body Language Of Girls

October 18, 2017

As will become clear from Daygame Infinite, calibration is key to advanced daygame. It’s the elusive skillset all wannabe players chase, the ability to know where a girl is at psychologically and therefore what you need to do next. Is she into me? Is she up for it? Is she telling the truth? [1]

Lie to me

“okay, so you average seven girls a month but you lost your phone with all the evidence on it….”

Good daygamers are body language experts [2] which is exactly what you’d expect considering key aspects of daygame are:

  • an incredible amount of social contact with new people
  • constant formulation and testing of behavioural hypotheses
  • both you and the girl have skin in the game
  • constant diagnostics and debriefing to promote continuous learning.

When you’ve spent two years and two thousands sets on the daygame beat you’ll have a finely attuned radar for reading a girl’s body language. You won’t know everything, and there will be large gaps in your knowledge [3], but you are far sharper than before you began. Additionally, if you’ve done sufficient inner game work to smooth out your own mental kinks then you’ll be better able to perceive the data clearly rather than have your ego get in the way [4]

Daygame Infinite goes into considerable detail on how to calibrate. I’ll say more at a later date [5] but for now I want to make a recommendation for all you would-be body language experts. I’ve found a fantastic YouTube channel that uploads dozens of interviews and speeches from the news and then analyses the speaker for tells of honesty and deception. I’ve watched little else these past few evenings and I’d like to pass on the tip.

The channel proprietor is clearly a Trump supporter so some of you [6] may take umbrage at that but it’s pretty easy to filter that stuff out. She also has videos which are completely non-political such as serial killers, crisis actors, and abuse survivors. You can quite easily pass on the Hillary and Podesta videos and still have lots of non-triggering material to learn from her.

So, what is there to learn? I’d say Bombard’s Body Language channel is especially good for the following:

  • Focus on the tiniest of signals above the large amounts of worthless noise. Body language reading requires you to appreciate just how small the key signals can be, and how you need to be expecting them to see them. Daygame is just like that, such as the flash of attraction that may pass through a girls eyes, letting you conclude “she fancies me”
  • The importance of tuning out from the content of the speaking to instead see what the body is telling you.
  • The ways of spotting “portrayal”, her word for when a speaker is seeking to fake particular emotions. One such clue is real emotions have many tells appearing together (e.g. a smile is both mouth and eyes) whereas portrayal is usually only one isolated tell at a time.
  • Understanding that sometimes you aren’t getting any relevant information about the topic you wish to address, because you haven’t sent out the appropriate probe. This is especially relevant to escalation: you can’t judge feedback signals if you never triggered the feedback by sending the probe

I’ve linked a few good videos in this post but I thoroughly recommend the channel. It’ll get lots of you verbal-obsessives closer to the real world of game: subcommunication.

[1] If she’s female and moving her mouth, probably not
[2] Whereas high-volume spam approachers most definitely are not. They try to compensate for their lack of skill by brute-forcing it with volume until a Yes Girl takes them all the way to bed.
[3] Because we are scanning mostly for signs of interest and availability, rather than other signs such as truth-telling
[4] Many beginners mistake social hook point for sexual interest, for example, because they don’t want to face the fact they probably aren’t very attractive to women yet
[5] Or else all my points will be quickly uploaded into a free YouTube video without credit, as seems to happen suspiciously often
[6] The faggots, traitors and morons

If you are interested in calibration while picking up girls, you’re gonna fucking love Daygame Infinite. I’d best keep cracking on with getting it ready for publication, shouldn’t I?

Some Daygame Infinite updates

October 3, 2017

Right then dickheads valued readers, here’s an update on my tortuously long daygame textbook project. Fuck me, if I’d realised writing an entire textbook full of new content was gonna be this hard I’d have just drunk my own piss or something instead.

Do you want to know a little about the book writing process within the esteemed halls of Sigma Wolf? You do, don’t you….. okay, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you. But first, a screen grab of the draft Infinite layout.

Infinite screen grab 1

If you’re wondering why I picked a page with relatively few ground-breaking ideas…. well…. I think you can guess. Anyhoo, the process.

First thing I did with Infinite is audio record a bunch of my dates with a dictaphone and get them transcribed. I read through the transcripts and let ideas percolate for how I could use them to tease out dating strategy in a book.

Second thing I started typing away with my ideas as and when they came into my mind, beginning the middle of 2016 until by the end of the year I had 25k words or so. At this point the book at no shape and I was still trying to figure out its direction. I showed these scribblings to a few friends.

By early 2017 I’d organised things into a structure and figured out… wait…. you don’t give a shit do you? You just want another screen grab to whet your appetite. Go on then…

Infinite screen grab 3

So anyway… blah blah blah… who gives a fuck. The important fact is that today’s the day I finished my final edit of the last bit of text. I’ve now entered the most fun stage of book publishing which is bossing around my minions. I think it’ll take all month to get it done, and on the task list is the following:

  • Draft layout of the full book, to the standard shown in these screen caps (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Commission additional caricature art to replace the placeholder art shown in current layout (current status: 1/3 done)
  • Prettify the draft layout so it looks more whizz-bang-woohoo such as adding photos and flowcharts (current status: 0/2 done)
  • Finalise hardback cover design (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Check for typos, errors, accidental private info (current status: zero)
  • Write additional content to squeeze in if I have time on my hands and nothing better to do with it  (current status: zero)

Infinite screen grab 4

So I stress again that these screen captures are not the final product but they ought to give you a good idea where things are headed. What’s that you say? One more screen grab? Okay…..

Infinite screen grab 5