Nick Krauser Coaching Review

October 9, 2021

Now that I’m able to squeeze some in-field coaching in around the usual Covid restriction bullshit, I thought perhaps you might like to see how it’s been going. I asked my most recent client, Der Kaiser, for some feedback I could use on the blog. He was kind enough to oblige. Here’s his full, un-edited reply:

“My set! I’m telling you, this one’s a demo.”

I recently had one day (8 hours) of coaching with Nick in Kiev. I have been doing daygame consistently for ~1.5yrs and have not had a coaching before. I have read some of the standard books like Daygame Mastery and Infinite (both by Nick) and watched some videos on Youtube. The rest was learning by doing.

I have met Nick before via a mutual friend. You could tell right away that he understands daygame on another level as other guys I have spoken to before. Since I have never had coaching before, I thought it would be good to have someone look over what I am doing and spot some flaws / points for improvement.

I have had some results before already and do not have any form of AA. Therefore, I wanted the coaching to be primarily focused on technique. The coaching was build around my stop, body language and posture in set, verbals and tonality as well as general aspects of daygame.

At the start of the session I did a 5-6 demo sets in which Nick listened in and took notes. Afterwards we went over his notes and started working on the flaws. I also had some specific questions which I told Nick before and which we also went over (he spotted those points during my demo sets anyway). Following the feedback, we started going over my stop. He gave me some good tips here and demonstrated the nuances to me in person, which was actually really helpful in understanding the points he made. He also showed me a couple more stops and gave me tips on what to do after getting an IOI, which was quite different from what I used to do but makes much more sense thinking about it.

Nick also gave me some tricks on how to better play with words and be more “childish enthusiastic” and alternate intensity during the set. He also did some sets himself demonstrating the points he taught me before. Besides working on the stuff from the feedback, he gave me background on more about general aspects of daygame like different types of girls, how to “properly wing”, tips for on dates and so on.

Nick has a lot of attention to detail what I found very useful. I did really enjoy the coaching with Nick and can definitely say that it will help me with my approaches going forward.

If coaching is the sort of thing you’re looking for and you don’t want to waste your money on numpty fake coaches, have a look at my coaching page here, Alternatively, you might want to jump in with the best instructional material around, in which case my Daygame Overkill video programme is just the ticket

Digital Minimalism

July 17, 2021

I didn’t know I agreed with Henry David Thoreau [1] but apparently he wrote a fair bit about a New Economics. His key insight was to shift the unit of measurement from money to time. Is the juice worth the squeeze? He went out into the woods and built himself a log cabin in an effort to live closer to reality. His book Walden [2] includes an itemised budget of how long it took ‘Enry to earn his week’s sustenance. It was $61 or one day’s graft.

Not a problem I expect to have

Thoreau asked us to consider not just the benefits of increased income but the cost of earning it on the amount of “life” we exchanged for it. Time is our only truly precious resource. Hence digital minimalism in the modern era.

“A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.” Carl Newport.

I’m reading a book called Digital Minimalism by Carl Newport (author of Deep Focus) and very much enjoying it. He’s developed a more structured philosophy of technology usage than myself so I’m benefiting from applying his concepts to my own life. I’m already doing most of what he recommends but it’s nice to have a bedrock of well-thought-out theory behind the little lifestyle tweaks. Newport lays out three principles of digital minimalism in part one.

1: “Digital minimalists recognize that cluttering their time and attention with too many devices, apps, and services creates an overall negative cost that can swamp the small benefits that each individual item provides in isolation.”
2: “Digital minimalists believe that deciding a particular technology supports something they value is only the first step. To truly extract its full potential benefit, it’s necessary to think carefully about how they’ll use the technology.”
3: “Digital minimalists derive significant satisfaction from their general commitment to being more intentional about how they engage with new technologies. This source of satisfaction is independent of the specific decisions they make and is one of the biggest reasons that minimalism tends to be immensely meaningful to its practitioners.”

This is sound stuff imo.

I’d already pared my work down to three hours a week [3] in a Thoreau-esque manner, figuring that what really matters is disposing of my precious life hours on things I enjoy doing. Newport advises that as a digital minimalist “you’ll take walks, talk to friends in person, engage your community, read books [4], and stare at the clouds.” Well, sir, I think you just described the entirety of my life. Actually, since I came to Moscow my life has been rather structured, simple, and productive. Four days a week it looks exactly like this (other days, no gym):

9:30 – Wake up
10:00 – Get brekkie at a breakfast menu cafe, studying Russian on my apps
11:00 – Gym
2:00 – Lunch at a business lunch restaurant
3:00 – Nap
4:00 – More Russian study
5-ish – Go walkabout for steps and daygame with a pal or two
10pm – Return home, bitching about the lack of sets.
Midnight – Go to sleep, with my Russian apps looping on review setting audio only until I start to drop off.

And occasionally meeting Armenian birds

It was pretty similar in Serbia for the first five months of the year but obv learning Serbian instead and bitching even more about the lack of sets. At least in Moscow I’ve averaged 2.5 sets a day whereas there was no hope in hell of finding that many girls worth opening and accessible in Belgrade this or last year due to Covid restrictions clearing the streets and cafes.

I only read two websites ever, being Vox every day for about ten minutes and then Anonymous Conservative twice a week or so. There’s just nothing on the internet to interest me. I’ve almost completely cut YouTube out of my life – thank God – and the only use I’ve had for it lately was tactical analysis features on TIFO during the Euros. I never browse Twitter except for my rare notifications and today decided to just unfollow everyone to excise that malign influence from my life. So, almost no internet for Nick now and I like it.

I absolutely recommend you all ditch YouTube and Netflix. What pernicious time sinks.

I’ve even given up the true love of my life – video games. This has not been a conscious decision but I rarely feel any desire to play them, so I don’t. I’m currently 1/3 through Yakuza 6 so I’ll probably finish it eventually as I’ve completed Yakuza 0 thru to 5 already so might as well 100% the series. I’ve found that by the time I get home on the evening I have no desire to boot up a game. I either want to read a book or crank some Russian language. So, I figured I’d go with this while my natural desire is positive. Maybe get back into games when the weather turns.

In other news, I’ve taken on two new immersion training clients for five-day residential coaching in Autumn. I’m willing to take on two more, especially if you can do Russia, Ukraine or Czech republic. Email me if you’re interested. More details on the Coaching tab on this site.

Banging top series

[1] Having never read him
[2] Which I’ve not read but I’m sure I could find Walden in a crowd, wherever he’s hiding
[3] Sunday afternoon skype consultations
[4] Fuck me have I nailed this one in the past few years

Why I won’t take the Covid vaccination

June 26, 2021

A fair few people have asked me on my opinion on the various Covid vaccinations. Let me now offer it.

First off, it’s not a vaccination. Stop calling it that. Here’s what the Chinese World Health Organisation has to say a vaccine is: “Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular organism (antigen) that triggers an immune response within the body. Newer vaccines contain the blueprint for producing antigens rather than the antigen itself.”

The italicised line is in support of a wicked lie. Note they added that second sentence after they started pushing the fake vaccines. All of these mRNA injections are actually experimental gene modifications, not vaccinations. They have nothing to do with real vaccinations such as for small pox, polio and typhoid. So, I shall here-after call the Covid injections not-vaxx.

There is lots of evidence coming out that the Covid not-vaxxes are all far more dangerous than Covid itself. Already more people under 18 have died of the not-vaxx than of Covid itself. Airlines are grounding not-vaxxed pilots because they get fatal blood clots at high altitude. Hospitals are seeing lots of heart conditions in the not-vaxxed. However, my decision to avoid the not-vaxx was made long before there was any evidence. I’d already reasoned it out through heuristics. Let me start with my factual conclusions then apply heuristics to them:

Scientists long ago abandoned their credibility
  1. Covid is just the ‘flu
    It was obvious from the beginning that it was just a particularly virulent ‘flu. When I caught Covid last summer I had all the usual ‘flu symptoms: muscle ache, headache, fever etc. I recovered after two unpleasant days and then had a lingering under-the-weather feeling an additional ten days. And then it was gone. I don’t vaccinate against ‘flu so I won’t not-vaxx against Covid.
  2. Covid isn’t deadly
    Everyone who has died of Covid was already some combination of very old / very fat / very ill. It has a 99.8% survivial rate. Take out the above groups and it’s 100%. I’m part of that 100%. It is quite literally zero risk to me. It only kills people who have a life expectancy of <5 years already.
  3. Covid is obviously a Chinese bioweapon
    From the very beginning it was obvious that Covid was manufactured in a Wuhan lab and then either deliberately or accidently leaked. China obviously ran a psy-op campaign to terrify the West (remember all those smartphone videos of Chinks dropping face first in the street, which literally never happens with real Covid, or those hazmat crews welding houses shut?) and deployed all their assets in NGOs, WHO, MSM, academia, and political parties to stoke panic and lead to shutdowns. What was blindingly obvious to me over a year ago is now being “revealed” into MSM now. You’re being played.
  4. China isn’t taking the not-vaxx.
    Go look at a world vaccination map. There’s one very conspicuous hold-out against not-vaxxing their own population: China. So the people who started the Covid epidemic (and, incidently, literally every bubonic plague that decimated Europe in the Middle Ages started in Wuhan too) are not buying their own bullshit. That should make you very suspicious. Why? Because there is only one reason why we haven’t already seen biological warfare unleashed in war: eventually, the bioweapon comes back to your own population. But what if you could persuade your enemy to inject themselves with a not-vaxx biomarker that could be targeted by a future real bioweapon, a biomarker that your own people don’t have? Then you can wipe out your enemies at no risk to yourselves. Note how the new “delta” variant of Covid is 6x more deadly to the not-vaxxed than the people who refused the jab.
  5. China has already started World War III against the West
    China has already bought off the Western elites, stolen the US election, completely corrupted academia and media, bought the international NGOs, launched a drug war against the US (fetanyl), funded and organised militia groups (antifa, BLM), put spies at the very top level of government, and attempting to colonise the world through immigration (see West Coast of USA, Vancouver, and Siberia). Covid is just one branch in this attack.
  6. The West is run by globalist traitors
    All major governments and intellectual classes of the West are infested with globalists who are actively engaged in destroying Western civilisation. These are the people forcing lockdowns and not-vaxx programs. Many want the Great Reset, others don’t care and just want Chinese money.The not-vaxx doesn’t stop you getting and transmitting Covid
    The not-vaxx only limits the symptoms of Covid, but you remain a carrier. That means it doesn’t carry the usual greater-good argument that a real vaccination does, that you prevent the spread of it to other people. Quite the reverse, the not-vaxx makes you more of a danger to your fellow man due the usual transmission plus the spike protein shedding. It is wildly irresponsible to take the not-vaxx.
This creepy motherfucker

So, that’s my factual basis. Now lets apply the heuristics:

  1. Never follow a path that has zero upside and high downside risk
    There is quite literally no upside to me taking the not-vaxx, even if it works. I’ve already had Covid and it wasn’t a big deal. I can’t get it again. In contrast, an experimental gene therapy created by my enemies carries rather a high downside risk.
  2. Never do what your enemy tells you
    The people pushing the not-vaxx are the Chinese Communist Party, the UN, the WHO, the globalists, and the Western left. These people are all evil. Even if you don’t know what their endgame is, you’re an absolute fucking moron if you do what they tell you.
  3. Specifically, never do what Bill Gates tells you
    This creepy bugman had stated time and again he wants to reduce the world’s population by 90%. And now he’s pushing an injection that very likely makes you sterile. No thanks.
  4. Never buy a product without a guarantee
    The big pharma compaines were all given legal immunities to the consequences of their jabs. They have zero skin in the game and sweetheart deals for production. You wouldn’t buy a laptop without a guarantee, so why buy an experimental jab from someone who has no liability even if it kills you.
  5. The second mouse gets the cheese
    Early adopters are usually idiots. Most complex things have tremendous problems when first released, and the early adopters are the beta-test for problems to be caught and fixed. Just like I would never buy a car in its first year of production, I don’t inject myself with rushed drugs of unknown effect. All the real vaccines for real illnesses took years of development and were rolled out slowly, precisely to avoid mass poisoning. Even then, the polio vaccine severely injured 40,000 kids when first released due to a laboratory fuck up (see the Cutter polio scandal). I’ll let the retards be the crash test dummies, thanks.

They aren’t exactly hiding it

I consider getting the not-vaxx to be failing the stupid test, at a minimum. It may well also be failing the Darwin test. You have to be a complete moron to take the jab.

I’m in Moscow now and I’ll be coaching residential immersion programs. Check out the coaching tab for details.

Health Scans As An Ex Pat

June 23, 2021

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been rather obsessive about my health in recent years. Let me update you on what knobs I’ve been twiddling with lately in my quest for literal [1] immortality. It all got simple because I’m in Serbia.

Reading Matthew Walker’s sleep book was transformative as I’d never fully appreciated how sub-optimal my sleep hygiene was. It seemed kinda silly to think you need to be taught how to sleep. Surely the fact I could wake up whenever I please and nap if I’m short was enough? Evidently not. And I mean evidently, as Walker’s book is based on evidence. It was eye-opening [2] just how many restorative processes sleep involves for both body and mind, and how all your hard work on gym and diet is undone if you don’t sort sleep. I have now enforced this protocol:

  1. No caffeine after 4:30pm. Only occasionally relaxed to as late as 6pm.
  2. No screen time one hour before bedtime, including phone.
  3. Dim or turn off all lights at least one hour before bedtime.
  4. Keep the room cool. If it’s a warm evening, kick the covers off.
  5. Take great care choosing apartments based on good beds and quiet environs.
  6. If there’s unavoidable noise, put on a YouTube video of nature or storm sounds.
  7. A “no rumination” rule if I catch myself thinking of important life issues.
  8. No water an hour before bed.

It’s been playing a blinder. I drop off to sleep far easier, sleep deeper, and feel refreshed upon waking. Gone is the previous norm of feeling a bit sleepy for half an hour upon waking then needing coffee to get going. I also rarely need afternoon naps.

Jimmy went in first

Jimmy found a good private dentist in Dorcol that cost peanuts. I had a check-up and clean. She found one cavity and treated it on the spot [3] with a white filling. She also filed down an NHS crown that didn’t fit well and reassured me on a gum gap I’d thought might be more decay. It was all done in an hour for a total cost of £100.

Speaking of Jimmy, he likes to invent maladies that let him bitch and moan and feel special. His latest ruse was skin cancer so he found himself a dermatologist and got scanned. Having never done that before myself, I wanted to get the all-clear (or, god forbid, catch cancer early) so I booked the same afternoon he came back from his consultation, getting an appointment 9am the next morning. Some bint put a funny eye glass all over my body, checking every mole. Apparently the glass separates out the colour and can easily identify problem moles. She gave me the all clear. £30.

I took the opportunity to ask her about face skin-care regimes. She agreed my vitamin C serum was good and she also recommended exactly the retinol eye-wrinkle cream I was already using. If you’re wondering, it’s Camden Cosmetics London Vitamin C 20% Advanced Formula + Anti-Aging Serum (Amazon) and La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes (any cosmetics store or big pharmacy). She also recommend a bi-monthly treatment of mini-injections to stimulate collagen renewal but seeing as my face is as smooth as a baby’s arse nowadays I’m gonna hold off an that.

Bodybuilder Blood Screen
I went to Beo Labs by Kalemegdan park and ordered a “one of everything” screening of piss and blood. It was a no-appointment walk-in service at 10am and they emailed the results at 4pm. They tested something like 40 things, including total and free testosterone. My scores were all in the green range except for cholesterol (a bit high), HDL (a bit low) and LDL (a bit high) but those all in amber range not red. I think that’s an echo of having done a fat bastard bulk earlier in the year. I’ll defer judgement until I test again later when I’m fully lean. £60 all in.

I’ll admit, I was nervous

Mid-Life Hospital Scans
On Monday I went in for a overall screening at Medigroup Hospital in Dorcol. Like everything in Serbian healthcare I got an appointment within 48 hours of asking, didn’t wait around, and it was cheap as chips. I was in the hospital three hours while a receptionist ran me from one specialist to another. My main concern was to catch cancer or heart issues early.

Mostly it was ultrasound scans. A urologist cupped and inspected my nuts (“fine English balls” he said) then ran the ultrasound on them. He did prostrate scan too [4] and kidneys. Then I got sent to a different specialist who did ultrasound on my liver, gall bladder, kidneys again, and spleen. Then a nurse hooked me up to a heart monitor until she had a printout to give the cardiologist, who then did a very long ultrasound. Then I gave piss and blood for a health blood screen (different tests to the bodybulder one), and finally all my results were collated and given to a GP for an overall consultation. Best bit of the bloodwork was the PCA test for signs of tumours was sitting nicely in the green range. £100 all in.

Urologist gave me all clear. Gastro-bird said I have a 4mm soft polyp on my gall bladder which isn’t a problem but should scan again in six months to be sure it’s not worsening. Cardio-guy said I have tiny issue with heart in one valve but it’s extremely common- even in kids- and nothing to worry about. GP was all clear. So, good news. If you’re wondering, my resting heart rate was 50 bpm, slightly up from 48 bpm in April when I had reached a training peak.

I have paid for considerable peace of mind. According to all the specialists, I am as fit as a fiddle with no health issues that need action. That’s very nice to know. I was all done very rapidly and at low cost, but the clinics were all modern places with good tech. I doubt Dr Achmed Bin Jihad on the NHS would’ve been as good.

In unrelated news, I expect to be offering in-field coaching again very soon. That will be five-day immersion courses with me, and likely a shared boot camp with Roy Walker. Details coming soon but feel free to email if you’re interested.

Didn’t see any of this, mind

  1. Rather than literary immortality, which I already have.
  2. Excuse the confusing pun.
  3. Without anaesthetic- my choice- because I’m rock.
  4. Ultrasound only, no fingers up the bum.

I’m learning languages, I am

June 11, 2021

Back in the days when I was a wandering bad boy type trying to bang girls from assorted countries [1] I used to quite deliberately avoid learning the local lingo. Part of this was sheer necessity: in any given year I might be in six different countries with six different languages, so which one should I start with? Often I had no idea when I’d next be in a country and a couple years could pass before I’d be back. Learning to speak a barbarian tongue is a longwinded process [2].

Then there was the pick-up reason: you want the girls in your frame. When you encounter a girl keen to learn English you have a more internationally-minded piece of skirt than the average, and she is communicating with you in a language you are the native and she’s the wannabe. That’s a nice frame advantage for you. Not speaking the lingo also bolsters the wandering playboy archetype you r-selectors are selling.

There was always one big drawback: you lose sets on the language barrier. Only a small minority of non-English speakers like you enough to suffer Google Translate dates. I started to encounter a second drawback with the higher quality K-girls: they expect you to have a bit more to you than booze, shagging, and skull rings. They are thinking how you’d fit into their life, and that means eventually introducing you to friends and family. Are you gonna show a bit of investment in her country and culture, or sit in the corner tweeting “in comms, maybe +1 tonight”? [3]

So, having turned over a new leaf in K-selection / attention span / fitness / anti-ageing and whatnot, I decided to try learning an aforementioned savage tongue. I’ve narrowed my wifey countries down to Serbia and Russia so that’s the two to learn.

Ja mislim da ti si izgleda kao vrlo luda

Next question: how?

I always assumed I simply wasn’t good at languages. I don’t have that type of brain. My experience in Japanese seemed to confirm it took an awful lot of squeeze for precious little juice. Then I was chatting to my Canadian pal Juggernaught when he was a year into his residence in Bosnia. “Was weird in the cafe today, I could suddenly understand what everyone was saying,” he said.
“Brilliant! How long you been learning?”
“Over a year, but the first nine months were wasted. Everything accelerated since I started meeting my language tutor every day. I’ve been doing that twelve weeks now.”
He explained more about his method, including his false starts, and a few things became apparent to me:

  1. I shouldn’t take my Japanese experience to heart. It’s literally the hardest language in the world for a native English speaker to learn. Per the guideline language tables, it takes 2,200 hours to learn Jap. By contrast, Spanish takes only 550. So I wasn’t to assume all the ding-dongs learning Spanish in Mexico and Colombia were simply better at languages. Maybe I could do it.

2. Serbian and Russian are both slavic family languages so there is lots of crossover in vocab, sentence structure, and underlying mentality. It’s not like doing two 1,100-hour languages. More like one and a half.

3. Part of my problem was the classroom approach of my Japanese language school. I’d gotten too much bookish learning so that my reading and writing outdistanced my listening and speaking, which is the wrong way around. Taking turns in class and spending lots of time learning vocab lists and grammar exercises means your language skills never leave your frontal cortex. It never comes naturally.

4. There are some great apps around now that simply didn’t exist a few years ago.

5. The best way to learn is to simulate how kids learn. That means a focus on ‘comprehensible input’, meaning introducing simple language within a meaningful context. Think of how parents talk to young kids. Language schools focus too much on production (speaking/writing) and on studying books. Natural language acquisition is nearly all input, overwhelmingly listening. When you understand what people are saying to you, production is easy.

This video was a good intro for me on the style of learning I’d try.

My rule is to learn the language of whatever country I’m in (expecting it to be just Serbia and Russia). From mid-January until last week, that country was Serbia. I’ve hammered my apps for four months and tried a bit of light dialogue with taxi drivers, my PT, and ordering food and drink. I’m happy with my progress. Next time I’m in Serbia I’ll hire a language partner to begin the process of making all my learning accessible in real time. Now that I’m back in the UK, I’m starting on Russian.

The guidelines say it takes 1,100 hours to learn Serbian. I’m now 220 hours in, or 20%. It feels like about 20% of the way there. I’ve covered the A1 material and half of A2. I’m picking up things in conversation though I miss most of the meaning in longer or faster sentences. Early days.

Izvinite, da li zelis anal?

The two apps I’m using most are Glossika and Ling. The former is ALL comprehensible input. It selects five sentences then gives you the English once and Serbian twice, randomised over 25 reps so you get 5 of each sentence. I’ve done 25,000 total reps, taking 150 hours. The best thing about Glossika is you can set it to review previously-studied sentences, turn the microphone function off, and then just set it away. I do that at bedtime with the light off so that I can study while observing my no-screen-time sleep protocol.

Ling is similar to Duo Lingo, being a more active app. You do small challenges such as translations and word matching. It also introduces language in a more didactic structured fashion, organised according to thematic topics. I’ve completed all 50 units, taking 70 hours.

Like I said, it’s early days. I remain hopeful that I’ll get functional Serbian and Russian eventually and with it, tall leggy hot birds with big tits and good cooking skills.

Remember I’m coaching daygame immersions these days so if you wanna get good, get in touch. The wonderful video instructional product Daygame Overkill is still on sale here for just $199.

[1] An outside observer may conclude nothing much has changed
[2] As I found to my chagrin learning Japanese ages ago
[3] You big daft cunt

Lol at Black Dragon

May 13, 2021

Ok you proper daft cunts. It’s time to own up how many of you took this goofy cuck seriously. Did you refer to him on your blog as a source of game advice or a theorist of MLTRs? Did you invite him onto your livestream or event stage? Did you even passingly refer to him in conversation with a wing without adding the suffix “-the obvious incompetent goon”?

Let’s go back in time to 2016 when he wrote a post on his “main”. I’m quoting him directly.

“She’s blonde, trim, super hot, and what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women. She’s small, which I like, and has big boobs, which I like, but she’s not quite as curvy as I’m typically used to. I’m not going to show you photos at this time so please don’t ask. Firefly and I understand that eventually pictures of her will leak out to the public and that’s fine, but as much as I’d love to brag, I’m not going to showcase her.”

What do you imagine from a trim, super hot blonde who most men consider at least a 9? Perhaps something like this?

blonde, trim, super hot 9-to-10/10, yesterday

Well, wonder no more lads. Pictures of “Pink Firefly” have finally leaked out to the public, by way of Black Dragon’s own YouTube channel and here she is. Here’s the stunner.

I shit you not. This thing is real

That’s one for the wank stash isn’t it?

Not only is she a horrendous trollop but just watch the goofy cuck simping over her on the video. She obviously holds him in utter contempt and he’s too delusional to see it. So, I think we can close off the whole Black Dragon saga now. I don’t expect anyone to learn from said saga, I don’t expect anyone to do due diligence before recommending total charlatans on their platforms, and I expect the same old conveyor belt of the Calebs, Tates, Kramers and McQueens of this world to churn out a new goon every few weeks.

But at least we get a laugh when it all comes crashing down.

If you want to learn real pick-up from a man who actually walked the walk for years and proved it over-and-over with photo, video and in-person evidence, get yourself a copy of Daygame Overkill here. It’s the best product out there by far.

Skype Coaching Open

February 14, 2021

Covid has kind of screwed with the learning plans of ambitious daygamers. We all know how important it is to get onto the streets and do the sets. There’s no better way to learn than by doing. It’s why one-on-one coaching is so effective. But…. Covid. So many good places are locked down, and they wouldn’t let you through immigration anyway. And it’s winter so even in happy times the streets would be a bit grim.

What to do?

I’ve done a little coaching this winter over Skype video calls. It’s opened my mind to some benefits that in-field residentials can’t match [1], the main one being the time-lapse. Coaching a guy one hour every weekend breaks the learning points down into smaller chunks and allows a them a full week to sink in. Being off the street takes away the pressure to do sets and allows the brain to focus more on the theory and the nuts and bolts. It encourages more complex questions and longer answers to really get to the meat of things. I’ve also noticed Skype clients feel more comfortable seeking help on topics that aren’t so intimately tied with street work. They tend to want more on texting, dating, sex, and building their value internal and external.

I’m surprised how well this winter’s coaching went. So, I’ve decided to do more.

Let’s have at them, lads!

I will take on four coaching hours each Sunday afternoon. Whether that’s four lads at an hour each, or less clients with more time each, I don’t really care. Things my coaching has so far included are:

  1. Detailed analysis of audio in-fields;
  2. Answering questions about sticking points;
  3. Theoretical explanation of principles;
  4. Identifying weaknesses and developing plan to address them;
  5. Logisitics advice on euro jaunt destinations;
  6. Mindset development.

It doesn’t have to be limited to that stuff, though. Each call is one-on-one so the coaching addresses specific needs of the client. If that kind of thing interests you, let me know in the comments or by email at nick krauser 1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

I want to develop a consistent block of four hours each Sunday afternoon (GMT) with regular clients who are ambitious to make progress. I’m less interested in “just one hour” tire-kickers. So, for now, I’m offering a 4×4 package for £400 GBP. That’s four hours coaching, working out at £100 per hour, ideally at one hour per week for a month.

Intermediate and advanced daygamers will get the best value out of this but I’ll consider beginners too if I like the cut of your jib.

You should still buy Daygame Overkill here as it’s by far the best in-field video instructional series out there. It’s got ten infield recordings of me showing how it’s done with extremely detailed analysis so you can squeeze every drop of value out of the videos.

More of this please

[1] Resis are way better overall but they do have a few limitations.

Health Indicator Tracking

February 11, 2021

Reading that Lifespan book, there was a particular paragraph that inspired me. Sinclair predicted a near future in which we can wear bands or sensors that will monitor our heartrate, blood, and sweat in real time to feed the information into computer analysis that will then provide early detection of imbalances, illness, and life-threatening conditions. “That sounds like an easy way to keep on top of your health markers” I thought.

The next day I walked past an electronics shop that had Fit Bands in the window. Oh, right. These things already exist! I remember seeing Tom Xants wearing one a year ago and chastising him for the obvious faggotry when he could’ve had a chunky r-select watch instead. Well, 2021 is the Year Of Krauser Faggotry as evidenced by my use of Vitamin C facial serum and an almost total ban on alcohol [1].

I investigated.

It quickly became clear there were essentially two types of fitness tracker bands: watch-like expensive ones by recognised high street brands, and cheap band-like ones by dodgy chinks. Naturally, I favoured the latter. At least until I get a better idea of what info I want. It seems they all do basically the same three things: pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker. It’s the last of these that interest me most now that I’m currently reading Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep. He lists so many health ramifications of poor sleep that I felt I was developing Type 2 Diabetes and Insomnia just reading it.

So, 2021 is the year Krauser optimises his sleep.

I bought this slanty cunt

After comparing all the chinky slant-bands on the internet and by Serbian shop prices, I settled on the Xiaomi Smart Band 5 for a tidy £35 [2] and it had upgraded features from the Smart Band 4 (namely it can differentiate sleep types) and it matches my phone, a Xiaomi Mi Somethingorother. I slapped the bastard on my wrist, synched to the Mi Fit app and watched the magic happen.

Here’s my sleep data so far (open to get higher res image)

Fairly promising in terms of being in the better half of my peer group and getting just about the recommended 20% REM sleep and 15%+ NREM deep sleep. I also have the right profile, of getting most of my deep sleep early and the REM sleep later in the night. It seemed rather odd to me that a wrist band can track such things based on your wrist’s pulse when scientists such as Walker use an ECG to measure brain waves to detect the distinctive signatures of REM, deep, and light sleep. Is this device accurate? Here’s a dorky kraut who actually compared my band to the readings given by scientifically approved instruments:

His conclusion:

  1. Pedometer is very accurate
  2. Heart rate monitor is accurate for everything except short bursts of frenetic activity, such as weightlifting. This is because it only measures every minute rather than continuous, and thus can miss much of the short spike in heart rate [3]
  3. Sleep tracker undercounts REM and NREM Deep sleep. This is actually great news because it means my sleep is even better than the Smart Band registers.

The hun said he’ll do another more detailed comparison based on a much longer sample size in a few weeks so I’m keen to see his results. If the band is consistent in it’s sleep tracking error then I can easily adjust for it. If, however, the errors are erratic then it’s of limited use.

As for heart rate, I’m doing just great. My resting heart rate is around 50bpm which puts me in the athlete level of fitness according to experts [4]. The graph below shows a nice steady low beat when I’m sleeping and then nothing too excitable when doing hard training – though with the proviso that this Smart Band apparently fails to capture some of the higher spikes.

High value, scientifically measured

So, everything looking pretty good so far but I wish to optimize. I’m already looking into a few tweaks that I can talk about later

Nothing optimises daygame better than my Daygame Overkill video instructional series available here. It contains ten in-field recordings of me pulling hot skirt and detailed analysis of what you see in them.

[1] Not to mention shagging.
[2] £26 on Amazon but you might as well be buying a lottery ticket with Serbia’s postal service.
[3] That spike is indeed short on a fit cunt like me.
[4] A chart I found by Googling.

NOTE: in case you’re wondering about the stress levels, I’m doing just great, thanks for asking.

Cool chill alpha vibe, yesterdau

David Sinclair – Lifespan (book review)

February 4, 2021

Tom Xants recommended me this book [1] by a leading researcher in gerontology and top dog of an Harvard anti-ageing research centre. That got me curious but before taking anyone’s advice seriously, I follow the Krauser Rule Of Data Sourcing, namely I google a picture of him to check out his physiognomy. Krauser don’t take no advice from dorks, fags, or pedo-faced bugmen. Judge for yourself.

From the set of Little Britain

He’s over 50 and this is an anti-ageing book so I think we can all agree Dr Sinclair passes the first smell test. I paid Kindle my £4.99 and dived into the 473-page text. What did I learn?

The book is split into three sections: past, present, and future. The past is by far the best as it focuses entirely on Sinclair’s official area of expertise, the scientific literature of ageing. He’s a legit top-tier expert in this field. He gives an outline of the health problems caused by ageing and the existing published research on fighting it (mostly in mice). His central theme is that ageing is a disease and there is no biological necessity for it. He considers various scientific explanations for the ageing mechanism and dismisses most as dealing with the downstream effects of ageing rather than the core process.

What’s the core process, Krauser?

Unwanted side-effects of the DNA repair process, that’s what. Sinclair says almost all lifeforms, including those as simple as yeast, have a survival circuit that flips between two states. Normally, the circuit is engaged in processes aiding reproduction including literal cell division and growth. There are enzymes called Sirtains that direct this process and everything is happy as Larry in good times. However, our DNA comes under daily assault by the forces of the earth causing damage to literally trillions of cells. The assault can be cosmic rays, UV light, X-rays, waste products from metabolization of food, viruses and whatnot. The point is, it’s totally normal, widespread, constant and thus every organism has evolved a survival circuit to clean up the damage. Thus your sirtains (especially sirtain 2) leave their posts doing the daily business of living and act as firefighters on your cells’ DNA, fixing it.

This stuff is BAD for you

Eventually, the damage is too great to be fully repaired or the job takes so long that your sirtains end up neglecting their daily tasks in the rest of the cell. Accumulated damage expresses itself as an unravelling of the DNA loops, causing the nucleus of the cell to get ragged and diffuse. The information contained by the epigenome is thus lost. Sinclair calls this the Information Theory Of Ageing.

All that nasty stuff that happens as we age- grey hair, wrinkles, slow repair, inflexibility, shitting yourself, cancer etc- are symptoms of this condition. If you can find ways to reduce the severity of daily damage, and/or improve sirtain’s ability to repair it, you can delay and possibly even reverse ageing.

This theory leads to some very obvious lifestyle recommendations, especially to reduce the daily damage to your DNA: don’t smoke, don’t booze, don’t catch diseases, don’t get fat, don’t eat junk [2]. There are additional things you can do to boost your sirtain production and clean out senescent (dead/zombie) cells, such as supplementation with quercetin, resveratrol, and NMN. Sinclair also recommends regularly exposing your body to minor stresses so that the survival circuit does regular small repairs to DNA rather than infrequent big jobs. So, intermittent fasting, regular exercise, and hot/cold exposure therapy.

Dude in the glasses was 50 when Cocoon was filmed

That’s the Past section and I found it fascinating. The Present section explores ongoing research and most-likely theoretical advances taking advantage of Sinclair’s position to be strategically located within the scientific community currently researching new therapies. He’s exceedingly optimistic but cautions that none of this research is published or long-term tested on humans. Thus it’s less robust than his Past section but gives ideas to enterprising anti-ageing fans.

The thrust of this section is that we’ll soon have some synthetic compounds, probably daily pills, that specifically address ageing. Work is ongoing to ascertain how to refresh sirtain production (which falls over time), or to splice in repair genes, or lengthen telomere and so on. He foresees a world in which we all wear sophisticated smart watches that constantly test our sweat, blood, heart rate and so on, forwarding the data to advanced computing for real-time detection of infections, poor bio-markers etc. This doesn’t seem at all far fetched to me. He explains how many age-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease can be detected years before they become symptomatic. Catching them early means treating them early.

There’s also some Frankenstein stuff like genetically modifying pigs to grow organs for human transplants and 3D printers for organs [3]. Fascinating.

I made a mistake in my NMN dosage

The last section, Future, can be completely ignored. Now he makes the same mistake 99% of scientists make when writing popular science books: he lectures us all on social and political concerns that he knows less about than the average Twitter blue check. There’s some epic faggotry in this and its a real slog with literally nothing of value worth finding. Skip it.

Finally, in the conclusion, he gets around to the bit I wanted to read all along: what is his protocol? What shit are he and his family taking to keep themselves alive longer. I’ll save you the bother and tell you right now:

  1. One gram of NMN, one gram of resveratol, one gram of metformin every morning;
  2. Daily dose of vitamin D, vitamin K2, and 83mg aspirin;
  3. Low sugar, bread, pasta [4];
  4. Skip one meal a day- basically a gay-ass intermittent fast;
  5. Daily steps;
  6. Gym on weekends, again a gay-ass regime of something that he should do more;
  7. Blood tests every few months to check bio-markers;
  8. Meat on gym days but not otherwise;
  9. No smoking. Avoid microwaved plastic, UV exposure, X-rays, CT scans;
  10. Stay in the shade during the day and cool in bed;
  11. BMI in the healthy range which for him is 23 to 25

I’m glad I read this book because it gives a solid science-backed opinion on what causes ageing and what has been proven to work to stop it [5]. Reading between the lines it gives clear advice on how to design your own anti-ageing protocol. Well done, David.

He’ll probably live longer than me but he certainly won’t be shagging as many hot bitches. If you don’t want to live forever but you do wanna pick up the skirt, buy Daygame Overkill here for just $199. That’s less than $1 a year over your artificially-extended lifespan.

Don’t kid yourself. You want this more than another ten years

[1] Which is about as ironic as Keith Richards recommending me a book on asceticism.
[2] Sorry Tom.
[3] China has a better idea of just throwing the Muslims in concentration camps and using theirs.
[4] I’m on a high-carb bulk right now so I’m breaking this big time but my usual diet matches this advice. I’ll be back on it in a couple of months.
[5] In yeast, mice, and worms.

Daygamer Knee

January 31, 2021

Enthusiastic daygamers have experienced a wide variety of familiar ailments during the prosecution of their skirt-chasing careers. The more portly of us [1] are prone to Daygamer Thigh formed by the excessive rubbing together of the flabby inner-thighs when putting one leg in front of the other 20,000 times each day for weeks on end. It’s rather unpleasant to be rubbed raw below the crotch, especially in hot weather. In my fat bastard days I’d get it too and my workaround was to wear longer trunk variants of my H&M boxer shorts. At least then the chafing of denim against skin was softened.

Some other ailments tend to be suffered by only the more stubborn of us. To date, Salman is the only lad I know to have had a severe case of Daygamer Toe. For the sake of precision, lets not confuse this with the similarly named Torero Toe, a tragic condition that occurs when a man with learning difficulties attempts to copy the devil-may-care posture of a more experienced player. So, purely for the sake of clarity [2], let’s call Daygamer Toe by the new name of Salman Toe. This is an inflammation or soreness of the toes and instep caused from daygaming eight hours a day in ill-fitting leather biker boots after all your wings have told you to wear something more comfortable. The short term solution is bathing your feet in warm soapy water every evening. The preventative protocol is to buy shoes that are designed for walking rather than riding motorbikes.

r-selected as fuck but asking for trouble

More common is Daygamer Sole. This is an increasing numbness in the bottom of your feet precipitated by walking on pavement, concrete, asphalt and- God forbid- the cobbled streets of Prague. After a few days of 20,000+ steps you can find your feet bones ache and you lose sensation in them. This is usually a good time to transition to well-cushioned Nikes, or take a day off. Be sure to lie on your bed with your feet up against a wall to let the blood drain out of your swollen tootsies.

One ailment that is rather less comical is Daygamer Knee.

I got this in 2018. Essentially, too much walking around on hard surfaces had made my left knee ache. It was an odd sensation. It wasn’t acutely painful nor was mobility hindered, but it felt like my left leg had walked three times further than my right. The knee felt fatigued. When the condition worsened my knee felt weak and hollow, with a persistent dull ache.

I tried the usual things without success. I changed footwear, took longer rest in the evenings, and even tried a couple of months with drastically reduced average daily step counts. Nothing really changed. I started to wonder if I’d messed up my knee. I was still capable of three/four-hour walking sessions but suddenly my knee health was something to be nursed. My walking capacity was limited by the endurance of my joint rather than my muscles, or fitness, or patience.


I decided to try diet supplementation. First off was glucosamine sulphate capsules, a well-known treatment for joint pain. It helped a little. It took about a week to notice a difference and it reduced the ache by perhaps 25%. That was helpful but not satisfactory. Then my pal Juggernaut suggested daily MSM powder.


This cunt here


It’s cheap as chips on Amazon and comes in big fuck-off-sized tubs. £13 buys you six months supply. Usually there’s a little plastic scoop included. Recommended dosage is 1g four times daily. I mix 2g in a glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime. I use the 100% pure powder rather than fancy-dan proprietary mixes because in the latter its the MSM that does all the work.

Results were immediate and satisfactory.

Within three days the ache was almost gone and by a fortnight my knee felt as good as new. There were no side-effects. I could now comfortably handle strings of 20,000+ steps days in succession without flare-ups. When I ran out of MSM and couldn’t dose for a few weeks I’d notice the old symptoms re-emerge, suggesting that MSM doesn’t fix the underlying issue but it is what keeps the symptoms at bay. I’ve been taking it daily since early 2019 and don’t intend to stop.

I strongly suggest anyone suffering Daygamer Knee, or indeed any joint aches, look into it.

And I suggest even more strongly that you buy Daygame Overkill, a fantastic 5.5hour video instructional showing me in-field with hot Croatian girls and detailed analysis of the sets and how to replicate them. Buy it here.

[1] Xants and Thomas Crown, for example
[2] And most definitely not in the hope that the term catches on