Tom Torero: Daygame Legend

December 31, 2021

Tom and I in Bulldog Pub, Zagreb, early 2015

UPDATE: When Tom’s family have approved of a memorial project / hosting of his material, I will post it here. Until then, note any fundraising or giveaways of Tom’s material are not approved by his family and are pirate sites. I’ve deleted all comments on recent controversy to return this post to 100% tributes

It has come as a shock to us all to learn that one of the OGs of daygame has passed on. Rather than gossip and conjecture on it, I’d like to spare a few minutes to remember Tom. We spent a lot of time travelling together and collaborating from 2011 through to 2015. He was a co-creator of the London Daygame Model that has served us all so well. Many of my readers were deeply touched by his work and inspired by the personal example he set.

For me, personally, I’d have never reached the heights I did without Tom beside me- sometimes as friend, sometimes as rival- matching me every step of the way, both of us grinding through adversity to try to out-do the other.

Tom Torero will be missed.

I first saw Tom on Shaftesbury Avenue opposite the old Forbidden Planet at the bottom of Covent Garden’s Neal Street in early 2011. He was on the other side of the road, walking away from an attractive girl (presumably a set he’d just finished). My wing pointed him out, “That’s Tom Torero!” He’d already gained a reputation on the London Seduction Society forum from all the lay reports he’d post, often with photos. The man was a daygame machine.

I wouldn’t meet him until a few months later when his friend and wing Anthony Hustle reached out to me suggesting the three of us have some beers and hit the streets together. Those were exciting times, running around London like excitable puppies humping the legs of whatever women walked past. By now Tom was hired by Andy Yosha at

Andy’s company was a big deal back them. THE big deal. His marketing program reached thousands of men outside of the community and gave them their first taste of street game. Andy and Yad had been front-and-centre of Daygame’s coaching and promotional materials but now wanted to step back. Tom (and his pal Jon Matrix) were the natural successors. I remember hanging out one morning with Tom when Andy called up and asked him over the Daygame HQ in Marble Arch for a meeting. We all went to a small Caffe Nero and while I kept a discreet distance slurping my coffee at the counter, Andy took Tom to one side and explained he wanted Tom to be the public face of

“Mate, you’re perfect for the job. You’re literally a teacher by trade, you can do good daygame yourself, and you’re a never-ending machine for producing content,” Andy enthused.

Tom would prove him correct in every one of those statements.

All of us fondly remember the perpetual content machine that was Tom Torero. At first it was his weekly hosting of the podcast recorded in the Marble Arch HQ. And then there was all the YouTube content. So much great content was dropped on Andy’s channel. Before long Tom and Jon had a product released, the short and elegant Date Against The Machine. This was the first- and still one of the best- video instructional programmes to provide real in-field footage of every teaching point. People liked it. I liked it.

By 2013 I was Euro-jaunting with Tom.

He was considerably more adventurous than me and I remember commenting to him, “Tom, you’ve always felt the call of the wild. You’re an adventurer at heart.” He’d asked me to feedback on a draft of his Torero Travels memoir. Although ostensibly a pick-up memoir about shagging women, you couldn’t miss the central (but unstated) theme: Tom had spent his entire life finding ways to step out of the ordinary, mediocre routine of life and to instead find a way to do something exciting. Whether it was sailing across the Atlantic, sledding with huskies in Finland, or checking out a second-tier Slavic city (“Mate, this unknown Siberian town has two universities and it’s only a 17-hour train ride from Moscow. See you in two weeks.”) it was all motivated by the same thing: Tom’s unquenchable thirst for adventure.

We daygamers are all familiar with the popular euro jaunt spots: Kiev, Prague, Warsaw etc. There are some cities were Tom was literally the first English-speaker to ever approach a hot, slightly-vulnerable looking student and suggest that though he’s literally just seen her, he’s noticed that perhaps her fashion isn’t quite right but, yeah, she does look quite nice and, hey, why chat here when there’s a café just ten metres away where they could get out of the cold. Every time Tom had a hare-brained scheme to check out the 4th-largest city in Estonia or whatnot, I’d always tell him, “Let me know if it’s any good and I’ll join you.”

I lived by the maxim “it’s the second mouse who gets the cheese.” Unlike myself, Tom liked to step into the unknown and then trust he’d figure it all out soon enough.

One of my best ever daygame trips was April 2013 in Minsk. Tom had gone two weeks before me and spoken so enthusiastically of it that I immediately marched down to the Belarusian Embassy in Kensington for my visa and was meeting Tom at the Minsk Central Bus Terminal a week later. We absolutely tore it up that trip. “This is like Ocean’s Eleven,” he said with his cheeky grin. “We’re robbing the casino in broad daylight.”

By 2014 Tom and Jon left and started their own businesses. Many of my older readers will remember 2014 as the Golden Era of daygame content creation. Tom and I competed to out-produce each other all year and finally, in early 2015, we thought “fuck it, let’s just do a product together”. Beginner Daygame was done at Tom’s impetus. He’d been teaching primary school children for years before his transition to daygame and he had a unique gift for breaking down concepts (often interminably complex concepts that I’d dreamt up) into bite-sized teachable units. I was happy to just explain things in books. Tom wasn’t satisfied with that. He wanted our ideas inside people’s heads in a way that they could use. In this sense, Tom was daygame’s best-ever teacher.

Perhaps this was his greatest contribution to the community. Nobody could drill the London Daygame Model into a new student’s head as smoothly or quickly as Tom. I doubt he’ll ever be surpassed in this area.

Tom giving a talk at the Daygame Mastery book launch, Henry Holland pub, February 2014

We all remember the flurry of new content Tom released to his YouTube channel in 2014, including the first run of his monumental podcast. He’d taken the lessons learned as the face of Andy’s company and ramped it up to the next level. Tom’s 2014 video output has aged extremely well and remains some of the best pick-up content out there. It used to astonish me how consistently he could produce. Every week there was a new video. It also quickly became apparent how much care he lavished upon the production values.

I fondly recall his lifestyle videos with the slick opening montages set to music, where Tom would be in god-knows-where doing god-knows-what but still finding time to hit up all the local women. His euro-jaunt lifestyle videos gave men a window into what was possible. No, you don’t have to just go to your call-centre job every day, get an M&S ready meal on your way home to your rental flat in MIlton Keynes, and watch telly all night. Every single one of us- so long as he’s prepared to pay the entry price of hard grind on the streets- can become an adventurer like Tom.

This was inspiring to literally thousands of men. I’ve met lots of them, men whose lives have been profoundly changed for the better because they had the good luck to click on their first Tom Torero YouTube video. Tom didn’t just want to live a life-less-ordinary. He was passionate about sharing his findings with others.

I have many great memories of my time with Tom. One comes to mind here. We were sitting outside Boutique restaurant on Republic Square in Belgrade in May of 2014. It was a gloriously sunny day and we’d both rattled a hot young woman each the night before. We ordered big beef steaks with peppercorn sauce and potatoes, cold beers, and were now digging into it. Both of us were then living primarily on passive income from our daygame products.

“Mate, this is the life,” he said. “Sun, travel, birds, steak. This is what I always dreamt of.”
“We live in a golden era,” I agreed. “To do this in earlier times, you’d literally have to be a prince, or heir to a large fortune. Even Napoleon didn’t see as much of the world as us.”

It was one of those we’ve done it moments. Tom nodded, raised his glass, and we toasted the euro jaunt lifestyle. Even then we didn’t realise just how many men would come to find their own way of living their dreams overseas.

I’ve shared some of my reminisces about Tom here but let’s also spend a moment considering his abilities. Tom was an exceptional daygame practitioner. Let’s face it, he wasn’t blessed with good looks or athletic prowess. He made girls like him because he worked very hard shaking the tree and had a real gift for engaging patter. Tom had the single most important quality for any successful daygamer: a personality. In spades. Add in his analytical mind, his work ethic, and his single-minded ability to power through adversity and it’s really no surprise he shagged literally hundreds of women. Tom didn’t just do daygame, he also innovated concepts to improve the model, taught his clients, and was perhaps the single biggest contributor to the “culture” of daygame through his podcast, lifestyle vignettes, and memoir series.

History will be extremely kind to the legacy of Tom Torero.

Back in 2011-2015 I kinda took for granted just how good a crop of coaches and content producers the London daygame community had. Looking back, this was the golden era. Tom was a key figure in this explosion of productivity and his materials have withstood the test of time. He was just one man but he bequeathed us a huge legacy.

“Oh to reach the point of death and realize one has not lived at all.” — Henry David Thoreau

Tom really lived. He had enough adventure for several lifetimes.

I miss you, Tom. I’m very glad I knew you.

Tom, Eddie and I after Daygame Outlaw seminar, late 2015

I welcome all my readers to share their own thoughts and memories of Tom in the comments below. Please be respectful and stick to his life, his community contribution, and his impact on your own stories. This is not the place to gossip or conjecture on his death or to revive controversies. I’ll be monitoring my spam and pending queues to make sure lurkers and first-time commentors can leave a word or two.


  1. Thanks Tom for having had the luck to leran from you daygaming.
    It is incredible, how good you where in daygame and on top, how good you were in in teaching.
    You have changed my life deeply. You are a legend!

  2. heard about this earlier this morning, gutted. I did a couple of days coaching with him a few years ago in london and those were really great memories i wont forget ever., nice guy, so so sad. You done him proud with your post here today Nick

  3. Lovely tribute. Tom was a huge inspiration to me and pretty much every daygamer I’ve met along the way. He will be sorely missed.

    • I’m a retired Daygamer, now a daddy and never met Tom but when I read the news, I was in tears.
      It brought all the fond memories of those times up again which transformed my life after all, made me leave my office drone job, found my own businesses and a family.

      Tom was the only Daygame hero I hadn’t booked a resi with – after Andy Yosha, Yad, Richard/Street Attr. and Nick (Moscow 2018). After reading all the warm hearted tributes, I regret it even more.
      However, end of last year I made space on my drive and I’m very happy I kept all the videos I bought – I will honor my Dating Against The Machine and Girlfriend Sequence copies even more now.

      Once had a Daygame blog which got discovered, so I know the feeling of being shamed, while what they did to Tom is much worse, calumny, moral manslaughter.

      So Nick: thank you for your attitude in this matter, correct as I knew you. Pls. let us know what Tom’s last will was if possible, and what the wishes of his family are.
      If you or the inner circle consider any legal/moral action against that magazine/“journalist”, let me know – I’m more than happy to donate £££ for that cause. I’m not only sad but also angry that such an outstanding life ended so tragically. R.I.P. Tom

  4. A fitting post for a true daygame legend.
    I first met Tom in Marble Arch almost 9 years ago today, on the 1st of January 2013 for a residential bootcamp. I never really mastered daygame but became good friends with Tom and travelled all round the world with him and was always inspired by his enthusiasm for new places and adventures. In particular, our first trip to Japan in 2015 was one of the stand out memories of my life, the weird culture, cute but incredibly flaky girls and finally getting a lay on my second last night after being constantly pushed into approaching by Tom.
    Tom inspired my to change my life, abandon my tedious office job in the UK surrounded by male software engineers and go and live in a foreign country, increasing my lifetime lay count by a factor of 10.
    Right now I am in a ski resort in the Alps where Tom would have been too if it hadn’t been for some recent media/covid/brexit bullshit and the people here who knew him from last season are as devastated as I am. I got the news yesterday afternoon and am still in a state of shock. It doesn’t seem real. [Thanks for sharing. K.]

    • »»I am in a ski resort in the Alps where Tom would have been too if it hadn’t been for some recent media/covid/brexit bullshit

      That is very enigmatic…

      • I can’t believe he is not among us anymore…like what happened, the legend was only in his early 40’s ?

      • So suicide seems to be confirmed.

        I contemplated suicide myself often when I was unhappy and unsuccessful with women.

        Learning game changed that and I have enjoyed almost two decades of fun and success with women before settling down and starting a happy family, with a high quality woman I chose.

        Suicide was once presented to me in a way I cannot forget, as I believe in karma and reincarnation:

        When you have a hard time in this incarnation, it is alike being on a dentist’s chair. If you don’t put up with the pain and wait until the treatment is completed. And instead you decide to walk out of the chair before you are healed, it is like committing suicide. You are guaranteed to suffer ten times worse (in between spiritual realms) for a very long «time» before karma can realign and allow you to reincarnate in similar life situations and choices you need to deal with, for your own evolution.

        Suicide is not a sin, it is much worse than that.

  5. RIP Tom. I learned so much from him and can’t count the ways he impacted my life.

  6. Nice Post Nick, can’t think of a better place for Tom’s eulogy.

    I met Tom on Oxford Street when he and J. Matrix became head instructors for Andy Y, he was approachable and friendly and abit nerdy (essential for long standing daygamers), his contribution to the Lss and later youtube were thoughtout and the teaching experience was obvious, I know countless guys who his content helped shape, his cheeky chap approach will be missed by lots. Rip ✌️

  7. Man, this is such a tragedy…but what exactly happened to him? He wasn’t that old (early 40s, I believe). His cobtribution to the red pill and the PUA community is immense! R.I.P. Tom Torero

    • [I’ve deleted this link just because of the tone of the Newsweek piece doesn’t belong in this post, and those vermin don’t deserve the traffic. K.]

  8. I knew about Tom and yourself from the very beginning and have followed your journeys throughout.

    In 2015 I was lucky to have training with Tom. Shortly after I got my first SDL. Then a few short and mid term relationships followed before I got into a long term relationship, who I’m still with now. After so many years in game, through Toms teachings I finally started to succeed consistently with women and make close friends.

    I owe alot to Tom, he was a fantastic teacher as well as person. May he rest in peace.

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  10. I owe so much to Tom and am very sad to hear he has passed. He truly lived, and inspired me to do the same, for which I will be forever grateful. Rest in peace Tom.

  11. “Fair play you fucker, it was close though hey, what a month!” – Tom retorted with that trademark glint in his eye as we sat in the airport ready to head home from a whirlwind 30 day mission around the world teaching bootcamps and filming the documentary ‘Hustle On.’ I’d managed to get 7 lays in those 30 days, him 6 but in that moment of jovial banter I’d come to realise just how much of a huge inspiration and influence he’d been on my life and would continue to be.

    I first met Tom in 2012, a coaching session on the now infamous Regent Street where he first demonstrated to me his trademark style of verbal bamboozlement outside of the toy store Hamleys. It wouldn’t be for another couple of years before I’d meet him again, this time in Sydney, Australia where I was living at the time. We’d bonded over a few beers and my daygame progress since that time in London, and as I was due to leave the country in a few months, Tom asked if I’d like to come and help him film ‘Beginners Guide to Daygame.’

    From there we’d spend the next few years travelling and coaching all over the world and some of the experiences we had and stories we’d create, would become some of the best memories I have. As Nick remembers, Tom had an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I remember one day in L.A. after a hectic few days of coaching (and banging) he wasn’t content to just spend the last few hours relaxing in the airport lounge before our next flight, oh no, instead he took us on one of those celebrity open top bus tours around Hollywood whilst he flirted with some of the other punters on the tour. He really was relentless.

    Today we’ve lost a great teacher, peer and most importantly, friend.

    R.I.P Tom mate.

    (and thank you Nick for the post)

    C Cassidy

    • I remember the weekend filming that video with you and Tom being such a pivotal moment in my life. After that weekend I kept in contact with Tom every once in a while and he would always be really interested in my progress. He would always be giving me free products and infield feedback. The amount of value he gave people was astonishing. One thing I remember him saying after he made me do my first approach was something like “You see? It’s a win win, you make the girl feel great as well”. That always stuck with me throughout my daygame career and was the best starting reference point I could have possibly had.

  12. I am speechless.Such a great man and a legend in the community; he might not be among us but he will not be forgotten.
    Can’t believe he died given he was in his early 40’s, how did he passed away?
    If possible I would want to come to his funeral or be given more information to make a last salute.

  13. RIP Tom.

    (The media are the enemy. Never forgive. Never forget.)

  14. Thank you for this lovely tribute.

    Tom was a wonderful inspiration for me a few years ago when I was very depressed that I couldn’t attract the girls I wanted. I’m happily in a relationship now with a girl way better than any I could have found before. I’m sure Tom would cringe if he read that, but it made all the difference to me. I just wish the same inspiration and wisdom Tom inparted onto me could have helped him as well.

    Always meant to write him a thank you email, but never got around to it. Now I really regret not doing it.

  15. Beautiful tribute, Nick.

    Tom’s work – starting from the days up to the Daygame 3.0 seminar and beyond – quite literally helped me dig myself out of a dark, difficult place in my life. So I am devastated. And through this sadness, I feel so sharply yet painfully grateful.

    I remember fondly the first time Tom and I sat down for lunch in Warsaw, summer 2016. He was warm, spoke fondly of everyone we knew in common, and had encouraging words for me even if I had only just started doing well in daygame.

    I had only one experience of Tom’s coaching, when a newbie and I bumped into him with Craig Cassidy in a small city I used to live in. Craig went off to coach, and Tom stayed with us and periodically gave very insightful yet concise and simple feedback to the newbie, mirroring what Nick wrote above about his phenomenal ability to teach daygame. It was a brilliant experience to witness that.

    I was last with Tom and Tim in Cardiff, his hometown. Tom was running errands preparing for his latest trip to deepest, darkest Eastern Europe somewhere. He was excited, with the typical cheekiness one heard and saw on his podcasts & videos. This will be how I wish to remember him.

    History will look kindly upon Tom Torero’s legacy indeed.

    Thank you for everything Tom Torero.

  16. Hey Nick, it’s Ray, one of your clients from Belgrade in the beginning of 2021. Sad to hear Tom passed. I remember meeting him by chance around 2017 on a Polish train. Cool guy, so I’m sure he’ll be missed.

  17. I had a coaching session with Tom in June 2015 on Trafalgar square. He turned up hung over and his microphone didn’t work. Lol.

    Didn’t matter, after a quick coffee, he pushed me into a few sets, a pretty eastern European girl sitting on the steps hooked, and opened my eyes to daygame.

    I exited early and went back to Tom. He told me, I was in and could tell she was keen. I still remember getting that girls number to this day. First of many, and the start of the best adventures of my life. Tom was a total pro, a real legend.

    Tom and his contribution to the london day game model won’t be forgotten.

    Years later I am with a girl I met through daygame, and we have a boy on the way.

    Cheers Tom, thanks for your commitment and dedication to showing us the possibilities, comradeship and adventures that that are there to be taken.

    I’ll have a drink for you tonight.

    Vince / citydaygame

  18. [He’s really dead. I’ve edited because there’s no gossip or conjecture allowed on this particular post. K.]

  19. Extremely sad, and RIP. I don’t recall when or how I first started reading him, but it was many years ago, and I bought some of his books. I remember finding both DAYGAME and BELOW THE BELT amusing and at times inspiring. Like many guys interested in these matters, there seemed to be a thread of darkness running through his soul + writings.

    There is a line of intellectual descent running through many guys interested in game and red pill, and it seems many guys found his work. In the end, The domain seems to be dead right now. I wonder if anyone has a backup of his material.

    A few years back he asked if I’d be on his podcast: for reasons of anonymity and such, I said no, though I often listened. If he’d been born centuries ago, he might have been a priest, or a heretic, the line between those two positions being thin at times.

  20. Thanks for letting people post her Krauzer (my first post but have lurked for a few years).

    I met Tom twice, once a few years ago, when he was coaching a student in trafalgar square, he recognised I was there for a daygame and said hello to me ‘there’s another day-gamer!’ (I thought what a friendly chap).

    The next time was when I was in Warsaw with a few of the guys I know over there on a night out. We went for a mexican followed by some beers.

    There’s one moment when we were all drinking in Pawiliony and Tom spotted two women drinking by themselves. “So are any of you going to talk to them”. None of us moved. Before we knew it Tom was talking to them. He had some balls and genuinely seemed to like people (I saw no narcissism in him at all).

    From what I knew of Tom he was a genuinely nice guy. I lost my best mate in 2017 to an accident who was also a really positive nice guy and sometimes you just feel the world isn’t good enough for people like this.

    Needless to say Tom inspired me and through daygame I entered into real relationships with women for the first time in my life.

    Will raise my glass to you tonight Tom.

    • I will second that Toast. His greatest lesson to me was to say “Fuck it!” and do it; I remember the anxiety before my first Direct approach and clearly saying that to myself and that got my feet moving

      • i know what you mean. Residential 1st morning, first approach 5 min outside our door he said “Go” as I descibe at bottom. Lady became my wife and mother to my kids.
        Read this news a couple hours ago here at work and I haven’t been able to get out of my seat.

  21. Was at an NYE party when I found out. The news froze me still.
    It’s hard to put into words how much I’ve changed as a man since discovering Tom’s content in 2016.
    It all started from my frustrated, desperate Google search: “how to talk to women”.
    Since then, I’ve consumed all the videos and podcasts and I’ve had over a dozen coaching calls with Tom. Little did I know the magnitude of overall life improvement that initial Google search would have.
    I am now a confident, assertive and direct person. My self-image, relationships and career are at a place I could never have imagined.
    In summary, I’ll repeat what everyone has said. The man changed my life.
    Rest In Peace Tom.
    Grab life by the horns.

  22. Great tribute Nick and I’m glad you wrote this.

    Very sorry to see Tom go, his books and videos helped me more than just about any other daygame coach out there. I still have the shirt he sent me for contributing to his podcast one time.

    Tom will be missed…but what I’ll remember is his inspiration on how to live.

  23. I had the honor to meet Tom back in 2016 when he was in the middle of a World tour and came over to NYC for a speech right in front of Barnes and Nobles located on Union Square park. I came all the way down from Boston and actually brought his latest book at the time to get to collect his autograph but I was too chicken to pull the book from my bag. I remember clearly that he complemented my looks and my attire and asked me about my background. I told him my family was Colombian and he immediately replied to me: “Colombian men are massive players”. well in my case the exception does not always probe the rule. I really want to pay tribute to Tom and thank him for literally changing my life.

  24. I watched all Tom’s videos and podcasts on his Youtube channel and from He was a real inspiration to travel around the world. I remember I had my first daygame lay in Tokyo in 2016 after his travel videos in Japan in late 2015. Tom, you will be missed.

  25. Thankful of Tom for all the positivity,and profound knowledge he brought up into my life.
    “Grab life by the horns”

  26. Tom’s books literarily got me through an otherwise isolated final few years at university in the middle of the UK. With every chapter completed my excitement to move back down to London and embark on my own journey grew.

    I first met Tom back in the summer of 2012 on Regent St with a wing. The proof was always in the pudding with his ability to disarm you with laser eye contact, banter and almost a child like effervescence for daygame. His encouragements towards terrified newbies (like me) and his capacity to pick out a girls ethnicity “oh look there goes a leggy Lithuanian, go in boys!” was second to none. Sad we can’t chink beer mugs together on issues that we agree on.

    I will remember him, always, as a champion of daygame.

    RIP Tom

  27. Thanks for posting this Nick.

    My biggest memory of Tom is when I went along to the Hippodrome casino for a steak dinner with the team back in 2013/2014. I’ll always remember how the whole team were… OK, but Tom was the one that went out of his way to make me feel comfortable as I didn’t know the others and actively got to know me. I sat next to Tom at the dinner and had an awesome chat about travels and could just see that fire in his eyes. It made me realise, this man truly lives for this lifestyle. RIP Tom.

  28. I met TT two times in Lisbon, one he did a bootcamp with a friend of mine, other i was the organizer of the Portuguese Pua Convention he did a great speech, aproached 4 girls in front of 20 guys and got theirs contacts.He was a gentleman even in the dinner he dont wanted that we pay it.

    Thanks Tom

  29. Thanks for this post Nick.

    He really grabbed life by the horns

    He mght have sufferered from depression, but the guy definitely had balls.

    His influence is huge.. But it’s such a sad end… I really wished he had a good after-pickup life: he was a brilliant guy, just like you Nick, and I expected him to become an old mentor for so many guys beyond daygame. He had personality, just like you said.

    I wish I had met him in person, but I’m one of those anonymous guys whose life is better thanks to his stuff. Call me a pussy if you want, but I’m man in his 40s and I shared a tear when I read about this and found out it was not a joke.

    I loved his 31 of december videos (a summary ot his year), that’s how I found out about the news.

    Let’s all drink tonight to honor his memory.

    Thanks you Nick.

    And THANK YOU TOM, you cheeky bastard.
    You’re probably one of the most important people in many guys’ lives over here, I wish you had known that.

  30. Devastating. So sad…. he was a massive inspiration. Gone but not forgotten.

    • I started DG in 2017, and quickly found Tom online after a few months of Indirect game, I was inspired by his approach and instantly change to his methods. watching him, listening to how he viewed life/game has definitely made my life better. Tom opened my eyes to how females respond. He taught the simple truth. Showing by example, he encouraged me to take action to get in the practice, strap-on your boots get out the door, get that cold splash of water in your face from (girls) reality, learn for it and get better. his work encouraged me to not get despondent, to realise what the challenges were and create solutions for them. he had a very level-headed approach he knew the darker sides of female nature, he explain the darker part of what they were attracted to, to use them but not fall victim to those darker triad traits. to always be playful, not butthurt , not to be confrontational, to take it with amused mastery .
      it was the ultimate bait-and-switch, give the guys a promise of getting pussy but instead give him self-actualisation and to make him a better person, who could live his life based on truth of the world and not what is a comforting but ultimate broken and false reality about how men and women react.

  31. Horrible news. For his family, for his friends and for his community. I thought Nick was just trolling.

    I tried daygame after I found his free tutorial on YouTube (I was left speechless). I did this for only 400 approaches and did not get much (game-wise) as I do not have it in me
    However, my social skills were greatly improved and got plenty of “education” (not only game-wise) lessons this way.
    I was only thinking these last few days how much daygame helped me (everyday stress and anxiety, perspective, etc) even if there were no results worth mentioning
    With his freely-given value/material he helped me realize where I (really) was and where I want to go with my life

    He gave me/us tremendous value for free.
    I am not sure if he knew how much he has helped everyone who came across his material

    Thank you Tom for everything

  32. I’m legitimately saddened to hear this terrible news. Nick, thank you for the heartfelt tribute; it was lovely to read. I’m taking tonight to drink a half dozen whiskies and spark a Hoyo de Monterey cigar and pen my thoughts in Tom’s memory and honour. As a stoic guy who barely knew Tom but felt like I did, I’ve just shed a few tears, and this is testimony to his impact on my life. I feel sick to my stomach.

    Tom really was such an inspirational guy. The intelligence, the game, the travel, the philosophy, the life insight, the proactivity, the ‘fuck the system’, the ‘fuck you you little bitch go and get after it’.

    Around 2012 or so I came across and was happy to learn of likeminded action takers. I was a lone wolf player however wasn’t impressed enough by the calibre of crew to make contact, save for Tom. It was clear that he was the standout of the bunch. More knowledgable, articulate, credible, funny and many more admirable adjectives and attributes. He struck me as the alpha male of the group despite not being the ‘boss’. I’d see that crew all around the streets of Central London and saw Tom’s skills to be orders of magnitude more sophisticated than his peers. Over the years I’d bump into Tom occasionally and attend all of his talks and premieres that I could. He was effortlessly charming, with the trademark glint in his eye. It was clear why he was so successful with ladies. Truly an inspiration.

    I listened to his podcasts obsessively and always wished they were longer than 30 mins! These podcasts though, critical and meta concepts, outlined with precision, distilled into bite sized chunks, with action steps so as not to be mental masturbation; and always from some far flung location. I’d eagerly await the release every week. I would listen to them before dates, on the treadmill, to fall asleep. His travel vlogs were incredible too. He really had a zest for living life to the fullest. After a recent LTR, I went straight back into the podcasts and started consuming again with vigour. They didn’t age one single day. Timeless; as all true masters and philosophers are. Then one day, they disappeared.

    I’d live vicariously through his travel exploits. Travelling relentlessly, on a motorbike, in a van, on jetski, a snowmobile, in middle Europe, in Colombia, Australia, a boat across the world, world tour, whatever. Utterly adventurous. All catalogued by relentless content production, the vlogs, the books, the products, the documentary! I hope this is archived and secretly redistributed so I can enjoy it and learn from it again and agin and again.

    I never needed coaching, as such, But the impact of Tom’s insights on my game was undeniably monumental. It is the nuance that he pioneered that levelled me up to great heights (notches, notches, notches and of course masculine/feminine polarity !!!)

    I’d always joke with my brother that Tom deserved a 10% commission from all the girls I landed! But in reality he’d deserve more than 10% as his insight into the nuance of game provided me with the polish to my skills. We’d talk about him like he was an old friend and now he will be enshrined in our memories only fondly and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

    Tom was so open about his struggles with the ‘black dog’ and indeed I had emailed him a few times over the years when he was off grid and/or hibernating just to check in, always to receive a brief but chipper and cheeky response. He was a renegade, a rogue, a renaissance man, a true maverick. His love of unique individuals going against the grain always tickled me pink. There was always a nihilistic streak, as there often is with such characters, but of course that added to his enigma. I’d always hoped he could outrun his demons.

    I could go on forever, but I’m drunk now.

    Tom has undoubtedly changed my life for the better. Exploit the secret society, give women the gift of well calibrated masculine man and well balanced man, and grab life by the horns, people.

    Grab a cold pint and toast to Uncle Tom. I’ll never forget him. The best mate I never had.

    \m/ [That was a very nice eulogy. Thanks for sharing it. K.]

  33. I am truly sad. Tom Torero changed my life. Don’t feel this way about many people. Much respect and love.


  34. Truly mortified and heartbroken by his passing after learning about his death this morning. Came as a complete shock and found it hard to believe, It was only a few years ago that we met up. Never going to forget the trip to Moldova and the times we spoke on the phone.

    To those who knew him, he was a great friend and a man with a big heart who wanted to help others. I truly hope you’ve found the peace you’re looking for mate.

    See you on the other side.

  35. Rest in peace Uncle Tom! The legend never dies!

    I think its time to organise a big meet-up of the UK-based community.

  36. “Mate, this unknown Siberian town has two universities and it’s only a 17-hour train ride from Moscow. See you in two weeks.”)”

    If anything captures the spirit of Tom, and the essence of the daygame adventure, it is this quote.

    Two nights ago Nick, both you and I were speaking about the influence that both you and Tom have brought to this community. And more importantly, the gratitude that men like me owe to Tom who led us, via his amazing podcasts, up and over our low points and into improved versions of ourselves.

    This post is a beautiful reflection and a lovely read.

  37. I never met Tom in person and still my stomach dropped upon hearing this news.

    Tom’s books are what got me into daygame, game and actually in front of girls. The way he broke things down and explained them was brilliant. He was a huge inspiration to me through his technical game products, memiors and his attitude towards life.

    Tom’s lesser qualities may be known to readers here but I think many would agree that didn’t ever stop him from shinning. He was a great daygamer and great teacher. His honesty and teachings about game were a mark above so many of the bullshitters in our little world.

    Tom’s legacy will live on. He will be missed. God bless his soul. We’ll see you in the drinking halls of Valhalla Tom.

  38. Thank you Tom for everything, your work has impacted all of us.
    I remember Tom through his YouTube contents, books, podcasts and in person when he visited Sydney in 2015 to deliver below the belt talk
    Rest In Peace Tom, you will be missed

  39. When tom was doing his world tour of adventures he made a shout out to little New Zealand. I got in touch and he was eager to meet in Auckland. I was going hiking that day and offer him a seat in the car with 2 two friends. He said yes on the spot and got in the car with his little bag and his one set of day game clothing. We continued to do a two day hike together in one of New Zealand’s biggest national parks talking girls, game and all layers of life. He wasn’t a one dimensional gamer, he was much more – dynamic, witty, funny and always taking life by the horns type of person. He had depth. He helped a lot fo young men all around the world, its a shame but not surprising how misunderstood he was from the main stream media tyrants.

    RIP Tom.

    Hope you are doing ok Nick.

  40. What a great tribute. I was fortunate enough to meet Tom at the Daygame.Com event in Marble Arch back in January 2013. I remember him waiting behind at the end to chat to aspiring Daygamers. He came across as a man who had a passion for his art and genuinely wanted to help people- the teacher within him coming to the fore. A lot of minds were blown and lives were changed that day.
    Like many here, I spent a lot of time watching and learning from Tom’s videos and this news hit hard. His contribution to Daygame has improved a lot of people’s lives, including my own. His legacy will live on.

  41. Well said Nick
    I did a bootcamp with Tom back in 2013 with, (at the very late age of 51), it was a life changing weekend and has lend me to where I am today with a partner and a beautiful 5 year old daughter
    Tom was absolutely inspirational, brilliant teacher who cared about his students , a huge personality and true one off, determined to live life fully without compromise.
    Can’t believe his gone RIP Tom, raising a glass of scotch to you

    • Inspirational to hear, James.

      I’m nearly 33 and just commencing the journey after an emotionally stunted decade with women.

      Love to hear that guys in their 30s and beyond can change their life with this stuff.

      • @Elvis: I had just started learning game a bit before 30 and honestly felt like I was a bit “late to the game” but then I watched Tom’s “Daygame as Therapy” video, where I found out he basically started (someone who didn’t even have the structure and learning materials we have) at ~30. Seeing this definitely made me less concerned about my next decade

  42. Nice tribute, classy article. R.I.P Tom. I’m not a fanboy type person but I really was a fan of Tom! He was clearly a master at his craft and a very intelligent man. I was in university and didn’t have a clue how to speak to women in the daytime, and I discovered Tom’s content thanks to this issue (in late 2017). I have been an avid follower since that moment and would regularly tune in to his podcasts and new videos. At first, I was just interested in how to speak to girls, but Tom’s content went way beyond that and inspired me to travel, be independent-minded and self-sufficient. As a British guy, his content style and tone of voice naturally appealed to me- he wasn’t at all loud or brash. I loved his backstory and the fact he was an underdog in this game that rose to the top thanks to hard work and dedication. It would be great if some of his content could be reuploaded or made available somehow, as I think people new to this stuff could see what a true inspiration he was.

  43. This news hit me really hard. I was on the treadmill when I saw the news and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of my workout. Tom was so instrumental in my personal Daygame journey from when I discovered it 5 years ago. I consumed his material voraciously and he was an inspiration to me to go on my own Daygame travels around the world. And from a teaching standpoint, learning from Tom felt like learning from a friend I had known for years. He will be truly missed.

  44. Tom was a great mate and also a fantastic mentor. I have some great memories of hanging out in Warsaw and just chatting about music etc.

    I remember last year I had an extremely difficult breakup with a really hot girl (Cheers for giving me the advice for getting her in the first place Torero and Krauser). Anyway, the breakup was brutal as fuck, and in a bit of desperation I sent Tom a text asking for advice (bear in mind this was mid lockdown in a provincial English town so I couldn’t really go out and the sarge the place up). Tom stuck on the line and listened to me ramble for ages and gave me some practical and emotional advice which actually helped when nothing else could.

    He offered so much value and changed many peoples lives, I really hope something good will come out of this tragedy.

    He was a great mentor and friend and I will miss him dearly.

  45. That goat fucker got me to escalate! I will always be grateful to his contribution to the daygame community and my game. I remember before some of my sessions I’d pop on his podcast to get into the groove. You’ll be missed bro. Rest in peace

  46. Great tribute. Never met the man, but it was his material that gave me the kick up the backside that I needed to start daygaming and finally to quit my job and become a self employed digital nomad. Thank you Tom, you will be missed.

  47. A man of great vision and adventurousness (a rare man today) like Tom leaves us, while no talent clowns like Cardi B and juiced up Instagram ‘models’ prosper in this vapid society.

    So sad.

    Great tribute Nick.

  48. I followed Tom for many years and he was very instrumental in me improving myself.

    We are all so much luckier for him living and doing all that he did. Lifting the veil on dating and sex and making it learnable.
    Being somebody that has experienced depression himself and been lost a brother from suicide …I’ve come to realize some people aren’t meant for this world long term.
    Not many will leave a massive body of work behind like Tom did. They can’t ever cancel the guy out.

  49. Tom allowed me to help assist with a coaching session that him and John were doing in Santa Monica.

    It was one of the most funnest times.

    A moment where you got to meet an idol and actually run around together.

    My life is forever changed for the information he was able to teach.

    Life well lived

  50. Met Tom in Dublin in Oneills Pub few years ago to buy one of his books.

    I was always excited to read and listen to his advice.

    His content was motivating, instructional as well as been highly entertaining. His music choice on YouTube videos was fantastic.

    Im still in shock, I feel like I know him and a friend has just passed.

    I’ll always strive to follow the principle of grabbing life by the horns even though probably never reaching Toms heights.

    Sincere Condolences to his family, rest in peace you dirty bastard xx

  51. This is truly terrible news about TT- what a shock, I’m very upset. An awful way to start the New Year. His podcasts and books were legendary and will always remain a great influence. He always spoke about the black dog of depression. He started my journey many years ago in london. I will toast Tom and life today and I will certainly cold approach all the more in his honour. Here’s to grabbing life by the horns..

  52. So sad to hear. I always enjoyed his podcasts and YouTube content. I met him once on a book tour in Birmingham. A true gentleman, he took time to give me some advice.
    I think that his philosophy of grabbing life by the horns will motivate all of us to live a better life.
    He will be missed, condolences to his family. Rest in peace.

  53. Tom Torero truly touches lives and helped liberate men worldwide.

    I am shocked, saddened and also grateful for everything he has ever done.

  54. I appreciate this sounds almost like a cliche but let me explain how this man changed my life for better.

    2010/2011 – I was at uni in Liverpool just starting to get into content. This was when the content was just starting to develop and I didn’t know which model to use or what to do. I was a classic keyboard Pua. Read everything I could find about it but didn’t actually do anything.

    2014 – started a graduate scheme at an accountancy firm. They sent me to some shit wholes around the UK. I don’t know why or how but his podcast appeared. I started listening to it religiously. It really resonated with me. I thought why the fuck am I doing this shit job. I needed the money so I asked them to be a) remote and b) part-time. I took months but once I got it I messaged Tom in December and he said come for a weekend boot camp whilst he was at home in Cardiff. I was a bit sceptical at first thinking – this is a four hour drive what if I get there and it’s not what it seems. It was one of best weekends ever at that point in my life and I started to become fully involved in the community and booking euro jaunts.

    The one video I wish was still available is one where he recaps his year, I think it’s 2016 and the opening song is sweet dreams are made of this and it’s a montage of the year. I found it really inspiring and drove me to do more.

  55. Finding Tom Torero and his content (immediately after reading the game) was a pivotal moment in my life, I learned I could take charge of my life, “take life by the horns”. A huge loss to this community. RIP in Tom!

  56. Very sad to hear the news. The world has lost a man who brought great value to the lives many people’s including my own.

    I met him in 2012 at a bootcamp. That bootcamp and Tom’s teaching through online content and subsequent 121 changed my life.

    As someone who suffered from crippling social anxiety Tom helped me find my voice and break free of my self imposed limitations. I became the person I wanted to be And I will teach my son’s the lessons I learnt from their uncle Tom

    His impact on my life was profound and I can’t articulate the debt of gratitude I owe him.

    May he find peace wherever he may be

  57. I’ve never been so saddened about the death of a man whom I never actually met in person. This is a beautifully written piece, Nick – I was brought to tears by it.

    Tom’s podcasts and material were the soundtrack to my twenties. It sounds cliché but like everyone on here, his work literally changed my life. I transformed from a 22-year old who had slept with two women and was in an awful long-term relationship, to a man who had many years of abundance with women that I was genuinely attracted to.

    Thanks to Tom, when I myself am one day on my death bed, I will now look back incredibly fondly on my twenties as a beautiful, exciting and happy period of my life. And it’s just impossible to put a price on that. I’m forever indebted and so grateful to him for transforming my short time on this earth in such a way.

    Rest in Peace Tom Torero. [Lovely. All these eulogies are nice, but this one was particularly heart-warming. Thanks. K.]

  58. I can’t believe this tragedy. The man was a legend. I had some coaching from Tom a few years back and was hoping for more in future. His podcast was absolutely top-notch and filled with nuggets of wisdom. He inspired me too to take life by the horns.

    RIP Tom. You will be missed.

  59. I have been in the pickup world as a reader for quite some time now. From Rollo tomassi, James marshall, Mark Manson, The game and everything in between. I’ve read a lot of material. It wasn’t until I came across Tom toreros YouTube channel that I was truly inspired to go out and daygame. His ease of words and his nomadic lifestyle inspired me and often made me question where I was in life and the decisions I was making. When I felt lonely, depressed, or just in a rut with women, his videos always gave me a pep and hope that things would get better. I wrote him an email after his channel and everything else got taken down, and I hope that he read it at the very least. A comrade, and someone I looked up to, it’s such a same I never got to meet him. Au revoir uncle Tom, you contributed to my life in more ways than you could ever know.

    With great respect,
    Mr I

  60. A perfect tribute Nick, and my thoughts go out to his family.

    It cannot be stated enough just how much Nicks and Toms work changes lives – Tom used to have a video called “If not now, then when?” Which made me seriously reconsider and then drastically change some areas of my life (including my career), eventually for the better.

    I also remember Nick and Tom did a podcast around early 2013 about Eurojaunting. Off the back of this I started booking trips and opened the Pandora’s box. I wish that that podcast was still around somewhere as it is timeless.

    RIP Tom Torero, and thank you for everything.

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  62. I have been in the daygame world since I was a young man. I have seen and read a lot of content, and swallowed some of the harsh truths about the sexual marketplace. Initially I was very bitter and deeply sad about it all, And I found Tom’s videos and was given hope. Hope that things would get better, hope that I would one day achieve success with women. His words contributed to my life in a way that no other daygamer had. And when I would get depressed or sad, feeing low and lonely, Tom’s videos, books and blog were always around to give me that pep and cheer that I needed. I wrote him an email before his media outlets were taken down, and I hope that he read it. They say never meet your heroes, but this is one person I wish I could have communicated with at least once. Au revoir uncle Tom, you will be deeply missed in this community. Thank you for the contributions you made to change my life, and of those men, who like me, never really had much luck when it came to women.

    With deep love and respect,

  63. I read the news today oh boy… thanks Nick for this tribute to Tom. Indeed a giant of the game. What a sickener. I’m a long-time reader and lurker and you guys have produced some of the best material out there. Reason I’ve heard this sad new today was after getting a fresh new prospect in the funnel and thinking I’d better fire up a Tom podcast for some inspiration.

    Tom was clearly a clever guy, Oxford educated no-less. That intelligence can produce some astounding things, as well as weigh heavily on you, I’ve seen some of the smartest people I know try and quiet their busy mind with drink and drugs to try and achieve peace. The void must also seem like a release.

    Please, if you’re struggling I implore you to talk to the people around you. If you see it yourself, please be the guy to start the conversation.

    Thanks Tom for being an inspiration to many.

  64. I am shocked o hear of this sad news. Tom Torero gave us so much content, i remember the talks he did on the LSS meet ups. Certainly a lot provided by Tom. You will be missed. Thank you for your input and encouragement.

  65. It’s surreal to me.

    My life would be a different one if it wasn’t for Tom Torero.

    I started out as a shy engineering student who couldn’t even sit next to a girl without nervous fidgeting. I found Tom through a Youtube search “How do I get a girlfriend” or something similar. I was immediately hooked.

    Almost every day for two years I listened to some of Toms content. It not only pushed me and gave me insights into game and life.

    It was also like a great friend in my pocket who understood me and showed me a way out of a dark place to an awesome place.

    Now, many lays, oneitis, ups and downs later, I have a hot and awesome russian girlfriend.

    I would live in a different world right now if Tom would not have been.

    I always wanted to wright him a thank you email, but never ended up doing it. Wish I would have done it.

    We need more Tom Toreros in the World, not less.

    Thank you Tom

  66. I’m sad for him. It seems yesterday I went on a bootcamp with him. He was a great teacher and a great person. I’ll always remember him as he has played a really important part in my life. “Go talk to that girl” he said to me as I was going for my first approach.
    Love you Tom.
    Thank Nick for remembering him.

  67. First off, I just want to say this was a brilliant Eulogy Krauser.

    It was the summer of 2012 and myself and a good friend set off on a euro trip.
    It was our first trip of manythat set me on the path to travel, explore and capture new flags, all inspired by watching Tom on and actually bumping into you Krauser on that trip.
    I also got my first taste of what the eurojaunt lifestyle was like, and I was hooked.

    Upon returning to the UK, I spend the next 6-7 years divulging and grinding it in the corporate world.
    My only escape was watching Tom’s content on youtube and avidly tuning into Tom’s weekly consistent podcasts, which inspired me to continue daygaming in my home city and book more trips abroad.

    Tom was a thought leader in the space, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of the London Daygame Model. As such he gave me the confidence to try out riskier things and I owe many of my fondest memories to Tom, giving me a metaphorical kick up the backside and telling me to “grab life by the horns!”.
    Krauser you said it best.. “personally, I’d have never reached the heights I did without Tom beside me..”
    Albeit virtually, I very much can resonate with this.

    I did, finally get the pleasure of meeting Tom in 2019 whilst doing his UK Black Sheep Bandit tour.
    He had this undeniably charm as he flirted with the female bar staff.

    I’ll finish with this…
    “Every man dies.. but not every man really lives!” and Tom lived life to the fullest!

    R.I.P to the legend Tom Torero. I can’t put into words how much you have impacted my life and will be sorely missed!

  68. Farewell Tom Torero

    You not only lived a life filled with adventure but made intellectual contributions that improved the lives of countless men around the world. Feats few have achieved.

    You will continue to live on in the thoughts of those whose lives you have transformed.

  69. As all of us here I’m shocked and sadden by the news. It’s heart-warming to see that so many of us were inspired by him.

    Of all the high quality content creators of seduction out there, Tom had this unique ability specially when talking on his podcasts. You could tell he worked as a school teacher by the way he explained himself, he was concise and well-versed, without losing that friendly and human touch of a mate that’s explaining you something at the pub after a pint or two.

    Yes, we all know the beefs and controversies around Tom, but even those who might not like him could recognize the quality of his videos or podcasts.

    Thanks to him some of my close mates and I started changing our life, and in very little time, we would be constantly be seen daygaming around London any day of the week, or going to a date with a good looking girl one several days in a row. Many of the best memories I have from my late 20s were made reality thanks to this. Killing the needy, thirsty beta and putting some hair on my chest by approaching girls as he would say. Sucking the marrow out of life, enjoying the company of beautiful and young women.

    For all of this I’m eternally grateful of this filthy mad man.

    I only saw him once on that premiere he did for the “Hustle On” documentary. If someone still has it, it would be nice if you make it available for everyone before it gets lost in time…

    May you rest in peace Tom Torero. All my condolences for you Krauser and all friends and family of Tom.


  70. Never one to post on any forums or channels but I felt compelled to after hearing this tragic news.

    It is very sad and humbling to think that although Tom reached an almost super hero like status amongst a lot of people, he was once upon a time just a normal young man who had suffered at a young age and wanted to improve his life like many of us. I find it hard to believe that someone held in such high regard by many was struggling so much that he saw no other way out.

    Tom, thank you so much for all the content and wisdom that you have provided to many of us over the years. From the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that you have helped me personally in so many ways, not only in my dating life but also tackling my own demons. One invaluable thing I have learned that will stick with me forever…… You are only one approach away from that amazing experience or meeting that amazing person which can often lead to so many other adventures.

    Throughout every dark night there is a brighter day

    Fly high sir


  71. I started daygame in 2015 and had my biggest success from it in 2016 through 2017. In part, I owe that success to Tom Torero, his ideas, his inspiration. I have great memories from that period, and took away so much joy and experience for my lifetime. I am saddened by Tom’s death because he helped so many others to improve their lives. It is not fair. He deserves our respect, and not the typical misandry.

    May he rest in peace and see us raise our glass to him. Thank you, Tom.

  72. It is very rare to experience sadness connected to the loss of someone we have never met.

    However, given the positive influence that his work had to an entire generation of men, that tear was inevitable.

    He connected daygame to adventure.
    He connected daygame to punk.
    He connected daygame to nature.

    I am not sure what caused his loss but I have a suspicion … and Media-led-by-mice, seems to fit the description well…

    We will not forget.

    God Speed Tom and Rest Assured that very few men leave behind them a Legacy such as yours

    Grab Life by the Horns 😉

    P.S. Thanks Nick for writing this, I always come back to read your posts because when it has to do with seeking Truth, you are Relentless and that is deeply appreciated sir.

    To me he represented the Romantic, you represent the Soldier 😉

    A man needs both arts to live life to its full extent ..

  73. cant believe this, im gutted such a beautiful soul xxx

  74. So sad to hear this.
    Tom made a huge contribution to my knowledge of Daygame and he coached me back in 2015.
    Rest in peace Tom.

  75. I’ll put my eulogy on my own blog when I’m fit to write it but suffice to say at present I’m f***ing devastated.

    One commenter suggested a meet-up. If this OK’ed by Tom’s ‘inner circle’ friends, then I think it could be a good idea. There are a lot of us reeling here, hurting at this and needing some closure. We could meet, listen to a few eulogies/speeches then throw down some beers in his honour. Probably be a hundred of us, give him a send off. Just a thought.

  76. Let’s remember Tom by playing his favorite songs:
    Page 304 from Tom Torero “Street Hustle” Bible:

    Crank these up to full volume to give you a life-affirming “kick up the arse” when needed. I play them before daygame sessions or going on dates.
    Chuck Berry- Route 66
    The Coasters – Down In Mexico
    Johnny Cash – it Ain’t Me Babe
    Motorhead – Ace of Spades
    Steve Earle – Tennessee blues
    ACDC – Gone Shootin’
    Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash
    Hank Williams – Lost Highway
    Jimmy Buffet – Pirate Looks At 40
    Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What you Want

  77. Dear Tom

    You had a very positive influence on me, I started Daygame (then called Streetgame) in 2008, but your input brought me very far, especially in 2013-2016.

    My life would have changed its course in another direction without you, Tom.

    Thank you for all the valuable content and thank you for the Daygame Documentary 😉 Great content.

    Thank you for the seminar in St. Petersburg with Mystery and the lively Rob.

    Together with others you showed me that there is another life apart from the boring mainstream and office jobs.

    Thank you for your help and your helpfulness to everyone who needed help.

    Thank you for engaging with Daygame and sticking to it before everyone sinks into the Metaverse 😦

    Why does this happen so often to good men.

    I will partly pass on your knowledge and input in the field of dating to my children

    All the best from Zurich

    You have visited so many beautiful places, I hope you are in a place that you particularly like, maybe in New Zealand or some small town that nobody knows in Russia.


  78. Lovely tribute Nick, one I’m sure the man himself would have been touched by. He really did have enough adventures for several lifetimes, maybe even dozens.

    As with all the other commenters he had a massive influence on me, probably more than I even realise. Met him several times and always found him to be an absolute gent.

    A proper daygame legend. RIP Tom.

  79. I’ve read your blog for years and this is one of your very best posts. Graceful notes through and through.

    I was fortunate to meet Tom twice in 2016 when he visited NYC. Once for a book talk and the other for daygame coaching. His coaching was transformative for me. I could write thousands of words about it but here’s one brief story from his coaching.

    Back in March 2016 when I met Tom I had been doing daygame for about 5 months. I didn’t have much to show for it aside from some numbers and a couple dates to nowhere. We met at noon at Washington Square Park by NYU, and did a full afternoon of day. Up to that point I had solely done street approaches. One of the key points Tom emphasized was being able to do indoor approaches as well. To demonstrate this, he and I went into a busy VIctoria’s Secret store. Tom quickly surveyed the store and selected the hottest girl- a bonafide 9. To say this way a high pressure approach would be a vast understatement. Bright lights, people all around, and not a normal place to hit on a girl. I was nervous as hell just watching it. Then Tom casually walked straight over and hit her with his opener as though his balls were made of solid brass. The set was a rather quick blowout, but Tom walked back over to me without even a hint that his vibe or confidence was affected in the slightest. He was operating from an abundance mentality as he had already had several lays in his two week trip. After that I proceeded to open and number close in the next store we went into. Suddenly my horizons had expanded.

    In fact, I met my ex-girlfriend, a former fashion model doing an indoor high pressure daygame approach about a year and a half after meeting Tom (we recently broke up, and I’m back to the daygame grind). In a twist of fate I emailed Tom less than a week before the Newsweek hit job on him, inquiring of his whereabouts and plans for 2022. Didn’t get a reply back. For me and many others he will always be Uncle Tom.

  80. Man, such a bad way to start the new year. I found out yesterday after having dinner with my family, and I genuinely felt as if a family member had passed away.

    I never met him in person, but his stories and videos made me take my first solo trip to Asia. His podcast was my companion on many different ocassions; I remember one night when I was coming back home after a party in Bangkok, and I was listening to his “advice for a guy in his 20’s” podcast. That night had a huge influence on me.

    I truly believe I’m a better man thanks to Tom. It’s really sad that a person like him, who has helped literally thousands of people, couldn’t get the help he needed. Just a few days ago I was thinking that wherever he was, I wished he was happy with his new life as a ski instructor. He truly deserved it.

    Thanks for the post, Nick. It’s very heartwarming seeing how many guys he truly helped.

  81. Tom, I’m so sad to hear of your passing.

    You were an inspiration in how you lived life on your own terms. I remember when you announced your world tour date for my home city. I was finally going to meet my mentor who had been filling in the gaps in terms of dating / being a man/ grabbing life by the horns that my own father never did.

    You were every bit what you preached and, what a what a great guy you were too! Funny, easy going, friendly and charisma in spades!!!

    An example of this is: You had probably met hundreds of fans from YouTube before and years later on your Van tour in the UK, we met again and you immediately remembered me from your world tour.

    Tom, you made a huge impact on my life and I wish I could thank you. You will be sorely missed and I hope you’ve found your peace my friend.

    Gone but never forgotten.

    Until next time 🤘

  82. I have a feeling Tom will never really know how many peoples lives he touched for the better.

    I owe my best life experiences, my current lifestyle and even my career to many people in the community, but Toms content was what convinced me that any average joe could actually do it.

    RIP Tom, from a silent viewer.

  83. RIP Buddy. You were one cool mf. I met Tom during the Daygame .com bootcamp in Vegas. He pushed me into starting my own gig and teaching. I did that for a while and it was a great learning experience. Thanks, Tom. You will be missed.

  84. He came, he saw, he played the game of life, talked the talk and walked the walk. The ripples of his life touched many and his indelible mark will be left forever. Onwards and upwards brother until we meet again.


  85. One friend did coaching with him. I was not *really* fan of his style, but as a PUA, I respected him. I respected his work.

    I recall he was pretty young, maybe 40 or 50 years, but I am pretty shocked of this news. As the article mentions, he was indeed one of a pioneer in the modern daygame industry, and this also I respect.

    I suspected something was off because he didn’t post videos recently, but never thought this would happen. Well. RIP.

    Chris / j36k

  86. Lucky to have been able to meet him a few times in his various daygame spots, one of my happiest memories was randomly seeing a tall British dude in a black shirt, Dr.Martens boots walking across the street in certain city in Colombia, recognizing who it was, going “holy shit its Tom”, and running across the street to say hello. He was nice enough to sit down have a coffee and chit chat for a bit, I told him about how I was trying to become remote which would further my own daygame journey and he introduced me to some digital nomad/expat types at a local cafe after some chit chat with them. I didn’t realize until way later that he didn’t know them very well at all and had simply opened them, got them to “hook” and introduced me to them for my benefit. My time there inspired me to take a much different path in life, I’ve been fully remote and independent of the corporate life since 2018.

    I’m sad you are gone Tom and wish you were able to see all these messages from the many men you have helped and guided, you will truly be missed.

  87. Thanks Mr Krauser for writing a great and very respectful article for Tom, you have a heart and a character Sir.

    My mind was very much on him this past months, even more after the media incident, i’ve red that he was working as a Ski instructor.

    My thoughts and my prayers to his loved ones, this can’t be described with words he will be deeply missed, never had the chance to meet him.

    Thank you wholeheartedly for everything Tom Jesus may guide your soul to the light 🕯️

  88. I am shocked and saddened to learn of Tom’s passing. I started doing DG in 2011, and Tom’s teachings have had a profound impact on me. From the nuances of using the London DG Model, to his outlook on women / dating, life / society, travel, he was a thought leader and a positive masculine influence during a transformational time in my life. I remember taking massive action while consuming his content between sessions and made tremendous strides in both my game and other aspects of life.

    I had the opportunity to shake his hand when he and Craig Cassidy came through my city during the Canadian leg of a North American tour – think it was around 2015 or 2016 but I don’t remember now. From seeing and interacting with him in person, it was easy to see why he was so successful with women. But it was even more inspirational to know his humble beginnings and the work he had put in to get to that point.

    When I embarked on solo Euro-jaunts, Tom’s voice and digestable podcasts often provided the practical reminders, emotional inspiration and the lift I needed between sessions, particularly the tough ones where every set seemed to be a blow-out. Any day gamer who has ever flown into a strange city by himself and then got to work in dealing with the ups and downs of DG knows how damn hard it can be at times. Tom served as an invisible guide / buddy / mentor through his work and for that I am forever grateful. I had some incredible experiences and memories dating abroad because of Tom’s work. This is also in addition to his books which were chalked with golden nuggets on logistical intel such as where to stay and good day game hotspots / routes.

    From international dating adventures to more traditional travel adventures, Tom truly inspired me to do more and to live life fully. From reading the comments, you can tell he truly impacted the lives of many men around the world for the better, mine included. While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in all the guys he’s influenced, from his love of the game to his cheeky black sheep adventures. Rest easy Uncle Tom, hope you are at peace now.

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  89. I met Tom back in 2008 or 09 from the now disbanded LSS. He was in Oxford. We met for a Coffee and chat then did a little daygame together.

    The first thing I noticed about Tom was how down to earth he was and friendly. He was a already becoming a force to reckon within that small microcosm.

    Little did I or the rest of the community know how big he would become.

    RIP my friend!

  90. I had never met Tom but this videos were so well put together clearly being an ex English teacher helped. His podcasts where cheecky when he used to read out fan mail with romantic music in the background. His way of thinking and educating via his videos and pod casts will never be forgotten. May his sole rest in a peace which in a place which isn’t filled with hate and toxicity. RIP Tom ..Long live DayGame.

  91. Such terribly sad news.
    As you said co-creator of the London Daygame Model changing thousands of lives for the better.

    Just a really tragic end, his family are in my thoughts. RIP to a unique soul.
    Lovely piece Nick

  92. Totally devastated by the news.
    First stumbled upon Tom’s channel in 2015 and instantly knew it was something very special.

    Ever since it has helped me monumentally with relationships with women, with finding my flow of life and even with improving English language skills.

    Never managed to meet him or even send a thank-you letter, because took it for granted, that such a wisdom and inspiration producing maverick will always be one flight away.

    I believe that his priceless life’s work will live on its own for the centuries to come.

    Thank you for everything Uncle Tom!

  93. such a terrible news

    I am very very sad that this happened to him….

    I read in the article on the another site that he was in debt and having depression…

    I wish that all people in these situations would or should get a helping hand

  94. Extremely sad news. I just heard about Tom´s passing through a friend who read the news here. I´ll never forget meeting him in person, that summer of 2017, for being a part of his daygame documentary “Hustle On”. He embodied his daygame teachings and was a fenomenal teacher as well when I met him. But all the daygame aside, what I´ll remeber the most about Tom was how he unlike many teachers, in my opinion and experience around him, seemed to be a genuinly kind man. There are very few teachers like him out there, you will truly be missed Tom. Im grateful for having met you and you´ve certainly taught me to grab life by the horns in and outside of pickup. I salute you sir, daygame legend, RIP Tom.

    (thanks for letting me post Nick)

  95. I’ll miss Tom I learn so much from him. RIP Uncle Tom 😭😭😭 🙏🏻

  96. Though not a player I listened to every podcast as they were released to get his cerebral insights into women and to spend some time in his good company.. Since he went quiet online I would periodically check to see if he had uploaded anything – really to see how he was doing because his black dog and atheism/materialism worried me. Very sad news and a great loss.
    Wishing his family well.

  97. I am absolutely devastated by this. Met him a few years back and he was certainly a character you could see why he had a way with the ladies and just people in general. A good soul he was man. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling Nick or anyone else who spent much time in his company and got to know him well over the years. My thoughts are with his family now. RIP Tom

  98. Some suggestions about archiving and making Tom’s Content Available:

    This may seem untimely. I ​assume many would like to keep a copy of Tom’s material not only for a life long reference but for posterity and memories sake.

    With the difficulty of finding Tom’s content it would be good to see something put together, assuming doing so wouldn’t be against Tom’s wishes.

    Ideally I’d like to see something where the products are available and the proceeds go to his family.
    The goal is not a free content grab. Many would be happy to pay.

    A second best option would to be see something unofficial downloadable from the cloud.

    I see it as a tragedy to let this man’s life work to fade away into the shadows. I know his content will be haphazardly passed around on group chate and back channels. Something more organised would be nicer to see. A link in the comments here would be well placed.

    I personally would like to get hard back copies of his memiors as collectors items. A quick look on Amazon proved its not point and click to order a copy. A shame. Keeping those in print is something that could also be tended to.

    My suggestion, to those closest to Tom, possibly including yourself Nick, would be to put something together that might address this. Fans of Tom could also do something similar if they have a well kept archive.

    To reiterate the point, this feels untimely but the motive is in honour of. Here seems like a good spot to make such a suggestion. I’d put some of this together myself I knew Tom, or had my own archive. Nevertheless, this is what I can do.

    RIP Tom.

    • Anthony Hustle has the same idea as one of the suggestions above and is looking to set up a server to honor Tom’s content. According to Anthony, he will need $2K in donates. Below is timestamped link to him making the suggestion on his own video addressing Tom’s passing. I do not really know who Anthony is or follow him. A friend sent me the video. I know nothing about his credibility or the true extent of his relationship with Tom. His video did seem very sincere despite the clickbait title.

      Nick, I will leave it at your discretion to remove the links if Anthony’s motives are insincere, his trustworthiness unreliable, and if you find the idea unacceptable yourself. If we have green lights on all three counts and all is good then that’s great, Anthony has jump-started the effort to keep Tom’s legacy alive. In that case, thank you, Anthony.

      [1] – Timestamp link to Anthony saying he will set up a server for Tom’s legacy –

      [2] – Link to the donation page for Tom’s server. The page contains links to all Anthony’s other products so search for “Donate” –

      • Anthony was legitimately a close friend of Tom. I haven’t watched the video but I’m sure this is a legitimate expression of grief and desire to maintain Tom’s legacy. I suggest to Anthony that he talk to some of the lads close to Tom’s family to coordinate. My only concern is to keep things in line with his family’s wishes. It’s probably better to contact Bodi as he’s closer to the relevant people. I’m staying out of it for now simply because I have a competing business and don’t want to give the appearance of s conflict of interest. But I absolutely support the principle of keeping Tom’s legacy alive.

      • This looks like a money-grab by Tony Hustle. It’s been barely 48 hours since the news broke of this tragedy and already Tony is trying to milk it for cash. Tony has been no friend of Tom’s since 2018. When Tom disappeared from social media at the time of the BBC documentary in October 2019, Tony produced a paid-only podcast purporting to reveal new information about what had happened. It turned out that Tony was just speculating and the full podcast had no new information. He was capitalising on the interest and curiosity in the community for more information about Tom to drive sales for his own paid products. Same with the Newsweek article situation – Tony used it as an opportunity to make a quick buck. He produced a podcast with a clickbait title using the word “BUSTED”, implying that Tom was in trouble with law-enforcement, and purporting to reveal “the truth behind everything”. Again it turned out the private members-only podcast had no new information – it was just pure speculation on the situation, opportunistically using Tom’s misfortunes to drive sales for Tony’s products. He did nothing to support Tom. He has repeated called Tom a mentally ill person. Several if not most of Tony’s infield videos are fake or misleadingly edited to claim that something happened with the girl which never actually did. Most if not all of his testimonials and endorsements on his website are fake and made-up by Tony himself. He has called Nick Krauser a liar and denies the stories which Nick wrote in his memoir about Tony. I advise to proceed with caution before giving any money to Tony or believing anything which comes from him. As Nick once wrote on his blog, “If Tony told me it was clear skies outside, I’d grab my umbrella.”

      • I don’t know how accurate your description is because I don’t follow his content. I’ll leave this comment live so people can reach their own conclusions. At some point I’ll move it to another thread so as to not break the theme of this one. Thanks

      • I think this is premature at present. First off we would need the OK from his family and closest friends.

  99. I remember meeting Tom in Sydney and seeing that he absolutely lived by the lifestyle he portrayed online, it was hugely admirable but even more admirable is I found him very down to earth, he had a good heart and genuinely made an effort to listen to you and make you feel good about yourself, even if his life is way more exciting than yours! He’d also end up giving me a shoutout on his channel and even giving me some of his students he couldn’t teach due to them being in Australia, thats Tom being totally altruistic expecting nothing in return but wanting to help out a fellow he was not even close with. Daygame can get the better of our ego’s and some people may remember a few egotistical moments of his, but considering daygame has a tendency to drive those traits in us, deep down its very clear Toms real nature was extremely kind and sympathetic.

    What I learnt in terms of game took my life to a whole new level, learning how to efficiently seduce girls takes your life to a whole new level. I didn’t have much going for me before game and thanks to the likes of Tom once I learnt game and calibration it improved my life in all aspects including the confidence i carried day to day and the ability to meet women and not suffer from the oh so common neediness has helped me live a successful life. Cant thank you enough Tom, rest in peace.

  100. An amazing tribute post by Nick in memory of Tom.

    This is still one that hasn’t properly sunk in over a day after finding out about the news.

    Tom was THE figure on my daygame journey. Where I’ve had different wings in the different cities I’ve gamed in, Tom has almost been like my virtual wing.

    The videos, the podcasts, the events.

    The easy to understand information, the great delivery, the great editing and always the push the action.

    My journey started with buying the daygame blueprint.

    Which Tom was on, however it took me some time to get that far. And when I did, he was a nobody to me.

    Then I got recommended his podcast on YouTube.

    I thought ‘who’s that mug? He can’t know much about daygame!’

    I gave it a listen anyway and I was hooked. I didn’t consume anyone else’s content or listen to anyone else’s teachings for the next year or 2.

    I would then go on to go to 2 of his meet and greets and finally his dirty tricks seminar.

    That was at the end of 2018. At that time I certainly wouldn’t have believed it would be the last time I would see him again.

    I was hoping to buy him a beer in EE at the next available chance.

    It just goes to show sometimes you’ve just got to do it at the first available time, and not wait until the perfect time.

    Tom Torero. Gone, but never forgotten.

  101. Tom was one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met, constantly trying to reach out and help people in whatever way he could. I remember when I took a. young Korean girl into a bar on a late Sunday afternoon for an insta date after having met Tom the previous day on his talk in my city. To my surprise the waitress sat us down two tables down from where Tom and Cassidy (If I remember his name right) were sitting. I said a few word of greetings and introduced the girl to Tom and other gentleman before sitting down on our own table.

    I will never forget, when Tom was done he came over to our table and talked to the girl, saying how I was a great guy and she better treat me well because I am a good friend of his and giving me a solid DHV before heading out. He barely knew me, but that’s the kind of kind and generous person he was.

    I could not believe the garbage that journalist wrote about Tom.

    Since that Cunt has shut down all her social media, lets make it be known that she took an innocent life. Let her name be forever be associated with this tragedy. I for sure will spread the word through reddit and other media and websites.

  102. Always a shock to learn these things. I bought one of this products and learned a lot from it. I only knew him from his videos and posts. He seemed like a nice guy. Tragic that he would go this way. Speechless and don’t know what more to say.

  103. Poor guy. I’m not so much into game, but he’s an Englishman who went to Eastern Europe searching for the good life – women and steaks. Rest well, Tom Torero.

  104. This is very sad and chocking news.

    Tom Torero was a great man.

    I was coached by Tom over a weekend in 2015. It was a life changing lesson and my legs were like spaghetti for about a week after, as this new experience sunk into my body and turned me into the man I am today. Toms coaching was a start of a journey that has been the best years of my life and given me so many beautiful memories. Thank you, Tom.

    I hope his family and friends read all the comments to see what positive impact he had me and thousands of men around the globe.

    Rest In Peace

  105. Extremely sad to hear of Tom’s untimely passing.

    I’m grateful to have been able to benefit from all Tom’s teachings and years experience shown in all the content he produced. I’ll cherish the books that I still have.

    Safe to say in the playing cards analogy of life. Tom definitely played all 52 cards. Left it all out there for all to see and then some. Lived life on his terms.

    He leaves an amazing legacy of helping men become better versions of themselves. Encouraging them to give it a crack and leading by example.

    You will be missed, Tom!

    Thanks Krauser for this post and your kind words for a fellow mate.

  106. Long time lurker and the sad news has made me want to say this:

    R.I.P Tom. You were a true trailblazer. As Elvis was to Rock Roll and Michael Jackson to Pop you were to Daygame.

    Daygame would never have evolved to what it is without your input and hardwork. Legends never die & you will be Forever remembered for your hard work and world class legendary teaching methods.

    Many men live better lives and even have had children brought into this world thanks to your input.

    I just want to add a question to Nick before I finish. Regarding the wretched and disgusting hate article by the feminist dog where Tom was doxxed – do you think that there are sinister forces out there in the West who have it in for people that live the PUA/Sigma lifestyle?

    I ask this because like many others I was never a fan of social circle and work office game. All the backbiting politics and general faggotry of those places has never appealed to me. Even though there can be good looking women in such places especially in London tho many have bad charactaristic traits and tend to be attracted to the workplace bullies/managers/cunts etc..

    Then there is Tinder/Bumble which means dating fat chicks for the rest of your life.

    And At the bottom of the hierachy is porn and onlyfans.

    I feel that the PUA/daygame/sigma lifestyle as a big FU to the established sociosexual hierachy in the West. Hence the hate articles we see.

    For example I never see such hate articles against the various onlyfans/porno/escort websites out there most of which used trafficked women.

    I beleive there is more to this hate than some pissed off feminists who have been written off by men too many times.

    • I’ll approve this post because of the tribute at the beginning but a note to all readers: please do not discuss any of the wider issues that Tom’s passing have brought up. This thread is tributes ONLY. There will be opportunities to make sense of it all later but not in this post and not now.

    • I m from turkey.i become şad life my family member dled.
      Tom was my daily routine podcast
      Tom was my future ldeal lifestyle example .i Will read his life and repeat .he should not dle life that .i hope at flrst no no its fake news no no maybe not real ok check ağacın uhhh i cant believe

  107. A true gentleman with a big heart.

    When I met Tom Torero was as a speaker in the 2014 Portuguese seduction comunity.

    He came as a guest speaker and didn’t earn any money.

    After his speach he went sarging with the students and then we went to dinner.
    When the bill arrived he wanted to pay his part. But we continually refused because he had gave so mutch value and didn’t receive nothing in exchange besides the satisfaction of helping his fellow man.

    This man had a genuine desire to help and contribute.

    Rest in peace great Tom.

  108. Shocking when I heard about this on new years eve morning. Somehow after his first disappearance I always felt a slight lingering worry about how he was doing throughout the slandering.

    So many have expressed close to identical stories already so I’ll try to be brief: A couple of years ago, having recently turned 37 and been dumped by my gf since 10 years back I was deeply sad and lonely. Somehow I got my shit together, decided to try out daygame and Tom’s material was amongst the first I ever saw.
    I’ll never forget my reaction when I saw his first video (Beginners guide to daygame), after having seen countless young good looking guys providing bullshit advice that just didn’t seem to appeal to an older average looking dude like myself: “I must have clicked the wrong link, this ugly fucker looks like some jaded country musician, surely he can’t be getting laid with young hot women”.

    Then I kept watching and was truly inspired and impressed by his material. I think I speak for a lot of guys when I say that seeing him really increased my belief in my ability to get results without being a young atheltic hunk.
    Today, 4 years and almost 50 new notches later, I’ve been genuinely sad since i heard the news. It’s like a family member has died and somehow I’m hoping he’ll suddenly resurface with a new youtube account, surrounded by a couple of hot russian birds and a pint of lager in his hand, laughing at us all for mourning his fake death, happily exclaiming: “Tom Torero dead you say? Suicide you say? Shock horror – I resurrected! I kid you not., Stay horny you cheeky bastards!”

    Rest in peace, Tom. The cliché is true: You changed my life.

  109. Great post, Nick. Similar to what many have shared, Tom’s content and advice has been life changing for me. He will continue to be an inspiration. RIP Tom

  110. I first heard of daygame about 10 years ago, mostly inspired by Krauser’s material. I never met Tom, though I now have friends who knew him well. I was only ever really interested in content by a handful of people, and Tom was one of them. His material was cerebral and yet broken down so simply. He clearly had a brilliant mind, and lived in accordance with his values – he walked the walk and packed his life with adventure. By all accounts he was kind, warm in person and had a big heart.

    I’m seeing a lovely girl now who I met through daygame. Tom’s great mind and material have without doubt been part of my journey. To read all these tributes to him is incredibly moving. I like to think of him seeing all this, wherever he is now, and realising just how many lives he affected for the better. He left a genuine positive legacy.

    May he rest in peace.


    This article deserves an honourable mention. Chase Amante seems like a beautiful man with good intentions and gives a great tribute/ practical tips for others.

  112. R.I.P. to Tom, one of the DG forerunners

  113. Nice post Nick.

    I have never met Tom in person, but was living in London early 2010 when the London daygame model was created and that’s when I discovered it and Tom. Tom gave me hope that i could approach any girl anywhere, that I could find a girlfriend without having to go to nightclubs or on dating websites. Thanks to daygame and Tom, I became more confident, i changed things to improve my personality, to become more interesting, to become a better version of myself.

    What Tom created, what he represented, helped me to become who I am today, helped me to become more confident, the same way he helped hundreds or thousands of other men out there.

    You’ll be missed.

    R.I.P. Tom Torero

  114. I have been digesting this news for couple of days.

    First, of all I would like to say to Tom’s family that you brought something beautiful into this world. While now things seem dark and Tom’s reputation is drag into a mud by the larger public, I whole-heartedly agree with Nick that history will be kind to Tom’s legacy. This thread shows that there are many that appreciate him as person and his contribution.

    Math adds up. His positive influence was and will be much greater than his possible shortcomings, which are now been used to forget the big picture. Avalanche of good things that he has caused. Positive encounters, flings, marriages, babies and lives lived true to oneself.

    I met him only once personally in 2013 over beers. Still through power of internet his teaching on simple life philosophy and practical daygame pick-up has opened a new world for me that might have otherwise stayed closed. For me those are taking command on once life, do – don’t complain, help – give value, women and explore a bit of world too. What was magical that through his personality I was actual able to hear and receive the message. Most people giving advice in internet are easy to dismiss although they might have something legitimate to say. Sell sell and sketchy charlatan vibe is too strong to listen.

    He seemed genuinely passionate towards daygame. Still to this day if I want to get to right mood for daygame after a bit of hibernation, I listen Tom’s podcast and soak into that passion towards daygame. Then I switch into electronic music and I am good to go.

    Daygame has been therapy for me as well.

    I value what Tom has done and I am sad that he is gone. Let’s keep his legacy alive. After live of adventure, rest in peace Tom.

  115. Tom to me was a great man, teacher, and mentor who truly broke from the matrix and grabbed life by the horns. Thousands of men wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. Thank you Tom. RIP. Forever the Black Sheep

  116. It’s been over 24 hours since I heard the sad news, and it’s still weighing heavy on me.

    I was a pathetic 25 year old virgin possessing zero confidence with women, and languishing in a soulless corporate cube when I stumbled upon Tom Torero’s work in 2014. He was being interviewed by some generic self-help podcast to promote the daygame concept (via while the movement was picking up steam in London. Never feeling comfortable in the bar and nightclub scene, Tom’s material and his later solo books and podcasts resonated with me enormously. In the years that followed, armed with a newfound confidence with women, I traveled the world, often with the cheerful and cheeky voice of Tom in my earbuds as I navigated airport terminals and the exotic high streets of Eastern Europe. His commitment to his followers and students was evident in every piece of content he delivered (including the massive amounts of free podcasts) I felt like I always had a wingman in Tom despite never meeting him in-person.

    Tom, THANK YOU. I would not be the man I am today had I not found you at such a transformational period in my life. Just this year I settled down with a great woman who I never would have met had I not spent years under your virtual tutelage. My years in the field collecting experiences and lays around the world using your advice and philosophy gave me the perspective I needed to enter a post-game life of happiness and purpose. You saved me from a life of despair and frustration, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

    May you rest in piece knowing you left behind an amazing legacy in the lives of the countless men you’ve helped around the world.

    Bless you Tom!

  117. I stumbled upon Tom’s YouTube channel right after my divorce and in such a low point in my life. Watching Nomadic life style video’s from ordinary guy that is not James Bond on shoestring budget opened the door to the world for me. Being grown up in India and living in America Tom made me realize there is more to explore this world & life then working the steady job and waiting for retirement..

    Tom introduced to a good friend/mentor that changed my life and I am thankful for their friendships to this day.

    You are a legend and your mum should be proud!
    R..I..P Tom

  118. It was ten years ago last summer when I first heard of you and Tom.

    I discovered the Daygame site because I knew someone who worked on it behind the scenes (Mowgli) and the site said I could hear this guy being interviewed by Tom.

    But when I played the interview in question, what came up was in fact an interview with you.

    I am so glad that I stuck around to listen to it. I’d dabbled with reading PUA stuff online for years and mostly came away thinking it was produced by weirdos or outright bullshitters. But hearing you guys talk, I got a different feeling – that I was listening to guys who actually knew what they were talking about. It was immensely cathartic to have my brain think “finally – I am not being lied to”.

    I’ll always be grateful that he got me to understand that importance of escalation. I had totally underestimated it before that.

    I’m old now and don’t live the Daygame lifestyle, but I want my sons to have the option to do so when they are older. Thanks to both of you for making that possible.

  119. Finally, finally after years of lurking, on 25 March 2019 I said ‘fuck it’, plugged in my headphones, switched on Tom’s audio guide to your first day game session, and walked out into Vilnius old town. Nine approaches in and I could hardly have been happier. Then on the tenth, Tom’s voice calmly guiding me through it, I approached a girl from the side, her face not fully visible. She stopped like a dream and….I stood there, gob-smacked. Genuinely one of the most beautiful human beings I had ever seen was staring at me. All honey-blonde, fur coat, and Ukrainian. Eyes sparkling, willing me to go on.

    It was the first of many Matrix
    -like moments of day game; time-freezing beauty which too few men ever experience. And it was thanks to Tom. A man who’s stock-in-trade was a deeply humane, everyday sort of witchcraft.

    I wrote him a garbled email of thanks after that first day which he kindly turned into a little article on his blog. I’m mortified that I never followed it up with the London pint I promised and which I so assuredly owed him.

    I’ve rarely been so hollowed out by the death of a man I never met face to face.

    It’s clear from the comments above, that I was not alone in feeling that Tom filled a uniquely precious spot in my world view.

    I often feel the same flavour of inspiration when watching Tom’s work as when reading Hemingway, his fiction and his biography. A sense of the potential, through the struggle, of what modern life might be:

    ‘A man can be destroyed but not defeated.’

    I’ll miss you, you dirty bastard. Thank you.

    Nick: an excellent and thoughtful tribute. Is there a way of getting some of these comments collated and to Tom’s family ?

  120. Nick, thank you for place to tribute, I really appreciate it.

    I found first video about game in 2014 and it was your video, uncle Tom.

    I was divorced, crushed by my exwife, at the bottom.

    Your words was first aid. I am listening from you everything since then.

    I lost my father at age 14, it was deeply hurting.

    Now I lost also you.

    Uncle Tom, you are for me, and always will, like voice of my lost father.

    I have no more words, only tears

    Dear uncle Tom,
    deeply from my heart
    thank you for everything,
    Peter from Slovakia

  121. I did not know Tom personally but followed his content. His legacy is clearly there for all to behold.
    A deeply caring person and humanist who gave men the belief they could overcome their fears and meet women on the street. This kind of support was selfless and created immeasurable improvement in many people’s lives.
    I am saddened by his untimely passing (no doubt he would have contributed a great deal) but his memory and teachings will live on.

  122. Lovely tribute to the big man Krauser, legend is right and thank you for giving the opportunity to share what impact Tom had. It’s been beautiful to read the comments and feel how impactful his work was and is to so many people. I hope that his family are proud.

    I never met the man myself and stumbled upon his work through Krauser’s blog as a shy, insecure, acne-ridden 18 year old with little idea of what I actually wanted to do with my life. His apparent cheeky chappy way and infectious enthusiasm for life, women and travel that shone through in his podcasts and videos truly changed how I viewed the world and inspired me to “grab life by the horns”, live abroad for five years and internalised the idea in me that we only have a brief lapse of time on this little planet so we bloody better make it a memorable one instead of mindlessly following the well-trodden path of career, marriage and kids.

    Although in my late twenties, I’ve now come to see the value in these things and even desire some of them for myself now in the very near future, however, there is a strong possibility I wouldn’t have come to this realisation without Tom Torero’s podcasts and videos influencing my desire to intentionally pursue life experiences firstly throughout my twenties so I could properly figure out who I was and what the hell a good life for me looks like.Thank you Tom for setting the ball rolling and giving me a glimpse of what a better life may look like and encouraging my experimentation, exploration and reflection..

    I suspected that he may been in a tough place when I heard about his deplatforming in that Newsweek piece in November and maybe there’s a life lesson for myself there to make sure to contact people I value even those that I have never even met when we have any slight inkling that they may be going through a tough time so that may feel our love when they need it rather than never feeling it until it is too late. Even a little message can potentially help I feel.

    I hope you rest easy Uncle Tom (it always made me laugh when you said that with your mischievous smirk) knowing that you are one of a select minority that will achieve some immortality through your work and for the positive ripple effect your ideas, enthusiasm for life, adventurousness and cheekiness have had on so many men and indeed women.

    Thank you Tom for being who you were. Grab heaven by the horns ❤️


  123. What a trailblazer.

    I first came across Tom’s content in 2015 when I saw the Daygame Blueprint from Yosha and Yad. I’ve followed his blog, YouTube and books ever since. Without a doubt, he had the best infield content. He made it all look easy. Living life on the edge, seducing beautiful women, capturing it on sound and video, living out of a van, motorcycling and skiing across Europe. He has more adventures in a year than most of us have in a lifetime.

    At the end of 2020, he teased a trip to London and NYC. Unfortunately the NYC one never happened, and I never did meet Tom in person. But I will never forget his cheerful, cheeky, positive attitude expressed in his videos.

    Thank you for everything, Tom. You opened my mind to all the possibilities that the world has to offer. Your courage to take the path not trodden will forever be an inspiration to me.

    Cheers to the Black Sheep Bandit.

  124. You’re a gentleman Nick

    RIP Uncle Tom

    “Here’s uncle Tom coming in your ears you dirty fuckers.” I hear through my earphone as I trudge out to do my 10 sets. I’m almost up to 1000 and still haven’t got laid. Tom’s soothing voice assures me that as a 40 year old average looking man I can bang young girls in their SMV prime. If he can do it with his Picassoesque face then surely I’m in with a chance. Maybe it’s all bullshit marketing.

    2000 sets in and I’ve had some weeks of a full dating schedule and even a couple lays. Uncle Tom still coming in my ears, “Theory is great, but you have to get out there where the rubber meets the road.” Daygame is still a grind, but there is hope. Tom talks of arbitrage and a world away from Brisbane where my value is higher. I make plans to travel and buy his Video product. I’m not sure if I like it because it’s educational or porn – God please get me to Europe.

    I’ve done my apprenticeship. 2 years in Brisbane and 3000 sets, Uncle Tom would be proud. I’ve grabbed the Bull by the Horns and gotten dirty and grotty with younger, hotter, tighter – a handful in Brisbane and a couple handfuls in Bangkok – he really was right about that arbitrage thing.

    We meet through Ian in a café in Jakarata. I’m a little star struck. Tom walks in. He’s taller than I thought, and his presence even larger. He greets me like an old friend and makes me feel special. His eyes twinkling, he tells me how good I look for my age. The waitress comes over and he puts all his attention on her, commenting with exaggerated movements how heavy the menu is. We order and then he takes court telling us his sordid adventure of the night before banging an average looking local girl on her period and getting blood all over the bed. “A lay is a lay. And a new flag.” He says with commitment rather than pride. He really is a dirty fucker and an adorable bastard.

    I get to Warsaw and meet the daygame crew. Alex invites me to his apartment and I get a weird feeling in the stair well. The surroundings look oh so familiar. “This is where Tom brought that girl on his video product?” I ask. “Haha. Yes, but don’t worry, you’re not with Thomas now.”

    I walk the streets of Warsaw after my first 6 week Eurojaunt . Tom no longer coming in my ears. I now have my own style. I approach if I want and enjoy the walk if I don’t. I’ve banged the girls of my dreams and have a regular. I’m a legend in my own mind. Tom turns up at the Pizza restaurant with the daygame gang. He waxes lyrical about his van travels and then congratulates me on my tales of debauchery. We go to the pub and he buys everyone a drink. He is as generous with his money as he is his attention.

    Through a series of events outside of daygame life breaks me and then puts me back together better than ever. I decide it’s time to cash in my chips. Uncle Tom approved. And I ended up with the exact wife I wanted. I would never have attracted her enough to want me, nor kept her attracted enough to want to stay with me, if it wasn’t for my daygame journey and Uncle Tom coming in my ears.

  125. Had coaching from Tom in 2015 after Roy Walker’s recommendation. It was a great coaching session and I learnt a lot.

    Tom will be missed. Great guy. Big influence on my life.

  126. To the “Torch Carriers” who shaped my life as a single guy, Tom Torero (women & adventure), Zyzz and Greg Plitt (mindset & fitness), may you Rest In Peace my brothers.

  127. The Black Sheep Bandit videos were bloody hilarious, there was nothing else like them. I was amazed they didn’t have more views.

  128. My introduction to Daygame came through Tom talking on a podcast back in 2014, and his content played a huge part in my early days of learning. Met him a few years later in Warsaw and joined him for beers round some nice and gritty dive bars. He was great company and gave alot of time to offer game and travel advice. I did an interview on his podcast the same year, he was excellent at keeping the flow of conversation smooth, despite me being quite nervous. He had a real ability to not only teach the technical aspects of game, but to make people feel very comfortable and at ease. Rest in Peace.

  129. This one’s a damn shame. My “game” education started with Krauser insight in 2012. Shortly after during those listed years you were referred 2012-15… Tom’s content was so valuable have running throughout the day. A lot of his standard quotes I referenced to a buddy when he was going through a divorce and “redpilling” himself. Told him yesterday the guy he had vicariously gained value from by me quoting Tom’s standard insights had passed. Rest easy Tom.

  130. Dear Tom, You gave me the courage to live the life I was too afraid to pursue on my own. Maybe you rest in peace.

  131. His content is educational as its finest. Motivational, inspirational, truthful, balanced, witty and wholesome. There hasn’t been any other content creator like him. His videos are an encyclopedia of meeting and dating women anywhere with the exception of night clubs. Extremely hard working guy and no. 1 source for approaching your own fear as a man. So much respect for his ability to teach.
    Heart breaking to know negativity won over this time. His positive spirit will last forever and won’t be forgotten, ever.

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  133. I am more sad about Tom’s passing than that of three of my grandparents and two of my uncles combined. It’s the first passing in my life I really feel. I didnt follow Tom that closely the last few years, but I realize I must have really loved him.

    I was introduced to Daygame in 2013, and quickly, Date Against The Machine became the first “bible”. I loved the concise and compressed format, the pedagogic chemistry between Tom and Jon, and Tom quickly became the goto guy the next years giving so much content, and, again, he was so pedagogic and such a people-person – his warmth always came through.
    I wound up working for him a little bit in 2015 setting up some payment stuff for him to sell multiple products, and had some lovely video coaching with him.

    In 2016 in Prague I dated this “10” girl of my dreams, and I messaged him thanking him, “YOU made this possible for me”. A fellow Daygamer I did so many jaunts with, we’ve often been sitting pretty much like the picture you painted, Nick, in Zagreb too, sitting totally satisfied with the “we did it”. Like Tom, I’ve suffered from mental illness (Low Self-Esteem), and the gift of Daygame, from Tom more than any, transformed my life – dozen after dozen of girls, living and working from abroad, everything.

    Another thing my friend and I talk more and more about these days is the downgrading of men in society that has come to be, and acceptable to do. The loss of Tom is the final drop and I feel I need to do something that works in the opposite direction, making men “human again”, equal to women. (There is a law against revenge porn for example, and there should be a law against cancelling people outside the legal system, without a trial, like this horrible newsweek woman did to Tom).

    Rest In Peace, Tom, you should still be here, on new adventures, with all of us, who you saved.

    (PS. I have Date Against The Machine in my dropbox if anyone want it).

  134. Well done Nick. A fitting tribute to the man and a classy touch from you.

    It really is amazing to hear how many lives Tom touched, and to wonder if he knew the extent of his impact.

    I never met Tom but along with Krauser, RSD and Rollo Tomassi, i was able to transform this area of my life from an area of concern, to something that brought real happiness to my life. My life is drastically different from what it could have been. I read Toms books and watched his videos. His content helped inspire and shape my own journey. I particularly valued his collaborations with Krauser.

    We’re at a moment in time where much of the context is being lost for why this community exists and how men just ultimately want to improve their lives in a positive way. We must not let these media attacks affect our positive intent to improve and thrive in this area.

    I’m sure we are all reflecting on what Toms death means and if there is anything to learn from it all…i just feel sad that Tom may not have known the love that there was for him.

    I was personally attacked for my involvement in pick up. Someone ‘discovered’ my interest in day game and anonymously threatened me. It was a nasty experience but i learnt a lesson i’d like to share. There is nothing wrong with learning pick up (although i would keep it a secret from most people who won’t get it). We are simply trying to improve ourselves and removing what is actually some pretty negative conditioning that has held us back. Some people seem to think it is somehow ‘out of order’ to be trying to improve ourselves this way (as if every woman is not finding tricks to improve her appearance and discussing tactics with friends to get their own way in dating).

    Tom was an inspiration to me. The way he created visions and lived them, will always be that to me. I respect and admire how you lived Tom

  135. RIP Uncle Tom. You’ve changed lives of many men in the world including me. You were and will be the legend of Daygame. This hits really hard for me. I wonder if he would still be with us if that Journalist hadn’t published the article.

    I remember when I first started to learn about game and searched how to talk to girl, his video “Beginners Guide to Daygame” came up on youtube. I watched videos from the other guys as well but his video stood out to me and resonated with me the most. He gave exact lines on what to say to a girl in that video that I never saw any other coach do. I watched that video multiple times over few days and I finally gathered courage to go out and use the materials in the field. I remember walking in the mall for 2 hours with my heart pumping so fast that I thought I would get a heart attack. But I managed to get my first set in and from there my life completely changed.

    I binge watched all of his YouTube videos, listened to all the podcasts. From his content, I learned Daygame, I learned about frame and SMV, I leaned about living my life as a man. His video about his childhood and how he looked in college was very inspiring. I changed my fashion, got rid of my glasses, got the lasik surgery done and started working out. Over one year I was completely a different man, all thanks to Uncle Tom. His contribution to Daygame is tremendous and he has helped thousands of men improve their life and helped them sleep with beautiful women. You will never be forgotten Uncle Tom!

  136. MAN. First, I learned from Eddie H, then Tom. I’m Argentinian so when I came back here I translated a lot to Spanish and tailoring adapted the LDM into the MDBA (Modelo Daygame Buenos Aires). Made a GAME school named V5 and now we are one of the big ones and the only high impact GAME training school from Argentina. And everything started with this guy Tom, back when I was in London and panicking about everything. My whole present life as a proffessional coach startes with this man. A huge underground Spanish community was solidified because this guy helped me from 0. I hope, wherever he is right now, I hope he knows that I can’t even start to thank him enough. He knows. Thank you, I love you uncle Tom.


    I’ve already written something but thought I would ask.

    I’d love to share with his family if at all possible what a great influence he had on my life and how I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him.

    Just a thought…

    Thanks for your tribute.

  138. Brothers, we all need to live our best lives in honour of Uncle Tom !!!!!!

  139. I went on a bootcamp with him and Jon in 2012 and Tom was a great guy, really easy to get on with and the things he taught me those couple of days and the content he put out changed my life. Really sorry to hear of his passing but it’s great to read in these comments that he had the same impact on the lives of so many others too. RIP Tom.

  140. I felt devastated hearing about this sad news. Tom videos and his teaching profoundly changed my life as he was my inspiration which leads me to where i am now eventually starting to mentoring younger generation of guys. RIP Tom. Community from Czech Republic won’t forget you.

  141. Hello from Turkey. I think Tom was Best teacher . I will miiss him very much.

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  143. I’m really really sad about this notice! Tom didn’t deserve what happened to him. The accusations don’t have a legal support , he was just chased. He became a master, he became one of those dream guys we always wanted to be . He met girls from all the world, Ukrainian , Russian, polish, etc.

    I can say without a doubt that teachings from him are very useful , human and effective.

    I have my speculations of what happened to him but I think it was for sure because of legal reasons. The cut of money sources was a huge hit and probably he had a bad moment and then there he took “the decision.” He was congruent about what he lived and did, but I think he stayed in a very high vulnerability in the last years that ruined him as a man…

    I learned A LOT from him. Actually I was making some diagrams about his lessons ….

    I’m really sorry … I’ll miss you very much, Tom!

  144. This really is surreal, Always thought Tom would either end up eventually settling down as an older guy or just continue to travel etc. Either way i never thought he would be gone so suddenly. Very sad I still can’t believe it. “The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long” RIP friend you will be sorely missed by many

  145. Beautiful voice, you can feel the soul in this rendition.

    Is there any more of Tom’s music available publicly? I could listen to this all day.

  146. Tom, thank you for all the men whose lives you changed. You truly walked the walk and were the light that kicked our asses into action.

    Whenever a woman responds with “thanks, you’ve made my day” we’ll always see Tom Torero giving us a cheeky grin from above.

    A rare, unique soul whose been taken from us too soon but will never be forgotten.

    Rest in peace Brother

  147. I am so sad. He was a mentor for me. He taught me how to seduce women, understand them better (not hate them, just accept them for who they are).

    I learned english thanks to him because I wanted to see his videos and listen to his podcasts.

    He also gave me the desire to travel, to go on an adventure. I loved his travel videos (especially the one where he left on a motorbike from UK to the French Alps).

    I only met him once in London for a coaching. He was so charming and intelligent. He was giving so much for free. He did a documentary on daygame during one year and then give it for free.

    I loved listening to his voice and his advice during my mountain hikes near Chamonix.

    He opened me up to the world and to women.

    Merci Monsieur Tom Torero

    Au revoir

  148. Tom was the best man in the world.
    Our story began 8 years ago, when I was still a student.
    Our trip to Barcelona with him changed my life. It was next to him that I felt beautiful, self-confident, I felt loved. He was still sincere, attentive, charismatic, self-confident. Next to him I felt like a Queen.

    This trip was incredible and changed my inner world. I dreamed of such a man. We continued to communicate and I always believed and wanted to be his girlfriend, because I never felt so happy with any man. We traveled together, he taught me a lot and the moment came when my dream came true. And we began to live together. It was such happiness. I always wondered how, with such a lifestyle and such a hobby, he remained real and honest. I have always been attracted by his love of life and his open heart.
    Going to sleep in one bed, I thanked God for this gift and the opportunity to be together. This is an indescribable feeling.

    He is the best man in the world. Next to him you feel calmness, confidence, joy. And this was our best time and I am grateful to him for that. I knew what he was doing and it didn’t bother me at all, although I admit that at times I was jealous of other girls.
    The world has lost such a great, talented person.
    He was truly a man with a capital letter.
    He has helped so many, inspired so many, made so many happy.
    He lived a rich and interesting life and you can learn from him.
    He knew how to surprise and delight.
    Forever in my heart❤️ [Thank you for sharing this. K.]

  149. Rest in Peace.
    I remember meeting Tom really briefly only once, I think at a Saturday Sarge event what seems like a million years ago. Other than that I was only able to learn from him indirectly through his incredible body of content. Actually, I also first learned of Nick as a guest on Tom’s podcast back in the day. What an incredible legacy. Hopefully his work doesn’t disappear into the internet ether like much of the stuff did. Not only is it still very much applicable today, but with the sad news of his passing it now means that much more.

  150. I had been friends with Tom for nearly 10 years and had the absolute privilege of working with him filming his products during that time. Tom was one of the few who was a pioneer, a scientist of the industry. Id never known someone to work so hard and achieve so many great results, and be willing to share it and change the lives of so many men.

    Tom was always a pleasure to chat to and work with. whenever we’d pass each other on the street, whether I was filming with another coach or not, he would always stop to say hello. He was always very respectful, charismatic and humble in anything he said or shared and this was congruent in the way he coached and taught the many men he worked with around the world.

    Even after a few days have passed, I’m still in disbelief over hearing the news.. But I’ve no doubt, even in passing, Tom will continue to inspire so many men to change and have happy and deserving lives. He loved to teach, whatever that subject was, it was in his nature to be a teacher.

    I remember back in march 2021, Tom and I caught up over the phone and he was telling me how he was enjoying life as a ski instructor. He even joked that he was offering his ski clients filming services and id be out of business. we laughed. he’d tell me about his travels, seeing the world and most certainly checking bucket list experiences of things that no one would have ever thought of. He is one of the few I can honestly say lived to the max and with no regrets.

    Tom, you were a huge inspiration to so many men, and although you were a client, I’m glad that you were also my friend. I hope where you are now you’ve found peace and find plenty of beautiful girls around you and turning a few of those halos into devilish horns.

    Your friend and forever student


    PS Nick – After checking, I have found raw footage of the dirty tricks event I filmed for Tom, I’ll need to Siv through it to remove anything that may be inappropriate (guys faces or perhaps personal conversations) but there is plenty of moments of Tom being Tom, for his product and off screen. I will look into perhaps somewhere to host the content, ideally somewhere I trust and it can be shared for free. otherwise Nick would you like to host it? I’m sure if Tom wanted someone to share his content, it’d be in safe hands with you. [I’ll happily host it on a blog post here, but before confirming I’ll have to check with the lads closer to his family. Email me or ping me on WhatsApp please. K.]

    • Anthony Hustle is personally leading the charge….. [edited. You are being played. Watch Steve Jabba’s livestream on this. K.]

  151. Amazing tribute Nick,

    After trying mostly night game in bars using RSD methods. Which mostly work in USA not UK
    I came across Tom Torero, his beginner guide to DG was truly inspirational to me. I felt like he was giving me permission to talk to beautiful women in the street. Something most other social conditioned guys can only do when they are drunk in a bar or a club. As a kid I had cancer and was bullied horrendously at school for not looking normal. I knew what it was like to be that geeky kid at school like Tom. I have had some amazing dates and experiences with women I would never even dream about talking before I learnt from Tom. I never met Tom but have lost a close school friend a couple of years ago like Tom he was taken from us well before his time and I have these same feelings about Tom as I do about my late friend.

    I think this is a lesson to all of us that we all need to “Grab life by the horns” RIP Tom

  152. What an absolute tragedy this is. Oh Tom, why did you feel this was your only way out?! Never knew or met the guy but always really enjoyed his content, podcasts and spirit of adventure!

    I am genuinely very saddened by this news. Obviously behind Tom’s cheeky chappy exterior there was some darkness. I think a lot of us (myself included) who’ve got into game and are perhaps natural introverts have felt this darkness at times. Perhaps recent events and his nomadic existence with the resulting isolation meant his “black dog” got the best of him.

    A Legend who is gone but won’t be forgotten. RIP Tom.

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  154. As an ancient Georgian proverb says “the man dies only upon the death of the last person remembered him.” Tom’s name will be immortal and centuries from now, his cocky-funny videos will help millions of men across the globe.

    It was December 2016. I was 28 years-old Georgian student living in a large city in the UK outside London. With the limited experience with women, I somehow managed to be friend-zoned by all my coursemate girls, including the beautiful Tunisian, who I really fancied. I was desperate and depressed. Online dating apps did not work for me. On 1oth of December, I have googled “how to meet girls in the street” and I came across Tom Torero’s channel. That’s how my journey began. The first encounter with his videos was followed by the first approach, first conversation, first number, first date, first instant-date, first make-out, first lay, first SDL. I have spent a great time with tens of beautiful girls and Uncle Tom played a crucial role in that. And I am grateful, that Tom’s materials not only taught me the basics but protected me from the countless scammers and frauds preying on the desperate guys.

    Unfortunately, I have not met uncle Tom in real life. I had a correspondence with him. The first time he emailed me was when I won his competition of 10-day challenge and received a gift of free Stealth Seduction login. The second time he contacted me prior to his visit to Tbilisi, asking me about the city.

    If the day game was an undergraduate programme at University, uncle Tom’s material would have been an “Introduction to Daygame.” He was a pioneer of the daygame, who field-tested all possible techniques and mindsets and delivered them to the broader audience. Like the Greek God Prometheus who stole the fire from Gods and shared it with humankind, uncle Tom demonstrated to us how to bypass the social constructions and how to establish a connection with girls, seemingly higher value than us. But, similarly to Prometheus, uncle Tom was chained by a cliff by mainstream public opinion.

    We, a handful of Georgian daygamers have already commemorated uncle Tom and performed special Shesandobari toast, which according to our tradition, is always followed by the toast for the new life. Hundreds or even thousands of babies have and will be born by the women who met their future husbands from Daygame. Thousands of men fill find their perfect matches by cold approach. While I’m writing these words, hundreds of shy guys are combating their approach anxiety and trying to do their first approach. Life goes on. But Uncle Tom’s spirit will be roaming his favourite places like Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Khreshatik, Novy Sviat, Knez Mikhailova – forever! If I was a field director, I would have made a movie based on your real story!

    Farewell Uncle Tom! Rest in peace! You have joined the pantheon of Daygame Gods. Thanks for everything you did for me! You’ll be never forgotten.

  155. It is an absolute tragedy to hear this news a few days ago. I’ve never met Tom in person, however I have watched so much content of him and he has helped me so much in changing my mindset on girls and life, that his loss came as shocking as that of a family member. I always somehow wished that one day I’d get the ability to meet him in person, as he’s the closest thing to an idol i’ve ever head in my life. To know that now he is gone is such a huge tragedy. A true legend, will be never forgotten. I will cherish his content forever, like the wise old words of a uncle who’s good with girls who I never had. I hope that a tribute to his content will be created, as for sure it can help a lot of guys in solving a lot of their issues. Farewell Uncle Tom. You will be truly missed, you legend.

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  157. Nick just a follow-up thought/comment that came to mind. I was thinking maybe we could create a donation page to raise funds to pass on to his family. I’m sure Craig Cassidy, Tim or Ian know how to get in touch with his mum and could pass the funds directly onto her.
    If we pooled together (and I’m sure many of us would), it could help contribute or even fully cover the costs of his funeral, or reimburse the family if they have already paid.
    I’m not sure what financial situation his family is in, but nevertheless I think it’ll show Tom’s family how much he meant to all of us.
    Personally, I would rather do this, than the Anthony Hustle’s Vault, because this way I know the money is going directly to Tom’s family.

    Either that idea or even a Hardback cover book of tributes from all the comments on this post showing how many lives he positively impacted.

    Anyways, that’s just a couple of thoughts that came to mind, and thanks again for your heartfelt tribute.
    RIP Tom

    • In addition to what you said, another great Idea would be reprinting Tom’s books, so the family could receive the revenues from sales. If the publishing houses in the UK would refuse to print it, there are many publishers in Poland or Ukraine, that don’t care about the mainstream propaganda and would happily print Tom’s whole legacy.

    • This is a good idea. I would like to support Tom’s family and any way to donate to them would be welcome. What Anthony Hustle is doing is theft of Tom’s work and putting it on his own platform/channel without consulting Tom’s relatives, just days after his death. Any profit from Tom’s work should go to his family, and illegally reproducing it or distributing it is piracy.

    • Hey Kash, this is a lovely idea.

      I’ve only met his mum once so I’ll speak with Ian as he’s a lot closer with her than I am. I’m still in shock so I can’t quite imagine how she’d be feeling so it may be a bit premature to bring anything like this up but I’ll let Ian make that call as and when it feels right.


    • I am onboard of supporting the family, and I also suggest donations for preventative actions against mental illness and suicide in memory of Tom.

    • I fully agree with Kash, Ollie and Nordin, and Craig thank you for your sensitive effort towards Tom´s beloved ones – I also will be glad to donate if there is direct secure channel to Tom´s family.

  158. The first time I met Tom was when he did a free seminar in NYC where he talked for hours and spent just as much time (much more than promised) taking questions. His enthusiasm for life, adventure, and (of course) women washed over the audience and inspired everyone. Having seen youtubes of other coaches giving such seminars, I was used to hearing braggy stories of flashy conquests that were often used to wow students and establish (sometimes bullshit) credentials – but from Tom we got nothing but real, actionable advice and years of wisdom distilled into easily understandable concepts that we didn’t even paid for. After meeting some new wings and shooting the shit with them I went home, hopped on my laptop, and emailed Tom requesting a 1-on-1. I was in luck, someone had just canceled and so several spare hours opened up in his schedule.

    My current level was a late-beginner and although I got lucky a few times, I hadn’t truly reached a strong intermediate stage. Tom fixed that – he instantly recognized my issue was largely a lack of quality teasing and bantering. With a few demo sets, he showed me what real r-selected daygame looked like and then drilled it into my head set after set. My last set ended up being an instadate at a cafe, Tom went well over the time I had booked listening in before eventually disappearing. The following day he texted me some feedback and asked me to meet him in Union Square for payment and to return his mic – I hadn’t even payed him yet. He really trusted his students and cared for them and, as Krauser stated, it was his ability to teach effectively that really set him apart from other coaches.

    The lessons I learned from him and that big step from beginner to intermediate forever changed my life. Since then, I’ve become the master of my own destiny and met women who similarly added entire worlds of experiences to my journey. That journey was jump-started by Tom Torero. Thanks again Tom

  159. Fuck man, I am truly saddened by this. Tom was my biggest inspiration in daygame. He seemed like such a great guy. Even though I only met him once, he left a deep everlasting impression on me. I listened to him daily for years on end whilst in a van in NYC doing daygame. Tom lived an incredible life and he inspired so many people. The legend. I will never forget Tom. Thanks for so much! -brice

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  161. Someone please tell me this is not real. Tom is the big brother, the big uncle so many of us never heard. He taught me everything about life. His podcasts helped me through my depression and brought me back to life. More than any beloved family member could do for me.
    And He taught me how to seduce women. My wife loved him, too. How is this possible. Ive met him many times and he was inspiring. Is there going to be a funeral? I’ll never accept the fact he’s dead, Why does it always have to hit the greatest

  162. In one of Toms vlogs, he was driving into the mountains of Slovenia. Tom had a few days “off” and had spontaneously booked a flight to Slovenia and rented a car at the airport.

    We could follow along in the car and hear his voice in the background while we had the front seat view. It was a sunny day, and the scenery was breath-taking with green fields and mountains, as far as the eye could see. His message was simple:

    If not now, then when?

    Many years before, in July 2014, we met outside McDonalds in Riga. I was in my mid-40s and had booked a 5-day residential. I was nervous and excited.

    Tom had booked an apartment at the top floor of an apartment building, next to a church in the old town. There was a national choir competition in Riga, so Tom and I woke up every morning to the sound of choirs singing in the church next to us. It was an interesting backdrop.

    Tom was helping me with texting the girls in the morning (“You are at the gym working on your long legs?!”), and in the afternoon we went out to approach the local women. 12-15 sets a day was the Torero recipe. It was learning by doing.

    I have never been able to replicate the results from that week, so Tom’s presence and guidance worked like magic.

    The next summer I quit my job and started traveling and learning daygame full-time. Tom loved daygame, travelling and adventure, and you soon realised that you loved it too.

    Let us honour Tom’s great memory and spirit by living life to the fullest (“Grabbing life by the horns”).

    Thank you, Tom. You will always be on my mind.

    Thank you Nick for a lovely tribute and for letting us share our memories.

  163. RIP Tom – You Sir are a legend!

    Daygame changed the course of my life. One of my biggest influences and teachers was Tom. He was one of the few men worth listening to and a true pioneer.

    I’d only met Tom on a few occasions at talks in London over the years. He was always came across as a warm hearted friendly soul.

    Several months ago I was walking through Kensington and saw Tom heading into Hyde Park. I was in a rush and he was too far away to stop, but I immediately recognised him. I remember thinking to myself that…I’m glad he’s still around.

    I will always remember the emphasis that Tom put on taking action. On getting out there and facing ones fears head on. It’s easy to write these words, but to live them takes real courage.

    One of my favourite videos that he put out was about his own journey. He showed pictures of himself as an overweight nerdy teenager with terrible dress sense. He mentioned being bullied about his acne and glasses. And how this led him to retreat into activities and hobbies that enabled him to hide from the world around him. The young Tom in those pictures and the Tom we knew were like two different people. The young Tom didn’t just want to change; he had the courage to do it.

    My deepest sympathies go out to Toms close friends and especially his family. His influence and teachings have helped so many of us. My hope is that they get to see the comments on here and perhaps that will provide a morsel of solace at such a painful time.

    RIP Tom. You will always be remembered

    PS Nick – thank you for your tribute, providing the space for us to do the same and ensuring that the comments remain appropriate.

    PPS – I don’t think a monetary value can be put on the effect that Toms had on our lives. However, I’d be happy to make a financial contribution towards the cost of the funeral or something nice for his family as a token of appreciation

  164. Truly sad about the news…

    I would also suggest to see if anyone has any access to his ongoing projects (as far as I know he was working on a “Black Ship Bandit Lifestyle Book” as well as “The Harem Hustle”). Both of these were never published and also not sure if completed. But I think, if possible to access those at all, these should be also published as his incomplete post mortem work and a form of contribution to the community.

    • I thought Harem Hustle was something of a seminar in August of 2019 or 2020? Not sure about the book though, but I value all of Tom’s work a lot and would appreciate if someone has more information.

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  166. I’m a retired Daygamer, now a daddy of two and never met Tom but when I read the news, I was in tears.
    It brought all the fond memories of those Daygame times up again which transformed my life after all, made me leave my office drone job, found my own businesses and a family.

    Tom was the only Daygame top name I hadn’t booked a resi with 😀 – after Andy Yosha, Yad Richard/Street Attr. and Nick (2018). After reading all the warm hearted tributes, I regret it even more.
    However, end of last year I made space on my drive and I’m very happy I kept all the videos I bought – I will honor my Dating Against The Machine and Girlfriend Sequence copies even more now.

    I once had a Daygame blog which got discovered, so I know the feeling of being shamed myself, while what they did to Tom is much worse, calumny, moral manslaughter.

    So Nick: thank you for your attitude in this matter/here, correct as I have come to know you. Pls. let us know what Tom’s last will was, if possible, and what the wishes of his family are.
    If you or the inner circle consider any legal/moral action against that magazine/“journalist”, let me know – I’m more than happy to donate £££ for that cause. I’m very sad but also angry that such an outstanding life ended so tragically.
    R.I.P. Tom

  167. I only met Tom once very briefly while he was doing the van tour in Dublin and I only spoke to him twice that night so I remember both interactions.

    Like a proper fanboy I told him I’d listened to all 160 of his podcasts (at that point), he let me know in no uncertain terms, May god fucking help me.

    I also told him his Dawkins story was a bit mad and he said well Dawkins was a pervert ..I said well it takes one to know one. He said absolutely.

    A great sense of humour he had and what an inspiration and legend Tom was for pushing out the dial for what was achievable when you realised the possibilities in life.

    If one thing is for sure I do hope Toms death is not in vain and all his followers, fans, fellow daygamers alike continue to grab life by the horns in his honour.

    RIP Tom, your work and legend will live on.

  168. I just want to pay my respect to the important figure that was Tom for the community and the influence he made in my life.
    I enjoyed all his videos and i remember taking notes to apply what he teached on the streets.
    His date logistics from A to Z, his video Daygame for begginers,… All his entertaining podcasts also…
    Great guy, a truly loss

    A colleague and student from Spain

  169. Another post from me, as I’ve been speaking with Tom’s mum on the phone several times since last week and wanted to clear some things up.
    As most people now know, Tom took his own life, and the fake news article did play a part in that although it wasn’t the only factor, I won’t go into anything else online. Tom’s mum wanted me to make that clear to prevent any speculation on the internet. I have told her about all the tributes for Tom that have been coming in here and elsewhere and she was very touched by that.
    Some people asked me about the funeral, when it is, if they can attend or make donations/send flowers etc. Tom’s family would prefer the gathering to be limited to close friends and relatives with family flowers only, I think they are planning to put the service on YouTube so people in the community can watch though. Any donations they would like to go to the mental health charity MIND. Here in Switzerland, we are planning our own service for Tom with his friends from the skiing community up in the mountains later this week.
    Regarding making Tom’s content available, I have a lot of his podcasts on my laptop from when I helped him reupload everything two years ago. He has also left some hard drives and an old laptop at my house in the UK, I am not sure what is on them or what his family want done with them though. If any content is uploaded it will only be done with the express permission of his family and will be made available for free, one of Tom’s friends has offered to fund this. I’ll speak to Tom’s mum about this in the future when everything has settled a bit and I’m back in the UK. For the moment his family have made it clear that absolutely nothing should be uploaded without permission and legal procedures will be used to enforce this.
    I still can’t believe Tom is really gone, it feels like I’ve lost a close family member. I’ll never be able to wind him up again by playing K-pop videos on his home projector or hiding plastic slugs in his shoe. Goodbye my friend, I’m sure you’re up there with your Dad flirting with the angels and getting them to take their halos off. You helped me so many times, I wish I’d been able to help you at the end. Tim

  170. I was introduced to Daygame when I stumbled upon Toms podcast and it quickly became clear I had found a gold mine, little did I know it would turn out to be a listening journey that would span for several years and tally 200 episodes. Such tremendous value in his contribution, not just as far as game goes but for life itself, philosophy, lessons learnt what have you. Reading all the comments here is moving and it’s great to see he had such a positive impact on so many guys out there and although I never met him, he had a positive impact on me.

    I wish you fair winds and following seas on your new journey..
    R.I.P Tom.

    To all of you who knew him, to his family, friends and loved ones (should you find your way here) my sincere condolences for your loss.

  171. I first discovered Tom back in 2012 in the days, when I was a socially clueless university student. Hearing Tom talk about his own struggles in early adulthood – and how daygame was the catalyst for his transformation, was what inspired me to commit to hitting the streets and improving my own dating life.

    I never met Tom, although I did see him once in person in Sydney at Pitt St Mall, coaching a student. I was too shy to say hello and thought I would be interrupting his coaching session. A short time later I approached a nice blonde girl and out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom and the student watching on. The socially savvy daygamer he was, he must have spotted my approach and beckoned the student to come observe with him. Inspired by his presence, my vibe was on point that set, albeit I didn’t get the number. As I walked off, I heard Tom say to the student “ah that was unlucky, he did well there”. I regret not saying hello to him that day, but hearing his praise still remains a memorable daygame moment for me almost a decade later.

    In the years to come, Tom was my imaginary wing on many a solo dagyame session. I’d have his Tom Torero podcasts “cumming in my ears” while I hit the streets. I’d always try and do the first approach ASAP – “first one’s the worst one” as Tom would always say.

    In 2019, inspired by Tom’s tales of euro jaunting, I quit my corporate banking job and did a 3 month trip around Middle and Eastern Europe. It was a surreal feeling talking to girls in the same places I’d recognised Tom doing approaches from his video travel blogs. The memories and adventures with girls I had on that trip are largely in part to Tom’s trailblazing ways and him encouraging other guys to do the same.

    There was a couple of reasons for me why Tom stood out from other daygame coaches. His constant calls to action, to “grab life by the horns” and to document in video form all the massive action he was taking and adventures he was having. He constantly told guys not just to be theory junkies. He wouldn’t just preach about the 10/10 challenge (approaching 10 girls, 10 days in a row), he’d lead from the front and do it himself – every year.

    I also admire how Tom never got drawn into the negativity of the manopshere. He never “hated on” women, he always spoke of how he loved women and their femineity. His videos and podcasts were always full of warmth, positivity and cheeky humour. I remember many stressful times back in my corporate life where I’d play his podcasts during my lunchbreak just to hear his friendly voice. He spoke openly about his own struggles with the black dog, and his reminders that “we control the weather in our own head” got me through many of those tough days. It really saddens me knowing that we couldn’t help him in his darkest days like he had helped so many of us before.

    Rest in Peace Uncle Tom. You may not be with us anymore, but your legacy will live on for many years to come.

  172. To someone who really lived life to the fullest, and impacted alot of people’s lives including mine. Tom with his podcasts, and videos helped me find the love of my life which resulted in me getting married. Only regret is I wish I could’ve told Tom that he was a very big part in that journey and that I could’ve thanked him in person. This unfortunate event will make us want to hug our loved ones a bit tighter to hold our loved ones a bit more harder, to say I love you more and be more present with one another. I will always remember you as a cheeky chappy lad who embraced life and really did grabbed life by the horns. Thank you Tom and this is not a goodbye as we’ll see you down the road.

  173. Let’s set up a Go fund me for Tom”s Mom. Does anyone have contact with his family?

  174. Before I discovered Tom torero I was 26, surviving on Jobseeker’s Allowance and had only experienced maybe a handful of disastrous dates from okcupid/pof. I had no self worth, I felt completely trapped and hopeless and I’d often contemplate, even attempt, suicide.

    In 2015 I discovered and most importantly Tom torero. Over the years I’ve religiously consumed all of his free content, books, seminars and video products. Fast forward to today and I’ve now had 2 long term relationships, several beautiful flings and lots of magical one time experiences ;). I’m now a digital nomad that can live and work wherever I want. I’ve not only been blessed with connecting with hundreds, if not thousands, of wonderful women from every walk of life, but I’ve also built some cherished long term friendships.

    I credit Tom with my new life and the truly mind-blowing experiences that I’ve had over the last 6-7 years. I’d often dabble in other influencers content but I’d always come back to Tom because he avoided all of the toxic red pill, woman/society hating nonsense. He was average looking, like me, and only ever preached happy feel good and cheeky vibes. While I’d watch other guys crumble to other influencers (money making) negativity. He’d always keep me humble and centred and remind me of how beautiful life is and how blessed I should be to share this unique gift of connecting with the world.

    A couple of days ago I was in bed with a lovely lady and I burst into tears, as if one of my dearest friends had just passed away. I guess in that moment it just hit me of how much of an impact he had in my life. I was in bed with a beautiful Greek woman, all because I ran around, showed her my tiger eyes and gave her a cheeky little comment about her walk.

    In honour of Tom, I’m determined to travel to lots of new countries this year, as I’ve been a little lazy on that front.

    Thank you, Tom, you changed my life.

  175. His life gave men “a window into what was possible..”

    My early twenties wouldn’t have been the same without his work. He inspired me to grab life by the horns in business, friends, trips, hobbies. Women. Here’s to you, Uncle Tom.

    You will be missed.

  176. Beautiful post Nick. RIP Tom.

    I first met Tom when I signed up to a bootcamp in late 2011. Him and John absolutely blew my mind that weekend. In fact, you were there, Krauser, filming some of my infield which Tom & Jon analysed later that day. The three of you combined completely transformed my life and my relationships that weekend, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    Tom was an incredible teacher and such a wonderful person to be around. That such a tragedy could happen to him is unthinkable.

    I wish only love and happiness for everyone else in the pick-up community.


  177. Very sad to hear the news. I met Tom in person and talked on the phone, as well as listening to most of his podcasts and videos over the years. His podcasts gave me so much knowledge and his travel/adventure videos inspired me greatly. He was an amazing teacher and always had everyone laughing with his verbal banter skills. He came across as a good person and wanted to help others.

    He has improved my life in a very positive way. Many of the greatest memories and experiences I have had are a result of being inspired by Tom’s content. Previous to that, I had struggled most of my twenties with my dating life. Since discovering Tom’s content and meeting like minded guys in the community, I have improved in multiple areas of life and have had a successful dating life and have now had lots of amazing experiences and relationships with girls. He has helped me to not only improve my dating life, but also given me the inspiration to travel, try new hobbies and live a life full of adventures. I have also made some great long lasting friends from attending Tom’s talks. All this I owe to Tom.

    Tom helped 1000’s of other men improve their dating life’s, become more confident and charismatic, improve social skills etc. He inspired people to travel the world, start their own business, and live a life of adventure. I am sure he will continue to inspire countless more people to do the same.

    He will always be an inspiration for me, and will continue to motivate me to live life to the full and grab life by the horns as he always said.

  178. I had a great joy of watching Toms adventure vlogs on youtube.

    They always gave me this NEED for adventure and pushed me to look for adventures. Because of Tom I have become a better and a happier man.

    Rest in peace Tom, you will be missed.

  179. A tragedy, never met the man however his podcasts are peerless for explaining LDM 101 concepts to beginners. I remember walking round a local city as an initially hapless daygamer putting into practice his clear advice.
    The absence of bluster and bombast was refreshing.
    Insights like mentally rehearsing possible openers from random photos or just people you meet.
    A spark in the firmament who improved my life.
    Tom will live on through his work.

  180. I took a Daygame bootcamp with Tom in 2013, a day coaching with him in Moscow in 2014 & I met him a few times in London & Moscow over the years.
    I didn’t know him well but after a few days the idea that he’s gone has soaked in and I feel like I lost a good friend. Tom was charismatic, intelligent, a brilliant and inspiring teacher and was a decent, warm, generous person.
    On new Year’s Eve with my girlfriend soon to be wife who I met on the street in Moscow 5 years ago, I drank a toast to Tom.

  181. I am so sad. He was a great teacher. I loved his books, podcasts, videos…
    Tom, thank you.

  182. Tom was my influential virtual compagnion for over 10 years. I have so many unforgettable experiences to thank him for. My entire life would have been different without his influence.

    Tom has given me the courage and inspiration to break out of my comfort zone, travel the world, conquer countless beautiful women, and live many adventures. I have made my closest friends along the way. The turnaround in my life that Tom helped catalyze cannot be overstated.

    Tom has embodied humor, generosity and lust for life, irony and serenity, while always maintaining freedom and authenticity. He embodied all of that. I am forever grateful for his inspiration and infinitely sad that such a good man is now dead.

  183. It’s so sad to see him pass on, one of the OG’s in the game I met around mid-summer 2011 with SS. At the time I wanted to change my life around, I spent all my life studying but not going out having fun and meeting new people, I wanted to find new friends, mentors as I didn’t have a good roles models growing up. Tom was one of the first few men that I looked up as a mentor, I was shocked and sadden by the lost and thought about it for days. He was a great man and will be missed dearly me many people, he brought changes and happiness to likeminded people and put them on a path to success pushing people to keep growing and becoming better versions of themselves.

  184. I never met Tom but I would have loved to. I started my daygame journey in summer of 2012.In the summer 2012.
    I am completely self taught and learned from Tom and John matrix watching there videos.
    Much later came the foreign adventoures but the first London gamer I came across was in kiev and after that there were more I met.
    Still kept watching Tom’s adventoures even if sometimes got irritated with what he had to say.
    But it’s funny now he is gone I feel really sad I watch a beautiful tribute youtube movie this morning that showed Tom with all his adventoures.

    I wish I had met you on the streets I would have loved to have a bear with you and talking about your adventoures.
    You will be missed as one big ones

  185. Nick – this is a class post, thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute about Tom.

    Tom’s content left a powerful impression on me and encouraged me to become more confident, charming and flirtatious with women. His mindset of being a “black sheep” resonated so well with me and his desire to travel and have adventures inspired me to take action, book flights and explore new cities by myself. I am a better man thanks to Tom.

    Reading the comments above and speaking to friends, he inspired many others as well.

    I never got a chance to meet Tom in person but I am grateful to have found his content and learnt so much from his books, podcasts and videos

    Rest in peace Tom and thank you

  186. You couldn’t have written a more decent appreciation. Condolences, and a commendation for the post.

  187. Watching his old videos with nostalgia. He brought so many guys out of darkness, and some vile journalist pushed him there.

    The fact that Newsweek and that journalist revealed his private information, despite acknowledging he did nothing technically illegal, should be held accountable in court.

    I’m sure lots of us would be willing to help the family if they decide to go that route.

  188. I never met Tom, but I watched his videos, listened to his podcasts, and bought one of his books.  He provided me with hundreds of hours of harmless pleasure, inspiration, and practical advice.  I’m much better off for having found him.

    Nick, thanks for handling this with such class.  Your post was a fitting tribute to the man and his legacy. 

    Finally, my condolences to all of Tom’s friends and loved ones.  He was truly remarkable.

  189. Even though my daygame career never really took off, Tom was such an inspiration to me. Always put a smile on my face knowing he was out there somewhere gallivanting over the world practicing what he preached. I did meet him a couple of times so am thankful for that. Such sad news. Thoughts go out to his family and friends now. And thanks Nick for putting this tribute up. I know you and him had some disagreements in the past but you put that aside and paid your respects beautifully and having been close to him in years gone by i can’t imagine what a shock it was for yourself. RIP Tom you will be truly missed by many.

  190. So sad to hear about the death of Tom. I was a big consumer of Toms content and met him back in 2018. On first meeting him i remember him being very charming and witty. He complimented me on my hair and he was happy to answer any questions i had.

    I thanked Tom for teaching me frame control which helped me not just get better with women but also handle situations in my job as a site manager. Tom has also inspired me to travel and’ ill continue to grab life ban the horns

    My lasting impression of Tom was that he was the real deal.

    Tom i hope you rest in peace & i am sure you’re day gaming in heaven.

    Your legacy will last forever

  191. İ can say Tom changed my life, now everything is better. I never met him and i knew that i would never meet him as well. He was great teacher and he will never forget as a legend.
    In addition i have learnt many many things from you Nick. Thanks, I wish you the best.

  192. We will miss you Tom. I wish he knew how many people cared about him. I wanted to meet him one day or atleast chat with him. What a shame this happened. He is truly a legend. I hope we can all carry the torch of his teachings

  193. RIP Tom. Man is a legend.

  194. Gone but never forgotten Tom! RIP fella. And respect to you Nick with this tribute piece. Unlike the other so called “friend” on youtube we won’t name!

  195. For the last week or so – since hearing about Tom’s death – I’ve been thinking about him, feeling the sadness come and go as I revisit the memories I have of him and read the tributes on various blogs. But it never fails that picturing that cheeky bastard’s face brings a smile to mine. The first time I came across him was a video in 2013. I remember his Saturday Sarge talk and thinking, “This guy is cool, I think he’s onto something I could use so I’m not an awkward, lonely cunt anymore.” There were a few guys in those days – Sasha Daygame comes to mind – that were shambling about as everyone struggled to find a working model. But Tom’s style was refreshing. I learned to approach girls and flirt with them, and it wasn’t long before I met my first girlfriend. It goes beyond girls; in every social interaction I have to this day, some of Tom’s influence can be found. I wish I could meet the guy, and more than anything, thank him in person and buy him a drink. He’s given me so much. I wish I could hear him talk with his usual passion about one more adventure. He was always innovating and experiencing. He truly licked the lid of life, and will forever inspire guys to do the same. Thanks for everything, Uncle Tom. Rest in peace.

  196. found out about Toms passing in the last week or so and man its hit me hard, Can’t believe he’s gone. It’s heartwarming to see in the comments how much he meant to people.RIP Tom

  197. I had a whatsapp consultation with him. RIP Tom.

  198. He was the uncle, the big brother, the cousin, the role model, I never had. The source of advice that most men are lacking in this modern world. Hands down he saved my life in 2015 and pulled me out of clinical depression and made me a greater man. And now the man is dead but I’m sure I’m not the only man whose life he’d saved. That’s a 1000+ vs 1, a very good set ratio, Sir, as always. I’ll spread your wisdom until the end. My wife and I will forever my grateful for what you did.

  199. RIP Tom Torero, he seemed like a genuine inspiration for other men. Adventure, girls, travel etc. His videos had unique beauty and inspiration! I remember the Blade Runner tribute to Japan. Having been there myself, he was spot on! I really I hope somebody keeps archive of them. This is really sad, condolences to his family. They should know that he inspired a lot of men, possibly helped them out of suicide. Real shame I never got to meet the man.

  200. He lived the fast life for sure. One could almost say he sacrificed his life for us. There’s a significant number of guys I’ve met who enter the PUA world and then leave and become successful in other areas of their lives.

    When I watched stealth seduction, I didn’t watch most of it. I just wanted to know how it was done. He got compliance. Ah. I realised my skills were good enough, I just don’t get much compliance. One could have questioned the SMV of the girls and even Tom. But still, that gave me a feeling of ease. With the ease felt from feeling comfortable with this area of my life, I went and put my efforts to succeeding in my other areas of life. Ease was instilled in me, but anger was instilled in others. And now you have this.

    I won’t forget you Tom. I’m going to keep going. I’ll go as high as I can. For you.

  201. I followed Uncle Tom for several years (golden era of manosphere). His work inspired me a lot and played a major role in changing my life for the better. I am shocked about what happened and of course – like everyone else – curious about “how?” and “why?, THANK YOU Tom! Rest in peace.

  202. I’ve been friends for some years with a guy who Tom said it was the best daygamer he ever knew. If you’ve listened to his podcast, you’ll know who I’m talking about. This guy told me many times how Tom Torero changed his life for the better. Both them kept contact and I remember reading Tom’s messages over Whatsapp or hearing his audio messages on my mate’s phone. I was a subscriber of his YouTube channel, and of course I listened and read o everything he published either with you, Nick -that beginner daygame guide- or on his own.

    In spite of Tom being some times on the verge of showing up here, life happened. He eventually ended up traveling to the East, as he used to.

    I never met him, but I always wanted to.

    Thanks, Tom.

  203. I just found out that he passed away through a snap I saw of someone else who’d also had a hit piece done on them by the same journalist. I had to do a double take when they said Tom Torero had passed.

    I discovered him for the first time in 2016 and his stuff helped me out big time while I was living in Bulgaria. I’d look forward to his uploads every week and his new infields. I stopped day gaming around 2018 and never really thought about it since. I’d google him every now and then (I remember seeing the bs BBC controversy around 2019) but apart from that I’d never think something like this would happen.

    I’d never met him but he truly was a long distance teacher I wish I had the pleasure of hanging out with. What a damn shame. RIP Tom.

  204. I found out that Tom had passed away just last night after being offline for a couple of weeks. The news hit me really hard.

    I only met Tom once, but during my early days of learning game, I listened to him every day. I must have listened to Badass Buddha 30 times in order to internalise everything he laid out in that amazing talk. I listened to all his seminars, all his podcast episodes, and devoured his YouTube videos. I credit Tom for really making me a man. He gave me the kick up the ass to get out, to approach women, and to be confident in interactions. In the early days, I actually emulated a lot of what he said and how he acted. It worked a charm.

    The one time I met Tom was at the Manchester meetup while he was doing his van tour in 2018. I brought along a bottle of Black Sheep Ale and gave it to him. He seemed pleased with that bottle of ale! At that meetup, his presence and charisma were striking. He showed great interest in everyone he spoke to, even if it were only for a few minutes. I didn’t get a photo with Tom that day, but someone took a group photo. If anyone here was there that day, let me know if you have that group photo.

    Tom was so appreciative of the bottle of ale that I gave him that on the next podcast he made, he referred to me as ‘Black Sheep Ale guy’ and asked me to get in touch with him so that he could give me access to his vault of products for free. It was such a nice gesture. Even when I lost access to the vault a year later when he switched things around with his website, I emailed him and he remembered me. He reinstated my free access immediately.

    When I heard things were not going so well for Tom back in November/December last year, I emailed him saying that I was here to help and that if he needed a place to stay, I had a small flat that he could use. He never replied.

    Tom taught me much more than just game. His philosophy on life was also something that intrigued me. I remember one podcast where he was talking about how bad things in life don’t really matter. In the grand scheme of things, these negative things don’t mean anything. He said to look up at the stars in the sky in wonder and awe and think “What the hell is this? No one really knows what is going on.”

    Last night I listened to a song that Tom recorded 11 years ago and uploaded to his Sound Cloud account. It was his version of the song ‘Use Somebody’. So poignant. He was also an amazing singer.

    I will continue to listen to Tom’s work and I will absolutely continue to grab life by those horny horns. And if I have learned just one thing from Tom’s incredible body of work, it’s to say f*ck it and just do it.

    Thanks for everything Tom.

  205. Tom Torero is a Daygame Rockstar. Legend.

    Tom’s content isn’t just about “girls”. It’s about living life on your own terms. Breaking free from the 9-5 grind. Living a “cheeky” nomadic life.

    Tom wasn’t a guy who was born good with women. A sheep-shagging Welshman. He was bullied at school. He had acne. A nerd at Cambridge (with bottle glasses “like Harry Potter!” he would say…). But if he could transform himself why not us?

    Tom actually married young. Was religious. Then got divorced. Tom knew what it was to be depressed, alone and afraid. Why do you think he was such a good teacher and mentor? Helping guys without hope and fear on their own journey of transformation. The kind of guys looking for dating advice aren’t the kind of guys sleeping with a lot of women I can tell you that!

    It’s not easy to get into Cambridge. Do you know what’s even harder than that? Sleeping with hundreds of beautiful women. Do you know what’s even harder that?! Teaching guys to do that while producing 100s of hours of paid and free content documenting the process. Advice on acne, advice on traveling around the world and yes sleeping with women. Tom used to tell women he picked up that he taught men confidence. I think in a weird way that’s actually more the truth.

    And I hate to break it to you but most of the guys who consumed Tom’s content aren’t sleeping with hundreds of women, travelling the world and living out of a van. At most the average guy is being inspired attract a few women, maybe get a girlfriend/wife and live a bit more adventurous life? I don’t think that’s the worst legacy in the world for a guy from Wales.

    Do you think any of the girls would have slept with him if he hadn’t made that transformation from nerd to player? Women are only your mirror Tom would say. They loved his transformation more than anyone *that’s* why they slept with him. Was he hustling them or were they using him? Life’s funny like that you never know as Tom would say.

    Uncle Tom also gave advice to all sorts of hopeless guys. He was an agony aunt (or uncle?). He didn’t need to do that. Nobody else in the community has produced more free high quality content to help guys than Tom. 200 Podcasts. Countless Youtube videos. He has probably saved as many hopeless guys from topping themselves then the rest of us put together I reckon. That’s got to count for something.

    Yes Tom wasn’t perfect. A bit of rogue. A sinner. He knew that. Occupational hazard of being a player. But if there is a heaven Tom’s going to be up there joking around with God saying look how many hopeless guys I got into relationships and into having kids. Look how many guys I saved! Gotta count for something big guy! God you hustled me! And laughing at the irony. Jesus hung out with sinners so who are we to judge Tom?

    Tom Ralis is dead and that’s of course tragedy for him and his family. But Tom Torero helped so many guys even ones he never met. He lived 100x more in one lifetime than most of us will live in 10 lifetimes. He licked the lid of life. He couldn’t save himself in the end. But Tom would also say life’s a bitch and then you die. And ain’t that the truth. He died how he lived on his own terms.

    P.S.Tom would be laughing at all the keyboard warriors arguing about his legacy. The White Knights riding to his rescue. He’d say get out from behind your keyboard and TAKE ACTION! Maybe I should do the same…

    P.P.S.I miss you Tom..though you do live on through your life’s work! Black Sheep Bandit last episode the music over the battlefields. Epic bike ride. Mission Accomplished. Take a bow. You’ve inspired so many guys to better lives you don’t even know.

    • Yeah no S90T . All he did to change my life is say one word one time in one moment and it was, appropriately, the word “GO”. He probably gave me a little shove to start me on my way too…

  206. Tom wasn’t just a dating coach, or a pick up artist, or some guy talking about random things on the internet…he was our father, our uncle, our brother in arms.

    I know for me personally he has taught me more about women, life and everything in-between, than any father/uncle/brother of mine ever has, or ever could. He raised me up, ever since I was a young chap, he was there walking through life with me and guiding me from afar, he shaped me to be the man I am today, I considered him my mentor, as I’m sure many others did.

    When I heard the news it was like a ton of bricks landed on me, I’ve had a mixture of emotions from sadness to anger, especially when I heard about the details. It’s horrendous how his character and livelihood was targeted.

    Tom does deserve justice, we must not forgive or forget what they did to our beloved mentor, and we must consistently apply pressure and peruse this rogue ‘journalist’ until justice is rightfully served.

    They took him from us, but they can never take the gifts he has bestowed upon us before his departure, his legacy lives on in the form of his content that will forever continue to inspire us, lift us up when we’re down and push us to be the best we can be.

    As they say, ‘players never die, they just try their luck at another table’. Gone, but never too far away, forever our brother in arms, Tom Torero.

  207. Thank you, Tom. You made the world a better place and helped so many people improve their lives, including me. God bless you.

  208. James Tusk and Troy Francis Lucas claim that Torero is ALIVE. What’s going on?

  209. Beautiful tribute. Tom was hands down the best dating coach and an overall great guy. His way of speaking and mannerisms were truly special, hence why so many people mimicked him. I only got to speak to him once over WhatsApp when I had some sticking points in daygame, and he was such a cool guy about it. Not only did I learn a lot in that 1h but I left feeling like I could do it, just because of how he explained everything.

  210. Tom changed my life and I owe so many great memories to listening to and following his teachings. Am so upset he is gone. Never met him despite living in London. Hope his friends and family are not suffering through all of this and realise how many lives he touched and improved.

  211. Thought I’d just tune into to find out latest goings on with you here at my work desk Nick and found this. I feel absolutely gutted. I met him when I was with both of you for a full week residential in 2013. I signed up with that buddy of yours site (the ‘natural’ or whatever) as you were probably running out of $$ and needed a residential to fuel your reprehensible lifestyle for a another month or two or you’d be back in Newcastle. So it was weird – I had just taken a weekend thing some months before with Yad at a few months prior and – there was like ZERO hesitation that I was going. It wasn’t even a decision, it was automatic, a MUST opportunity as you weren’t doing many of them and were kinda cranky about the prospect. THEN I get word back from someone working for your buddy’s site asking if it was ok if you brought Tom Torero along. I was like ‘I’m not paying both of those guys’ and they said ‘no, no it’s ok, Nick is just gonna split it with Tom and you get the apt and all is good”. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY LUCK !! How in the F’ do I get both of them for this ? No way !

    First morning out with you guys while Nick still bleary eyed as we didn’t yet even have a coffee Tom kinda took control a bit out of the gate which kinda surprised me as it was Nick’s residential but I was under the impression that Tom was along for the ride – we spied a blond ahead and it was at his urging I make an approach. I did & got her number & despite excellent coaching etc. didn’t even get a date with her on that trip. Nothing seems to come easy to me though and I observed Nick and Tom working all night on leads not only from that day but dates & contacts from months & years ago & honestly I myself was no stranger to keeping up communications….anyway long story short: 4 years later we were married & now 3 kids. I bless the memory of that guy. Feel bad I didn’t stay in touch – painful to think about his last words at the airport to me “Stay in touch – you’re a friend now…”. It was such an off the wall crazy thing to do to travel partway around the world to a place I’d never been (my suggested locale which they ok’d) & go on that residential and stay with these 2 guys I’d never met who were like extremists and movement leaders/sector super-experts in terms of their approach to this fringe of society activity and way of thinking – like going on a snowboarding trip with a couple X-Games champs who were kind a competitive with each other. So F’in helpful he was, so positive, so encouraging.

    I remember feeling bad thinking about his ‘dark nights of the soul’ that seemed to plague him and I have another regret or two and I’ll confess it here: it was to adopt an opinion about a few matters and actions I had observed and heard about that had NOTHING to do with me and I never discussed with him to hear his view. Yeah, I didn’t like what I heard and I kinda judged. This is a stark, in the face lesson to me and has me even more gutted about this. How F’in dare I ? This isn’t about me though but it’s yet another, final, contribution he’s made to me. This time a painful one and I don’t doubt that I’ll benefit from this too.

    Anyway he affected my life. What if he hadn’t urged me on that approach ? What if I was with Krauser only and he took a shine to her and wanted to first ‘show me how it was done’ or ramble on about this our that theory, heh heh. No, Tom looked at me first/right away when she was in view, looked me in the eye and told me to GO. I probably wouldn’t have gone out and made that approach 5 minutes out the door on my first morning as the first activity of the day if it wasn’t for him – it was kind of a shock being thrown in the water right away by him. In later years my now wife and I would jog by the spot, stop and have a quick kiss before resuming our run.

    Thanks Tom. Thanks a lot. I’ll never forget that moment you told me to “GO” or that week and for what I had to face and learn just now which lesson I know you’d be kind about. Thanks more than I can say.

    Mr. M

  212. I recall very clearly one person asked you way back when whether Tom Torero was a good Daygame teacher and your short reply: “none better”

  213. Is there a way we collectively take legal action against the disgraceful reporter Danya Hajjaji for false accusations and involuntary manslaughter?!….

  214. I’m sad for the loss of Tom Torero, back in 2014 i was single AF and started to search for answers, somehow i end up in this page, and through this web you promoted Tom Torero, and Rollo Tomassi with the Rational Male, I ready every blog and book to improve my chances with girls and thanks to Tom my life completed changed from being a loner to have a lasting relationship with women, 8 years later i’m here 32 y/o, i’m not currently looking to hook up because now i value more my time alone than in a relationship, but i’m very confident with women. if it wasn’t for him and the Rationale male i could be in a miserable relationship right now, i’m glad i knew Tom, RIP

  215. Thanks Tom!! So much to learn from your teaching and your life, for daygaming and for living life. Invaluable.

  216. Hearing the news of your passing rippled through the world and beyond. So very unexpected, but alas you are in a better place now.

    Tom and Jon Matrix’s video bootcamp documentary video back in 2013 was one of the very first I’d seen, I remember being blown away. Being called for breakfast by my parents, I stayed late to carry on watching the video, I was hooked.

    Amidst a painful trauma filled high school experience, seeing the video gave hope when I was in a very very low place. For that I thank you.

    For the next few years I changed my life around completely, attending University and running up and down the main Street. Taking brave steps to ‘lick the lid of life’ as Tom would say.

    In 2015, Tom came to the country for his world tour. The following day I had the whole day with Tom doing a 1 on 1 bootcamp.

    Tom pumped up my spirits and could see things that I couldn’t. He offered great advice and it was great to see such a revolutionary man who paved the way for so many. (I think his secret, was the pump up, that would shut out the self doubt of the student and massively boost confidence.

    Positive words of encouragement that I think many men don’t get in this day and age. Admist a very different climate and era that has passed since then.

    Over the years further along my developement I stayed in touch with Tom and sent him copies of a first draft book I’d been writing, he kindly offered to proof read and offered insights.

    Tom was very inspirational, honest and positive. A great teacher and mentor. ( a lot of people like to discredit Tom saying he did this or he did that, whatever the case he owned it fully)

    I recall back in the world tour in 2015 him being very open about the incident that was around at that time saying “feel free to ask me anything about what I’ve done or anything” and there was silence. Not a peep from everyone.

    You have to credit someone who’s willing to own up and accept mistakes openly.

    Thank you Tom for the inspiration, the motivation, a beautiful man with a beautiful heart.

    Underneath it all, and his motto if you looked closely enough was “always doing things with love”.

    Tom will be missed by many but never forgotten, a pivotal character in our modern world of life.

    Tom changed the lives of many for the better.

    Once again, Thank You Tom for everything, I would not be who I am today had you not been who you are.

    You still live on as an inspiration.

  217. Great memorial earlier by moorgate, he inspired so many with his great videos, to keep going and stay in a good mood

  218. Just found out!
    Whenever I come out of a relationship its always his material I go back to. Met him in Holborn for a day course. Nice bloke. Really wanting to help the lads.

    Very sad. He had good intentions but was demonised for it.

    Still got the essence of the LDM. and his dates template. GOLD. Its what sets you apart in seduction. I see so many guys making so many mistakes. If only they knew!

    He helped us get women, dates, girlfriends. What a legend. And lets be honest probably helped some of us through depression.


  219. RIP Tom. Had multiple coachings with him through what’s app voice chat and he was really nice, helpful and chill. Even emailed me some tips afterwards. His legendary pickup video where he’s coaching two students is one of the first pieces of content i saw on daygame.

  220. I just learned of Tom’s death today and was extremely disappointed. Tom’s YouTube videos inspired me to start cold approach and encouraged me to push through the adversity of hundreds and hundreds of rejections. Tom deserved much better than what he received from that feminist crusader. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. My sincere condolences to his family.

  221. Having given up on game for years, I only learned of Tom’s death today. I’m not ashamed to say I cried.

    Tom often inspired me when I was down and suicidal myself. His (and Nick’s) work changed the course of my life and opened up my eyes to the stark realities of modern dating.

    I can empathise deeply with why Tom chose to leave this world behind. He’d seen it all. Drunk deep from the cup. But, like many of us, was still left wanting.

    I salute you Tom. You were a man of action and commitment. You were human, flawed and strove nonetheless to rise above it all.

    RIP uncle. Your cheeky soul is sorely missed.

  222. This man has taught me so much. Not only daygame but how to stand for myself, how to hold the frame, to go after what i desire no matter how hard it seems. To grab the bull by the horns! Truely a role model for men.

    Rest In Peace Tom!

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