These are all the video interviews / podcasts that I can remember doing. I’ve put them in date order from earliest to latest.

1. July 2011 presentation to the London Seduction Society taking about deeper meta-game underlying the dynamics of male-female interaction in set. Fairly heavy.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

2. August 2011 podcast with Tom Torero for Click here. Mostly its him making innuendos and drawing out anecdotes about daygame sets we’ve done.


3. May 2012 daygame talk to the London Saturday Sarge about how to put masculinity presence into your daygame sets and the problem with being too fake on the street.

Part One

Part Two

4. May 2012 infield teaching with the London Real Guys is a noobs primer for daygame.

5. May 2012 interview with London Real (shortly after the infield portion) is probably the best of the bunch. It’s got my story and lots of the sociology.

6. April 2013 podcast discussion with Tom Torero and Jon Matrix. Click here. It’s mostly about how to game in foreign countries on short trips.


7. July 2013 interview with Sam Django is me asking him about his journey.


  1. In the LSS series, you give a good system of the 4 Types of Men and the corresponding Female Matches. [That is an overlay, independent to the male hierarchy in the alpha/beta/omega sense. K.]

    However, you have not done yet your own full blown interpretation of the Male Hierarchy. Ala Roissy, Vox, Tomassi. I’d be interested in your fleshing out, in particular: [That’s more their field. Vox and Tomassi are taken men so they can’t specialise in my direction where I actually bang new girls. They are highly analytical and sociologically-oriented so I’d rather leave the academic progress to them while I get my hands dirty in set. Don’t read that as dissing them…. Vox and Tomassi have chosen their women so have different goals. They are both very good writers in their specialisms and the manosphere is lucky to have men of such knowledge. Roissy is more of a hybrid. Taken together they will turn Red Pill into an academic discipline.]

    1. The Beta vs. The Gamma. You’ve said you are working on a framework [It’s fairly simple. Gammas are atomised feminised intellectual rule-benders. Betas are herded masculine everyman rule-followers. It’s like comparing a jackal to a sheep]

    2. The SIGMA vs The Alpha. This one is particularly fascinating to me, for a couple reasons. [Alphas are winning a game that takes tremendous effort and usually ends badly, but sweeping up the gold before they are usurped. Sigmas were marooned in youth and retooled as lone wolf predators. An alpha gets his rewards early and his trauma late. A sigma gets his trauma early and his rewards late. Both work hard: the alpha is constantly pushing water uphill, the sigma is mixing extreme laziness with intermittent bursts of pushing boulders up the hill. In both cases their carefree don’t-give-a-fuck is illusory.]

    How does the Sigma actually “beat” the Alpha in a one on one situation, to get sexual access. You’ve written elsewhere on the blog, “Game is a competition against other men.” [If you had to fight a shark, would you fight it in the water or on grass?]

    If the Sigma is “outside the male hierarchy” itself, while the Alpha reigns supreme within it, what is the Sigma bringing to the table, competitively, to “outmatch” the Alpha for superior sexual access. [He doesn’t outmatch the alpha, he provide a substitute product. Depending on circumstance, girls will have a preference for one over the other. The sigma conveys on a personal 1-to-1 level exactly the same masculine value that the alpha conveys to the group: dominance, frame control, good DNA, boundaries, leadership, confidence etc.]


    • Interesting distinctions all the way around

      Especially: that the “devil may care” attitude is illusory. Roissy and Tomassi have it as natural and inherent in the Alpha nature. You’re saying – no escape from the work.

      Have you read Nassim Taleb’s “Antifragile”? . A follow up to “Black Swan”

      Taleb talks about the superiority of real-world feedback on the street to “book knowledge” Better solutions, better results. He talks about how the street guy trader “Fat Tony” didnt need Taleb’s own highly polished Ivy League education to get superior results.

      I am seeing this everywhere in my own life since I read the book. It strikes me your approach to game – “getting dirty on the street” – is exactly this.

      • Seen it , done it, been there.

        Your style is too time consuming, you have to be extremely rich to support this kind of lifestyle. It takes too long, the conversation is over dragged out.

        If I’m going for a lay, I am direct and to the point I don’t play too many games except for the direct game.

        But interesting blog, I agree with some and disagree with some.

        Semi-retired player

  2. The guy that asked the first question at the end of the LSS talk was so fucking annoying it’s as if he just wanted to argue so he could feel important…What a Twat!

  3. You are correct about feminism. Pure, undistilled, unadulterated evil. A vile hate movement that seeks to castrate all men and instil a totalitarian gynocracy.

  4. An Alpha is a leader of men who can beat the Sigma by outnumbering him, whilst the Sigma can beat the Alpha one on one, and can only do this by isolating the Alpha, this tactic is known as encircling in the art of war I bellieve. You guys did not know that the sigma can beat the Alpha on a one on one fight. This is why he is a loner, he is too rough for people to follow, fears and respected from afar.

  5. Alpha is every man who is with woman and want to secure her before other man

  6. I accidentally came accross your blog and watched your April 2013 interview and skimmed trough your blog. I feel I would like you to know how I see pure spirituality in action in what you do. The journey you chose may be unconventional one, but it surely unwraps your soul and connects you to your inner being. I honour your journey and send you my blessings! Shine on ❤

  7. The rawness blog that you talk about in the London Real interview is no longer online. Do you know if the articles are available to read anywhere else? [No idea. Try wayback machine. K.]

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