I will be coaching a limited number of students in 2022. You can contact me by email at nickkrauser1(at)gmail(dot)com or by leaving a comment on my blog [1]. Now that Covid is basically finished, the streets are recovering and travel is easier.

My preferred coaching style is for “residentials”. This means we will meet in a good place for daygame [2] and spend five days together picking up girls. This is my minimum guarantee of what you’ll get for your investment [3]:

  • Five days infield with me personally. I do not delegate coaching. It will be 1-on-1 with me. No other students, no other coaches.
  • Each of those five days is a minimum of five hours infield. Usually we aim to catch the lunch rush, take a break, then catch the evening rush [4]
  • I’ll do sets too, to demonstrate technical points, but the focus in the five hours is YOU. So, if any of my sets go on a while, the time is added on at the end so you get your minimum
  • Unlike certain other expensive coaches, I won’t spend half your time eating and the other half bullshitting you
  • We’ll use microphones and video where relevant, that I’ll supply [5]
  • Although the focus is on daygame infield, if you want to discuss theory, inner game, text game, dating, and so on you are welcome to
  • The exact schedule and focus is somewhat flexible as it’s just me and you, with no other students to consider.
  • There is some limited flexibility so the five days don’t need to be consecutive. So if you wake up ill one day, or it’s pouring with rain, that day can be pushed back [6]

I recommend booking one for sometime between April and October as this is when the seasonality is best for the streets and the weather is least intrusive. All the details can be thrashed out by email. Feel free to ask me questions.

My price is £7k GBP total for the five days. That’s everything you’ll pay me, and I’ll book my own flights and accommodation from that. You pay your own flights and accommodation on top of this, which you’ll handle yourself [7] I’ll advise on best places to stay to be near the action.


My books are all available by either clicking the relevant cover image in the right side-bar (for paper copies), my sales page on Lulu, or going to the Sigma Wolf online store (for PDFs). My video product is also available from the side-bar and from the Daygame Overkill sales page.

[1] If you want to be sure no-one else sees your comment, leave it on an old blog post. It’ll still show up in my WordPress admin and I’ll delete it after I reply to you.

[2] Such as Prague, Warsaw, Kiev, Moscow, Belgrade, Minsk. There’s a chance I’ll do single-day coaching for £1.5k per day if you are willing to travel to wherever I happen to be when you want to do the session.

[3] You’ll likely get a lot more than this, but it depends how well we get on together. The list above is the guaranteed minimum.

[4] And if it’s going well, we just reduce the breaks and stay out longer. Any extra time on the streets is a bonus and doesn’t reduce your five-hours-per-day guarantee.

[5] I recommend this is no more than 1/3 of the in-field time or else you’ll weight to much importance to verbals and not enough to vibe and non-verbals.

[6] But don’t take the piss. I’m not doing a day here and a day there. The goal is to do everything within one calendar week.

[7] No discounts. Don’t ask. If £7k is an eye-watering amount for you then, sadly, you are not my target market. I only want to do 3 or 4 clients this year. Once I’ve booked up those 3 or 4 I’ll no longer be available for coaching. Take heart though, because Mastery + Infinite + Daygame Overkill combined cost just $400 and that’ll get you a lot further than pissing away the same money on a shitty coach.


  1. A bit tough to understand, maybe you should consider subtitles in English, or even getting a native English speaker to dub it.

  2. Nice video. Shame there’s a fatso in a stripey jumper talking up the right third of the screen while he stuffs his face.

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