Tom Torero Memorial Meetup

March 28, 2022

Date – 9th April 2022

Time – 4:40pm till 9pm

Location – Central London, Zone 1

If you’re attending, please send your name/initials via this email:

The exact venue will be sent via this email approx a day before, and to celebrate Tom’s life, there will be speeches from those who knew Tom well, both from the early days and also more recently. Various video montages of their travel adventures with Tom will also be shown. Lee, John, Craig, Ian, Tim & Alex are working together to make this happen.

I’m afraid I won’t be there as I’m already on the road, but I have good faith in the organisers to do a good job of it.


  1. hopefully they’re able to record it. Would love to see it.

  2. I would go but not in London. Props to the people putting this together. This might be the first time that “the community” has really felt like a community to me.

  3. A recording would be fantastic.

  4. haha you seen this Thomas Clown Nick? He’s claiming adventure sex lays while running dependable white man boyfriend game and escalating in the bedroom sometimes converting a horny girl. He might of watched daygame overkill hahah when you coming out of retirement we’ve had enough of unintelligent daygame.

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