The Tom Torero Tribute Book – Call to arms

March 10, 2022

This is a guest post from Bodi. I shall be contributing some writing to this project too.

Henlo Daygame frens.

A few of us are going to try and make a ‘tribute book’ for Tom’s family to read. If you’d like to send a message then please email: with your submission.

The book will be read by Tom’s family, and we hope show the the profound effect that Tom had on so many people. If Tom’s work, videos, books or coaching helped you or changed your life for the positive, please consider writing a tribute.

There’s no strict word count, but I guess around 10 to 1,000 words seems apt. It’d be good to get most of the submissions in by the time we have the Torero Remembrance meetup in London, or a couple of weeks after. (BTW meet is currently planned for 9th April in London, see feed for details)

Myself and Alex (a daygaming friend of Tom’s) will collate and review them, check there isn’t anything inappropriate, etc.

On this note, please be diplomatic. For example, instead of writing:

“Tom helped me shag so many more birds. I’ll always fondly remember the time on my first bootcamp as he he flashed me a thumbs-up from over the road as a Serbian teen I’d only just met wanked me off at the bus stop”

You could write:

“Tom expanded my life horizons in so many fruitful ways. I’ll always remember his support and how much he helped me meet interesting new people and do interesting new things”.

Topics are freeform but here are some suggestions;

  • an anecdote of your time with him
  • the inspiration his material gave you
  • how he helped your overall life development
  • your favourite book or video he did
  • how he lifted your spirits

See you at the Memorial Meetup if I can make it

John Bodi


  1. I am more than happy to contribute to this. So long as Thomas Crown does not take full credit sir.

  2. This is a great idea! I will definitely write something as Tom had a profound impact on my life

  3. Can I still submit my story or is it too late? Couldn’t get a reply on the email. Thanks a lot, would highly appreciate it if I could still add my story as he changed my life

  4. I’m so sorry I missed this. I hope a lot of comments came through. Tom made a huge impact on my life and I’m still broken up about him not being here. Would so much love for his family to know how much he meant to me and a lot of others I know.

  5. Hey Krauser/John Bodi, just dropping this here to say that I bought Bodi’s DB100S via Lulu, but the download link did not work – was just hoping he could email a copy to me. Recently listened to the podcasts that he did with Tom T, and just thought it was enthralling.

    Many thanks

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