Some Corona Thoughts

April 4, 2020

Serbia has been in lockdown for three weeks. Not to the extent of Chinese measures, such as welding people into their homes, but they are taking it rather more seriously than the globalists running the UK. So, everything is closed except supermarkets and pharmacies, which themselves close at 3pm. There’s a curfew from 5pm, but food delivery is still allowed. It’s all going swimmingly, as society continues to function and Krauser continues to maintain his bodybuilding macros.

So, everyone is happy.


On my way to Maxi for a pint of milk, yesterday

I was on a big conference video call last night with a right bunch of cunts and it was my first social contact in a fortnight. One topic mentioned was, what is everyone doing with their free time in isolation? The main thing I realised is that my life hasn’t changed in the slightest. I’m still unemployed, with no mates, and no birds. I was doing that before Corona made it cool. That got me thinking about introversion and Game.

Have you read Susan Cain’s popular book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking? I did last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her main thrust is that extraverts outnumber introverts 3:1 and through weight of numbers have convinced us that characteristics of introversion are dysfunctional. They’ve pathologised it. We see this in game advice constantly. You’re supposed to go out to social environments packed with people and stimulus (bars, clubs) and then talk to every cunt there. Be friendly to the door whore, high five the bouncers, get pally with the bar man, chink glasses with every group, open some pawn sets, merge them forwards, get bummed off a fat hairy Turk. Okay, that last one is still non-standard advice. But, the point is, traditional game advice maps directly onto extraversion. Be More Extraverted.

What if you think bars are shit? What if you’ve no interest in faking palliness with strangers? What if you don’t want to befriend jackasses? Then you have bad game, brah! None of this is news to avid daygamers. Most of us already had that eureka moment of I can shag birds without becoming a social monkey. We know we are introverts and that a path of tight game exists for us too. No, that’s old news. What interests me about Corona is extending the thought: what if it’s not just simple introversion that is being unfairly patholigised by insufferable extraverted big mouths?


The Corona Stop

Think of the following behaviours which are generally considered socially dysfunctional:

  • social anxiety
  • compulsive hand-washing and surface-cleaning
  • homophobia
  • racism
  • standoffish with wop-style hugging and cheek-kissing
  • hoarding

What is the one thing all of these behaviours have in common? Minimisation of exposure to infectious diseases.

The Corona lockdown is reminding us why the environment has selected for introversion. We haven’t had a major human pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918 [1] so we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security about how regular these things decimate humanity. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are Conquest, War, Famine, and Pestilence. Civilisation is the art of allowing people to live in cities without dying like rats [2]. Globalisation massively ups the risk, by expanding the scope of where diseases can be found and the speed of how quickly they can be imported into our countries. People seem to forget antibiotics weren’t invented until 1929 and didn’t enter widespread usage until the 1940s.

That’s why we haven’t had a major pandemic since 1918. We forgot about Pestilence, just as we forgot about Famine and, until recently, Conquest (i.e. mass immigration)



This cunt dies first

So, when wondering how certain “dysfunctional” traits emerged in our population [3] everything changes when you interpret it against a backdrop of ever-present disease risk. All that rabbitry of the past eighty years was enabled not just by the spectacular resource growth of capitalism (suppressing Famine) or keeping all our wars outside of the Western lands (suppressing the popular experience of War), but by the impact of antibiotics and sanitisation in controlling pandemics. Thanks to the commie Chinese bastards, perhaps that era is coming to an end. The four horseman of the apocalypse have appeared on the horizon and that’s turning us wolfish.

I couldn’t help but notice the January/February fad for prepping on Twitter. To me, this is the wolfish trait of “preparing for winter” expressing itself. The squirrels are collecting nuts. The world continues to shift from r towards K. I like it [5]. It’s becoming a world I recognise and enjoy living in.

So, what am I doing in isolation? Just the same things I always did, because I’m a wolfish introvert. There have been some tweaks. The gyms are closed, so my training regime has shifted towards endurance/flexibility, seeing as muscle-building is out. Concordantly, my diet is back towards low-carb and -300 calorie deficits. After running surpluses and carb supercompensation, I’d have to cut eventually. Might as well do it now. I continue to read more than I should (just started book #44 of 2020), and I’m catching up on my video games. I recently completed Division 2, Yakuza Zero, and Sunset Overdrive [4]. I’ve also gotten my ass in gear for writing my two planned books of 2020.

What should YOU be doing during a lockdown? Well, what better time is there to do your daygame homework and really learn the theory, so you are well “prepped” for when the streets reopen and the bitches start looking for dick? Get yourself Daygame Overkill, by far the best infield video series out there.


[1] I don’t count Ebola because that only affected Africans, or AIDS because it only affected degenerates.
[2] That’s an aphorism from Vox Day.
[3] I’m talking about introversion etc again, not faggotry.
[4] All excellent games. I’m currently level 38 on Assassins Creed Odyssey and halfway through Resident Evil 2 remake.

[5] Fortunately I did all my shagging while rabbitry ruled the world.

Ruminations on Bodybuilding

February 18, 2020

I’ve been watching a lot of “bodybuilder YouTube” of late and I’m struck how similar it is to PUA YouTube. Not completely the same, mind: the bodybuilders aren’t setting up fake modelling agencies in Ukraine in order to hire actual prostitutes onto yachting holidays to pose for the marketing photos they use in scamming chodes out of hugely over-priced immersion courses taught by incompetent chancers (not that it isn’t a very natural lifestyle choice…. ahem) [1]. They don’t have inner game coaches too scared to leave the house, nor do they go on mass-bumming holidays in the bamboo thickets of the Portuguese countryside (while telling themselves they are warriors). Probably those bodybuilders aren’t paying for sex while charging money to teach “seduction” either.

Wait. Hang on. What was I talking about?

Oh right, bodybuilding!

So, I’ve been taking my body very seriously since July 2018 and gradually becoming smarter and more disciplined at bodybuilding. As much as I respect madmen like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman I have no desire to go that route. Rather, I’m inspired by the athletic physique sub-genre and have as my ideal standard the Hollywood Perfect look that the heart-throbs train for before a big role. That’s actually do-able on my genetics without drugs.

Hollywood perfect

Mind you, I didn’t know that when I started. Which brings me to today’s rumination.

I’ve been watching those “body transformation” videos on YouTube where some guy trains up for a role, such as Christian Bale going on an Auschwitz [2] diet for The Machinist and then rebounding as a mass monster in Batman Begins, or Tom Hardy bulking up for Bronson and Warrior. It motivates me to see what’s possible but at the back of my mind were always two doubts:

1. That cunt is on drugs.
2. My age and genetics preclude me from those sorts of gains.

Well, it would appear I’d very much under-estimated what is possible when you’ve got your regime finely honed. Body transformation is all about gym, diet, and recovery [3] and for most of my life I’d been shit at all three. I was especially surprised when MorePlatesMoreDates argued that in many cases, the Hollywood body transformations were probably natural. He reckons Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Zak Efron were likely natty, whereas Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale were juicing.


Face is unattainable but body is not

My first nine-months were self-taught under the guidance of a bodybuilder friend, over Telegram messages. He’s gone for the absurdly-proportioned muscle-head aesthetic and likes a cocktail of drugs, brute-forcing his gainz with testosterone and trenbolone. I’m rather more health conscious and determined to remain natural, but even so, his was a vast store of bodybuilding knowledge that got me off to a good start and helped motivate me until gym and diet had become entrenched habits.

The really big jump was when I hired a personal trainer. Within one session it quickly became apparent I’d vastly underestimated just how much knowledge goes into training, and how much injury-free progress requires good decision-making. It’s not as simple as just plucking a routine from the internet and then trying it out on your ronson, with headphones on while ignoring everything around you. Much like daygame, my coach could spot all my errors as easily as I spot bad form in one of my clients. He knows how to make all the strategy decisions of when to lift what, and when to change.

Before showing up on the first session I asked myself, what attitude do I appreciate most in my own daygame clients? I resolved to take that attitude into the gym now that I was the client. I resolved to never skip a session, never show up late, never run my mouth like a chatterbox, never whine, never drag my feet to eke out extra rest periods, never bitch, never bury my head in my smartphone between sets and so on. My coach- who looks like Captain America- is the expert and he was making the decisions. My job was just to lift what he told me to, then eat what he suggested.

It’s going great. I don’t expect to be headhunted as the next Wolverine but I’m already looking far better than I thought possible in July 2018 upon beginning. The habits are deeply entrenched and I’m full-on gymcelling now. My week has only two modes of being: at the gym, and recovering from the gym. Nothing else matters and I love it. The days fly by. Here’s my typical routine for the four gym days per week:

10:30 – wake up, shuffle into bathroom to clean teeth, shower, then admire myself in the mirror
11:10 – walk to nearby “bodybuilder” restaurant that serves clean gym food. order coffee and chicken omelette, have a shit in their toilets, have another coffee, check interwebs
12:40 – walk to gym, buy 1 litre water en route, change clothes, weigh myself, full-body stretch
13:10 – begin workout
15:00 – end workout, stretch off, shower
15:20 – return to restaurant, drink protein shake, order chicken rice with salad, coffee, and read a book
17:30 – eat again, something with beef and low carbs, leave restaurant
18:00 – have a nap on my bed
19:00 – read more and fuck about until it’s time for my final evening meal

You could say these are perfect conditions for bodybuilding. I’ve got no job, no bird [4], unlimited rest time, fresh-cooked clean food, and a great personal trainer for every session. These conditions won’t last forever so I’m determined to max out my effort and discipline while I’m this fortunate and still retain a fanatical determination to push ahead.

For those of you wondering about the specifics of my routine, here’s a snapshot. Bear in mind it’s always changing and I rarely look at what weight is on the bar/machine because my coach is keeping track of all that for me.

SATURDAY – Legs/Shoulders

0 – Full body stretch for about ten minutes, based on boxing stretches
1 – Seated Leg Extensions. One warm-up set of 20 reps at low weight, then four or five work sets, the last usually being a drop set. I fucking HATE this exercise and dread it, but like that it’s the first one so it’s over almost before I realise it. I pull some right fucking retarded faces when I’m trying to squeeze the last reps out.
2 – Hack Squats. This tires me out, having all the weight pressing onto my whole body and I’m always a bit worried that when the squat gets deep that I’m not coming back up. Usually four sets of 15-20 reps, getting progressively heavier.


Me before leg press

3 – Leg Press. Again usually a warm-up set then progressively heavier on the four work sets. Rep range usually 15-20 and tapers down to 10-12. Last week I did 280kg, being 7 plates of 45lbs each side, which I was rather happy with. It felt like I was stress-testing the tensile strength of my knees. This exercise exhausts me completely, turns my head bright red, and never fails to elicits some grunts and yelps but when I finish the last set its a key moment: I’ve broken the back of the leg workout and it gets easier from here on out.


Me after leg press

4 – Deep Dumbell Squats. This is legs quite wide, facing mirror, holding a heavy dumbbell at my chest. 15-20 rep range with escalating weight until four sets done. I’m always dripping with sweat from it, but somehow it feels more comfortable than all the others. Perhaps it’s due to my wrestling exercises of years back which involved hundreds of similar unweighted squats.
5 – Abductor. This is the seated “bring your knees together” exercise all the women do. I consider it a rest period, even though the abductors themselves get trained to failure. It’s just a small body part and the rest of my body is recovering as I do it. Usually it’s midway through the third and final set that my heart rate is back to normal for first time since hack squats.
6 – Seated Hamstring Curl. I usually enjoy the 20 reps of the warm-up set, as it’s another exercises that doesn’t drain the whole body. Usually by the fourth set (usually a drop) I’m near tears because it really hurts. It’s not tiring so much as it’s just plain painful in a way nothing else is.
7 – Seated Dumbbell Flies. Onto the shoulders now and this is four sets with reps decreasing from 20 to 10 as the weights go up, ending in a long drop set on four different weights.
8 – Barbell Raise. I don’t know what this is properly called. There’s a 10kg bar with light plates on each side. I grip at shoulder width then, straight-arms, swing it up to nose height. Feels good to do. Usually four sets, 15-20 reps.
9 – Seated Overhead Press (Machine). This one is tiring again, as it transmits all the weight through my entire torso. I don’t like it much, but it feels like hard work so actually I do. Again, four sets with rep-range declining from 20.
10 – Abdominals. Weighted crunch machine, often supersetted with leg raises. Four sets of 15 or 20, depending on weight.
11 – Weighted Neck Raises. Lying flat on a Reebok aerobics step, I place a 5kg weight on my head and then do 20 raises each for front, left, right. Then repeat.
12 – Stretch off.

That’s the hardest day because it’s legs but all four days take about as long. On the other three, I do fifteen minutes cardio on the treadmill at 7.5km/h. Sometimes vary it to be longer, or faster, or interval. If readers show an interest, I can talk about my fitness regime in greater detail.

[1] And you too, Max and Kramer. You pair of scamming fag boys.
[2] Assuming such a thing really happened and it’s not all a Jew/KGB scam.
[3] Briefly, I thought bodybuilding was 5% gym and 95% eating tuna out of the can while watching YouTube.
[4] No mates, either.

Guest Post: The “Second Life” Of Forum Goons

February 16, 2020

I haven’t been playing PUA Police for a long time but I haven’t lost the natural contempt a legit player feels for the posturing of fake players [1]. I learned to seduce women the hard way, got good at it, and proved myself with evidence (photo, video, in-person) for many years. I have many friends who have done the same [2]. When you do any activity for real, you learn the lay of the land. You learn what is possible for certain people, certain environments, and certain strategies. It becomes easy to spot fakes, easy to notice the lack of verisimilitude in the boasting of these fakers.

It’s a pretty good reason to avoid forums.

I do avoid forums [3] so I’m not best placed to opine on exactly what’s going on nowadays, other than that nothing has changed and they are all shit. When you step in a dog turd you don’t rush a sample to the DNA laboratory to find out precisely which breed laid the turd, do you? However, one of my well-travelled hangers on friends likes a bit of forum squalor and has also ‘collected’ a whole bunch of forum Big Guns over the years, amusing himself in comparing the online persona to the real life underachievement. It is to this man that I now hand over the reins…..

Forum persona vs reality

Meeting a forum Big Gun in real life

It was late 2019. Out of nowhere- and to the shock of the PUA community- RooshV dramatically U-turned, denounced game as immoral and cleaned up his RooshV Forum. After having failed to successfully seduce women from all over the world, he decided he had never really wanted to anyway. He banned a ton of members.

Shock! Horror!

Where would theses posters (and lurkers) go without their illustrious leader providing them with a platform to spout their nonsense? Like the ronin of Edo-era Japan [4], these internet big guns were left to wander cyberspace with uncertain futures. Some moved to Swoop The World. Numerous Slack and Telegram groups were hastily created. Some of those ‘legendary’ players simply didn’t bother looking elsewhere, fading into insignificance.

When the RVF was at its peak, there had always been some members simply too chodey, too full-of-shit and too delusional even for Roosh’s tolerance. Once banned they found solace at the Naughty Nomad forum, a home devoid of rules, boundaries, morals and more importantly truth. Like The Trench from Aquaman, these bottom-feeding creatures had found their home at the darkest depths of the ocean, and life flourished.

Naughty Nomad had been making a nice earner through book sales, kicking back a commission for all the business sent his way from RVF. With the demise of said forum, affiliate sales dried up for the Naughty one and his forum activity began to wane. Yet as its death rattle shook the bottom rung of the internet, it gave birth to something yet more sinister and with a wider reach: the Naughty Nomad Facebook group. However, there are terms applicable should you wish to join this exclusive club [5]. Once membership is confirmed you’re privy to a completely new world of delusion. Madness such as this gem of logic:

NN9 - Turk Goon

I don’t think he’s ever met an actual Turk

This is a world where women descend upon you the moment you step off the airplane, requiring a hearty seducer to pre-load a Client Relationship Management system in order to managed the swarms of flange throwing themselves at him.

NN 1 - CRM

Ever-helpful, the NNG swings into action with advices.

NN 2 - CRM replies

Anyone want to bet if the third column has even a single entry?

A world where Russian Super Models use Tinder to arrange assignations in Prague hostel rooms.

NN7 - Tinder Super Models

A world where low-T Millhouse look-a-likes get laid every night they go out in Frankfurt bars.

NN5 - Millhouse 1

Every. Single. Night.

A world where Ukranian waitresses compete amongst themselves for who can date you.

NN6 - Gods Gift 1

Scratch the surface a little. Click on these guys’ profile it gets worse [6] Short brown people, overweight low-T chodes stood next to Manilla 5’s on their pictures, blah blah. Well readers, call me sceptical, call me a miserable old bastard, for I am both. Despite all these apex pussy slaying alpha shagging predators on the Naughty Nomad forum, it seems lacking in actual evidence. For all these misfits and cast offs fucking HB9s all over the world, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures of said fucked HB9s anywhere on the forum.

It’s almost as if it’s not true….

Thanks pal. Back to Nick now.

There is a video game called Second Life and it plays like an online The Sims. You create a character and enter a virtual world of socialising where everyone is slim, attractive, and lives in a nice pad. It’s an escapist paradise where the pain of your real-world failure can be anaesthetised. Particularly delusional men can fashion an entire “shadow career” of achievement within, relating to others as we desperately wishes he was, rather than how he really is. It is a world composed of interactions between false holographic projections. A mockery of genuine connection.

It turns my stomach, readers.

[1] – Technically I’m a retired player, but let’s not quibble details.
[2] – They don’t always make the evidence public, but within the “inner circle” we see it and know who is 4reelz.
[3] – I checked MalePrivilege twice last month, which probably spiked traffic to all-time highs.
[4] – But with considerably lower free testosterone.
[5] – You need a facebook account.
[6] – I’ve hidden their profile pictures for this article but believe me, these men are not what women dream of meeting.

Daygame Resistance: Lessons From Coaching

January 27, 2020


Hardcore daygame, yesterday

“Hey big man, fancy bumping into you outside the Argyll Arms on this cold winter evening. Have you been daygaming?” asks a keen purveyor of the mystical street arts to another adept he’s just crossed paths with.

Snow falls lightly onto his nose. He hunches his shoulders and shivers. A woolly hat and thick scarf would probably stave of hypothermia, but such winter comforts would clash with his rock’n’roll jacket and obscure the three skull pendants hanging from his neck. He long since lost feeling in his fingers. Rather frostbite than allow mittens to cover his skull rings.

The big man replies.

“It’s been pretty grim, mate. Only found four sets in two hours. Barely even sixes at that!”
“Shite. Let’s go inside for a quick snifter. We’ll get warmed up.”

The two men shuffle indoors. A warm blast of air from the interior of the Argyll Arms overwhelms them both. They walk down a narrow corridor past a couple of small booths and on to a large bar area. It’s buzzing inside with the after-work crowd. The two men prop up the bar.


A great place for Russian arm drags

Twenty minutes later they are each onto a second pint and deep into a discussion of the current state of London daygame.

“Has [redacted] put his YouTube videos back up yet? He can’t still be shitting himself over that BBC documentary,” opines the rock’n’roller.
“I got a group email from him. He’s put his entire content behind a paywall together with his [redacted].”

He of the skull rings nods thoughtfully. Daygamers like to spot patterns and to connect threads. It takes him mere moments to formulate a hypothesis. “All his old free stuff is now pay only? He’s following [redacted]‘s business model, isn’t he. He saw that [redacted] made some money off his [redacted] and is now running a [redacted] group. He wants a piece of it doesn’t he. Fair enough.”
“It’s still a bit shit, though. All the big channels going down. Even [redacted] got taken down. Probably a good thing, now his ugly Australian mug doesn’t show up on my feed.”
“Yeah but that pasty ginger [redacted] was just hiring hookers anyway. The videos were all fake.”
“Oh, I didn’t realise, I didn’t look closely. You mean like The Natural [redacted]?”
“No, mate. I mean literally fake, not merely shit.”
“But those guys actually just [redacted shifty stuff you wouldn’t believe but I know for a fact] don’t they?”
“According to Krauser, yeah. Total fags.”
“What happened to that [handsome] Geordie [inspiration of many]? He never blogs anymore. It’s been ages since he released any new content. It’s like the entire daygame world ground to a halt now that he’s stopped doing its thinking for them [1].”
“Funny you should mention that. He’s just put his Daygame Resistance talk up on YouTube. The whole thing. In its entirety. For free.”
“What? You mean he’s not charging $99 for it like [redacted]? What a kind, generous man. He’s got a heart of gold that Nick Krauser has. I never did believe the people who said he’s a cunt.”


[1] Look, I’m writing this and it’s a fantasy chat. I can make the characters say whatever I want.

Daygame: Resistance Tickets

January 9, 2020

Buy ticket here


In the London of 2020 you need drones to find sets

Join the Daygame Resistance. There is no fate but what you make!

This Sunday, experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle for the fate of daygame in the war against the globohomo soyboy cucks. Daygame: Resistance is an in-person live event deep in heart of enemy territory, in the occupied city of London. Every day, plucky daygamers brave a war-torn landscape scattered with the corpses of chodes, nightgamers, and Tinder burn-outs. The latest threat to take the field are the T-Fag “undercover journalists” who sneak into Resistance encampments in a relentless attempt to wreak havoc. The soyboys are destined to lose, but at what cost?

Rally to the daygame banner, men! General Nick “eggs” Krauser and Field Marshall Eddie “sexist” Hitchens are inspecting the troops and will deliver a resounding pep talk.

– Level up your skills and explore a post-apocalyptic world for scraps of quality skirt!
– Interact with a motley group of street survivors and change their fates!
– Bring your burning questions for a lengthy Q&A session.

The Resistance begins at 1pm on Sunday 12th January. Gentlemen, we WILL win this war!

Buy ticket here

London Event Is This Weekend

January 7, 2020


UPDATE: Tickets available here

Right then, the event is confirmed. Eddie (of Street Attraction) and myself will be doing a seminar on Sunday 12th January in Central London [1]. The venue is booked from 1pm. Tickets should go on sale tomorrow and will probably be £15 [2]. I’ll update this post as soon as the order website is live. We’ll be holding it in a pub function room near Oxford Street. More details to follow.

1. And possibly a third speaker. Not yet decided.
2. £25 for undercover journalists.

My obsessive year of reading

January 3, 2020

Here’s a list of every book I read in 2019, in chronological order. I read each one cover-to-cover without skimming. I’ve italicised the ones I enjoyed the most. I’m afraid there’s way too may of them for me to consider reviewing them all.

It’s been quite a focused year, obsessively so. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect to read 207 books in a single year (or, 4 per week). I guess I answered the question of “what if?” Fun though it was, reading in such quantities is an outrageous time sink so I’m dialling it right back this year. I doubt I’ll exceed fifty.

1. Dennis Wheatley – Contraband
2. Bernard Cornwell – Sharpe’s Devil
3. Michael Avallone – The Case of the Violent Virgin
4. John Creasey – The Mark of the Crescent
5. Donald Hamilton – The Devastators
6. Warren Murphy – Mafia Fix
7. Josh Kaufman – How to Fight a Hydra
8. Stefan Molyneneux – Essential Philosophy
9. Alexandre Dumas – The Companions of Jehu
10. Oreste Pinto – More Exploits of Spy Catcher
12. Warren Murphy – Dr Quake
13. Michael Avallone – The Crazy Mixed Up Corpse
14. Donald Hamilton – The Betrayers
15. Ellery Queen – The Player on the Other Side
16. Harry Harrison – The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge
17. Mickey Spillane – The Delta Factor
18. Alexandre Dumas – Joseph Balsamo vol. 1
19. Edgar Wallace – The Ringer
20. Luke Short – Hands Off!
21. Francis Wellman – The Art of Cross Examination
22. Warren Murphy – Death Therapy
23. Peter Cheney – Another Little Drink
24. Michael Avallone – The Voodoo Murders
25. Donald Hamilton – The Menacers
26. Dennis Wheatley – The White Witch of the South Seas
27. Alexandre Dumas – Joseph Balsamo vol. 2
28. John Creasey – Thunder In Europe
29. Michael W Simmons – The Rothschilds
30. Ross Lockridge Jr – Raintree County
31. Don Pendleton – Nightmare Army
32. Michael Avallone – Meanwhile At The Morgue
33. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Careless Cupid
34. Erle Stanley Gardner – Cut Thin To Win
35. Hilary Ford – Sarnia
36. Donald Hamilton – The Interlopers
37. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life IV
38. Peter Singer – Hegel
39. Time Life – Winds of Revolution
40. John Creasey – Inspector West Cries Wolf
41. A.J. Ayer – Hume
42. D. Manners Sutton – Black God
43. Dennis Wheatley – The Ka of Gifford Hillary
44. Harry Kurnitz – Fast Company
45. William Haggard – A Cool Day For Killing
46. Ross MacDonald – The Galton Case
47. Warren Murphy – Union Bust
48. Alexandre Dumas – The Queen’s Necklace
49. Michael Avallone – The Living Bomb
50. Ichiro Kishimi – The Courage To Be Disliked
51. Edgar Wallace – The People Of The River
52. Michael Avallone – There Is Something About A Dame
53. Seabury Quinn – Night Creatures
54. Martin Butler – The Corporeal Fantasy
55. Warren Murphy – Summit Chase
56. Wilbur Smith – A Falcon Flies
57. Michael Avallone – The Bedroom Bolero
58. Dennis Wheatley – The Island Where Time Stands Still
59. Alexandre Dumas – Ange Pitou vol.1
60. Michael Avallone – Lust Is No Lady
61. Bryan Westra – The Essential Eriksonian Hypnosis Primer
62. Warren Murphy – Murder’s Shield
63. Bryan Westra – The Persuader’s Black Book
64. Michael Avallone – The Fat Death
65. Donald Hamilton – The Poisoners
66. Earle Stanley Gardner – The Case Of The Sulky Girl
67. John Buchan – Greenmantle
68. Ian Tuhovsky – The Art Of Reading People
69. Michael Avallone – The February Doll Murders
70. Alexandre Dumas – Ange Pitou vol.2
71. Michael Avallone – Assassins Don’t Die In Bed
72. Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master & Margarita
73. Boris Akunin – Special Assignments
74. Rogue Hypnotist – The Force of Suggestion
75. Boris Akunin – The State Counsellor
76. Michael Avallone – The Horrible Man
77. Anthony Jacquin – Reality Is Plastic
78. Boris Akunin – The Coronation
79. Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Shadow of the Wind
80. Rogue Hypnotist – Changing Perceptions
81. Isaac Asimov – Foundation
82. Donald Hamilton – The Intriguers
83. Ross Leckie – Hannibal
84. Stephen King – The Gunslinger
85. Arturo Perez Reverte – The Man in the Yellow Doublet
86. Isaac Asimov – Foundation and Empire
87. Michael Avallone – The Flower Covered Corpse
88. Michel Houellebecq – Whatever
89. John Creasey – The Terror Trap
90. Boris Akunin – She Lover Of Death
91. Alexandre Dumas – The Comtesse de Charny
92. Michael Avallone – The Doomsday Bag
93. Sprech History – SS Panzer SS Voices
94. George MacDonald Fraser – Flashman
95. Michael Avallone – Death Dives Deep
96. John Buchan – Mr Standfast
97. Michael Avallone – Little Miss Murder
98. Bruce Bryans – What Women Want When They Test Men
99. Bruce Bryans – What Women Want in a Man
100. Michael Avallone – Shoot It Again Sam
101. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Lazy Love
102. Jack D. Hunter – The Blue Max
103. B. M. Bower – The Eagle’s Wing
104. Wilbur Smith – The Angels Weep
105. E. M. Remarque – All Quiet On The Western Front
106. Edward Dutton – How To Judge People By What They Look Like
107. Michael Avallone – London Bloody London
108. Boris Akunin – He Lover Of Death
109. Isaac Asimov – Second Foundation
110. Loretta G. Breuning – Habits of a Happy Brain
111. George RR Martin – A Game Of Thrones
112. Epictetus – The Manual
113. Warren Murphy – Terror Squad
114. Stephen King – The Drawing of the Three
115. P.G. Wodehouse – The Inimitable Jeeves
116. Agatha Christie – Dead Man’s Folly
117. Michael Avallone – The Girl In The Cockpit
118. John Buchan – The Three Hostages
119. Kevin Horsley – The Happy Mind
120. Stephen King – The Wasteland
121. Sean Williams – English Grammar 100 Tragically Common Mistakes
122. John Buchan – The Island of Sheep
123. Donald Hamilton – The Intimidators
124. Peter Hollins – Mental Models
125. Sir Richard Burton – The Arabian Nights
126. Michael Avallone – Kill Her, You’ll Like It
127. Frank Lauria – Baron Orgaz
128. Boris Akunin – The Diamond Chariot
129. Osho – Be Realistic, Plan For A Miracle
130. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Dangerous Dowager
131. Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities
132. Michael Avallone – Killer On The Keys
133. Bernard Cornwell – Fools and Mortals
134. Edgar Rice Burroughs – Tarzan of the Apes
135. Michael Avallone – The Hot Body
136. Alexandre Dumas – The Knight of Maison Rouge
137. Michael Crichton – Odds On
138. Time Life – The Pulse Of Enterprise
139. Georgette Heyer – Powder and Patch
140. Dennis Wheatley – Curtain of Fear
141. Richard Tuck – Hobbes
142. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life V
143. Agatha Christie – Endless Night
144. Time Life – The Colonial Overlords
145. Georgette Heyer – The Corinthian
146. Peter Hamilton – Talcott Parsons
147. Dennis Wheatley – The Golden Spaniard
148. Time Life – The World In Arms
149. Peter Singer – Marx
150. Mystery – The Mystery Method
151. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life VI
152. John Dunn – Locke
153. Time Life – Shadow Of The Dictators
154. A.C. Grayling – Wittgenstein
155. Michael Avallone – The X Rated Corpse
156. Susan Cain – Quiet
157. Dennis Wheatley – Sixty Days To Live
158. Oliver Bullough – Moneyland
159. Donald Hamilton – The Terminators
160. Georgette Heyer – The Reluctant Widow
161. Will Durant – The Story Of Philosophy
162. Warren Murphy – Kill Or Cure
163. Walter Mischel – The Marshmallow Test
164. Leo Kessler – Forced March
165. Dennis Wheatley – Unholy Crusade
166. Georgette Heyer – Regency Buck
167. Cindy Meston – Why Women Have Sex
168. F. Scott Fitzgerald – This Side Of Paradise
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180. Mikhail Bulgakov – A Dog’s Heart
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185. Drew Eric Whitman – Cashvertising
186. Robert S Smith – Q Anon
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189. Mark Dice – The Illuminati Facts & Fiction
190. Frederick Forsythe – No Comebacks
191. John Creasey – Carriers of Death
192. Daniel J Beddowes – The EU, The Truth About The Fourth Reich
193. Edgar Wallace – Silinski Master Criminal
194. Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Angel’s Game
195. Edgar Wallace – The Devil Man
196. Donald Winch – Malthus
197. George Holmes – Dante
198. Alexandre Dumas – Horror At Fontenay
199. Henry Gifford – Tolstoy
200. Don Pendleton – Mountain Rampage
201. Neon Revolt – Revolution Q
202. Robert Wokler – Rousseau
203. Dennis Wheatley – Dangerous Inheritance
204. Patrick Gardiner – Kierkegaard
205. John Creasey – The Toff Among The Millions
206. Time Life – The Nuclear Age
207. Don Pendleton – Fire Zone

London Event Soon

January 1, 2020

It’s something of an annual tradition for me do a London talk around the year end, going back to 2014’s Daygame Overkill seminar. Since 2015, I’ve been doing them with Eddie and his gang. So, we were talking once more over Christmas about doing an event in January.

I’m going to be in London on the weekend of the 11th January, so Eddie is having a look around to find a venue for the Saturday or the Sunday. It’ll probably be a low-key affair this time around [1] and, frankly, I haven’t even decided what my talk will be about.

Any ideas?

Probably I’ll do a much longer Q&A. There are a few things on my mind I might be able to fashion a lecture around. We’ll see. Anyway, this event isn’t confirmed until Eddie gets back to me with a venue. When that happens I’ll write in more detail.

For now, this is just a heads up that if you’re likely to be in London that weekend, there’ll be something to do.

[1] Perhaps some BBC journalists will show up, who knows.

Serotonin not Dopamine

November 12, 2019

We’re not interested in this anymore, remember!

UPDATE – In other news, I received a DMCA takedown notice today from Florida-based attorneys for a picture I used when commenting on Justin Wayne being exposed hiring actresses (yet again!). WordPress told him/them to get fucked (I paraphrase) because it’s protected speech. Is anyone else getting Justin Wayne-related heat from Florida (where he spends much of his time)? Is he trying to cleanse the internet of his woeful reputation, or is this action nothing to do with him but coincidence?

There are few things in life as fun as not shagging women. Okay, I exaggerate. Yet, I’m remarkably balanced and tranquil nowadays and I’ve been getting into the business of Mindbuilding in addition to Bodybuilding. Without skirt turning my head every five minutes I’m rather focused on productive pursuits.

I was chatting to my personal trainer yesterday. He commented that my discipline and work-rate are exceptional. I never skip a session, never complain, and I always give 100%. “There’s no way I could put so much into the session if I had an office job,” I tell him. “We only have two hours genuine focus per day. On back or legs days, I have to go straight home and have a nap. Usually I’m too tired to even watch YouTube.”

“We’ve got even less than two hours focus, mate,” he said.

I tell him about my mate Clappsy, a determined London daygamer with a penchant for diseased women. He goes to BJJ class before his full-time job, training at purple belt level. I can’t imagine anything more ardous before starting work than having purple belts squashing and grinding me at 7am. “He’ll give the best of himself in BJJ and have little left over for the office,” said my trainer. And after work, he goes out and daygames! Madness!

Progress = Intensity + Consistency

My gym is going great precisely because I cleared the decks for it. It’s the number one priority in my day. It’s the one thing that, in a pinch, will not be sacrificed. By making it the unequivocal number one, I can pour all my focus into it. Whatever focus is left over can go into the reading, writing, or *shock* daygame. That said, let me elaborate a little on my mantra of Seratonin not Dopamine.

I wrote earlier about escape loops. Briefly, cortisol builds up when something in your life isn’t going in the right direction and you need the impetus to change. Modern society allows us to overwhelm the cortisol badfeelz by way of unlimited options to access the goodfeelz of dopamine. The problem isn’t solved but the symptoms are drowned out by video games, porn, consumer spending, shagging, or whatever else we choose for pleasure. This sets up an unresolved tension in day-to-day life. We bail out the water flooding the kitchen without ever thinking to simply turn off the taps.

When faced with decisions, I want to choose the happiness over pleasure. When in the grocery store I want to choose the low-fat cottage cheese over the bag of cookies. When in the bar, I was to choose coke zero over beer. When in the gym, I want to choose the last two painful reps over putting the bar down when there’s still gas in the tank.

These are moments of weakness. Moments when the siren song of dopamine calls out to you. “Take the easy road, Nick. You only live once! You could get hit by a bus tomorrow.” Thus I have my little mantra: Seratonin Not Dopamine. Choose happiness over pleasure. Choose calm over ego.

It’s been working out well for me so far. My no-fap streak is at eight weeks and gets easier daily. I’m still averaging a book every two days and resisting the lure of video games and Netflix [1]. I’m applying the same discipline to building my mind through reading, contemplation, and chemical management [2] as I do with the bodybuilding.

Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing (says George Orwell). I take the long-term view towards mindbuilding as I do bodybuilding. Aristotle has it that we become virtuous through practising virtue. We are what we consistently do. So, by consistently working on my body and mind I how the slow and invariably disappointing progress accumulates until the improvement is eventually marked. It’s certainly what happened when I was learning daygame: trust the process, do everything right, and eventually the rewards come.

As usual, fuck all that lifestyle design mindwank. Shagging birds is what counts so buy Daygame Overkill and Daygame Mastery. Or, alternatively, you could pay The Natural Lifestyles or Robbie Kramer thousands of dollars to feed their Ukrainian hooker habits while they bullshit you about lifestyle design and “game” [3]


Pretty much the opposite of a healthy, balanced, happy life. But good TV.

[1] I did watch an episode of Mad Men last night. Pretty good.
[2] I don’t mean taking drugs or any nootropic bullshit. I just mean structuring my life and cognitive structures to precipitate serotonin and oxytocin over dopamine.
[3] Or even better, you could pay into one of con-trepreneur Andrew Tate’s pyramid schemes to keep him in rented Lambos and his regular coffee-and-cigars in the lobbies of five star hotels he can’t afford a room in.

What I learned from Giacomo Casanova

October 29, 2019


Currently wanted by Scottish police force

I’ve now read six volumes of the lecherous Venetian’s epic memoir which, I believe, puts me at the halfway mark. It’s been an entertaining and eye-opening read. In fact, I’d go so far as to rank it as the all-time second best player memoir series. Well worth a crack.

Like many other cultural icons – James Bond, Conan the Barbarian, Dogtanian [1] for example – the popular image of the man is at variance with how he is written in the original stories. My readers are perhaps wiser on matters Casanova than most but I’ll bet most of you know him as an elite-level seducer of top-quality Regency tottie. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Casanova operated in a very different world than today’s humble seducers and faced different challenges. He also had different priorities. So, let’s consider some of the things I learned from his story so far….

1. He played the whole lover-provider range.
Orthodoxy within the London Daygame community is that if you pay for sex, it doesn’t count. It is no more of an achievement to bang a whore/sugarbaby/Ukrainian “model” [2] than it is to buy a movie ticket and watch The Avengers. To call yourself a player when paying for sex is like calling yourself a comedian while paying everyone in the audience to laugh at your jokes. There’s no accomplishment. No winning.

Casanova clearly took pride in his real seductions, and the books include many of them. He’d pursue some women for weeks on end, going to elaborate lengths to woo them. He’d also just as easily pay for it in cash, or set up mistresses with houses and incomes. He was shameless about it. In one case in France, he sets up a silks factory and hires two dozen young seamstresses, then proceeds to hit on every one of them, offering money for sex.

The memoirs include rapes, prostitution, sugar-daddying, and extortion as means of getting laid in addition to the usual seduction.

Dirck van Baburen,  The Procuress

The Claw, yesterday

2. Smart men had his number.
It took a while for me to figure this out, but as the books wore on I started to see a pattern emerge. Casanova would arrive in a town and ingratiate himself into a series of social circles, often with a particular woman in mind. Almost immediately he’d make an enemy or two among local men. In itself, no big deal. Until, that is, I realised his enemies were usually high-ranking army men with careers in soldiering, or successful business men. It was wolves recognising a rabbit in their midst. Casanova is frequently run out of town by men who, to him, seem to persecute him without provocation. In volume six he arrives in Switzerland and is temporarily forced to restrain himself and not hit on women for a week. He comments that when walking the streets, locals look at him with respect and he’s not used to that! Other times his reputation precedes him, for good and ill.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases were a huge risk
Casanova is frequently sidelined by illness, sometimes taking painful mercury and nitrate cures to clear up venereal diseases, and out of action for months at a time. This was two hundred years before antibiotics and Casanova usually refused to wear “English sheaths”. There’s one funny time where he stays at a lodge and takes a fancy to one of the girls there, Raton, so offers her two louis to come round and shag him. After showing her to his bedroom he steps out to the lavatory and noticed a patron has scrawled “October 10, 1760, one week ago Raton gave me the clap and it’s killing me.” Casanova returns to find Raton naked in his bed and her shawl stuffed down between it and the wall. He pulls it out and notices its stains. She flees.

Another intrigue is centred around him getting the pox from a vengeful Madame F. and, because his Spanish valet Ludec has also just caught the pox, Casanova is able to turn the tables. It’s a squalid story I shan’t spoil.

City Daygame

Knee-Clap was endemic

4. He was ruled by his urges.
Casanova was an inveterate gambler in addition to his lustful wanderings. Most of his stories are some variation of this model: (1) show up in new town with letter of introduction from a notable in previous town, and with a full purse, (2) join a social circle centred around an aristocratic lady, (3) gamble every day, winning and losing large amounts, (4) target the lady or one of her retinue (5) get into some kind of intrigue behind the husband’s back, (6) leave town due to either a duel, the pox, or unpaid debts.

Casanova is an inconstant. He will fall in love with a girl and contemplate marriage. They’ll develop a serious relationship and then, just before proposing, the daughter of the local baker will catch his eye and he’s off after her instead. The old flame is simple forgotten.

5. There’s rather more murder than one would expect.
The last story of volume six concerns a mistaken identity with a nun. The thirty-five year old Casanova is walking home one afternoon when he sees a young nun (21yr old) chaperoned by an old battleaxe nun. He mistakenly thinks it’s an old flame called M.M. from five years earlier, so he follows them to their lodgings in a peasant cottage. An intrigue ensues. In order to deflect the battleaxe, the young nun (who is hiding a pregnancy inflicted by a fifty-year old hunchback) conspires with the peasant landlady to give the older woman a sleeping soporific. They overdo it and the battleaxe has been asleep for 28 hours. Casanova consults with them and they decide not to call a doctor, as it would reveal the pregnancy and the intrigue. So, they let her die and pay off the parish priest to get her buried without incident.

Years earlier Casanova ambushed a man walking home late one night, clubbed him with a blackjack, and threw him unconscious into a canal. The poor victim was only saved by revellers who saw him floating. There are other such events. Casanova appears to have had no scruples at all.


There’s always someone cheating at Faro

6. Degenerates seek him out.
There’s one story in volume five where literally everyone involved is on the make: He fancies the daughter of his inn-keeper but she’s been made pregnant by some random a month earlier, and nobody knows. So, Casanova consults an aristocratic lady friend who recommends a local midwife abortionist. Social pressure is immense, so they have a plan to go to a masquerade ball together then slip out, take a coach, and consult the midwife. They pay her a 50% deposit to buy the supplies, then tell the pregnant woman. Ultimately, they don’t follow through.

Months later, Casanova is walking in a park when the midwife recognises him. She’s with a rogue. She reports him the the Chief of Police saying he tried to procure an abortion and she refused. So Casanova is about to be prosecuted. Witnesses are “found” to support the midwife. What follows is a comedy of betrayal, pay-offs, and dissembly as literally everyone is trying to scam everyone else.

Another time, in volume six, Casanova shows up in town and is immediately targeted by three officers who slip him roofies, take him for a fortune in an illicit gambling den, steal his jewellery, and then pursue him through the local courts for payment. He ends up drugging the guard at his hotel, sneaking out a neighbour’s window, and fleeing town. In other towns he always seems to know the card sharps, pimps, abortionists, con-men, and other low-life. This despite him being rich and supposedly moving in high circles.

7. Logistics were a nightmare.
It’s not unusual for Casanova to rent a country house, full complement of servants, and host grand balls just in order to provide a plausible reason to snatch a quarter hour with his target. He’ll bribe staff, wear disguises, and communicate in secret codes with his target in order to secure a couple of hours isolation. Frankly, it sounds like a nightmare. We should be thankful for smartphones and urban anonymity.

8. AMOGing isn’t so special.
Casanova was considered a good amateur swordsman and several times he fights duels to first blood. Other times he challenges irate suitors to duels and they don’t show. Those of us growing up in the era of 2005-PUA are well aware of anti-AMOG tactics. Hey, great shirt pal. Cool story, bro. Seeing Casanova duelling with pointy blades is a reminder of just how faggy modern PUA is, as an expression of how faggy modern nightclubs and dating can be.

Amazon listing

I should probably announce the release of Last Man Banging at some point, considering it’s already available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover. And, it’s way better written than old Giacomo’s effort.

[1] The latter is not actually a dog!
[2] Yes, The Natural Lifestyles, I’m looking at you.