Skype Coaching Open

February 14, 2021

Covid has kind of screwed with the learning plans of ambitious daygamers. We all know how important it is to get onto the streets and do the sets. There’s no better way to learn than by doing. It’s why one-on-one coaching is so effective. But…. Covid. So many good places are locked down, and they wouldn’t let you through immigration anyway. And it’s winter so even in happy times the streets would be a bit grim.

What to do?

I’ve done a little coaching this winter over Skype video calls. It’s opened my mind to some benefits that in-field residentials can’t match [1], the main one being the time-lapse. Coaching a guy one hour every weekend breaks the learning points down into smaller chunks and allows a them a full week to sink in. Being off the street takes away the pressure to do sets and allows the brain to focus more on the theory and the nuts and bolts. It encourages more complex questions and longer answers to really get to the meat of things. I’ve also noticed Skype clients feel more comfortable seeking help on topics that aren’t so intimately tied with street work. They tend to want more on texting, dating, sex, and building their value internal and external.

I’m surprised how well this winter’s coaching went. So, I’ve decided to do more.

Let’s have at them, lads!

I will take on four coaching hours each Sunday afternoon. Whether that’s four lads at an hour each, or less clients with more time each, I don’t really care. Things my coaching has so far included are:

  1. Detailed analysis of audio in-fields;
  2. Answering questions about sticking points;
  3. Theoretical explanation of principles;
  4. Identifying weaknesses and developing plan to address them;
  5. Logisitics advice on euro jaunt destinations;
  6. Mindset development.

It doesn’t have to be limited to that stuff, though. Each call is one-on-one so the coaching addresses specific needs of the client. If that kind of thing interests you, let me know in the comments or by email at nick krauser 1 [at] gmail [dot] com.

I want to develop a consistent block of four hours each Sunday afternoon (GMT) with regular clients who are ambitious to make progress. I’m less interested in “just one hour” tire-kickers. So, for now, I’m offering a 4×4 package for £400 GBP. That’s four hours coaching, working out at £100 per hour, ideally at one hour per week for a month.

Intermediate and advanced daygamers will get the best value out of this but I’ll consider beginners too if I like the cut of your jib.

You should still buy Daygame Overkill here as it’s by far the best in-field video instructional series out there. It’s got ten infield recordings of me showing how it’s done with extremely detailed analysis so you can squeeze every drop of value out of the videos.

More of this please

[1] Resis are way better overall but they do have a few limitations.


  1. Is there a 2021 updated “recommended tech” for recording infields? I know Nick did a post showing what he used a while back, but checking to see if there’s any updated recommendations for clear audio and visuals for the purpose of getting feedback/coaching. [I use the Front Row camera but its a bit obvious. Might be more subtle cameras around now. K.]

    • Shawn, are you divorced or something? Why bother with day game during Covid when you are cleaning up on Tinder? The advantage of live game is that you don’t get fooled by pictures, and can establish an instant connection. But you need a large city like London or NYC. Nick talks exclusively to tourists, which might not be possible in your city.

      • No, never married. I was doing really well on tinder up until covid and then since covid, there’s been a shift and results have been horrible. Lots of matches but girls just wanna talk and it’s a tremendous time sink with go nowhere conversations. I’m in a big city with summer climate all year round, but I have no confidence to approach tbh.

  2. I hope the learning from these sessions turn into a new book!
    Any hope?

    • Or releasing the audios of your answers (without the clients’ bit to keep privacy), as its own audio product.
      That is valuable.

  3. Can I get an anki deck with daygame principles in it?

    I have mastery/infinite, but as they’re not files, I can’t do my usual highlighting technique for making cards.

    I’ve used anki for just about everything else important, and a deck from the man himself would be awesome. I’d even pay for it.

  4. Dear Tom,

    I was saddened to hear a few weeks ago correspondents you deemed abusive (which with you translates as anything that questions your opinion) finishes up in your kitty litter tray. But surely not MY helpful constructive criticism. I had been confident that you would frame my missives and hang them upon your home and office as aides to self improvement. In this regard, I must again take you to task, this time in reference to your poor cat. Letters, even mine, are not written on absorbent paper, however heartedly you may have wished it so. Therefore, unless your poor cat is kitted out with wellington boots it will be forever paddling in piddle. This is cruelty Tom, of a most unhygienic kind.

    As for your glaring plagiarism; wonderful. The eloquent, articulate Crown, reduced to balling. “Send me a message!”, “Send me a message!”. Hardly the stuff of great humility but hugely entertaining. Incidentally, how come you use militant frame control yet ban the use of this to describe the experiences and efforts through struggle of enterprising and overwhelmed PUA’s of our own country? Your bigotry and self delusion never fails to interest and entertain. Why WordPress has given you a slot to pontificate I can’t imagine.

  5. mr crowne shame on you sir you have denigrated the role of the pua, of which i am one myself, i’d like to see you try it you disingenuous git, take back your plagiarism or I promise you will be one reader lighter after tonight, or maybe you secretly get off talking about things you know nothing off with your friends with a cigar in one hand and a whisky in the other. I bid you goodnight!

  6. Double standards as usual Mr Crown. You are a dangerous clown who pontificates without responsibility!

  7. This is such gentlemanly criticism

  8. Have you had a vasectomy or do you know any gamers that have? The biggest risk of this lifestyle has got to be unexpected pregnancy right? The procedure seems risky though. Although the literature often says complications are rare, there are so many online boards dedicated to men with ruined lives. I’ve seen a few quality studies suggesting that up to 15% of men experience chronic pain.

    Maybe it’s too personal for you to go into, so I respect if you don’t want to answer directly. Surely you’ve had many pregnancy scares over the years though, right? [No way I’m cutting off part of my balls. I’ve never had a pregnancy scare. K.]

    • Haha, ok. That’s incredible given your activity! Some aren’t so lucky. Keep rocking. I’m digging your latest few posts.

  9. @Shawn: Yes, I heard many women just want chats and entertainment during Covid. You have an unusual problem – your physique titillates girls who want a physical relationship. But it is intimidating and arouses anxiety in others during Covid lockdown. You need to be aware of the elephant in the room during Covid, and signify that you are safe and healthy. “Looking for a lockdown lover.” “Not looking for anything serious, just a wife or something.” This guy was 48 and did pretty well too.

    • KL – That’s quite a detailed list that guy made. I usually fuck 90% of my first dates because I broker the sex before we meet. I’m very direct and filter through that frame. Online dating is a huge time suck, so I’ve found it’s best to be ruthless with my pitch and declare my intentions up front. I’ve had some amazing experiences over the years with women using this approach, and I’ve rarely done “venue dates” taking them out to coffee or drinks etc. As such though, I never developed cold approach – but as time goes on and the novelty of online dating is now a thing of the past, I realise that cold approach may be essential moving forward

      • @Shawn Obviously you must filter your dates hard to have a 90% success rate. The Reddit guy was a father coming out of a long marriage, more relationship-oriented. I disagree with meals on a first date, because drinks are more flexible. I do not want to be stuck for hours with a secret internet fattie! But Reddit guy got to know his dates better over dinner, and he ate out regularly anyway. He was just fitting the dates into his own schedule.

        If you get tired of novelty and online time suck, then you might seek relationships. In that case, you will need to screen differently. Some desirable women will not arrange a sexual first date, even thought they might sleep with you one the first or second date. The older you get, the more poisoned the dating pool becomes. It is the hot/crazy tradeoff. Hot middle-aged women are very crazy. Ultimately, it saves time to screen for quality and stability instead of spending your whole life prospecting for the next one night stand.

      • @shawn On rereading, I’m pessimistic about your “amazing experiences”. There is the novelty factor. But these hook-ups have the same pattern. The girls mostly hook up your place, Occasionally you go to their place, or rarely a hotel. What percentage do you see again? What percentage become regulars, and what percentage do you ever see outside the bedroom? I suspect most girls exhaust their curiosity after one visit.

        Your approach appeals to a narrow subset of women. The online world was large enough for you to filter them. But in real life, women will reject such a direct approach, even if they would consider it online. You already know that, which is why you don’t do it at work or at the local coffee shop. The London guys mostly approach tourists, who are up for adventure. And London guys are slower, less sexualized. Otherwise, they get kicked out of places. If sex is all you want, then you should find swing clubs and conventions.

  10. “This guy did well”

    “87% talked about their kids”


  11. Nick, are you offering single day coaching in Belgrade for 1000 GBP? I’m already here, currently staying a minute’s walk from the Knez. [Check your mail. K.]

  12. Nick, have you ever wrote a post around the structure of Jabba’s 20-best-cities-for-single-men-ranked? I know it’s prob too clickbaity for you but you get the idea, it’d be interesting to know your view. A compact thing, I know you have the memoirs

  13. Is volume 6 of the memoir out?

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