Lol at Black Dragon

May 13, 2021

Ok you proper daft cunts. It’s time to own up how many of you took this goofy cuck seriously. Did you refer to him on your blog as a source of game advice or a theorist of MLTRs? Did you invite him onto your livestream or event stage? Did you even passingly refer to him in conversation with a wing without adding the suffix “-the obvious incompetent goon”?

Let’s go back in time to 2016 when he wrote a post on his “main”. I’m quoting him directly.

“She’s blonde, trim, super hot, and what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women. She’s small, which I like, and has big boobs, which I like, but she’s not quite as curvy as I’m typically used to. I’m not going to show you photos at this time so please don’t ask. Firefly and I understand that eventually pictures of her will leak out to the public and that’s fine, but as much as I’d love to brag, I’m not going to showcase her.”

What do you imagine from a trim, super hot blonde who most men consider at least a 9? Perhaps something like this?

blonde, trim, super hot 9-to-10/10, yesterday

Well, wonder no more lads. Pictures of “Pink Firefly” have finally leaked out to the public, by way of Black Dragon’s own YouTube channel and here she is. Here’s the stunner.

I shit you not. This thing is real

That’s one for the wank stash isn’t it?

Not only is she a horrendous trollop but just watch the goofy cuck simping over her on the video. She obviously holds him in utter contempt and he’s too delusional to see it. So, I think we can close off the whole Black Dragon saga now. I don’t expect anyone to learn from said saga, I don’t expect anyone to do due diligence before recommending total charlatans on their platforms, and I expect the same old conveyor belt of the Calebs, Tates, Kramers and McQueens of this world to churn out a new goon every few weeks.

But at least we get a laugh when it all comes crashing down.

If you want to learn real pick-up from a man who actually walked the walk for years and proved it over-and-over with photo, video and in-person evidence, get yourself a copy of Daygame Overkill here. It’s the best product out there by far.


  1. jesus! l shes got a plastic face only a mother could love! as for black dragon….well he’s so far down the scale he’s not even on the map, never read or looked into anything he’s done. fat cunt 🙂

  2. I don’t know who this guy is or why you post this drivel after such a dry spell re. blog posts but watching between 3:19 and 4:38 of that video is all I need to assess their relationship and his game. Every little chuckle he does after throwing out each of his lines is showing three things: 1) how he’s trying to force unfunny and uncalibrated jabs, 2) a veil to disguise his supplication + avoidance of conflict and thus 3) as you mentioned, her contempt for him.

    He thinks the “alpha move” is to fake-laugh it off and ignore it when in reality it’s to stop chuckling and steep in the conflict until she brakes it with a jab back or the same submissive chuckle as his or some other rapport-making gesture.

  3. And yet Tusk is having him on his channel soon.
    He had another retarded yank on recently too. Needs to be more selective.

  4. Looks like a Lady Gaga that had her career utterly ruined and was pushing 50 ))

    “what most men would consider a 9 or 10″… this still cracks me up.. I even remember bringing it up when I saw u last year and how u did that Google search of “37 year old 10s” LoOoL

    Actually, u should probably link your original post on this delusional loser at the top, just in case anyone missed that trove of lolz

  5. Holy fuk, no words no words. How deluded are the chumps in his mastermind inner circle?
    More evidence for the Iron rule of “polyamory” – The Birds are ALWAYS wrecked. Every single time.
    And that goes for the ones into swinging too – Troy Francis are you reading this?

  6. And he will defend it with “She is a 9 for me”, “She has to be hot for me” bullcrap. He has 0 self-awareness. Believing he is the shit when he is not. The girl on top would not even allow him to sniff the a-hole of her pug dog pet. Let alone allow him close to her. Apparently, he is not showing pictures of his “conquests”, because of the “deranged” American legal system. He doesn’t want to be sued he claims. But he brags about living in other countries and getting poon there, so show us those women! Those shithole dwellers won’t sue him in America. What a deranged goon dork. I could see what kind of women he believes are “10s” from the old design of his website and his clothing style. Boy, I wish I could cope so hard like this guy my life would be so much easier.

    P.S. Am I the only one or does her hair look like a wig?

    • I’m not surprised if those are wig. He has this addiction to fake body accessories, he even admit(in his blog/books) that he like fake boobs and strongly supported if his women doing it, as long as it became bigger boobs. He likes it, it doesn’t matter. He like blonde, it doesn’t matter how.

  7. He’s interesting in a sad way. Yes, his woman looks fake in many ways, and his hair looks so fake it’s cringe-worthy pathetic. The fact that he can’t recognize how fake it looks tells you how dubious his judgment is in other areas (such as, how attractive a particular woman may be).
    How many of us agree with his comment that Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz look so similar that you can’t tell them apart?
    He once wrote that he “hates” receiving gifts. Seems he’s a case of stunted emotional development.
    He loves spending hours keeping spreadsheets on his results with online dating efforts, dates, etc.
    Seems to me that he’s much like a tone-deaf robot.
    But he seems to believe he’s happy, so that’s nice for him I guess.

  8. This video with his daughter is so bizarre. Good on the lass though for exposing all of his bullshit.

    • Like a 12-year-old girl. How the hell can you be 50 and still want to talk about this whole relationship/woman bullcrap all the time?

    • Wow, he had cosmetic surgery on his double chin and his pecs because he can’t attain the self-discipline to lose enough fat (by restricting his eating) and to tone up thru exercise — really inspiring other men to buy his advice on getting hot women. In this video, the way he talks reminds me of Quentin Tarantino — another weird freaky guy who appears to be in love with himself despite his glaring, severe limitations. Thanks for posting the video. [shudder]

      • At least Tarantino is world-famous, multi-multi-millionaire, 6’1” and his wife is very reasonable for his age and looks [He’s still a total gimp who needs the casting couch to get laid. K.]

      • So what? I’d rather have a casting couch and bang models easy than running my feet off doing day game. I’m into the sex not the validation and thrill of hunt.

    • is someone able to propose a diagnosis?

  9. Remember, when you posted the photos of 37-year-old women, the only hot one was actress Keira Knightley … at age 29!

    I like thin women, but that first trim, superhot blonde should gain weight.

    It figures that Caleb likes superficial/artificial women. But why the hell does she have heavy make-up and fake eyelashes in the morning in a conservative Muslim country?

    Here is the big question – is she hotter than him, or is she on par with his expected sexual market value?

  10. Wow – that is hilarious. I read his blog some time ago and remember that something was off. I knew that he would have to be a more well-off dude who tries to use his wealth and moderate understanding of the Red Pill in order to get some young poon. No wonder it all seemed weird as the guy has no clear grasp on reality and frankly denies the very reality of Game. He likely cannot comprehend that his very personality is holding him back from becoming better with women – one of those clients if you ever took him on.

    Jeez – and the self-denial with that dumpy trollop. He did a chin-job, so he likely went more into the incel-part of Game instead of the gym-bros. He obviously has enough cash to buy good hormone treatment and go to the gym. 6-12 months and he can have a sixpack and it might make him less of a dweeb on top of it.

    Truly amazing!

    • He is on TRT already, doesn’t help.

      • I commented about Caleb under Nick’s old post. Caleb’s mother was an ex-nun. He married a much older single mother, and then divorced in his thirties. He discovered internet dating, and finally achieved some sexual success and variety. But it wasn’t remarkable. Caleb just exaggerates and distorts.

        Some men are born mediocre. Some men achieve mediocrity, And some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. With Caleb, it is all three. He lacks advanced degrees and is not especially rich for a 50-year-old. But he thinks he is a big success, and mansplains everything. He explains how to message a girl, how to reply, blah blah blah. It is like Tristam Shandy’s diary, where he takes a year to write about each day.

        Caleb is a legend in his own mind.

    • Ha, nice username

  11. He made a live stream tonight with Alex from Playing with Fire. Alex said his wife is “pretty hot” after he looked online…. Caleb smiled and said he did not want to mention the guy (Krauser) about the post hahah [Alex is either a fool or a knave. K.]

    • Of course, he says that! He wants a part of his sweet affiliate money when he sells courses. Then he will go on a lifestream with JMULV and make fun of the other coaches wives and girlfriends that don’t look any better than ‘Pink Firefly’

  12. Krauser, have you considered stopping your life of sin and turning to God, as Roosh and Nick from Bold and Determined did?

    It’s very simple, just go to your knees and ask Jesus to come into your life, and say that you are sorry for your sins. What do you have to lose by trying?

    Since I am Catholic, that is the church I would recommend that you seek out for further instructions on how to lead a Christian life.

    I’m thinking to add you to my daily prayers, to petition God for your conversion.

    If anyone else reads this and feels the pangs of guilty conscience, just do what I wrote above. And if you need further prayers then look up something called The Divine Mercy Chaplet, as it has been promised to help even the most hardened sinners.

    • Shut up man – Roosh has become semi-useless after his hypocritical conversion to Christianity – I don’t care that he become religious but he shouldn’t have denied and written off/deleted the path that got him there (and destroy a whole community for the younger guys still on the game path).

      If anything Krauser, while he achieves his goal of settling down, should continue to use his keen intellect to write (perhaps some sort of paid substack subscription, I would subscribe) on his thoughts on life, game/women, finding a wife, the West, world events, health – whatever really – I would be keen to continue reading his thoughts given his keen mind and analytical ability – in fact wish he wrote more blog content in the past about other topics such as Austrian economics among many others (although I haven’t read all his memoirs yet so perhaps he has).

      Him dis-avowing all his past life work like Roosh did would be the worst thing ever – a disaster for a legion of younger men hungry for insight and guidance – that find his writings to game and other stuff to be very insightful in a space where there’s a ton of grifters and bullshit floating around.

      Krauser, please continue to write here on your blog regularly or consider a paid substack.

  13. Concern trolling is back – Abrahamic desert religion style!

    • Not so.

      Krauser has shown interest in Christianity before, as evidenced by him posting about CS Lewis for instance. He isn’t a completely hardened “target” when it comes to evangelizing.

      Also, there may be others reading here who feel drawn toward conversion and who just need a reminder.

      If I can spend a few minutes and potentially save someone’s soul, that’s well worth it.

      • The problem is you Alex and 99.9 % dont get christianity right. You got the communist cuck distortion fed. Vox day gets christianity. The crusaders also did. Pinochet and Franco understood.

  14. I coined the term “hypoteneuse neck” to describe his fat levels. This is a novel and solid contribution to the PUA lexicon. Also a useful tactical measure to assess southern British girls covering their size 14 carcass in mum-jeans and North Face jackets.

    • @Broody, i.e. Dangerous levels of visceral fat encasing the organs, the end result of a high fat and sugar diet.

  15. I thought first it was a tranny.
    Didnt you write that she has a child from “a wandering negro”.
    Love that phrase.

  16. This guy wears a wig. What woman wouldn’t hold a guy wearing a wig in total contempt?

  17. For extra amusement, note that Caleb’s stepson and sister-in-law commented under Krauser’s original Blackdragon article. The sister-in-law wrote:

    “I whole heartedly agree about every negative comment made about Caleb Jones. He is the definition of a phony. All of his “success” is self proclaimed and there is zero evidence to back it up. Trust me when I say, his “advice” and “expertise” is garbage.”

    • As much as I hate this guy, but I don’t know. It’s very easy to fake. See: “Hey I’m Caleb’s dad, my son is a phony, believe me!”

    • The son maybe, but I’m about the sister in law

      • I linked a purported picture of Pink Firefly in the comments, Pink Firefly’s sister correctly commented that it was a picture of somebody else. How would she know? Who else would find this obscure blog, defend Pink Firefly, and attack Caleb?

      • I’m glad it’s great if it was her. She needs to provide more infos than

  18. Your stuff is the real deal, Mastery and Infinite are where it’s at. I’ve read some of his stuff, it isn’t close.

    If you don’t want to compete and just want to fuck, you’ll pay for it, and his description of the logistics of doing that will be helpful to you.

    If you want to do that, and also have a relationship that feels stable, his advice will probably help, and you’ll probably end up with something that looks like her.

    I won’t hate on him for making different choices, but I’ll respect that he’s apparently keeping a relationship together, which isn’t easy these days under any circumstances.

    I don’t want his girl, and the first girl isn’t in my league. I’m happy with what I have though, and it’s better than it would have been without Krauser’s books.

    • “I won’t hate on him for [choosing not to compete and just paying for sex].”

      We hate him for lying and wasting our time. Instead of losing weight and learning bald-guy game (like Krauser), Caleb started paying Sugar Babies at age 40-41. Caleb’s “Unchained Man” book purports to teach skills and enlightened attitude to maintain a harem He should have titled it “Salt Daddy Game”. The Sugar Babies are probably disappointed to get only $150. Readers seeking authentic relationships are also disappointed.

      Caleb’s misleads and mansplains the obvious. He distorts about fitness, money, skills, and prostitution. His woo-woo “business coaching” and “personal effectiveness” are suspicious, and his sister-in-law’s post called him a phony who sells garbage expertise. So I remain skeptical about the quality of his marital relationship.

      • From his own “book”:

        2. Ugly women don’t count.

        I’ve known a lot of men who eventually become accustomed to having sex with ugly or average-looking women. If you’re having sex with unattractive women because you think you can’t get better, obviously that’s an area of needed improvement in your life.

        this guy lives in delusion

  19. I saw something kind of cool and kind of not last Sat. at a large country dance bar–a young guy with a busted up leg asked a young woman to dance…but he wouldn’t ask her to get a drink with him.

    The young woman was part of a group. The girls didn’t know how to dance–likely just turned legal age–and they all wanted to learn how. I danced with all of them at least once. I danced with a couple of them twice–one was a low-makeup HB8 who wore a stunning clingy long gown. (Not much skin shown, but man did she show off her curves whenever she bent! She had some sort of clue about teasing.)

    The other girl I danced with twice wanted to dance corps a corps (body to body). She was In the Moment ™. I was “good enough” for the part–not that she was thinking about having sex with me in particular–but I was “Not That Guy” (a low value loser). I think that we walked off the dance floor holding hands. (March-December.)

    Nobody seemed to think that this close dancing was anything unusual even though I didn’t see anyone else doing it.

  20. Check out the new front page of the Caleb Jones blog…the main background pic is a mash up of 24 (yes, 24) different pics of him, along with several others pics scattered around the page. And in every one he looks alternately dorky, try hard or shady. Strong autism on this one – the sense of Uncanny Valley is off the charts.

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