Why I won’t take the Covid vaccination

June 26, 2021

A fair few people have asked me on my opinion on the various Covid vaccinations. Let me now offer it.

First off, it’s not a vaccination. Stop calling it that. Here’s what the Chinese World Health Organisation has to say a vaccine is: “Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular organism (antigen) that triggers an immune response within the body. Newer vaccines contain the blueprint for producing antigens rather than the antigen itself.”

The italicised line is in support of a wicked lie. Note they added that second sentence after they started pushing the fake vaccines. All of these mRNA injections are actually experimental gene modifications, not vaccinations. They have nothing to do with real vaccinations such as for small pox, polio and typhoid. So, I shall here-after call the Covid injections not-vaxx.

There is lots of evidence coming out that the Covid not-vaxxes are all far more dangerous than Covid itself. Already more people under 18 have died of the not-vaxx than of Covid itself. Airlines are grounding not-vaxxed pilots because they get fatal blood clots at high altitude. Hospitals are seeing lots of heart conditions in the not-vaxxed. However, my decision to avoid the not-vaxx was made long before there was any evidence. I’d already reasoned it out through heuristics. Let me start with my factual conclusions then apply heuristics to them:

Scientists long ago abandoned their credibility
  1. Covid is just the ‘flu
    It was obvious from the beginning that it was just a particularly virulent ‘flu. When I caught Covid last summer I had all the usual ‘flu symptoms: muscle ache, headache, fever etc. I recovered after two unpleasant days and then had a lingering under-the-weather feeling an additional ten days. And then it was gone. I don’t vaccinate against ‘flu so I won’t not-vaxx against Covid.
  2. Covid isn’t deadly
    Everyone who has died of Covid was already some combination of very old / very fat / very ill. It has a 99.8% survivial rate. Take out the above groups and it’s 100%. I’m part of that 100%. It is quite literally zero risk to me. It only kills people who have a life expectancy of <5 years already.
  3. Covid is obviously a Chinese bioweapon
    From the very beginning it was obvious that Covid was manufactured in a Wuhan lab and then either deliberately or accidently leaked. China obviously ran a psy-op campaign to terrify the West (remember all those smartphone videos of Chinks dropping face first in the street, which literally never happens with real Covid, or those hazmat crews welding houses shut?) and deployed all their assets in NGOs, WHO, MSM, academia, and political parties to stoke panic and lead to shutdowns. What was blindingly obvious to me over a year ago is now being “revealed” into MSM now. You’re being played.
  4. China isn’t taking the not-vaxx.
    Go look at a world vaccination map. There’s one very conspicuous hold-out against not-vaxxing their own population: China. So the people who started the Covid epidemic (and, incidently, literally every bubonic plague that decimated Europe in the Middle Ages started in Wuhan too) are not buying their own bullshit. That should make you very suspicious. Why? Because there is only one reason why we haven’t already seen biological warfare unleashed in war: eventually, the bioweapon comes back to your own population. But what if you could persuade your enemy to inject themselves with a not-vaxx biomarker that could be targeted by a future real bioweapon, a biomarker that your own people don’t have? Then you can wipe out your enemies at no risk to yourselves. Note how the new “delta” variant of Covid is 6x more deadly to the not-vaxxed than the people who refused the jab.
  5. China has already started World War III against the West
    China has already bought off the Western elites, stolen the US election, completely corrupted academia and media, bought the international NGOs, launched a drug war against the US (fetanyl), funded and organised militia groups (antifa, BLM), put spies at the very top level of government, and attempting to colonise the world through immigration (see West Coast of USA, Vancouver, and Siberia). Covid is just one branch in this attack.
  6. The West is run by globalist traitors
    All major governments and intellectual classes of the West are infested with globalists who are actively engaged in destroying Western civilisation. These are the people forcing lockdowns and not-vaxx programs. Many want the Great Reset, others don’t care and just want Chinese money.The not-vaxx doesn’t stop you getting and transmitting Covid
    The not-vaxx only limits the symptoms of Covid, but you remain a carrier. That means it doesn’t carry the usual greater-good argument that a real vaccination does, that you prevent the spread of it to other people. Quite the reverse, the not-vaxx makes you more of a danger to your fellow man due the usual transmission plus the spike protein shedding. It is wildly irresponsible to take the not-vaxx.
This creepy motherfucker

So, that’s my factual basis. Now lets apply the heuristics:

  1. Never follow a path that has zero upside and high downside risk
    There is quite literally no upside to me taking the not-vaxx, even if it works. I’ve already had Covid and it wasn’t a big deal. I can’t get it again. In contrast, an experimental gene therapy created by my enemies carries rather a high downside risk.
  2. Never do what your enemy tells you
    The people pushing the not-vaxx are the Chinese Communist Party, the UN, the WHO, the globalists, and the Western left. These people are all evil. Even if you don’t know what their endgame is, you’re an absolute fucking moron if you do what they tell you.
  3. Specifically, never do what Bill Gates tells you
    This creepy bugman had stated time and again he wants to reduce the world’s population by 90%. And now he’s pushing an injection that very likely makes you sterile. No thanks.
  4. Never buy a product without a guarantee
    The big pharma compaines were all given legal immunities to the consequences of their jabs. They have zero skin in the game and sweetheart deals for production. You wouldn’t buy a laptop without a guarantee, so why buy an experimental jab from someone who has no liability even if it kills you.
  5. The second mouse gets the cheese
    Early adopters are usually idiots. Most complex things have tremendous problems when first released, and the early adopters are the beta-test for problems to be caught and fixed. Just like I would never buy a car in its first year of production, I don’t inject myself with rushed drugs of unknown effect. All the real vaccines for real illnesses took years of development and were rolled out slowly, precisely to avoid mass poisoning. Even then, the polio vaccine severely injured 40,000 kids when first released due to a laboratory fuck up (see the Cutter polio scandal). I’ll let the retards be the crash test dummies, thanks.

They aren’t exactly hiding it

I consider getting the not-vaxx to be failing the stupid test, at a minimum. It may well also be failing the Darwin test. You have to be a complete moron to take the jab.

I’m in Moscow now and I’ll be coaching residential immersion programs. Check out the coaching tab for details.


  1. 1) What are your thoughts about a vaccine passport being introduced by various countries? Any ideas of what to do if you haven’t got the vaccine and want to travel?

    2) How do Bill Gates, globalist elites and China as well as various medical professionals around the world fit together to fulfil the plan you describe? They seem like strange bedfellows)

    • Not strange at all if you’ve been paying attention…

    • You’re right Nick.
      I’m not taking it either and it will come down to a battle where those of us remaining have to hold out against the system as they try to enforce the shot, and the surveillance tyranny on us via the “covid passport” which is he thin edge of the wedge.
      Good luck!

  2. Isn’t Moscow requiring you to receive a mystery injection to enter restaurants?

  3. As others mentioned regardless of what we personally think about getting the jab, when governments start enforcing vaccine passports its going to be impossible to travel internationally without getting it.

    Of course one could just stay within their home country but daygamers as a demographic who travel internationally far more frequently than normal people might end up getting it just to regain their freedom.

    Thats not to mention all the local restrictions that might be put in place preventing people who haven’t gotten the jab from entering certain venues or locations etc.

  4. In Manila, the President threatened the unvaccinated to be arrested. This is war.

  5. Vox Day is a silly source for vaccine information. That link provides no source for the assertion that the vaccine has harmed children.


  6. You have said on your blog that you are an INTJ. So your dominant function is Ni and unfortunately you’ve over engaged it without checking in with your Te. This is what happens when you don’t engage in the “real world” for as long as you have and instead, go a less traditional way such as pickup.

    Your Ni and Te combo works well on pickup things, hence your ability to see BS in the industry but your lack of real world experience fails to give any practice to Te on other matters. Therefore you believe in anything your Ni will make up and not truly fact check it against reality.

    If you did, you’d relaize the world is a complex place without anyone having a “grand plan”. Conflict and different ideas on the future or facts starts in as little of a group as a married couple, making it impossible for millions of people to conspire against the masses. This inability and conflict I speak of is also proven in your own post.

    But free speech is important, let’s see if it is for you too 😉

    • Typical INTJ behavior spot on. I’ve followed Nic for years now and he has always been a racist shit. Its just who he is. Anglo-Saxon arrogance and racial superiority. Being of Chinese background, its okay, I learn from his Daygame Mastery and ignore everything else. Karma can be a bitch in the future Nic.

  7. I think this is the first place I have publicly said I got Covid. In April.

    > When I caught Covid last summer I had all the usual ‘flu symptoms: muscle ache, headache, fever etc. I recovered after two unpleasant days and then had a lingering under-the-weather feeling an additional ten days. And then it was gone. I don’t vaccinate against ‘flu so I won’t not-vaxx against Covid.

    For me, just like the above… but a little nastier. Identical timeline. 2 days, raging fever (I didn’t feel all that bad). Then it broke… then I had 6+ days for high fever, very sore body. Then… another week of weak fever. Then… another week of sluggishness. Now… 100%+ I am 5+ yrs older than Krauser, might have been a bit worse for me. I tried to see if I could get a treatment at one point (just to shave off a few days of fever) and the Japanese government would ONLY let me see a doctor if I tested negative… positive tests, on a case by case basis only, min 3 day wait. By then I would be thru the worst of it, so I didn’t even get tested. Just rode it out… and worked the whole time (got a lot done that week).

    I got it from some classmates. 1/2 of the class got it… one at a time.

    So it’s very contagious, it was uncomfortable, but… basically a bad flu.

    I would never get vaccinated. And ANOTHER piece of BS about all this is that almost everyone admits that natural immunity is BETTER than the “vaccine,” but nobody cares if you have natural immunity. Why is that? Rarely even mentioned. They are not testing for immunity. They don’t care. They want you on the “jab.” Period. Doesn’t matter if you don’t need it. Doesn’t matter if side effects are WORSE if you’ve already had Covid. Why?

    Covid killed a bunch of people… most of which were on borrowed time. It was like a financial crisis taking out people with thousands in credit card debt: they were over ripe to begin with, and Covid was life coming to collect the vig.

    Bioweapon. 100%. But the effect was to clean out some of the 50% overweight hordes on medical scooters. We are so horribly soft… we learned nothing from this. What did I learn from this? Being fat is going to kill a lot more people that Covid. Get your shit together.

  8. you’re wrong about china though. they are aggressively pushing the vaccine, with mobile buses direct to your neighbourhood and cash incentives of 400 rmb

  9. Highly would recommend the DarkHorse podcast series, Joe Rogan podcast 1617 with Bret, and other interviews with Pierre Kory of the FLCC. Robert Malone, the virologist who invented the mRNA tech used in the current vaccines (30 years ago) is a covid vaccine skeptic, and doesn’t recommend any younger people to get it. If I can sum up the main points -> mRNA vaccines may be toxic to the body and the spike protein the vaxx creates are going into organs that it shouldn’t (bone marrow, ovaries etc) -> potential for long term auto immune disorders or infertility, even if you don’t suffer from any of the more immediate heart issues. Plus the medical establishment is covering up the efficacy of a cheap generic and very safe drug that’s been around for decades, Ivermectin which can not only treat covid but prevent it as well as the vaccine.



    Thanks for the write up Krauser, just one question -> what are you going to do about potential travel restrictions/vaccine passports if the UK/EU does implement them? Bear the inconvenience of the quarantine?

  10. It’s a trick. Do not bow to them, bend the knee, submit. They want you dead.

    • They dont need the masses anymore like they did. Thats why Hillary calls them deplorables. They cant make profits of them anymore. Machines and KI do the job. The masses are useless eaters and they pollute the planet and kill the climate (they think rightly or not). They dont need them/us to die on the battlefields anymore, drones and robots are much better. So what to do with us? Get rid of us?

  11. you’re right, they are pushing the vaccine, but their vaccine is different and more like an actual vaccine:

    “China’s production capacity is especially noteworthy given that both CoronaVac and the Sinopharm vaccine are made from inactivated virus. Scientists say that vaccines of this type require more time and effort to produce than do COVID-19 vaccines based on mRNA technology, such as the Pfizer or Moderna shots”

    source: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01545-3

    • right, and they just bought milllions of RNA vaxx doses from germany

      • They did not buy vaccines from Germany – they just entered a cooperation with the same German company that Pfizer teamed up with (BioNTech). However the Chinese Fosun has signed a deal for a different version of the BioNTech vacine than Pfizer.

  12. You made it unnecessarily confusing to follow by calling the covid-injections “not-vaxxed” because that implies those who didn’t take the injection (which is a stronger existing association because of the all the “non-vaxers” as portrayed by the media), not that it isn’t a vaccine.

  13. Yeah right,
    No prizes for guessing which part of the Chinese population those RNA non-vaxx jabs are destined for. Think about it.

    China already has a serious demographic problem and they know it. Largely of their own making through the one cHiCkEn policy….
    I expect all those they want to keep breeding will get their home grown coverup vaxx or no vaxx at all.

  14. Imagine if you think the 7 Billion plus humans are destroying the planet and dying anyways soon when the climate and the eco systems collapse. Then you can justify for yourself a depopulation scheme as the less terrible solution.
    And the only way to depopulate is this way. You cannot start an atomic war and you cannot put billions in gas chambers or shoot them. But if you manage to kill enough (and make infertile) with the not vaxx to destroy the societies, the supply chains and the food production you may get rid of billions of humans.
    And further you can tell yourself that it will be paradise for the survivors. Nature like 1000 years before plus 21. century high tec and overabundance. Organic food for everyone.
    I dont know whats going on but something is going on and our lives before “Covid” are gone.
    Of course I will never take the jab.

  15. Yep, my sentiments exactly. The vaccine is a joke and I refuse to take it.

    I predicted the second wave early last year. And like clockwork, it came to the surprise dismay of all of the idiots who insist on believing what’s being told in the media.

    Once you can see all the lies and the games being played, the predictability is laughable.

    • And flu somehow never made the scene, unlike previous years…if you amplify covid at 256K times the amount you amplify flu, you will see a lot of flu misdiagnosed as covid. (flu cycles at 27 and covid at 45)

  16. You forgot the #1 reason to not infect yourself with spike protein inducing mRNA–we have inexpensive effective antivirals already–HCQ and Ivermectin. And we now know about the importance of vitamin D, sun exposure, zinc, and vitamin C supplementation. I got covid and it was just a cough and I’m way over 60. I got quercetin via elderberry concentrate which is an old folk remedy against colds and flu. Covid symptoms were gone the next day. Same with the rest of my family as far as effective treatment goes. My wife had flu symptoms and resisted taking the elderberry concentrate for a day, but her fever got worse and she got a severe headache and she took it and symptoms were gone the following day.

  17. Thank you, Nick, for warning your readers. I wholeheartedly agree with your overall stance, and won’t discuss about details.

    On the “China is responsible” topic, however, I recommend to also take a look at the jews, e.g. https://jewishcontributions.com/vaccination-infotable/ and https://jewishcontributions.com/contribution/271-israel-epstein/ (I think this website is ironic on jewish feats being positive for the world)

  18. I respect Krauser a lot for his contribution to game. But his arguments on Covid and mRNA vaccines are a joke at best. It’s like taking game advice from me ( a rookie beginner with under 400 approaches) and not from Krauser with over 10 000 approaches. Covid is not the flu. Is very complex contagious disease. The chances of dying from Covid as a young adult are low to very low. But post Covid syndrome it’s real and is a motherfucker. I can tell you that from experience. I’m an ER doc who treated around 400 Covid19 patients since 03/20. 18 to 90 years old. Some of them died. Most of them survived. But many of them have postcovid symptoms that will haunt them for life. And for the guys in the comments who say mRNA vaccines (yes they are real vaccines) are poison and they will leave you crippled for life im better off getting covid you may want to read the articles below (Jama, BMJ and Nature – i think that says it all). Oh and good luck with the Delta variant if you do get covid. It’ll be a bumpy ride for you probably.




  19. Mate you’re fucking retarded thinking this is ALL China! Where are the Juice in your deep dive?? Fauci funded the Wuhan lab. He, Schwab, Gates, Imperial College London…all planned this BEFORE the supposed outbreak! You ever heard of the Sackler family? They ain’t Chinese buddy. Just because drugs may be manufactured in China doesn’t make the Chinese responsible for the plan.

    “funded and organised militia groups (antifa, BLM)” – ummm yeah actually funded by Soros, an international Juice financier.

    “That means it doesn’t carry the usual greater-good argument that a real vaccination does, that you prevent the spread of it to other people.” vaccines have NEVER carried a “greater good” argument?? They have always been entirely selfish based: – “if I get a vaccine, I will be safe”. That’s it.

    Look you’re essentially right but get the facts ad protagonists sorted before going public with your assertions.

    • Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory! Conspiracies never happen. I mean, American patriots didn’t conspire against the British Crown for independence, did they? And the Nazis and Japanese didn’t conspire against Europe, China, American, etc. to conquer them, did they? And Stalin didn’t conspire with the Nazis against the Poles, did he?

      Anyone who thinks that conspiracies occur must be bonkers. /sarcasm

  20. Number 4 is the best reason, I think. The incentive structure is possibly the worst imaginable for an individual consumer of a product. Plus there’s an urgency to the roll-out that is off-putting. Here’s an even more cynical take on 6: Globalists want to return to normal to get back to maximizing shareholder returns. This requires getting the worker bees back to their shitty, low-paying, low-skill jobs. The MSM’s constant coverage of the lack of worker units showing up for below-poverty-line jobs is incessant. They doth protest too much. Now that people are getting back to work, look at the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 fly high. Soon, the mass media will completely ignore these “essential workers”.

    For the vaccinated, don’t fret. Just don’t get some future booster shot for when the Chinese virus mutates and evades the vaccine. Nature is always trying to thin the herd and this won’t be the last time. Get your toilet paper and Cialis now while you can.

  21. Nick, I know some beautiful young women from Serbia and Russia. They finished college a few years ago, are in their upper twenties, and have traditional values.

    These women are very attractive, and had many opportunities to marry local men. But now that they have improved themselves and travelled, they will not settle for broke, local losers. These women are not stupid; they know their value. They also understand their marital opportunities will decline, and plan to find a man soon. Nick is not tall, dark, nor classically handsome. He is also aging out of their preferred range. On the other hand, he is worldly and professional.

    These women generally want to settle in their countries and have children within 3 years or so. While they might work part-time after kids are in school, they need a husband who will provide a home and stable lifestyle in Belgrade, Moscow, or comparable city. Some of them would consider London if you could provide a house and schooling there. Can you provide this lifestyle?

      • Okay, Nick, you are not fun to trolll. Other travelling Manosphere guys like Roosh were hypocritical and spastically defensive. But you are pretty consistent and honest about your choices and trade-offs. If I could get convenient flights to a cheap Mediterranean climate with gorgeous women, then I might consider it.

    • Maybe throw in a car and a clothing allowance and a food allowance and a nightclub allowance?

      Traditional values? lol

      • IIRC, you are the Autism Spectrum Disorder poster from Rollo’s site. I think Nick seeks a younger wife to raise children. Presumably a younger woman who does not speak English will lack career opportunities. If Nick’s wife quits her job, then he must pay for everything. Actually, Nick would make a good stay-at-home father, and he would have time to write. But he has not yet blogged about finding a wife to support this ambition.

        I know guys who decided against kids, and retired to third world countries. Others met a wife, brought her back, and financially supported her. And others work odd jobs because their wives have stable careers. Pick your poison.

  22. “When I caught Covid last summer”

    Well, in your case the vaccine is useless no? If you survived you are “vaccinated” already.

    Anyways this article strikes a chord, I am 31 and not eager to take the thing. Fat at the moment, but not morbidly obese or with any sort of condition, recent analysis turned out fine (just low HDL cholesterol which I think in my case is genetic). So far no Covid infection.

    My father is 61 and also reticent, he always brings up precisely your #5 point, early adoption being a bad idea almost always.

  23. If you want immunity to covid where you are asymptomatic if infected, consider that it is a coronavirus and you get cross-immunity from other coronaviruses. And 40% of humanity has preexisting immunity to covid–likely from immunity to other coronaviruses. Coronaviruses tend to cause colds. Who are the primary vectors of colds and flu? Children. So spend some time around children if you want immunity from covid.

  24. No offence but I do feel you took quite a few of Vox’s rhetoric without paying him credit.

    • A bit, at the very end. It’s no secret here that I read Vox regularly.

      • I read Vox Day daily. I like the old testament view on life. No grays. The original red pill. The men who wrote this knew the nature of men and women. The eternal truth of men. Why was Eve seduces by the serpent and not Adam?

  25. Now that’s out of the way, as someone who is balls deep in traditional finance, I would like to hear you’re opinion DeFi and crypto in general.

    Will the future see the middle man (banks) eventually be replaced by crypto?

  26. Nick, I share your sentiments, but you okay with not being able to travel again in the future?

  27. As a reader, glad you took a public stand on it. You could have easily put a number of sources in there and links from different sites or videos, but you kept it simple and to the point.

    Although, the issue will eventually be traveling and that is somehow be some kind of implant, cause of massive forgery from individuals. So, inevitably, whatever Revelations describe….

    We shall see i guess.

  28. I am one of the vaccine holdouts and believe me the pressure is mounting on us here in Germany with 60% of the population vaccinated.

    I will play devil’s advocate and ask you: Why would Israel vaccinate so many of its people? They are ultranationalist about their existence. If there really are doubts about the MRNA vaccines why would they inject themselves with it?

  29. I completely agree with your view. In the Netherlands and almost all other countries, we have a vaccine pasport now. How can you still travel, and live freely if you also wanna leave your home country?

    I am now stuck in the Netherlands and don’t wanna get the jab.

  30. We now have more data about the Pfizer covid vaccine…(Moderna is a black box)…

    Short term risks from the Pfizer vaccine…

    The FDA data shows 21 deaths for the Pfizer vaccine and 17 deaths for the placebo.

    SOURCE: https://www.fda.gov/media/151733/download (page 23)

    The following article about the Pfizer vaccine shows one covid-related death in the vaccine arm and two covid-related deaths in the placebo arm…

    SOURCE: Appendix to “Six Month Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine,” available at


    It’s in Table S-4 in the supplementary appendix, which is in a pdf file that you have to download.

    Putting these together we discover that there were five deaths from Pfizer covid vaccines for every covid-related death they prevented.

    And we can use this to extrapolate excess deaths from the vaccine and from covid.

    69% of the US population has received at least one dose and 59% has received two doses.

    22,000 people were fully vaccinated in the Pfizer trial.

    The excess death rate from the vaccines is 5 / 22,000, or 0.000227

    The US population is 330,000,000.

    The fully vaxxed US population is 0.59 * 330,000,000, or 194,000,000.

    The excess death rate from the fully vaxxed is 194,000,000 * 0.000227, or 44,000.

    Let’s assume that those who receive only a single dose have half the mortality rate of the fully vaccinated.

    10% of the US population has received a single vaccine dose, which is 33,000,000.

    Half of the fully vaxxed mortality rate is 0.000113.

    The contribution to excess mortality from the singly-vaxxed is 33,000,000 * 0.000113, or 3,700.

    So, assuming that no one else gets vaccinated, the total excess mortality from vaccines should be 47,700.

    And since one covid death is prevented by five vaxxed deaths, then the contribution to excess mortality from covid is 0.2 * 47,700, or 9540.

    The figures from the study should be accurate for the period of time of the study. If more people get vaccinated or there is mortality that accumulates over a longer period, then both rates and total numbers will increase. But at least we have a minimal baseline for vaccine deaths and for covid.

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