Easy Come Easy Go

January 23, 2021

I’ve long believed that the way you get a women says a lot about what you’ll experience from her. It’s one of the many reasons I avoid Tinder. Only about 10% of girls have a Tinder account and they are essentially putting themselves in a very obvious shop window on an app known for hook-ups. The usual Tinder date involves meeting them close to your apartment and banging them within a couple of hours, then feeling a bit disgusted with yourself for scraping the barrel. You don’t, of course, see these girls again.

Nothing wrong with that from a casual sex perspective [1] but you are basically filtering for lunatics and sluts. I’ve never been into that demographic and time has only made me more averse to it.

At the other end of the spectrum is social circle, where a girl sees you around for months, can watch you closely in your interactions with others, and then eventually tips her cap at you and chases you down. That’s how most men get girlfriends and then backwards-rationalise the process as if they were the party doing the picking up. Nothing wrong with that either, and the main reason I avoid social circle game is because of how the tiny pool of prospects essentially cripples your choice. You end up taking what you’re given. That’s never been my style of living.

Daygame has it’s own pros and cons for what type of women you’ll meet and what you can expect from them. My own personal experience has run the gamut from lunatics looking to get quickly fucked to archetypal good-girl virgins hoping to get married. What interests me today is a particular type of daygame girl: Easy Come Easy Go.

Have a look at this video. This chick was such a case.

She’s rather nice, no? I was sitting on the patio of Kamchatka bar on Kuznetsky Most one evening with Roy and Seven, drinking a beer and not very full of social energy. Roy was with one of the birds he’d pulled [2] and I was staring into space wondering when I should go home. Then the blonde chick of the video rushed passed.

I felt rather than saw her IOI. Jedi mind powers or ninjitsu, I guess.

It was an easy set. She was loving ‘umble Krauser from the off and happily gave up her number. I pinged her two hours later and we struck up a chat. She was meeting friends then going to a nightclub to dance. I received a couple of club bathroom selfies (nothing naughty) and we set up a date the next evening in a fusion Asian restaurant next to Nikolskaya.

It was all so easy.

This chick, Tanya, was full of excitable energy and extremely agreeable. We were kissing within half an hour though I knew it was to be had within five minutes. Two hours later her pals picked her up outside the restaurant in a car and she went off to some other club. She sent me a video of her dancing on a podium (unofficially).

The second date a few days later was at a mall. She invited me out, pinging that she was in the centre. We ended up in the Irish bar where the above video was shot. It was another exceptionally easy date where Tanya proved to be full of beans and agreeable. I smelled a rat.

I had that gnawing feeling that other girls I’d dated like this had not put out. You get easy dates, easy make-outs, and probably even a bit of hands-up-the-sweater action but they rarely end in sex. That turned out to be the case with Tanya. She agreed to a third date by my apartment and walked straight into my room without murmur. I could just sense she had not come to fuck. We drank a beer, fooled around on the bed, and she was resolute about keeping her tights on. After two hours she was gone.

That was two days before the end of my trip so I considered it over. She replied to my message the next morning and then went radio silent. Easy come, easy go.

I’ve been trying to figure out why girls do this and I’ve hit upon a hypothesis. Everything about Tanya suggested she was a good-time gal. Not a slut. Tanya was looking for fresh experiences that would brighten up her life. She wanted excitement and happiness. If friends called and said “we’re going to drive out into the forest for a picnic, are you in?” she’d most certainly be in. Same for a bungee jump, a jazz concert, a finger paint class, or more nights dancing on a podium in a club. She wants diversions. She wants to drink from the cup of life.

I had (not in so many words) propositioned her with, “would you like to spend a few evenings fooling around with an exciting foreign man?”

She’d been all-in for that but sex wasn’t part of her deal. I don’t think it ever was. She was delightful company and I enjoyed our three dates but that’s all I was getting. And then when I left town she moved on to the next thrill [3]. This is why she was so easy and agreeable at everything up until the moment of truth. I’d never gotten the sense at any moment that she was hoping to get fucked, or even a Maybe Girl waiting to see whether I’d successfully seduce her. She was Yes from the first moment for fun while simultaneously a No for sex.

If you are quite prepared to have dalliances with such women while filtering through for the ones who do fuck, there’s no better way to build up leads than buying Daygame Overkill here for a detailed video guide on how to do daygame properly.

[1] Aside from the horrendous average quality, of course.
[2] The hottest of them, in my opinion. A tidy petite blonde.
[3] This is, of course, all supposition.


  1. One of the best articles I’ve ever read on Daygame. Once again you have spotted something the industry is not really talking about but constitutes an important part of Daygame. Thanks Nick

  2. maybe u missed the pull. if u felt it in 5 min, kiss after 30, why not pull right then? some girls won’t let u fuck them if u miss it. they sense u r not up that level and they lose attraction. they know they can tool you from then on. other thing was maybe lack of physical domination. some girls won’t put out without some hard handling, u need to tick that checkbox for them. but this is all mental masturbation, you have the experience, ur judgement is surely right. still, you say fucking was never in her mind, but a girl meeting a stranger man, solo, at night, going to his place, what she had put out till that moment… some guys wouldn’t let her get away without being fucked

    • Or you were not on your best energy those days… and were feeling the weight of old age and questioning your value in the market… and got this bird that is quite attractive and seemed high value to your eyes… and unconsciously you put her in the girlfriend box, a wife at the end of the tunnel… and unconsciously you run game according to that… and maybe that was not the appropriate game to fuck this girl (your mind just wanted her to be “not a slut”). cool of you sharing this story Nick, you’re becoming human. it gets you more genuine and deeper interactions/connections but less lays

    • > maybe u missed the pull
      > maybe lack of physical domination
      — Mario

      The thing I like about this post is that Krauser sets up a scenario that isn’t “she is a slut that will fuck anyone/she is slut but only for me.” It is classic “male” thinking to box in the conversation like that.

      > She’d been all-in for that but sex wasn’t part of her deal. I don’t think it ever was.
      — Krauser

      There are guys that “miss the pull,” or can’t read the girl, or fail to provide adequate “physical dominance” and escalation… but surely some % of girls fit somewhere else on the spectrum of female psych. Girls that just want “some adventure.” Or girls that haven’t thought it out at all, are just following their feelings, but do have their limits (at least the first time in a guys place).

      > She agreed to a third date by my apartment and walked straight into my room without murmur.
      — Krauser

      Yohami used to insist that if a girl walks into your place, she is there for “one reason only.” And I think that is a good “rule of thumb” for guys with very little experience, and ones that are afraid to assume it’s on and to lead properly. Much of the time, the girl certainly knows the potential of what being back in your place means…

      But was she definitely there to fuck? And the guy just wasn’t aggressive enough? That cannot always be true. And if the guy telling the story has, in fact, pulled a lot, has in fact, had a lot of fast sex… you might be curious what he saw that made her different from a girl that did “come for the experience.”

      I had five girls back in my apartment last year. And three had sex that night. The fourth I made out with, and I think I didn’t test her potential as much as I could have (never got her out again… I might have, in fact, missed the pull), but the fifth girl…

      She was genuinely surprised when I kissed her. She acted like it. I asked her, and she confirmed.

      What these girls are thinking, I have no idea. I think it’s risky to come back at all… but they do… so often (it still surprises me how easily girls will come home with me). But even when they do…

      I have seen many, many girls that are genuinely surprised at the escalation. Or will escalate… but have a firm limit.

      There is a range of psychology and willingness – girls, spread out across a spectrum of behavior. And to assume 100% are there for sex (first time in your place) is to miss a lot of girl’s psychology (to be too dense to see it)… and to probably blow yourself out quite often as well.

      • maybe. I remember the “girls are all a bunch of cunts” Nick days. with ultra sharp game. now he writes a melodramatic story to covers half chody game. and posts flashy (and cringy) videos like YouTube charlatans. the girl must think: “wow, i must be so special for this guy to record videos with me to show his friends”. dlv. guess it’s just the pandemic, he’ll tighten up boys. or he has soften up in his search for a life partner. hope he doesn’t forget he still has to run ultra sharp game on high value girls

      • > now he writes a melodramatic story to covers half chody game

        You’re doing a perfect job of showing one way guys tend to think about all this. I won’t say you’re wrong. Maybe Krauser does run “chody game.” But then we wonder why you’re here reading what he has to say? Maybe you’re the world foremost authority in Chode Game?

        Maybe… after “160+” lays… he sucks now. Maybe. But I personally doubt it. I don’t think it works that way.

        And maybe if you can’t (or don’t) “just fuck her bro” every time a girl walks into your place… maybe that means you run “chody game.” But that sounds kind of retarded to me, at least as far as Krauser is concerned, and probably beyond that as well.

        For me… I am back to the question, is “just fuck her or you’re a chode” the only thing there is to learn in Game? If so… whole thing sounds pretty easy. Every dipshit on the internet should be able to learn that, right? But… if there is anything more to it than that… every time you go down the “you either fuck her or you’re a chode” you are missing a lot.

        I tend to think any amateur can “diagnose the common cold.” And it’s common, so that can be a useful skill. True. But not every situation is that “basic.” And a lot of expertise lies in being able to SEE, diagnose, and influence more rate cases. If you think everything is the “common cold” you’re going to be wrong a lot. And you’ll never get good with anything beyond that.

  3. Maybe the type of chick for whom mdma would tip her from “fun new experiences” into “slut.” If she says yes to everything, she might say yes to that, and that will take care of her clothes and foresight. [Lol at literally drugging women to fuck them. K.]

  4. Not having sex could be a defense mechanism so she doesnt fall in love, lose control, get hurt, etc.

    • > Not having sex could be a defense mechanism so she doesnt fall in love, lose control, get hurt, etc.

      Yeah. Could be many different reasons – why she came, why sex wasn’t on the table, etc. To be curious is to see more.

  5. Ouch it’s hard for us because we want sex. It is a very interesting case. She is very different from a timewaster because she lets you escalate her.

    Do you think there is a high probability that she has a boyfriend and that she is faithful to him?

  6. Either that, or you just fucked up 😜

  7. Nick, quick question about your seemlingly silly little Brit-Pop lecture in this vid: when I’m on a date with a much younger girl I always feel squeamish to talk about stuff from “before her time”, because I feel like I shouldn’t highlight the age difference. Seems you don’t care about this.
    Is this simply the result of an idgaf attitude and being in the moment or are you deliberately playing up the “I know more than you because I’m older”-angle a little bit to demonstrate intellectual mastery?
    Would be cool to hear your thoughts behind this, because I’m pretty sure, I read before about you giving girls these “mini-lectures” (maybe in Mastery or one of you memoirs).

  8. This post doesn’t make any sense. You went on 3 dates, she didn’t put out, and at the end she also ghosted you: you clearly must have done something wrong.
    (You look in very good shape btw, congrats.)

    • @Vic Vega: The post makes complete sense. Nick wrote: “That was two days before the end of my trip so I considered it over.”

      He played it right. He had a 3-date rule, and she had a 6-date rule, or 10-date rule, or whatever. They were just looking for different things. In any case, Nick was leaving, and had not formed enough attachment to return. In the future, Nick might tolerate 6-day rules while seeking a seeking a conservative wife. But then he must screen for those qualities to prevent wasting his time.

      That is why I respect Nick’s game. He spikes his game to signify that he seeks a lover, not a friendly tour guide. He might get more early rejections, but avoids misunderstandings. In particular, he doesn’t conceal his attraction, and then get butthurt when the girl puts him in the friendzone. In other words, he screens for a compatible women instead of trying to weasel his way into her pants. Even if they aren’t interested, women respect an honest hustle.

      This girl contacted him for a spontaneous second date. It was quick, easy, and cheap, but he lacked control over timing and logistics. He had fun, but was leaving soon, and found her suspiciously agreeable and asexual, So he invited her over for an intimate third date to resolve the situation. The both learned what they needed to know.

      Maybe she was immature, or lesbian. Maybe she has a boyfriend, or a unrequited crush. Or maybe she was screening Nick for long-term commitment. We will never know. Nick just knows he must set his own boundaries. In the video, she seemed too giggly and detached on their second date, probably just a superficial, immature Anglophile. [Vic is just angry that I roasted him on Twitter. K.]

  9. What if she initially thought you are a lover (r-select), but later you were sending her mixed signals (as you’re mentally more into searching for a girlfriend/wife) and adventure sex option was lost. Her being an anglophile does mean a higher probability that she was simply using you for cultural experience, though.

    Nice hack with a beard, though, it ‘shaves off’ quite a few years from your face. Sth to keep in mind for all 30+ dudes.

  10. Do you think Daygame heavily selects for Women with Daddy Issues?

  11. Nick, I’d love (I’m sure others would too) if you could give us a blog post with your musings on Beijing Biden, World politics, the hyped-demic, likely consequences for DG/Travel etc?

  12. Probably your washing machine kissing technique scared the poor lass off…

    In all seriousness, I’ve met this type a lot. They usually have a boyfriend, or are eyeing up a guy they like. Enjoys that little bit of extra attention and excitement.

    She’s being slutty with someone, just not with you.

  13. I also think the lack of extra options made you like this girl a bit more than usual and she picked up on it and it was no challenge for her.

    A blog and video upload on a girl who’s gone silent and didn’t put out? Nick’s in Luuurrve

  14. Do you think there was a difference in attachment styles? She has secure attachment. You have avoidant attachment. People with secure attachment are more likely to wait for sex and want an emotional connection before sex.
    Have you looked into attachment theory?

  15. Just a tip: you regalling some fact about Blur does nothing for her. You can tell she’s bored to tears and scanning the room waiting for you to finish your little lecture.

    You think you’re DHVing becuase you’re educating her while showing off your historical knowledge, but it’s a DLV becuase you simply lose her with what she sees as meaningless drivel. We all do it, us guys think and talk in facts, knowledge and info. Girls think and talk in relationship-connections.

    Adjust your story by talking about the conflict between the bands or its members and it’ll better connect with her.

    If this transgression, as seen in the vid, is any indication of your game as a whole, then the fact that you didn’t sleep with her is down to you. We don’t know what we don’t know, so we chalk it up to some theory and in this case “easy come easy go”.

  16. So to summarise you didn’t shag there Shagger?

  17. anti-aging tip #1: post up video using high saturation brightening filter of footage caught in highly-lit room

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  19. First of all, from the comments I see here it seems like our community has regressed. Some people have the right idea though.

    I’ve met a girl like this. Social circle type. Didn’t easily agree to a date. She was bipolar, and needed people to help balance her emotions because she often became suicidal. So she tries to have a lot of friends. She associated hanging out with fun, but not anything else. She had a problem with being controlled, trust issues, and clearly didn’t like sex. The problem with this type of girl is that they fuck with your head. There’s no quick way to change them unless you wanna be their therapist. In most cases I’d rather say what I want faster instead of being strung along.

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