You Don’t Need To Become Old And Knackered

January 20, 2021

Now that my forty-sixth birthday is rapidly approaching, I’m intimately aware of my age. I can honestly admit that it’s preying on my mind. I ask myself: how long can I keep this up for?

I did my first daygame cold approach in 2009 when I was thirty-four years old. I do believe I asked myself a similar question back then: am I too old for this? At that time, I’d been propagandised into believing in “age appropriate” dating, that men should date women of about their own age. That was just normal. It’s what I’d seen all around me for decades. Older men dating young women were usually figures of ridicule for sitcoms and drama shows on TV.

The alternative to daygame

Once I started getting dates with SMV-prime women- and eventually fucking them- it was a great liberation. I really wasn’t past it. I could do it! For the following ten years it felt like I’d been given a second youth. A second chance to do all the things I really ought to have done in my twenties. As readers of my interminably long memoir will surely attest, I took full advantage of my second chance.

But those ten years have gone. I’m forty-five now, soon to be forty-six. Is it still possible?

Frankly, I still look good

Covid suspended the possibility of finding out through the real-world feedback of daygame. I got a month’s worth of daygame in on my Moscow trip and that limited sample suggests that yes Nick, you’ve still got it. You’re still sexually relevant to prime-SMV hot birds. Great!

Nonetheless, I am not taking my extended SMP lifespan for granted. My mind is fixed very firmly on retaining my sexual relevance as long as possible, as I get a girlfriend and, eventually, a wife. I’m certainly not going to let myself get fat and knackered again. I am taking all things anti-ageing seriously now and I don’t care if that makes me a faggot. Some of my regime now:

  1. Four-times weekly hard gym training with a personal trainer [1]
  2. Target 15,000 steps daily, whether daygaming or not;
  3. Calorie- and macro-controlled diet of healthy food with no junk;
  4. Severely reduced alcohol and sugar consumption.

So far, so 2020. I’ve now added a few new items into the mix. These are currently on an experimental basis to see if they have a noticeable effect. If they don’t, I’ll drop them:

5. Daily supplementation of Vitamins B, C, D, and E, Zinc, Omega 3, Apple Cider Vinegar, and MSM;

6. Daily facial rub of Vitamin C serum and retinol [2]

7. A course of Epitalon;

8. A repair course of BPC-157.

I’m looking into the bio-hacking world to see if they have any additional reliable protocols for either extending health-span or limiting the effects of ageing (either literally, or even just the visible markers of ageing). This is a new passion of mine as I firmly believe that ageing can be slowed and many of the symptoms of ageing put off for decades. There’s no reason you have to be fat, lethargic, and knackered at fifty. Personally speaking, I look younger now than I did five years ago. I feel better than ever, even better than at the peak of my kickboxing aged twenty-six.

Obviously, I know ageing is remorseless and unavoidable. However, you don’t have to surrender to it immediately. If there’s reader interest, I’ll go into more detail on each element of my regime.

Young and free, or old and knackered, I’m still the world’s best daygame coach. If you want to max out your own daygame skills, you have to get my Daygame Overkill video instruction series here. There’s nothing else even comes close.

[1] I just restarted in Belgrade this Monday and I’m very pleased to be back on it.

[2] Defo the gayest part of my regime.


  1. Very interested to see where you go with this Nick. Check out Peter Attia and David Sinclair, both well renowned in anti-aging circles

  2. I’m 33 and I’m one of those guys that don’t look the age I have. However, 3 years ago I moved cities for a new job. The stress, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes (I do night game) had a toll on me and I’m now seeing signs of real aging. Grey hair and wrinkles are appearing and I got me worried.

    Covid was a blessing in disguise. I implemented many healthy habits in order to prevent aging as well. Here is some stuff I believe prevents aging:

    – Intermittent fasting
    – Don’t take too much sun on your face
    – Good sleep
    – Control stress
    – Good social interactions (friends, women, family…) I’m an introvert myself but I do believe socializing has a good impact in your health [Agreed. I already do all of that. Chasing skirt also tells your body to stay young. K.]

  3. Great regimen. Have you looked into NMN /NAD supplementation? [Never heard of it. What is it? K.]

    • Here is a good overview I believe. Essentially, NAD is a molecule that activates certain genes that slow down aging – apparently there is less of it in our bodies as we age. We lose it. NMN is a supplement that acts as precursor to NAD. There is a lot of research out there. Nothing conclusive I believe- also longitudinal trials on humans would take years to materialize. Initial research looks promising though.

  4. Nick, another good post. I’m 41 soon so it is an interesting topic

    could you expand on the below ?

    6. Daily facial rub of Vitamin C serum and retinol [2] what is the benefit of this?

    7. A course of Epitalon; what is this? what is the benefit of this?

    8. A repair course of BPC-157 what is this? what is the benefit of this?

    • I too would be interested to read more about couple of the things you mentioned, namely the Epitalon and BPC-157. I had a quick read, but interested in more detail on studies on these and what they can potentially do.

  5. go hardcore: youtube veritasium how to slow age. and start using a facial exfoliant (with hard grains) 2 times a week. removes dead cells, black spots, some wrinkles, all the crap accumulating on the face… do wonders for that mug

  6. The Blue Zones is a book you might be interested. It looks at the places where people live the longest.

  7. You’re doing all the right things in my opinion.

    Prioritising physical exercise, eating well, getting good quality sleep and using retinol are all excellent anti ageing regimens.

    Plus the fact you’ve designed your life in a way that means you avoid a shitty office job is hugely beneficial.

    Your post made me think what other things actors might be doing that we average joes don’t have access to (not plastic surgery)
    Jared leto 49, paul Rudd 51, rob lowe 56, tom cruise 58, leo DiCaprio 46, brad pitt 57 keanu Reeves 56, they know something we don’t.. [Probably HGH. K.]

  8. Nick, A big thankyou for all the free material you’ve put out on this blog over the years. I speak for myself and a number of guys I’m friends with who have taken and continue to take vast amounts of value from your writings…

    I would love to see how this period of your life (and blog) progresses so double hands up for continuation of this series from me. [You’re welcome pal. Nice to hear from you. K.]

  9. I’d also suggest using SPF-50 sunscreen when you go out during the daytime. UV radiation is one of the main contributors of early skin aging. SPF-50 will block most of those.

  10. Class post. Mate the one point and probably the most important point you have over looked is testosterone. Get blood work done. Keep T levels up high, you can do it naturally or not which is upto you. [I’ve had them checked. Pretty good levels. K.]

  11. I’m still in my late twenties so I’m genuinely curious about how younger girls respond to older men 40+. [It gets harder. K.]

    Do you find that younger women in Eastern Europe respond better to your daygame approaches than younger women in western countries like the U.K. or France ? [As you move East, they get more receptive.]

    Or are the cultural differences relatively insignificant ?

    Some of the regular daygame bloggers have mentioned that they will play down their age when daygaming in Britain but will be more open when daygaming in countries like Russia.

    • “. [As you move East, they get more receptive.] ”

      That settles it. I’ll have to seriously consider moving to Eastern Europe at some point. Just need to hit a couple key professional milestones domestically before I make that leap.

    • > so I’m genuinely curious about how younger girls respond to older men 40+

      I think I heard once that “for every 5 years over 30 it gets 2X as hard” – something like that.

      My experience is that… that is isn’t true for me at all. I didn’t start daygame until I was 40. And I will be 48 soon… and I am definitely better than I have ever been. As good on the street, definitely better at everything that comes after that.

      IF a man is at his very best every day of his life (which no men are), maybe sometime in his mid-twenties could possibly be a peak. Maybe that is true.

      BUT, if a man has never really lived up to his potential, but is growing fast thru his 40s, learning about girls, expanding his areas of mastery in general… what he loses in youth is more than made up for in other areas.

      In the last year, I have dated a 18, 19, 20, 22, 22, 23, 24, 24 and 28 year old girls (fucked three of them). It was a weird year, but even so… I dated as young as I’ve ever dated. And that doesn’t surprise me at all, as I’ve never TRUSTED MYSELF more than I do now… so I am much better with women now than I have ever been.

      When guys talk about “confidence,” that’s actually about how much the man TRUSTS HIMSELF. That is crazy attractive. A younger guy, better looking, that doesn’t TRUST HIMSELF… will get blown out. As I TRUST MYSELF more… my results are more solid.

      As older men lose TRUST in themselves, their results will tank. As the settle in, and expand areas where they trust themselves… they’ll do better and better.

      Youth (and proximity to her age) is one factor, a “passive one,” there are so many other factors (active ones) that can give you a TON of success that wasn’t in your reality when you were younger.

      • :: When guys talk about “confidence,” that’s actually about how much the man TRUSTS HIMSELF.

        One of the realistic messages that Krauser keeps giving is that “attitude” matters, but looks matter also a lot to women. Sure, if one is a complete sociopath then that turns on women even if they are fat and ugly, but it is so much easier if one looks good, athletic and slim, as in Krauser’s photo above, and one does not have to become a complete sociopath.

        What women want (something that Freud could not answer) is to be turned on, and what turns on women is men out of their league who are players, so they can potentially have sons that are out of their league players too.

        Demonstrating that with a hard slim body opens many doors/pussies. Whether it is strong hands, tight asses, hard abs, or ideally all three. Face handsomeness matters a lot less.

  12. Have you tried creatine?

    You are fit enough to physically compete with men in their thirties. But how will you compete financially? Many ex-PUA’s like Roosh and Victor Pride (Bold and Determined) are broke or living with mothers. Young women have undeveloped careers, especially if they relocate. How can you support a woman in London?

    Compared to many 30-something men, you have:

    1) More muscles (good),
    2) Less fat (good),
    3) Less hair (bad),
    4) Less money (bad).

    Being a bad boy is fine for a one-night-stand. But those Russian 9’s have better alternatives than living with your parents.

    • Young fertile beautiful women are the prime currency in this world. Every other currency and assets, oil, gold, land and all the games, fights, struggles and wars and empires circles around them. They are very valuable and act accordingly.

      • :::: Young fertile beautiful women are the prime currency in this world. Every other currency and assets, oil, gold, land and all the games, fights, struggles and wars and empires circles around them. They are very valuable and act accordingly.

        That’s a typical myth among unattractive/incel men: in the sexual marketplace and in general -attractive- men are the most valuable, as they know very well by experience.
        Even hot women value -attractive- men more than themselves and chase them.

        The idea that hot women are “prime currency” is probably inspired by the feminist claim that “eggs are rarer and more valuable than sperm”. That is irrelevant, because what matters is:

        * Insemination is cheap, effortless, riskless.
        * Pregnancy is expensive, hard work, full of risks.
        * Therefore women must ration they pregnancies carefully (not their eggs, they have plenty more eggs than they can have pregnancies).
        * So they ration their pregnancies so that their odds of outbreeding other women are highest.
        * To outbreed other women they want sons, and in particular sons who are -attractive-, hot players, that is they want potential fathers who are out of their league.
        * Since hot players are rare, and the women pursuing them many, they are the most valuable in the sexual marketplace.

        Consider two equivalent women who are both rated 7:

        #1 One has sons from a man rated 9, and the sons are likely to be rated 8.
        #2 The other has sons from a man rated 7 like her, and the sons are likely to be rated 7 like their parents.

        Woman #1 is much more likely to have many grandchildre than woman #2, because her rated 8 sons are likely to pump-and dump many more women than the rated 7 sons of woman #2. That applies also to women rate 9.

        Thus the reason is that because of pregnancy being far more costly than insemination, women are far more selective than men, therefore -attractive- men have many more potential partners to choose from than women do. A woman rated 8 will feel bad about risking a pregnancy with a man rated 8 and revolted if he is rated 7 or below, but a man rated 8 will screw women rated 5-7, even if he prefers the higher rated ones.

        That means that even very hot women will fight ferociously among themselves and with less hot women over -attractive- men in order to have attractive sons.

        Note: most women are wildly turned on by men 2 points above them, and somewhat turned on by men 1 point above, will feel indifferent to and a bit put off by men at the same level, and disgusted or utterly revolted by men 1 or more points below them. See the most important “red pill” post ever:

  13. I doubt Krauser or Roosh are broke.
    If I had to guess I’d say they have way more money than the average guy in his 30’s.

    • @doordie: Roosh lives with his mother outside Washington, D.C. He made $60K at his peak. But ReturnOfKings went on hiatus, his main books removed from Amazon, banned from Youtube, Paypal, and even the U.K. That means he can’t visit Krauser in England! Roosh recently did unskilled manual labor in Alabama.

      If Krauser worked only 5 days in 2020, then his skills are aging and career opportunities fading. He can live cheap as a bachelor in Belgrade. But the website/book income will not support a family. If he truly wants a family, then he will need to find a woman with an income, or restart his career. This blog has not discussed the necessary compromises.

      • I disagree

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Roosh has at least a $1 million net worth.

        Krauser worked in finance previously and is probably quite savvy with his money.
        Combination of residentials, one on ones, book & vid sales with potentially a separate side biz and not having paid high rents for many years makes me think money isn’t much of an issue.

  14. @doordie: Let me extend the comparison. Roosh advocated lifting weights, was certainly fit. Victor Pride also preached fitness, and slept in his car while travelling. They both became broke religious nuts. Krauser’s old mate Tom Torero has been travelling and living in a van. Now that Krauser is emphasizing fitness, I whether he will find a better endgame.

    • Roosh is way to smart to be broke

      • @doordie Krauser worked in the finance industry long ago, but wives and divorces are expensive. Nick consults, he is savvy, he commercializes his writings, and lives within his means. A Russian “9” might sleep with Nick. But she has better long-term opportunities with rich Russians and foreigners. Maybe Nick will marry a school teacher and live cheaply in Serbia.

        Krauser wrote an epic post about his unpopular opinions.

        “Most of you are either liars or bullshitters when it comes to your stories about money or girls.”

        Roosh got successful around 2011 and claimed to make around $60K per year before he got cancelled in 2018. Roosh was extremely frugal, living in Eastern Europe with no car and no health insurance. So he might have saved $100K-$200K. You are delusional to believe Roosh has $1 million!

      • Interesting discussion you guys are having.

        As someonr who turned 32 in the past few days, I am asking myself whether to focus on game or finances.

        Both have been ambitions for me, yet I have underachieved in both.

        I take KLs point that an attractive woman will want an LTR to have good $.

        On the other hand I’m not excited by the provider/stable guy avenue.

        I crave the life of the wild man, the lone wolf.

        I just hope that in a decade I don’t wake up and regret it.

        Society is so unstable today that it’s hard to plan years in advance

      • @doordie Roosh is so dumb; he disbelieves the moon landing! He struggles with vocabulary. He is so impressionable that he wrote about Osho’s “deep” Taoism, ignorant that Osho’s cult launched the largest bioterror attack in U.S. history. Roosh’s game advice is contrived and weaselly. Seriously, he asks women where to find a pet shop. Ultimately, Roosh built his web audience with clickbait outrage until he got cancelled. Then he whined about free-speech when his rapey books got banned. Roosh stubbornly painted himself into a corner, and now lives with his mother. Not a smart millionaire!

        @elvis Nick balanced his career base with game and fitness. He also lives with parents intermittently. That is fine, but inconsistent with raising a family in London or abroad. Make your choices consistent with your goals.

      • @doordie: I almost forgot. Roosh is so dumb that he recently rented a former crack house in West Virginia. Within two months, the stench became overpowering, and Roosh moved back to his mother. Now he sports a beard and proclaims himself a “mountain man”, brimming full of spiritual wisdom.

        Smart 40-year-old millionaires do not rent crack houses!

      • @Elvis:
        Its a no brainer, focus on money. The attempt to stage a “great reset”, a CO2 emission free west (world) will lead to a historic catastrophy. Even in the west (not even speaking of the rest of the world) poverty and unemployment, violence, uprising will be huge and all the bullshit jobs, jobs many women do, will be wiped out. The welfare states will be gone in a couple of years and the provider and protector factor will have a big comeback. No more “strong and independent womens”.

  15. If you are into anti-aging check this woman in the video below: a 70yo women who looks 30.
    As I’ve also done a lot of digging it seems that a certain subset of raw vegans are the only people who truly age well, at least that is the only common sense conclusion I was able to come to after taking
    genetics into account.

    Obviously you have idiots who just eat lettuce every day, so grouping all vegetarians into one group is a mistake, there are severe hippy crazies there and then there are very legit people.

    She has 3 books also published.

    I’ll also link another 40yo guy who looks ~27 who is also a raw vegan.

    I guess a TLDR is that cooking food destroys shitload of vitamins and other nutrients present in the food, which is why all cooked and processed food could be detrimental
    for your health since you basicaly destroy most of the stuff in it as soon as you heat it over ~45deg C since above that temperature most living stuff starts to commit seppuku.

    I’m also leaning more and more that “toxicity” is the primary issues that we start to get over time.
    I personaly got bedridden only when I overdosed on vitamin C and D supplements and the symptoms were the exactly the same as a severe cold
    which leads me to conclude that the symptoms of a cold are actually a side effects of the body detoxing shit from itself through mucus.
    If that is true than you want to eat food that reduces toxicity, cooked food is known to contain some byproducts that I forgot what they are called
    which damage the body.

    That woman also drinks only distilled water which makes sense since the electrolytes in water are inorganic and the body can’t really absorb them well.
    Old people are known to become calcified as they age: calcium is part of limescale which you can remove with destilation.

    I also wouldn’t be suprised if “early to be early to rise” plays an important role, staying up late prevents some brain detox stage from happening or something along those lines
    or something to do with some chemicals not being released the same way since if you aren’t sleepying by 23h you will permantently miss that phase.

    Because of all of the above I’m starting to think more and more that a raw vegan diet with a lot of protein and fats is the legit way to go.

    • Raw vegan is another fad diet – cooking food is what made us into modern humans.

      • You are mistaking quantity vs quality.
        Food was scarce until ~100 years ago, now that does not hold true anymore.

        So in the past it made sense to eg rely on meat since it’s very nutrient dense compared to other food if you don’t have access to a supermarket like we do nowadays.
        So it made sense to raise animals because cows could eat grass and convert grass to “meat” that we could eat, since we can’t eat grass directly.

        But this does not mean that cooked food is quality food. Cooked food is convient food, we humans get sick if eating raw meat.
        Wild carnivore animals do not, so we humans obviously aren’t designed to eat raw meat unless cooked.

        So do not mistake “cooking out of necessaty for survival” with “cooking because of quality”.
        Food is not scarce anymore.

        Cooking any non-meat food seems to be senseless. Some chemicals are released differently when cooking,
        but in the same way you could say that while some beneficial chemicals might get released while cooking
        you could release harmful ones + destroy vitamins and enzymes due to heat.

        So “we are what we are due to cooking” can easily be refuted by what I said above.
        Again, do not mistake “food necessary for mere survival” vs “food for maximum thriving”.

      • Also check out Markus Rothkranz, he is another 50yo+ guy who looks 30.

        As I stated above: people who follow raw vegan diet (I’m also leaning towards eating shitload of fruit) seem to be the best aging group of all people.
        These people also all follow the “early to bed early to rise” sleep “protocol”.

        No-one actually knows the best diet because it takes 1 generation to see the effects of it on humans.

        That is why the only way to truly compare the effects of diets is to look at how people age after they start getting old.

        And a subset of raw-vegans is the only group who truly seems to age very well. Though again you have people who are raw vegan but don’t age as well.

        So the question now becomes: is a certain subset of raw-vegans doing something differently than other vegans/vegetarians that allows them to age so gracefuly?

        Or is it really just genetics? Though it should be clear to anyone by now that genetics player only a small part,
        Krauser for example shown that his wrinkles reduced after throwing out processed garbage.

        In general be careful when comparing vegans because veganism attracts also a lot of crazy people.
        It’s basicaly just like PUA: it attracts really 2 kinds of extremes:
        a) people who completely fail to understand the root principles and become scammers or the like
        b) legit people who explore PUA and the human mind.

        Veganism is exactly the same:
        a) crazy hippes and the like who only eat lettuce.
        b) legit people who explore it for health

  16. I follow the health and longevity scene. The first thing that anyone should be aware of is that it contains even more bullshitters than the PUA industry.

    It relies on people searching for (literally) a magic pill. Just like in game, people think if they can just find the perfect opener and the perfect neg then all the girls will love them, in the longevity industry people think there is some magic chemical and that if they pop a pill of it each morning they will have optimal health.
    The PUA marketeers dangle the suggestion that their method will have you banging victoria secret models while the longevity industry says you can drink from the fountain of eternal youth.

    IMO optimising health and longevity is 95% down to:
    1. plenty of sleep
    2. healthy diet
    3. regular exercise
    4. minimise stress

    However that advice is dull and won’t bring in customers. So you get nonsense like low-carb/keto advocates pretending that eating a baked potato is equivalent to eating a doughnut. Or the idiots that add a knob of butter to their morning coffee. Or the latest ludicrous fad of the carnivore diet.

    The typical path to finding the latest longevity pill is that scientists discover some chemical in the body that regulates or affects a bodily process related to aging. Quack marketeers then extrapolate that to the maximum extent possible by saying that flooding people’s bodies with synthetic copies of that chemical will improve their health – because more is always better right?

    When I first got interested in health and longevity people were mega-dosing on vitamin D and taking reservatrol supplements. Then shortly after it was revealed that excessive levels of vitamin D are extremely dangerous to your health and that supplementing reservatrol has negative health impacts. So I was wary from the start.

    If you go to a longevity forum which has been around for a long time and look at the oldest posts from e.g. 10 years ago, people were taking all sorts of crap that no one touches now. Either it has been shown to have negative health impacts or it doesn’t do anything and has just quietly faded away to be replaced by the latest exciting chemical.

    We know that flashy daygame sets gets more youtube views than solid sets but they don’t get more girls. Same thing goes for a video on the science of the latest pill versus a video on the nutirional value of cabbage.

    Game works, but it is the process of building your value over time that makes you more attractive to women.
    Health and longevity can be optimised, but it is primarily done by the boring and decidedly un-sexy process of going to bed early, preparing nutrisious home cooked meals, hitting the gym and working past the stressful aspects in your life.

    I do enjoy learning about health and longevity. I do take supplements (vitamins D3 & K2 – including checking my blood levels of D3). But I avoid fad diets and I absolutely avoid the latest trendy chemical being sold in pills.

    • Yeah, I wouldnt take supplements. A (organic) banana or an apple etc. is the real deal. Do you know Gert Louw? A mid 50s bodybuilder from Capetown, SA. He has a YT channel. But I doubt his look is possible without T supplement.

  17. You can look cool even as an really old guy (in contrary to old women). I just watched some vids about Iggy Pop. He is over 70 now, looks rugged (looking rugged is good for a man) of course, but wears cool (expensive) fashion (imo) and has long blonde dyed hair. Grey hair can make old but a grey beard looks good imo.

    Sobered up during his forties (because he is smart). No smokes, no drugs, clean food (avoid processed food!!! They dumb us down and then kill us with that shit).

    His wife is still hot (25 years younger and was really hot then, an irish nigerian mix).

    As older as a men gets the more important his status becomes. And that he is not one of the many NPCs. His achievements and (monetary) value are his invisible clothes. Most men who look like shit by 50 are dumb. Women try to look like 20 all their lives. Men should try to look cool, handsome, more than looking young and should not try to act young. Of course you all here know. Women are, men become.

    • :: Most men who look like shit by 50 are dumb. ::

      Rather most are ground down by work exhaustion and stress and family stress. Not for nothing that is known as having a “dad bod”.
      Looking masculine and good (which is more important than looking young) in your middle age requires being able to avoid being ground down by work exhaustion and stress, but it is the policy of many employers or at least many managers to exhaust and stress out their workers to keep them weak and foggy and depressed so more docile and easier to mess with.

  18. HI Krauser,

    not sure if you monitor this post but has the 6. ” Daily facial rub of Vitamin C serum ” worked out for you ?

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