#48 – The Mongol Conquests, Time Life BOOK REVIEW

June 3, 2018

The prize for dirtiest cunts in history is claimed, without shadow of a doubt, by the Mongols. For about three hundred years up until 1400 they ravaged an entire continent from the Pacific in the east to the Mediterranean to the west. All they did was kill. It’s really quite eye-opening.

John Brenna

A different dirty Muslim anti-Western cunt, yesterday

They started out as nomadic herders on the steppes of northern Asia and although many such tribes would cause havoc, it was the Mongols who reigned supreme thanks to the military genius of Genghis, Kublai and a couple of other Khans. I actually read this volume two months ago [1] so rather than trying to recall the details, I’ll just convey my lasting impressions from the book.

Firstly, the Mongols had a unique set of skills that happened to match the times perfectly to aid their supremacy. They didn’t have a general brilliance, or they wouldn’t all be smelly goat herders now. It’s like they were always destined to be living in tents and ekeing out a living on the steppe and then a strange confluence of events conspired to make them empire builders for a brief flash of history.

So, what skills?


Shouldn’t you be cooking, woman?

The Mongols lived in the saddle and everything about them matched this demand. As young boys they became expert horseman and mounted archers. Their re-curved bow was made of layered and lacquered hide and wood that was a far more advanced technology than even the English longbows of the era. The Mongols could ride fast and fire quickly and accurately.

Being nomadic, there was no supply train distinct from their warriors. Thus the supplies could move as fast as the troops and they didn’t need a base. Thus the Mongols could travel en masse without dividing forces or leaving a vulnerable homeland. They’d invade before the invadees were ready for them, the horde arriving almost as fast as the news they were coming.

Strong tribal loyalties and the wild nomad’s code of honour made them very reliable in battle and far less prone to all the pre- and mid-battle defections that often lost the Byzantines, Persians, and Mamluks their own battles before swords were crossed.


Let them in. Don’t be racist!

Mongols also had little interest in establishing a civil administration to maintain their empire. They’d show up, conquer, loot, then move on. It was difficult to pin them down. This meant the empire’s didn’t survive the deaths of the leaders but while they were alive, they were formidable.

But fucking hell what a bunch of utter cunts!

The Mongols would regularly massacre entire cities, sack them, then burn them to the ground. They’d devise all kinds of cruel tortures and were fond of stacking skulls into mountains outside city walls. The last great Mongol leader, Timurlane, was especially viscious. He once accepted a city’s surrender after promising the defenders no blood would be shed…. and then buried them all alive under and inside the city walls. No doubt he thought he was being witty by not breaking the letter of his promise. So I was pleased to hear he died painfully of illness while on his way to invade China.

About the only silver lining to the Mongol curse is they mostly fought other Muslims, such as the Ottomans [2] and only rarely fought Christians (the Armenians and Georgians getting the shit end of that stick). Just as in the modern day, who really gives a fuck what’s going on in the Middle East? Not me [3]

It wasn’t until the National Socialists of Germany and the International Socialists of Russia, China and Cambodia came along that the Mongols had a serious rival to their title of History’s Biggest Cunts. Fascinating reading. These were brutal times.

Mongol conquests

If you’d like to know more about some of history’s biggest cunts consider trying my memoir series when my friends and I go reaving through Europe smelling just as bad as the Mongols and drinking twice as much beer.

[1] And didn’t get round to reviewing it due to a backlog
[2] Also utter cunts.
[3] Not quite true. I’m very interested in what Mohammad bin Salman is doing in Saudi Arabia

#47 – Louise de la Valliere, Alexandre Dumas BOOK REVIEW

June 3, 2018

I was suitably forewarned, by no lesser authority than the introduction of this very volume, that the fourth of Dumas’ five volumes in the D’Artagnan Romances is the weakest link. So it turned out to be. Whereas the other parts are full of adventure, plotting, sword-play, buccaneering and camaraderie, this one is just….. boring. It’s focused almost entirely upon timid palace romance, particularly Louis XIV’s inept flirtations with his sister’s maid of honour Valliere.

Louise de la valliere


And oh my isn’t she a boring character! She spends the entire book wittering on about a lady’s honour while strenuously declining the king’s advances even though she loves him. At one point the little drama queen runs off to a convent. It made me wish Milady made a comeback.

I’m not satirising it when I say this romance has the pair meeting under willow trees in the rain to share protestations of love, writing poetry on hand-delivered missives, or sharing glances and blushes at court. The king tries climbing up a ladder to sneak a conversation at her second storey window without her guardian seeing. It boggles my mind that such trite romance weighs down a series full of war and violence.

The three musketeers are barely in it, and D’Artagnan makes only brief appearances to shepherd the love-strick Louis XIV around. I’d say the vast part of the book’s 669 pages concentrate on the passage of a couple of weeks at the palace of Fountainbleau. It’s hard to remember precisely what happens because it got samey. And I only finished the bloody thing two days ago, two weeks after starting.

Despite all this, I still enjoyed reading. So, why?

Sword fight

More of this next time, ok Alex?

Well, first and foremost is the sense of epic scope that the full series represents. This is a hugely ambitious story where each of the five volumes is epic in itself. Reading Length places them at a total of almost a million words, compared to an average paperback’s 70k. It isn’t a run of disjointed stories either. The same characters drop in and out and Dumas will foreshadow events not due to reach a head until a thousand pages later. For example, in Louise de la Valliere we see Aramis first ferreting out the secret of the King’s twin imprisoned in the Bastille and his buttering up of both the prison governor (for the later escape attempt) and the King’s financier Forquet who’s palace will be scene of the coup d’etat. I’d made the mistake of reading The Man In The Iron Mask first [1] so it was nice to see all the patient set-up of palace intrigues where I already knew the payoff.

I also loved how all main characters develop over time as they age. Louis XIV is first introduced in Twenty Years Later as a small boy of no consequence as the story focuses more on his mother and father but by the Vicomte Of Bragelonne he’s a sharp-eyed ruler whose relationship with D’Artagnan builds so that by the events Man In The Iron Mask we understand why the fiery Gascon sides with him. We also see very patient set-up of the jostling between Colbert and Fouquet for the King’s ear and the importance of the Belle Isle fortress where the whole saga eventually ends.

It’s as epic a story as I’ve ever read and it felt like a privilege to finally finish all five volumes. I may never read such a saga again. The only thing that comes close is Eiji Yoshikawa’s Musashi story though it’s probably less than half the length of this one. That too is awesome, and thoroughly recommended. If readers can suggest another, please do [2]


No such bollocks here. It’s non-stop fighting

Unlike the other volumes, there’s really not much to say about this one. The series really dipped here. No good villains, no great missions, no real suspense. It just stumbled along setting up character arcs and plot points for the next volume. It’s the Two Towers of the D’Artagnan Romances. Now that I’ve read the full thing, I’d definitely recommend reading all five in the correct order. However, if you’re on the fence just try The Three Musketeers. If that grabs you, try the next two Twenty Years Later and Vicomte De Bragelonne. All three are fantastic and if you make it that far you’ll be so invested you really won’t mind the little dip on quality Louis de la Valliere represents before the rousing finale of Man In The Iron Mask.

If you’d like to read an epic story covering nearly a million words you’ll be pretty excited about my memoir series. When the soon-to-be-released third volume is out that’ll bring it up to 600k words and at least one more still to come.

[1] Understandable, as only that and the first two volumes are widely published, and usually presented as a trilogy as if books three and four didn’t exist.
[2] And don’t you dare suggest Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time abomination or you’ll be insta-banned.

#46 – The Sword Of Fate, Dennis Wheatley BOOK REVIEW

May 31, 2018

Oh yes, this man just keeps knocking it out of the park! Many modern writers make their name with one recurring character in a series of books, be it the protagonist (Lee Child‘s Jack Reacher is one I like) or the antagonist (rarer, but Thomas HarrisHannibal Lecter is a good example). It makes sound financial sense to keep churning out books with the same well-loved character but I imagine it diminishes the author’s desire to keep writing. Even J.K. Rowling [1] got sick of writing Harry Potter and wrote a book under another name [2]

Sword of fate Dennis Wheatley

Wheatley had a plethora of series, such as those featuring Duke De Richleau (11 books, of which I’ve read 4), Gregory Sallust (11 books, read 3), Roger Brooks (12 books, read 2), Molly Fountain (2 books, read 1), and lastly Julian Day (3 books, read 1).

I dare say I’ve enjoyed them all.

This one kicks off in Cairo, Egypt where Julian Day is stationed in the early days of WWII. He has a chance meeting with a local bird of mixed Italian/Greek descent after crashing his motorbike. Naturally they fancy each other so a love affair develops. It’s named The Sword Of Fate because the bird seeks guidance from a fortune teller who informs her such a sword will always stand between them, and that forms the book’s theme.

In 1939 the war had yet to expand to North Africa but then the French surrender and the Vichy government sabotages British interests in the Mediterranean, leaving Her Majesty’s navy overstretched and the English troops sandwiched between the French on the Algeria side and the Italians on the other.

Initially Day and his bird are split up by a dastardly Italian officer, her fiance from an arranged marriage. He turns out to be working for the Nazis and also the globalist cabal who’d ruined Day’s reputation in the first book in the series. Then the Italians invade Greece and kick off trouble in Africa. The British army is drawn into fighting and Day with them. All kinds of machinations follow in typically unpredictable Wheatley style.

By book’s end he’s fought tanks in Libya, been held as a POW, liberated by advancing British forces, and deserted in Greece to chase down his nemesis and rescue his bird who has gone deep undercover to battle the Nazis. It’s a proper adventure story.

What made the book most interesting to me is its publication date: 1941. It was written when the war’s outcome looked strongly in Germany’s favour. The Battle of Britain was ongoing [3] and it seemed Hitler may yet invade Britain. Operation Barbarossa wouldn’t start until June 22nd 1941. At the time of writing, Germany had handily sewn up the Western Front, there was no Eastern Front, and Pearl Harbour (and thus USA’s entry on the Allies side) was a year away.

Nazi zombies

Before this happened

Things were pretty bleak for those of Europe who didn’t want to be ruled by squareheads.

This means Sword Of Fate is constantly jumping between a typical adventure story and two of Wheatley’s primary passions: venting about stupid decisions by British command, and lambasting the French for so meekly giving in to the Nazis. He also spends long passages giving pep talks to his readers about the need for Britain to hold out against the Nazi menace.

It’s interesting to read a war adventure story written before anyone knows who is going to win. So much of the war was as yet unknown.

If you’ve read one Wheatley novel you’ve read them all – you’ll know the style. It begins with an international flavour among characters of high social class and breeding. The protagonist shows himself a thoroughly solid chap, meets a girl and then things go to shit. There’s always a dastardly rascal opposing him who acts with an underhandedness that would shame even a pro-wrestling heel [4]. The protagonist sets off on a quest and encounters all manner of reversals on the way forcing him to think and act quickly and decisively. And usually recklessly.

Iron sheik

More dastardly than the Iron Sheik. Really!

Wheatley likes to give us full explanations for the reasoning process the protagonist follows before deciding a course of action. It’s really quite strange to read two pages of cogitation before Day decides to throw down his rifle and surrender to an Italian tank formation, or to kidnap a Nazi agent and stage a hunger strike from his prison cell. It’s also odd how random and unexpected his stories’ reversals are. Modern books have a habit of moving in predictable directions as the plot narrows it’s focus. Wheatley will patiently set up a dynamic that leads us to expect that and then just flips the table with a new event that wrecks all former plans.

There are some unintentionally hilarious passages too. This is a favourite, as Day infiltrates a small Archaeological Society in Athens used as a front for Nazi spying:

‘Here,” I said, thrusting out the basket. ‘Hold this a minute, will you? I’ve just trodden on a nail.’
Grudgingly he took the basket from me, thereby rendering himself temporarily powerless to use his hands in his own defence. Immediately he was supporting the full weight of it I drew back my right fist and gave him a terrific swipe under the jaw.
That is not a nice thing to do to an inoffensive person, but this fellow was a German.

Take that, Fritz!

If you like Wheatley, or like WWII adventure stories with a focus on spying over combat then this is easy to recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the pace never let up.

If you like reading stories of international adventure then just hold tight until volume three of my memoir comes out, very soon.

[1] A despicable lying leftist cunt
[2] The Cuckoo’s Calling. Even though it reviewed well, like most books it flopped on release. Before the secret came out that JKR had written it, it sold less than Daygame Mastery in the same timespan. (I think).
[3] It ended November 1940 and thus no way this book was written with it’s result known.
[4] The baddies are either French, German or Spanish every time. Can’t trust those countries now, can you?

The Underwear Gnomes of Daygame

May 28, 2018

Inquiring minds will have observed strange doings in the night. You are lying in bed, starting to drift off, no doubt dreaming of hot tub threesomes with scraggly whores [1]. So, you’re in bed, you’ve still got a chubby, and you are peacefully slipping into the dreamworld of sex and frollics. Suddenly, there’s a bump in the night. You hear high-pitched chattering from the next room.

You ignore it. You sleep. The next morning as you towel off after a shower and open the dressers drawer to find your fresh pair of shreddies [2] you find….. SHOCK HORROR!…. no shreddies. Not even slightly skidmarked Primark 70% polyester specials. Gone!

Those goddamn UNDERWEAR GNOMES have struck again!

For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m banging on about [3] check out this video.

So, back? Great. Put your feet up and light a cigar. The underwear gnomes have been adopted by business schools the world over to memetize organisations with a shitty business plan. The gnomes have three phases to running a profitable enterprise.

PHASE ONE: Steal Underwear

The jokes comes from the gnomes not understanding the first principles of business. A business only exists if you have a product and customers. Everything else is secondary. The gnomes are so excited about stealing underwear that they never get as far as figuring out how (or even if) it can be monetised and thus be a real business.

This, by the way, is almost every silicon valley start up. In that depraved shit-hole of homosexual globalists, only Facebook and Google make a profit [4] and the latter only on their AdSense because everything else they do is shit.

So, to daygame.

I’ve been noticing a common theme among all the monkeys posing as daygame coaches [5] that they all seem to employ Underwear Gnome Daygame [6] in which the street portion goes as follows:


Try as I might as I watch their shitty infields and laugh at WhatsApp videos my friends surreptitiously record during their (for example) Budapest bootcamps, I can’t find any actual game being done. Phase two does not have any definable things that appear to be getting done.

Go watch them yourselves. It’s fucking awful.

Anyway, I’ve been looking into some of the dating advice on teh interwebs and the gnomes appear to have infiltrated that too. Most of the dating advice I find on the forums [7] is according to this complex operational plan:


It really hurts my head to watch this nonsense. So, with that in mind, I shall pour myself another whiskey and consider having an early night. Peace out [8].

If you like mad drunken ramblings from a raging egotist, perhaps you’d like to buy my Womanizers Bible product for the very reasonable price of $49. If you’d like 1,000 pages of very detailed instructions on PHASE TWO then perhaps you’ll be wanting Daygame Mastery and Daygame Infinite. If you want it on video, try Daygame Overkill

[1] Actually, I heard they were ok. Sorry Xants. Just joshing.
[2] Uniqlo supina cotton, I would hope.
[3] the gnomes, not the skidmarks
[4] And I don’t include freaky Elon Musk and his taxpayer-subsidy riding bullshit shennanigans and shifty soon-to-be-exposed accounting practices
[5] There are a small number of very good coaches, who are all my mates, and the rest can fuck off.
[6] Version 3.0
[7] Other then everyone agreeing not to mention the Pay part of P4P, or admit the real quality of the stinkers they are banging
[8] You wankers

My 2018 Project Status Update

May 8, 2018

After four months cooped up in Newcastle working on my books, video game backlog, and reading projects, I finally hit the road. I’ve been out in Europe since the end of March and, as expected, my productivity has slowed right down.

So I’ve been wandering alone, circling the drain of nihilism, posting photos of myself to Instagram along with inspirational quotes about how this dreary existence is so fulfilling. I’m hoping you won’t notice how ugly the birds are, and will instead co-sign my bullshit so that I don’t top myself.

Wait… sorry. I was thinking of someone else.

Actually, I’ve been having a great time hanging out with a half dozen friends and made a few new ones too. The birds have been well hot, though the hottest few slipped through my grasp, sadly. It’s been a month of sunshine, chatting, getting drunk, and a bit of sex too [1]

I have, however, been very busy coaching. I’m midway through the third of four week-long residentials scheduled in this trip alone. It’s been interesting [2] and caused me to think about the LDM [3] from a different direction. I’ve noticed multiple commonalities in client questions, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve better honed a process for instruction. I’ve developed new metaphors, explanations, and actionable drills.

So, perhaps there’s a product in that for later this year. I’ll think about it [4]. For the meantime, let me bring you up to date on which pans I have frying in the fire right now.

Daygame Mastery second edition
This is the main one. The content has been finished for quite some time, as has the layout. I’m currently trying to iron out all kinds of wrinkles before sending it to the printer. It’s surprising how many things crop up but once it’s done I’m sure you’ll all be quite impressed. There’s 25k words of new content in this, mostly in the Vibe and Banter Clinic sections. I’m presenting it as a companion to Daygame Infinite, as my new book was always meant to stand alongside it. I reckon I’ll have a test print to review when I return to Newcastle at the end of this month. If that’s okay, I’ll release it immediately.

Mastery draft cover and contents

The Memoir Volume Three
I’ve had a lot of fun writing the final volume in my memoir series. I’ve tried to write each volume as a self-contained story and varied up the themes and writing style to avoid them becoming repetitive. This one, Younger Hotter Tighter, is almost done. I’ve written 34 chapters to a level I’m happy with, and have 4 more to go. Hopefully that’ll be done by the end of the month. It will then enter editing / layout / art stages which will likely take another two months before release. My guess is it won’t take as much post-production as the other volumes because I’m a better writer now, and I’ve had a writer friend editing it as I rewrote each chapter.

Fucking Awesome Mate

A New Infield Product
I’ve had lots of requests for a new infield instructional, as my last one was Daygame Overkill which was filmed nearly four years ago. I don’t count Daygame Mediocrity as that was a joke [5]. I haven’t done a lot of sets this past month but I have recorded some and they came out pretty good. So, I will likely continue to film. If I think there’s a product in it, I’ll let you know. It’s much too early to decide.

Infield example

Residential Coaching
I signed up six clients this year, four of which will be completed by the end of this month. It’s been more fun than I expected so I may do residentials more often. However, I’m absolutely knackered from it and it’s killing me to give up all the good sets to the client. When I’ve finished the fourth, I’ll take stock and analyse how they went. Then I’ll decide if I’ll do more, or knock it on the head.


YouTube Channel
I keep meaning to get back to this. I have 3/4 of the Daygame Infinite talk to finish editing and then upload. There’s even a few bits of Outlaw Daygame still left to do. I’ve toyed with the idea of a new season of podcasts, of a technical daygame series, and throwing up infields. Right now it’s all parked until the other stuff is done. YouTube isn’t good for money and I don’t care about the freeloader retard audience. I’d rather spend my time coaching a good resi student or doing the blog. If I find the motivation to do that AND a YouTube channel I shall. It all depends how relieved I feel when the last book comes out.

Little Brown Sex Machines
This is a memoir I wrote in February 2017 immediately after returning from two months in South East Asia. It’s 60k words and written in a similar style to my usual memoirs. It’s been finished for a year but I just haven’t decided what to do with it. I might use it as the first 1/3 of a 2017 memoir, or I might tart it up a little and release it as is. Dunno. It’s not a priority.

LBSM cover

New Undisclosed Products
I set myself a rule before winter of NO NEW PROJECTS. I made a mistake opening too many loops back in 2014, such as committing myself to four volumes of the memoir. When Mastery and YHT finally come out, I will have completed my “grand project” [6]. I’ll have a clean slate. From there, I’ll only take on projects one at a time. Perhaps a fifth memoir, perhaps a new infield series, perhaps a new textbook. I’m not committed to ANYTHING right now. There are no secret projects bubbling away. Ideas, yes. Defined projects, no.

I hope that clarifies things. And Donald Trump is still the US President.

If you like the idea of giving me your money, I suggest you start with Daygame Overkill. That’s the most profitable per unit and it never fails to warm my heart when PayPal informs me of a sale.

[1] With the girls, not my friends.
[2] And lucrative.
[3] Does anyone mind if I just call it the Krauser Daygame Model now? I mean, the one people do now basically is just that.
[4] I’m not going to just shit a product out regardless. I’ll wait till the end of the year and see if there’s a product’s worth of material to organise. If not, I won’t do one.
[5] I mean a deliberate joke. Not a Stealth Seduction type joke.
[6] Or “grandiose project”, if you prefer.

Daygame Infinite – IN DEPTH review

May 3, 2018

Inquisitive minds will be aware that there is a second generation of London daygamers who were raised on the materials of the first gen [1]. I’m talking about men like Mr White, Craig Cassidy, Ricky Roma, Seven Daygame and many others. One of the most obsessive successful of the second gen is Roy Walker. He’s been hitting it hard for several years now and reaping the rewards of multi-notch Euro Jaunt trips.

I first met RW in Prague when I was in a bad mood. Summer 2016 I think. He and SD were trawling the main street for sets when we bumped into each other so we sat outside TGI Fridays and had a beer [2]. I was miserable company, as I often am first time I meet daygamers on my territory.

bitches in prague

“I’m having the slag in the dark blue shorts”

The next time, I had just stepped off the train from Krakow to Warsaw and was carrying my heavy rucksack to my apartment to check in. I’d been in Warsaw literally five minutes and a local daygamer stops me, “Are you Nick Krauser?”. I wasn’t in a good mood. He made small talk a couple minutes then I walked on to Chmeilna street. Then RW stopped me.

For fuck’s sake, can’t I just get to my apartment?

I was miserable then so fobbed him off with, “let’s get a coffee later”. As it turned out a shower, shite, and change of clothes revitalised me. My grumpiness was shed like a PUA’s integrity. RW and I hung out a bit, winged, and we realised we actually got on well together.

He takes up the story from there….. [click here]

Infinite smaller res cover

Long story short: RW had a good look at a late draft of Daygame Infinite and we had a couple of sit-down feedback sessions in Moscow and Kiev. My goal was to get a solid daygamer in the London style to test-read my book in the context of watching me day-to-day as a wing. I wanted Daygame Infinite to capture my real daygame as I actually did it. It needed to be authentic.

The final version of Infinite has been out over four months now and people have had time to digest it. I’m thus proud to announce RW has completed his in-depth formal review of Daygame Infinite and you can read it here. It’s a long piece and goes into a lot of detail about the book’s content.

Here’s a sample:

By Krauser’s own definition, you should be free-styling and coming up with your own material. So surely you shouldn’t need to read a book to tell you how to become “advanced”?
The best way to answer that question will be to go through each chapter and highlight the parts that I found the most interesting which I could perhaps apply to my own game, this blog is all about me, after all. Let’s dive in…

RW goes through each section in turn to bring out what it’s saying and how he related it to his own daygame. RW is a perfect test-case because he represents the ideal audience for Infinite: an experienced player who is already having good success and wants to take himself to the next level. He concludes.

Krauser set out to do something that I thought wasn’t possible; to teach someone how to be “advanced”. His own definition of an advanced daygamer is someone who is free-styling and creating their own new material. This book does a great job of trying to sort out your inner game as much as possible in order to make that stage seem more achievable. It is easily the most in depth piece of writing when it comes to doing everything apart from the actual daygame itself.

So click here for the full review. You can click for the first and second reviews [3]

If you can’t be arsed with reviews and would rather just buy the book RIGHT FUCKING NOW then click here to reserve your copy.

[1] Such as myself, Yad, Yosha, Sasha, and Mr White Van.
[2] I think I had a strawberry milkshake, as I was addicted to them that summer.
[3] Word on the street is Nash is going to write a fourth. I look forward to reading it.

Daygame Trip – Where to find the best daygame locations

April 23, 2018

I was recently talking to my wings as they mooted exploratory trips to cities not yet daygamed. One told me, “I am thinking of going to Tbilisi in Georgia. The Georgian girls I met in Moscow are hot so I want to see them at the source.” Another wing had told me, “I’m going to do either Kazakhstan or Armenia this summer, have a sniff around and see what they are like.”

“There is no uncharted territory left in daygame,” I said. “You might have a good time and find some girls but I guarantee it’ll be a big step down from the usual cities.”

What are the usual cities? Have patience, grasshopper. We’ll get there.

zagreb tart

Girls! Give me girls! With legs, and tits. And everything!

I learned daygame when it was all Wild West. There was no daygame model, the advice was all conflicting, and euro-jaunting wasn’t even a thing. When Jimmy and I stepped off a plane in Zadar, Croatia we had no idea what we were getting into. We only discovered Belgrade by accident, rolling up on a Saturday night in our hire car because it needed to be returned to the rental company the next afternoon in Zagreb, and the Belgrade-Zagreb motorway was our fastest route back from Sarajevo.

Oh how things have changed now!

We have vast quantities of infield videos on YouTube [1], dozens of daygame coaches [2], a range of textbooks outlining the model [3] and a wide body of knowledge of where to go to find the girls.

Almati, Kazahkstan? Nope, it’s shit. Eddie and my mate from Wales already tried it.

Chisinau, Moldova? Nope. Too small, too poor, and everything it has is done better by Kiev.

The list goes on. Experienced euro-jaunters know all the best cities, the best streets in those cities, the best time of year to be there, and even the best times of the day for each strip of pavement. There’s no uncharted territory remaining.

What’s that you say, “you talk about territory being charted, but no one has actually done so?” [4] Well, my cheeky chappy, you are in luck. My wing Oscar Ruggeri has done precisely that. Allow me to announce his new website

little bear


This is a simple facts-based city guide beginning with nine of the best places, and more to be added later. Oscar has personally daygamed every one of these cities, many of them multiple times. So, this isn’t some blowhard on a forum spouting nonsense. This is a seasoned euro-jaunter who has done his research.

Indeed, I reviewed a few of the pages to add my own thoughts on the best places and times. So, avowed euro-jaunters and armchair voyeurs alike might like to head over to his site and have a look.

[1] Nearly all of them shit
[2] Also mostly shit. But a handful are very good.
[3] Many being incompetent reproductions of Daygame Mastery.
[4] Unless you count RVF fact sheets and Cold Calling, which are both lame.