The Upa Drill – Bedroom Edition

December 31, 2016

Sitting over a morning coffee in Thailand with a couple of friends our conversation turned towards the previous evening’s events in the UFC. Before long we discussed the application of MMA techniques to the bedroom. Let me show you a very easy trick to employ with a lucky lady. It has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Pure porn

Pure porn

Do you know the “upa drill” in Brazilian Ju Jitsu? It’s a warm-up / conditioning drill in which you lay on your back and then buck your hips up and to one side, then reach an arm over your head to touch the mat on the other side. Here’s a video.

You can practice that on your living room floor until it’s burned into your muscle memory. It’s application is to bridge an opponent out of mount position. There are several YouTube videos demonstrating it, so let’s pick one what has two slim women making only a token effort to pretend it’s not a wank-stash vid:

The key is to conceive of the top girl’s balance as like a table with four legs. If you remove the legs on two sides it will tip over. Watch the video again and note how the bottom bitch girl traps her opponent’s ankle with her own foot, and the same-side arm with her arm, bringing it tight into her body. This removes the two “table legs” and makes her tip over in that direction with only the lightest upa movement.

If you haven’t figured out why this move works great in the bedroom, I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. And on another note, here’s some art from my almost-ready next book:


If you liked that, you’re gonna like my book. It’s just not on sale yet.

Early Thoughts On South East Asia

December 16, 2016

Regular readers will be aware that I like my hibernations. I consider my style of daygame to be seasonal in that my moods, appetite for skirt, and the weather in Europe means that going full-on all year around is just….. not much fun. So I divide up the year into the following chunks:

  • December to February – Hibernation. Forget daygame, focus on non-game interests, get work done, try not to get fat [1]
  • March – Excited to start daygame again and willing to tolerate iffy weather in one of the cities that has reliable flow of girls despite such weather.
  • April to June – Living the dream in Europe with visits back home between trips.
  • July and August – Some difficult decision making due to extreme heat and girl’s summer holidays halving the number of cities with good daygame.
  • September and October – Living the dream again but starting to get tired [2]
  • November – A last chance to try squeezing a bit more mileage out of the Euro-season in a race against time with the cold, rain and snow coming on.

This pattern suited me but over the past few years an idea has grown until it’s begun gnawing at me. A little voice has been whispering in my ear, like a mischievous squirrel trying to bullshit a bear out of his favourite cave, do you really need to spend Winter in Newcastle? There may be a better place to hibernate.

A siren song, yesterday

A siren song, yesterday

I could be escaping the zero degree Newcastle weather, the fat horrible women, the stodgy food, and the depressing multiculturalism of my city centre. Why not spend that time on a beach?

Well, I tried that. I went to Cancun and Chiang Mai in early 2011. I had fun but don’t care to repeat the experience. Crappy girls, third world boring shit. I tried Sao Paulo and Rio De Janiero in early 2012 but came away decided that I hate Brazilians and Brazil [3]. My key learning point from two winters in the third world is that Europe is much much better.

But there’s another reason, whispers Mid-Life Crisis Future Regret Avoidance Planner Squirrel [4], You need to take a closer look at the End Game.
“What End Game?” I reply
You are 41 years old, quite literally middle-aged says MLCFRAPS. Even though you’ll always be able to get young girls, it’ll get harder. Maybe your knees will go after all that walking. Your testosterone will drop and you just won’t have the same enthusiasm to keep chasing skirt. You need to look to the future, at Old Man Game.

Regular readers are no doubt aware of all the various Ex Pat and “Galt Game” forums on teh interwebs. There’s the likes of Naughty Nomad and Roosh V forums. Now, I don’t want to say bad things about these places because there are plenty of good straight-shooting men on there trying to share information and help each other out. Just because I personally dislike forums doesn’t make them a bad thing [5]. I’ve noticed there’s lots of talk on there from men camped out in South East Asia who are using a variety of ways to plunder the local women (allegedly).

As a general rule I don’t believe anything I read on the internet [6]. Nonetheless, it sets me thinking about if there’s anything in that lifestyle. Can a fifty-year old man go out and live in SEA and clack a bunch of hot girls? Can I add another ten years onto my player lifespan this way?

So I headed out to Asia. Bali and then Phuket. Here are my initial thoughts.

I think these are banned from South East Asia

I think these are banned from South East Asia

A waste of time. I was in the Seminyak resort and also spent time in nearby Kuta. In the ten days I was there I didn’t see a single eight. Not one. The western girls were either (i) gross chubby Aussies with bad tattoos and guts, (ii) pretty Europeans with their long term boyfriends. I only saw five or six of the latter. I got a ton of matches on Tinder [7] but after filtering out the hookers and ladyboys there were just grumpy 5s and 6s. I got one of them on a date and in my bed but after molesting her for a while she said she was constipated, hadn’t had a poo in five days, and her body hurt too much to have sex.

That’s just gross. Can you imagine a Moscow girl saying that?

Bali itself is a shithole. Nature is beautiful but everything is broken and dirty, the humidity is oppressive, and there’s nothing to do.

I binned Bali and took a flight to Thailand. After dropping my stuff off at the hotel and showering I went out to a nightclub with Jabba. Well, it’s more like a bar/club and really it’s just a brothel for semi-pros. I grabbed a girl, chatted five minutes and took her down the street to my hotel. On my bed she asked for 1,000 baht so I threw her out. I went back to the club and pulled another girl out. She asked for 1,000 baht on the way, so I went back to club. Then Steve was smooching on with a girl and I noticed her friend was one I’d been chatting to earlier. We all went down to the beach for twenty minutes then they made excuses about having to go home because of work the next day. I took a number. Back to the club and then a fourth girl pretty much jumped me. Five minutes later I took her home. She never asked for money so I fucked her.

Next day we were dead. Hungover.

Day three I had a first date with the girl I’d taken to the beach. Halfway through the first drink I took her to the hotel and fucked her. She never asked for money. Day four an Aussie guy I know SDLd a local from Starbucks. We agreed to go to the cinema to watch the new Underworld movie. The girl invited her friend to join, who showed up midway through the movie and sat down next to me. We had a quick drink in a bar afterwards, the friend was gagging for it, so I took her home and fucked her. She didn’t ask for money.

Four days, three notches. No money paid. Barely even did any game.  UPDATE: Make that 5 days, 4 notches.

So my initial impression is that Phuket is a bit better than Bali. I see plenty of hot Euro girls, especially Russians, walking around but they are always – without exception – with their boyfriends. I’m surprised how pretty some of the Thai girls are, especially the best go-go girls, but the Russians put them absolutely to shame.

I still can’t conclude on whether Phuket is a good place for the End Game. It’s a bit Disneyland and doesn’t feel like a real place. Having girls gyrating and shouting at you constantly is rather unnerving. I think it’s just not healthy to know that for 1,000 baht you can fuck almost any girl you see even if they are sitting reading a book in a cafe [8]

My guess is I’ll be sick of this place within a couple of weeks and rather glad that I put all that time into figuring out how to pull Euro girls. In the meantime, I’m having quite a lot of fun.

Difficult to stay interested in this kind of thing

Difficult to stay interested in this kind of thing

[1] Or more correctly since 2015, fatter.
[2] This is when my blog flips schizophrenically between high enthusiasm and Daygame Mediocrity.
[3] Except for my very good friend and fellow daygame blogger Suave who is as Brazilian as Romario.
[4] I wonder who that phrase sounds like….
[5] Although RVF is pure comedy in an unintentional way
[6] In fact, now that I think about it, how do I know that this blog post wasn’t just made up by someone on the internet?
[7] In itself quite a strange feeling because I never get matches in Europe.
[8] Aussie dude didn’t pay, but girl later revealed she actually has a sponsor.

If you enjoyed reading about my no-game successes in Thailand, you probably won’t want to bother with my book. That’s all game. And game is difficult.

Book Update – A Deplorable Cad

December 11, 2016

“Nick doesn’t seem to update his blog anymore. He only did three podcasts this year. I think he’s done with the Game” says a regular reader.

It certainly looks that way but let me reassure you all I’m most definitely not done with the Game. I have, however, had amended priorities in 2016 over and above regular blogging or doing in-field recordings.

I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Fortunately, I also have the tenacity to push forwards and the completionist’s obsession with finishing everything he starts. Two years ago I started writing my daygame memoir Balls Deep. It quickly became obvious that I couldn’t tell the stories I wanted in the way I wanted to tell them and still keep it down to one volume.

By the time Balls Deep was finished in late 2014 it had only covered the first quarter of my Player’s Journey. “I’d best do this across four volumes” I mused. So I added three more volumes to my To Do list and got cracking writing all three simultaneously, as if I was filming Lord Of The Rings.

What a silly idea!

Two years later and I’m still at it. Back in November 2015 when my winter hibernation began I resolved that I must get these bloody memoirs out! I spent the whole winter writing  volume four, Adventure Sex, which was released this summer (to good reviews too, check here and here). While writing these books I came to a realisation that game was no longer my obsession – writing had replaced it. Here was a highly technical, wonderfully expressive art form in which you can keep improving for literally decades! I’d sit down at the local Costa Coffee with a grande americano and just disappear into the book. Love it!

So let me update you on the status of the quadrilogy.

Volume One: Balls Deep is on sale in both paperback and PDF here
Volume Two: A Deplorable Cad has just been finished. It’s now with the layout designer.
Volume Three: Younger Hotter Tighter is currently a 75k-word draft. It needs a lot of rewriting.
Volume Four: Adventure Sex is on sale in paperback here.

Mock cover. Will change a lot.

Mock cover. Will change a lot.

So the big news is A Deplorable Cad. I’ve literally just finished the seventh and final re-write this morning, polishing its mammoth 161k words to a fine sparkle. I’ve already received most of the commissioned artwork and now I need to go through instructing my layout designer and then reviewing test prints. My best guess is it’ll be on sale in January, just in time to motivate you fellow daygamers to follow through on your New Year Resolutions to do more sets.

A Deplorable Cad is my best writing. I’ve lavished extreme care on it because writing is my big obsession now. It picks up right where Balls Deep ends. And that is why I haven’t been blogging so regularly in 2016, especially lately. All my creative energies have been poured into this albatross. I’ve written 320,000 words of my memoir this year. Unbelievable, really.

If you like hearing me witter on, come find me on Gab – the only social media company that has yet to lock my account. Find me at

The Hemingway Suite

December 6, 2016

I’m hibernating in Bali, Indonesia for the next month or so in an attempt to slow my brain down and get away from the terribly distracting impact of hot women [1]. A key goal while here is to complete my next book, volume two of the memoir. It was already good to go last month but I decided I’d like to do another rewrite to get it into the best possible state. So now I’m incorporating feedback from two editors and my test readers. Here’s a section from chapter sixteen:

Shitsville for women

Shitsville for women

We were nothing if not grandiose. If Rock Solid Game had a larger budget we’d have carved our faces into Mount Rushmore or bought ourselves an island and declared independence. We’d then take great joy in attending United Nations assemblies and trolling the shit out of them.

“Could the ambassador for Trollistan please leave the chamber,” would become a common refrain in such a future.

We were determined to build ourselves up both in reality and within our own imaginations. This was something Jimmy had become world-class at. When you met him he had a rock-star vibe and would regal you with some tales that seemed eminently plausible to hear but preposterous should you ever write a bullet-point list of the information they conveyed. He had some established favourites but was quite capable of spinning such yarns on the fly.

“I’ve only been to Malta once. It’s the last of the Mediterranean islands I needed to tick off the list,” Jimmy would drop in to a conversation with a girl. “I’ve heard it’s great for scuba diving – crystal clear water and underwater wrecks from World War Two – but unfortunately I never really got a chance to try it. I’d taken my band there as a celebration for finishing our demo, so we could all hang out, try the local foods, and try scuba.”

“You can scuba?” asks the girl.

“No, that’s why I took us there. To learn. It must be fantastic to glide through the water, totally weightless, hearing shoals of colourful fish swim by while you’re investigating sunken warships. I’m sure that’s how freedom feels.”

The girl grips her drink, and her eyes go wide at the imagery.

“But my nephew had a motorbike accident on his holiday in Cyprus the same evening I arrived in Malta. His friends had rung me up, frantic. Jimmy! Jimmy! Dave is in hospital with a broken leg, and the police are sniffing around because he had no motorbike insurance.”

“Oh my god!” the girl gasps.

“I know. We were all sitting in a Maltese restaurant built into the fort walls of Valletta harbour, drinking wine and looking out over the water. A bunch of local girls we’d just met were going to take us nightclubbing, and then my phone is ringing.”

“What did you do?” asks the girl, leaning forwards, hanging on his every word.

“I had no choice – he’s my nephew. So I booked a flight that night and rushed over to Cyprus. Once the doctors assured me his cast was solid and he could be moved, I took him back to Manchester. I must admit, once we got back, he was safe, and his mum stopped crying, I lost my temper a bit and bawled him out for being so careless and putting us all through so much worry.”

Just stop and think of the impression that kind of story makes on you. It’s basically a story about a group of mates who went on a cheap holiday to Malta, got drunk, and had to abort on the first night. A cluster-fuck and yet somehow Jimmy emerges looking like an international traveller, rock star, and adventure sport enthusiast who is king of his gang yet loves and protects his family.

That’s the power of DHVs, and I learned it from him. When we first met, he was a low-level project manager living in a squalid flat by Elephant & Castle. That’s all. And yet sitting, listening to him in a bar you’d think George Clooney felt lucky at the chance to buy him a drink.

Château Hampstead was itself an exercise in grandiosity, taking a battered Jewish care home and rebranding it as a hotbed of rebellious adventure. No stone was left unturned, and when we finally got done redecorating the ground floor common rooms our attention turned to a small office room on the top floor.

“We could create our own member’s lodge, like Milk & Honey,” I suggested to Mick as we lay in hammocks in the garden on a warm spring day earlier in the year. We convened a house meeting and made the proposal.

We asked the house to chip in money and labour towards the project, but they all declined. So Jimmy, Mick, and I pooled £500 and set to work. Or rather, Mick and I set to work. Jimmy bumbled around making a great show of interest but did almost nothing until we’d already finished repainting the entire room.

The walls were split horizontally at hip-height by a runner, so we painted the upper section and the ceiling dark brown and the lower walls dark green. Heavy velvet blackout curtains covered the windows and both inner door and fire exit to give a permanent late-evening mood. I found two deep green leather Chesterfield sofas on Gumtree and had them delivered. The room was finished off with 1940s style furniture – a low table with a world map underneath the glass surface, a chest of drawers with an art deco lamp perched on top, and then Jimmy finally made himself useful discovering a portable drinks cabinet disguised as a globe. We filled that with bottles of rum, vodka, and whiskey. Discreet lighting tucked behind the sofas completed the classy, speak-easy vibe.

The next day Mick came knocking on my bedroom door.

“Nick, put your shoes on! Someone has left a cabinet on the road outside. It’s perfect for the room.”

So Mick and I ran across Finchley Road, each took one end of the abandoned cabinet, and hefted it two hundred metres and up the fire escape stairs into the room. We’d claimed it literally one minute before another pair of locals who’d also meant to nab the free furniture and instead stood on the pavement bemused, scratching their heads.

Despite us feeling like a pair of gypsies, Mick had found a gem. The hip-height thick oak cabinet was fronted by two glass doors and perfectly suited the room.

We’d created a time capsule of the 1940s, our very own Red Room from Milk & Honey.

“What are we going to call it?” we mused, the three of us standing in the middle of the room absolutely amazed at how much better than expected it had turned out to be. Various names were mooted, each trying to capture something of our philosophical or aesthetic spirit.

“The Roark Room,” suggested Jimmy, who’d just finished reading The Fountainhead and was very much enamoured with Ayn Rand.

“The Atlas Library,” I thought, blending the twin influences of Atlas Shrugged and the Bioshock video game we all played.

“But there’s no books,” said Mick. We fixed that by putting up a small bookshelf in the corner and filling it with the Penguin Classics series of Tolstoy, Dumas, and Dickens that none of us read.

Finally one of us – I forget which – uttered “The Hemingway Suite,” and we immediately seized on it. It captured the time period, the manliness of Hemingway’s writing, and the upgrading of our mere “room” to the grander “suite”. I had a brass nameplate engraved and superglued to the outside of the door to the corridor.

“We’ll need some rules. Member’s Clubs always have rules.”

We quickly settled on a list that made us laugh and also feel so very important and sophisticated.

  • Non members are only allowed in when invited by a member.
  • No music recorded later than 1959.
  • No television or YouTube.
  • Women may be invited in, but they must never express an opinion on any topic whatsoever.
  • No member may raise his voice or use profanities.

The rule that created the most fun was this: All insults must be delivered from a seated position. It was intended to minimise the chance of fisticuffs and ensure gentlemanly discourse. What actually happened is we’d wait until someone stood up to mix some drinks at the bar, then we’d brutalise him with insults. To respond, they’d have to run back over to a seat, sit down, hit back, then return to the drinks.

We had a grand old time. We’d suit up and hang out there every evening for weeks on end, drinking whisky and smoking Cuban cigars while listening to jazz greats like Django Reinhardt in the dank atmospheric surroundings. We’d tell stories or debate issues, the end result of which always seemed to demonstrate that we were cooler than everyone else in the world. We each felt like the Most Interesting Man In The World from the Dos Equis beer commercials.

We also consumed great quantities of liquor.

It was during our Hemingway Suite reveries that we’d develop various theories about women, lifestyle, and how to achieve the financial and geographical freedom we aspired to. We felt completely unplugged. We weren’t even in the same decade as all the traffic whizzing by outside on Finchley Road.

We were James Bond. All three of us.

Predictably, the Suite was a tremendous aid in seducing girls. We’d be sitting in the bright, airy, tumultuous environment of the common rooms downstairs and then whisper confidentially, “Let’s go up to the Hemingway Suite.”

“What’s that?” the girl would ask.

“It’s our own special members room. Like a whiskey and jazz room. Come on, let’s walk up.”

The girl would be led through the maze of corridors up to a thick wooden door with the brass nameplate on it. The door opens, and she’s led into a time-warp. We’d already arranged a deal in advance where the player could text one of the other members to set the room up in advance once he was about to pull the trigger. More than once, Mick would have a girl in the lounge and message me so I’d run upstairs, turn on the lamps, set the music playing, then squeeze out the fire exit a moment before Mick rolled in with his girl.

Once inside, it was game over. They’d fall in with the rules, accept a drink, and ease into the languid atmosphere. It was the Lust Bubble expressed in architecture, an escape from reality for just two people.

It was also a thirty second’s walk from our bedrooms.

The finished suite

The finished suite

If this section of masterful writing caught your attention, you’ll probably want to buy Volume One of the memoir to bring yourself up to date. Just a tenner for the PDF or £20 for a reassuringly heavy paperback


[1] Bali is absolute shit for women. I’m more likely to see a hot girl in Newcastle. I’ll keep my eyes open but my current opinion is that no-one is banging hotties in Bali no matter how many rep points they have on RooshV forum. I haven’t even seen a girl above a high six here.

Make Daygame Great Again

November 10, 2016

Let’s start by saying I don’t mind if you’re a fag and voted for TheCunt. I don’t mind because you lost. You are still welcome at Chateau Krauser, which stands firm despite a recent shellacking from the snakes of Twitter. Whatever your political creed, all are welcome in the daygame journey [1]. I don’t engage in political dialogue on my blog anymore [2] but let’s consider the question on every right-thinking Euro Jaunter’s mind.

What does the Trumpslide mean for daygame?

Earned me £3k at the bookies

Earned me £3k at the bookies

1. No nuclear war with Russia
Russia is hated by the globalists because Putin has deftly maneuvered it into a position of relative independence. Therefore Hillary was itching for war, throwing all kinds of baseless accusations about Russian hacking and threatening retaliation. She also insisted on a No Fly Zone over Syria that would require shooting down Russian aircraft with American weapons and thus likely trigger WWIII. In contrast, Trump has expressed a desire to get along with Putin and support them in Syria against ISIS

VERDICT – The fine daygame city of Moscow will not be vaporised in nuclear war, Putin will not withdraw visas, and the world’s greatest pool of hot women continue to stride arrogantly down the street in high heels and short skirts.

2. Ukraine does not join NATO
The God Emperor Trump has expressed numerous doubts about the viability of NATO and has generally presented a fairly isolationist / non-interventionist foreign policy. In contrast, Hillary is fully behind the EU-Globalist eastern expansion into Russia and it was her boss George Soros who funded the coup in Kiev. The EU has expanded eastward and held more territory than either Napoleon or Hitler in their attacks upon Russia. Bringing Ukraine into NATO (and eventually EU) would quickly lead to US military bases on the Russian border, the currently-forming EU Army in bases there and…… well, this won’t happen because Russia cannot under any circumstance allow Ukraine to join NATO. Putin would likely quickly invade Ukraine again and many military strategists predict Russia could take Kiev in a fortnight.

VERDICT – The fine daygame city of Kiev will not be occupied by Russian troops nor the battleground in a war with NATO. Another of the world’s greatest pools of hot women will continue to stride arrogantly down the streets in even higher heels and shorter skirts [3]

3. Reversed Muslim Migration to Europe
With Hillary in the Oval Office the US would continue to meddle in European affairs on the side of the EU-Globalist nexus. Our Western flank would be continually under threat by a hostile power. Hillary has frequently declared she wishes to emulate arch-Cunt traitor Angela Merkel and would thus give her support in importing millions more in-bred subhuman Muslim invaders [4] While hordes of Muslim rapists is likely a boon for Deepak Wayne’s business it’s rather a problem for us fully-human daygamers. The streets would very quickly devolve into marauding gangs of rapist immigrants in all the Old Town squares and train stations [5] that are the rightful property of marauding gangs of plowing daygamers. A Trump victory means our Western flank is secured and with Putin having already secured the Eastern flank, the globalists are encircled and less likely to repel the various nationalist uprisings in Europe.

VERDICT – The fine daygame cities of Central Europe will have considerably improved vibe and girls more open to street stops.

4. No support for future Balkan wars
The first Clinton White House saw Bill bomb Christian Serbia in order to protect the Muslim terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Since then Serbia has been on the EU’s diplomatic shit list and they are now forcing that beautiful country to heel with crazy demands on homo/tranny participation in government and Gay Pride parades. Trump has no history of violence against Serbia and seems rather pro-Christian.

VERDICT – No likely flashpoints with Serbia and thus the fine daygame city of Belgrade will remain a popular destination for daygamers who want to piss me off by burning it down.

The election was the right kind of near miss

The election was the right kind of near miss

I am not sufficiently au-fair with Philippines and SEA politics so I can’t tell whether fellow shitlord Duterte will respect Trump [6] and re-kindle the hundred-year-old US-Philippines alliance or if Obama losing it to China is permanent. If it’s the former, fat losers who can’t get laid in Europe with white girls will still have an escape vector from which to write pathetic e-books on getting laid abroad.

[1] Yes, even the total faggots on the Left.
[2] Though with Twitter gone, I am looking for a new platform for the next 8 years of Trump-inspired triumphalism.
[3] Likely pestered by less dirty Turkish sex tourists than currently
[4] How many millions before Germans lynch her is something I’m not qualified to estimate.
[5] I haven’t asked girls if this feels any different to an RSD daygame bootcamp
[6] As opposed to quite literally telling fag-traitor Obama to “fuck off” earlier this year

If you thought this post shoved political opinions in your face without you asking, you should see my Twitter. Actually, you can’t because the spaghetti-armed low-T fags banned me for Nuclear-grade Shitlordism. Given that I absolutely had to celebrate the Trump victory, it’s basically them forcing me to do so on the blog and therefore they are to blame. You fag.

Simple In-Set Predictions

November 8, 2016

We you talk to a girl, there are two variables that determine whether she’s likely to fuck you: interest and availability. Put simply, to fuck a girl she must be at least somewhat interested (in you) and somewhat available (to you).

Contained within that are all manner of shades of grey. If she’s happily married, heavily k-selected, and feels sexually cold towards you then that’s an extreme No Girl for a caddish player in town for a week looking for casual sex. She could be a Weak Maybe for a local daygamer looking for a mistress over the longer term. She’s unlikely to be anything closer to Yes for anyone else. An all-around low probability girl because she’s happy with her current romantic options, her life plan, and not of the type to have casual sex easily.

In contrast a girl who broke up with her boyfriend three months ago, hasn’t had sex since, is in a new city, and at the horniest time of the month – this girl scores high on general availability. If you then happen to match her on DNA or the archetype of man she likes, she’s interested in you. This could be a Yes Girl. Between those two extremes are all kinds of Maybe Girls. Sometimes a girl is dating a boyfriend but growing dissatisfied and harbouring thoughts of dumping him – she’s just waiting for a better option. So she is somewhat available and you coming along may be the push she needs. Even so, you might not be her type so she’s uninterested in you even though she’s theoretically available to a player with different characteristics.

Most daygamers have experienced a girl who eye spazzes quickly, gives a long hand-hold, allows you close and to touch her, and is clearly dripping wet on the street but….. is married and says no. That’s a girl strongly interested in you but unavailable.


So, that fleshes out the concept that the girl must be interested in you and available to you – and that these are somewhat sliding scales. Let’s talk about how to recognise it in set.

INTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These girls give immediate positive reactions be it strong eye sparkle, blushing, giggling, hand-holding (strong interest) or a milder version of the same, so as subtle body shifts, solid eye contact, and an agreeability (mild interest). The crucial tell is physical engagement. If you see that, you can tick off “interested”.

Now, does she invest? If a girl is willing to stick around for ten minutes talking to you, come on an idate, or she tells you she’s late for a train but she gives you a few minutes: this granting an opportunity to make a pitch suggests availability – she may still be making her mind up about you (i.e. not strong interest) but she’s at least willing to hang around a while to find out – she’s generally available.

INTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These girls also give the positive signs of physical engagement but – crucially – few signs of social engagement. Think back to how many times you had a fun chat with a girl who seemed ‘on’ but at the end she says “sorry I have a boyfriend / husband”. Now rewind your memory of the set and look for one specific thing – did she ever throw herself into the conversation?

These girls are always holding something back in-set. You feel they won’t take a step forwards into the interaction. Rather, you get the feeling they are letting you run your game as if they are spectators to a football match. They aren’t taking the pitch themselves. This situation emerges because these girls like you (are interested) and therefore wish to continue feeling the pleasant sensation of flirting but would feel guilty about actively encouraging you (are unavailable). So they fudge it – they let you run your game, coo and giggle, but don’t muck in themselves. These sets usually last five minutes and end as soon as you force her to stop sitting on the fence.

No reason

No reason

UNINTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These are the flat boring sets that never seem in a rush to end. Let’s say you spot a girl sitting in a cafe and you open. She looks a little dubious but makes conversation. It probably feels like you are plowing at the beginning and it takes skill and effort to keep the conversation going. Yet she’s not really IODing you. She doesn’t ask you to leave or make excuses (the street version is she doesn’t walk away). So you think “maybe I can turn this one around”. You sit down and have a twenty minute chat. She gradually opens up. She shit tests you but does give some mild IOIs. You bring the set to an end on your own timescale (not hers) be it a number close or an idate. She doesn’t reply to your feeler text.

This happened because she was generally available to being picked up by somebody but she lacked initial interest in you specifically. Given that she felt open to the world she allowed you to run your game so she could see if she’d warm to you and develop some interest. She granted you the opportunity to make your pitch. That’s why she shit tested you, to see if it would provoke feelings of interest in her. It’s why the whole thing was so flat – she’s just not very interested. These sets are the worst time-wasters because the girls don’t excuse themselves quickly like the INTERESTED/UNAVAILABLE girls do. Typically they’ll last between ten minutes and an hour.

UNINTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These sets are easy to spot – you never have a real hook point. They either blow you out fast or stand around impatiently with magnetic feet (they want to be polite but also want you to take the hint). Most of these sets last between ten seconds and two minutes. You never feel like you’ve stopped their momentum.

Next time you’re out daygaming watch for how the end result of your set can be predicted by spotting these signs while you’re in there.

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Pussy Begging

November 5, 2016

There’s an idea that’s been floating around PUA circles a long time, the crux of which is that chasing women is low value. The idea takes many forms. Anti-Game types will usually give it a moral flavour, to say that sleeping around is ‘degenerate’. Married men may tell you it’s more ‘alpha’ to marry a mediocre woman and have sex with her as she ages. You’ll hear it within the game community too – specifically two variations:

  1. Just use Tinder. It’s much easier and it gives me more time to focus on my online business, gym, and folding the pocket squares.
  2. Get a social circle on lockdown then the women come to you.

In both cases, the man making the statement will look to devalue the very idea of proactively chasing women because, obviously, he’s not chasing them himself. These are self-serving reality weaves. Men with significant cold approach experience don’t need me to explain the obvious, but I shall for newer readers. The “don’t chase” lifestyle has these big problems:

1. Grotty girls. Nature has set up the sexual market place very specifically to be that women put themselves on display, men step up and make a pitch, then the women choose whether to be swept along. A key part is making the pitch. The act of making your pitch shows the girl so much about your character, confidence, and offers a window into your personality. If you remove this step then you are trying to reverse SMP rules by expecting the girl to make the pitch. There is only one consistent way to get girls to approach you – drop your quality standards. When someone (male or female) feels they have a shot at someone two or more points higher in SMV then they lose all shame [1]. Most “no approach” systems of Game boil down to putting yourself in the vicinity of girls two points below you then acting like James Bond while they hit on you.

Tinder is a weaponised form of this. Every man swipes the girls, then the girls filter for the highest SMV guys on there, knowing casual sex is the price they pay for any kind of sexual access to a guy so far above them in SMV. Social circle game is a less extreme version.

2. Slutty girls. Expecting girls to come to you means the girl must have the drive and comfort with seeking out casual sex. It goes against a girl’s hard-wiring to give herself away so cheaply and thus such an approach filters heavily for r-selected girls. Some social scenes are by nature extremely r-selected and thus ‘make-em-come’ will work fairly well there. For example, the USA is the most r-selected country in the Northern hemisphere, New York its most r-selected city, and Brooklyn its most r-selected area. If you then focus on rock or hipster scenes you are in the most r-selected of this filter. This is a massive filter. There are lots of girls in this scene who are going out looking for casual sex and a smart player can figure out how to be the guy they choose. Great. Just know that’s what you’re getting and don’t expect it to work as well in an environment with different filters [2] Also note, r-select girls are rarely as attractive as k-selects. Banging sluts is great fun at first but you soon lose all respect for the women you sleep with and that ruins your inner game. It also puts you in your head over whether you can actually get one of the normal hot girls who doesn’t sleep around.

There is one way the ‘make-them-come’ method can get you decent quality girls who aren’t sluts. It’s the Holy Grail of that type of game, so let’s look at that.

First you must build up tremendous social value and occupy a powerful position within a chosen environment. For example you may start as a bartender in a hip bar then start a popular band, so you have a rep in your area. Perhaps you buy a strip club and hold hire-fire power over dancers. Perhaps you set up weekly house parties and become the ‘connected’ guy who can subtly value-tap every male in the room because you hold the invites. Girls will notice you are the top dog and gravitate towards you. Some of them will be hot [3]

That’s great. It’s getting you laid with hot girls. So the upside to this strategy is obvious. But rather than pretend it’s a panacea, let’s look in detail.

1. Fundamentally, this method is a status play and thus you filter for girls who highly value status. You are wrapping yourself in the clothing of external status and pulling based on that, rather than your character. Of course in that environment you can still show charisma (but you’d have to develop it, and thus include other activities in your strategy). This means you are actively selecting for girls who are impressed with social status. Despite what Red Pillers would have you believe, such girls are a subset of the female population. Most girls do not just seek casual sex with the top dog [4]

The extreme end of girls who value status

The extreme end of girls who value status

However, some of the girls who do are hot so it’s a valid strategy. How do you recognise such girls? brand name fashion, active Instagram accounts, time-consuming make-up and grooming regime. Personally I can’t stand such vacuous girls (nor they me) but plenty of them are hot so if that’s your thing, go for it.

2. This is not a low-effort strategy. You are literally changing your entire life-pattern to create a net to catch girls. That’s no different to what daygamers do, so don’t pretend it’s low value when we do it but high value when you do.

3. It’s not portable. It’s an effective strategy for a man who lives in one city and intends to stay there. It falls apart when he travels. So pick the one which fits your future plans.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying this higher-level version of ‘build-it-and-they-come’ is bad. Done well it’s highly effective. Just don’t fall for the self-serving spiel of its proponents that chasing girls is pussy begging in comparison. Chasing girls across different countries using a charisma-based game will suit men with certain personality types, certain goals, and a certain preferred type of woman. Make-them-come strategies will suit men with a different set of variables and priorities.

Have a look at this video of lions hunting and killing buffalo. Afterwards, pop over to the National Park and explain to them that they are “buffalo begging” and ought to just sit in the zoo and let the zoo-keeper bring them food.

[1] – Just think of your office workmates at the company Christmas party when they are suddenly standing next to the “hot girl” from Marketing. They’ll embarrass themselves. Conversely, if a man has very high SMV then two points below is still pretty. But why isn’t he chasing girls two points above him?
[2] – I suspect many game theory arguments come from applying a model that works well in one highly-filtered environment with a model for a completely different environment

[3] – This is subtly different to being simply a bit shiny in a location full of sluts. Now we mean normal girls who don’t sleep around who are on the look-out for a man who exemplifies the things they value. That’s not the same as a slut coming out to get fucked and choosing the best option that night.

[4] – The PUAsphere gets this badly wrong because most of them are engaged in world-creation. They go to places full of status-chasing girls, in a country known for it, and then try to display status. What a surprise that the only women they succeed with happen to be the status-chasers. They falsely generalise from this to think all girls chase status, because the ones who don’t are outside of the filter.

If you thought this post outlined a case for why chasing skirt is a worthwhile activity, you might like my book. It’s about how I chase skirt.