Dopamine Detox – First thoughts

September 23, 2019

Those of you who’ve been Krausermaniacs since the good old days stretching back to 2009-ish will remember how this blog began: as a chronicle of my uncertain journey into the crimson arts. Old-skool Krauser was not the debonair, opinionated, loudmouth you know and love today. Oh no he wasn’t! [1] The secret sauce of my blog was its relentless focus upon my learning game, its hyper-documentation of results (and, initially, lack thereof), and the soul-searchingly candid nature of my writing. I was thinking aloud, organising my mind, and trying to get good with girls.

I don’t write like that any more. I finished my Player’s Journey. To the extent I write about Game, it’s as memoirs and textbooks passing on my conclusions, with hindsight [2]

I’m now wondering whether it’s time to go back to my old style of blogging. Not about Game, of course. Life’s journey never really pauses for breath. There’s always something to be getting on with. I’ve always been a tenacious character, someone who doesn’t do things in half measures [3]. That tenacity hasn’t disappeared, I’ve simply turned it towards other ends. Specifically, finishing the memoir, reading books, and smashing the gym.

I haven’t much felt like writing about it and – with that being all I’ve done this past year or more – that means I haven’t much felt like blogging. Now, I’m thinking perhaps I need to humble myself again. Though I developed a rather high level of competence in daygame, I’m still amateurish and clumsy in the new challenges I’ve taken on. Perhaps I should use this blog as a journal to chronicle my new path, my new thoughts, and see how that goes. Kinda like the good old days.

Unlike my daygame writing, I won’t be pitching myself as any kind of authority on the new subject matter. I’m learning. Other people are teaching me things. I’m trying to clarify my thoughts. This is the sounding board as I do so.


Don’t DARE say that looks like me. Either of them!

So, what’s going on in Krauserworld right now? A dopamine detox, that’s what. Listen to this guy:


To summarise: the human brain rewards us with four pleasure chemicals. Dopamine is the cocaine, released in anticipation of getting what we desire. Seratonin is the chest-puffing pleasure of achievement, of moving up the dominance hierarchy. Oxytocin is the opium pipe, the warm fuzzy feeling of connection with and acceptance by others. Endorphins are the anaesthetic, the jab that numbs physical pain.

The problem with modern life is we are inundated with a super-stimulation of dopamine-triggering activities: Netflix, video games, social media, and the biggest and baddest of them all- chasing skirt internet porn. Your next dopamine fix is only ever an arm’s length away, in the form of your smartphone. Or a walk to the nice restaurant [4].

People don’t get bored anymore.

Our dopamine is limited. If you release it negligently on high-stimulation/low-value activities there won’t be any left to power you in low-stimulation/high-value activities. So, we must carefully manage it.

Regular readers will see why this thesis interests me. Chasing skirt is a non-stop roller-coaster ride of dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and cortisol. Hardcore skirt-chasers become dopamine-addled lunatics. Girl Junkies.

Ultimate Man came from the No Fap movement, developing his ideas as he struggled to abstain from internet porn. I think if you substitute porn with skirt-chasing, his ideas become relevant [5]. His videos have been showing me an interesting theoretical basis for what I’d already concluded subconsciously: I need to lower my stimulation levels.

Early this year, I thought I could simply give up the Game and find myself a serious girlfriend. But, as the year wore on, I realised that- deep down- I didn’t actually want a girlfriend. My intellectual forebrain concluded getting a bird would be a wise move, but my emotional hindbrain didn’t actually want one. Why not? This puzzled me for months on end. Skirt would walk past me, I thought it wise to get a piece of that skirt, and yet I felt no desire to reach out and grab it.

Could it be Approach Anxiety? Hardly. My daygame record ranks me firmly within the world’s top 0.1% of men least likely to be crippled by approach anxiety. I actually did do sets this year- probably a few hundred- and did bang a few girls. But…… I didn’t really want to. The drive wasn’t there.


I trust my subconscious. Since early 2018 it has been telling me to give up on women and give up on the player lifestyle. Initially, I wasn’t especially receptive to that message, but it finally got through in mid-2018 and is gradually sinking in. Nowadays, I’m attempting to shake off every last vestige of my being a player. To my surprise, that stuff had settled much deeper into my being than I realised. It’s in my bones. Last year I cut most of my links with the Euro Jaunt community: no more jaunts, no notch-hunting, no talking about game, no WhatsApp +1 groups. I turned my focus to a strict diet, gym, and lots of reading. It was an informal dopamine detox, before I knew what one of them was.

Since encountering Universal Man two weeks ago, I’m giving his advice a try. I’m not totally sold on his concept, but I don’t need to be. I’m in the learning phase of this reorientation. I can afford to try things, cast around for ideas. So, no porn, no video games, no skirt, no Netflix, no sweets, and no booze [6].

I don’t expect to remain straight edge forever- it’s an experiment. Since pulling away from Game last year I’ve already noticed my attention span zoom upwards. I went from a man who could barely focus for ten minutes, to a man who thinks nothing of reading a book a day (this year, my rolling average is 1-book-in-2-days). It’s been three weeks since I played a video game. Two weeks since I watched porn (a month since watching one I hadn’t filmed myself). I can’t remember last time I binged a few episodes of a Netflix serial.

I’m more content than I expected.

Lenka Gabarova

None of this muck

Already, my brain feels different. Less angsty for stimulation. I remember a few years ago I was constantly yearning for something to do. Usually I’d find it by walking the streets. I’d already come to realise how sex-obsessed I’d been. Hormonally, ideologically. As a player, every year turned the dial a little further towards Sex Is Everything. I had built an entire ideological system to justify and encourage it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I wanted to clack skirt- needed to- and it massively improved my life. Nonetheless, that lifestyle has side effects. They creep up on you slowly, like boiling a frog. Now I’m trying to throw out the bathwater without also throwing out the baby.

So, that’s one of the things I’ve been ruminating on lately.

If you think all that is gay bollocks and would much rather just shag birds, consider my textbook Daygame Mastery (available on Amazon) and my instructional video Daygame Overkill.

[1] Oh yes he was!
[2] There are still many active players who are writing Player’s Journey blogs, including a bunch of my friends who I can verify as legitimate voices. Many of them are linked here.
[3] Which, I’ll admit, can be a little wearing on my companions.
[4] Or, if you’re Irish, the pub.
[5] Assuming you actually catch some of the skirt, that is.
[6] Maybe the occasional rum on ice, but don’t tell anyone.

More of my prattle

September 23, 2019

Whassup my niggers!

I’m sure you’ve all been jonesing for another video of me running my mouth like a right fucking pompous ass. What, you haven’t? Well, tough titty because that’s what I’ve got for you today. Check this bastard out.

(it’s also on George Bruno’s channel here)

I dunno, sometimes I feel like I’m terribly eloquent. Or maybe The 21 Convention just brought out the better side in me. Thanks George for the interview, and to Anthony for hosting me at his event.

Also going down in Krauserworld is another review of my contribution to the English literary canon: Girl Junkie. Head on over to Hash Daygame’s site here for the full review. Thanks, pal!

If you think the blog is filled with sarcastic dark humour, wait till you read the book. You will experience a no holds bar Nick Krauser writing straight from the heart. Hilarious and outrageous.

If you think you’d rather like to read more of my prattle, all my books can be found on your local Amazon site by searching “Nick Krauser”.

Girl Junkie – Reader Review #3

August 29, 2019


We all want to be heard, don’t we?

It’s no fun being an insignificant, squeaky little voice. Being the kid at the back of the class who is told to shut his pie-hole [1]. It’s no fun gliding silently through life without recognition of achievement, only to die and be forgotten before the worms have eaten your eyeballs.

My seven volume cry for help memoir may yet cement my place in history as Kind Of A Big Deal, but until then I’ll take whatever scraps of recognition are thrown my way. Thanks most kindly to Magnum PUA for throwing this morsel from his tabletop of blogging excellence:

Nick Krauser – Girl Junkie book review

“Each volume has delivered on its promise: well told interesting stories that both entertain as well as deliver game tidbits and perspective by example.

With each volume I find myself underling certain ideas and passages to bring into my own game toolkit.

Girl Junkie continues with this streak and doesn’t disappoint.”

Thanks kind, sir. Awfully kind.

“With Girl Junkie what stands out to me as a long time Krauser reader is he has matured.

There is less preening. Even though Girl Junkie covers the most recent year of the five volumes, where Krauser’s game had continued to improve, in many ways he’s more humble in this book and from my read it seems to have a greater balances of both the frustrations and successes. We all learn more from our failures and this makes for a more human and interesting read.”

Ah! Brings a tear to an old man’s eye that quote does. I don’t want to be any bother, it’s just nice…. sniff sniff… to be remembered.

Daygamers with a taste for a good story and oodles of hidden tips will find themselves headed here for the paperback or here for the hardback. People in weird countries will do best to check their local Amazon website.

GJ spin

[1] So I’m told.

August Memoir Update – Volume 7

August 18, 2019

It’s been a busy period for little ol’ Krauser. Not properly busy the way you dickheads dear readers have it, what with real office jobs and proper friends and stuff. But, as a man who spends most of his time sitting on his fat increasingly toned ass, I can assure you that the past two months felt busy.

I coached three residentials. One guy got laid twice. Another got two notches on the same day! Now, don’t take that as a Residential Training Lay Guarantee but it’s nice to know the old Krauser Magic has its effect. I think we can all agree on that.

I did The 21 Convention, as noted in an earlier post. Look at this photo from it. Rather spiffing, no?

21CPoland_NickKrauser1 copy

I look so confident. So dominant. So…… attractive!

An unexpected but very welcome surprise in Warsaw was hooking up with a girl I’d first rattled back in 2015 when she was at the tender age of 19. She’s still a pretty young filly now and we spent a lot of time together while I was in town. I’m definitely getting soft in my old age because it was lovely [1]

But the book, Nick! Tell us about the book!

Okay, if you insist…..

By now you all know the plan, to publish the entirety of my seven volume memoir series by the end of 2019 before turning my back on The Game with a theatrical flourish. Volumes 1-5 are all done and on sale at Amazon. Number 6 is a blank page, with all the hard work still to do.

Volume 7, in contrast, is in good shape and currently on schedule. Just this evening I reached the 50% mark in my text edit/rewrite. To those unfamiliar with the process, it goes something like this:

1. Write the book. This is by far the longest and most difficult stage.
2. Edit the text. I start at the beginning and work through the manuscript, picking up errors, tweaking sentences, and adding new sections. Usually I’ll have feedback from a test reader and a hired editor to help me.
3. Organise contractors to create interior artwork and cover design. Collate photos to illustrate the book.
4. Organise contractor to lay out the text and integrate the artwork. This also includes checking for errors and tweaking for visual aesthetics.
5. Upload to publisher website, print and review test copy.

The 50% mark I hit is in stage two. Stages 3-5 are pretty easy as most of the work is done by others. What this means for you scallywags is that I should have my final text by the end of this month, and quite likely release the book at the end of September. That’ll leave me three whole months to crank out the final volume [2]

LBSM draft cover

It covers a lot more than just SEA, though

[1] I also deflowered a 19 yr old Ukrainian virgin, but let’s not boast. My notches are too few and far between for me to take any fun in that game nowadays.
[2] Which intimidates me a little as I’ve currently written no more than two pages of notes. And also, when that’s done I’ll no longer have a good excuse to write about myself.

Girl Junkie – Reader Review #2

August 15, 2019

Warsaw daygamers are no doubt familiar with my buddy Mr R. About a month ago, I sent a copy of Girl Junkie to him and asked for a review.  Here it is in its unedited entirety. Thanks, boss.

Girl Junkie is the story of the year after Krauser reached what he considered his peak (as detailed in Adventure Sex). Once you’ve reached the top of the daygame world, can you continue to maintain your position, or will you crash back down to earth like a priapic Icarus? The latest entry in the ever-expanding long-form Krauser memoirs is here to detail the titular man’s struggle against the elements. If the previous year was the most successful for his exploits, this is the year where he truly gets to live his life as “Krauser”.

Every active daygamer knows the thrill of the chase and the emotional rollercoaster of running down your leads, and by spending the entire year travelling, Krauser is constantly faced with time limits and the need to push everything forward hard and fast. Have you ever met a daygamer who’s 100% ‘normal’? We can all be daygamers but there are some who have the right combination of issues to allow them to handle the grind much better than most. A steady stream of numbers from younger, hotter, tighter, all filtered through the funnel of love, turn into a string of dates, sex, and anal deflowerings.


The ancient Greeks believed that a man who excessively chased women was ruled entirely by his desires, and became ‘womanly’ in all the wrong ways. As Krauser continues his endless loop of his favourite euro-jaunt locations, he becomes sulky, withdrawn, and prone to wild mood swings. So, basically a teenage girl with a boner. Appropriately then, he continues to stick his boner into teenage girls throughout the book.

The structure of the book is straightforwardly chronological, with each chapter covering either a change in location or a change in Nick’s circumstances. This makes it hard to review in detail as it’s mostly slice of life vignettes, but there are several main narratives running throughout the book. The first narrative is Nick’s growing realisation that not everyone in the daygame scene is as honest as he is, and that shady marketing pays better than actual results. He’s not shy about naming names, but it generally never comes across as a malicious attack on a competitor, more like he feels outrage that scammers are ripping people off.

The second theme is the mental and physical changes he observes in himself. Mentally, he’s losing touch with regular life, so going to a beautiful holiday destination with an adoring young girl quickly bores him, compared to repeatedly walking up and down a shopping street and using the same lines over and over again while chatting up birds. The constant adrenaline and dopamine-spiked eurojaunts have rewired his brain to seek quick reward over delayed gratification, and no amount of trips back to hibernate in his parent’s conservatory can bring him back. You can feel the frustration as he questions what he’s doing with his life. On the physical side, he’s coming face to face with his own mortality. His feet hurt, his belly is growing, and he fears he’s losing his legendary good looks. Is this the end of the line for our plucky hero? Or is he simply at step 7 of the hero’s journey, the moment of despair? Well, since Krauser is still going and has dedicated himself to fitness, I’ll let you guess.

The writing is consistently good throughout the book, there is a dip in pace towards the middle, accurately reflecting Nick’s state of mind through the year. Many guys I know in real life make guest appearances as characters Krauser meets on his eurotour, and while the characterisations are all accurate, the conversations can sometimes feel a little artificial, like they’ve been added in to demonstrate a point Nick wants to expound upon. This is not just a memoir after all, there are nuggets of advice and guidance secreted within like hidden treasure.

Should you read this book? [1] I certainly enjoyed it, and if you’ve been following Nick’s journey then the next stage is always interesting. As a stand-alone volume it’s less effective, so read the earlier entries first if you want to get to this one with the right frame of mind.

Ambitious daygamers eager to move their game forwards will be irresistibly drawn towards Amazon for the hardcover and paperback full-colour editions of Girl Junkie. Using your local Amazon may be a little quicker for some of you.

GJ spin

1 – Yes, you should [K.]

Girl Junkie – Reader Review #1

August 1, 2019

I’m the world’s worst marketer. I don’t mind admitting it. In the first six months of this year I released the best two Daygame books ever written [1] and have barely even mentioned them. Did you know Balls Deep and Girl Junkie are on sale now at Amazon?


I’m not completely incompetent, mind. As soon as the paperback Girl Junkie was available to order, I sent a couple of hard copies to daygame buddies of mine. One of them, Mr White from London, has posted a review over at his blog.

So, the first reader review of volume five in my memoir is now online. Check it out here.

“…One thing Nick is great at is raising the tension at critical points throughout the book using short sentences and descriptive writing perfectly, such as when he is on a Same Day Lay attempt. He really puts you- the reader into his shoes in these moments when everything feels like it is on a knife edge. That feeling of anticipation/nervousness/excitement we are all familiar with when we are in those same situations. I have always found it hard to put that feeling of the daygame roller coaster into words in my blog posts, Nick does it here with ease…”

It’s a bloody good book, you know. A mammoth 527 pages in full colour describing my rakeish exploits as I run around Europe clacking top quality skirt. Each encounter plays out like a case study in how to get laid, and what curveballs girls throw your way. Those of you familiar with my textbooks Daygame Mastery and Daygame Infinite know how the model is laid out and how to learn the didactic way. Girl Junkie and the other memoirs teach you through storytelling. The prose helps put yourself in my position, watching events play out and feeling how you would react in the same position.

Really, it’s almost like you’re shagging them yourself [2]

“…Overall, I really enjoyed the book and compliments the series perfectly….”

Head over to Amazon for the full-colour paperback and hardcover editions of Girl Junkie. There are no plans for an eBook.

GJ spin

[1] See! Even my hyperbole isn’t at all convincing.
[2] But you’re not.

I spoke at The 21 Convention

July 22, 2019


I was at The 21 Convention last weekend, in Warsaw, as a speaker. No doubt many of you are curious as to what I thought of it, not least because of the recent drama between T21C and Rollo Tomassi. Okay then, let’s do it.

Firstly, I didn’t take sides in that drama. I read what both parties had written and was able to reconstruct the events, from the so-called doxxing of the cigar club meet-up, to the Red Man Group LLC tussle, and the varied social media reaction from supporters of both sides. My conclusion was easy to reach: nothing to do with me. I like Rollo and he’s been good to me in the past. I didn’t yet know Anthony Johnson and his team but seeing as I had been invited to his show and given my promise to speak, I was going to speak.

I’m pleased to report the event weekend was a positive experience.

It was four days at the Marriot Hotel by the central station. The lectures were delivered in a big auditorium and two (or three?) smaller conference rooms were booked out for daily workshops. In addition there was a pre-show meet’n’greet in the hotel bar (I went), a paid VIP dinner (I didn’t go), a gratis Heroes dinner (I did attend), and a final farewell meal (skipped). The scheduling was intense with a couple of lectures each AM and PM, with workshops sandwiched in the middle. There wasn’t a lot of downtime.

So, how were the speakers?

Richard Grannon did several talks, the two most structured of which I very much enjoyed. One was on toxic passivity, his new concept for the West’s cultural malaise, and he drew lots of cross-disciplinary connections that I liked. His second was on evading, escaping, and recovering from toxic relationships. In both cases he was a well-prepared, knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. For me, these talks were the highlight. I also attended his workshop on the last day, which was also good. I’m amazed he didn’t drop dead from the amount of time he spent presenting.

I caught the second half of Ed Latimore‘s talk and it made me wish I’d gotten out of bed earlier to catch all of it. He was a humble, charming guy with good delivery and some interesting insights. I’d always thought his Twitter was overly-dependent upon generic bromides and platitudes so it was a nice surprise to find out there’s more depth to him.

Socrates’s lecture opened the event, which I missed because he’s a big lad and I’d talked shit about him in the past [1]. Now I think of it, I only caught half of the total talks. Probably a missed opportunity. After meeting Socrates later, I decided I’ll definitely catch the lecture when it comes onto YouTube.

My talk was a technical overview of the London Daygame Model, which all my readers will be well familiar with. It was pretty dry and there was so much to cover in an hour that I rather rushed it. It seemed to go over well, but I won’t really know what I think of it until it’s posted on T21C’s YouTube. Afterwards, George Bruno interviewed me in a breakout room and he handled it comfortably like a pro.

On the last morning, while I still lay in bed, I got Anthony’s invitation to do a Red Man Group panel broadcast live. So I jumped in the shower, pulled on my strides, and rushed out for one last unexpected contribution. It was an hour. I was sitting next to Socrates, so if you look carefully you’ll see me trembling.

So, have I deftly avoided addressing the criticisms I’d previously raised against The 21 Convention in earlier blog posts? Yes, I have. Let’s do so now. I entered the meet’n’greet on the first evening with a few preconceptions, based on the Rollo drama, watching speakers on YouTube and on social media, and word-on-the-street. I suppose you could list my criticisms as follows:

1. It’s overpriced
2. The speakers are full of shit  (e.g. The Natural Lifestyles, Blackdragon, Andrew Tate)
3. It’s a soulless cash-in on Red Pill popularity

What do I think now?

Regarding price, that’s for you to decide. Tickets seem to average out at $1,499 so it’s for the customer to decide if that’s a good deal. I spent lots of time talking to audience members and none of them were grumbling about being short-changed. Quite the opposite, they seemed hyped-up and eager for more. Each day was packed with content and I felt the team were trying to provide as much value as they could. So do I recommend you go to the next one? Not necessarily, it depends who is on. Look at the speaker list and decide what you think it’s worth. In Warsaw, T21C delivered on what was advertised (subject to Rollo-related cancellations) and the audience liked it.

The speakers were of varying quality, imo. Grannon was excellent. Latimore was pretty good, and I’d like to think I was too. I missed too many talks to comment much further. There were a few duds. Ivan Throne probably shouldn’t spend so much time talking about ninja spy networks and giving generic advice. Ryan Black should stop lying about his results with women [2]. John Cooper needs to resolve his fear of rejection [3]

Though I missed talks, I did get to chat to some speakers. Socrates and Alexander Cortes both impressed me favourably in person, having more gravitas and charisma than I’d expected from the videos I’d seen. We had a good long chat. They also contributed well to the Red Man Group panel I was on. Steve Williams hosted it and he has a very engaging lively manner that is really well-suited to the role. It was fun being on there.

So, that brings me to my updated thoughts on criticism number three: is it just a cash-in? Having spoken to Anthony and watched how he and his team conducted themselves backstage, I was left with the impression that they are sincerely putting on the best shows they can and are fully-invested in the manosphere / red pill message. Sure, it’s a business and people want to get paid, but they really want their message out there.

I’ll link my three videos as and when they appear on the respective YouTube channels. So, thanks to the T21C team for having me, and no hard feelings on Rollo. I’m still not taking sides.

[1] Joking. I was badly hung over and couldn’t get out of bed.
[2] His second slide made the claim, and I quote, that after shagging just three women in his life, he went to a Sasha Daygame bootcamp and within six months had “a harem of six model-quality women who all knew about each other”. Well, Ryan, you kept them well-fucking-hidden in 2010 didn’t you? I know if I’d been rattling half a dozen models I’d have been flaunting it across the London Seduction Society like a right fucking twat. But no, you kept it so secret that not a single person in the dozens I knew in the 2010 London community can recall you ever being seen with a hot girl. You had us fooled into thinking you were just a talentless goon wandering the streets of Covent Garden doing crappy daygame. Did the models’ agency make you sign an NDA and force you to destroy the evidence?
[3] He’s got a Social Heartistry YouTube channel. You’ll soon see what I mean.