Deepak Wayne – Analysis Of His Fake Infield

September 2, 2016

Sit down in your most comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. I’m going to ask you dear readers to do something rather unpleasant – to sit through an entire Deepak Wayne infield video. It’ll make you feel dirty as you listen to him bing-ding-ding-a-ling through fifteen minutes in that awful call centre accent, but really, this time it’s worth it. [1] This is a training exercise.

There are three ways to spot a fake PUA:

  1. Meta-analysis of his results. This was my first expose post. The rule of thumb is “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Deepak was claiming results 5x better than the typical good daygamer. Additionally, his evidence base supported results of maybe 1/5th of what he claimed [2]
  2. Detailed analysis of his game. This is what I do in this post. I’ll take you through a particular fake video of Deepak’s and explain play-by-play why it’s fake. The rule of thumb here is “if it jars against what you know is a legit interaction, it’s probably not legit” [3]
  3. The Smoking Gun. Hardest of all is to find clear incontrovertible evidence that an actress has been hired. Daniel Blake was finally exposed a year later when an enterprising viewer found the bra-strap incident. Tom Torero was exposed when a viewer googled his real name and found a French actress listing two of his videos on her resume, then Andy Yosha contacted her and got a video statement and screencaps of the text messages setting up the shoot.

So let’s get on with a detailed analysis. Treat this as a test of your calibration. The whole time you watch it, listen to your gut. Ask yourself “does this look like a natural spontaneous conversation between two people who just met?” and “would a girl like her respond as enthusiastically to a man like him spitting game of that quality?”

And again, I apologise for making you sit through fifteen minutes of Deepak and his creepy homosexual friend. But oh man, are these clowns hilarious!

0:01 – I call this the “piss on your back and tell you it’s raining” gambit. Deepak pre-frames the video to tell you what you’re going to see, setting the frame so you are less likely interpret the evidence a different way. This is an old marketing trick and not in itself suspicious. Stay alert for how many times he tells you what you should be seeing rather than actually are seeing.
0:05 – This is the “ultimate seduction model” remember! See how she’s already leaning back away from his kiss. She’s disgusted by him.
0:21 – “She can easily have any guy she wants” is why a funny-faced ding-a-ling Indian scammer has to pay her. But we’ll get onto that [4]
1:08 – “So many dating coaches out there who don’t walk their talk”. This is what makes the expose so much more delicious. The sheer duplicity of this man is incredible.

The real deal, yesterday

The real deal, yesterday

1:27 – This is the world’s worst opener. Hello, I’m from Berlin and I just left my friend from Ukraine. I have no idea why he’s so retarded and yet she hooks enthusiastically. Sometimes girls are just very receptive and she may think he’s about to ask directions. So this is evidence of bad game rather than a hired actress. Nonetheless, just keep watching for such consistently bad game getting such a good reaction – that’s the tell.
1:28 – Look how close the cameraman is. She may actually have looked directly at him briefly (hard to tell, might have been at the shopper walking by). Cameraman then circles round clearly keeping them in frame, in her full view. They claim it’s a small spy cam. As you’ll see later when they zoom the shot, it’s clearly not a small cam. The girl would definitely know she’s being filmed yet doesn’t react at all to this knowledge.

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

1:41 – Oh my god, that’s the Torero Toe isn’t it?
1:42 – Deepak’s life-partner frequently mutes the video at strange times to tell you what you’re supposed to be seeing. Why isn’t it simply freeze-framed then restarted? Why is it done in a way that removes information and breaks up the flow? [5]
2:10 – It’s very odd which information they choose to redact for her privacy compared to what’s left in. Deepak’s videos have many strange mute, blur an edit choices that simply don’t make sense if you’re dealing with legit material.
2:38 – Another strange mute and now the lie about using a shitty camera. It’s obvious from the cameraman’s frequent repositioning that he has a viewfinder screen to check. He moves around a lot but always manages to keep the scene clear and without cropping out their heads or feet. Any daygamer who has recorded his wing with an actual spy cam knows how difficult this is when you’re moving. For example. at 2:54 the cameraman sits down then readjusts using the viewfinder.
2:46 – Reason one for using spy cam is “we tried filming with a big DLSR camera but got caught multiple times”. “He met this girl over a long period of time and therefore we needed to be extra careful, that’s why we had this small hidden camera”. Just let that sink in. It’s a time-paradox. They knew in advance that this set would result in multiple meetings with the girl – before opening her – so they needed to use a small hidden camera so as not to arouse her suspicions. And then as you’ll see, it is in fact a DLSR anyway! [6]
3:25 – Consider how chatty she is, without pausing to think or form her words, to talk about something incredibly boring to a stranger. If this happened to me for real, I’d be thinking “this girl is not right in the head”.
3:38 – “I work in Volkswagen”. Is that a DHV or a sexual spike? Not only is this awful game but why isn’t such private information redacted considering city names are?
4:02 – Consider how fast she spits her lines, how little she has to think, and how odd the timing is for bouncing him to the corner. It’s as if none of this requires weighing evidence, assessing her own emotions, then making a decision. It’s more like rattling off a script.
4:05 – Note how the cameraman wasn’t in place and the conversation jumps a little like re-saying the same scripted lines at the jump cut. See also at 4:23 that the first camerman has disappeared. The resolution, filters, exposure etc are all identical as if the actors simply paused until the lone cameraman switched positions.

teleportation machines have a delay

teleportation machines have a delay

4:23 – The entire set has been a barrage of intrusive boring questions. He hasn’t showed any value, spiked, DHVd, stack. His ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ has so far not involved any actual game. [7]
4:43 – Does the cameraman’s posture look more like (i) carefully hiding a spy camera to look unobtrusive or (ii) pretending to do so but actually using a big DLSR and keeping the viewfinder visible?
4:35 – The phone is clasped in her right hand, with the left used to gesticulate. At 4:48 he shakes her left hand as she offers it, keeping the phone clasped in right. Now watch to 4:56…. would you just look at that! She’s switched the phone over to her left hand at precisely the moment there’s a jump cut and awkward pause to allow the cameraman to switch positions. It’s almost as if….. they disengaged and she fiddled around for a bit.
5:15 – Note her lack of increased emotional engagment when Deepak does his physical moves such as holding her hand, closing distance, and leering at her sexually. Actual girls will react to this – if they take it the energy amps up and is visibly in her involuntary actions. If they reject it, they step back or shrug it off. What always happens is they noticeably react to it.
5:20 – Smooth zoom in. Tell-tale sign it’s a DLSR with a viewfinder and not a spy cam. This exposes both the earlier lie at 2:46 and also makes it really weird she hasn’t noticed cameraman moving around her on three separate occasions keeping her in view. There’s another zoom at 6:38
5:26 – Completely fake non-reaction to what would’ve been very big display of intent in a real set. A real girl would feel the intent. She expected it and had no emotional reaction – because it was rehearsed and she was acting.
5:32 – She’s bizarrely receptive to his constant intrusive questioning and challenging. Why isn’t she pushing back a little?
5:59 – They redact her ((unique animal)) [8] even though only someone who knew her really well could use that to identify her – such a person would likely recognise her voice, fashion, mannerisms and jawline. Rather bizarre.
6:02 – “+2 points”. That’s game, that is.
6:56 – She’s about to meet her friend but goes on idate anyway. This sounds rather like it was scripted to convey him overruling her objections with tight game rather than with a concern for how people behave in real world. Given this incongruity it would be natural to show how Deepak convinces her to abandon the friend and yet the next section is completely muted. It’s a black box. One of the key moments (and higher-level skill displays) is simply removed. When the audio comes back in at 8:12 we have no idea how he pulled it off.
8:10 – “You listen to us, you get paid” if you’re a girl.
8:27 – Another barrage of dumbass questions that expect her to do all the work. No mythology, no stack, no story-telling, no humour. Nothing. It’s as if Deepak is a completely charmless buffoon.
8:21 – “So what’s going on in your life?” and she begins to answer then asks exactly the same question at 8:50 after a jump cut that places them 200m further up the street. Doesn’t that seem a little odd? If I’d invented a teleportation device I wouldn’t be hawking bootcamps to fools.

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday... or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday… or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

8:36 – There’s lots of daygamers on this street!
9:46 – Did you notice all the text in the shop logos and street signs is backwards? Yes, the entire video is mirrored.
9:54 – “You literally looked like her daddy” lol. I wish I was a retarded German homosexual. Life would be so much more fun!
10:02 – “I will take you to Delhi and show you India”. Look carefully and you can see the cold hand of terror grip her spine.
10:19 – This is the first in a series of scripted “now I’m sexual” scenes where she is physically recoiling. Shit just got real and she is faced with letting this ugly weirdo touch her in order to earn the money. She tries to hide her disgusts, bless her.
10:38 – Ignore the bizarre jump cuts and decision to edit the rest of the goodbye. Just focus on her body language. Does she show any of the excitement you’d expect from a girl who just met a charming man she fancies and has invited her on a date? Or, does she seem to recoil then lean away, turn away, and hope he goes away?
11:04 – An unenthusiastic meet. In itself no big deal – she could’ve been undecided at this point – but believe me these are gonna start piling up of the next few minutes.
11:24 – They meet at one end of the street and are walking at the other after jump cut outside Starbucks. This is a five minute walk, and the park they end up in is a ten minute walk. Again, not conclusive but very odd. Usually on a date you take her to one of the first decent venues. Deepak has skipped all the great venues of Chmielna street (right next to that Starbucks) and instead wandered ten minutes up to a park in a part of Warsaw that has no good cafes or bars nearby.

11:32 – You’ll note from this point on every single bit of “intimate” kino is initiated by Deepak and she shivers and recoils each time. Note how stiff it is and how she offers absolutely nothing by her own volition. This is the “do the minimum to get paid” mentality rather than behviour of a girl sexually attracted to a man and wanting to fuck him. [9]

Stiff body language, yesterday

Stiff body language, yesterday

11:40 – Not a single kiss involves her opening her mouth, using tongue, or pushing into him. They are all “god this man is gross, just show me the money” kisses.
12:10 – If you’re banging a girl multiple occasions and she’s into you – and willing to be filmed on your phone cam in McDonalds – don’t you think you could find better footage?
12:16 – He’s trying really really hard to force her mouth open and she’s simply not having it. Note her dead motionless hands and utter lack of body movement. Compare this to girls who’ve kissed you on your bed just before fucking. There’s footage of inconclusive fumbling and she doesn’t remove any clothes.
12:43 – A stiff embrace and she turns her head uncomfortably away.

"Show me the money", yesterday

“Show me the money”, yesterday

Stop and think a moment. Deepak met this girl on multiple occasions and can’t get a single clip of her (i) kissing him properly (ii) removing any items of clothing (iii) showing any affection towards him.

13:46 – Yes, Deepak, you have indeed shown us exactly what the ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ is…. a crock of shit by a lying scammer thieving money from vulnerable men. The only legit bedroom videos you have is bumming that autistic German faggot sitting next to you.

The only true statement in this entire video is the second half of the title – that Deepak is an ugly old immigrant.

[1] The reason I didn’t expose Deepak a year ago was I couldn’t actually sit all the way through an infield of his, so I never did the micro-analysis necessary. Same thing with his (already caught faking) business partner Justin Wayne.
[2] As you’ll see, that evidence base is fake. He barely gets laid at all.
[3] This is why every active daygamer immediately recoiled at watching him. He doesn’t pass the smell test of a guy who gets laid and his stories are wildly implausible given the actual quality of his game. These daygamers know what the streets produce and how it looks when you’re producing it. In contrast, armchair enthusiasts or beginners are more prone to believe the intellectual rationalisations in his defence, because they lack the calibration and experience to trust their instinct.
[4] I just love insulting this loathsome scammer.
[5] In Daygame Overkill I’d freeze the screen, give the analysis, then restart it so that no information was missed. I also released completely unedited versions of same infield as raw data. This proves you see everything that happened. There’s no chance to edit out bad game or tells that it’s acted, e.g. fluffing lines.
[6] Somewhere in all this is a clue to why India has such an undeveloped economy and never wins Olympic medals despite being almost the size of China.
[7] An unforgiving viewer may conclude Deepak doesn’t deploy any game because he doesn’t possess any.
[8] Maybe it’s a ((Jew)).
[9] I suspect Deepak is gambling on likelihood that his audience don’t know what it’s like to have a girl sexually attracted to you and therefore won’t smell a rat.

If you thought Deepak was right to claim all my Adventure Sex lay reports are fictional, then you should read the book. Top class make-believe.

Is Deepak Wayne a fraud?

August 30, 2016

Those of you following my Twitter [1] will be aware I’ve been laughing my ass off at Indian [2] daygamer Deepak Wayne‘s recent outlandish claims on YouTube. He’s been walking around Kiev lately talking into his phone cam on a selfie stick, saying first that he fucked fifteen girls in thirty days (one a 17 year old virgin) and then just yesterday that he’s up to twenty-five girls in fifty days now including THREE teenage virgins. No evidence, of course. Just him and his selfie stick.

Stop laughing. This is serious.****

A slayer, yesterday

A slayer, yesterday

Long-time readers will be aware that PUA is a sordid creepy business full of liars, frauds and outright thieves. At the bottom end there is that creepy Korean guy who ran a big daygame bootcamp in Belgrade last year after having never actually done daygame before. Word on the street is he took everyone’s money and didn’t even show up to coach. I also heard the RooshV forum found evidence he’s on the run for money laundering in the US [3]. There’s form for this, as even Neil Strauss admitted in The Game that he taught his first boot camp in Los Angeles before he’d even been laid. Mehow was the same – he started a whole PUA business after just one lay.

Within our own European daygame world we have our own embarrassments, such as Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez hiring actresses for “same day lay” videos then getting busted [4] and of course the famous Tom Torero fake kiss close video [5]. There are also a number of guys who inhabit that grey area of not hiring actresses but being terrible at game and then implying way more success than they actually get (e.g. Johnny Cassel, Simon Spence, and of course King Berba himself).

Let’s remember that at the root of these scams are two motivations:

  1. To cheat vulnerable men out of hard-earned cash.
  2. To look cool in front of an audience of credulous men.

I stress, faking in-field videos or lying about your results is not harmless. Deliberately telling pre-meditated lies and faking videos will cause actual active daygamers to get extremely insecure about their own results. I’ve had a number of guys worried that they must suck because they only bang one or two girls a month from daygame. They actually think they are underperforming and must be doing something wrong! Worse than active daygamers getting badfeelz is what these liars do to the vastly bigger army of online voyeurs that they are trying to extort for money. Most men don’t understand female psychology and have never laid a girl from daygame, thus their experience base to compare a YouTube video/claim against is literally zero. I know how this is because I was once that naive (I even once mistook a clip from a porn movie for a close video of RSD Ozzie!).

PUA attracts the most clueless of men, the very men who are most desperate to believe and also the least-calibrated to spot lies and fakes. These PUA scammers are trying to steal money from such men. It’s sickening.

I can watch a Daniel Blake video and just feel it’s off. I know that’s not how women react to daygame and my gut instinct warns me [6]. I can watch a Deepak Wayne video and almost cry laughing at how fake it is**. But what about Devak, a little Indian computer programmer in a German back-office cubicle, who doesn’t know women, doesn’t know seduction, and especially doesn’t know white women? What does he see when Deepak ding-a-ling-a-lings in his thick Indian accent running his mouth about all the hot white girls he’s banging in this mysterious foreign land called “Ukraine”. What is Devak to think? Devak who hasn’t ever been laid for free but now has a magic system dangled in front of him, for just 600 euros a day coaching?

So to help the Devaks of this world, here’s a list of things to look for in spotting PUA scammers, particuarly in daygame.

1. Outlandish claims.
Here’s the reality of daygame – if you’re pretty good at it, work hard, and go after women a bit younger and only a little better looking than you, you’ll get laid approximately once every fifty approaches. If you change those parameters to get hotter girls (or you’re just not as good at daygame) then it can easily become 1-in-100 opens. That’s a week of hard work on the streets, plus all the dating, including the idates and Day 2s to nowehre. That includes the LMR you get at your front door or on your bed. You’ll get the odd purple patch where everything goes right for a week, but mostly you revert to this grind.

It’s not as simple as finding a Yes Girl and same-day-laying her two hours later. There are a ton of wasted text chats, idates and bouncebacks surrounding these rare glimpses of glory. They take time and they wear you down. No one – literally noone – fucks 25 white girls in 50 days, averaging one every other day*. No one. Even if a PUA can find that many girls interested in him, think of the process and attrition required to whittle down all those leads, dates and bouncebacks into actual lays.

The only way anyone is getting 25-in-50-days is a good-looking young white man going to South East Asia, pipelining on Tinder/Date In Asia, and then fucking literally any girl no matter how ugly. That’s the only way. I’ve hung around some of the best seducers in the world. Good-looking, cool, savvy, vastly experienced men. The kind of men you hang out with and you know you’re in the cool gang. On a good month they might get 8 white girls, if they try hard and have some good luck.

So no, don’t believe that a charmless ugly Indian is getting 3x their results.

2. No ripples in the pond.
Imagine you throw a rock into a pond – you watch it arc through the air, make a big splash in the water, and then for many seconds afterwards ripples spread through the pond. Throwing the rock created a stir, the impact of which is visible. Now imagine you are looking in a different direction as someone else throws a rock into the pond. You don’t see the rock but you hear the splash and turn around to see the ripples. You can infer the rock having been thrown in despite having not seen it. Now imagine someone merely tells you they threw a rock in (while your back was turned) yet you didn’t hear a splash and looking at the pond you don’t see any ripples. It’s as calm as if no rock was ever thrown in. You can very confidently conclude that someone is a liar.

An easy way to spot this in daygame is when someone posts only two types of video: talking into a camera about results, or showing a same day lay infield. Why is this suspicious?

Hiring actresses costs money and if you pay to fuck them too it’s considerably more expensive. It’ll take a few hours of her time, showing herself on YouTube, and she has to act a role which requires some preparation. Plus of course you have to actually find such a dirty whore, negotiate, and set up a time/place to do it. It’s not like simply walking out onto the street with your buddy and saying “turn the camera on and record my sets”. Given this, a fledgling PUA business is limited to how many such videos they can make.

A real daygamer who goes filming will get a ton of footage. He’ll get blowouts, hook points followed by “I have a boyfriend”, idates to nowhere, number closes to nowhere, and of course some dates and eventually a lay or two. This is a ton of footage. Just look at the montage at the beginning of my Outlaw Daygame video above – that was from just one afternoon session with the camera on. Yet the scam PUAs show you only the SDLs. Why is that?

Because there is no other footage.

They never did go out and approach lots of girls and thus build up all that other footage. In the off chance it’s a Daniel Blake-type character, the real (i.e. non-actress) footage is so bad that showing you will completely undermine the supposedly real SDL footage. You’ll watch him getting blown out so bad from real girls that you conclude “no way he’s suddenly going from that to an SDL”. This is why the scammers are just talking down a selfie stick and putting in the occasional “SDL” video. It’s black and white, all-or-nothing. The entire grey area that makes up 90% of a real daygamer’s street experience is completely absent.

3. They don’t look like someone who gets laid.
I know within twenty seconds of meeting a man exactly how his sex life is. A calibrated man can size up another very quickly, seeing him like a woman does. Genuine womanizers have a cool vibe and strike you as larger than life. They don’t have the hunted eyes of a chode, nor the uncertain body language. They don’t look dorky. You can look at him and think “he looks like he gets laid”.

The scammers never do. They all have an off-vibe. Their conversational flow is disjointed and difficult to follow. You don’t feel intrigued or comfortable watching them talk. You actually get bored of listening to them – and if you’re bored watching, imagine how bored a girl is being on the receiving end of it in set. If a guy struggles to keep the interest of his audience, he’s not seducing women. [7] If you find yourself wondering “how does such a charmless guy get laid so much?” the answer is that he doesn’t. He’s lying.

4. Where are the girls at?
When I go through my hot periods with women, I’ve always got girls around. I’ll be sitting on an idate with one, or walking around town with another. I’ll be lying in the park with a girl eating ice cream, or drinking coffee on a patio cafe. The important thing is I’m not short of female company in these periods. Do you think a guy banging 25 women in 50 days would struggle to snap a few photos or video snippets of himself with girls? Remember to whittle down to 25 actual lays, he’d need to date at least double that amount. So out of those 50 girls he can’t muster up evidence?

Imagine you were so charming and likeable that you were able to deflower three teenage virgins in rapid succession. These are girls who have so far gone their whole lives not giving it up to a man. But you’re so goddamn special to them that they think: ‘this is it, this is the guy I want to lose my virginity to”. Imagine the positive feelings you must’ve created in her. The strength of the attraction. The depth of the rapport. Her willingness to give so much of her time, emotion and body to you.

Are you telling me those girls won’t want to take some pictures with you? That they won’t let you snap off video footage of you walking through the park together? You’re so special that she let you deflower her but not special enough that she wants a photo with the man who made her a woman. For contrast, look at this video of me below hanging out with a girl. If you’re banging a ton of girls, you can easily provide evidence. Not just evidence that you fuck ’em (which can easily be bought from a prostitute, like in the SDL videos) but evidence in their body language and manner that they really like you and gave it up for free.

Scammers don’t have that. They have badly-acted SDL sex videos, heavily-edited “hanging out” videos, and the girls don’t seem at all interested in the scammer – it’s almost like they are just there for the money!

5. Nobody will vouch for them
What is the single best way to develop credibility in a small scene? You seek out the opinion influencers, befriend them, and show them your skills. Those guys will then say, when asked, “oh yeah, he’s good”. This works in PUA just as it does in music or art. You build a rep by having people notice you, watch you, and vouch for you. I’ve seen guys like Eddie, Richard, Jimmy, Tomas*** etc. They’ve seen me. When asked we can say some variation of “I’ve seen him in action plenty with my own eyes and he’s for real”.

It doesn’t even need to be an “influencer”. In Europe there are a limited number of popular Euro Jaunt daygame cities and literally every time I travel I’m recognised and approached multiple times by active or beginner daygamers. Presumeably even more guys see me but I don’t know I’m being watched. They see me approach, they see the results, and frequently they see me on dates with girls. Some of them have been with me and watched me get SDLs in front of their eyes (e.g. I’ve been out with local guys in both Warsaw and Prague and got two SDLs in front of each of them). Often I let a guy tag along with me after being introduced and he sees me in action. Some of them become proper friends and travel buddies.

The point isn’t that I’m legit. The point is that nearly every legit daygamer in Europe has the same experience. It’s a small community and we all know each other either directly or through only one degree of separation. We talk. Back when Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez were coming under scrutiny I couldn’t find anyone to vouch for them. I can’t find anyone to vouch for Deepak Wayne now. Not a single person [8][9]

I could continue with more red flags but this ought to get you thinking. So, next time a charmless retard rants to his iphone and posts it on YouTube about all the hot snatch he claims to bang, do a mental run-through of this list. You don’t need wait for the smoking gun of getting caught red-handed hiring actresses.

"For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price"

“For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price”

[1] – I think my blog and Twitter audiences only slightly overlap.
[2] – He lived in India for thirty years, speaks like the grandad who owns the Indian corner shop by my brother’s house, yet told Stefan Molyneux that he’s German in this hilarious interview. Bear in mind a guy with such weak frame, weaselly hypocrisy, and inability to make a point is allegedly smashing it with hot women. He’s also whining about why white women WON’T fuck him.
[3] – Thanks to a reader for sending me the links to the RVF forum post discussing him (I couldn’t search it because Roosh banned me) and the story of him being jailed for grand larceny.
[4] – I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time despite my gut feel thinking them fake. When they were given an opportunity to defend against specific claims on a specific video, they declined and just posted an evasive “we’ll release a statement later”-type comment.
[5]- I’ve posted my thoughts on this incident here. The TL:DR is that Tom has real daygame skills but sometimes lacks integrity.
[6] – Though I overruled that gut instinct in the past and gave him tacit acceptance because there was no smoking gun evidence of fakery until almost a year later. When your blog has as big an impact in the daygame scene as mine, you have to be careful calling someone out in case you’re wrong and damage the rep of someone who doesn’t deserve it.
[7] – Unless he’s doing it purely on looks, which doesn’t describe many daygamers.
[8] – Anonymous students don’t count. I mean someone who is actually verified in-person by me or another daygamer who I trust.
[9] – I’m also rather disappointed that daygamers who actually have a platform are not calling out such frauds. These people are scamming vulnerable men and damaging the reputation of the real daygame community. It supports my contention that most daygamers are actually rabbits – they hide behind their mum’s skirts and hope someone else will deal with the problem

* Well, Pakistani men in Rotherham might rape 25 white girls in 50 days but it’s not the same thing.

** I should stress that “fake” includes shifty editing then claiming a result which didn’t happen, e.g. a bounceback that ended in unbeatable LMR but claiming it as a lay. Fake doesn’t just mean scripted with actresses.

*** The Polish one. Though my mate from Wales is quite good too.

**** Steve Jabba is suitably impressed by Deepak’s claim to bang FIVE Kiev girls in one day on THREE SEPARATE OCCASSIONS. So impressed is Steve that he’s flying to Kiev to ask Deepak to show his miracle skills on video. Deepak declined the offer and ‘clarified’ the claim to be five girls in three days.

If you thought this post explained how to spot bad daygame, you might like my book. That tells you how to do it right.

How To Ping A Lead

August 25, 2016

Let’s do a quick round-up of some gambits to use when girls are placed in a holding pattern and logistics don’t allow you to push for a first / another date yet – for example, you aren’t visiting her city for another month or two. Bear in mind these are NOT your Feeler Texts (first message after taking number). They all assume you already have some back-and-forth going on.

#1 – Photo Ping
The bread and butter is to send photo pings. Usually they’ll be the first thing you send that day because they are your way of initiating a short contact that keeps the connection between you both and keeps you in her awareness. They allow you to add far more colour than just messaging “hey, whassup” or doing those cheesy PUA “recovery” texts about how you’re getting divorced and want to keep the dog.

The basic photo ping is the Window On My World. Send her a photo that represents what you’re doing, or thinking, or something you saw that caught your interest. Found the photo? Okay, now STOP! Do not immediately send it.


How can I build a mini-mythology or drama around this image? How can I make this photo of a teddy bear next to a cheeseburger interesting? I saw two dogs get their leashes tangled up and fall over, how can I make that a funnier mental image?

You never simply take a picture of your coffee or steak and say “I’m eating steak and drinking coffee”. That’s just step one. Step two is to dress it up and make it larger than life. Make the photo composition interesting and add something – “I’m eating the world’s juiciest steak. I might sell my house and buy a ranch in Argentina. I’ll make a great cowboy”

Here are some pings with the same girl. You’ll find that once you start sending them, it trains her to start finding her own photo pings to send you, as you see here.

Ping Pics 1

#2 – She sends you a photo
Any time a girl sends a photo of herself looking pretty it’s an excellent sign – she wants you to think of her as a sexual being. How you respond depends entirely on where you are in the set with her. The general rule is you use the primary energy in the set as it’s been so far:

– If she was bantering hard in the street, banter her in the photo response.
– If she was shy and demure, tease her softly then say something nice.
– If she was highly sexual, focus on the sex (or completely ignore the sexual aspect of the photo and comment on something mundane within the shot)

Here’s an example of a shy demure girl, quite likely a virgin. In these cases I always ask myself “which cute fluffy animal does she remind me of?” then I search Google Images for it. As a quick guide: Big dark eyes means raccoon. Full round cheeks means hamster. Visible front teeth and smile means squirrel. Narrowed eyes means cat. Long legs means flamingo.

Ping Pics 2

#3 – Surrealism
Once in a while it’s funny to go all Salvador Dali on her and give her a pattern-break. This works especially well if you’ve had a date already and been texting a while and thus she has greater understanding of your character from which to interpret the surrealism as an exaggeration thereof. In my examples the first girl had previously teased me that I only ever drink Costa coffee. I always accuse the second girl of tanning like a gypsy.

The key to surrealism is to find an odd arresting image and spinning off from it with a story. Play up the self-absorption so it functions like a Parody Narcissist who is only dimly self-aware.

Ping Pics 3

#4 – Truculent Cad
Sometimes I like to just be disagreeable with a girl while overly-stating how awesome I think I am. Again it’s all tongue-in-cheek and it draws it’s fun from being uncalled for and gratuitous.

Ping Pics 4

If you thought this post showed interesting ways to message girls, you should see my book. It’s got 180 pages all about messaging.

Text Game Clinic – Georgian Catwalk Model

August 24, 2016

Right then dickheads [1] let’s have ourselves a little gander at a recent Facebook message exchange I had while in Moscow. This was a Georgian/Russian girl I met in Gorky Park during a blisteringly hot Saturday afternoon. She was with her friend who couldn’t speak English and both were a bit too cool for school. As I walked off it felt like a weak close so I treated it as such in the ensuing messages – the most important goal was to build early attraction to get a proper hook point. So I took a few risks.  [right-click and “open image in new tab” if you have trouble reading the text]

Textgame 1

Section 1 is straight out attraction + mythology. I bait the hook with an unconventional opener that almost forces her to either (i) agree she’s trouble (ii) deny she’s trouble or (iii) ask why she’s trouble. Any one of those three answers gives me a launchpad into a mini-routine and there’s a 90% chance she’ll pick one of the three. My fourth sentence was a direct prod at her because her profile at the time was a modelling picture wearing a hat and she’s a very tall girl – I want this sexual from the off, so I mention long legs. My final message in this section is a visually evocative mythology to her. So, five sentences and job done. This was the make-or-break section of the entire chat and it worked. She’s hooked. Time to get a little normal.

Section 2 is drawing her out in rapport to tell me about herself. Usually I’ll look for a segueway into dropping a DHV – in this case having lived in Japan. I’m not teasing her because that’s too much clowning after such an irreverant start. Instead I bed it down a bit, lower the energy, and set up the next spike….

Section 3 is playfully prodding her again. I like to set up all FSU girls as some kind of KGB spies, vodka drinking thugs, or forest-dwelling snipers. Any time a girl explains she comes from a specific region, I’ll recast it as a peasant village. Google Images is good for that – just search “[her region] traditional costume” or “[her region] peasant village”. Her reaction to to qualify herself – “I do sometimes modelling” which translates as “I do something cool, I want you to be impressed”. Note how much of my concern is to manage the energy of the chat, creating peaks and troughs as if it’s music.

Textgame 2a

Anytime a girl sends you pictures of herself looking pretty or sexy, she’s trying to get you to think of her as a sexual prospect*. That doesn’t mean she actually wants to fuck, just that she wants to be seen in that way. It’s approval-seeking. When working Attraction, your response is to frustrate her expectations and to withhold that approval [2] as I do in Section 4. We’ve come a long way in a short time, from a girl who seemed fairly disinterested in me initially.

This all works to trigger Section 5 which is her now displaying an interest in me – the meta-level is that it’s “soooooo, tell me about you….. oh, cool!”. I take the opportunity to DHV and present my archetype as a talented but uncontrollable wanderer. Keen students of Mystery Method will spot that we have gotten to the end of phase A2 and midway into A3. I’ve demonstrated value, it’s hooked her in, and she’s begun to qualify herself and IOI me. I just haven’t yet IOId her back. I finish on an attraction spike and roll off. Job done for now. It doesn’t feel like she’s fishing for a date invitation so I don’t want to overstay my welcome and appear too available.

It seems many people misunderstand the point of Window On My World pings. You don’t simply tell a girl you’re eating ice cream or drinking coffee. You have to dress it up, as I do in Section 6 by self-aggrandizing my effect on Moscow’s harmony. Naturally that draws a smile.


Textgame 3

Section 7 seems trivial but just pause and consider the mechanics. I don’t respond “I’m drinking coffee too” or something equally gay and agreeable. I pick up on something so minor and still twist it into a chance to prod and challenge her. I also employ some minor comic timing with my countdown. Girls like it when you can make the mundane spectacular because in microcosm that’s what you’re doing with her boring mundane life. After that I let some more low-energy rapport prattle on so I don’t look too fizzy or clownish, then I give her mild IOIs in liking her job. Attraction material is fun and addictive but you must still bed things down and show her you’re capable of normal social interaction.

Finally I think i should try to get her onto a date so I make an ask in Section 8. She gives what is either a mild refusal or a genuine “don’t know”. I suspect the former so I decide to roll off behind a tease. My rationale is she doesn’t feel sufficiently hooked and I’ve worked hard to get this frame. Savvy giraffes like her can sniff out thirst from miles away. I don’t know if this was the right decision. That said, ask yourself this: who is driving the conversation, and who is happily letting themselves get driven along?

Textgame 4

Now I need to rebuild before the next date invite so Section 9 is a standard ping and follow-up. She’s showing enthusiasm in her messages and the speed of replying, so I figure I can build momentum quickly and soon move into another attraction spike in Section 10. If she’d been tardy or boring I’d have cut it short without Section 10 and rolled off another day. The key learning point of this section is how I build it out of absolutely nothing, I just go off and create a mini-drama. I’d started to feel like light-hearted truculence would fit well so Section 11 does that. It’s all about self-aggrandizing myself rather than teasing her. I want to show that I’m confident and creative but don’t take myself too seriously. Comparing myself to both a lion and a cute dog demonstrates this.

Textgame 5

She responds positively and pulls me into rapport, then again sends me a completely gratuitous photo of her looking pretty in Section 12. I go with the rapport. She soon told me she was going on holiday and thus bad logistics intervened and she gets parked onto Long Game until my next trip. So there we have it, an example of how text game can pull in a Weak Maybe of a top-tier girl so long as you’re patient, understand female psychology, and get a little bit of good luck [3]. Will I fuck her? I’ve no idea – I’ll try ramping it up again when I’m back in her town.

[1] Esteemed readers.
[2] When running rapport, you give the expected (and sometimes unexpected) approval. Comfort requires meeting expectations so as not to agitate the amygdala.

[3] Or you could wear a pocket square, hit on trolls way below your own looks, then use absolutely laughable text “game” to filter for pure Yes girls

* And I have to re-upload a redacted image blacking her out because now I’m reminded that people can reverse image search the fucking thing. This is why we can’t have nice things.

If you thought this post patiently walked you through the art of seducing Soviet girls so you learned a lot about how to do it yourself, you should see my book. That’s the whole point of it. Then again, you could just wait until all the PUA clowns rip off this material, rename my tactics as their own, then pretend I don’t exist.

Fast Lays and Cluster B Disorder

August 15, 2016

I talk a lot about blowing the Love Bubble with girls, that fantastic cocoon only you and the girl inhabit. While the world whizzes by at high speed outside, for the man and woman inside the Love Bubble time stands still. Every flutter of an eyelash or faintly disguised smirk is noted. The air crackles with electricity. You could say there is chemistry. But what is chemistry? Ricky Raw calls it this:

“Here is what I think chemistry is. Some people think we get attracted to partners who represent our opposite-sex parent. Women supposedly marry their fathers and men supposedly marry their mothers. This is not necessarily true. In relationships, we feel intense chemistry with partners who remind us of aspects of our parents we have the most unresolved, open issues with. And in relationships, we become those aspects of our parents we most identified with.

Uh-oh, that sounds rather pathological. Hmmmmm. Let’s get this straight – we feel intense chemistry with girls (and vice versa) who in some way model the problems we have with our own parents? So for example if her father tended to be grudging in his approval and hard to please, that sweet girl standing in front of you may also feel intense chemistry if she senses you are grudging in approval and hard to please.

Ricky explains that chemistry isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather that it amplifies in the direction your self-esteem is pointed. Consider it like hallucinogenic drugs – people with solid self-esteem have fantastic trips whereas broken people have nightmare trips.

“When someone with a healthy emotional core feels chemistry, it’s often a good sign. When someone with profoundly damaged core damage feels chemistry, it’s usually a danger sign”

Ricky goes on to quote from the book Emotional Vampires by Albert Bernstein (not the boxing commentator). Al calls chemistry “hypnosis” and compares it to the Cluster B emotional vampire casting a spell over his victim in order to suck him/her dry. Lets look at the tells that someone is a victim:

"And now over to you, Al...."

“And now over to you, Al….”

1. Deviating from standard procedure.

“If you ever find yourself veering sharply from your usual way of doing things, especially in response to a person you don’t know very well, stop right then and ask yourself why. Listen very closely to your answer.”

Let’s take an example of this from a girl’s point of view. She’s walking down the street thinking about whether to buy those lovely shoes or to go straight home and cook pasta. A charming man jogs alongside her, cuts in a few steps ahead, and then tells her she’s nice, and looks a bit French.

Oh, you! Tee hee!

He invites her for coffee there and then.

“I don’t usually do this but ok, I’ll deviate from standard procedure” she says and walks off to the nearest cafe.

2. Thinking in superlatives

“If you are thinking words like “best,” “most promising,” “perfect” or “most charisma” in relation to a person you barely know, take a step back. This is often happening not because of the person is those things but precisely because the person isn’t those things and is overcompensating in order to be seen as the very things she isn’t. (And as I describe later, narcissists and borderlines are expert overcompensators.)”

She’s sitting in the cafe with this rougish charmer and he regals her with mind-bending stories. He’s travelled the world, he runs his own business, and the strangest things seem to happen to him.

“You are the most interesting man I’ve ever met” she tells him enthusiastically.

3. Instant rapport

“Getting to know and appreciate another person usually involves time and effort. Be careful when rapport seems to be developing too quickly, no matter how good the process feels. Instant understanding is usually the result of someone recognizing how you would really like to be seen and pretending to see you that way.”

They have finished the coffee and are now walking to a bar. She orders a beer, her eyes shining and her head spinning. Thoughts of shoes and pasta are long forgotten. This adventure is so unexpected and so much fun!

“I feel like I’ve known you for years” she exclaims. “It’s so strange!”

4. Seeing the person or situation as special

“Defining an interaction as a special case that doesn’t follow the normal rules is a clear sign that an Emotional Vampire is turning on the predatory charm…[R]emember that vampires excel at getting you to notice them, not what they’re doing. Pay attention!”

“It’s so random we met like this” he tells her. “It’s so anonymous, just walking down the street. Nobody even knows we met. It’s like anything we do or tell each other is one big secret. It’s only when you’re anonymous that you’re truly free. This is a unique situation.”

5. Lack of concern with objective information

“Your two most important sources of objective information about another person are the details of that person’s history and the opinions of other people. If for some reason you find yourself avoiding those sources, or thinking that they don’t apply, watch out.”

“I know so little about you” she says.

“It’s crazy isn’t it” he agrees. “We met two hours ago and yet here we are in my lounge watching dogs do backflips on YouTube.”

“Yeah, yet it feels so natural” she coos.

6. Confusion

“Hazy understanding of the reasons for your own reactions, coupled with unusual certainty, is a pretty clear sign that somebody has been messing with your mind.”

“I feel like my mind has switched off” she says, and giggles nervously. Her loins are warm and she really wants to fuck this guy, but deep down she’s a little troubled by the speed at which things are moving. It seems like days, not hours, since she was shoe shopping.

“We shouldn’t do this” she moans, lying back as he gets his dick out. “Do you have a condom?”

You know what, written like that it would appear that my Same Day Lay model is a manual for a Cluster B emotional vampire to effectively ensnare hot young women and then fuck them.

"French, you say?"

“French, you say?”

If you think that sounds like a great idea, you should see my book. It’s got all of the advice with none of the troubling psychobabble.

Adventure Sex – Reader Reviews

August 12, 2016

I’m delighted to announce the release of my new book Adventure Sex – How To Pick Up The Girls Of The Former Soviet Union. It’s available in paperback now from this Lulu page.

This is the fourth volume in my memoir and my best writing to date. I’ll talk about it more over the coming weeks but let’s hear from a couple of readers. First off here’s Mike, who snapped up a copy on my secret Twitter pre-release a few weeks ago* He gave me lots of unsolicited feedback so I asked him if he’d write a few paragraphs for the blog:

“I found out about Krauser through Eddie from Street Attraction. I got an early copy of Adventure Sex and can say this was the most awe inspiring and lucid book I have read, dealing with a subject that has notoriously confused, and continues to confuse, a majority of people in the world.

You can read theory, keep on navigating your own thoughts and emotions going over “what if’s”… but will that put you in the trenches? Will that get you hordes of women wanting you in their life, telling you openly that they like you and fucking you? Hardly. But Krauser has those hordes doing that and is in those trenches. What Krauser did here is let you borrow his brain through numerous lays, numerous “what if” scenarios… except the difference here is it’s real… no untested theories here. He shows you the battle scars, the fatigue and the glory… even explaining it using evolutionary biology as a guiding reference.

With this book you feel like you’re reading a spy novel full of intrigue and tagging along as an observer. Best of all, the women love him for it. My jaw dropped often, damned myself for misunderstanding failures in the past when I was actually so close to winning, cringed at what this exposes, laughed often and had my social paradigm rattled. I get it now. How many people want a goldmine but don’t know how to dig and don’t know where the mine is? His book showed me how to dig. In my opinion, in the West there is a stigma about being direct and telling a woman you think she’s attractive… compliments are thought of as weak when delivered incorrectly. I mean did your last compliment get you laid or ignored/brushed off? Bluntly, Krauser tells you how to be a man, the authentic you who wants to be direct, but done with social grace. Without the social grace… without understanding what’s really going on with a seduction… you’ll feel worthless (am I right?) because you are totally ignorant to the subtext of the interaction, the woman can’t feel comfortable with it, and you’ll have missed out on getting the tools you needed as a man.😦

Imagine that woman you like telling you she likes you and really meaning it. Imagine finding out there’s tens of thousands similar to her, always.

Imagine getting the skills embedded into your brain in a way you haven’t experienced yet, that’s going to get you laid with the hottest women in the world… well that part you can’t imagine… but I can! I read the book🙂

I think he liked it. I also asked one of my test readers Brisey to say a few words:

“Volume 4 details Krausers exploits at the near pinnacle of his game. Beginning with origins of his ‘Project Hollywood’ style London den of iniquity with the various RSG characters then transitioning to his quest to bang younger, hotter, tighter girls throughout the FSU.

It’s wonderfully descriptive, hilarious at times and packed full of game advice with some great examples. You can really see the difference in his level compared to Volume 1. He has you at the edge of your seat wondering if he will smash through the last minute resistance of that 18 year old virgin. The are many moments where you think “How the fuck did he pull that off’.”

Adventure Sex is available in paperback now from Lulu here. It’s 516 pages and 160,000 words of carefully crafted daygame glory.

FSU full cover - shrunk

* I like doing stupid shit like that. It was an 18-hour cryptic announcement. I also launched it on my YouTube channel a week ago, just to see if anyone still pays attention to my ramblings.

** I’m interested to hear all reader feedback so those of you who already bought it, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Assertiveness Training

August 5, 2016

There are several socially-inculcated attitudes that are holding you back from developing a powerful Harambe Mindset [1]. They are supported by a web of entangling beliefs and propositions built up over decades. Rather then untangle their sources, let’s just cut straight to the chase – what is their effect on you, the wannabe seducer of YHT girls?

  1. You should consider the opinions of others.
  2. You should accept your station in life.
  3. You should follow the reigning moral code.

When reading them out like that it’s easy to say “hell, no! I will do my thing. I’m a free man” but the whole reason mind control is powerful is because the most powerful determinants are subtle. The world is constantly attacking your frame. This is why: Everything in the world is a struggle for resources.

The best way to win the struggle is to make other people do all the hard work for you.

Mindset, yesterday

Mindset, yesterday

Literally every living organism is fighting for those resources and every one of them has developed tricks to get there. That’s why they still exist – the failing strategies were removed from the DNA pool. Nothing is benign and nothing is innocent – even dolphins gang-rape seals. Flowers reach for sunlight and induce bees to do the legwork [2] of spreading their pollen. Fleas attach to the hide of farm animals to suck their blood. Predators hunt prey. Nature is red in tooth and claw. Here is a general rule I use to look at the world:

Any time there is value, attackers descend upon it.

Let’s just think of this in ever-escalating scale:

  • Put nutrients in a petri dish and bacteria will develop.
  • Shit onto the floor and flies will swarm.
  • Put food on the table and the cat will wait for its moment to leap.
  • Put gold in the bank and robbers will blow the safe.
  • Post a glowing fact sheet on a Pussy Paradise and the PUA army shows up in town.
  • Build a peaceful civilisation and third world savages will invade.

This is the way of the world – any place there is value, there will be a swarm of attackers. You – as an able-bodied male of working and fighting age – have value too. Girls see you as a source of money, attention, security and (hopefully) DNA. Employers see you as a source of labour. The government sees you as a source of taxation [3]. You have value and people are coming for it. Most of us, as K-selects, are quite wise to overt physical and logistical forms of attack on our value. That’s why the r-selected attackers will blindside you by underhand methods. The main method is a moral entreaty followed by gas-lighting [4]

There’s nothing an r-select likes more than watching someone else stockpile value, then swooping in and bullshitting them out of it.

Moral entreaties are any kind of statement that follows the structure of “you should behave more like [x] because of nebulous ethical reason [y]”. Examples would be:

  • “You should pay the check for dinner because you’re a gentleman” [5]
  • “You should limit your carbon footprint because it’s better for the environment”
  • “You should support unlimited mass migration to white countries because diversity”
  • “You should get married and buy a house, because that’s what real men do”
  • “You should date a woman your own age because that’s normal”

It’s pretty clear that each statement is an attempt to get you to surrender your value (or claim to value) so that someone else can take it for themselves. In order: the woman wants your money, the environmentalist wants you shamed into low consumption, the 3rd world savages want your country, the parents want a legacy, and the scold wants you to ignore the hotties and date her haggard old ass [6]. It’s an effective trick because it engages and subverts our hard-coded inclination to support social trust and to live according to a system of moral values. The problem is it is subverting it.

Moral codes are really only one of two things. Either:

  1. A way to bullshit you out of your value (as above), or
  2. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours [7]
A back I'd scratch, without needing an entreaty

A back I’d scratch, without needing an entreaty

R-selects are highly devious people and they will shamelessly hijack your own human goodness in order to shackle you with it while they loot your safe and rape your wife. Defending yourself against it is simple: any time your hear the word “should”, ask yourself what part of my value they are trying to steal? If obeying their moral entreaty would result in a transfer of value (present or anticipated) from you / your allies to them / their allies, then you know they are attempting to defraud you. So treat them like the dirty thieves they are.

Any successful moral entreaty / robbery is swiftly followed by a gas-lighting in order to persuade the victim that no robbery occurred.

Gas-lighting: “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.”

Gas-lighting is best explained via the old-time idiom: “don’t piss on my back and then tell me it’s raining” or “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. The fraudster will expressly tell you that what you are seeing is not really what you’re seeing, and if they can engage external supports for their view you may begin to doubt your own lying eyes. This is especially effective if the moral entreaty is part of the reigning orthodoxy, supported by the media and academia, and if it takes place over an extended period of time.

For daygame purposes, we’ll just stick to gas-lighting from the feminist orthodoxy rather than talk about political and racial gas-lighting.

The way to resist gas-lighting is two-fold: (i) having recognised the statements are coming from someone engaged in robbing you, you are forewarned and forearmed against believing anything they tell you, (ii) just trust your own eyes and gut instinct. Never believe a logical or emotive argument if it sets your gut instinct churning. Even if you can’t explicate why, trust your instinct. The world really isn’t very complicated. Our entire minds and instincts have been honed over millions of years to see it clearly enough to reach our survival and replications goals [8]. So if someone is presenting you with convoluted logic, the jist of which is “your gut instinct is wrong, do it my way” then it’s a safe bet they are gas-lighting you.

So let’s get back to the original three stumbling blocks in your inner game that prevent you being more assertive. Other people’s opinions don’t matter at all. Most of the opinions they offer are either irrelevant to you or else an attempt to rob you of value. Most people you think may have an opinion of you (e.g. those men sitting at the cafe watching you open the hottie) will more likely have a favourable opinon (“I wish I had the balls to open her”) or just not much care (“what’s the latest footie score?”). So long as you accept your station in life, I get to clack the hotties while you follow that reigning moral code of being a gentleman, treating girls with “respect” [9].

The Harambe Mindset requires you to put your own interests front and centre. Without helping yourself first you can’t help your people. It requires you to see the world with your own eyes and trust the information they receive. It also requires you to recognise that most of the people telling you that you should do this or shouldn’t do that are really just freeloading r-selects attempting to bullshit you out of your value.

[1] heh!
[2] wingwork, really
[3] and if you’re straight and white, someone to troll and to pin the blame for the world’s problems onto.
[4] If you doubt it’s effectiveness, consider how this strategy has brought the greatest civilisations to their knees in just sixty years.
[5] in this case, the nebulous ethical reason is tacit, not stated

[6] I hear dating haggard old cows is more normal in Belgium
[7] Literally in the case of “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” and in the famous Tit-for-tat cooperational experiments. Much of human morality is about agreeing to exchange favours and to agree to mutual non-aggression.
[8] So no, I don’t agree with Scott Adams’ “nothing is real” theory. There’s a world of difference between the statements the world is not real, or the world is inexplicable, and we are unable to explicate the world.
[9] “respect” is just a chode’s way of reframing his own fear and exporting it onto you.

If you thought this post was eerily similar to another great blogger in a self-aware manner, you should see my book. It’s completely unrelated.

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