BlackDragon is a pathetic delusional cuck

February 21, 2019

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I’ll pass, thanks

I promised myself that this year I would resist the temptation to play PUA Police. The world is so full of bullshitters and charlatans that exposing them is like a game of whack-a-mole. A wannabe seducer needs to develop his own nose for fakes, a calibration skill that will serve him well when dealing with women. Think about it: if you can’t spot an incompetent fraud like JMULV, how likely are you to penetrate the layer of subterfuge that covers female interactions with men?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how many men will take a fraud seriously just because the guy has a blog / book / YouTube channel. Their reasoning seems to be, “this guy is a legitimate expert whose advice I ought to follow, because he says on his own marketing platform that he is.” Pick-up adversely selects for men who are naive, unable to read social cues, easily hoodwinked, and who over-rate book learning. Write a blog, hawk an ebook, and get some credulous seminar booker or podcaster to talk about you…. that’s it. You can now sell memberships to a Superior Man Inner Circle.

You people really need to learn to evaluate the evidence presented. Just because a random man on the internet tells you he’s an Alpha Male doesn’t make it so. Does he have an Instagram that is all bluff, showing a lonely wandering existence with no friends, no girls, and no visible success (e.g. Christian Macqueen, Troy Francis)? Perhaps you should prioritise the evidence of your eyes over his claims to be a social circle whizz or lone wolf sigma. Does his Instagram show him with lots of obvious hookers that he claims are notches (e.g. JMULV)? Does he talk like a double glazing salesman, full of glib evasion and clumsy Cialdini-like persuasion and his life seems locked into a squalid circle of messy apartments and fruity short-term ‘friends’ (e.g. Beckster)?

It’s not hard. Trust your nose. If someone looks, talks and quacks like a fruitcake, he’s probably a fruitcake.

I love Donald J. Trump and I’d love to see him Make America Great Again. We can start with the USA’s pick-up community because it’s undoubtedly the worst in the world. Perhaps because it’s the biggest market and thus attracts the most scammers. Perhaps it’s because Americans tend to be a trusting bunch. Perhaps it’s because America uses 80% of the world’s prescription drugs and therefore roiding up till you are red in the face and shoving nootropics down your gullet doesn’t strike you as very odd behaviour indeed for a man of high self-esteem. I don’t know what the cause is, but America is positively rife with bullshitting PUAs.

The funniest of these is BlackDragon. And oh my god, is he funny.

I read BD a while ago and immediately smelled a rat. By his own admission he’s an unattractive middle-aged man living in the Portland area who gets laid mostly from online dating sites. Just stop and think about that. If that one-sentence description didn’t immediately set alarm bells ringing, you are clueless.

Portland is SJW-central. It’s an absolute hell-hole of unattractive women. It’s not Prague, or Belgrade, or Moscow. It’s one of the ugliest cities in a country full of ugly women. Now add in the fact BD is not using high-level daygame. He’s using online dating which, as every man who cold approaches will attest, always leads to a drop of a point or two (minimum) from cold approach. Take it further: BD is an older gent chasing younger women, and thus aiming very high. Lastly, he’s admitted to being physically unattractive – while searching for women in a format where age or photos are the most important criteria in passing the first filter for hook point.

BlackDragon would need exceptional charisma to surmount these odds. There’s your first red flag.


It’s not his looks or physique is it?

The second red flag was how he constantly positioned himself as an Alpha Male and then directs you to either self-referential blogposts (i.e. circular sourcing, which doesn’t increase credibility) or to products with buzzword titles and taglines. That carries the unmistakable whiff of the online bullshit artist attempting to dip his hands in the pocket of a newbie before he learns the lay of the land.

The third red flag were BlackDragon’s preposterous claims about MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships, i.e. open) and monogamy. Not only that, but about raising children in such an environment. Even if you took him at his word (which I don’t) BD was advocating raising children in an environment where his dad is openly sleeping with women who aren’t his mother, where his father has openly rejected monogamy and love of his mother, and where mummy is sleeping around like a worthless whore too. That’s child abuse. It’s spectacularly tone-deaf and egocentric. I’ll tell you something right now: the only men who obsess over “harems”, “rotations”, and “MLTRs” are men who either don’t have them, or are flush with the excitement of recently getting that kind of action. It’s an ego-driven goal and the thrill wears off very quickly. That BD is constantly puffing his chest out about it is a huge red flag that his reality isn’t very impressive at all.

Then, of course, we get to the absence of evidence. Having, according to his marketing spiel, lived the Alpha Male Lifestyle for six years sleeping with Ultra Very Young Women it would be reasonable to suppose he’d have a ton of evidence to prove it. I mean, if you’ve persuaded UVYW to sleep with you in MLTRs and you’re an Alpha Male, then persuading them to let you post evidence about it shouldn’t be too hard. Every legitimate PUA finds a way to do so.

From 2014 onward I made very little effort to continue proving my bona fides but you can still find plenty of infields, Same Day Lay videos, and pictures of me with hot girls. You can bump into me on the streets, or interrogate active daygamers who’ve winged or travelled with me. It’s really not hard to prove your bona fides if you actually have game.

Anyway. All those preceding paragraphs explain why I very quickly dismissed BlackDragon as just another basement-dwelling bullshitter. It took about half an hour and skimming through a dozen blogposts of his. I left it at that. The reason I return to the subject is my faithful commentors have done far more research and fleshed out just how delusional and full of shit BlackDragon really is.

And oh my God is it comically funny. Let’s start with the best one.

Please read this post. I beg you to. It’s cringe on a level beyond Ricky Gervais or Mr Bean. Here’s the summary: Black Dragon married an ageing mudshark who was hitting the wall and brought along her bastard offspring of a deadbeat negro wanderer. I didn’t make that up or infer it. Those are the literal facts contained within his own blogpost. If my friends like Roy Walker or Mr White had SDL’d such a skank outside Palladium mall at midnight I’d have never let them live it down. BlackDragon wifed her up for ten years and adopted the mystery-meat son as his own.

“Fortunately, my son’s bio-dad is a loser whom he doesn’t even remember, and was living in another state when we got married, so it was game on. She was a white blonde Barbie, and her son was a fun half-black half-white hyper kid. She became my wife, he became my son.”

He literally cucked. Rollo has great posts on this kind of self-abasement. Read through them to get a feel for just how craven and weak a man must be to knowingly put himself into that position. His kid has wisely rejected the squalid ego-driven hooker-shagging of his dad. Probably because this kind of thing kept happening:

“My rule with my kids in terms of the women I see is that none of my women are allowed to have access to my kids in any way whatsoever unless the woman has proven to me that she’s going to stick around for a very long time. As you might imagine, very few women ever get that far, so the vast majority of the women I sleep with never, ever meet my kids, even in passing.

Of course life isn’t perfect, so there have been occasions where the schedule gets fucked up and my daughter might see a woman quickly leaving the house or something. I do admit that’s happened before, but not often.”

Poor kid.

But there’s more! Read this one.

Now he’s admitting that he uses hookers, while desperately trying to convince himself that it’s not whoremongering and that these women he pays for sex are not like those other women that other men pay for sex. He calls it “sugar daddy game” – yes, game. Paying women to sleep with you is game now. Like every other delusional whoremonger he spends considerable time convincing himself the women genuinely like him and he’s not just a pathetic loser.

Look, how much more evidence do you need? If it’s not enough that he married a skank six years older than him, got knowingly cucked with her son, and has to pay to have sex, what more do you need to convince you he has no game and isn’t any kind of role model to pattern your life on? He is like a posterboy for Rollo’s archetypal victim of femcentrism.

At least his women aren’t openly cucking him by letting other men bang them out. Oh wait, what’s this?

“Fortunately, since I’m an Alpha Male 2.0 and outcome independent…” he says. Oh, my sides! Wait, it gets even better. Here he is describing the yo-yo knickered slag: “She’s blonde, trim, super hot, and what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women. I’m not going to show you photos at this time so please don’t ask. She’s 37 years old.”

A 37 year old 10. Yes, he actually said that.

Hottest women ever

Tens! I see nothing but tens!

But she’s no doubt sweet and girl and feminine…. “She’s a corporate woman with many years of professional experience. She has an impressive resume and is an extremely hard worker. This is another common trait with women I really like and tend to be attracted to.” If you’re reading this Roissy, please go easy on him! BD is ticking more boxes on Rollo’s checklist of cucked effeminate clueless beta: the inversion of male-female polarity and the valorisation of women’s resumes in the male sphere.

It’s going to hurt my head to continue. Let’s summarise. BlackDragon is an internet alpha. He’s a mouthy deluded low-value cuck who pays for sex, his girlfriend is a busted old shrike who sleeps with other men, and his head is full of all the beta brainwashing Rollo has dedicated his life to undoing. BlackDragon offers no evidence whatsoever that he has game. Obviously. He has constructed a complex front in which he’s really an Alpha Male 2.0, an enlightened modern man with an innovative lifestyle, and a source of learning for a future generation of womanizers.

In short, he’s completely delusional.


Did your wife’s boyfriend give you permission to wear that suit?

“BlackDragon” is a false idealised self for the low-value, pathetic cuck that is Caleb Jones as he tries to convince himself and others that he’s not an ageing shlub shacked up with a skank, pays hookers to pretend to like him, and role-plays “father” to another man’s son.

Really, people? At least JMULV knows he’s full of shit.

If you’ve already given BlackDragon your money then you’re too far gone for my books to be any use to you. But, here’s the link anyway.

Player’s Path – London Seminar on March 2nd

February 15, 2019

It’s been something of an annual custom for me to do two things in winter: release a major new product, and do a London seminar. Though I was tempted to do both an infield video product and a new daygame textbook this year, ultimately…. I just couldn’t be bothered. The memoir is more important to me, so I’m doing that first.

However, I do rather enjoy these seminars. It’s nice to visit my old stomping ground in London. At last year’s Daygame Infinite talk there was a big room full of keen daygamers and I got properly steaming drunk right after. Happy times.

So, imagine my pleasure when Eddie Hitchens of Street Attraction raised the topic of doing another seminar this year. He was sitting on some infields he and Richard had shot, and also a book he’d been working on. Their fellow coach George had been on a deep dive into the sociology side of Game and the manosphere. The Street Attraction lads had things they wanted the world to see.

As did I.

I’d only recently committed myself to finishing the seven-volume memoir series. Rather than pitch a product at the seminar, I quite fancied the idea of taking a holistic look back at my Player’s Journey, at the themes that emerged as I tackled each volume of the memoir. This would be the first time presenting live where, as far as I was concerned, I was looking back on the Game rather than being intimately involved as an active player. What interesting snippets could I share to men following the same road as myself, men who started later and have yet to see things I’ve grown very familiar with?

Everything is lined up now. The venue is booked. The ticket page is up.

Design jpg 2

Definitely not influenced by Resident Evil 2 or Days Gone logos.

So, if you’d like to hear me rattled on about life as a player, go sign up. Eddie, Richard, and George will also be presenting so you won’t have to suffer my rambling for the whole six hours. More details on the ticket page here.

P.S. In other news, I decided I will coach some residentials this year. Check this page for more details, and there’s a detailed review from a former client here. I’ll post more soon, but I’m accepting enquiries now. I’ll probably limit myself to three clients for 2019.

Millennials Among The Ruins Out Now

January 31, 2019

“Nick, weren’t there four guys taking up your Winter Memoir Challenge?” asked some lad I don’t know in the comments. What fortuitous timing because I had just received the email from one of the four announcing he has pulled the trigger on publishing his first memoir.

So, with Thomas Crown having made a strong statement of intent with his memoir before Christmas, it is the turn of Oswald Kuragin to throw down the gauntlet with Millennials Among The Ruins….


You want squalor? You want Bottom World? You want to see a man mired in a world of alcohol abuse, strip-clubs, and liberal arts student go onto a long journey of Game and self-development? Well, let’s hear how Kuragin describes his memoir:

In this horrific and depressing tale, Ozz presents us with his descent into the dark depths of Edinburgh’s underbelly: the goth subculture, Pick-Up Artistry and long, freezing cold nights of excess and self-indulgence. The Twenty-First Century has never looked bleaker.

I was fortunate to receive the first draft of this last autumn and found it a good solid read. It differs from the usual daygame memoir because though Kuragin is an actual on-the-street-doing-his-sets daygamer, his book is written to cover the full panorama of squalor of which daygame is but a piece. Right from the beginning I was regaled with stories of closet homosexuals running dating skills meet-ups, of drunken strip club addicts, and of insufferably pretentious art-cafe students.

This is a proper 372-page book available now in paperback on Lulu and on Kindle at Amazon. We are lucky to have a new crop of memoirs coming through from a new bunch of writers. Let’s encourage this creative output and reward the writers for giving us another real-life document and another view on the avant-garde lifestyle we all swear allegiance to.


January 2019 Memoir Update

January 20, 2019

I’m more of a writer than a daygamer now. That’s somewhat obvious to those of you masochists who still read my blog in the vain hope I’ll start posting interesting stuff again [1]. This blog began way back in 2009 with the explicit goal of logging my Player’s Journey from stumbling amateur to (hopefully) mPUA.

Am I now an mPUA? I’d like to think so, if such a creature exists.

Now that 2019 rolls around my goal hasn’t really changed. I still want to log my Player’s Journey. Only now I’m looking back on it and I’m really into writing books. So, I’m all about the memoir. Of all my projects, it’s the memoir that is dearest to my heart. It’s the culmination of the whole blog project [2]. It’s only fair I give y’all an update on how that’s going. Take a deep breath, it’s complicated.

My rewrite of volume one (Balls Deep) is done. It’s currently 210k words, massively expanded from the original 130k, and completely rewritten. It might as well be a completely new book. It’s currently “in editing” but that’s held up because my preferred editor is way behind schedule. It was promised before Christmas but all kinds of calamity has occurred [3].

Volumes two, three, and four are all published in nice colour editions on Ingram and available on Amazon and Aero (for US customers only) – and of course here. Those are final versions and will not be rewritten or updated. They are all significantly improved from the B/W versions still on Lulu.

Now is where it gets interesting.

The full Nick Krauser [4] memoir will be SEVEN volumes. Yes, seven. I only decided for sure today. What’s all that about then? Let me explain.

Originally I was happy to close out the memoir with Adventure Sex, ending my story at December 2014. However, I continued to daygame right up until spring of 2018. That’s when I finally decided my Player’s Journey was over. I’m not done with women by any means, but the Euro-Jaunting notch-hunting technique-refining lifestyle I’d followed for many years was over. Knowing there was an end point to the story and I’d already reached it meant something important to me regarding the memoir – I had an end-point to which I could write and it was possible to tell my whole player story.

That got me motivated again. So, I decided to write two further volumes. One to cover 2015/16 (volume 5) and one to cover the rest (2017/18 – volume 6). The latter events being fresher in my mind, I took advantage of that improved recall for detail and wrote Little Brown Sex Machines. I have the completed draft sitting on my hard drive. Roy Walker has already test read it [5]

So, do I finalise Balls Deep Second Edition or Little Brown Sex Machines first?

Neither, sir. Neither!

I decided to write volume five. Just get all the drafts done and edit at my leisure. I began writing ten days ago and just half an hour ago I reached a key milestone: 50k words. One third of the projected total book size. That means volume five is no longer a coulda-shoulda-woulda nebulous concept. It’s a very real book and 1/3 of it is already done.

However, it’s now clear that it’ll take all 150k words to cover the many stories and shenanigans of 2015 alone. It’ll take another 150k for the outstanding 2016 period. So now volume five is split into two, making seven in total.

Bored yet?

Allow me to summarise all this nonsense for the few of you still reading:

#1 Balls Deep – second edition draft is completed
#2 A Deplorable Cad – published
#3 Younger Hotter Tighter – published
#4 Adventure Sex – published
#5 Untitled – first draft 1/3 written *current project*
#6 Untitled – nothing. Pie in the sky fantasy as yet
#7 Little Brown Sex Machines – first draft is completed

There will be no volume 8 because I’ve not done anything worth writing about since the period covered by LBSM ends. I intend to keep racing through #5 for the next month or so and – ambitious though the schedule is – to finish the first draft by the end of February. I will then turn my attention to preparing all three books for publication.

Only then will I begin the last leg of this project – volume 6. That’s the plan, anyway. It may all change fast. Writing is a precarious activity.

[1] Mind you, I got an SDL with a hot Russian tourist on my third approach of 2019. So, I’m not quite ready for the knacker’s yard.
[2] Well, that and getting paid.
[3] The draft is safe. It’s his edit work that he contrived to delete somehow. Added to technical and other issues, the whole thing is problematic.
[4] TM
[5] Eventually

Ask Jimmy #7 – A Christmas Tale 3

January 8, 2019

Chapters One and Two

Chapter Three – Ye New Year, New Skirt

The story so far: Krauser asked if I was going to do another ‘Ask Jimmy’ before the end of the year. At the same time I remembered someone had asked for stories of classic Mystery Method night game. In a moment of massive overreaching (my only real weakness) I decided I was going to do a ‘three part yule story’ in which I meet a witch and she teaches me Mystery Method, with references to snow and mulled wine awkwardly shoe-horned in here and there. I regretted this commitment halfway through writing part one (as you have probably guessed by now), but never forget the important part of all this ‘Ask Jimmy’ stuff: Nick buys me a pint for every post I write. So here’s pint three, err I mean, part three (the final part, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear), which is nothing more a thinly veiled re-writing of a dusty old field report about night game from about ten years ago, with some slight adjustments for plot and humour (the actual field report didn’t happen on a new year’s eve, for example). It’s a good field report and to anyone who has done MM style night game, it will be like a walk down memory lane.

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a good 2018 and I hope 2019 brings you more steps forward in terms of health, wealth and skirt. Remember, we’d be bored if it were easy, but we still wish it were.

‘Wow Jimmy, it’s not a decision I could have made myself’, Tiger said solemnly, as he sipped his mulled wine. The train chattered loudly as it made its way to Clapham Junction and five knaves sat together in the centre of the carriage, excitable about the night ahead.


What daygamer wouldn’t balk at this level of complexity in Clapham?

‘I could have handled it lads, but I’d have probably gone for the pie and pint day’, admitted G sadly as he stared at the floor. ‘That’s me being selfish, because I just love the Squid so much. Jimmy you chose the option that suited all of us’.

‘Don’t think a thing of it lads’, Jimmy said smoothly. ‘Don’t get me wrong, I love the Squid as much as the next man. It’s my only real weakness’. He wagged an authoritative finger at the gathered men and continued, ‘but I said to the crone, I said “Crone, there’s a time to be selfless and this is it, so you’d better get this sorted”.

‘We know Jimmy, you’re not the type to throw yourself on the floor and beg’, laughed G admiringly.

Jimmy shuffled uncomfortably in his seat, then gazed out of the window into space. ‘I just felt this is a win for the lot of us. She wasn’t prepared to give it either. She said it was ‘a knowledge too far’, but I stood firm. I told her straight I did. I talked her into it using me charm and here we are’.

Lukasz was still curious about one point and pressed, ‘Why us Jimmy? Why did she choose us?’ he probed.

Jimmy leant his head back slightly, stuck his jaw out and addressed group, ‘I have no idea, I think she said something about ‘the cream of the crop’. I wasn’t listening too much what with the glowing ball and all the magic going on. I don’t know if she meant me, or us. I don’t know if she meant I’m the cream of just the London crop or probably she meant in the whole universe. I can’t answer. But I can say we’re top drawer lads, I’ll tell you that’.

It was a motley crew indeed in those early days, the five of them. Tiger, Lukasz, Alain, G and Jimmy. Tiger was a suave looking Moor from a land far way. Dark of skin, clothed in a fine velvet jacket and silk cravat he certainly looked the part. An aspiring actor, he was charming of manner and a good team player, he had a natural flair for spinning DHV yarns and was well admired the rest of the team. Lukasz was an Easterner, a fashion designer by trade, friendly and eternally optimistic, and again, always interestingly dressed. Where both Lukasz and Tiger had a strong air of the ‘artist’, the other two were completely different. G and Alain were both high earning professionals. G was employed in the finance department of a bank, presented in a very clean cut and respectable way. The same could be said of Alain, who also worked also for banks. Jimmy sat in the middle of the four, literally and figuratively, being professionally employed as a well paid consultant while playing as a minstrel in his four piece zither ensemble.

As the train rolled into Clapham Junction the knaves were in fine spirits. Usually these lads would be the lowest of the low, the cheap cuts of meat, but tonight, with their new found magical powers and a year of pickup experience crammed into their heads… well they were STILL the lowest of the low, but they were confident they could finagle, cheat and misrepresent their way into an unsuspecting maiden’s under garments with their well coordinated wild exaggerations game.

Jimmy was jubilant, ‘who needs real value now we can present ourselves as if we had real value?’

ant hill

Well-honed team

‘We’re a well honed seduction team’, Alain continued as they leapt from the train to the platform at Clapham Junction, ‘It’s all about the team work, every bar has it’s own dynamic and we set the dynamic in our favour early on. It’s half the battle, the rest is just a matter of flickin’ a few switches. As long as we don’t stand on each other’s toes and we all get a fair bite at the apples, we can usually pull something out. We’re highly calibrated and expertly socially aware’.

Five abreast and holding up 100 angry passengers behind them, they strutted their way along platform six and out into the street. Snow caked the ground and the cold bit into their lips and fingers. Someone on the corner was eating a mince pie. The cold had emptied the streets and filled the taverns. Each tavern like an island of festive energy, warmth and mulled wine, a refuge from the seasonal elements. Occasionally the doors opened and revellers inside would spill into the street, bringing with them a blast of warm air and seasonal melody from the celebrations inside. Mulled wine was being sold. People were eating mince pies.

The knaves now knew that finding a decent tavern was the first challenge to ye olde night game. You need an environment with enough people and traffic for the opportunity to mingle. It needs enough people to host enough suitable maidens for five hapless lads, but it can’t be so loud as to make conversation too difficult. It should also have a good balance of seating and standing areas, for you need the standing areas to be mobile and move easily around groups, but the seated areas are necessary for retreating to later on for a more intimate opportunity for conversation. It’s not just hit and hope all this bar game. The seasoned and sophisticated seducer knows well these crucial elements that play their part in a fertile night game environment.

Passing one tavern, a door suddenly flung open and as a group of drunken girls exited, staggering and giggling, they gave the merry men a glimpse of what lay inside.

‘This place is perfect’, Jimmy yelped. ‘It’s got drunk skirt and still got its ornamental reindeer up’.

‘Then the night is ours’, cheered Tiger. ‘Let’s go to work’.

Kensington's The Churchill Arms Lights Up For Christmas


Tiger bounded inside as the rest of the crew bustled down the steps behind him. It turned out they had chosen a ‘country inn’ style tavern, a warm place with lots of space to move around and perfectly low level music. There was even a log fire still adorned with holly and ivy, but now New Year’s banners also hung from the ceiling. The knaves had chosen expertly well.

Upon his entrance Jimmy saw a maiden indeed fair. Tall and slim, dark hair, pretty features, tight fitting dark blue jeans and a quality looking tan leather jacket. She sat at the bar talking to a chubby lad and close by them was a seated cluster of men and women who could possibly have been part of their group.

‘That right there’, said Jimmy, ‘is a tidy bit of crumpet. If she’s not an 8, and she’s not, then she’s not far off and she’ll be an 8 when I write the field report. A properly turned out piece of cherry tart and no mistake. I bet she’s got all her own teeth! I don’t care what you do, but that’s my target lads’.

Tiger placed his hand on his shoulder. ‘You know the rules Jimmy’, he reminded. ‘If you can get us into any set; you have your pick of the skirt in that set and we’ll help you if we can. Until then, everything is open. It’s the same for everyone.’

Alarmed that one of the other knaves might bag his favoured skirt, Jimmy made a bee line for the target; he had his best line ready. ‘Ow pissed are ‘yer? Fancy a fumble in the bogs’, but at the last moment Alain hauled him back.

‘Jimmy, are you forgetting yourself, we have style and sophistication now. Slowly, slowly catch a monkey. Don’t say that thing about a fumble in the bogs for God’s sake. We’re not in the Squid now’.

Jimmy tugged at the lapels on his tunic to compose himself. ‘You’re right Alain, catch a monkey, just testin’ ‘yer. The first thing we need to do is build a bit of a vibe, not look like the kind of scum that shark bars for loose skirt and easy sex. I hate those types. We’ve got look like….’. Jimmy paused looking for the words.

‘Normal, well adjusted men?’, G contributed.

‘Anything but what we actually are?’, Lukasz added.

‘No’, countered Jimmy impatiently, ‘We’ve got to make them think we’re actually attractive. We do that by doing what we’re doing now, not surveying the room for skirt, but all sort of facing each other and having what looks like a good conversation. Let’s spend five minutes setting up a good vibe and give them a chance to notice us’.

Tiger nodded in agreement, ‘While you’re all doing that, I’ll go and see if I can get us some pawns’.

‘Great ides, Tiger’, Jimmy added, his gaze still hanging on his target, ‘Sweet and sour sauce on the side and a bit of spice and garlic on mine’.

Tiger shook his head. ‘A pawn set’, he clarified. He rolled his eyes to the roof, ‘for the central character you aren’t half a buffoon at times, Jimmy’.

‘Yes well, for now, I am the comic relief as well as well as the hero’ Jimmy admitted sadly, ‘according to the crone the comic relief in this crew doesn’t really come until we meet Robusto in 2009’. Jimmy pointed at his watch as if to highlight the hopeless passage of time he was up against. ‘Aye, in 2009, we’ll see world class buffoonery indeed, but until then, it’s me’.

Tiger and Lukasz peeled away. Their grand plan was harder than it sounded but a staple of night game. They intended to separate from the main group and try and pick off some low hanging fruit. A pawn set. This would generally be a group of 2 or 3 averagely pretty girls who are chatty in nature and willing to talk and have fun. They would ideally be an easy enough set to get into that might be glad for the attention, but they have to be hot enough to not be a discredit to the group. Pawns may or may not be up for anything romantic, but for either party it doesn’t matter too much. The worst case scenario is the girls may be milking the players for laughs and validation, but the players are in turn diluting the cock heavy nature of their group. To a casual observer, a group of 5 guys is a group on the hunt, while a group of 5 guys and 3 girls is a fun party. Pulling in a couple of easy pawns early on became a staple routine back in the day. Sometimes the pawns turned out to be alright and a decent consolation prize if you fall short and miss your targets.

With pawns and an improved vibe it can become easier to merge into and open other sets. The choice of the word ‘pawn’ relates to the idea you can trade the girl off, sacrifice her up front to get closer to what you really want later. Consider this example, often guys go out with female friends but want to meet girls themselves. Let’s say there are six flatmates on a night out, three girls and three guys. If a male from adjacent group starts a conversation, the guys may sense an attempt to ‘get one of their women’ and even though they’re not dating the girls, it can get their backs up. Even though they’re not ‘with’ the women, they’re still getting the blunt end of the deal and are less likely to be on your side. However, if the guy approaching is also in a group with girls, then there is a potential trade on the cards. ‘You get to speak to my skirt and I get to speak to yours’. You’re bringing value to the table in a trade, rather than manipulatively trying to take. The guys in the target set probably won’t think it through rationally like this, they’ll just see girls they can meet easily and take the bait. They’re much more likely to be on your side or drop their guard if they think there is something on a plate for them.

As long as there are girls around and you’re having fun and not doing anything to actually lower your value, then you’ll do OK in night game.

With Tiger and Lukasz gone, Jimmy, Alain and G positioned themselves next to the bar, close to a group of four student looking girls. Facing slightly away from the girls and talking amongst themselves, Jimmy’s gang looked like good mates having a good conversation, completely indifferent to who else may or may not be in the bar. In reality, they were looking over each other shoulders and describing to each other the skirt on offer, without having to look like they were scanning the bar for value.

‘Over Jimmy’s left shoulder’, G reported, ‘There’s a three set, but though one is really quite nice girl, the other two are rotters’.

‘I saw them as we came in’, Alain shuddered, ‘it’s an easy in I think. Talk to one of the gargoyles and they’ll rope the fit one in. I see that one Jimmy likes still talking to the guy over by that pumpkin lantern. Ate she’s nice, he’s a fat lad, but… a bit of a lad. I’m not sure what is going on there between them’.

Jimmy was impatient to make his first play. ‘See those fellas at the bar by close by my target set. See he’s got a Leeds United gym bag down by his feet. I’ve been on that game a few times. I’m going to talk to him and his crew. We can build a vibe and see if I can find a casual open on the fat lad’.

harry kewell

Who scores more, Harry or…?

The set Jimmy referred to was a group similar to his own, five males. These guys weren’t out for girls in particular, they were out for drink. They looked like rugby boys. They were slightly boisterous but not unfriendly in any way. Despite it being an all male set, it was a good pick as Jimmy could very likely ingratiate himself with a group that looked ‘dangerous’, but were actually far from it. He could look like the guy who tames the bull. If Tiger and Lukasz turned up with some pawns in the next five minutes, then even better. The rugby lads would love them for that.

One could indeed cut out all this labour and go straight in for a girl, straight off the bat, with whatever value you carry with you. One might get lucky or might not. Alternatively, olde school bar game theorised that you could spend five minutes working an environment and raise the players’ value in everyone’s eyes, not just the targets’. With his value high and a party behind him, a player suddenly finds sets open much easier, or indeed they open him. It’s always possibly that someone else got into a target while a player was working his value up. That’s the trade off I guess. But it rarely happens and other men are easily handled. With a bit of game, after a while, other guys generally cease to be much of a challenge.

Jimmy got close enough to the rugby lads to hear their accents; he leant into the bar, ordered himself a drink and then casually noticed the gym bag.

‘Ere, are you lads from Leeds then?’ he beamed, pointing at the bag, ‘I’ve been ‘yon Elland Road loads of times, they’re a rum bunch all right them Leeds’.

‘He is, that monkey there’, a stocky drunk man with a red face and short dark hair pointed cheerfully at one of his companions. ‘He’s a Northern monkey from Huddersfield’.

‘Keep your eyes on your wallet’, another shouted.

The group laughed raucously and Jimmy stepped away from the bar, moving slightly closer to his target set. He wanted the banter and vibe of his new set to filter into the attention of his target. While the play he saw was that he could somehow bring the fat lad she was talking to into the cacophony, it didn’t really matter what the plan was, or even who the target currently was. All that really mattered was that now there was good energy and Jimmy was at the centre of it. He was having a laugh and he’d been in the bar less than 5 minutes.

The northern monkey looked grateful to have a fellow Northerner and asked Jimmy, ‘Are you from Yorkshire too?’

‘Worse!’, he said, then looking at the others he threw out his punchline, ‘I’m from Burnley’, he looked to the roof and shouted ‘keep your eyes on your wallet’.

That was all it took to set the laughter off. The group accepted Jimmy. G and Alain joined and general banter and discussion broke out between them all. Despite the fun times, the three knew, they never forgot, that they weren’t there for beer and daft talk; they were there for building a vibe and creating opportunities to meet nice girls. They didn’t know who or where yet, they just knew they had a platform cooking.

At that moment, Lukasz and Tiger returned with the four student girls from the aforementioned student set. It was perfect timing as a large group of guys was now blended in with several women. They now looked less like a rugby team and were a large mixed set, not too dissimilar from Jimmy’s target set. Laughing and joking loudly, they were the life and soul of the bar.

There was no real master-plan, no set game afoot. Just five guys with a rough idea of what they wanted and rules that let them know what was expected of them and what they could expect of each other. This was the important part, as it gave them a kind of telepathy. No matter what the conversation seemed to be about, the five all knew what the real state of play was.

1. The student pawns belonged to one of either Tiger or Lukasz. Any interaction with those girls would acknowledge that context.

2. The player (Tiger or Lukasz) may, or may not, want them as targets.

3. Jimmy was likely still trying to find an angle into the brunette and that’s why he’d set up this party set. It gave him no claim on the target set whatsoever, but as he’d done a good job getting the party started, most of the lads would probably give him a few moments leeway to work his way in.

4. The good vibe of the party set was a good springboard for everyone to open other sets now. They were the warm end of the pool in this bar. People were looking at them.

5. Again, until Jimmy actually opened up his target, he had no claim on her. If someone could get in there quicker and better, then good for them. It may be inconsiderate, but not actually against the rules. You couldn’t reserve targets; you had to do something to win them. It’s good for everyone as it spurs you into action.

6. You can rely on your wings to follow the rules, but not any other man.

There’s no need for jealousy in game because every player’s success benefits everyone else in the crew. Tiger and Lukasz pawn set reflected well on Jimmy. In turn, Tiger and Lukasz looked good to their set when they were able to say ‘oh we’re with those crazy guys over there, let’s go and meet them’. You can have the night from hell and go home empty handed while your wing gets the ‘10’. But if you’ve winged him well, that ‘10’ things you’re just as cool as he is, and she has friends. Game is not played just over a bar or even a night. It’s a castle you build brick by brick over months and maybe even years.

At this point chance played a card. Jimmy’s target stood up from her bar stool and took her jacket off, glancing around, she folded it over her arm. The fat man’s arms darted around the corners of the room. Jimmy guessed they were looking for the cloak room. He removed his jacket and walked over smiling.

‘Do you guys know where the cloak-room is?’, he asked.

‘She is looking for it’, said the fat lad. ‘I haven’t got a clue’.

‘Yeah’, Jimmy countered, ‘well I think I saw it on the way in, over there’.

It was as simple as that. Jimmy set off in the direction of the cloakroom and she followed. The door was now open, but crucially, as Jimmy left with the target, he saw G walking over and introducing himself to the fat lad. That is what a good wing does.

  1. Stops the fat lad following, giving the player a chance to work.
  2. Opportunity to befriend and bring all her friends into the group.
  3. Opportunity to DHV the player.

Knowing that when they returned from the cloakroom, the target set would be likely merged with his own; there was less pressure to actively game too his target too much. G had, in that one play, bought Jimmy probably half an hour to work. The five minutes at the cloakroom was neither here nor there. Jimmy used that five minutes to be fun, casual and indifferent to the targets hotness.

‘Pleased to meet you, I’m Jimmy by the way’.

‘I’m Carly’, she beamed.

Jimmy seemed not to hear, ‘The secret to a good New Year’s Eve, in my opinion, is to not try hard. Don’t expect much, just enjoy being with your friends’, he cooed, as if speaking to himself.

‘I agree, we came here because it was the only place we could have a quiet drink’.

Jimmy nodded knowingly, ‘are they all your flatmates then?’ (an obvious variant of ‘so how do you guys know each other’).

‘Some are’, she said. ‘The three girls at the table, we all live in Putney together. The big guy with the dark hair and the white shirt, he is Rod, he’s Claire’s fiance. The rest of them are all Rod’s friends’.

Jimmy imagined the conversation that set this night out up. ‘Hey Rod, see if Claire’s mates want to come out on new years with us. They’re nice looking girls, I wouldn’t mind getting to know them’.

Jimmy presumed there was nothing too serious between the fat boy and Carly, but that he was probably fancying his chances. The last thing he wanted to do too soon was to get anyone’s back up and shut the set down. Best to build value slowly, push those attraction switches and make yourself the favourite under the radar. You don’t need to be talking to a target to be building attraction. All she has to do is overhear or witness your game and attraction will be built. In fact, it can work a bomb if the target is not getting face time with you.

Imagine you’re at a party and there’s a super hot girl you like. Imagine she does a sexy dance. You witness it, but it’s not for you. The fact it’s not for you may doesn’t make it less attractive. It maybe makes it more attractive. You wished it were for you. Being on the outside looking in makes one very hungry. That’s the kind of desire you’re trying to generate in targets. I once got a girl’s number at a private party by never speaking to her. It was on one of Lukasz works night outs. As an experiment, I followed her around all night and spoke loudly enough for hear to hear all my DHV stories. At the end of the night she walked over and gave me her phone number. I dated her for 3 months.

By the time the Jimmy and Carly returned to the main group, a lot of integration had taken place. G had brought the fat boy into a conversation with himself and Alain and the Northern monkey from Leeds was now with Carly’s flatmates. Leeds and the flatmates seemed to be getting along like a house on fire, so the knaves figured why not just let him do the ground work for a while and swoop in later if the mood took them. Everyone was laughing and talking, it was a perfect free for all. The crew had been in the bar probably less than twenty minutes and they’d merged three sets and now had 6 immediate targets. When they came in they knew no one.

Reporting back to Alain, Jimmy motioned his arm, ‘these girls are flatmates. She’s engaged to him and the rest is open play I think. The blokes are all mates of the groom’.

‘Subtle this Jimmy’, Alain smiled. ‘All this was done by being chatty and friendly and nothing more. No-one has hit on anyone yet, no-one has offered to buy any drinks and no-one has signalled they are on the hunt. No openers, no magic tricks. It’s sophisticated and subtle game. I am beginning to think I could actually be a better man in time’.

‘Aye’, said Jimmy. ‘She fancies me that girl. It’s time to ask for that fumble in the bogs’.

‘No!’, exclaimed Alain, pulling him back, then patiently drawing breath, ‘We’re set up here. There’s no need to rush. Just find a girl you like and go over, build a bit of attraction. Demonstrate your admirable values, get her to chase’.

‘Well done Alain, you passed my test. Of course that’s what I intend to do. I’ll demonstrate my admirable values and get old Jimmy chased for a change’.

Jimmy liked the sound of being chased for a change. Why should he do all the hard work all the time? He was a man of high value now. He still lived in a pokey little room in the bad end of town, still slept in an unmade bed on a mattress on the floor, still wore the same clothes he was wearing when he was 17 and for a reason he never fully understood, most days he smelled faintly of cabbage. But all that that was just circumstances. Take it aside and you couldn’t convince him now there was much difference between himself and his hero Cary Grant.

He saw Carly talking to Claire, Tiger and one of the student girls. He made eye contact with Tiger then a few seconds later casually sailed past.

‘Ah, Jimmy’, shouted Tiger, ‘Just the man. Girls, have you met my best mate Jim’, he lowered his voice playfully as if telling a great secret and whispered, ‘one of the best rock and roll singers in London’.

For ten minutes, Jimmy and Tiger bounced off each other, they’d ask the girls questions to find out what interests the girls had, then playfully tease the girls and find ways to tell humorous stories of things they’d done.

‘Ah you like rock climbing. Adventure sports. You’re like the Lara Croft of Clapham, only drunker. Jimmy remember the time we were in Malaga and we went bungee jumping’.

They came across exactly as they actually were, two good friends with a shared history of adventure and, at heart, men of good values. A veneer of bad boy enough to be interesting, but really below that, decent guys who you want to be around because you want to be a part of their next stories. The girls clearly liked them. No longer strangers in a bar, they were shiny new friends with great lives. Carly in turn was not a party girl, she was polite and friendly, she worked as a school teacher and liked to sail boats and paint in her spare time. When she mentioned her artistic aspirations, Jimmy felt it was time to single her out and notice her.

‘That’s very interesting Miss… Carly? You’re an artist. Now tell me, are you a great artist or do you just throw some paper and a soup can on the floor and take a photo?’

She laughed and said, ‘No, I paint and I like to make mosaics out of glass and stone. I do pottery too. I’ve got my own pottery wheel’.

‘That’s good. It’s good for the character to have an artistic streak, makes someone interesting and it gives us something to do on the Sunday when the pubs are shut’.

‘So you play in a band?’, she laughed.

‘It’s not so much a big deal’, Jimmy waved his arm dismissively, ‘you know these guys all really love it and to hear them you’d think we’re the next U2, but we’re just another middle of the road London rock band. To be honest, I’m like you, I’m more than happy with my job. I do well. I think full time rock and roll would be too much fast living for me’.

‘Oh, so what do you do?’

‘I build IT networks for law firms and banks. I don’t do the actual work, I manage a team of engineers. I make sure the work gets done properly. It’s a lot of responsibility, but my boss and I get on really well. I don’t even see it as work really’. Jimmy paused and said, ‘In fact, fuck it, I love it so much, I’m going to to go the office right now’.

He feigned to leave and Carly pulled him back laughing, saying, ‘you talk like a proper Northerner, don’t you’.

At this point the Rod and the fat lad came to join them. It was entirely understandable. Their women were engrossed in conversation with some other men so they had a duty to check it out. Interruptions are a part and parcel of game, especially bar game. While often unwanted they can sometimes be used to your advantage. For one, they give you some time and space to work out the next play. For now, Jimmy focused his attention on Rod and the fat lad. He dropped all his focus on Carly and put it on the guys. He betrayed no disappointment that he just wanted to talk to Carly and he didn’t try to get it back to just her and him at the first opportunity. On the contrary, he was genuine and enthusiastic in his interactions with the men. He sold it well. He let them know he had nothing to hide and gave the impression that he was just as happy to laugh and joke with guys as he was girls. He also knew any DHV he delivered to Rod (and winning Rod over was a DHV in itself) would be heard by Carly. An interrupt is often not an interrupt. Just a change of play. Jimmy saw this as a chance to follow the maxim ‘lead the men and the women will follow’.

Jimmy knew at this point it was going well, he liked Carly and she liked him. He recognised that he’d have to pass the night in and out of her company to make sure he kept her interest and he’d have to make sure he got a chance to discreetly get her number well before she left, so he couldn’t leave that until the last minute and have to do it with all her friends waiting.

This timing concern woke him up after a while. The night was wearing on and there were other people in the bar. You can’t let things go too cold. You do at some point have to hit on your target. Just do it when you know she’s interested. After a while the obvious next step came to Jimmy’s scheming little mind.

He saw Lukasz and the lad from Huddersfield still dancing and flirting with the student girls from the pawn set. One of the girls was a cute, small blonde who seemed to be loving all the big Pole’s attention. He drifted over to Lucasz and greeted him warmly. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Alain sidle up to Carly and introduce himself.

‘Hey, I need a bit of Luke time as well, it’s not New Year without a sprinkling of my perfect Polish pal’.

‘Guys this is my friend Jimmy’. Lukasz announced, ‘Or as we call him ‘Mr. New Year’s Eve’.

‘Ding dong, ding dong!’, Jimmy said, wobbling his head.

It was the kind of meaningless waffle that you can just say in set and if the vibe is right and everyone will laugh. Lukasz had these girls so pumped up that he had exactly that vibe. He didn’t seem to need any help in this set, they would laugh at anything. The Huddersfield lad seemed to have a cool vibe of his own too and was clearly more than capable of rolling along and following Lukasz lead. Jimmy could have stuck bread-sticks up his nose and they’d have all thought it was high comedy. They lapped the tomfoolery up like hungry kittens. Out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy could see Alain still talking to Carly. He was smiling knowingly and gesticulating, while looking over in Jimmy’s direction. Carly’s eye’s were transfixed. Jimmy knew what was going on. Before game, this would have been a bad sign. Not now.

‘I don’t want to crash your set Luke’, he whispered, ‘but I need a jealousy plot-line’. ‘She’s into me is that Carly, but I got interrupted and it’s staled out a bit. I need a bit more juice to get it over the line’.

‘Dance with this blonde’, Lukasz pointed, ‘she’s just brilliant, watch this.


“HADOUKEN”’, he shouted as he imitated Ken and Ryu’s power move from Street Fighter II, blasting the blonde with an imaginary ball of firy energy. The blonde threw her arms in the air and repeated ‘HOW DO KEN’ while her friends fell about laughing.

‘OK, she can sing, she can shake, but… can she dance?’, Jimmy taunted. He grabbed her hand and raised it, the blonde span around like a top under his arm. Predictably, everyone laughed. Jimmy wondered if they’d been smoking pot.

‘That’ll do’, Jimmy said smiling. He set off to walk away, then, as an afterthought, remembering wing etiquette, he returned and pointing to Lukasz announced to the girls, ‘this man taught me everything I know… about… err… wrestling crocodiles’.

‘You wrestle crocodiles?’, the blonde asked wide eyed.

As Jimmy left he let his eye’s meet Carly’s by chance. She was standing with Alain and her friends and had obviously been waiting for Jimmy to leave his set. She smiled at him as he looked up and walked up to them. He laughed and said to them ‘Half an hour until New Year guys’. Then turning to Carly, ‘another year of perfect paint and pottery for you, I suppose?’

The interaction now just felt different. After the fear of loss it was almost as if Carly had decided, ‘if I get the chance again, I am going to make sure I take it’. The returning from the other set had also seemed to have proven to and assured Carly that Jimmy was someone she could count on. The fact everyone liked him wouldn’t distract him from the fact he liked her. Everything that happened between them after this point was a forgone conclusion. The swapping of numbers, the date. The relationship that lasted several months. None of that needed to be gamed out. The game part was done as soon as he returned from that Lukasz set. All that needed to be said was ‘you’re a really nice woman. You and me, we’re going to go out for a drink later this week’ and they were set on their course.

The social dynamics management part of Mystery Method is really only required while you’re getting a target’s attention. Night game is a lot of plotting and strategy, setting up social dynamics in your favour in order to deliver sometimes just a few words. The whole point of game is that it gives you the means to raise your value in those early moments before you approach and before you make your intentions clear. It’s easier to sell a product someone already wants or that they have been considering, than to sell the idea cold. Create the desire, then make the sale.

Back in the day a lot of non game friends told me that Mystery Method was unnecessary over thinking and that you could ‘just walk over and say ‘hello’ and not waste all the time’. But none of these guys were regularly dating particularly hot girls. They certainly weren’t dating more than one or two decent looking girls a year. The truth of it that I saw was that for most guys, they would just be yet another guy saying ‘hello’ and that doesn’t bear much fruit. We’d go out as a game crew and after a while, most nights at least one if us would get something really good. I didn’t see these results from non game friends. I just saw a lot of claims to game being ‘easy’ and ‘you just say hello’, but I didn’t see the results.

But none of that really mattered to me. Night game is a great team game and we were a team. We liked the over-thinking. We liked the game. The best part of the pickup in this story was when I spoke to Alain a few days later as we had coffee in Wimbledon, where we both lived. I asked him what he said about me to Carly while I was doing the jealously plot-line with the blonde girl and he just laughed and said, ‘oh God you know. The usual stuff’. It didn’t really need to be explained or confirmed what he did. He just did what we did. We looked out for each other and played our roles. Truth is, win, lose or draw we were having the time of our lives and we knew it.

You can find Jimmy at his blog here

#136 – Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis BOOK REVIEW

December 31, 2018

Mere Christianity

I was born and raised in the People’s Republic of Northern Britain by parents who are both godless communists. Now, they admit the atheism but don’t call themselves communists despite espousing nothing but communist views and always voting for the KGB-approved candidate in every election. My school was equally godless, with our Religious Education classes mostly composed of sitting around colouring in Bible scenes with coloured pens. So, it’s fair to say I was not inculcated with Christianity. Quite the reverse [1].

This means I never developed a feeling of godliness. It made it easy to absorb the atheist teachings of my (mostly Leftist) university professors. I read up on the standard anti-Christian Enlightenment arguments such as the Problem of Evil, Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not A Christian and all the various critiques of the standard pro-God arguments (First Cause, Argument By Design etc). I even thought I was an awfully smart boy by mastering these heresies. You see, atheism in the 1990s was presented as if it’s some kind of rebellion against the Establishment. People like Richard Dawkins were awfully brave.

How ridiculous. It’s like praising people in 2018 USA for “standing up” against Slavery. Because that’s such a dangerous position to take, isn’t it? I mean, look at all those Pro-Slavery death squads going around killing abolitionists nowadays. Anyway, the mask has been dropped and in 2018 atheism is the openly-avowed Establishment position. Christianity is under attack, and Christians are now the most persecuted group in the whole world.

Satanic fag

A terrifying tyrant, yesterday

Having followed atheism for a few decades and lived a highly individualist and pleasure-seeking life I became aware of what Christian moral philosophers have warned for hundreds of years: atheism is a dead end. It ends in nihilism. I experienced such nihilism in 2016 and by 2017 I was looking for a better way. So far there’s only been one barrier to my converting to Christianity: my lack of belief in God. Aside from that small obstacle, I agree with the thesis that Christianity is one of the three pillars of Western Civilisation (white nations and the Greco-Roman legacy being the other two) and by removing Christianity from the West we have set ourselves into a rapid decline into nihilism and paganism. It’s a shit show.

Anyway, I give this preamble to explain why I decided to read Mere Christianity. I realised that every single time that I am an expert on a topic and I compare my knowledge to the media’s, I realise the media isn’t simply wrong. They are deceitfully wrong. They are deliberately hiding the truth in order to advance a false narrative. Whether the topic is global finance, mixed martial arts, Game, or anything else the lesson is the same: the media are liars. So, knowing that the media is virulently anti-Christian, I asked myself the obvious question:

Does the media tell the truth about Christianity?

The chances aren’t high, are they? I don’t mean that the media is atheist and therefore do they support Christianity, but rather can they be trusted to speak accurately of what Christianity actually is, of what Christians actually believe? I decided: probably not. So, I wanted to know what Christians believe. What are the central tenets of Christianity? I’ve heard what all the godless anti-Christian philosophers and media hacks (Dawkins being one of the latter) had to say, but how about the other side.


I’d like to hear from the people who built civilisation, not those who tore it down

In Mere Christianity, C.S.Lewis sets himself the task of explaining to the layman what all Christians believe. He deliberately excludes doctrinal disputes between denominations (e.g. what Protestants and Catholics disagree on) and sticks to what all share in common. It was highly enlightening. Here were some of my main learning points:

  • Most of what I learned at school was either wrong or superficially true.
  • Most of the anti-Christian arguments from the Enlightenment only work against the straw man they construct rather than real Christianity.
  • Most churches, including the Vatican and the Church Of England, are run by Satanists.
  • I agree with almost everything espoused by Christianity (aside from my lack of spiritual belief).

I’ll take the example of the Problem Of Evil. As usually formed, it takes the following logical structure:

The Bible postulates that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. There is evil in the world. Being all-knowing, God knows of it. Being all-powerful, God could stop it. Being all-loving he’d wish to stop it. Therefore, from whence comes evil?

Phrased that way it seems like a rather devastating proof against the existence of God, does it not? God is – tautologically – either too dumb, too weak, or too feckless to be worthy of worship. But the problem is, that’s a highly dishonest argument. The Bible doesn’t claim God is thus.

Mere Christianity says the Bible is clear that the world is fallen and is the dominion of Satan, the “Prince of this world”. God is not at all concerned with eliminating evil and making our worldly lives pleasant. He is in the business of saving individual souls, through the following of Jesus. It’s a tough narrow path to salvation, resolved on an individual level. There is no logical inconsistency at all between the God of the Bible, salvation, and the existence of Evil.

I’m rather annoyed that I had to wait until I was 43 years old before learning that. I feel like I’ve been seriously lied to. It would’ve been nice if all those Philosophy Of Religion courses had laid out the arguments and let me make my own mind up [2].

It’s usual for atheists to have sneering contempt for Christians [3] by talking of God as the “big spaghetti monster in the sky” or making comparisons to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Christopher Hitchens aside, they seem to avoid saying such things to Muslims of course [4], which exposes both their cowardice and uneven-handedness. From reading Mere Christianity I came away with quite the reverse of contempt. C.S.Lewis lays out a balanced, sophisticated and tightly-reasoned case not just for Christian virtues but even for logical arguments in favour of belief in God.

That surprised me. The atheists have long since imposed the frame that their side is “reason” and the Christian side is “faith”. This frame has held for decades, such that I’d never even heard a Christian make a logical case for theism [5] and it surprised me when C.S.Lewis made such a powerful one.

There’s only one hour until the New Year is rung in and my 2018 reading / reviewing project comes to a close. I simply can’t give Mere Christianity the attention it deserves right now. It took me several days to read and I’ve never thought as deeply as when reading it. This is a book which fairly rattled some of my foundational assumptions and settled conclusions on the religious question. It gave me a radically different view of what Christianity is, and why it’s so important to the West.

I dare say I now wish I believed in God. Maybe that’ll come. But till then, I certainly believe in Evil and the need to fight it. Starting with the globalists and their Tower Of Babel.

If I do make a conversion to Christianity, I’ll be withdrawing my key pick-up products from the market, so if you want Daygame Mastery, Daygame Infinite and Daygame Overkill, 2019 is the time to buy them. Check them out here.

Mastery cover

Mastery interior

[1] Mind you, my nephews are being inculcated with Islam and homosexuality at their school, so things evidently got even worse.
[2] Though being a stupid teenager, I’d have probably ignored them anyway. I was too busy trying to be clever.
[3] While simultaneously projecting such contempt onto Christians.
[4] Maybe because Mohammad was a paedophile and the Left is pro-pedo.
[5] Admittedly it could be that they do frequently and I simply didn’t know. Perhaps I should get out more.

#135 – Skin In The Game, Nassim Nicolas Taleb BOOK REVIEW

December 31, 2018

Skin In The Game

Back in 1997, when I was completing my Master’s degree, I was assigned a supervisor for my thesis. The department considered me quite a shining talent so they assigned me their best Professor, a rising academic star who wrote a lot on science in society – Sokal’s hoax, scientody vs scientism, the End Of Science, that kind of thing. He was on odd bird. He was some kind of Yank – an American or Canadian, I forget which – who was really into jogging. We students would see him out in his soyboy training gear pounding the streets and displaying the typical jogging-enthusiast’s body, which looks like a cross between an AIDs victim and Jordan Peterson. My professor would then lock himself in his office and refuse to answer the door without an appointment. There was a note on his door that if we wanted his attention we had to email.

It was all very odd, but I remember being extremely impressed with his intellect. He was very smart indeed and quite an inspiration in our weekly thesis chats. One moment in particular stood out. He was inquiring into my intellectual basis for the thesis and I made a comment about “following Popper.”

“God no! You don’t want to be known as a follower. That’s death in academia. Be your own man.”

That was very good advice and it stuck with me. I am highly reluctant to consider myself a follower of anyone – much less describe myself as such publicly – and any time I notice myself agreeing with one man too much I take stock and try to objectively ask myself: am I becoming a fanboy? This advice stuck with me in my Game journey in which I try to give credit to those I learned from (e.g. Mystery, 60 Years Of Challenge) while not riding their nutsacks. Sometimes I overdo it in the opposite direction, failing to give credit where it’s due. The attitude imbued by this professor was also handy in resisting attempts by gurus to make me their acolyte, and of acolytes trying to make me their guru. I was recently asked about this, to which I quipped:

‘I despise both gurus and acolytes. To me they are just pitchers and catchers in bum sex.’

This is why I despise PUA coaches positioning themselves as gurus, as I do similar charlatans in self-help, business advice, and fitness training. It’s quite possible to transmit your expertise to learners without forcing them into a twisted servile role. It’s why I call my blog regulars and book customers Krausermaniacs ‘readers’ not ‘fans’. It’s why I resisted the Jordan Peterson bandwagon before I really knew what was crooked about him. Don’t be a follower.


Smart guys, but they want you to be a follower

I bring this up because Nassim Nicolas Taleb is a writer I find it very hard to disagree with, which makes me constantly wonder if I’m slipping into a follower position with him. Surely there’s something he says I don’t like? Well, I thought Black Swan was badly written and showed all the signs of a full-of-himself intellectual unwilling to accept a strong-minded editor [1]. It was like Guns’n’Roses second album. But clearly Taleb overcame this bad habit because Skin In The Game is exceptionally clear and very lean in structure. There’s barely a whiff of intellectual bloat in it. And I like that.

One reason I like Skin In The Game so much is that it directly ports over into daygame. Almost every page has some point where I either thought, “that could apply to picking up girls” or, “yeah, I’d already figured that out from picking up girls.” The line between the two is blurred. On the one hand, I found nothing in Skin In The Game that I didn’t already know (much of it is in Daygame Infinite and Daygame Mastery) and on the other Taleb was able to streamline and parse those ideas so much more elegantly than I had, and provide a more convincing justification. Which brought me back to the whole follower thing: was I flattering myself that I’d already figured out all of Taleb’s ideas before reading Skin In The Game because I feared the alternative of agreeing with everything he said and turning myself into a fanboy. I don’t know. Perhaps I should outline some of those ideas.


Taleb dead-lifting

Taleb is kind enough to structure the book where he explains everything in the beginning and then dedicates the rest of the text to proving each point. At the very beginning he explains his topic thus:

Skin In The Game is about four topics in one: a) uncertainty and the reliability of knowledge (both practical and scientific, assuming there is a difference), or in less polite words bullshit detection, b) symmetry in human affairs, that is, fairness, justice, responsibility, and reciprocity, c) information sharing in transactions, and d) rationality in complex systems and in the real world. That these four cannot be disentangled is something that is obvious when one has… skin in the game.

The very alert among you will already be drawing daygame parallels. Daygame is a fundamentally uncertain activity where much of the data is obscure yet you must discern patterns upon which to base behaviour, and spot when you are being bullshitted both by gurus and by girls in set. There is symmetry in your seductive interaction and ‘getting to know each other’ involves principles of information sharing as personalities, as goal-oriented actors, and of the process of seduction itself. We are of course intimately aware that we are employing our strategies in a complex system in the real world. Believe me, as you read Taleb explicate each principle, the connections to our fair sport only get stronger and clearer.

For example, Taleb makes much hay in investigating the difference between ivory tower theory and practical knowledge, principally by comparing his hero Fat Tony the market trader with intellectuals like Paul Krugman. We daygamers get a similar thing with the ivory tower “science” of seduction carried out in university post-graduate departments and our own direct knowledge of the street, the cafe, the bar, and the bedroom. It takes a certain number of lays before you feel confident hand-waving away all those idiot researchers. Taleb provides the intellectual justification for prioritising the Fat Jimmy Eddie Krauser Tony’s of the pick-up world over the armchair philosophers of the internet and daytime talk shows.

‘in academia there is no difference between academia and the real world; in the real world, there is’

‘Don’t tell me what you “think”, just tell me what’s in your portfolio’

Back in my early boxing days my coach once said to me, “the only way to get good at slipping right hands is to keep getting hit with them.” All of the alive martial arts [2] are built on a foundation of skin in the game: sparring, and eventually fighting. The dead martial arts [3] insulate the students from the consequences of their unrealistic training, to create paper dragons. We daygamers have the same ‘liveness’ in our learning: the constant contact with success and failure on the streets and the skin in the game of trying to get laid.


More qualified than any economist

Taleb goes into the moral dimension frequently, such as his discussion of information sharing. We daygamers have a vast amount of information about the seduction process, far more than a girl can reasonably expect us to have. We are also trained in how much information we parcel out to her while she’s making her decision – e.g. do we tell r-select stories or K-select stories on the date – so there is an inescapable moral dimension to our skirt-chasing. Are we deliberately withholding or slanting information to mislead? Are we trying a bait-and-switch? Are we wilfully allowing her to persist in a misunderstanding about our intentions based on her being a normie and expecting us to have normie ideas about what the dating means?

‘someone with a high public presence who is controversial and takes risks for his opinion is less likely to be a bullshit vendor’

I especially liked Taleb’s conception of soul in the game and how other people can spot it. It’s approaching Pressman’s War Of Art distinction between a real writer and a hack writer from a different angle to the same result: the real writer feels the muse flowing through him and cares to authentically craft his work, whereas the hack looks to the market for what will sell and then panders to that. Readers can usually spot a hack [4]. You know when someone’s heart isn’t in it. Taleb has little time for ‘professional researchers’, those who make a career of researching an idea rather than first making a career of the thing, and coming to research it later based upon an intimate lived daily-experience of the thing.

It’s why politicians used to be selected by their constituency, usually eminent men who’d already made a local reputation in business. It was only after succeeding at life and demonstrating a track record to their fellows that these men were raised – elected – to a position of political leadership. The Party system destroyed all that. Now, a politician takes the route of being a student activist and council-member, then interns for a politician, and then rises in the ranks within a Party by demonstrating slavish adherence to their creed. They then get selected by the Party to be a candidate and helicopter dropped onto a local constituency.

So, modern politicians have no real-world competence, are adversely-selected for the most craven greasy-pole-climbers, and are completely beholden to the Party for a job. What a surprise they are all traitors. Donald Trump has been so successful because he was like the old model – he had soul in the game and everyone recognised it [5]

I wish I’d reviewed Skin In The Game back in August when I read it and all Taleb’s ideas were fresh, so I could really dive deep into the relationship between it and daygame. It’s an excellent book and provides a solid intellectual background to what we daygamers do. You can think of it as the meta-level upon which the principles of Daygame Infinite rest. It’s very pleasing to know that the world’s #1 public intellectual’s latest book is telling us we are doing it the right way. I absolutely intend to re-read this and pull as much value out as I can, once my pace of reading slows down next year.

But Taleb’s book doesn’t actually tell you how to bang hotties. You’ll need Daygame Mastery, Daygame Infinite and Daygame Overkill for that. Check them out here.

Final Cover

Daygame Infinite interior hardback 1

[1] Unlike his book immediately before it, Fooled By Randomness, which was tightly and cleanly written.
[2] Boxing, wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, judo
[3] Karate, TKD, ninjutsu, akido, dim mak, kung fu
[4] I’m not so sure about customers of PUA products, mind.
[5] And in the case of globalists and NPCs, feared it.