I’m champion of my own street

June 17, 2020

Coincidence is a funny thing isn’t it? Just the other day I was saying to my pal, “it’s ages since I’ve heard about Andrew Tate. Has he not topped himself yet?” and then, just minutes later, a reader sends me a message about him.

Well, technically, the message was not about Tate himself but rather about one of his many online sock puppet accounts he uses to create the illusion of credibility. But before we get to that, let’s look at the man’s official accounts and do some simple online due diligence on one of his oft-repeated claims.

Twitter profile

With hire cars, yesterday

That’s a damn impressive bio isn’t it? K-1 World Champion. The world’s premier kickboxing event, held in Japanese stadiums such as Saitama Super Arena and Tokyo Dome, with crowds of 30,000+ and then televised on Saturday night TV at peak viewing times. Those champs were stars: Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Remy Bonjasky. True champions. Fantastic professional fighters.

So, I was curious which K-1 World GP Tate had won. I hadn’t personally attended a K-1 live event since the Bob Sapp era. I think the last GP finals I went to was when Kaoklai knocked Might Mo spark out with a flying kick (Hoost won the tournament). Well, I’m sure Tate’s kickboxing record will enlighten me…..


Instagram profile

4x champ, yesterday



Someone else winning in Saitama

He fought one fight on a K-1 card, in China, against somebody called Wing Ding [1]. As his only K-1 fight, that must be his championship. It seems the old adage of “I’ve never met a wrestler who wasn’t champion of something” would also apply to certain kickboxing circuits. Still, Tate won. Good on him. Beating another trained fighter in man-to-man combat is not an easily-done thing. So, I was curious just what his “4x Kickboxing World Champion” claim was based on. Clearly, it wasn’t the K-1 I knew and loved. So, I perused his record further as you can also at the above Wikipedia link.

K1 records

I’ll be fair, it’s a statistically impressive one of 44-9 (34). Better than my own shitty 3-2 (0) on the Tokyo amateur circuit, by quite a margin. But as Teddy Atlas says, “boxing isn’t about your record and how many knockouts you have. It’s about who you beat.”

So, who did Tate beat?

Scanning his record you can see he came up on the UK regional circuit (semi-pro/amateur) and, as the wins piled up, he ventured to France, Belgium and a little further afield to Macedonia and Slovakia. Conspicuously absent are the professional kickboxing strongholds of Japan, Thailand, and Netherlands. The one time he tried Netherlands, he got sparked out inside a round. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed of in this. Everyone loses. It takes balls to get into the ring and dedication to get yourself to a level where Dutch promoters even invite you onto a card. Tate’s record does not suggest he’s a soft lad. Quite the contrary. But I was still looking for some evidence that would support his much-ballyhooed [2] claim to be a professional world champion. The centre forward of Stalybridge Celtic is ten times the football player I am, but he doesn’t write “Ballon D’or winner” on his Twitter profile and pass himself off as Cristiano Ronaldo, does he?



K1 record full

If anyone has a more complete record, link it in comments please

So, I found Tate’s first title-winning fight- the first X of his 4X claim- on YouTube against Jean-Luc Benoit. This is for the ISKA World Full-Contact 81.5kg title. It was a rematch from three months earlier, where the Frenchman took a twelve-round decision. Wikipedia has Tate winning inside eight rounds, though this is the only footage I could find of it [3]

Note the venue is a little smaller than Saitama Super Arena. You could be mistaken for thinking this is a small-hall semi-pro event.

There’s a lot more footage online of their first bout in France. Watch it below to see what “world class” kickboxing looks like on the semi-pro circuit. Tough guys, no doubt, but we aren’t looking at Floyd Mayweather Junior silky skills, or conditioning, are we?

So, I think the evidence is pretty clear. Tate’s world titles are closer to the FA Vase than the Champions League. It’s still an impressive achievement, so why try to spin it into something it’s not? On the subject of spinning a fantasy on social media to pretend you’re something you’re not, if people are interested I may do a follow-up post on his pick-up credentials.

Now, I’m going off to watch Saenchai and Buakaw fight for real world titles. Maybe I’ll email some of those manosphere podcasters and ask why they don’t do any due diligence before inviting that bullshitter onto their shows to big himself up as a K-1 World Champion.

If you’d like to purchase my products before the inevitable shitstorm hits, you’re probably best off starting with Daygame Overkill here. No third-world webcam whores were hired to pose as notches in the making of this video, nor hire cars passed off as my own.

[1] Liang Ling, actually.
[2] By himself, and apparently believed by all of the usual gullible manosphere podcasters

[3] I’m not for a moment suggesting he didn’t win inside eight. There’s another short camera-phone clip on YouTube of Benoit raising Tate’s hand, post-fight.


  1. When certain manosphere guys promoted him, I thought ok lets see what all this high praise is about. I saw a man posting pictures of himself in front of cars. Counting money. Shirtless. But most noticeably a man trying to look menacing, clenching his fist. If that does not want to make you buy his products, I don’t know what will.

    I would love to find out more about his pick up credentials.

    If I look angry, call women whores and paraphrase some red pill stuff and market to guys who for some reason think this is cool, can I become rich too?

    • Seconded! Would love to hear your input on his pick up credentials. Lot of “red pill guys” espousing him as someone to look up to.

  2. Thought this about Tate also. He’s a grifter, not as bad as an out and out fantasist, at least he is actually a decent kickboxer. The fact that he’s made a lot of money from Romanian webcam hookers is also pretty cool. Just a shame he uses that wealth to take gullible betas for a ride. He even sells a lip reading course with Ivan Throne, with their adveritisng line being “knowledge is power, understand what everyone in the room is saying, even from a distance!”, like he’s James Bond on a recon mission

    • Ivan Throne, now that’s a real ass-clown!

    • Ya he’s got a hustlers mindset
      I’m rather impressed by his bs. Just don’t give him your money but it’s not like what he says about women and his camwhores and the simps paying them aren’t exactly wrong

      Like to see a debate between nick n him

  3. He’s no Dennis Alexio!

  4. Gotta be honest Nick old bean, seen this Tate twat doing the rounds the past couple of years and just can’t take the donut seriously. Just goes to show some people will swallow any old shit from any old cunt

  5. The guy has done enough to earn some respect with what’s he’s done in terms of his business and his kickboxing. Fuck me, there are many of us who would be pretty pleased if we could rent sports cars and get our hot webcam employees over for all-night cocktail and coke jacuzzi parties, right? If he had of maintained this true persona and generally just been a cool guy with a tendency for balling we’d have respected him and you would not have launched the crisp, clean surgical strike which this article represents.

    But why does he add so much extra padding to this *while* lambasting and criticising the very men and industry he’s trying to break into.

    He’s become a bastardised, empty and shallow Player aspiration and for this very reason this article must be done, and done again as this evolves.

    Keep launching the missiles. We look forward with relish to the next chapter where you discuss this man’s pick-up credentials.

    • [and for this very reason this article must be done, and done again as this evolves.]

      You frighten me mate. I hope I never cross you 😂

  6. This is the problem with the Manosphere in general. Despite all the vitriol I have towards Feminists, the original movement had honest women with honest intentions. They gained mainstream support and traction by being real people. While the Manosphere is filled with grifters, scam artists, and sociopaths who are trying to make fast money off of other men.

    • If the Manosphere took roots about the same time as original Pheminism, we would think of it differently. If you look at the latest Pheminatsi wave, they are much more dysgenic than Manospherians.

  7. Tbh I wish I was as driven as him regarding money. [His fronting is easily replicated on $30k a year. K.]

    Instead I am a 31 year old lazy gamma cunt who lives in his rich parents’ beach house and does menial work managing their properties that I take too big of a salary for.

    His “War room” where they talk about money making/investing sounds interesting.

    • They are going to talk about the money they took from you.

    • His Bentley has his liscence plate on it as “T8 SEXY”… you can’t have a custom liscence plate on rented cars…… so how is his cars rented?

      • Umm…. You just take off the license plate and put one on lmao it’s not rocket science. Just because you “can’t” do something doesn’t stop it from happening. Like how you can’t legally rape and abuse women but he definitely does and has.. he’s an incel with a little bit of money…. Who panders to.. you guessed it, incels. Shocker.

  8. what “inevitable shit storm” will be hitting. i am naive, i want to be prepared.
    thank you

  9. He’s certainly not as rich as he says he is. I mean come on he lives in Romania, not the south of France or a cliff face in the Balearic islands. I work as an electrician on board super yachts. These people are actually rich they own these boats worth hundreds of millions and cost millions more yearly just to run. His power and internet bill in Romania might be 100 euro a month.

    • Rich people don’t brag about how much money they have. If you’re honest with yourself when going from rags to riches there is always a lot of luck involved. Not to say hard work isn’t a part of the equation, but you have to meet the right people at the right time.

    • His riches has quotations he just pulled the digital nomad rich lol

  10. Great post! Please do one on his pick up credentials. I would like to know more and what your take on that is.

  11. Ed Latimore boasts an impressive 13-1-1 boxing record. But he never beat anybody with a current winning record. https://boxrec.com/en/proboxer/641641

    Latimore fought Willis Lockett twice, and drew the last match when Lockett was living in a homeless shelter. The only thing worse than beating a homeless guy is failing to beat a homeless guy.


    Tate offers a “Ph.D.” program in picking up girls. Did he even go to college? Is there any evidence he makes good money pimping out Eastern European girls on webcams? Those Red Man guys are nobodies, but at least they have blogs. You can judge them for yourself.

    • 21 convention is full of clowns who predent they are a big deal, and they all suck each others dick to increase the hype.

      Only guys I respect are:
      -Rollo (kinda boring but at least he’s consistent)
      -Rich Cooper (no nonsense guy)
      -Goldmund (by all accounts a player)
      -AJ Cortes (knows his fitness)

      The first 2 guys were booted out by Dream Johnson.

      Latimore I suppose is good for motivational stuff but I haven’t personally benefitted much from him [I have zero respect for Rich Cooper, just a nobody with no track record who has gall to run his mouth for $25 a minute. Doubt he’s natty either. Goldmund disappeared up his own arse. Cortes was friendly in person but I don’t know his credibility one way or the other. Rollo continues to fall in my estimation, but there’s still a lot of good in him. K.]

      • pretend*

        When I said only guys I respect, I meant out of the gang that are there every seminar- the regulars

        Didnt mean the guys like Nick, Jack Donovan etc who drop in

      • AJ Cortes tweeted about tanning your butthole. LOL

        Goldmund wrote a clueless photography book and claims to have slept with 400 women. He claimed seductions during his broke road trip where he rolled into towns without pipelining.

      • Rollo and Rich Cooper have never claimed to be PUAs. Rollo sets himself up as a pseudo-academic expert on ‘inter gender dynamics’. He likes the sound of his own voice and he’s self important but most of what he tells men is accurate. Rich Cooper is about self-improvement and gender dynamics too, relationship and divorce advice. They are fine in their sphere as far as I am concerned and their free content is valuable. Rich Cooper in particular has never claimed to be a PUA or have a high ‘notch count’. He is also open about his TRT.

    • “Did he go to college?”
      Either daft or a bad joke.

      Is Tate’s money real? Yes. [No. K.] Is he a self-aggrandizing huckster? Yes (although if you watch his longer-form stuff you’ll see the cheeky side of that). Is he a lying, talentless faker? Oh no. [Did you not read the bit above proving he lies about his kickboxing titles. K.]

      The only reason he gets hate is that he’s popular & arrogant. [No. Because he’s a cheap con man. K.] But he’s certainly not full of shit. [It’s literally his defining characteristic. K.] The PhD course floats around in illegal places, for those with the good sense not to fork over 300 quid for it. It’s solid stuff. Not groundbreaking by any means, but he knows what he’s talking about and teaches good fundamentals. [Because he just cribbed it off others. K.] If people pay him 300 for that, good for him. I don’t hate on good marketing.

      I really don’t get the haters. [What’s hating about pointing out a liars lies? K.] What are you so upset about? [Only you are upset here. K.] There’s a lot of ressentiment I think. [Twinkle, pal. This is a pathetic fanboy comment. At no point did you even engage with the topic of the post: that Tate lies about his record. Go on, prove me wrong. Show me his K-1 World Title winning fight. K.]

      • Educated people don’t loosely throw around the title “Ph.D.” Rich people don’t brag about money by standing in front of cars. Don’t trust a webcam pimp to be honest about anything. He has no education or expertise in broader success or business that he sells. If this is his real page, then his father gave bad chess lessons. https://www.chess.com/member/andrewtate [I have no idea how good he is at chess. If some chess expert cares to weigh in, please do. K.]

      • Andrew’s father, Emory Tate, was a formidable International Master, borderline grandmaster. By comparison, the Andrew Tate account on chess.com played a few mediocre online 1700 speed games. Chess.com ratings are inflated compared to regular USCF ratings, so that is barely above novice.

      • Who does he crib off of? Isn’t the whole red pill taken from Roosh roissy n rollo whom got theirs from mystery and Tony’s lay guide.
        An it’s only gonna go further as game changes
        First the gimmick of big feather hats n negging dropped to just charming chit chat n normal clothes to now insta game tinder game and overrall lifestyle mogging

        Is he not the dark triad we are suppose to strive for

        I’ve seen his fights he’s ok but far from k1 level.
        But what is his net worth ?
        I only heard about him as a fighter then disappeared an suddenly saw him on rollos podcast saying girls above an 8 now have 2 Instagram accounts due to all the thirsty athletes and millionaires hitting them up and passing them around

      • Wrong. Look up what K1 actually is. You’ll find it’s a promotion, defunct early in Tates career. ( But also the name of a ruleset used by major sanctioning bodies)
        Purchased by ” it’s showtime” which was subsequently purchased Glory ( the current most prestigious promotion to fight in). The sanctioning body for these promotions…ISKA

        The biggest promotion to fight in during a big part of Tates career? Enfusion.

        A lot of guys he won against are currently signed with Glory. The one that he won the Enfusion world title from finaled and semi finaled back when K1 was the big promotion.

        K-1 is a ruleset/fight class.

        The promotion currently using the name K1 doesn’t even make the top ten for kickboxing promotions now.

        During his career Tate was indeed fighting in two or three out of the five biggest organizations in the world against elite world class fighters and at least two title fights were under the largest and oldest functional sanctioning body at the time.

        K1 the company never even used a sanctioning body just like Enfusion and just like Glory has switched to doing very recently.

  12. I’ve lost respect for Rollo and Rich. Rollo keeps endorsing these blatant frauds i.e. Jon from Modern Life Dating, whose entire vibe screams gamma male snake oil salesman. Rich pushes scam products like tactical soap and $1000 an hour coaching sessions. These guys are keyboard jockeys who circle jerk how great The Red Pill is to market to foolish impressionable men. [Do you have a link to Rich’s $1,000 and hour pitch? That sounds rather high. K.]

  13. I done had it. Tusk and Andy have got me disgusted. They’re bringing the Game into disrepute. [I only watched first two minutes but not seeing what annoyed you. It’s alright. They get a bit of banter going, his vibe is pleasant, and she’s a chatty bird who wants to talk. Does it degenerate later? K.]

    We wouldn’t allow shoddy cowboy builders to build our homes. Then why do we have shit PUA’s perversely milking the market of punters?

    I’m tempted to create a video product and actually show what REAL game looks like. None of this rock up and bait the girl into investing in the first 30 seconds when you haven’t done anything to warrant so.

    Take a look at this Nick if you can stomach it. This is premium daygame remember. And he has the gall to go into a 10 min “analysis”.

    I used to believe I were the only one who was any good at this. I don’t find it so hard to believe now. Most stuffed blazers just don’t have any aptitude for YHT. Even the big names. I’m sorry.

    Eurgh, I’m off to do some real game.

    • Nothing is wrong here and that is precisely the issue. Is it really that hard to put up an infield where the girl is clearly better looking and younger? Dare I say, challenging? Something that is exciting for the daygame neutral. You know the students of the Game. Its mediocre set after mediocre set.

      • I told you earlier, everything Tusk and his group does is use an SMV advantage to do good looking guy game. They are all at best upper level beginners to lower level intermediates. I know a ton of local PUA’s in my city who don’t post online with more skill than them.

      • I don’t think he even converted this girl to a lay either. She most likely flaked or showed him and he at best got a kiss close.

    • That Andy guy has really really bad game.

      His sets are basically him being really nice and friendly. I don’t like the way he dresses to appear affluent. Don’t get genuine vibes from the guy.

      Part of the issue is he’s literal skin and bone and thus moves in an odd mechanical way abit like the tin man from wizard of oz. Get down the gym and EAT !

  14. Nick could you please analyze this Jason Capital daygame infield?

    He’s a big name hustler in the US community selling to chodes how they can get High Status. I think his game skills and decision making is actually spot on in this infield.

    • I’m 30 seconds in and my gut tells me its a fake! 😂

      If you are the support knaves like this are relying upon then God helps us all.

      [0:01 – Conveniently placed camera. Either this is a set-up, or for some reason they’ve been trying to do all sets in that area.
      0:06 – Immediately strong hook point and no moment of surprise or incomprehension from girl. It’s like she knew what to expect.
      0:09 – what people?
      0:17 – textbook 2011-era LDM opening spiel.
      0:33 – it doesn’t feel right to me, she’s too easy without any excitement. These sets do sometimes happen, though.
      0:46 – no pauses, ums, ahhs, or talking over. It’s very smooth turn-taking and stacking
      0:54 – rapport laughter is awful, but probably natural
      1:04 – bad repetition
      1:27 – rather forward from her
      1:53 – weird hand thing from her, looks like acting
      If it’s legit, it’s not bad at all (of the two minutes I watched). It’s exactly what was going on in the Daygame.com world around 2011 and he’s doing it fine. It does seem fake to me, but it might just be one of those rare sets where the girl immediately knows what you’re doing, really likes you, is a bit odd in her mannerisms, and just follows your lead smoothly. They do happen. I’m not going to watch more but other readers feel free to analyse it. K.]

      • My thoughts precisely. Last 7 secs of clip sealed it for me.. At 12:59 –
        Her: “Here’s your number. Maybe I’ll see you soon for some Red Bull and Vodka”.
        Him: “What you doing tonight?”
        Her: “Tonight?”
        Him: “Red bull and vodka?
        Her: “Okay Red Bull Vodka, Text me”. FAKE.

        Also at 8:42 secs she says “I want to climb up that dinosaur. I’d totally go out with you if you climb one of these dinosaurs for me “(Eurgh). FAKE. Also at 09:30 she follows wayyyy to easily for my liking. FAKE. Way too favourable if you ask me. It’s almost as if part of the script stipulated that piece of theatrics.

        I know what you mean though when you say sometimes these rare sets do appear.

    • This could be fake or she might just like him cause he’s tall, white and good looking???

      His laugh is odd and forced though

  15. What is interesting is that when I had firstly watched his reality show-like videos, also the Hateful Tate series, I really got sucked in into this realiy of fast cars, ‘luxurous’ life in Romania, etc. .

    Only when I got some time to digest these videos and watched some new episodes of the latest series, which are, honestly, just a repeat of what he was showing off in all past videos, it started to become fake and scammy.

    As of now I sometimes watch the latest episode just to get a laugh on 4 ‘grown-up’ dudes living under the same roof (without any birds) in a former warehouse in the middle-of-nowhere-suburb of Bucharest, with no pussy in their videos whatsoever except their personal assistant and some semi-pros clearly hired for parties and events they attend together. If that’s the best that a life of multi-millionaires can offer, then I am content not to be one (yet).

  16. Are you also feeling a change of heart these days, Nick?

    This is an excellent blog, and a favorite of Vox Day’s as well, which I think you should read: http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2020/06/a-genuine-small-but-infinitely.html

    You seem to not think belief in God is rational, but I say the evidence is right in front of you that the universe is more-than-material (what atom is blueness, or the feeling of Love, or “I am”, made of?)

    I always figured your interest in CS Lewis was a precursor to genuine faith, and I’ve seen you act in genuinely Good ways over the years, trying to better yourself and recognizing your own shortcomings.

    I think you deserve all the blessings of a spiritual life, and you certainly have the free thought ability to try.

    A good start would be saying Our Father, for instance, such a beautiful and true cry to God.

    I write this in a spirit of charity, that you may find a new side of life, which would otherwise be obscured by obstacles which are not really there.

  17. Our very own Berlin degenerate Troy Francis has a gf and Welsh defect Tom has taken up gardening and is on suicide watch for the past 3 months. Bunch of hypocrites.

  18. I’m tired of being stigmatised as the fuck boy Nick so if they want a fuckboy I’ll give em’ a fuckboy. So today I went out in a leather jacket for the first time in London and got 3 numbers in 4 sets.

    I think it’s better to be a bad boy turned potential boyfriend than a nice guy who could potentially hurt them. All of that discomfort etched in those precious little girls faces in the past makes sense now. I mean sure you get prejudiced as not having a stable career but fuck me I’m pleased with todays haul.

    • Interesting regarding leather jackets, I rarely see them worn by men anymore. When I was in uni 2007-9, I used to love wearing em. Women liked them too.

      Now I don’t see men dressing so roguishly.

      I was wondering of it had anything to do with the pussification of men in recent years, that the site of a leather jacket on a man would make the feminists uncomfortable.

    • Looks like a strong lead. The opportunistic bitch. How do I reconcile the fact that “back then hoes didn’t want me, now i’m hot hoes all on me” Nick?

      I feel like I’m slowly developing an unhealthy relationship of mostly contempt with women Nick. Most Daygamers never stick at it long enough to turn things around and those who gain instant success never endure this inner game issue.

      The burden of performance is real. Why can’t we just be accepted for who/what we are?

      My identity is still tied with the invisible blowout/flake me.

      • 3 dates set up in 15 sets (9 in past two weeks and 6 back in late March) :S All better looking than me as well. If I can take the piss out of Jabba even he isn’t hitting them numbers with all his privileges. Hopefully I can convert them into lays.

        I know no-one gives a damn but last year I did 500 sets and got 3 dates. I’m getting equal amount of dates in 15 sets than in 500!😭😭😭. Again this is real life shit for me considering were I came from guys.

        Dare I say I’m out of the wilderness indefinitely :S Let this be a valuable case study guys! You can improve your station in life.

  19. This post is actually more full of shit than what Tate comes up with himself.

    First of all, K-1 you refer to is a promotions organization that doesn’t even make the top 10. It’s current incarnation isn’t even related to the one you’re thinking of . (Enfusion does though, top 3 or 4) K-1 went defunct in 2011, then that brand name got purchased by “It’s Showtime” ( notice Tate fighting that promoter in the same era) ,and eventually bought by Glory (under “It’s showtime”), current largest and most prestigious promoter which also had ISKA as it’s sanctioning body until very recently.

    K-1 is also a ruleset used by several sanctioning bodies. Such as WKA, IKF, ISKA

    Throughout his career Tate was in fact fighting in the top few largest kickboxing organizations and earned titles from among the oldest and largest sanctioning bodies.

    He won the Enfusion world title from Wendell Roche look him up, he finaled and semifinaled in K1 a few years earlier when it was big.

    Several guys he went against are currently signed with Glory.

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