Red Man Group Live

June 5, 2020

Right then dickheads. I’m sitting on a public bench in London, waiting hours for a train. Everywhere is shut, except two poxy takeaway coffee joints [1]. Naturally, I’m not allowed to sit inside and wait, like a normal person. Oh no! My arse will not be treated to a cushioned seat today. What a bag of shite. Having been in Belgrade the past four months the whole let’s-be-faggots-in-England Covid restrictions passed me by [2]Β and it takes some getting used to being suddenly reminded of them.

But it’s not all bad, is it? I just scoffed a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich, and the latte served by the aforementioned poxy cafe was actually pretty good. I’m gonna be playing Metro Exodus on a 48″ flat-screen TV the moment I get back to Krauser Headquarters North [3]. In fact, my mood has improved considerably in the space of just two paragraphs.

That’s emotional control for you, lads.

Things are all a little coincidental of late. Roy Walker was booked to come over to Belgrade for a long weekend [4] and then Jimmy Jambone was roped in too. By the wildest of coincidences they booked a flight that would land approximately fifteen minutes after my flight out of Belgrade took off.

Those crazy lads! What a coincidence! [5]

As if that’s not enough Mr White and Xants were due to meet me for a coffee as I passed through London but then by the wildest coincidence, they suddenly got a load of work on and can’t quite make it.


High value, today

So I’m sitting in the train station in the ghost town of London, having only been in the country for two hours, and some lad comes up and asks, “are you Nick Krauser?”

Frankly, I’m not even sure any more.

Anyway, that’s all just a pointless digression to fill a bit of space before I link the final video I appear in from last summer’s The 21 Convention in Warsaw. Here I am with the Red Man Group pontificating on all kinds of things.

If you’d like to donate to #Krauser’sLifeMatters so that I can get myself a new TV and pair of Nike Jordans, please contribute $199 to Daygame Overkill here.

[1] Whose free Wi-Fi I’m using, so I’m every so slightly grateful.
[2] And, fucking hell, the disgusting multiculturalism really hits hard after four months around nothing but proper people.
[3] Mum and dad’s house.
[4] However much you are missing daygame, you are not missing it as much as him. I can assure you.
[5] It was, right?


  1. When you’re back settled in Newcastle drop me a line

  2. Reminds me of returning to Brum airport after a winter trip to Poland. After seeing how a proper country with people who trust each other works, then back to the land of soft slavery and self abasement. The horror.

  3. Are you going to update on your financial markets post? Since then the equity markets have just ramped higher almost getting back to where they were before this recent health scare.

  4. I really enjoyed your post on cocooning from 2012. Do you have any recommendations of areas to live in London to avoid the r-selection wanton decay that the lefties have placed us in? I really can’t see it. I walk out of my flat in Islington borough and it’s either hand bag toting hipster phaggots or utterly failed kids stabbing/shooting each other. The trouble is players want to live as centrally as possible. All my successful ethnic minority married friends support the left/BLM from their mortgaged plush homes in commuter belt towns. Hypocrites. There are gated communities were I live but I want to keep my costs base as low as possible.

    I’m going to earn as high salary as possible (not cause i give a shit about money) but to show disadvantaged people too can be free-thinking and independent from the evil government. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to “get it”.

  5. Welcome back to the multicultural utopia of Great Britain Nick. You’re Just in time to witness the latest round of race riots whipped up by the far-left.
    It must feel like stepping into a dystopian novel to go from Serbia to this.

  6. Is Belgrade still open for daygaming then??? I assumed everywhere was just locked down. You can just get a flight and an airbnb and go around with no quarantine? FFS lol

  7. This is beyond hilarious. The 2 autists themselves going at it πŸ˜‚

    • Exactly. They are just autists. But honestly those reviews about Krausers video products are very true. The most correct way would be I think that deleting the whole shit then re-shoot everything in a professional way including black book and of course daygame overkill. Old users would get the new material for free.

      Also I am seeing a lot of pictures with pretty but average girls. I saw 1 or 2 hotter girls also…But mostly pretty but average quality. Maybe the hotter ones just don’t stick around for too long… Have no idea what is going on about it. [Right, you stupid dishonest goon. Those two spergs are using a review from this page here. As is clear to literally anyone who peruses that page, the same reviewer did a complete 180 within two months, going from a 2/10 review to a 10/10 review. That shows that (1) the review site is bullshit, (2) those two fantasists are completely dishonest, and that (3) you’re an ankle-biting clown. You’re banned. Go be a goon somewhere else. K.]

      • Genuinely curious, when guys like Deepak and JMULV invite you onto their channel to debate. Is the reason you don’t agree because it’s just a waste of time? If their invites are genuine it does seem like a great way to genuinely expose and humiliate these guys on their own channel. [Once I confirm a guy is a goon, I lose all interest in him. His opinions and prospects mean nothing to me. K.]

    • John anthony is a full liar. I hate this kind of guy in the community. In the video, he says that his girlfriend is in an other room waiting for him. Full of shit.

      And Bradicus is a dumb guy and believe his shit

    • Approx 7min 01 sec in, Look at the scamming ginger cunt look upwards when he replies to the hiring hookers accusation. Easy tell he’s lying.

  8. Honestly dude why do you think that it would be high value if you are waiting for the train / metro bus with your mates?
    It would be more cringe than alone but it is very cringe alone too. It is a very big problem if you can not afford even a shitbox car.

    If I imagine that situation where you want to pull the girl to home after a date then you invite the girl into a dirty metro or train or faking london bus that is ultimate low value. Its straight up ridiculous.

    Why the fuck you can not afford a 20 year old car like a bmw e34 or a suzuki or something.

    Why are you so proud that you are penniless? That ain’t cool.

    This is a little bit better than a fucking red bus with loud tourists:

  9. I hope this Red Man stuff is over. If you watch some of their videos, it is bunch of western boomers that “game” their 40-something wifes, not to get divorce raped. Pheromone soap sale is the worst. They probably never met quality young women.

    But I would not turned down free trip and publicity as well πŸ™‚

    • I have no clue why Krauser attends these events with obvious conmen. Steve the Dean Williams is married to a single mother. Anthony Johnson is an easily noticeable sociopathic narcissist with dark triad characteristics. I could go on and on about the other guys, but no one should listen to anything they have to say. [Spare me, you know exactly why I did T21C because I posted on precisely that. But feel free to go on and on. I don’t hold these guys above criticism. K.]

  10. I understand you have no interest in them. But appearing on their channels to expose them as a fraud is doing the community good. If you’re willing to write a blog post about them and allow them to rebuff in the comments I don’t see the difference from doing it on their channel. [The community knows they are frauds, and the people who fall for it don’t learn from my exposes and then just fall for the next fraud six months later. If anyone can’t see how obviously faked this infield is, then being scammed out of $1000 is probably the least of their life problems. It’s not my job to pursue a spergy clown like Bradicus. Set up a blog of your own, analyse him, and I’ll link it. They can “rebuff” me all they want on their channels. Don’t care. K.]

  11. While Krauser might teach you how to say “Hello” to girls, and Bradicus how to get laid with them once in a while, if you want the “dim mak” of seduction, Andrew “Cobra” Tate is really something different:

    It’s Tate.
    When you see me, you can tell I’m different.
    There’s a certain electricity around me.
    If I enter one of the top clubs in the world, girls are drawn to me.
    When I enter a meeting with people far richer than me, they want to work with me immediately.

    I have this effect for one reason.
    It isn’t my Lambo or my 35k watch.
    And it isn’t my achievements in the real world.
    It’s because I’ve mastered ENERGY ABSORPTION.
    You see, most people expel energy.
    While I absorb it.

    -Why do I put on muscle so easily without much training?
    -How do I have so many women when most struggle to keep 1 girl?
    -And how do I make so much money without working much?

    Because I am made of fire. I am made of lighting {sic}.
    [I assume you write this as satire. Nobody here takes that tawdry conman seriously here. K.]

  12. Man Daygame is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My stats from 2019 were woeful compared to the other guys who are killing it (well done lads). My results have actually gone backwards compared to when I first started daygame. I look at guys getting laid far more than I do and don’t quite get it. I’d understand if they were vastly more attractive than me but that’s not the case at least in my mind. I’m certain it isn’t a race issue because my race are hostile as fuck to me some of the harshest blowouts ever. The really pretty ones give me the time of day but they usually have a white bf who for all intent and purposes are solid good-looking high value men.

    I know it’s just a transition issue like you said before Nick but the self doubt is killing me! You have weirdo’s like this setting up effortless dates with pretty Spanish girls.

    How am I getting better reactions but virtually no dates?! Some gorgeous girls from last year who were like yeah yeah lets do it then flaked lol Gaslighting or what?! How do you bang a high 8 in mainland Europe the year before but get almost nothing in London? Luckily I’m bloody-minded and am certain I will be a better man out of all of this. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one approaching genuinely attractive girls in London and everyone else is approaching mingers lol.

    For anyone wanting to get into daygame really think it through because you have to address the core of who and what you are. Unless you’re running chosen game well then I guess you remain the same character wise.

    • So starting game in 2020/2021 is not a possibility then, for a man who can get to about 6-6.5/10 in looks?

      I dont do game but I have certainly noticed in the last couple of years women in Australia being less flirtatious.

      It really does seem like the future of dating in the Anglosphere is pretty bleak.

      Weird thing is that even though my testosterone levels are pretty normal (got a test last week), my libido has gone way down. I just can’t be bothered in this dating market.

      • That wasn’t meant to put you off Elvis! Guys seem to be of the opinion that you can’t struggle (emotionally) and still get laid. You can always obtain solid pickup skills but the emotional control is the hardest part.

        I disagree. Anglo sphere are some of the easiest women and two of my lays have been with English girls. You don’t have to deal with prudish princessy behaviour. Although we know what that also entails. Drop in quality.

        The way i see it there are two types of guys in Game. Good looking guys who really ought to be getting good looking girls anyway without Game. And, low value guys who are getting one level of quality but you only see pictures of the hot ones. Very few guys are consistently dating high 7’s/low 8’s. And then you are made to look like the mad man ahhahahaa.

    • [How am I getting better reactions but virtually no dates?!]

      Getting dates now guys. Sorry for my hysteria. I need to chill the fuck out lol

  13. Tusk has a video on the rollercoaster journey of Game. What does he know about the rollercoaster of Game? His knuckles are trailing the ground πŸ˜‚

    • James Tusk shouldn’t be teaching game. Too many of his sets hook instantly because of his looks. He is the best example of good looking guy game to the max. If you look at all his wing men and instructors they are all obviously above average to good looking men. Some of his infields even have the girls complimenting how attractive he is.

      • Nah I’m sure he competes for the 9’s and 10’s with Game however that wasn’t my point. Whenever he (or any male 8 for that matter) goes on a date to nowhere with an 8/9/10 he can always effortlessly get a few 7’s without shifting out of first gear. Good looking guys don’t know what a dry spell is. Imagine what that does for your confidence or self belief knowing you have a rotation of 3 7’s! Normal guys can go months with nothing (bad luck, shit weather etc). We don’t have anything to fall back on so it’s either feast or famine. Doubly so if you have stringent quality control. Man it’s tough but luckily chatting up hot girls is fun.

        I really need to stop being the playground bully πŸ˜‚.

        [at all his wing men and instructors they are all obviously above average to good looking men.]

        I agree it’s pretty disgraceful but why not use it to better yourself? Be inspired man. Have a winners mentality.

      • Just saw Tusk (had never heard of him before)

        Lol holy shit. Imagine looking like him and running game. Must be like using tinder as an 8+ male. Every swipe is a match.

        6’1 too. A motherfuckin joke that he is teaching game.

        He has the look of a typical Chad that has appeal to basically every type of woman. [Given this conclusion, are you working hard to replicate his physique, or sitting on your ass bitching about how it’s not fair? K.]

    • I’m going to start approaching again once Coronavirus and the Rioting finishes. I’m living in an area that isn’t entirely safe because of these events. I have been on a dry spell for months as well. Its hard to have a winners mentality when the entire world is going to shit around you.

  14. I want the player community to go forth and fructify. I want my table to be surrounded by olive trees in the form of many and many players. That’s my vision. Go forth! πŸ™‚

  15. That John cooper seems like a right cuuunnnnnnttt! [We were needling each other a bit. K.]

  16. Of all the people at that table you choose Cooper as the cunt? Says a lot about where you’re at

  17. When do you think it will be ok to do daygame in London again? I’ve not done any since March and I’m worried I’ve regressed a lot since then

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