Final Memoir – Progress Report

June 29, 2020

Long-suffering readers are well aware that I never release my books on schedule. Some would argue it’s because I’m a lazy cunt and they’d be right but my attitude to writing is “it’ll be done when it’s done.” I am not a workaday writer who can sit at his keyboard from 9am and tap away like it’s an office job. I admire those who can, but that’s not me. I’m dependent upon inspiration. I feel my creative tanks fill up until the pressure reaches bursting point, then I sit at the keyboard and words pour out. After a few days, the tank is empty. I’ve tried forcing myself to stay at the keyboard but it’s like dry-retching after a hefty chunder [1].

So, I write in spurts.


Jugend, Hottend, Tighterschloss – yesterday abend

You’ll be please to hear, then, that the sixth and final volume in my epic pick-up memoir- Uberkrauser [2]– has now officially hit the half-way point of 75,000 words. That breaks the back of it. If you’ve tried writing yourself, you’ll know how intimidating blank pages can be. Even more so if you’ve committed to the project so the book must be written.

That’s how I felt early this year, after having procrastinated all through late 2019 and failed to begin the final volume. It would be embarrassing to have volumes 1-5 and 7 published and then never get 6 out the door. “Nick’s lost it,” people would whisper, “he went all George RR Martin and couldn’t finish what he started.” Equally intimidating was the quality issue: could I write another 150k words of blather about the same old shit without it reading like one of Tom’s being boring? [3].

bangin top

Palpable relief

So, all through the first 75k words I was wondering if I’d do justice to the stories or whether Uberkrauser would be forever known as the “last season of Game Of Thrones” version of a pick-up memoir. I’m pleased to report that I’m happy with the quality and my sole test reader says it’s the best yet. For the first time, I’m confident the book will be finished eventually.


The tone is set, the book is moving, and now I just need to keep plugging away. It’s parked for now so as to let the creative tank refill. I’ll probably get back on it in a couple of months.

If you’d like to crack on with my memoir then start at the beginning with Balls Deep here and slowly work your way through the pack.

[1] I’m aware that comparing my prose to vomit is not ideal.
[2] Working title
[3] If you’ve read the other six volumes, it evidently worked out okay so far.


  1. Good lady Nicky my boy! Look forward to it when it eventually comes out. Lazy fucka 😉

  2. Can’t wait for it to come out! Can we preorder it to help you stay motivated?

  3. That’s awesome to hear. I’m that Greg that commented on Bradicus and we had a nice walk around Belgrade.

    I’ve studied nutrition for 15 years focusing on health and longevity. Because you gave out so much value I’d love to share my knowledge and secrets that I’ve learned on my journey.

    It’s my way to say thanks for everything you’ve done.

    And hopefully we see you pimping in your 70s and 80s.

  4. Evening folks

    Apologies for chipping in with something that isn’t directly relevant to this post, but I thought some readers might find this mindwank worth a mention.

    I just saw a video of Prince Harry today (Poor lad) on Rolo Tomassi’s twitter feed.

    A lot has been said about going from Gamma to Sigma, but it looks to me like he has made a transition from Sigma to Gamma. Back in 2012 he was an active soldier partying with birds in Vegas, now this:

    I have previously wondered how this transition from Sigma to Gamma can happen. I suspect the causes of this ‘backward’ transition from Sigma to Gamma are either:

    A) A Sigma has created an ecosystem where he has no further need to establish compliance from the world around, leading to him inhabiting his own little world and becoming deluded.

    I would suggest a good example of this would be somebody who becomes very rich by establishing compliance from other high status men as they use their initiative and intelligence to create business deals.

    When they no longer have to fight for resources any more they enter their own little world of delusion. A character a bit like Elon Musk springs to mind.

    If you wanted to think in terms of SMV, you could consider the high value Sigma moving to SEA, no longer approaching girls because they come to him and becoming a fat expat who returns to the west as a Gamma, no longer able to secure compliance with high value western women but still believing he is high value.

    B) A Sigma is able to establish compliance from the world around them but the world around them has inverted feminine values, thus leading them on the road to becoming a Gamma.

    This is what has happened here to Harry when he defected to the values of his SJW bird. Another similar comparison I would make is Russell Brand when he became a spokesman for left wing politics.

    With the left holding the frame in the media I suspect this is why there are now so many Gammas- it is an easy default that absolves men from the responsibility of resisting the status quo and asserting their own independent thought – key to a masculine frame.

    I would argue that one of the positive things that is coming out of the chaos of the moment is that it has never been easier to go from Gamma to Sigma.

    As a start all you have to do is be prepared to walk against the left’s ideological tide rather than walk with it. It’s like a shit test from a girl you’ve just approached. If you speak the truth and do not bow you are already taking the first step in the right direction.

    I’m looking forward to the book as well BTW.

    • Wow I just came to Krauser’s blog now to comment about my gamma to sigma journey (I am one of the guys who has been commenting about that lately). Good to see another comment on it.

      At first reaction to your post I thought “I don’t see Harry as a Gamma. He is a straight up Beta”. But now that I think about it, he has a lot of Gamma tendencies:

      -he wifed up a woman of a different race than him (less status) who he probably thought would be ‘really grateful’

      -he has cut himself off from his family and all feedback that might be what he doesnt want to hear. I have done exactly the same thing in my life. I also have the ecosystem you mentioned where I don’t need to go out into the world to make $.

      I think Harry was never FULLY a Sigma. Even when he was partying he probably still had some loser tendencies. Didn’t totally define himself like his older brother, who is a pretty impressive guy.

      To he honest I resonate with him a bit. Ofcourse I am not part of a royal family, but I am from a ridiculously successful family that has always required me to play a role. I have similarly been dwarfed by a more mature and successful older sibling (a 6’3 Alpha millionaire cousin) and the jealousy and inferiority complex has eaten me alive the last few years.

      He is in deep shit. Rollo has commented that it could end in suicide, and I wouldn’t disagree with that

      • “B) A Sigma is able to establish compliance from the world around them but the world around them has inverted feminine values, thus leading them on the road to becoming a Gamma.


        With the left holding the frame in the media I suspect this is why there are now so many Gammas- it is an easy default that absolves men from the responsibility of resisting the status quo and asserting their own independent thought – key to a masculine frame”

        This is something I am finding hard. That by being a masculine and independent thinking guy you aren’t necessarily rewarded from the environment.

        Being a sigma today is tough. A lot of the fulfillment may have to come from within.

        A sigma today in the Anglosphere may realistically mean a very introverted, off the grid life.

        To he honest I think Krauser has a pretty good Sigma life. He’s in tremendous shape, he has banged ~160 women, he reads a few novels/books a week, and I presume makes his money from his specialized skill in game.

        I would be pretty fulfilled with something like this in my life (Though doubt I will ever excel much in game though).

        Would be very tough for Harry to live such an off the grid life though. Even if he kept banging around, what if he gets falsely metooed?

        For that reason I think he’s fucked.

      • Interesting comment.

        Looking at the royal family we could draw a parallel to your case. William is the older brother, tall and hunky who fully immersed into royal way of thought and education. He never stood out too much resembling a typical beta, but his long life game has been perfected into details. Married a Middleton who was also a trust fund kid with contacts in aristocratic circles. He’s been set up for life in the inner circle of Royals.

        Harry, on the other hand, is shorter and has a little bit of goofy look that, in my opinion, is qute common in redheads. Also I would claim he was not as talented as William with regards to classic education, manners and everything else that goes along with the royal lifestyle. Therefore he became a lifetime rebel because William was better and more important one for the royal family. Harry is more exhibitionist, more likely to end up in media, so basically more narcissist and searching to get noticed/approval like a typical celebrity. In the end he married the same ‘rebellious’ Megan as an epitome of his counter-lifestyle.

        His rebelliousness is not sigma, at least from my point of view. It’s a typical childish reaction of feeling offended and resentful because someone else has sth that he doesn’t have. Almost any one of us had this kind of feelings when young, it’s normal part of growing up. But Harry kept it “deep inside of him” and became one of these forever-resentful specimens. Kind of like typical SJWs and other ‘woke’ humanoids.

        This is coming from a guy from continential EU who occasionally consumes British news and tabloids, so no hard feelings if any info from the first paragraph is wrong.

  5. Bradicus Fake or Real? [Link removed. I’m not having that ginger fraud linked here, unless you are willing to post a detailed analysis or commentary with the link. K.]

    • I don’t think it is fake. However, he is in Moscow and bounces back an NYC slut lol (she’s pretty cute tho). Where are the locals?

      • I just dont see a guy like Bradicus pulling the way he said he does

        On one forum a few years ago he said he pulled like 18 women in Sydney in 3 months.

        This dude is ugly as hell. He would get mogged to death in Sydney. Can’t see him getting even 5 women in 3 months.

        Women here are extremely superficial and the competition between men is significant.

      • Don’t be so stupid man. No-one is pulling those numbers for free. OBVIOUSLY he is a fraud in the hire actresses sense but that doesn’t mean he can’t get laid from Daygame. Daygame is notorious for double dealing knaves who just cannot resist trying to appear better than they really truly are. Anthony Hustle, Tom Torero, Beckster etc to name a few.

        I can’t believe I’m defending him but that video that was linked seemed legit to me.

  6. looking forward to it Nick.

  7. The one thing about Bradicus is that he comes across as a complete moron. He simply does not have the verbal dexterity that is essential in a seducer with limited physical appeal. He is an idiot. But the thing is, following his IG stories, Bradicus is getting lots of women into his apartment. Frequently. Daily. There’s a new face sitting on his couch everytime I check in with his account. Sometimes two, three in there at the same time. So what’s going on? Okay, there is no proof that he is nailing any of these chicks and I’m pretty sure he’s not for the most part, but how is he getting these girls up to his apartment to begin with? Especially during a virus. Are they all paid? Are they all just happy to hang out with him until he makes a move and then they are gone? It’s all smoke and mirrors, of course, but he’s very good at the duplicity, and the girls seem happy to partake.

  8. Feedback and followers (if you enjoyed the content) hugely appreciated. Not just towards Nick but anyone here is welcome to brutal feedback, harsher the better as compliments are for pussies

    • I have seen your videos. I am impressed by your game.

      I am from Melbourne and hate the women here. Bland and dull, so have never really got into game.

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