Memoir Update: Volume Six

December 2, 2020

You thought I’d given up, hadn’t you? “Nick Krauser is gone. He can’t hack it any more. Gilbert Stones‘ relentless hounding of him has broken his spirit.”

Well, you’d be wrong.

I had actually completely exhausted my entire enthusiasm for writing and at 3am yesterday morning I was about to concede defeat. But then the strangest thing happened. A truck pulled up in front of my house at 4am and dropped off several boxes full of enthusiasm. Then a computer algorithm switched a ton of enthusiasm from Brooding Sea to me. For the whole of the next day I kept finding new piles of enthusiasm in dumpsters, in store rooms, and was even able to count some of my enthusiasm multiple times.

So, I went back to writing and it’s with great pleasure I can announce I have completed the draft manuscript of my sixth and final [1] volume and will present it to the state legislature for certification by December 8th.

Ham-fisted US election satire aside, here’s the deal: the hard work is done.

I am sitting on a 120k-word first draft now. It’s of the same length and quality as the first drafts of my other memoir volumes and I expect the rest of the publication process to go like those did too. The story is written. All the anecdotes are in there [2]

What happens next?

First, I turn my attention to collating the art and photos that will prettify the book. That means commissioning girl caricature art and combing my hard drives and phone gallery for the girl photos to hand over to the artist. I’ll also assemble a folder of my photo souvenirs from that year, 2016.

Second, I’ll park the manuscript for a week or so to cool off so as to view it with a fresh pair of eyes when I begin the first editing pass. That pass is mostly about getting a feel for the shape of the book and where it is light or plodding, for how I treat the characters [3], pacing issues, and so on. I’ll also try to track if I’ve opened loops that never close, or missed key themes.

Third, some poor sods will agree to test read it for feedback on everything and anything. Hopefully at least one of them will have something helpful to say that I can incorporate.

Fourth, I’ll send out some clandestine feelers among the Krauser Informant Network to see if anyone knows what Bodi is writing about me in his new memoir. If I reckon he’s failing to give me my due recognition for my lifetime contribution to daygame, I’ll do another edit to strongly imply he’s a homosexual.

Fifth, I’ll do a solid edit/re-write to tighten up all the prose, all the issues identified, and beef up the wordcount to around 150k words to include all the themes and stories I’d forgotten first time around.

Sixth and last, I’ll submit my final manuscript to the layout designer to begin assembling the final PDF and cover. I’ll probably not bother hiring a professional editor this time around. It all depends on how happy I am with the final rewrite.

If you’d like to read the world’s best seduction memoir, you should probably get cracking on with volume one, Balls Deep, because it’ll take you fucking ages to get through to volume six and time waits for no man. And buy Overkill.

[1] Chronologically speaking. It’s actually the seventh of seven in publication, if anyone even pays attention to my ramblings nowadays.
[2] Yes, including yours Salman, you big daft cunt.
[3] My first drafts are always very harsh on my pals and then I soften them for publication.


  1. Nick – just curious, do these books pay for your lifestyle? Would be entertaining to see a pua lifestyle cost/income breakdown.

  2. It’s nice to know the artists are drawing the drawings from photos of the actual girls. I appreciate your attention to detail.

  3. Why do you think it’s more interesting for a potential buyer to know about the process of the writing rather than about the content? [If anyone ever starts reading your memoirs, you’ll see they develop an interest. K.]

  4. Dammit. Here I was thinking you’d post something about how you smashed during quarantine so that I could live vicariously through it whilst I sit here getting fat eating oat cookies.

  5. I highly doubt that he is making that much

  6. Is Bodi still alive? I’ve been hoping for ages that he’ll write something new…. For a start he never updates his blog the lazy shit.

  7. I have got some time and it is a very interesting question… What money is in there?
    First of all… There is a lot of money in this industry… Really… Ridiculously….
    Second… there are guys who can get it into their pocket and there are guys who can’t.

    I think that it will tell everything that guys tryed to copy the “krauser business model”, for example “Craig Cassidy”… Within months he was gone forever….

    Also I watched some Torero videos in the past week… He rode a 125 ccm shitty motorcycle (which broke down) and for a week long he slept in bus stops and in beef cages /pig cages and under the stars….

    I almost wouldn’t believe my eyes… Okay I get it, freedom and everything, but sleeping in the cold in a beef cage? Thats very wild these days….

    Thats how much money they are making… Now compare this to the Tates…

    Or better just compare it to “RDS” Ty**… Compare it to the “Myster” gang.. D.”Angleo”…. Did you know that those guys did more then $1 million dollar+ / launches? They simply paid for the best of the best marketers at that time… That was the key to the successes.

    Or even better, did you know that just top marketers, without any name did 500k+ with paid advertising? I know a dude, who sold 1200 copies…daily… This is how you buy a lambo…

    And what Mr Marketer Krauser do? Try to sell overpriced books for small amount of fans and make money on it… Its the complete opposite what works now…Smart companies actually selling their books for very cheaply into the masses, even loosing money on them, then later on they are going to make money on the backend.

    Even the customer acquisition is very weak on this blog… Not even the blog posts optimised properly to get more visitors from google…. Although with 80 000 visitors / month definitely possible to drive a very nice car, but I don’t feel like it is the case in K’s life….

    I was fell in love with daygame around 2015-16 time and I was a huge fan of krauser… at that time me and K corresponded a couple email about daygame, then I offered him that I would love to work on his strategy, blog etc. completely free. etc… and then he did not responded anymore….

    Just 1 e-mail… Thats what it takes sometimes… to sit in a Lambo or on a red bus… Somethimes it can be the difference. Although we are never going to know what would if…. And this pua thing are dying anyway.. slowly but surely…. So the time is down…

    • K.
      Honestly… Would it be possible to show some stats, what is the math really behind the scenes?
      Torero a couple of years ago did a video where he showed the math… He said that on average he makes more then what would he get as a teacher…

      but I guess it is not true these times [I do fine but it should be pretty obvious that I’m not trying to get rich off daygame and I haven’t the slightest interest in a Lambo. K.]

      • Yes I get it.
        I want to retire when I am going to be 35-40 years old…

        I like adventurous lifestyle… And I get it what Torero does for example…

        But wouldn’t even try this one:
        (around 10 minutes he is showing that he is sleeping next to some cow shit… ) Money will give to you the true freedom.. and let avoid the cow shit… and the highly unreliable, small english motorcycles (no offense 😀 )

  8. Your volumes remind me of the diary of Tristam Shandy. It took him a year to write about each day in his life!

  9. Reading volume 3 Younger Hotter Tighter at the moment from Australia and I am hooked. Probably going to finish the entire series. You should write another one for your post daygame life! Volume 8, Chicken and Broccoli [Glad you enjoy it. K.]

  10. I’ve given an vacillating review of la reine margot Nick, not sure if you’ve seen it, would be interesting to hear your take 🙂 [Where? No plans yet to be in London. K.]

  11. Also, will there be a meet and greet next month? I wish to clear my schedule for the don dada of daygame hehe

  12. I’m predicting you author 2 more memoirs.

    And the fact you see me as a trump-like figure is truly a compliment. Truly, a beautiful thing to say.

    • He could definitely write more, especially where “Last man banging” ended, with further ruminations on various subjects. Some of us truly love it.

      But the real question still lingers on : Does he really want to? [Not really. If there’s enough good stories, maybe in a couple of years. K.]

  13. Do we have an update on the release date for this Nick?

  14. Hi Nick, just finished re-reading all of your memoires. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Any word on the release date of Volume 6?

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