The Imaginary World Of The Tate Brothers

July 26, 2020

I already did a little online due diligence on con-trepreneur Andrew Tate‘s kickboxing record, proving quite easily that he’s a liar. Go read it here. I don’t actually have a problem with Tate: as far as I’m concerned he’s a lolcow– that is, a public figure who exists purely for normal people to point and laugh at. If you are dumb enough to swallow his bullshit then you deserve everything you get. My problem is more with all the manosphere/Red Pill charlatans who keep inviting him on their shows and promoting this shabby liar. They have a duty of care to their listeners that they are flagrantly derelict in.

So, I wasn’t particularly invested in exposing all Tate’s other lies. The kickboxing record was enough for ‘umble Krauser.

However, while sitting in a cafe bored with Jimmy, I thought that as an experiment I’d see how many lies I could find about Tate in just five minutes of online searches. I’ve been saying for months that these Red Pill/Manosphere podcasters are outrageously negligent in not doing any due diligence on their guests. Or, more likely, they are complicit in the lies. So, in order to win a beer from Jimmy, I challenged myself to run a Five Minute Online Due Diligence Test.

Andrew Tate wouldn’t be a controlled experiment, as I already know about him and his whores, rented sports cars, grubby suburban compound, fake ForEx business, and so on. But, maybe he has a brother?

Mrs Andrew Tate


Oh, the indignity! Google records him entirely in reference to his big bro. So, let’s look into Mrs Andrew Tate a little and see if he’s engaging in the same false front building as his bro.

1. The Kickboxing
As you can see from his IG profile, he too claims to be a K1 World Champion. So, I searched for his kickboxing record and…. I can’t find it. His big bro was quite successful on the amateur/semi-pro circuit but Tristan Tate fought at such a low level that you can’t even find out who or where he fought. He may be the first K1 World Champion in history to have an unrecorded title fight! [1]. Jerome Le Banner must be really pissed!

Tate IG

lol, “weapons”. Did you fall for this, Cerno?

Tristan is a kickboxer, though. Just not a top one. Watch this fight here:

Note how sloppy his technique is. Winging wide open punches, stumbling forwards, falling into his shots, and it’s like both of them are moving in Bullet Time. They are harder men than I am – no doubt about that – but this is not world class kickboxing. I respect guys who fight, but I repeat the same as about his big bro: the real story is impressive enough, so stop lying about it! Go watch actual K-1 Max to see what world class really looks like.

Sherdog MMA record

As for MMA, he had one fight against a nobody and got knocked out in under two minutes. No shame in that, but not indicative of a world class fighter.


Musashi Tate

2. Natty or Not?
Tristan has a habit of standing shirtless in car parks holding cheap Chinese-made swords. Presumably that’s what Musashi Miyamoto would be doing were he born in our epoch. There’s no question Tristan has a very buff, muscular body. So, imagine my surprise when he claims in his IG that he’s natty. Let’s do a before/after comparison. So, taking a still from the above kickboxing video we see how he looked after years of training, and compare that to a recent IG post, taken about eight years after the fight.

Natty or not

Not only has Tristan been the first ever kickboxer to have an unrecorded world title fight, he’s now the first ever bodybuilder to make his most significant natural muscle gains over ten years into his training. Not even Arnie could do that! Note also all the obvious testosterone / anabolic tells: grossly over-developed shoulders and upper arms, traps eating his head, glowing leathery skin tone, extreme muscle fullness at low body fat percentage. It’s pretty damn obvious.


3. Buying IG followers
The Tates would have you believe they have built organic social media followings based on good content, networking, or some other social media magic. However, the fastest and easiest way to grow your online follower stats is to simply buy them. We can test for that by checking out Social Blade, a web analytics site that analyses social media accounts to track when followers were added and lost. The obvious tell for bought (i.e. fake) followers is that you get a massive spike for a day or two, then gradually haemorrhage followers. So, let’s look at Tristan.

Social Blade Tate

Oh! What a surprise!


4. Planting articles
Did you know that there are blogs and “news” sites whose business is entirely about accepting money to plant articles on their site? Forbes magazine does this, taking money to run puff pieces, a trick used by many high-budget con-trepreneurs. But what if you’re low-budget, struggling to get by in the suburbs of a third-world shithole like Bucharest? What if you can’t afford Forbes?

Fiverr and Upwork are your friend. For $10 a go, you can get some Indian or Filipino to write a puff piece on you in broken English then plant it on these fake sites. But why would anyone do that, Nick? Why would anyone lie on the internet?


It’s to paper the first page of Google with articles you control, so that if anyone does Google you, you get what they want you to see. It’s a way to push a false narrative [2]. So, let’s Google Tristan and see what pops up.

google papering

Note all published in same couple of days


So, he’s planted essentially the same article a half-dozen times on fake news sites. Some of those sites even explicitly state they publish any old shit if paid.

Tate puff piece

Click on them. Note same articles slightly rewritten, all in terrible English


All of the above took me just five minutes to find. That’s all it would’ve taken Troy Francis, Hardy Haberland, Rollo Tomassi, Bobby Dino et al to know that they were inviting a liar onto their shows. It’s all it would take you fucking goons [3] to figure it out, rather than ask me questions in the comments, “what do you think of this guy?”

Red Pill Charlatans

Shame on you, manosphere dupes

Is Tristan a cool guy? I don’t know. Scrolling through his IG I’m actually inclined to think he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. He’s a competent amateur kickboxer, works hard in the weights room and kitchen, and is pro-actively going after the lifestyle he wants. He seems pretty chill too. A guy like that is normally fun to hang out with.

But, would I buy any of his products? Would I take him seriously on any issue whatsoever? Absolutely not. His entire public image is a false front, built with shameless, premeditated lies. He’s a bullshitter. Bullshitters are often good crack to go drinking with [4] but you never let them near your wallet.

I haven’t gone into Tristan’s hookers, staged photo shoots, or sock puppet accounts as that would’ve taken more than five minutes. I think I’ve done enough to demonstrate that lies and bullshit are a persistent feature of every aspect of his life. You can draw your own conclusions over if he’d also lie about his sexual hijinks.

[1] I shall now update my IG profile to claim the WBC Super Middleweight title.
[2] I experimented with exactly this tactic for my band.
[3] It’s been a while since I insulted my readership. I was starting to think you miss it.
[4] Tom Torero and Antony Hustle are both engaging company in person, for example.


  1. You got some front Nick slagging off the Tates, you want to watch that Geordie potatoe cake eating mouth of yours or it might end up with no teeth! As for jimmy “incel grandad fake wannabe rock star ” jambone who gives a flying fuck about him! You and him are not worth the steam off the Tates piss 😂. Also white van man says you are a cunt…

    • I just want to point out Nick is two years older than me so if anyones is the grandad he is.

    • Yeah Nick, you jealous incel grandpa, stop bad-mouthing the Beast of Bucharest, LMAOOO

      Btw. if per footnote [1], you actually do add WBC Super Middleweight Champ to your profile, you should add smth like “Scourge of Serbia” under it too :))

      Hope you enjoyed the pint as much as I enjoyed the post!

    • Any comment on Cerno marrying a [edit]
      Rollo having a daughter and wife that [edit]

      Is the manosphere one huge con? [Though I have points of issue with Cerno and Rollo, they are good guys and I won’t have their families attacked here. K.]

  2. He’s a scammer but out of the lot you mentioned he’d get girls the easiest (hot ones too). [There is literally no evidence of this. K.]
    I don’t like him or his brother going by their shit YouTube channel. Neither of them are hard in real life. It’s all front. Andrew Tate was on Big Brother many years ago and played the snakey villain that everyone hated (females in the house couldn’t stand him). He was a gossipy bitch who got owned by Marco Pierre White’s son lol

    Troy Francis is full of shit. He’s not good with women at all. The complete opposite of a renegade playboy.

    Andrew is also on gear.

    This industry needs regulating. Rollo Tomassi licking Andrew Tate’s ass when he’s interviewing him is cringe.

  3. secret profile of Tristan
    Most certainly hookers. [Yep. Been sent screen caps before he made it private. Hookers in same bedroom as Tristan and Andrew’s own IG photos. K.]

  4. I’d like to see a post on their Pick Up skills. From watching their youtube I saw that they all get rejected in Western Europe. But it appears that they have gfs in Eastern Europe. Also I believe them that they run a webcam business somehow they had the money to buy houses and sport cars in Romania. You can still see his privat Twitter if you follow it btw.

  5. What is the issue with Torero? Guy is a huckster or what? [Nah, not really, but I like to prod at him now and then. K.]

  6. Blind leading the blind. I’m starting out in the pickup business and even after 10 years I’m still not 100% confident and want to improve. I doubt and test everything. Yet everyone is super sure in their knowledge and what they’re bringing to the table. The more I go into twitter, fb groups I see scammers after scammers. They’re teaching you to be yourself, to build your value and women will magically come, that meditation is going to solve all your problems, they’re saying that approaching is low value. And the gullible masses are eating their shit up.

    Talking about eating. My offer for nutrition (health and longevity) coaching still stands. I won’t be able to explain it over the comments because it’s just too complicated but you have my email and you can reach me there.

  7. Andrew Tate is still fighting, this time its even worse, he’s not even fighting European or even national level competition now. He’s fighting legitimate beginners, and then making 20 tweet long twitter threads talking about how he can only fight world championship level elite fighters because he’s so experienced. He just fought yesterday lol [Yeah, that was so cringe. He fought an overmatched flabby beginner who quit after a glancing blow to the shoulder. If I was Tate, I’d be paying the fight promoter to bury the video so no-one saw how I was padding my record with stiffs. It’s the MMA equivalent of fucking a fat purple-hair from Tinder and tweeting +1. K.]

  8. My main issue with the Tates is that they hold their customer base in such open contempt. They have this range of snake oil subscription-only offering with no peer-review or generally any feedback whatsoever. Nonsense terms like “PhD Programs” with the obligatory image of them displaying strong Asperger face coupled with cigar. This, in of itself is deemed to be sufficiently strong enough concept to convince men (many of whom are legitimately trying to improve their lives) to part ways with money that will undoubtedly provide the same useless Twitter diatribes but in video form.

    We had the Playersyear account (Tristan Tate) positioned as a genuine guy with game but this was simply a vehicle to build a marketing base until it was outed (change your bed sheets from time to time you filthy bastards even if it is just the room the webcam whores work in). But the message was the same, both Tates slammed the community as fakes and frauds while setting the community up for a Sting. 5k of idiots so far on that sock puppet account.

    And as Krauser has pointed out, we have the likes of Rollo platforming them (bet you can taste those juicy book sales eh, Rollo, quid pro quo).

    As has been said, if the Tates just stuck to being a couple of good looking baller dudes who had cheated the system a bit (and played with their SMV via the means discussed above) the community would have smiled and simply said more power to them.

    But they didn’t, so it can’t come as a surprise when the community bites back.

  9. @Nick

    If you can be bothered to do so check out companies house and you’ll see that every Tate brother uk limited company has been struck off for various shit. Non filing etc..

    No accounts have ever been filed on anything.

    You’re quite right to hold them in contempt. I’ve worked down in that region and it’s so poor that anyone western has women falling off them. Turn up in one of those cars and they’ll just be forming a queue. That’s not game, that’s desperate economic circumstances.

    He’s just cashing out chumps. It’s not good for men, and I’ve no idea why other manosphere leaders give him airtime.

    He will be paying a lot of protection down there, and it doesn’t get interesting until that escalates. When I had a business down there we ended up having to jump a flight and abandon it when it got too hot. And I was playing it straight.

    It’s gonna be an interesting thing to watch. Buy popcorn.

  10. Andrew Tate’s twitter is pretty funny and entertaining at times.

    Both those guys look like they’d pull a lot of ass anyway- 6’4 light skin black guys (Tristan looks completely European) in UK..forget about it. [Then why are they hiring hookers in Romania? Watch Tate on Big Brother to see what women really think of him. No amount of physique makes up for aspergers and low self esteem. K.]

    If you want to know about a truly interesting Tate, google Emory Tate, their father.

    Apparenly a chess genius.

    As an aspiring Sigma male, I’m inclined to admire him more than his sons.

    • Gamma to Sigma journey:

      I’m beginning to confront my ego now, and fuck its rough.

      I’m beginning to see why Krauser said on his podcast about Gamma something like ‘don’t confront your ego all at once, it’s too painful’.

      I’m beginning to see how pathetic my life has been, how much I missed out on happiness/success in my 20s.

      My life has been pitiful for the last 6 years or so.

      Only total focus on my goals, and dropping my petty battles, will redeem me.

      I need to stop escaping what is staring me in the face.

    • chad with aspergers is better than PUA with aspergers

    • The most genuine thing about the Tates is just how deeply and irreparably their father fucked up their psyches. Emory Tate was a chess master in the same way Andrew was a K1 champion – he won the US Armed Forces Championship (a mid-tier tourney at best) multiple times and could beat a grandmaster on his best day, but never had a truly successful pro career. This bothered him so much that he abandoned his family when Andrew was like 9 or 10 to dedicate his entire life to chess and… still never made grandmaster and died in poverty.

      Read any of Andrew’s stories about his dad and it’s clear that he was certainly emotionally if not physically abusive, and rather than admit he was frightened of or damaged by his autistic weirdo of a father, Andrew chooses to believe his dad had secret genius insights into how the world really works, and that the abuse he received was a good thing, and made him the man he is today.

  11. It’s a bit off topic, but you seem to know your stuff in boxing. Could you recommend me please a youtuber or a blogger who explains boxing? Thanks in advance [Lawrence Kenshin, Modern Martial Artist, Precision Striking, Rummy’s Corner. K.]

  12. Hi Nick, hope all is well. My Daygame has gotten tremendously better but still no luck.This is chooser Game after all. A little more than half are responding to my feeler text, I’m closing at 1 number in 2.5 some weeks, and getting more dates. Lots lost during texting phase. All I did was dress more like a bad boy. Compared to when I used to close 1 in 10 and almost all my feeler texts would go unanswered in 2019. This is very encouraging! I’ve copped 4 massive IOI’s last week and gone in. They either have a bf or think I’m a bad idea. 1 girl barraged me with 3 questions in under a minute! She said I sounded and dressed posh would you believe it! but didn’t want to give me her number. It’s all good though. So by all metrics I’ve improved but still no jollies. And now we have August. I hate August. Not asking for anything per say I just feel like a new person. A transformation if you will. I never believed I could improve un London Nick! All because I didn’t give up or more importantly I processed the feedback 🙂

    • Oh yeah, two hot girls hijacked the frame and invited me out while they were with their gf’s. Moved on naturally. So thats hindered this months potential success. 🙂

      • You could have gone out with them just for practice as long as you don’t buy them drinks etc.. start on the fattest ugliest one of the four and ignore the best looking one.

        Just sayin time in the saddle is valuable even if you don’t get an N+1

      • I mean, they definitely see me as more than just a friend but is it really worth being messed around? Also, it’s just a form of low investment. Tbf one lives out in Essex so I could understand her reluctance to travel in just for a low interest date. I’m just determined to not have my time wasted this year. Been down that road countless times! Also, there is that pull of knowing statistically you can find another one in 15-30 sets!

  13. @pinkPantherPUA

    I don’t know really. I haven’t got the full picture so I’d need a full field report.

    Did you hit on them day game and number close and then get invited out with a 4some?

    Anyway my point was that being out with a group of women would be a DHV and you could either game the group, or use the group as pre selection to pivot off and hit other women, or merge sets.

    As long as you’re not buying them drinks then it’s all good practice.

    No substitute for rubber on the road lol..

  14. Dear diary, I mean Nick 😉 Week 1 of cutting transformation complete. 6 gym sessions (3X2) morning heavy bodybuilding and evening cardio. I won’t be stopping until my obliques start showing. Turns out I’ve been bulking for the last 5 years. Funnily it is a form of avoidance as you are refusing to reveal areas in which you could improve/grow. Luckily I have some size so it should be interesting to see what I look like in 83 days.

    This is about more than just fucking hot girls in their prime Nick 😉 This is a fight for relevance.

    P.S bumped into Tusk, he has my word i’ll stop chatting shit about him.

    • Fuck me, lost 0.5lbs of weight last week (fat I hope, still hitting my macros). At this rate I’ll lose 2.2kg by week 6!

      I’m legitimately nonplussed right now. [Be sure to update us on every small change. K.]

  15. Off topic, but:

    Carb reload days >>>>>>>> cheat days.

    I cant believe I actually thought I could have a cheat day a week, while at the same time trying to get to 12% body fat when I’d been overweight for a decade.

    I had never heard of carb reload days until I saw your last blog post, so thanks for that Krauser.

    Now I just have 2 days a week where I have ~50grams of wholegrain + maybe a bit more carbs.

    I have eliminated the cheat meal in the last 3 weeks, and I am down to the weight I was at 18 years old.(I’m 31 now)

  16. Another victory for Tate.
    He almost reminds me of Charlie Zelenoff with all them wins.

    • Wow. Tate isn’t teaching the guy anything. All he’s doing is using a shorter, less experienced student as a punch bag. The thing is the student knows that Tate is better, so doesn’t hit him hard when Tate’s guard is down as he knows deep down that the response from Tate would be a bit of a beating. Even though Tate is happy to punch away at his student like he’s just a bag to hit. I know that pressure testing is a thing and it’s worth getting whacked a few times when sparring so you know what it feels like. But that’s not it.

      • I’ll also say that the student looks knackered at the begining so this was maybe at the end of a training session. So he’s fucked from the start. Also I’m surprised Tate didn’t tell him that his left hand is too low. It’s covering his belly, so his whole left face is exposed and hence he keeps getting hit there. A good/well intentioned instructor would hit him once and say ‘don’t drop your guard’.

  17. I read your ‘I blow a dead cert SNL by being a douchbag’ from 2011. I decided to go out solo in Camden World End amongst other bars. I spot a curvy girl in the queue easily the sexiest one and instantly think How would Steve Jabba be thinking psychologically before noticing the sexiest girl in the bar? Lo and behold, I’m ordering a drink and she runs her hands down my shoulder/arm and screams “sexy!” at me as her and her friend go to the toilets. Yes you read that right fellas an average looking man is sometimes sexy. I find a great place to nurse my drink and can’t seem to find her and think its low value to go looking for her. Night Game is not Game. It’s looking your best, rock up and have slutty girls choose you. Gives a break from trudging the streets so occasionally i do not mind. Your free content nearly got me laid Nick boy! 😉

    • Game kind of reminds me of secondary school were those special disadvantaged kids who were assigned mentors to help get them through their GCSE’s 😂 This shit is so difficult even when results are forth coming.

  18. Nick could you get in twitch, it’s a new popular free speech platform. Miss your comical posts

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