Daygame Overkill Review and TNL comparison

December 13, 2020

I think it will surprise exactly nobody to learn that I still have nothing but contempt for James Marshall’s bullshit outfit The Natural Lifestyles. They may not be the absolute bottom of the daygame barrel [1] but they are pretty close. The marketing is bullshit, the coaches have no ability, the owners are sleazy whore-mongers, and… well…. I’m almost lost for words. So, I was quite pleased when reader Ben submitted this unsolicited review. I present it unedited below.

Let the hate flow through you……….

Make it stop!

I am probably one of the few people who have products from Nick Krauser and TNL as I imagine they attract a different type of crowd. The Black Friday nonsense is upon us and the TNL have all of their online courses up for sale. Of course that includes the ones they said would never be available again. It has been quite some time since I last looked at the TNL courses. I have three. The Five Principles Legacy Edition, Dating Accelerator and the Masculine Touch Blueprint. If you think about buying their products then I would like to point a few things out about them and compare them to Daygame Overkill. These are of course just my opinions.

I would recommend Overkill to anyone who is interested in Daygame and wants to know what it looks like, what to do, what to say and how it works. I would only recommend the TNL courses to people who are nervous wrecks and take anti anxiety medication. The boring and monotone voice of James Marshall droning on for hours without ever teaching you anything of substance will calm you down. And maybe in a way, somehow it will help you get laid. But I would not count on it.

Overkill is 5 1/2 hours long. The Five Principles LE is estimated 30 hours long (if you include all the webinars). Overkill costs a fraction and is worth much more. You will actually learn something from Nick. Both products have a talk and infields. But Overkill has more infields and actually shows you different types of girls and teaches you different concepts like yes/maybe/no girls, IOI’s, yours and her body language, how to spike, how to stack, hook point, how to stop a girl and much more. You will of course never hear about any of those from the Five Principles, the flagship course. If you want to know how to stop a girl in the street from TNL you will have to buy the dating accelerator which costs as much as Overkill and includes a few hours of boring talks and is basically telling retards how not to harass women. And of course a few videos where James is demonstrating how to stop a girl and what not to do. But that is it. Not how to open, not how to stack, no structure, no nothing. In one video (not in the same product ) James is also saying that Dating Accelerator is basically a sales funnel to get guys to buy more courses. And it costs as much as Overkill.

A fair deal, yesterday

So now you know how to stop a girl. What is next? Well in Overkill the answer is simple (but not easy to execute) and straight forward. Nick is giving you examples and explains why it works. So you can go out and practice for yourself and try it out. And the Five Principles? A course that is supposed to teach you how to seduce women. You will get access to one of the principles each week. The first principle is awareness. Inner and outer awareness. In the Legacy edition there is a one hour talk on inner and outer awareness each. Plus the original talk. Basically it is you knowing what goes on inside you. You know, your feelings. And what goes on around you. The outer one is looking at a girl and trying to figure out if she is in a hurry or not. Or if she looks sad or whatever. And countless suggestions that you should meditate. And at the end there is you first mission: approach girls and be aware of what goes on inside you and around you. Not how to approach not how to open, nothing. Just be natural. Just do it. I probably don’t remember the right order of the missions but there was also one where you are supposed to feel your heart when you approach and one where you are supposed to go to a club and meditate in the middle of the dance floor.

The next principle is Intent. Nick talks about this for five minutes in Overkill and it is clear as day what it is. James wastes your time for more than an hour with the Dr. Fox effect. There is also an hour long interview with Liam. The mission for this week is: approach girls and feel your balls. Not with your hands! Again you are not taught how to do daygame by James. The next week it is the principle of Emotional Impact. It is paramount according to James that you create an emotional impact with the girl if you want to sleep with her. Ok how do I do that? I have watched the hour long video several times and I still don’t know how. Either I am too dumb (entirely possible ) or he never explains it. This week also includes an interview with John Keegan. Pressure and Release. TNL’s version of pull/push. Now here James actually gives examples but not many and its still an hour long. And lastly it is Decisiveness. An hour long talk about how not to dick around and actually „pull the trigger“. Basically being direct with the girl and going for what you want. Another interview this week and this time it is Sasha Daygame (one certainly has to be decisive to drink once own piss so he is the perfect man for the subject). In the infields, five of them, James shows how he and others have used the principles to get girls numbers.

And that is mostly it. You can also watch the hours of webinars on each principle. Maybe you will see highlights such as one student saying that he did not learn anything from the course and that he regrets spending so much money on it and James trying to defend the course. You can also watch how James demonstrates how to spank a girls ass. Somebody asked about it. Apparently there was a photoshoot going on with Liam and a few models in the next room. In the middle of the night in their Airbnb. So he gets one of the ahem „models“ and pulls her pants down to demonstrate how to spank a girls ass.

And if you have never touched a girl in your life the Masculine Touch Blueprint gives you many examples of how to do it. Where to touch in what context and how. This course is done by Liam and there are a few practical videos on eye contact and silence. Plus a few infields and interviews with girls. But I would not recommend it. I mean again if you have no experience at all it might help.

The Effeminate Touch Blueprint

I bought all of these courses before I even knew about Nick and his stuff or the LDM. I was taken in by the marketing and the constant PUA-bashing and the glorification of being natural. Overkill is showing the structure of the LDM in action. I was really angry that I wasted so much money on TNL and got basically nothing out of it. And then I watched Nick’s stuff and I was floored. Here was actually some good practical advice that I could try out for myself and see how it works. A lot of detail and also in my opinion a lot of fun. You will learn the model and how it works. There is a lot of technical jargon and its very detailed. All the steps are explained. How stop, open and what to do next. Daygame is hard and if you rely on finding yes girls it will be hell (unless you are good looking of course). Of course there are no guarantees in life and Overkill will not magically get you laid. There is a lot of hard work to be done. But with Overkill you will at least know what to work on.

Do yourself a favour and don’t fall for the TNL stuff even it is on sale right now. It not worth that amount of money.

Daygame Overkill is available here and it’s the best $200 you’ll ever spend on daygame. The various TNL products are available here.

[1] JMULV and Bradicus are ranging uncharted territory at that end.


  1. Interesting I have already a couple of your books but I never new that you had a video course

  2. If you want a good laugh go on youtubes and check out the TNL warrior training.

    It’s a group of grown men crawling around and grunting like apes. They throw spears but have the athleticism of a teenage girl.

    And why do they all have that greasy PUA look (long hair, low cut shirts, weird accessories)?

    What are your thoughts on Bald and Bankrupt becoming a youtube celebrity? He was a former infamous RVF EE sex tourist.

    • Interesting that you mention this about Bald and Bankrupt. I have previously found myself watching his vids and being impressed by his frame and wondering if he knew pickup. His charisma to win strangers over in any situation is remarkable. [I’ve never met him. He’s certainly likeable in a social hook point kind of way. K.]

  3. Liam walked past me in Prague once. He literally looked like a homeless person. Guy needs a hairbrush and some shampoo.

  4. I’m glad others came to the same conclusion on this monotonous loser.

    He’s been stinking up Budapest twice a year with his band of losers who run bootcamps pestering girls around Deak Square.

    On my last day there for sh*ts and giggles, I decided to wait for him to approach a chick, and straight after I approached the same chick making sure he saw me doing a straight up robbery.
    The look on his face was priceless.. Made my trip!

    The only thing I’ve learnt watching his youtube videos is…
    You can have the best cameras and highest quality infield daygame videos on Youtube,
    but that won’t make up for the lack of game a person has.

    Daygame Overkill may not be the highest quality infield footage out there, but the content is pure gold.
    In all of Nick’s sets, you can actually feel the sexual tension and the spark on the street that Nick has created.
    I’d choose Daygame Overkill any day of the week over delusionists like JMULV & James Marshall et al..

  5. Nothing but shit from monotone marshall.

    Only good thing going for them is their marketing angle: being a ‘natrual’ is too good an angle to pass up.

    Imagine books titled “How to natrually learn Japanese”, “How to naturally learn Football” or “How to naturally get girls”.

    No one wants to do things the “unnatural” way or the “manipulitive” way, we all want to “naturally” and “effortlessly” do something.

    If I were in Krauser’s shoes and I wanted to save the ignorant guys falling for marshall’s bullshit, I’d remarket/rebrand myself as something like “street game”. Something concrete and tangible so that by comparison “natural lifestyles” and “natural game” looks like some airy fairy nonsense.

    • btw, any news on when you 21 Studio talk will be uploaded?

    • “No one wants to do things the “unnatural” way or the “manipulitive” way, we all want to “naturally” and “effortlessly” do something.”

      Not entirely true. Mystery with the underground, hidden, secret “mystery method” angle made this whole industry big.

      It worked like a charm for years… then different companies come with the angle of natural game which is also good…. “natural seduction”.. its good… although both angle attracts a slightly different audience… but both of them are excellent, especially the mystery one….. it is created an industry… “Mystery” or whoever invented it that thing is a true genius

      I feel like K.-s angle arent the best.. Its “younger, hotter, thighter” if I am correct.
      I think that this angle would attract 40 years old males who are just recently got divorced and looking for a solution to get a new chick…

      Although he will face it very soon that pickung up 20 years old hot girls with a halfway bald head and with a big beer belly is not as easy as he thought after the “younger, hotter, tighter” message…And after 40 year old regular Joe found out that daygame requires years of practice and a lot of self improvement and a lot of time he will go and fuck a hooker and thats it.

      But from experience I feel like K’s audience is not really the 40 year old average Joe… Those guys would be a very small audience….

      I feel like your real audience is more like guys, from 20- mid30 at max, and decent looking with a decent job. If I am right, then this message is not really a god fit for them, it makes some friction for new visitors.

  6. Yes my boy Krauser, I agree with you on this one!

    These hairy Australian guys must learn the truth, that us bald men rule pickup!

  7. They are all dreamsellers.

  8. This guy claims he got “rich” as CEO of TNL. I doubt there is much money in this market.

  9. I met Liam once, his advice isn’t terrible it’s just not very advanced and not worth paying for. I saw his sets with my own eyes. He’s got pretty good vibe and holds sexual tension well with girls, solid eye contact and non verbals, every reason to believe he does get his fair share of lays? Do you actually think Liam has poor game or just don’t like the company as a whole!

    • It’s not that they are have no useful advice to give. But it is mostly stuff you can find for free. If they had zero value to give they would not have customers. But it’s just not worth the horrendous prices they ask for. Most of their advice is geard towards beginners and finding yes girls. They seem to take advantage of vulnerable guys. And by the way, Sasha Daygame did not invent these silly “social freedom exercises”. Alber Ellis did 60 years ago.

      And in Liam’s course there are interviews with some girls he slept with. Let’s just say I would not approach them. Except for the girl they have in most of their videos who looks exactly like my ex. There used to be a podcast on their channel that is now gone, where Liam talks to his ex girlfriend and people in the comments were making fun of him because she was not really all that attractive.
      Plus their marketing is bullshit. Their transition into “peronal development” and “lifestyle design” seems very sketchy.

      • There were videos of Liam 5+ years ago kiss closing ugly Australian feminists

        I wouldn’t have approached them either

    • I’ve met Liam as well (I regrettably did the TNL bootcamp about 6-7 years ago). I’m probably not the right person to be evaluating another man’s attractiveness, but in my own estimation I never saw him experience any success with a woman relatively more attractive than him. This is a guy who’s quite tall (about 6’1″) and fit, maybe not super handsome but who had (at the time) a good sense of style, who had youth on his side and a lot of energy, confidence and enthusiasm. He looks like a crazy homeless guy now, but at the time, with decent Game, I reckon he should’ve been on a steady diet of 7s, with a few 8s thrown in and maybe the odd 9 on special occasions. But he was slumming it on 4s, 5s and 6s. Sure, when you’re demonstrating cold approach to students you have to approach some girls who may not be your first choice, but he was going for some girls I wouldn’t bother with and labeling it ‘success’.

      You can get your notch count up that way, but I just don’t see it as success. I certainly didn’t get into Game to get a higher quantity of the girls I was already getting, I wanted higher quality. And Liam’s advice is useless to this end. His advice doesn’t even work for him, and I have no doubt that he fully buys into his own BS. He has that hyperactive show-pony vibe which most women naturally like, if he ditched that TNL Eastern religion energy-channeling meditation crap he would probably have more success. TNL advice is really just a powerful form of anti-Game.

      He has some decent tips in terms of the initial approach and I think there was some value in quickly racking up the first 100-150 approaches on the bootcamp. But it’s impossible justifying paying the thousands of dollars just for that.

  10. Good evening Nick,

    I had a quick question for you.

    I did notice that the login link for your BlackBook video product is no longer functioning. ” —–> It says application shut down for maintenance.

    If you are done with the updates I’d appreciate the new log in link.

    Anyways I hope your doing well and hope you and your family have a joyful Christmas ! [Black Book transitioned to a new platform. Anyone who has trouble getting in should email me their proof of purchase and I’ll manually resent login credentials. K.]

  11. Huh. Is this the natural lifestyles that ripped off the entire Melbourne lair forums and pretended it was theirs? Then burned the guy they conned into doing it? Those dodgy fuckers?

  12. Jared Diamond can go and do one Nick . A bit behind the curve, just ordered Adventure Sex. YHT was just so damn good. No doubt I’ll consume it in one day again. I intend to bang many girls with boyfriends in 2021 and win ugly Nick 😉 Happy New Year Champ!

  13. I love this new TNL coach.You could learn something from he’s plant based seduction for climate change in a gender neutral safe space.
    Correct pronouns will get you laid.


  14. I thought “Natural Seduction/Seducer” was a trademark of Richard La Ruina of puatrainingcom but never heard about those guys.
    Looking at their pic, I can’t get Planet Of The Apes out of my mind

  15. On a rather unrelated note, is it possible to purchase the “hidden volume” of your memoir called “little brown sex machines”? I have “Last man banging” and know the content is in there, but would love one just for the bookshelf. It would make a fine addition so my krauser section.
    Cheers [No, sorry. By the time I edited those sections and changed girl’s names, it was already included in volume 7. K.]

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