The BBC attack on Dating Coaches

June 1, 2020

Who here still watches Fake News? Who even still has a television with an aerial connected to it [1]? For some people, particularly very desperate PUA coaches, being “on TV” is a major life goal and they’ll absolutely humiliate themselves for a chance to pitch their wares on the commie-box. I’m not one of them [2]

So, imagine my surprise when one of their ropers producers sent this innocent little email asking me to appear on their show [3]. Here’s how that went.

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation

Eddie from Street Attraction got a similar email and showed them a similar decided lack of interest in being featured by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. Most of you know what followed. The programme turned out to be a hit-piece (like literally every other show they’ve ever done on pick-up) in which they sent a closeted soyboy undercover on a Street Attraction bootcamp to record some footage they could twist into an attack on PUAs.

I’d be surprised if any of this is news to my readers. In fact, i seem to remember some epic faggotry within the daygame community as soyboy daygamers ran around in circles screaming “Noooooooooooo! Daygame is finished now! We’re all doomed!” A few particularly cowardly faggots immediately bent down and grabbed their ankles took down their YouTube channels.

The whole BBC thing soon blew over, having mostly failed in it’s objectives. The programme did not go viral and it got so epicly down-voted on the BBC website that they had to sneakily re-upload it twice to remove the accumulated down-votes and negative comments [4]. So far as I can establish, the total battle damage suffered by the daygame community was as follows:

  1. The Glaswegian-based daygamer Addy was sent to prison on trumped-up public order charges.
  2. Street Attraction’s channel was deleted.
  3. Other channels had certain videos deleted (YouTube took down my two Kiev SDL infields)
  4. And to show it wasn’t all bad news, I’m sure we were all pleased to see Australian scammer Bradicus had his entire hookers-pretending-to-be-notches channel deleted [5]

I consider Street Attraction’s deletion to be the only real loss there [6] as they had probably the best daygame channel that has ever existed. Other than that…. meh. However, just because the BBC mostly failed in their attack doesn’t mean we should just let them off the hook. We shouldn’t let them erase the attack from history, or control the narrative over what they did. So, when I got an email yesterday morning from a small YouTube channel creator who had produced a whopping FOUR HOUR documentary on the BBC programme, asking me to publicise their work, I thought I might just do that.

Here’s the first episode:

What do I think?

It’s alright. I’ve watched two hours of it now and mostly agree with the points raised. The format is that Red Pill Rights will show a segment of the BBC programme and then compile the reactions / analysis from a half dozen daygame-friendly YouTubers on that segment, then move onto the next. Generally, I found the featured YouTubers rather more tolerant and compassionate than your ‘umble Krauser here tends to be. Thus they make some points that never would of crossed my mind [7].

Is there anything I think is missing from the documentary? Yes. There is an extra layer that could have been added to it, perhaps in a fifth part, that places the BBC attack into the wider theoretical context. Watching the RPR documentary, it’s easy to get the feeling that the BBC are simply a bunch of cunts who have an axe to grind with pick-up artists and dating coaches.


This is, of course, entirely true. The BBC are 100% cunts. But this attack was actually something very specific and far more widespread than just one show. It was an SJW attack, and thus exactly followed the stages of the SJW attack pattern as laid out in Vox Day’s excellent book SJWs Always Lie. So, what is the pattern? Well, sir, I’m glad you asked.

  1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative.
  2. Point and Shriek.
  3. Isolate and Swarm.
  4. Reject and Transform.
  5. Press for Surrender.
  6. Appeal to Amenable Authority.
  7. Show Trial.
  8. Victory Parade.

The BBC attack didn’t work out as they planned, because the daygame community didn’t play ball, but most of the attack pattern was completed. Let’s map it over to events as best as I know them:

1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative – This is the “discovery” that there are underground dating coaches who are on the streets chatting up women, and worse, teaching other men to do so! Some women have been mildly inconvenienced. Even more shocking, some of them quite like the men and decided to fuck them. This is a breach of the SJW narrative because Leftists do not allow men to have any agency nor any legitimate sexual rights.

2. Point and Shriek – The purpose of the BBC show is to draw attention to these dastardly daygamers. “Look at this! Look at it! Witches!”


“It’s a Yad Stop!”

3. Isolate and Swarm – The BBC show focused on the two targets they could best attack. Addy was a soft target due to his forthright views and habit of saying quotably unpleasant one-liners, and Street Attraction because they were running boot camps and thus footage of them could be filmed. The soyboy producer, Miles Buttplug or something, did the rounds on daytime TV shows to drum up support for the pile-on.

4. Reject and Transform[can’t remember this stage exactly. Don’t have Vox’s book at hand] I think this is where the target attempts to explain they weren’t actually being racist, sexist, transphobic, capitalist or whatever. This stage never happened because the daygame community told them to get fucked. SJWs need you to apologise- which they’ll reject as insufficient- as an admission of guilt, which they will then use against you.

5. Press for Surrender – The SJWs then demand the target surrender, such as resigning from their job, changing the government policy, or in this case closing up their business / YouTube channel. Again, except for the ignoble examples of Tom Torero, Anthony Hustle and a couple of others, everyone in daygame told them to get fucked.

6. Appeal to Amenable Authority – This is the one point of success the BBC had. They had amenable people in place at the Scottish prosecution services and at YouTube in order to punish Addy and Street Attraction. Note that without these people- who may have literally been just one person in each case- nothing at all would have happened precisely because the daygame community refused to play ball.

7. Show Trial – This was the screening of the documentary plus a planned follow-up that never came to be because of the failure of the original hit-piece to gain traction.

8. Victory Parade – This too was severely down-scaled, limited to a couple of self-congratulatory articles in the usual fake newspapers.

So, though the BBC attack was a by-the-book SJW attack, it wasn’t anywhere near as effective as they intended. That’s small consolation to Addy and Street Attraction [8] but it does show that these SJWs are waning in their influence.

One more particular point of analysis I disagree with on the Red Pill Rights documentary is the segment were Miles Bumbandit is on the bootcamp and pushed to approach. He then resists, saying the girl looks underage. The daygamers features analyse this mostly according to avoidance weasels, i.e. Miles was bottling it, and in scrambling for a way to avoid approaching his brain settled on the rationalisation that she was too young. I think differently. I believe Miles very specifically had a narrative goal that daygamers creep on underage girls (one of his accusations against Addy) and he was determined to get some footage to back up that point by hook or crook. So, when it was his turn to open he claimed the girl looked underage. You can tell nobody else present agreed with him. No comments such as, “yeah, maybe” or “okay, let’s find you a different set.” Note also that we have only Miles’ word that she looked underage, because there’s no video footage at all. To me, this was a set-up. Miles had the premeditated agenda of trying to trap Eddie or Richard on camera saying words to the effect of, “who cares if she’s underage, you should still try to fuck her.”

To me, this was the most shocking part of the BBC programme. It was a blatant set-up of fake news and it failed only because (1) Miles isn’t a very effective SJW, and (2) Eddie and Richard don’t actually endorse banging underage girls.

If you’d like to support the daygame community and fight Leftism, there’s really no better way than by buying all of my products. Every fucking one of them. Starting with Daygame Overkill. For every sale of that fantastic video instructional, I will donate ONE pint of cold lager to Eddie next time I go drinking with him.

[1] Not since 2009 for me. I’m that edgy.
[2] When they offered to fund production of a seminar product back in 2015, I bit the hook. What happened afterwards convinced me to never bite again.
[3] The whole team were involved in a bad faith hatchet job, so I have no moral qualms in revealing a private email from them.
[4] How very unlike the BBC to be dishonest manipulative propaganda.
[5] Presumably The Natural Lifestyles survived the cull because no-one at YouTube could find any “game” going on in their infields.
[6] I don’t know Addy or what was really behind the police going after him. There’s definitely a lot more to it than simply a BBC documentary highlighting him for talking to girls, but I don’t know what it is. Perhaps if I did know, I’d agree with those who call it an injustice.
[7] Such as trying to help people.
[8] Fuck Bradicus, the scamming ginger cunt.

Pick-Up Is Not A Viable Business

May 20, 2020

I was having a chat with a buddy today [1] about the history of daygame. He was discussing some of his wing-men who are really into the entirety of daygame both as a means of getting skirt and as an engrossing topic with its own rewards of intellectual edification. For example, consider Nash’s many long scholarly posts. That’s supreme mental masturbation for the pleasure of taking apart the watch and fitting it back together again. I’ve been known to do the same thing myself. It’s fun and helps you understand the topic. If you’re lucky, you can even move the topic forward.

“When I was first getting into daygame, in Prague, I’d watch one of Street Attraction‘s videos every afternoon when I was getting ready to go out,” my buddy said [2]. “I’d listen to all the podcasts, and read blog posts. It really got me motivated to approach.”

Yes, I can imagine it would. He then discussed a couple of his wing-men who have read everything about the history of Game, and who know exactly who was in the Project Hollywood house, who invented what jargon, and so on [3]. As inevitably happens in such discussions, I was asked to elaborate on the circumstances behind Tom Torero getting punched by Richard La Ruina in a Minsk cafe, while Yad egged him on. For some reason, that shot was heard around the world [4] and is now an Established Event in daygame folklore. So, I regaled my buddy with a long, detailed chronology beginning in 2011 that led up to that punch in April 2014.

Daygame history. I knows it.

In talking about Torero taking one for the team, we naturally slipped into discussion about Andy Yosha’s business and then what Andy Aslen Claymore is up to nowadays. I didn’t know, but a google search shows he’s got a Twitter account with 27 followers launching a product that isn’t really explained. The conversation turned to how Andy ran and from there to how Tyler and Papa run Real Social Dynamics, and then on to the PUA industry as a whole. I think the conclusion is something that might interest my esteemed readership, and thus we arrive at the topic of this post:

Conclusion: Most pick-up companies are not viable businesses.
Corollary: To the extent they stay operational, most pick-up companies are cheating somebody.

At first approximation I’d say there are four different business structures in the PUA world, of which three are non-viable/exploitative and one is viable and ethical but severely constrained. Let me list them. I won’t name names, so you’ll have to figure out which hat fits who.

1. Really Systematic Dating
This is the most scaleable of all businesses because it operates as a pyramid scheme. At the bottom level squats a mass of young interns who are press-ganged into completing all the administration and grunt work of the business. College kids will man the cameras, edit the videos, upload the files, answer the queries, balance the books and so on. Their lure is that these impressionable unpaid/underpaid lads get to hang out with the coaches and “live the life” and network etc. The next level up the pyramid are the paid coaches who teach the live events and do the actual fee-earning work. These coaches are on employment contracts and worked extremely hard. To squeeze full profitability out of them, they’ll be flown around the world to coach a boot-camp every weekend. It’s a tough job: crossing time zones, working nights, and the unending high pressure of performing in front of students. By putting these coaches on contracts, you can pay them less than a per-programme fee, say $50k pa, which works out at about $0.01 per hour.

Then at the top of the pyramid are the one or two business owners who take all the profit. Of the entire pyramid, only those guys are making good money.

This business model survives by sucking the blood out of the interns and coaches, then rudely discarding them when they are burnt out or no longer compliant. It requires iron control within the company, high churn of bodies, and lots of internal and recruiting bullshit about what a valuable learning experience they are having by being part of the organisation. The clients don’t necessarily get a raw deal. The product delivered might be just fine.

2. Total Numpty Losers
Whereas (1) is a sprawling organisation with many moving parts drawing its value by underpaying the grunts, this second business model thrives on a different currency entirely: bullshit. So whereas in (1) it’s the employees and interns being sucked dry, in (2) it’s the customers being bled white whereas the staff do really well thankyouverymuch.

Simply, you target credulous customers who are new to pick-up and lack the ability to spot a con. Promise them wild abundant success with women while non-too-subtly suggesting they’ll finally find acceptance in a group of like-minded individuals (use lots of video of group hugs between coaches and suckers clients).

This business model works because the coaches don’t need to have any ability whatsoever, so you can get them cheap. They aren’t the hard workers of (1). They just need to spin a line of bullshit long enough, then gaslight the client on what great progress he’s allegedly made so he goes home with a smile on his face. Given that the coaches have no ability, you’d think it would be difficult to create the marketing material that draws the punters in. That’s where severely dishonest and misleading advertising comes in. Hire hookers to model in “lifestyle” photos. Hire hookers to walk down the street that your instructor can “approach” and get an incredible response. Sell nebulous unmeasurable skills such as “inner game”. Make it woo-woo as fuck.

Whereas (1) is run like a slave plantation, (2) isn’t a pick-up business at all. Much as Britain’s National Health Service is really just a job creation program for incompetent Labour voters (and if some patients get treated along the way, that’s an unexpected bonus), this business model is really just an engine to fund the hooker-and-blow addictions of the instructors. It’s an endless circle of: pay hookers for marketing -> to draw in punters -> who pay for your hookers and marketing.

Only by the wildest chain of coincidences will a client actually learn any game.

3. Young And Disorganised
We started with a big complex business model (1) and then scaled it down a notch to a little boy’s gang (2), and now we come to the sole trader. This business model will suit any coach who can put forth a reasonably convincing effort on the streets but who doesn’t really have the discipline to write a book and speak coherently on a video analysis. This model replies primarily on (i) identifying individual rich suckers, and (ii) shamelessly bullshitting them on the progress they could make with you. Don’t play the ball, play the man.

So, try to spot someone with more money than sense. If they are an affluent brown man with an inexhaustible thirst for white girls, you are onto a winner. Saudi lawyers, Indian tech engineers, Turkish entrepreneurs etc. So give them the spiel, “yeah, baby, I fink that what would, like, really work for you bro is if we did a ten-day program in Minsk, yeah.” Take the money, sponge even more on accommodation (“so, like, if you really want to maximise your closing rate, like, you need to be in an impressive apartment, where you have twenty-four-hour access to my coaching, yeah?”). Then when the coaching has finished, pitch them on the next residential program (“You are making really good progress man. I think, like, the best way for you to push on through to the next level is a two week trip to Romania. Oh man, those Romanian girls are so sexy. Mmmmm! And I’ll tell you what, right, there’s a Romanian girl I dated- a model, like- and she told me girls down there just love Saudi/Iranian/Indian lawyers/doctors/architects”).

This business model is not inherently dishonest, but it works best if you keep reselling additional coaching that the client simply doesn’t need. It also scales best if you accept clients that really shouldn’t be doing daygame at all. Then you’re just mugging them, selling impossible dreams you can’t possibly help them fulfil.

4. Mostly Ethical
This is the only way I know of running a profitable PUA business without scamming anyone [5] and it’s mostly run like (3) but with two important limitations. First, you screen all prospective clients to figure out if you can actually help them. So, perhaps you’ll respond to their first inquiry by emailing a series of pertinent questions (e.g. age, race, lifetime lay count, cumulative approach count, successes etc) and then proceed to a video chat- mostly to check if they are deluded, autistic, or will be a nightmare to coach. Explain realistic expectations and then- if you are both agreed- only then do you take the money. This means sometimes you have to turn down clients (and thus cash) [6]. Not everyone is cut out for daygame. That drastically limits scaleability because there are only so many coachable clients out there.

Second, once you’ve taught them everything you can…. STOP. Don’t sell them any more coaching. They need to go away for a year and implement all that new knowledge. Intensive in-field daygame coaching is not a recurring expense. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Like (3) you have to do the coaching yourself, for quality control. It is theoretically possible to hire help but I’ve yet to see a PUA business that can sustain such a system. Yes, their marketing will tell you they have “hand-picked coaches I’ve taught myself and who I guarantee are at the pinnacle of game skill” but this is always a flagrant lie. They are clueless interns. The reason is that managing skilled players is like herding cats. Most skilled players don’t want to coach, so you’re beginning from a tiny pool of skilled available labour. Then you simply can’t keep them. As soon as a good coach gets experience and a name, there’s nothing stopping him opening his own business. And, historically, that’s exactly what has happened

…. and thus we come full circle to one of the reasons why Torero got punched in Minsk.

If you’d rather just buy Daygame Overkill, then you may wish to buy Daygame Overkill here.

[1] An argument, really. But don’t worry, I was right about everything whereas he was sadly mistaken on all points of variance.
[2] Sadly, we can’t do that any more. RIP.
[3] Presumably they’ve read the official history of daygame beginning with Balls Deep and ending in Last Man Banging.
[4] To the extent that being punched on the ear makes any sound at all.
[5] Yosha tried to run like (1) but with genuinely able coaches and far less exploitatively. I think that’s a big reason why the company went bust. It’s too expensive a cost base.
[6] Something which may have only happened on a handful of occasions in the history of the PUA industry.

An Introduction To Daygame

May 17, 2020

One thing I had never done, in the ten years I’ve been producing daygame content, is provide a simple overview of the Krauser London Daygame Model. I’ve done a beginner’s how-two for the low, low price of zero pounds. I’ve done a solid intermediate instructional called Black Book for the not so low price of $99 (buy it here). And of course, I have done the legendary [1], earth-shattering [2], as-yet-not-even-close-to-matched-much-less-surpassed [3] in-field analysis and daygame instructional Daygame Overkill.

[buy Daygame Overkill here]

Daygame Overkill poster hi res

But what I haven’t done is a straight-forward technical introduction for people who don’t really know what our style of daygame is. Maybe they’ve seen some in-fields on Youtube, and gotten an approximate idea that daygame is game in the day. Maybe they’ve seen The Natural Lifestyles and thus concluded daygame is an epic cringefest of low-testosterone soyboys irritating unsuspecting Euro-girls with lame openers and interminable directionless chit-chat [4]. Maybe they’ve watched RSD Max and think it comes down to injecting synthetic testosterone [5] and then posing on Instagram with obvious models that you’ve obviously paid for their time.

Hang on, I’m digressing again aren’t I?

When Anthony Johnson was kind enough to invite me to his The 21 Convention last summer, I delivered precisely that simple overview speech. The full talk has just recently gone live on T21C’s official YouTube and I link it here.

And if I haven’t made the purpose of my post sufficiently clear, here it is again: Buy Daygame Overkill here.

If you need to be told three times before you do something, you may wish to buy Daygame Overkill here.

1. In my own mind, your experience may vary.
2. To my bank account, at least.
3. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

4. Hot off the presses in this latest video from the bullshitting Aussie charlatan, I see The Natural Lifestyles are now preying on desperate soyboys with a “lifestyle design” mentor program. Now, notice the thumbnail in that YouTube video:

James Marshall is a scheming dishonest piece of shit


has the same girls, in the same clothes, on the same boat, in the same weather as when lying fronting piece of shit Robbie Kramer was also shamming at “lifestyle design” here:

Robbie Kramer is a fronting lying piece of shit

I might have captioned that, yesterday


Robbie had to delete his image from Instagram when the girls complained about him using their image in his marketing. So, how did they get these photos? Simple. Robbie runs a soft-pimping business in which he takes $10k+ from credulous chodes (or in Marshall’s case, from scheming charlatans) so a bunch of them can hire a private beach and yacht in the Maldives (or Mauritius Islands, I forget which) for a week-long orgy. Kramer uses his contacts among sex workers in Ukraine to ship in a bunch of hookers and semi-pros with a free all-expenses holiday and a ton of blow. Part of the deal (aside from shagging the chodes) is the girls pose for these “lifestyle design” photos.

This is now the third person I’ve seen in the middle of that same group of women from that trip (which was May 2018).

Lads, it’s all a total con job. James Marshall is a lying chump with zero game who doesn’t cold approach and instead relies on hookers and sugarbabies to get laid. The lifestyle he is selling is total bullshit. His entire image is a fragile facade to persuade idiots to fund him. That’s how he really got “rich”: selling bullshit to idiots and laughing his way to the bank.

5. That’s a guess. I’m waiting for More Plates More Dates or Coach Greg to do a natty-or-not video.

The Classics Are Shit

April 18, 2020

You are probably aware of Hans Christian Anderson‘s famous story The Emperor’s New Clothes. Two weavers promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent – while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone believe the clothes are invisible to them. When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new “clothes”, no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally a child cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”


Fake News parallels obvious

To me, that describes most of the classics I’ve read. I don’t speak from lack of effort. In the last few years I’ve read plenty, being quite enthused especially by the Wordsworth Classics editions. A quick consultation of my reading log shows I’ve plowed through Ben Hur, The Master & Margarita, War And Peace [1], The Arabian Nights, A Tale Of Two Cities, The Story Of A Nobody, The Gambler, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Wuthering Heights, Ivanhoe, plus an ungodly amount of Dumas. I’ve also managed some other classics prior to that. Of those, only the Dumas books and Ivanhoe stood on their own merits as a good read [2]. The rest were all….. a slog.

Every single one of them was painfully over-written. It felt like the writers were poseurs attempting to impress their peers with the wordsmanship of their prose, rather than constructing good books. Almost to a man, the authors I tried were unable to plot effectively, create compelling believable characters, and – most saliently – unable to pace the book so that I wanted to keep reading it. They were not page-turners. I had no desire to see how the characters overcame the obstacles set [3]. I finished the books only because I felt like I should.

But surely you learned something about the human condition, Nick?

Not really. The classics are full of hokey philosophy, poor theology, and mad ramblings. Russian writers are just miserable nihilists wallowing in squalor. The Arabs are sick savages praising the dumbest, cruellest of kings as wise philanthropists. The French are…. well, French [4]. I think it’s not an overstatement to say the weighty issues and observations on the human condition contained within potboiler genre fiction are absolutely the equal- if not better observed- than those in the classics. I found myself stopping to consider ideas in Stephen Marlowe’s Chester Drum series or Donald Hamilton’s Matt Helm books more often than in Dostoevsky, Hugo, or Dickens.

Gamma cunts. I’m calling it, now.

But isn’t this all subjective, Nick? you cry, unwilling to call the emperor’s clothes what they are. Let’s consider that. There are objective criteria to good story writing [5]. For a start, if you’re writing drama you need intention plus obstacle. If you’re setting a scene, you need to turn exposition into ammunition. If something isn’t helping the story, or, worse, is noise obscuring the signal, then it should be excised. With that in mind, let’s consider a random chapter selection from Ben Hur.

“You are about to read one of the finest novels ever written,” the first lines of the Signet Classics introduction assured me. Well, let’s put that to the test shall we. Here it is unedited [6] for Chapter Two of Book Five. The hero is going to meet a young tart he fancies who is the daughter of a crippled trader.

Ben Hur 1 - shit versionBen Hur 2 - shit versionBen Hur 3 - shit versionBen Hur 4 - shit version

That was turgid, was it not? Now let’s consider the vastly-improved Krauser Edition:

Ben Hur 1 - Krauser edit

Ben Hur 2 - Krauser edit

Ben Hur 3 - Krauser edit

Ben Hur 4 - Krauser edit

Notice how my deletions don’t remove a single line of value. Absolutely everything I removed was pointless blather that bogged down the plot and made the main character look like a right fucking faggot. All that immersion-breaking purple prose is gone, leaving only the stuff that actually happens. Mind you, what remains is still total shite. It’s an unsaveable book. There’s 150 pages of story wrapped up in 450 pages of fluff and, when you finally unpick it all, you find out that Lew Wallace has just cobbled together a revenge story of the same structure and themes as The Count Of Monte Cristo, except that Dumas beat him to the punch by thirty years and did it miles better. Dumas’ book is actually really good and races along as a proper page-turner.

Ben Hur – Finest novel my arse. It’s a bag of shite.

Let me tenuously connect this rant to the subject of daygame. When browsing Jimmy’s Twitter account I saw him laughing at a link to manosphere name Donovan Sharpe. The guy was bragging about how a “man on a mission” lives out his day. Take a look at the photo he posted.

Super Patriarch

Like a homeless dude giving investment advice


He might want to change his testosterone provider because that shirtless photo just looks like a fat slob to me. And, frankly, I would not be bragging about shacking up with a fat lass. If photos like that of me surfaced on the internet, I’d get emergency injunctions to get them removed lest my reputation be forever tarnished [7]

The lesson of the Emperor’s New Clothes, as delivered by the impulsive kid at the end of the story, is to see things as they really are rather than how you’ve been carefully gas-lighted to think you should see them. Gas-lighting can only work when it appeals to our worst emotions, such as Pride in Andersen’s tale. When something (e.g. a classic) or somebody (e.g. a well-known PUA coach) is established as something to be taken seriously you should always first ask yourself: why? What has he / it done to deserve this position? When you’re new to an arena, say just getting into pick-up, it’s natural to not know up from down and to therefore look to the mob to tell you who to follow. That’s what all these poseurs with Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and podcasts [8] are banking on. They are banking on your natural reticence to stand up, point at the emperor, and say “he’s not wearing any clothes.”

Pretend you never read any of that and just buy Daygame Mastery here, the best instructional textbook in the history of pick-up unless you are too stupid, incompetent or unfit for your position as a daygamer

[1] Gave up halfway through. It’s so boring.
[2] And, unless you specifically like Dumas’ style, only his most famous works are good. Once you drop down to his second-tier efforts, there’s a plunge in quality.
[3] Which is, quite literally, the essence of drama.
[4] Snobbish, cowardly fags obsessed with cheese and wine.
[5] Anyone banging on about “what is objectivity? everything is subjective” or setting a straw man comparison to peer-reviewed mathematical proofs can fuck off right now. We are not in a uni student bar.
[6] And, fuck me, if ever a book needed editing it is this one.
[7] More than it already is, that is to say.
[8] Rarely blogs, as charlatans tend not to be very literary unless they are Jewish.

Corona Home Workout #Daygame #GetRipped

April 7, 2020

I was asked in the comments what my home-training bodyweight workout is. Seeing as I’m well-known for being responsive to my readers [1] I guess it would behove me to outline it. So, in true Manosphere Red-Pill Huckster fashion, allow me to pontificate on something I have absolutely no track record in, charging you a one-time Corona Sale price of £97 (60% off £299) [2] for my Personal Training Mastery package [3]

Fuck it, here goes. Summary first:

  • Bodyweight training 3 times a week, comprising Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats as the centrepiece.
  • Small calorie deficit and low-carbs.
  • An hour walking each day.

Putting the detail on it is as follows.

My previous training was based around achieving lean gains, and thus bulking slowly with a small (+300 kcal) daily surplus, cycling carbs on basis as follows:

Monday: Gym (Back), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Tuesday: Rest, 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Wednesday: Gym (Chest), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Thursday: Rest, 3000 kcal, carbs at 300g REFILL #1
Friday: Gym (Arms), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Saturday: Gym (Legs, Shoulders), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Sunday: Cardio (fasted), unlimited kcal (typically 5,000), carbs at 700g REFILL #2

This diet was based on carb super-compensation, meaning that I’d progressively drain glycogen from my muscles culminating in being empty when stepping off treadmill at Sunday lunchtime. Then I’d eat like a hog and refill +extra, ready for the next week. It was going good. My weight and strength went up but with minimal fat. Nonetheless, some fat was added as was some carb bloat around my waist. I’d need to cut eventually.

Corona brought the bulk phase to an end when the gyms closed three weeks ago. I’m in a small short-stay rental apartment in a foreign country. It’s simply not feasible (or, now, even possible) to buy a suite of weights heavy enough to continue with a decent bulk. Therefore I decided to do my cutting phase now. First, I took a week off to recuperate after an extremely punishing year-to-date. Then, training changed as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Bodyweight training
Every day: Calorie deficit, low carbs, walking



I intend to do ten days cutting hard, then a one-day refill, and back to ten days cutting. Tomorrow is the end of the first ten-day cycle. For training, I’m trying to add volume each session but it’s tough because the diet is depleting me. I’m satisfied if I can simply maintain my baseline volume, which is:

Hindu push-ups x100 (1×50, 1×30, 1×20)
Hindu squats x200 (2×100)
Boxing neck raises x120 (1×40 in three directions)
Sit-ups x50
Wall chair for 3 minutes
Standard push-up variations x60 (20 on fists, 10 triangle, 10 middle fingers touching, 10 wide, 10 each side staggered arms [4])

I was initially planning to get good at the wrestler’s bridge again but I’ve decided long-term neck health is more important than making it look bigger. It’s a shame, because it’s a very effective exercise if you don’t mind knacking your neck a bit. The neck raises are far safer, so I’m doing them instead. This workout, including warm-up/stretching/cool-down takes just over an hour. Much of the break time is spent lying on my bed hyperventilating because it’s extremely demanding anaerobically. Total training load isn’t as demanding as what I was doing in the gym, but I don’t mind. If I was stuck with bodyweight training for the rest of the year, I’d be more aggressive in upping my volume. For now, I’m just happy to keep things ticking along.

Let’s be clear. I am not positioning myself as a fitness and diet expert. I’ve learned a lot, especially over the past two years, but I’m light-years behind the real experts. I post this regime simply because people showed an interest, and this blog is predominantly a personal log of things I try to get better at. In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a selfie I took just before beginning my first training session in this regime, two weeks ago.

Brad Pitt shirtless on his best day

45yr old, 77kg-ish

Feel free to comment on the quality of my training/diet regime but- and I stress this- if you are going to bluster about how I’m stupid, or mistaken, or obviously need to do it this other way that you suggest instead, then you must (a) swear an oath upon Daygame Mastery that you are not on testosterone, gear, GH or any other PED [5] and (b) post a picture of your upper body equivalent to what I posted here.

I find that buying Daygame Overkill and ruminating on the treasure trove of in-field knowledge contained within is the single best way to focus my mind to complete an effective home-training workout. Buy it here for $199 (60% off $897)

[1] Though usually by insulting them.
[2] 60% off £299 is actually £119 but the guy I copied it off is as bad at maths as he is everything else he sells courses on.
[3] £597 if you want VIP Inner Circle access, meaning the occasional half-assed Skype call, and a chance to sit and watch me eat lunch every Sunday in my #LunchRoom #WarRoom.
[4] Simulating one-armed push-ups for someone not strong enough to do proper one-armed push-ups with good form on almost-exhausted arms.

[5] I’ve got no problem with people hitting the gas to look good, but, if so, don’t kid yourself that you actually know how to train. It’s just the gas you’re on, as you’ll find out soon enough when you come back off it.

Why Trump Derangement Syndrome?

April 6, 2020

By now, we are well aware that people most opposed to Donald Trump are…. shall we say…. not of sound mind. Go back through the past few decades of political disagreement and there’s nothing else like it. Remember all of those Republicans rioting in the streets after Obama won election in 2008? No, me neither. It’s easy to forget just how deranged and violent the Resistance was – rioting, smashing shit up, violently attacking anyone with a red hat, burning flags, assassinating cops, punch a Nazi, false rape accusations against Supreme Court judges, valorising foreign terrorists…. Unbelievable, really. We’ve got the media being openly seditious, Congressmen leaking the President’s itinerary to foreign enemies before he travels to visit troops in a war zone, Senators leaking intelligence briefings…. and who can forget little Robert De Niro saying he’s gonna knock Trump out?

You’ve probably encountered it in your personal life too, talking to Lefties. The levels of reeeeeeeee are off the charts. None of them are capable of discussing policy differences, like they might have done when arguing between Nixon and Kennedy, or Brown vs Cameron. It’s all Orange Man Bad and wild shrieking.


The Left. Every. Fucking. Day.

But why?
Why are they so insane?

Just today I heard three prevailing theories summed up nicely. Nicely enough they provoke thought and are worth sharing. The first one comes from Twitter iconoclast Thomas Wictor (now renamed Carlos Osweda under a new account)

1. Cognitive Dissonance
Thomas Carlos believes Trump is a Rorschach test of mental illness. If you hate him (not merely disagree with, or dislike, but actually hate) then you are mentally ill. I agree with him. But what is the process? During this Twitter thread was one tweet that jumped out. He was discussing his phone call with a Trump-hating boomer acquaintance in NYC who was convinced he had Corona despite not getting tested. Carlos said he patiently debunked every one of the NYC guy’s points but the guy would just immediately switch goalposts to a new accusation, never once conceding his earlier points as debunked. You’ll all know that game with Lefties.


Nailed it

That nails TDS as experienced by the common (Leftist) man: Cognitive dissonance.

A. My Mental Image Of Myself = I’m smarter than Trump
B. Real World Evidence = Trump is outsmarting me

= cognitive dissonance

Unable to abandon A, or deny B, insanity ensues.

For well over a generation, Leftists have had an uncontested field in media, academia, and politics (in the West) and therefore they were constantly encouraged to feel smugly superior. The plebs had their avarice fuelled at the promise of gimmedats, the intellectuals had their pride stroked at being the heroic leaders, the degenerates had their gluttony and lust, and the muds had their envy of whites encouraged. Leftism is marketed to the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s evil.

Thatcher and Reagan were especially hated because they were a rare (yet mild) push-back against this trend. Trump is the superhuman Mecha-godzilla of push-back against Leftism, at a point in time when the Left thought they had already won, forever. Who can forget Hillary’s 98% chance of winning in November 2016? That’s the very definition of a turn-around. It was a truly traumatic moment for a lot of slags and soyboys. That stuff leaves scars.

Trump is winning so consistently and so brazenly that Real World Evidence is destroying the smug tranquillity of the Left. I see it in my parents every day: the real world has become an existential threat to them, and thus they hide in a bubble blown up by the BBC and The Guardian. Any time a sliver of real world evidence penetrates the bubble, they freak the fuck out. TDS.

The second theory comes from the QAnon types and I didn’t take it seriously until today, when a few odd “coincidences” were made clear. You’ve probably noticed that celebrities and world leaders are afflicted with Corona virus far more than the common man, relative to their proportion of the population (2,400x more often, one Twitter account calculated). You’ve probably also noticed how it’s always the same small group of celebrities and politicians who are outspoken against Trump to the point that they sound like tantrum-throwing toddlers. Have you also noticed those same people were all on the flight logs to Epstein’s island, and they nearly all look like absolute shit now?


2. Adrenochrome
The Pizzagate / QAnon crew have said for a while that there is an international child-sex trafficking ring run by elites, that they worship Satan, and perform child sacrifices. They postulate the reason is that when young children are terrified, their brains produce adrenochrome, and then the elites kill them and drink their blood. It has amazing (but temporary) age-defying properties. This is likely the scientific basis for why vampires in legends live for centuries, why blood sacrifice was common place everywhere amongst pagans and barbarians, and the likes of Elizabeth Bathory bathed in children’s blood.

Premise: the celebrities, businessmen, and politicians making up the Cabal have been taking adrenochrome to attempt immortality. Trump has cut the supply.

Here are some isolated facts, each one which can be reasonably well verified:

  1. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to roll up global child-trafficking networks. There have been an unprecedented number of busts, stings, and arrest since Trump’s inauguration.
  2. Trump signed executive orders targeting human trafficking, including asset seizure of anyone involved.
  3. Trump significantly shut down illegal border crossings from Mexico, and gang activity inside US border, particularly MS-13.
  4. There is a synthetic alternative to adrenochrome that was patented in the UK in 1981 and then in the US in 1985 by 3M. The same company deep in the Corona mask story.
  5. The laboratory that makes the world’s synthetic adrenochrome is in Wuhan, China.
  6. The same people who are heavily suspected of belonging to the Cabal have been very outspoken indeed against Trump, to the point of embarrassing themselves publicly, and also experienced rapid physical decline since his inauguration.


So, putting these and other pieces together, the theory is this:

All these Cabalites were on natural adrenochrome, harvested from trafficked kids (with associated trappings of Satanism for some of them), to stay young. Much of the supply came across the Mexican border. Trump broke up the trafficking and thus suppressed both the kiddly-fiddling and the supply of adrenochrome. The Cabalites are going hard cold-turkey and are acting out publicly like desperate junkies jonesing for a fix (see Robert De Niro, Tom Arnold, Rob Reiner etc). They have been forced to turn to synthetic adrenochrome and now….. well, that’s interesting. Has Trump cut that supply too, under the cover of Corona (and the quarantine keeps people off the streets so kids don’t get kidnapped and Democrat terrorist attacks don’t have massed targets)? Or did China infect a shipment of adrenochrome for their own reasons and the Cabalites just got a “hot fix” that gave them Corona (or HIV, with Corona as the cover story).


I remember reading when this arrest happened. Media memory-holed it fast.

I have no idea. But, to paraphrase Vox Day, the one thing we can be absolutely sure of is: the mainstream media story is false. I don’t know what the truth is, but there are so many anomalies that it certainly isn’t what we are being told officially and by the media [1]

3. Rabbits facing K-Selection
A third explanation, call it the AnonCon view, is that TDS is when rabbits realise the world is turning wolfish, and are freaking out at the thought of the King Wolf- Trump- and how he is reshaping the world into something they’ll be eliminated from. The rabbits felt comfortable in an r-selected world but completely adrift in the encroaching K-selection. They know they are uncompetitive and can’t possibly challenge the wolves. So, they freak out like the pathetic fags they are.

Trump made an official statement in today’s press conference that Daygame Overkill is indeed the best in-field product on the market, way better than the frankly inept competition, and the patriotic thing to buy [2]

[1] Has anyone else realised that the Democratic election campaign has disappeared from public awareness, yet Trump spends a couple of hours a night on the most-watched broadcast in the USA being presidential? Those press conferences are the beginning of his campaign and he’s pushed his opposition off the airwaves. Very smart.
[2] No matter which nationality you are.

Corona Crash – Initial Observation

April 4, 2020


The love of money is the root of all evil. I do believe that. Of all obsessions, getting obsessed with money can really twist you up and ruin your soul. I’m not quite sure why that is. Psychologists have experimented on chimps to modify their behaviour through operant conditioning, getting them to do certain tasks on the promise of bananas as a reward. They went a step further and trained the chimps to accumulate money tokens that could be traded for bananas. Even chimps became obsessed with money for its own sake.

Not that we are chimps, so let’s end that digression here. Where was I?

I have been a deflationist since 2007, when I first figured out (retrospectively, mind) why the Credit Crunch happened and then I accurately predicted the 2008 financial crisis. What I didn’t do was make any money off it. You see, the only way to profit from a falling market is to go short. And as you soon learn, going short is nothing like going long. When you go long, the whole of the Establishment is on your side: stock exchange rules, herd mentality, tax breaks, central bank interest rate manipulation, government policies. Go short, and the Establishment is against you. You must get your ducks lined up perfectly and correctly guess the window of opportunity. It’s very easy to go bust by going short.

The only safe thing to do in a falling market is to sell out of your positions and hold cash. That isn’t really profiting, but merely protecting the wealth you already had. Profiting comes later, when the market rises [1]

Although I correctly predicted economic changes in these past ten years, I’ve singularly failed to capitalise on them. Although I well understand investing, I’m not actually very good at doing it. I have the wrong temperament. I’m much too risk-averse, and way too wolfish to let myself ride a delusional rabbit market. Those rabbits who do go all-in will make money if they manage to sell back into cash before the crash. Few do, but there are some.

So, I’ve been rather annoyed the past ten years when looking at the stock market. It’s a ridiculously over-priced casino where everyone is playing musical chairs with paper valuations. Price-earnings ratios are pure fantasy, based on fake earnings and wildly over-optimistic multiples; banks are holding interest rates ludicrously low, making debt appear risk-free; company buy-backs are adding unsustainable buyer demand; What a shit show. When will the music stop? Has it stopped now?

“Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent” John Maynard Keynes [2]

Knowing I was ill-equipped to make money in an irrational market, I stayed the hell out. So I’ve been in cash, watching the indexes tick ever higher. Very frustrating. Then Corona happened and every major index crashes 35-40%. Suddenly, it’s like ten years of missing out never happened.

Have a look at these charts. I’ve drawn a line to highlight which year they crashed back to, at the bottom of the first crash.





So, the big stock market that matters- the USA – has dropped from its February 2020 peak of 29,423 by a massive 37%. The venerable UK index is down 34% since February (almost the peak). The squarehead baby-eating hun index (DAX) is down 39%. Lastly, the bat-eating evil-hearted slant index (Shanghai) never recovered from the 2008 bubble and is now 55% from its heady highs.

Those are big drops. Now look at it historically, in terms of which year it’s taken us back to:

Yanks: July 2016 – when Valerie Jarrett Obama was still president
Brits: August 1997 – only three months after Tony Blair first took office
Huns: May 2013 – last time a German club team reached a European final
Fu Manchus: January 2007 – I think the Boxer Rebellion was still going on.

Those are big snap-backs. I graduated my Masters Degree in August 1997 and started my first job in London a month later. If I’d begun investing my money in UK companies on a buy-and-hold strategy starting then, I’d have not made any money [3] in twenty-three years! If you look further left on the charts you’ll see if most indices drop a little more (which I think they will, this is just the beginning), they’ll time-travel even further back. The chinks and huns aren’t far off 1997 either.

In fact, the only area not badly impacted by the Corona Crash is Africa:


So, what does this all mean? I’ll probably post on it next week.

If you’re needing a daygame fix, you ain’t gonna get it on the streets, are you? Far better to read up on your theory with Daygame Mastery and Daygame Overkill, so that when the crisis passes you are ready to dive into quality skirt.

[1] Anyone banging on about crypto, day-trading, leverage, ETFs etc as a way of making cash in a falling market can fuck right off now, you stupid morons. You win a couple of coin tosses and think you have an unbeatable system.
[2] A closet homo.
[3] Except dividends, of course, among the rare companies that actually pay them. That would be more than offset by buying shares in a rising market, so I actually lose money when they drop compared to staying in cash the whole time.

Some Corona Thoughts

April 4, 2020

Serbia has been in lockdown for three weeks. Not to the extent of Chinese measures, such as welding people into their homes, but they are taking it rather more seriously than the globalists running the UK. So, everything is closed except supermarkets and pharmacies, which themselves close at 3pm. There’s a curfew from 5pm, but food delivery is still allowed. It’s all going swimmingly, as society continues to function and Krauser continues to maintain his bodybuilding macros.

So, everyone is happy.


On my way to Maxi for a pint of milk, yesterday

I was on a big conference video call last night with a right bunch of cunts and it was my first social contact in a fortnight. One topic mentioned was, what is everyone doing with their free time in isolation? The main thing I realised is that my life hasn’t changed in the slightest. I’m still unemployed, with no mates, and no birds. I was doing that before Corona made it cool. That got me thinking about introversion and Game.

Have you read Susan Cain’s popular book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking? I did last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her main thrust is that extraverts outnumber introverts 3:1 and through weight of numbers have convinced us that characteristics of introversion are dysfunctional. They’ve pathologised it. We see this in game advice constantly. You’re supposed to go out to social environments packed with people and stimulus (bars, clubs) and then talk to every cunt there. Be friendly to the door whore, high five the bouncers, get pally with the bar man, chink glasses with every group, open some pawn sets, merge them forwards, get bummed off a fat hairy Turk. Okay, that last one is still non-standard advice. But, the point is, traditional game advice maps directly onto extraversion. Be More Extraverted.

What if you think bars are shit? What if you’ve no interest in faking palliness with strangers? What if you don’t want to befriend jackasses? Then you have bad game, brah! None of this is news to avid daygamers. Most of us already had that eureka moment of I can shag birds without becoming a social monkey. We know we are introverts and that a path of tight game exists for us too. No, that’s old news. What interests me about Corona is extending the thought: what if it’s not just simple introversion that is being unfairly patholigised by insufferable extraverted big mouths?


The Corona Stop

Think of the following behaviours which are generally considered socially dysfunctional:

  • social anxiety
  • compulsive hand-washing and surface-cleaning
  • homophobia
  • racism
  • standoffish with wop-style hugging and cheek-kissing
  • hoarding

What is the one thing all of these behaviours have in common? Minimisation of exposure to infectious diseases.

The Corona lockdown is reminding us why the environment has selected for introversion. We haven’t had a major human pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918 [1] so we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security about how regular these things decimate humanity. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are Conquest, War, Famine, and Pestilence. Civilisation is the art of allowing people to live in cities without dying like rats [2]. Globalisation massively ups the risk, by expanding the scope of where diseases can be found and the speed of how quickly they can be imported into our countries. People seem to forget antibiotics weren’t invented until 1929 and didn’t enter widespread usage until the 1940s.

That’s why we haven’t had a major pandemic since 1918. We forgot about Pestilence, just as we forgot about Famine and, until recently, Conquest (i.e. mass immigration)



This cunt dies first

So, when wondering how certain “dysfunctional” traits emerged in our population [3] everything changes when you interpret it against a backdrop of ever-present disease risk. All that rabbitry of the past eighty years was enabled not just by the spectacular resource growth of capitalism (suppressing Famine) or keeping all our wars outside of the Western lands (suppressing the popular experience of War), but by the impact of antibiotics and sanitisation in controlling pandemics. Thanks to the commie Chinese bastards, perhaps that era is coming to an end. The four horseman of the apocalypse have appeared on the horizon and that’s turning us wolfish.

I couldn’t help but notice the January/February fad for prepping on Twitter. To me, this is the wolfish trait of “preparing for winter” expressing itself. The squirrels are collecting nuts. The world continues to shift from r towards K. I like it [5]. It’s becoming a world I recognise and enjoy living in.

So, what am I doing in isolation? Just the same things I always did, because I’m a wolfish introvert. There have been some tweaks. The gyms are closed, so my training regime has shifted towards endurance/flexibility, seeing as muscle-building is out. Concordantly, my diet is back towards low-carb and -300 calorie deficits. After running surpluses and carb supercompensation, I’d have to cut eventually. Might as well do it now. I continue to read more than I should (just started book #44 of 2020), and I’m catching up on my video games. I recently completed Division 2, Yakuza Zero, and Sunset Overdrive [4]. I’ve also gotten my ass in gear for writing my two planned books of 2020.

What should YOU be doing during a lockdown? Well, what better time is there to do your daygame homework and really learn the theory, so you are well “prepped” for when the streets reopen and the bitches start looking for dick? Get yourself Daygame Overkill, by far the best infield video series out there.


[1] I don’t count Ebola because that only affected Africans, or AIDS because it only affected degenerates.
[2] That’s an aphorism from Vox Day.
[3] I’m talking about introversion etc again, not faggotry.
[4] All excellent games. I’m currently level 38 on Assassins Creed Odyssey and halfway through Resident Evil 2 remake.

[5] Fortunately I did all my shagging while rabbitry ruled the world.

Ruminations on Bodybuilding

February 18, 2020

I’ve been watching a lot of “bodybuilder YouTube” of late and I’m struck how similar it is to PUA YouTube. Not completely the same, mind: the bodybuilders aren’t setting up fake modelling agencies in Ukraine in order to hire actual prostitutes onto yachting holidays to pose for the marketing photos they use in scamming chodes out of hugely over-priced immersion courses taught by incompetent chancers (not that it isn’t a very natural lifestyle choice…. ahem) [1]. They don’t have inner game coaches too scared to leave the house, nor do they go on mass-bumming holidays in the bamboo thickets of the Portuguese countryside (while telling themselves they are warriors). Probably those bodybuilders aren’t paying for sex while charging money to teach “seduction” either.

Wait. Hang on. What was I talking about?

Oh right, bodybuilding!

So, I’ve been taking my body very seriously since July 2018 and gradually becoming smarter and more disciplined at bodybuilding. As much as I respect madmen like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman I have no desire to go that route. Rather, I’m inspired by the athletic physique sub-genre and have as my ideal standard the Hollywood Perfect look that the heart-throbs train for before a big role. That’s actually do-able on my genetics without drugs.

Hollywood perfect

Mind you, I didn’t know that when I started. Which brings me to today’s rumination.

I’ve been watching those “body transformation” videos on YouTube where some guy trains up for a role, such as Christian Bale going on an Auschwitz [2] diet for The Machinist and then rebounding as a mass monster in Batman Begins, or Tom Hardy bulking up for Bronson and Warrior. It motivates me to see what’s possible but at the back of my mind were always two doubts:

1. That cunt is on drugs.
2. My age and genetics preclude me from those sorts of gains.

Well, it would appear I’d very much under-estimated what is possible when you’ve got your regime finely honed. Body transformation is all about gym, diet, and recovery [3] and for most of my life I’d been shit at all three. I was especially surprised when MorePlatesMoreDates argued that in many cases, the Hollywood body transformations were probably natural. He reckons Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Zak Efron were likely natty, whereas Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale were juicing.


Face is unattainable but body is not

My first nine-months were self-taught under the guidance of a bodybuilder friend, over Telegram messages. He’s gone for the absurdly-proportioned muscle-head aesthetic and likes a cocktail of drugs, brute-forcing his gainz with testosterone and trenbolone. I’m rather more health conscious and determined to remain natural, but even so, his was a vast store of bodybuilding knowledge that got me off to a good start and helped motivate me until gym and diet had become entrenched habits.

The really big jump was when I hired a personal trainer. Within one session it quickly became apparent I’d vastly underestimated just how much knowledge goes into training, and how much injury-free progress requires good decision-making. It’s not as simple as just plucking a routine from the internet and then trying it out on your ronson, with headphones on while ignoring everything around you. Much like daygame, my coach could spot all my errors as easily as I spot bad form in one of my clients. He knows how to make all the strategy decisions of when to lift what, and when to change.

Before showing up on the first session I asked myself, what attitude do I appreciate most in my own daygame clients? I resolved to take that attitude into the gym now that I was the client. I resolved to never skip a session, never show up late, never run my mouth like a chatterbox, never whine, never drag my feet to eke out extra rest periods, never bitch, never bury my head in my smartphone between sets and so on. My coach- who looks like Captain America- is the expert and he was making the decisions. My job was just to lift what he told me to, then eat what he suggested.

It’s going great. I don’t expect to be headhunted as the next Wolverine but I’m already looking far better than I thought possible in July 2018 upon beginning. The habits are deeply entrenched and I’m full-on gymcelling now. My week has only two modes of being: at the gym, and recovering from the gym. Nothing else matters and I love it. The days fly by. Here’s my typical routine for the four gym days per week:

10:30 – wake up, shuffle into bathroom to clean teeth, shower, then admire myself in the mirror
11:10 – walk to nearby “bodybuilder” restaurant that serves clean gym food. order coffee and chicken omelette, have a shit in their toilets, have another coffee, check interwebs
12:40 – walk to gym, buy 1 litre water en route, change clothes, weigh myself, full-body stretch
13:10 – begin workout
15:00 – end workout, stretch off, shower
15:20 – return to restaurant, drink protein shake, order chicken rice with salad, coffee, and read a book
17:30 – eat again, something with beef and low carbs, leave restaurant
18:00 – have a nap on my bed
19:00 – read more and fuck about until it’s time for my final evening meal

You could say these are perfect conditions for bodybuilding. I’ve got no job, no bird [4], unlimited rest time, fresh-cooked clean food, and a great personal trainer for every session. These conditions won’t last forever so I’m determined to max out my effort and discipline while I’m this fortunate and still retain a fanatical determination to push ahead.

For those of you wondering about the specifics of my routine, here’s a snapshot. Bear in mind it’s always changing and I rarely look at what weight is on the bar/machine because my coach is keeping track of all that for me.

SATURDAY – Legs/Shoulders

0 – Full body stretch for about ten minutes, based on boxing stretches
1 – Seated Leg Extensions. One warm-up set of 20 reps at low weight, then four or five work sets, the last usually being a drop set. I fucking HATE this exercise and dread it, but like that it’s the first one so it’s over almost before I realise it. I pull some right fucking retarded faces when I’m trying to squeeze the last reps out.
2 – Hack Squats. This tires me out, having all the weight pressing onto my whole body and I’m always a bit worried that when the squat gets deep that I’m not coming back up. Usually four sets of 15-20 reps, getting progressively heavier.


Me before leg press

3 – Leg Press. Again usually a warm-up set then progressively heavier on the four work sets. Rep range usually 15-20 and tapers down to 10-12. Last week I did 280kg, being 7 plates of 45lbs each side, which I was rather happy with. It felt like I was stress-testing the tensile strength of my knees. This exercise exhausts me completely, turns my head bright red, and never fails to elicits some grunts and yelps but when I finish the last set its a key moment: I’ve broken the back of the leg workout and it gets easier from here on out.


Me after leg press

4 – Deep Dumbell Squats. This is legs quite wide, facing mirror, holding a heavy dumbbell at my chest. 15-20 rep range with escalating weight until four sets done. I’m always dripping with sweat from it, but somehow it feels more comfortable than all the others. Perhaps it’s due to my wrestling exercises of years back which involved hundreds of similar unweighted squats.
5 – Abductor. This is the seated “bring your knees together” exercise all the women do. I consider it a rest period, even though the abductors themselves get trained to failure. It’s just a small body part and the rest of my body is recovering as I do it. Usually it’s midway through the third and final set that my heart rate is back to normal for first time since hack squats.
6 – Seated Hamstring Curl. I usually enjoy the 20 reps of the warm-up set, as it’s another exercises that doesn’t drain the whole body. Usually by the fourth set (usually a drop) I’m near tears because it really hurts. It’s not tiring so much as it’s just plain painful in a way nothing else is.
7 – Seated Dumbbell Flies. Onto the shoulders now and this is four sets with reps decreasing from 20 to 10 as the weights go up, ending in a long drop set on four different weights.
8 – Barbell Raise. I don’t know what this is properly called. There’s a 10kg bar with light plates on each side. I grip at shoulder width then, straight-arms, swing it up to nose height. Feels good to do. Usually four sets, 15-20 reps.
9 – Seated Overhead Press (Machine). This one is tiring again, as it transmits all the weight through my entire torso. I don’t like it much, but it feels like hard work so actually I do. Again, four sets with rep-range declining from 20.
10 – Abdominals. Weighted crunch machine, often supersetted with leg raises. Four sets of 15 or 20, depending on weight.
11 – Weighted Neck Raises. Lying flat on a Reebok aerobics step, I place a 5kg weight on my head and then do 20 raises each for front, left, right. Then repeat.
12 – Stretch off.

That’s the hardest day because it’s legs but all four days take about as long. On the other three, I do fifteen minutes cardio on the treadmill at 7.5km/h. Sometimes vary it to be longer, or faster, or interval. If readers show an interest, I can talk about my fitness regime in greater detail.

[1] And you too, Max and Kramer. You pair of scamming fag boys.
[2] Assuming such a thing really happened and it’s not all a Jew/KGB scam.
[3] Briefly, I thought bodybuilding was 5% gym and 95% eating tuna out of the can while watching YouTube.
[4] No mates, either.

Guest Post: The “Second Life” Of Forum Goons

February 16, 2020

I haven’t been playing PUA Police for a long time but I haven’t lost the natural contempt a legit player feels for the posturing of fake players [1]. I learned to seduce women the hard way, got good at it, and proved myself with evidence (photo, video, in-person) for many years. I have many friends who have done the same [2]. When you do any activity for real, you learn the lay of the land. You learn what is possible for certain people, certain environments, and certain strategies. It becomes easy to spot fakes, easy to notice the lack of verisimilitude in the boasting of these fakers.

It’s a pretty good reason to avoid forums.

I do avoid forums [3] so I’m not best placed to opine on exactly what’s going on nowadays, other than that nothing has changed and they are all shit. When you step in a dog turd you don’t rush a sample to the DNA laboratory to find out precisely which breed laid the turd, do you? However, one of my well-travelled hangers on friends likes a bit of forum squalor and has also ‘collected’ a whole bunch of forum Big Guns over the years, amusing himself in comparing the online persona to the real life underachievement. It is to this man that I now hand over the reins…..

Forum persona vs reality

Meeting a forum Big Gun in real life

It was late 2019. Out of nowhere- and to the shock of the PUA community- RooshV dramatically U-turned, denounced game as immoral and cleaned up his RooshV Forum. After having failed to successfully seduce women from all over the world, he decided he had never really wanted to anyway. He banned a ton of members.

Shock! Horror!

Where would theses posters (and lurkers) go without their illustrious leader providing them with a platform to spout their nonsense? Like the ronin of Edo-era Japan [4], these internet big guns were left to wander cyberspace with uncertain futures. Some moved to Swoop The World. Numerous Slack and Telegram groups were hastily created. Some of those ‘legendary’ players simply didn’t bother looking elsewhere, fading into insignificance.

When the RVF was at its peak, there had always been some members simply too chodey, too full-of-shit and too delusional even for Roosh’s tolerance. Once banned they found solace at the Naughty Nomad forum, a home devoid of rules, boundaries, morals and more importantly truth. Like The Trench from Aquaman, these bottom-feeding creatures had found their home at the darkest depths of the ocean, and life flourished.

Naughty Nomad had been making a nice earner through book sales, kicking back a commission for all the business sent his way from RVF. With the demise of said forum, affiliate sales dried up for the Naughty one and his forum activity began to wane. Yet as its death rattle shook the bottom rung of the internet, it gave birth to something yet more sinister and with a wider reach: the Naughty Nomad Facebook group. However, there are terms applicable should you wish to join this exclusive club [5]. Once membership is confirmed you’re privy to a completely new world of delusion. Madness such as this gem of logic:

NN9 - Turk Goon

I don’t think he’s ever met an actual Turk

This is a world where women descend upon you the moment you step off the airplane, requiring a hearty seducer to pre-load a Client Relationship Management system in order to managed the swarms of flange throwing themselves at him.

NN 1 - CRM

Ever-helpful, the NNG swings into action with advices.

NN 2 - CRM replies

Anyone want to bet if the third column has even a single entry?

A world where Russian Super Models use Tinder to arrange assignations in Prague hostel rooms.

NN7 - Tinder Super Models

A world where low-T Millhouse look-a-likes get laid every night they go out in Frankfurt bars.

NN5 - Millhouse 1

Every. Single. Night.

A world where Ukranian waitresses compete amongst themselves for who can date you.

NN6 - Gods Gift 1

Scratch the surface a little. Click on these guys’ profile it gets worse [6] Short brown people, overweight low-T chodes stood next to Manilla 5’s on their pictures, blah blah. Well readers, call me sceptical, call me a miserable old bastard, for I am both. Despite all these apex pussy slaying alpha shagging predators on the Naughty Nomad forum, it seems lacking in actual evidence. For all these misfits and cast offs fucking HB9s all over the world, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures of said fucked HB9s anywhere on the forum.

It’s almost as if it’s not true….

Thanks pal. Back to Nick now.

There is a video game called Second Life and it plays like an online The Sims. You create a character and enter a virtual world of socialising where everyone is slim, attractive, and lives in a nice pad. It’s an escapist paradise where the pain of your real-world failure can be anaesthetised. Particularly delusional men can fashion an entire “shadow career” of achievement within, relating to others as we desperately wishes he was, rather than how he really is. It is a world composed of interactions between false holographic projections. A mockery of genuine connection.

It turns my stomach, readers.

[1] – Technically I’m a retired player, but let’s not quibble details.
[2] – They don’t always make the evidence public, but within the “inner circle” we see it and know who is 4reelz.
[3] – I checked MalePrivilege twice last month, which probably spiked traffic to all-time highs.
[4] – But with considerably lower free testosterone.
[5] – You need a facebook account.
[6] – I’ve hidden their profile pictures for this article but believe me, these men are not what women dream of meeting.