An Introduction To Daygame

May 17, 2020

One thing I had never done, in the ten years I’ve been producing daygame content, is provide a simple overview of the Krauser London Daygame Model. I’ve done a beginner’s how-two for the low, low price of zero pounds. I’ve done a solid intermediate instructional called Black Book for the not so low price of $99 (buy it here). And of course, I have done the legendary [1], earth-shattering [2], as-yet-not-even-close-to-matched-much-less-surpassed [3] in-field analysis and daygame instructional Daygame Overkill.

[buy Daygame Overkill here]

Daygame Overkill poster hi res

But what I haven’t done is a straight-forward technical introduction for people who don’t really know what our style of daygame is. Maybe they’ve seen some in-fields on Youtube, and gotten an approximate idea that daygame is game in the day. Maybe they’ve seen The Natural Lifestyles and thus concluded daygame is an epic cringefest of low-testosterone soyboys irritating unsuspecting Euro-girls with lame openers and interminable directionless chit-chat [4]. Maybe they’ve watched RSD Max and think it comes down to injecting synthetic testosterone [5] and then posing on Instagram with obvious models that you’ve obviously paid for their time.

Hang on, I’m digressing again aren’t I?

When Anthony Johnson was kind enough to invite me to his The 21 Convention last summer, I delivered precisely that simple overview speech. The full talk has just recently gone live on T21C’s official YouTube and I link it here.

And if I haven’t made the purpose of my post sufficiently clear, here it is again: Buy Daygame Overkill here.

If you need to be told three times before you do something, you may wish to buy Daygame Overkill here.

1. In my own mind, your experience may vary.
2. To my bank account, at least.
3. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

4. Hot off the presses in this latest video from the bullshitting Aussie charlatan, I see The Natural Lifestyles are now preying on desperate soyboys with a “lifestyle design” mentor program. Now, notice the thumbnail in that YouTube video:

James Marshall is a scheming dishonest piece of shit


has the same girls, in the same clothes, on the same boat, in the same weather as when lying fronting piece of shit Robbie Kramer was also shamming at “lifestyle design” here:

Robbie Kramer is a fronting lying piece of shit

I might have captioned that, yesterday


Robbie had to delete his image from Instagram when the girls complained about him using their image in his marketing. So, how did they get these photos? Simple. Robbie runs a soft-pimping business in which he takes $10k+ from credulous chodes (or in Marshall’s case, from scheming charlatans) so a bunch of them can hire a private beach and yacht in the Maldives (or Mauritius Islands, I forget which) for a week-long orgy. Kramer uses his contacts among sex workers in Ukraine to ship in a bunch of hookers and semi-pros with a free all-expenses holiday and a ton of blow. Part of the deal (aside from shagging the chodes) is the girls pose for these “lifestyle design” photos.

This is now the third person I’ve seen in the middle of that same group of women from that trip (which was May 2018).

Lads, it’s all a total con job. James Marshall is a lying chump with zero game who doesn’t cold approach and instead relies on hookers and sugarbabies to get laid. The lifestyle he is selling is total bullshit. His entire image is a fragile facade to persuade idiots to fund him. That’s how he really got “rich”: selling bullshit to idiots and laughing his way to the bank.

5. That’s a guess. I’m waiting for More Plates More Dates or Coach Greg to do a natty-or-not video.


  1. Great investigative work re Natural lifestyles. Krauser PUA: the PUA Police we need, but dont deserve. [Do any other public daygamers have anything to say about frauds, clowns, and conmen? If so, please link. I get the feeling most of them are either cowards, or else terrified of getting exposed themselves. K.]

    The talk is on point too. 👌

    • The strange thing is…

      It wouldn’t even take any courage for Torero to write blog posts exposing the frauds.

      Writing a blog post critisizing a dude does not involve any significant risk like challenging him to a street fight would.

      Especially considering a PUA scammer is not a drug dealer, mafia member or other type of hard criminal that would hunt you down for going after him. [There is some risk, though mostly just embarrassment if you make an accusation that is disproved. It does rather disappoint me how many daygame coaches will happily take a client’s money but feel absolutely zero responsibility to prevent scammers from robbing those same clients. K.]

  2. Speaking of OVERKILL.

    I did a quick search of my notes to see if I had anything handy from Overkill:

    Here is something:

    “If you’re going out and trying to get laid, and then you’re doing a method that sort of like hides it, or blunts it, that will introduce long-term incongruency and inauthenticity in you. Which means, on a very subtle level, which a girl might not be able to articulate, she just feels it’s a bit off. And that’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt your results.”
    — Krauser from Overkill (very subtly promoted in the post above)

    And because I like to compare sources.

    Here is something I took down from Stephen Nash (one of the original guys in The Game, he was “Playboy”)

    “Each of you who do this secretly knows that you are lying, and that you are not really engaging the woman honestly. What this does is begin a highly corrosive pattern of negative feedback between your actions and self-image. Even if she is not aware of what you are doing, your subconscious will be and the corrosion thus begins.”
    — Stephen Nash

    Those two quotes layer on nice together. In Krausers quote, he’s pointing out that the girl will sense there is something insecure/creeping about you (something you create in yourself when you’re a pussy about what you want). In the quote from Stephen, he’s say that YOU will feel it, as you know you’re not being “clean” about what you want and who you are… and then you show that SELF DOUBT in all you do.

    Great lesson there. It is the same problem, from two angles.

    FOR THE RECORD: I paid for a copy of Overkill. It’s a great product. Specific breakdown from Krauser, of his own sets. I am thinking of “I’m Ninja.” Great set. Fun to watch. She has a hot vibe. And the breakdown is excellent. I watched and rewatched these breakdowns when I was getting started. [Thanks for the details, and yeah the comparison is apt. K.]

  3. I saw that natural lifestyles thumbnail come up in my youtube feed last night and at the time thought WTF! is this donut for real? im amazed people actually swallow this shit! good work as always Nick!

  4. Thought this wasn’t available anymore… How come you made it live again? [The old platform was shut down and it took a little while to move it to new platform. K.]

  5. Thanks for showing the ugly truth. Has anyone seen or got any feedback from doing a TNL workshop/ residential etc? I’d imagine there must be a significant number of guys who’ve spent over ten grand (or thereabouts) on one and regretted it soon after, if not during.

    • I did not do a TNL workshop but I bought some of their online producs. All of which are worthless. Daygame Overkill costs a fraction and is miles better. 2 years ago I could not afford their workshops so I went to Budapest and thought: I’m just going to try what I saw them doing on youtube. Can anybody guess how well that worked out?
      I saw a coupple of the TNL guys and there are a lot of coaches you dont see on youtube. Must be the interns. But they are teaching.. All of them are tall and good looking. But I was surprised how many there are.
      Still I was not deterred to try their “methods”. A few months later the online courses came out and I bought them. The Five principles legacy edition. Supposedly the last time they would offer this course. Its a lot of content but its mostly filler talk. No substance. Each week there was a webinar where James would answer questions about one of the priciples. On one live stream someone said they are dissapointed in the course and feel like they have not learnt anything. James said its not the course because a lot of guy have been getting laid because of it.
      One principle is emotional connection. More than two hours of videos on that subject alone and I still have not heard an explanation on how to do it. Just a lot of wasted time to explain why its important but no teaching on how to do it.

      Last year on Prague a guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked “PUA?” I whish I was. He told me about Tom Torero and I kind of laughed it off thinking my “natural” style is way better. I saw him get number after number. He was a cool dude and genuinely tried to help me. But the marketing had a strong influnence on me. I onlny got two phone numbers and obviously no lays. Then I bought Overkill and thought how much time I wasted. And then a pandemic…

      Anybody wants to know more about the silly TNL courses, ask away. [I’d like to hear more about your TNL experience. K.]

  6. how to get girls: be a chad, just look at the TV show geordie shore –your fellow newcastle chad lads [Feminised men banging ugly women. I’ll stay with my method, thanks. K.]

  7. While the ‘natural’ lifestyle gang are all soyboy softies peddling material that’s in the esoteric woo-woo camp, the idea about building a ‘lifestyle’ is on point and as old as human nature itself. No, not the scummy and cringe kind where you setup a ‘modelling’ agency but the kind where you have an ‘in’ in some domain like the hipster scene, rock scene, fashion scene, art scene. It’s about reaching the top of a hierarchy in a specific domain that attract women or already contains women so as to increase your exposure to the type of women you want.

    Most gamers traveling to different countries like to setup near a university… why? Because it’s a scene that has lots of the kind of women they want, now imagine having an ‘in’ in that scene, how much easier would it be for you to get access to those girls?

    Building a ‘lifestyle’ is about maximising access to the types of girls you want. It’s as simple as that. It’s the next natural step after day gaming on the streets but not all people have the motivation to pursue it. [Nope. This is one of the biggest myths in seduction community. K.]

    • Only people I know who deny it are those who don’t have the motivation or temperament (i.e. bookworms and self-professed introverts like yourself) to do it but can’t argue why exactly it’s a myth. [Then I’ll explain it for you. If you have a legit social “in” where girls freely give you attention from desire, you are extremely limited in how many you can bang because they all find out, drama ensues, and you get blackballed as a creep. Conversely, if you go the Bilzerian/fashion photographer/business CEO route, you are just massively over-paying for prostitutes in order to bullshit yourself that you are cool. The only “legit” social circle game I see is either at college- where getting laid is the easiest thing in the world, doesn’t last long, and it’s more about your age and scenario than anything you actually built- or subculture groups where a guy bangs a half dozen grotty slags a year, brags about it, but doesn’t dare post the photos. Lifestyle design is a myth. It’s a popular weasel, as an expression of approach anxiety that has filtered deep into rationalisation. K.]

      • I agree with your examples akin to Dan Bilzerian but he’s perverted the ‘lifestyle’ idea much like junkfood has perverted the ‘balanced diet’ idea. He’s an extreme on the perverted scale but someone just as extreme but on the legit scale would be Leonardo D’caprio (or Eminem; I don’t care for his music, but I once saw a backstage interview and he was completely destroying a hot bitchy backup dancer in a way that had everyone around him laughing while she was dripping for him i.e. he didn’t just leverage his status, he had good verbal banter/attraction skill). He’s managed to top the acting world and regularly takes cruises with models — no cringe photoshoots, social media bragging or payment. Many guys are doing similar things on a lesser scale but we don’t hear about them because they’re not on social media to brag about their ‘lifestyle design’.

        I don’t know what your experience is like at the top of a group of guys but if you bang a few girls and they all find out, nothing happens to you. I’ve been at uni and other domains and witnessed first hand that when you’re the top or one of the top guys, all girls know that you’ve banged. The only drama ensues is the one amongst themselves over who gets your attention. Even as far back as in year 11, I remember the two only physical fights that broke out between girls was because they were fighting over a guy — and who was this guy? Unfortunately not me at the time, but one of them was a known ‘hardman’ with connections and the other was a guy who was known to be skilled at football i.e. both at the top of social hierarchies. When your position at the top is solid, you are not the creep, you are the guy worth fighting over.

        And btw, you are already doing ‘lifestyle’ design, except yours is portable. When you go out on the streets, you’re essentially conveying “look, I’m high status, sleep with me” and being “high status” is synonymous with being at the top of some hierarchy/domain. It obviously works but it is no where near as effective as planting a few roots where girls are and dominating that hierarchy to reach to the top.

        You remind me of someone I met at a Birmingham ‘daygame’ meet-up a few years ago. I was telling him about how I almost someday laid an asian from the streets back to my hostel but the hostel dynamics (crowded, no privacy) made her too self-conscious so no sex. He immediately said ‘no one has ever day gamed asian girls’. I was surprised, given that I almost did and knew a mate who already did but he was adamant. After some back and forth I realised because he had never seen an online ‘lay report’ of someone in the ‘pickup/daygame community’ daygaming an asian, he thought it was impossible. That’s when I realised his whole worldview of gaming and seduction was from most of the weirdos on forums/blogs. It seems you’re similar: reaching the top of hierarchies and smashing girls is as old as human nature, and yet you come back to me with examples of Dan Bilzerian and ‘Natural lifestyles’ and other weirdos and proclaim it’s impossible.

    • With the lifestyle design idea you have to dedicate all or most of your time to hooking up with women. You chose a place to live, an occupation or hobby, a circle of friends which are going to help you in this endeavour. What if you actually have other preferences and wish to do something else? It’s essentially creating a full time job around chasing skirt. Also it all seems so fake and essentially you are living a lie, unless you really would choose to do any of these activities and have that circle of friends anyway. If you can meet girls through cold approach better to do that, get some results and live the life you really want to live.

  8. Thanks for the presentation. This is pretty much my experience with daygame. It’s not the “only way” and there are plenty of other ways of meeting girls, some of which are frankly likely to be more effective for most men. Compared to my experience with other methods eg. apps, nightgame, the girls I have dated through daygame are around 1-2 points more attractive. It does take several months and a lot of work to get to that point though, so I suspect that a lot of men have expectations of banging models and then quickly drop out when reality hits. Indeed most of the day gamers in my city are only seen in the main shopping strip for a few weeks spam approaching and then quickly disappear. A lot of them seem to be being coached by these con men that you describe.

    I agree that it’s really just an SMV delivery mechanism. It might make you stand out a little bit more than an attractive guy in a bar or on an app, although the difference isn’t huge. Working on your SMV is just as important and improving your conversational ability.

  9. Anon – lifestyle game isn’t a progression from daygame. DG can be done by any guy, anywhere in the world, at anytime, on your own, regardless of what your job is…
    LSG requires that you stay in one place (to build social proof & network) be incredibly outgoing & charismatic constantly (to facilitate building & maintaining said group) & is restricted to only a few professions (DJ, Fashion photographer, Sportsman, rock star, actor).
    Saying that an average guy doing daygame in shopping centres, who’s generally quiet & an assistant bank manager, can just move into LSG is not achievable unless he completely reinvents himself. The fact that you use DiCaprio & Eminem as examples only exemplifies this.

    • Dorian Gray: you’re confusing personality traits with being at the top of some hierarchy. You don’t need to be charismatic and outgoing. The local dealer is a crooked-nose introvert but he’s got a gang with him that’ll smash your head in if you look at him funny in the club. By the way others around him act, girls can pickup the fact that he’s dominant and at the top of a hierarchy.

      The ‘average guy’ also doesn’t daygame, has 1 and half close friends, has banged about 4 or less girls, is overweight. What applies to the average guy has nothing to do with this discussion. To put it in your worldview: stop being average and yes, completely reinvent yourself: why else are you currently doing what you’re doing if not to smash girls and accrue money? Find a more effective and efficient path.

      Btw, this ‘lifestyle’ game garbage needs to be renamed. If we all called it ‘hierarchy game’ then we’d all be better off. Off the top of my head, there are about three types. There are local (e.g. known local DJ, property developer, business guy, city mayor, artist, football team), global (pop stars, footballers, actors, businessmen), situational (skii instructor, bouncer, charismatic guy in club/dancefloor, street performers/singers who manage to get a crowd, rising star employee in firm). Your job is to pick the best hierarchy you can, that’s populated with the types of girls you want and dominate it.

      • ..and the average guy STILL isn’t going to re-invent himself on the one in a thousand chance that he may get a few average girls! It’s Fantasy pick up unless the guy really wants to be a drug dealer, mayor whatever!?..

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  12. The effort i put into day game over the years was wasted time. I delete all numbers that lead to no i go. I burn every warm lead down to the ground until i have a solid answer. The leads that stick are usually married or in relationships. I don’t let them ones get too close because i have honor.
    I’m at zero. No numbers, no girls. I must have done it all wrong.
    1000’s of girls exchanged numbers all around the world but not one message or booty call during this lock down.
    The attention men give girls online and the ability for them to whore on sites like onlyfans has completely destroyed the low value mans (i speak only for myself) ability to get laid using daygame. [Daygame is not a good idea for low value men. Gotta be average or better. K.]

    • I have always seen daygame as a way for low value men to give the impression of being high value, but really it’s just confidently average.
      I guess people interpret values differently. I see high value as someone with good status, genetics and wealth, who wouldn’t dream of wasting time sarging on the street but would instead buy bottles in the club or fly an e-thot out to his place to get girls. Everyone else falls into the category of low value or Average. [You’ve got this the wrong way around. Paying for sex is low value. High value men get it for free. K.]

      The average man being stuck inside the matrix non the wiser until something breaks (divorce etc), hits rock bottom (low value) and builds themselves back up to a better version of their self, but this time with eyes that can see differently (red pill)
      Still ultimately low value, but with a lot more confidence.

      Being stuck as average is the worst because it’s comfortable and makes people lazy which eventually leads to depression (low value) until you build yourself back up again and rinse and repeat.

      Mike Tyson made a good comment after his recent fight that life is about falling and building yourself back up and falling again and coming back stronger.
      I think this is a lot like the self sabotage behaviors a lot of PUA’s have.

      • I agree and I’ve never payed for sex, but high value women are not free. You’re paying a price for the life style. [That’s nonsense you read on the internet. K.]

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