Corona Home Workout #Daygame #GetRipped

April 7, 2020

I was asked in the comments what my home-training bodyweight workout is. Seeing as I’m well-known for being responsive to my readers [1] I guess it would behove me to outline it. So, in true Manosphere Red-Pill Huckster fashion, allow me to pontificate on something I have absolutely no track record in, charging you a one-time Corona Sale price of £97 (60% off £299) [2] for my Personal Training Mastery package [3]

Fuck it, here goes. Summary first:

  • Bodyweight training 3 times a week, comprising Hindu push-ups and Hindu squats as the centrepiece.
  • Small calorie deficit and low-carbs.
  • An hour walking each day.

Putting the detail on it is as follows.

My previous training was based around achieving lean gains, and thus bulking slowly with a small (+300 kcal) daily surplus, cycling carbs on basis as follows:

Monday: Gym (Back), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Tuesday: Rest, 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Wednesday: Gym (Chest), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Thursday: Rest, 3000 kcal, carbs at 300g REFILL #1
Friday: Gym (Arms), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Saturday: Gym (Legs, Shoulders), 2300 kcal, carbs at 100g
Sunday: Cardio (fasted), unlimited kcal (typically 5,000), carbs at 700g REFILL #2

This diet was based on carb super-compensation, meaning that I’d progressively drain glycogen from my muscles culminating in being empty when stepping off treadmill at Sunday lunchtime. Then I’d eat like a hog and refill +extra, ready for the next week. It was going good. My weight and strength went up but with minimal fat. Nonetheless, some fat was added as was some carb bloat around my waist. I’d need to cut eventually.

Corona brought the bulk phase to an end when the gyms closed three weeks ago. I’m in a small short-stay rental apartment in a foreign country. It’s simply not feasible (or, now, even possible) to buy a suite of weights heavy enough to continue with a decent bulk. Therefore I decided to do my cutting phase now. First, I took a week off to recuperate after an extremely punishing year-to-date. Then, training changed as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Bodyweight training
Every day: Calorie deficit, low carbs, walking



I intend to do ten days cutting hard, then a one-day refill, and back to ten days cutting. Tomorrow is the end of the first ten-day cycle. For training, I’m trying to add volume each session but it’s tough because the diet is depleting me. I’m satisfied if I can simply maintain my baseline volume, which is:

Hindu push-ups x100 (1×50, 1×30, 1×20)
Hindu squats x200 (2×100)
Boxing neck raises x120 (1×40 in three directions)
Sit-ups x50
Wall chair for 3 minutes
Standard push-up variations x60 (20 on fists, 10 triangle, 10 middle fingers touching, 10 wide, 10 each side staggered arms [4])

I was initially planning to get good at the wrestler’s bridge again but I’ve decided long-term neck health is more important than making it look bigger. It’s a shame, because it’s a very effective exercise if you don’t mind knacking your neck a bit. The neck raises are far safer, so I’m doing them instead. This workout, including warm-up/stretching/cool-down takes just over an hour. Much of the break time is spent lying on my bed hyperventilating because it’s extremely demanding anaerobically. Total training load isn’t as demanding as what I was doing in the gym, but I don’t mind. If I was stuck with bodyweight training for the rest of the year, I’d be more aggressive in upping my volume. For now, I’m just happy to keep things ticking along.

Let’s be clear. I am not positioning myself as a fitness and diet expert. I’ve learned a lot, especially over the past two years, but I’m light-years behind the real experts. I post this regime simply because people showed an interest, and this blog is predominantly a personal log of things I try to get better at. In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s a selfie I took just before beginning my first training session in this regime, two weeks ago.

Brad Pitt shirtless on his best day

45yr old, 77kg-ish

Feel free to comment on the quality of my training/diet regime but- and I stress this- if you are going to bluster about how I’m stupid, or mistaken, or obviously need to do it this other way that you suggest instead, then you must (a) swear an oath upon Daygame Mastery that you are not on testosterone, gear, GH or any other PED [5] and (b) post a picture of your upper body equivalent to what I posted here.

I find that buying Daygame Overkill and ruminating on the treasure trove of in-field knowledge contained within is the single best way to focus my mind to complete an effective home-training workout. Buy it here for $199 (60% off $897)

[1] Though usually by insulting them.
[2] 60% off £299 is actually £119 but the guy I copied it off is as bad at maths as he is everything else he sells courses on.
[3] £597 if you want VIP Inner Circle access, meaning the occasional half-assed Skype call, and a chance to sit and watch me eat lunch every Sunday in my #LunchRoom #WarRoom.
[4] Simulating one-armed push-ups for someone not strong enough to do proper one-armed push-ups with good form on almost-exhausted arms.

[5] I’ve got no problem with people hitting the gas to look good, but, if so, don’t kid yourself that you actually know how to train. It’s just the gas you’re on, as you’ll find out soon enough when you come back off it.


  1. Nick, I have just completed The Fountainhead and decided I will be moving abroad next year. I have enough money saved to live comfortable for 12 months.

    My question to you is how will I spend all this free time? I don’t need to learn how to get laid, I don’t need to work if I don’t have to, I don’t want to start a business nor do I want to teach. The only worthy thing I can think of and I thoroughly enjoy is reading a tonne and working out.

    Whichever the case I want to move abroad while these fashion models still appreciate my youth and swagger 😋 what’s the use waiting for your SMV prime to get models when you can get them now? There is a lot of projection in the community. My career is great as long as my technical skills are strong they will always recruit me.

    I’m going full Roark, you’ll be pleased to know Nick. My way or nothing fuck everyone else.

    • And a photo of my upper body? In your dreams mate

      • I get it I get it no man can live for another. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body.

        The step is first, the road is new, the vision unborrowed and the response received – hatred.

        Gonna have to find out for myself 🙂

  2. Been reading this blog a while and thought now might be a good time to make a post – in corona isolation and also been getting into lifting weights at home now the gyms are closed.
    Nick I thought the same as you about not having heavy enough weights in my room to work on building mass, I use pretty conventional routines in the gym – working back and biceps together, doing 3 sets of 10 with 2 minute rests in between sets. My body definitely got used to the same exercises and routines so even when lifting heavy weights I wasn’t making much progress in putting on bulk (which has been a priority of mine because in 2018 I lost 2 stone). This past week I’ve been doing a lot body weight squats, usually 3 sets of 30, lots of press ups, also 3 sets of 30 and I have
    2x 11kg dumbbells. What has been working really well for me is going from press ups and then a short 20 second rest before dumbbell curls and then back to press ups again.
    With the dumbbell curls I start off with 10 full reps and then start hitting tight angles targeting different parts of the bicep. Once you’re feeling the burn it really doesn’t matter that the weights are only 11kg – it is giving me great results at home. I think it’s important to shock our systems with weight lifting so the muscle doesn’t know what to expect all the time. This video and others he has posted have been a big inspiration to me and has helped me out shit loads:

    As an experiment I suggest you try to train for bulk with low weights high reps because you may find your body reacts better to that, we are all different remember. Another good work out for home is going from biceps curls straight into shoulder press with no rest, and then back to bicep curls. Whilst standing up you feel this working a lot of muscle groups all over the body – core, lower back etc..
    I’m worried about my legs getting disproportionate to my upper body with no gym. Need to start practicing deadlift more and possibly invest in a bar bell..

  3. Are there pull exercises like pull up, row?

    • I find if I’m stuck for a pull up bar etc, chuck a towel over a door handle both sides of the door, bend your knees and pull it’s reasonably effective if not perfect. Also, if you reverse the movement on the Hindu press up, doesn’t that work your pulling muscles a bit?

      • Thank you I have the needed equipment. I was noting the posted routine, though impressively high volume, doesn’t have pull exercises

  4. Try L-sit between chairs if you need height/bent legs.

    Great for upper arm/shoulders.

    Can progress to inner elbows pointing forward instead of towards torso once you can already completely straighten your legs, but it’s harder.

    Straghtening the back completely is also hard.

    If you will ever pick up gymnastic rings be careful since you need good warm-up and slow progressions. Eg if you will try iron-cross before 2 years of training on them you’re going to the hospital.

    Rings are 10/10 for shoulder/biceps/upper body development, but need to be treated with respect.

  5. Hey Krauser, do you have any specific cutting goal per week while on your low carb diet? i.e. 0.5 lbs per week or a certain body fat %? How long do you intend to cut for? [Just calorie control. K.]

    • I had the flu before it was trendy.
      I hardly ate in a week except some soup here and there.
      I lost ten pounds and never felt better if that makes sense.
      Fasting and just eating less all round feels good.
      WW2 soldiers fought wars on coffee and rye bread with a bit of sausage thrown in.
      Most religions for centuries had fasting periods from Lent to Ramadan.
      Dont over consume or feel bloated.

  6. I’m having great home workouts using resistance bands. Good for travelling as well. [But you look tiny now. K.]

  7. Nick, do you take any vitamins or other supplements?

  8. Hi Nick. It’s Greg, we met in Belgrade and went for a walk through Kneza Mihaila street and Kalemegdan if you remember. I knew that you were working on your physique even at the time but you were so passionate talking about the game so I let you speak and I forgot to mention that I’ve been studying nutrition for the last 15 years. I’ve read literally thousands of studies(I’m a bit of a geek like you:) and solved all my health problems which even doctors were clueless about. So if you need any advice on topics of health/longevity/disease prevention etc. I’d be glad to have a skype call or something and tell you the top things I’ve learned so you can further improve your health. No bullshit, science-based advice with no vegan, religious, political, food & pharmaceutical industry nonsense (took me years to be able to separate that shit from the real science). It’s at least I can do for all the content that you made for us. Just kidding I just want to see you gaming in your 80’s:) Joke aside let me know if that sounds good for you.

  9. Nick
    Long time lurker.
    I thought your interview on London Real was one of the best things I’ve ever heard.
    Well Brian Rose is now getting deplatformed for interviewing David Icke.
    Give him a shout out.

  10. I don’t have anything constructive to say about a workout program, but I just read daygame mastery and wanted to leave this here:

    Considering that this journey began by putting down a video game, you might enjoy watching this movie, pay attention to the hero’s wife, the way she dresses, her attractiveness relative to him, and the way she treats him.

    My take: this guy’s game is just as legit as his gameplay. His success relative to his starting material, though not the focus of the film, is an admirable example of what an ordinary man can achieve with some game.

    • Is this some wind-up?

      • I’m a game universalist.

        I assert that game is so fundamental that some element of game is present somewhere in 100% of intimate encounters between humans.

        Therefore, a three punching above his weight to attract and keep a six completely devoted to him is an example of unusual success, and should be acknowledged as such.

        Sure, there’s an absolute scale, with perfectly symmetrical people sitting at the top of it. I’m far from the top of that mountain, but thanks to this blog and other resources, I’ve climbed higher than I would have otherwise, and for that I’m grateful.

  11. Nick I know this sounds like homo fan boy following but any chance for a short reply of your favourite music for gym etc. it’s just that I am yet to not like anything you’ve recommended. Thanks!


    Nick you must watch this content. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it, really intense interrogations. And great to watch people’s frames being crushed and rabbits panicking under pressure, the Patreon is even more Superb. Take my word.

  13. Hi Krauser,

    I’ve been reading your books and following your blog for a few years now..thanks for all the content.

    One aspect of your blog that I’ve always found interesting is the breakdown of your thought process when it comes to making decisions.

    With that in mind, I’m curious why you’ve chosen to do a Matt Furey Combat Conditioning type workout as the centrepiece of your bodyweight training, instead of a more traditional type of BW training routine that more closely resembles body building type exercises?
    For example, pike press for shoulder development.

    Also, what are your thoughts on joint damage when doing such high reps? Especially your knees when doing the Hindu squats

    ps I noticed that a lot of people commented on your recent Bodybuilding post offering “advice”, yet I don’t see many comments of that nature for this post…I wonder why??

    Thanks again,

  14. K, what variation of the Hindu pushup do you use? Do you let your elbows go down to the floor hence needing a large amount of arm / tricep strength to lift off for the next step? ( go to 2:05 )

    Or do you use a easier variation like in the video you posted where elbows don’t go down to the floor and its more of a chest focus?

  15. Hey K, you brilliant BASED and REDPILLED (and now not-fat) old man.

    Could you please point to instructions on how to do neck raises? I was duck duck going for it but all I get are neck bridge tutorials and that’s fucking gay.

    Hope you’re having a great day fren, love you stuff (no homo).

    • Never mind, I am retarded and I was using the term “boxing neck raises” instead of just “neck raises”.

      Cheers fren!

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