I pick up a Russian model

November 6, 2010

0:10 – It’s a busy crossing and we’re waiting for the lights when I see her. Hence plenty of time to get the camera turned on. I tell Jambone I’m gonna walk over and open her.
0:15 – I have to solve a technical problem… do I wait till she’s across the road and thus appear creepy waiting for her, do I open halfway across and then have to rush a bounce to the pavement, or do I stride confidently across the traffic and open before she’s gotten moving. Easy. Looks fucking awesome.
0:23 – Spontaneous opener straight out of the Krauser Daygame Model.
0:25 – I’ve got an audience. It’s a DHV to open without a worry of who is watching. It shows that I believe what I’m doing is natural.
0:35 – I haven’t killed momentum because it’s still normal for her to cross the road now (and there’s no way I can follow her without being creepy) so I have to keep her engaged with verbals long enough for the lights to change back to red.
0:40 – She’s meeting a friend. I have to get this done quickly. Usually I’d begin flipping the script and pausing now but I’m concerned about her momentum….
0:43 – …so I ask another leading question, which has a nuance of challenging her, to try to kill it.
0:54 – Finally I get a chance to stack properly into something she can talk about and start vibing.
1:01 – Hair twirl IOI.
1:06 – Note the solid eye contact. That’s the main DHV at this moment, not my jibber jabber.
1:18 – I should’ve let her talk more on the thread of getting into trouble. A minor mistake.
1:27 – She’s about to say something and I cut over it. Another mistake. I’m not well calibrated today.
1:54 – Personalise it to her.
2:16 – Rapport and show I have some education. Body language is unreactive and my energy is lower now.
2:31 – I’ve interrupted her again. Stupid! Never break rapport in daygame.
2:41 – You’re not listening to me are you? Just thinking about her tits.
2:53 – Basic comfort building questions while I try to get her to open up and invest. I’ve set a slightly weak vibe with all my interruptions. The frame is too much that she gives short answers while I skip across topics quickly. I should’ve slowed down earlier.


3:00 – Easy generic neg, especially for a girl who knows she’s beautiful.
3:05 – Finally I do something right and lead her.
3:13 – This is how high value / high esteem girls IOI – simply giving you their undivided attention and listening intently. No dramatics.
3:22 – Note the dog that didn’t bark. She’s not looking over my shoulder, or at her watch, or shifting awkwardly. There are no signs that she’s in a hurry to meet that friend or to eject from this conversation.
3:44 – I’m qualifying her. I haven’t given her any physical IOIs yet so I’m running this more like classic mystery method of letting her show her likeable side so I can then show interest in her. You can bet most guys can’t help but acknowledge her beauty right from the beginning.
4:10 – She’s much more open now.
4:18 – Most guys would jump on the model thing. “ooooh I’m talking to a model!!!!” I finally give her an oblique physical IOI while remaining mostly unfazed.
4:37 – No chance of the instant date and limited in how long I can keep her so I just go for the number. It’s a 50/50 chance.
4:41 – Qualify her on the close. Notice my frame is that I’m choosing and she’s no big deal.
4:50 – Time will tell if this was smart or retarded. I’ve had very little time to build rapport and invest her, so taking a number might fizzle out when she knows so little about me. Adding her to Facebook is less pressure for her and also lets me passively DHV and build rapport just from having her check out my profile. So I decline the text game and try Facebook.
5:02 – That’s a locking in leg cross from her, not a pussy tingle. I know from her legs and vibe that I’m not extracting the contact details – she’s happily giving them up (see the hair twirl IOI).
5:27 – Subcommunicating that I won’t waste my time trawling through pages to find her, I have better stuff to do. Usually I transition to “give me you number and I’ll text if I can’t find you” but in this case it sounds like she’s easy to find.
5:37 – I’m still projecting that I’m not fully convinced by her on the goodbye – no hug or handshake, but not rude either. I’m setting myself up as high value.


Verdict: She’s a 9, my game was a 7, and she’s just accepted the Facebook add. More posts to follow if I get her onto a date. Update: I’ve kiss closed and am dating her. Took down the images


  1. I love how you so honestly evaluate your game.

    I think you should replace your head gear.

    What do you think – half south Indian, half Russian?

  2. “So you can do the KGB accent?”

    That is hilarious.

  3. “Save the world face, adopt a dolphin”

    These lines are too much. Dripping with sarcasm. So patronizing and condescending in that *just barely* sort of way. You are insulting her but she can’t exactly put her finger on it.

    Love it.

  4. – I’m in a rush.

    – You sound Russian.

    Great way to take what she says and do what you want with it.

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  6. “You seem nice, so tell you what. When I have more time I will give you a call.”

    So good.

  7. You have long legs… thats a good thing by the way. LOL

    Its all very good and natural, like you do this everyday. Awesome.

  8. Can you please punch Jambone bloody whenever he’s got the shakes with the camera (i.e always). Otherwise he’ll obviously never learn.

  9. “Its all very good and natural, like you do this everyday.”

    That’s an excellent way of describing it. And the thing is, Krauser *does* do this every day.

  10. I’m impressed that you got a girl that attractive who claimed to be in a hurry to stand on the corner and engage you for 5 minutes rather than walk across the street and do whatever it is she had to do.

    Damn.. I need to learn day game.

  11. I noticed towards teh end, your posture changed to cross armed. Is that recommended or just an accident.

  12. Why is the video private? I really wanted to see this again.

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