Minimalist facebook game – HB Polish Wonky Fringe

November 6, 2010

Not all game is bells and whistles. Sometimes you’re busy, she’s busy and you just want to maintain a connection. Here’s an example from half an hour ago. My goal was to keep the wordcount low. This is the girl I street kiss-closed in Poland last month. Now it’s over to long game until she finally comes to London.


Before she cut her own hair

Me 18:14 – work or play?
Her 18:14 – party ;p
Me 18:14 – Facebook party? So exciting….. not
Her 18:17 – stop being so ironic
Me 18:18 – boo
Her 18:18 – you’re jealous    because you’re staying at home tonight ;p
Me 18:19 – It’s true. I’m staying home tonight.    Croatia on Monday though 🙂
Her 18:19 – now I’m jealous ;p
Me 18:21 – what’s the party?
Her 18:22 – first, at my friends’ home    then at club
Me 18:22 – Nice. Your hometown?
Her 18:24 – yep    I’m late    I’ m always late    they will kill me this time, my friends
Me 18:27 – you should probably stop talking to me and get ready ;);)
Her 18:28 – ;p probably i should    but i can’t ;p
Me 18:28 – haha
Her 18:31 – ok I’m ready for party    finally
Me 18:31 – looking sexy?
Her 18:31 – very sexy !!
Me 18:32 – Cool. Take a photo and show me
Her 18:32 – tomorrow 😉 I’m latee!!
Me 18:34 – have fun. Talk later
Her 18:34 – thanx, have a nice evening ;p


  1. was she ever a hotty before the stupid haircut! im dealing with a 17yo who looks exactly the same, redhead with blueyes and pailish skin plus that devil bitchy look

  2. Not really related to this post but…

    You seem to be killing it at the moment with your day game, but on your RSG profile you say, “It took me a LONG time to get my first game-inspired lay. I really had to stick with it in the early days.” I’m just starting to get into day game, and my biggest concern is that I drop out of the game early due to lack of early success. How long did it take you to get your first gamed lay (in sets and also in time period)? I think knowing this would help me stick with it.


    • Exactly what I would like to ask, too

      • Full story is in my archived posts. Start from the first post and work forwards if you want the detail. Short answer is:
        1. First daygame approaches were May and June 2010
        2. First daygame lay was New Years Eve, six months later.

        The main reasons it took a long time were (i) pitiful daygame material to learn from – no infields, no models, just an opener and then you’re left to figure it out yourself (ii) my inner game was wrecked from the divorce so took a long time to get my shit together internally and it was putting off girls who initially responded well.

  3. Krauser started having success once he began choosing targets more wisely. In his early days he went after Anglo women struck out. Once he wisened up and went after foreign women he started racking up the lays.

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