My second street kiss close

October 12, 2010

I’m in Ludz on a Saturday afternoon having endured a four-hour rickety train ride aboard the Communist Express. We’re all deadly tired after a long long night out in Krakow and an early rush to the station. Suave has no motivation whatsoever, resting on the laurels of his previous night’s f-close that culminated in taking £10 off the girl to pay for our taxi to the train station and leaving her bewildered on the pavement calling after him “give me the money!”

Shammers and I decide we have to at least try some daygame. It’s 6pm, cold, and few people on the streets. I do a few sets. They all stop but there’s no life in my game and none of the girls inspire me. I notice a tall blonde in a purple coat walk past but by the time I realise I like her the easy moment is gone and I’m too low energy to chase her. She gets lucky – she’s just wandering around while she waits for a bus and I walk past her again on the other side of the street fifteen minutes later. I open immediately as she pulls level.


How she remembers the kiss


Me: Hi! I want to say something…. I just love your coat!

Her: Thank you [big smile]

Me: Did you cut your own hair?  [she has a weird asymetric fringe]

Shammers wanders off to open a cute blonde and I stay in set for ten minutes. My girl is responding great and I just feel the sexual tension between us. Deep eye contact, smiling, crazy leg-crossing. All the signals are there. I test out her time constaint and it turns out she has to get a bus in a few minutes to a rock concert. She’s travelled a long way into Ludz to see this band. So I walk her to the bus stop. I’m still pretty half-arsed – I really need a good night sleep to be effective and I’ve only had two hours plus still got a hangover. My farts are stinking too so I make sure I stand downwind.

As we get to the corner to go our separate ways I’m not even gonna take a number.

Me: Ok, this is where we say goodbye. It was really nice meeting you [she looks at me very sweetly, smiling, and clearly disappointed we will never meet again. I decide to take a risk]

Me: [strong eye contact] Let’s do something crazy!

Her: Ummm, yeah? [smiling in anticipation]

Me: Give me your hands [she does]. Have you ever kissed a guy…. who you just met…. in the street? [serious eye fucking]

Her: No, ummm, er… [smiling, loving it]

Me: [puts her hands on my shoulders, leans in, she leans in – kiss]

Awesome kiss. As mechanical and diligent as I am for daygame I still feel the spark of certain romantic moments and this was one. She looks at me with crazy eyes like she can’t believe the torrent of alphaness that’s swept her up. I take her number and head back for a nap, a huge smile on my face. Text game ensues that evening:


The fringe. My god, the fringe!


Me 8:29pm – Hey, is this Purple? The slightly cute, slightly crazy [subject] teacher who cuts her own hair.

Her 8:40pm – Hey stranger 🙂 here’s a girl in a purple coat, how’s your party?

Me 8:50pm – Hmmmm, what should I do with a girl like that….

Her 8:57pm – I cant focus on the concert because i think about you, is that normal? 😉 maybe you should try to find some nice girl in the club? 🙂 [five minutes of alpha plays havok with a girl’s emotional circuitry. She needs comfort and is hence giving me a player test]

Me 9:00pm – I’m still thinking about you too. You’ve hijacked my mind [in Poland you can get away with 2002 Mystery lines! We were opening in clubs with “who lies more”] :O I think it’s your grey eyes…. entrancing.

We exchange more texts and I end up meeting her at the train station at 3am after my clubbing. An f-close isn’t on the cards so I just work comfort, cat kino, and build towards the harem. The f-close girl from two days earlier is also engaging me on Facebook so I’m thinking I might as well set up a Polish branch of the harem. After finger fucking Purple in the train station I run two hours comfort – very honest stuff:

Me: Ok, you’ve been really nice so I’m gonna let you do something. You can ask me two questions – about anything – and I promise to answer completely honestly. And I won’t be offended by the question.

Her: Really?

Me: Yeah. I’m gonna get a coffee from that machine. Ask me when I get back. Don’t waste them by asking about my favourite colour or food.

She takes it seriously and asks me why I got divorced, and do I come to Poland with my friends to pick up girls. I reframe both into DHVs but still give reponses that are true in both spirit and facts. She loves it – deep rapport. She gives me two questions so I ask how many guys she’s fucked (seven) and what her second favourite dinosaur is (brontosaurus). Then I get a taxi to the hostel and sleep. I’ve been running some comfort on Facebook since then. The plan is to bring her to London for a week of seriously degrading sex.

NB – Kiss close gambit shamelessly pilfered from Yad.


  1. “She gets lucky”….=)) lucky her to have met you:)
    the dinosaur thing is from rsd tim i think
    it’s interesting how she gave you the real answer about how many guys she’s fucked, i think that’s a tell it’s on, real men can take it plus she knows she’s not going to be your gf so she doesn’t play the saint. i think its a lot of fun when girls are real.

    what is the friking cat kino?

    • Nothing special. You just kino a girl like you would with a cat: sit her on your lap, pull her head in and scratch her around the temples the same way you scratch a cat under the chin. Treat her like a cat. It really puts them into a girly feminine mode and is great for comfort. Generally speaking:

      Train her like a dog, kino her like a cat

    • How the hell do you know 7 wasn’t a lie?

  2. Hmm, having a girl pay for your taxi, staying in guys are in your mid 30s?

    • Shaming language gets you banned. If you don’t know what it is, google “female shaming language”. You used code green.

      • Apologies, comment was not meant to be shaming (and I will google it).

        I had written a longer post but edited for brevity to avoid cluttering your blog as it was off topic. I was just curious on your life and aims (as my previous assumptions must have been wrong), no judgement.

        Anyway, I’m off as it’s not the place for me. Good luck with your book 🙂

      • No probs. Feel free to write off topic. If I don’t like it I’ll edit it down, but in itself it’s not a problem for me

  3. I’m dying to use Yad’s k-close gambit too. The k-close is cool, but what is cooler is how that broad was thinking about you all night afterward.

  4. Hey, Krauser!

    I´m decent at night game but my day game is worse than beta, so I could really benefit from your experience.
    I hear you have a book coming out. Is this true?
    Could you say when it will be available?

    The problem with night game is that practically every girl I pick up is a skank.
    I´d like to start getting the nice girls, and I know they are to be picked during the day.

  5. Lily. If you’d taken three minutes to read this blog you’d have noticed Krauser doesn’t have to work at all and lives a comfortable life. Pretty good for only mid 30’s I’d say and he didn’t have to marry someone then divorce them and parasitically live off them like women do either.

    Krauser. I’d like an exact definition of “finger fucking”. Does this entail a) inserting fingers actually into the cunt and frigging the G-spot b) external rubbing of the clit c) violently thrusting your cock between her fingers until you come? The ‘internal or external’ question is fascinating me. ‘c’ is a joke.

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