I bang my first Polish teenage music student

October 11, 2010

I’m in Krakow with Suave and Shammers, having my worst daygame session in months. I’ve done about six sets and couldn’t close any. It’s a humbling experience. Tail between our legs we shuffle back towards the apartment at 4pm. A girl in a colourful dress walks past and I think “one more set”. I’m so tired, cold and dispirited that I don’t even bother turning on the camera (until afterwards…..)

Me: Hi. I have to say something…. I love your dress…. everyone here is dressed in dull greys and browns but you’re so colourful.

She hooks super strong and my state explodes. It’s really easy to vibe and she’s investing alot. I decide to play with verbal escalation asking her what crazy stuff she’s done and has she ever kissed a guy she just met, say an Englishman, on the street. She nearly goes for it but social pressure holds her back. So ten minutes in I commit her to an instant date. She takes me to a crusty quiet old pub and I decide to gun it for the same day lay. Key moments:

– We talk about sexual experiences then I look in her eyes and say “I really want to kiss you right now”. She smiles and says “really?”. I say yes, like this – and kiss close. Very quick then I disengage and say she’s not so good. Obviously she kisses me again and I reward her on it.

– I work the cat kino to put her legs over my thighs, pull her in, and rest her head on my shoulder while I scratch the hair on her temple. My vocal tone goes really low and I future project fucking. She tells me she likes it rough and on the floor.

– I redo the routine I improvised on Salsa:
“When I fuck you, it’ll be violent at first. Very rough. You’ll feel my power. My strength. My cock will be hard and you feel it, inside you, hard, fast, powerful. In and out. Your heart will be beating fast. Crazy fast…. blah blah”.

Her eyes spazz out and then her phone rings. She gets off the line as soon as she can and says it’s her friend and they’re meeting in 45 minutes. I say ok and take her hand and walk her immediately to the toilets. She resists slightly but it’s just to run back and grab her phone. No LMR.

Seeing as there’s no video evidence of this being the same day, I interview her afterwards.

Key learning points:

  • It only takes one good set to turn a day around
  • Some girls hook strong with a sexual vibe. Pounce on it. Do not go for a number.
  • Sexually escalating a girl on the street is great fun
  • Verbal escalation is a great way to raise buying temperature without succumbing to a chasing frame (like normal kino does)
  • Fuck her on a buying temperature spike.


  1. Kudos, man the women is hot, young, firm…Krauser, I’m feeling envious of you! are you gonna meet up with the day game guys for the direct dating summit?

    big respect, you’re a legitimate mutherfucker!

  2. “Verbal escalation is a great way to raise buying temperature without succumbing to a chasing frame (like normal kino does)”

    Modeone said that not touching a women while ” talking dirty” to her in a seductive deep voice with eye contact is a form of teasing and increases sexual tension.

  3. Nice work, definitely some good lines and strategies in there I can use.

  4. nice boobies man. would i ever guess she would be so slutty judging from the picture? no

    whats this cat routine like?

  5. Nice work. For most men on the planet, this would be one the highlights of his life. For Krauser, just another day at the office.

    Can I request more pics of this girl? I like her gaze. Strong but feminine.

    • dude you are just obsessed with european women aren’t you 😉
      i love it how k is so nonchalant about the whole thing, i would expect a complicated manover but no he just takes her and fucks her….all it takes apparently! and since i’ve never tried this my hamster is running in his wheal right now, i’m thinking that since i’ve never tried how do i know it won’t work…..imagine all the girls i could have done this to

  6. Krauser PUA: reading this is better than porn, barely less exciting than the real thing. Fabulous. And the best is: you too could be Krauser PUA.

  7. Nice post. As Rivelino said, more pics of these girls would be nice. It would also be nice if you could fill in the missing video sections with more narrative. I am especially interested in how these girls liked to fuck, what they liked to do, how good they were, ect. For instance, how did you get the girl into the bathroom, was she reluctant at all, did she like to suck cock, did you ever fuck her again afterward. The videos are great though, keep them coming.

    This encounter happened well over three years ago? I imagine you must have plenty of other material since then to post.

    • 2 things:

      1. The dates on the cameras are irrelevant, ignore them. That’s factory settings I never changed. Videos are always recent. This one was Thursday just gone. 7th October 2010.
      2. The sex part of the videos is just to prove it happened. I’ve made plenty of homemade pornos with girls but they won’t be posted. Generally don’t expect sexual details simply for titilation.

  8. Krauser, must have been a fun 2 minutes. 😀

    Do you actively seek out foreign girls because they’re easier targets? How’s your game with Anglosphere women?

  9. Oh my god. I just saw the video.

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  11. “I want to record it in my memory.”

    Classic line. Oh those wily Englishmen!

  12. Wow. Krauser is killing it. Damn I need to get my shit together….

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  15. This video has been removed by youtube. Any chance you could upload a cropped version that doesn’t contain the sex?

    • love the blog. Taking copious notes. But this particular video is down on Youtube. What am I missing? Try maybe Vimeo?

      [It had about ten seconds of me fucking her in it. I decided to leave it down. K.]

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  22. If the boar is On the boar is On
    Damn fine writing, strong verbal sexual escalation


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