Another street kiss close (and other fun)

April 3, 2011

My game has been lame over the past couple of weeks. I dunno if it’s the dull grey weather, the rain, the lack of girls on the streets, or just the ebbs and flows of my passion for the dark arts. Whatever the cause, I’ve just been going up to girls with a vibe of bored disinterest. Needless to say, not much has bitten. I happen to book in another session with Skeletor and I’m fully expecting to show up at 2pm with a wail of toe for him about how game sucks.

But I squeeze in a 11am first date with my number one target – a DD-cupped slim Romanian teenage nine. She’s well into me, I kiss close within an hour, and by the time I slap her ass and send her on her way she’s climbing all over me. Maybe I don’t suck.

Two days later I’m taking a student out for an early Saturday 1-on-1. Mostly I’m just watching his sets and giving feedback, not seeing any girls I wanna demo on. Two very nice ones enter my killzone and I open them. Neither really hook but it’s gotten me moving. Third time is a charm – a very cute FOTB Brazilian whose details I take.

Then Burto calls and we have a couple of afternoon pints in Camden before hitting the market half-cut. My vibe now is absolutely buzzing. I’m in peak state for daygame and just wanna hassle unsuspecting girls. The sun is shining and the market is rammed with decent sets. So we sit down at an outdoor table to eat lunch. This tall Somali chick strides past. I lean over my bench and beckon her over. Much teasing of her pirate friends ensues so much so that Burto has to look away to stifle his laughter. A number close.

A few more fun sets follow. We take on three Sardinians because one is wearing a white woolly hat. I open with “Girls. Did you have a competition and the loser had to wear a marshmallow on her head?” The language barrier is tough and they are going home the next day so I ask “Are you interested in casual sex tonight?” They say no. Burto facebooks a pair of Spaniards in a record shop and then some Irish runt. It’s all fun.

As we are walking some cute German girl in black flashes an approach invitation (call her ‘Rock Chick’). I rarely get them but my aura is like Sho’nuff so it draws her like a moth to a flame. I open and she’s immediately into me big time. It’s one of those rare sets where you know the girl is already sold and totally horny. Last time I got one this strong I fucked her in a pub toilets an hour later. Logistics get in the way this time because she’s about to go back to her hotel and catch a flight. But I push really fast for a kiss close in the first minute. She initially rebuffs it, see the video how she dances her hands around me, clearly up for it but not quite over the hump. So I eye fuck her some more, take the number, then kiss close – at the exact moment Burto pauses his iphone camera. Cunt. I’ll have to do it all over again to get my first street kiss close captured on film.

Me: So this is Rock Chick. My new favourite little German….
Her: ooo thanks a lot :$ and you’re my handsome favourite english man. I’m looking forward to see you…
Me: Come to Camden tonight. Me, you, Worlds End pub. Let’s meet 9:30
Her: Oh, i’m afraid… its impossible… have to fly back tonigh, and have to go to the hotel with my friend now. I’m sorry… but i’ll come back soon…
Me: No problem. I’ve added you to facebook.
Her: Ok. On monday i will be online, checking your great photos. Kisses and hugs. Bye

On the bus home I open a trio of Italians sitting behind us and run a ten minute set on a crowded bus with literally everyone listening. The highlight is:

Me: What are you girls doing tonight? [they already said they are flying home tomorrow]
Target: Sleeping!
Me: *earnest look* Would you like to sleep with me?
* gasps and silence around the bus *
Target: No! *giggles, flash of eyes*

That’s another facebook. After a pitstop at Chateau RSG we hit Camden again for night game. We’re dicking around most of the time but Burto opens and hooks a big European five set and inexplicably hands me by far the hottest girl, a solid eight Italian who is lovely in every way. I double check with him and he really does hand her to me. So I run her for twenty minutes and get the number.

Later we are having a cigarette outside and some huge Norwegian biker tells me he likes my hat and pays me £40 for it. Sorted!


  1. I miss the longer videos with verbal audio.

  2. I’m actually digging on seeing some of the facial expressions & body language on these videos, especially the second two (Burto and your kiss close)

  3. Hey, I’ve noticed in a lot of your videos, you’re wearing a ski cap on your head. No offense, but are you doing this to manage first impressions by concealing your baldness, or are you really just trying to keep warm?

    • Only 2 girls have ever mentioned my baldness. One was a 19yr old Spaniard as she lay in my bed wearing a Japanese school uniform. The other was a £4k-false-breasted black girl thirty seconds before she sucked my cock.

      Girls really don’t care about baldness. They only care what you think about it. If it bothers you, it’ll strike you out. If your reality is strong and it’s just part of who you are, they won’t mention it or care.

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  5. wait, no more audio??

    [I didn’t have my normal cam with me. K]

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