More facebook chat with the Croatian Ten

April 4, 2011

Non-retarded readers will likely remember the Croatian Ten I’m slowly drawing in. I street-opened her back in November and have done some light facebook long game on her. She’s a low investment set on my side – even now I’m less than 50/50 to fuck her – but its nice to talk to girls like this. To do long game consistently you have to enjoy the act of facebook chatting otherwise its far too much of a chore to bother with.

This second chat is just one extended DHV and touching base for light rapport. It’s two weeks after the first chat. The third one is where I finally catch her for an extended period.

Me: Hey, are you getting snow yet?   [assumed familiarity now]
Her:,but it is very cold..
Me: I was shivering all day. I’m still wearing t-shirts like it’s Autumn    I need to change gears
Her: 😦    how are you? how did you spend the rest of the vacations in croatia?   [she’s doing the stack for me]
Me: I had a great time in Croatia. We saw lots of old buildings, nice restaurants, good times    Next time we might drive around the country more    Are you studying hard?   [positive vibes, hint I’ll be back, stack]
Her: yes,you must see the croatian coast.. 🙂   [normal rapport]
Me: I heard    I got some good news today   [tease so she asks]
Her: yes,i am studying..mostly i am at home and learn..    ?
Me: My nephew just called me. He’s 6    He was really excited    He just won his first regional judo tournament    He beat “one of the big boys”!! 😀   [DHV on loves children and animals]
Her: wow    congratulations    🙂
Me: to him 😉   [modesty]
Her: yes.. 🙂
Me: I’m so proud of him. He’s really obedient and determined when I teach him   [DHV on protector of loved ones]
Her: 🙂
Me: Do you have nephews or nieces?   [bring it back to her]
Her: no…a will tell you later about that..i have to go..    my cousin is here now.. 🙂    by   [external interrupt]
Me: bye   [no big deal]


  1. This was a decent chat, however if you notice her word economy compared to yours, you can tell how her sentences are always shorter than yours. Keep at it though, I can see this turning around after a few more chats.

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