Facebook game: My Croatian Ten

March 23, 2011

Here’s one from the archives. I opened a Krauser Ten in Zagreb one afternoon and got a flaky-seeming facebook. She accepts the add and I go in light with an exchange of messages until I tell her to get onto chat at about 10pm. This is how it goes.

Note my goal here is simply to accomplish the first stage of Long Game – be the guy she responds to on chat. That’s it. I’d only got a few days left and everything about this girl was screaming “doesn’t put out quickly”. So I stay light and rely on passive DHVs without trying to get a date. So far it’s working because she still chats to me.

Nothing I'd change

Her: I am here
Me: Hey!
Her: hey
Me: I just had a look at your photos. I’m surprised   [begin a qualification routine specific to 9s and 10s]
Her: why?
Me: I expected you would have lots of photos with make-up and fashionable clothes    “glamour” photos like most girls do on Facebook   [signal I don’t like the “look at me I’m beautiful” girls and that I’m hoping she isn’t one – an easy hoop for her to jump through]
Her: I am not “most girls”   [cool, she’s a special snowflake]
Me: I know. Your photos are more natural    (that’s a good thing)
Her: thanks..I like the simplicity..elegance..classic..  [takes the compliment well and tells me a bit about her likes]
Me: Your photos look Colombian   [stack]
Her: and who are you..what are you doing?   [she snips and mild IOI by asking about me]
Me: Work or social?   [make her work a little]
Her: both    why you observe peple around?   [could be a challenge, a query or both]
Me: I used to be in finance, working in an investment bank    Facebook chat isn’t so good  [DHV. Connection problems in the youth hostel I’m in, I keep going offline and don’t want to lose her through her frustration]
Her: truth    it breaks
Me: OK, so….    I observe people around….    I am very interested in psychology    and how people think   [always a good one with thoughtful girls to draw her into a conversation]
Her: you read about that?
Me: Yeah. I did psychology at University    my mother is a psychologist   [mild DHV and some rooting of my character]
Her: wow..    it is interesting area for lawyer,too 🙂    criminals..their way of thinking…etc..   [excellent, she has identified a commonality and signalled we could talk alot about this]
Me: What do you read about it?   [focus it on her]
Her: nothing serious…I dont have time..my exames are really huge    but I always read some articles in magazines     and thing a lot about peple behaviour.reasons..    people*
Me: Law is very hard work. I remember my accounting / finance exams were very tough    Lots and lots of study after work    [DHV on professionalism and some rapport in relating to her life]
Her: finance is just one exeam on my college    one of the smaller
Me: What do you do for fun?   [screening]
Her: cooking for example..    I like it very mach..it relaxes me..    hanging out with friends..boyfriend    I dont have lot of time    cinema,football games..   [she tells me]
Me: You’re a good cook????? +10 points !   [reward, try to tease the points game]
Her: well,it is subjective..but I belive what ever you do with love,it must be good   [she’s showing some of her true self…]
Me: I like that attitude   [… so I reward her for it]
Her: wath else you like?
Me: in life?
Her: generaly speaking
Me: I love kickboxing and wrestling    I’m teaching my nephews to do it   [DHV – loves children and animals, sign of masculinity]
Her: that is cruel sport   [feminine response, mild shit test]
Me: No. It’s very respectful and disciplined   [don’t back down, she’s about to be put in her place gently]
Her: yes?   [she’s intrigued]
Me: I love the challenge of fighting. I had lots of fights when I lived in Japan    I train hard for a fight and get into good condition    It feels great to be at 100% fitness    Every day is easier, and more fun, you feel more alive    The team spirit in the gym is great    Then before the fight it takes mental discipline    to control the stress    the fear    the adrenalin    Most fights are won and lost BEFORE the fight.    They are lost psychologically by the man who cannot control his emotions   [DHV, painting an emotionally evocative picture, teaching her something, reframing violence]
Her: all is in your head    yes, I understand,but it is horible for your cousines,parents,girlfriend to see all that     a talk from that point of view    I talk*   [she’s softening to relate to me and seek rapport]
Me: I see    Boxing isn’t so dangerous. The serious injuries are only in championship fights (for boring technical reasons I can explain if you care)    My worst injury was just a missing tooth    Not so bad    Football is more dangerous   [stack]
Her: you dont like football?    it is popular in England to,right?
Me: Yes, but it’s dangerous
Her: ok..I agree 🙂  [mild IOI]
Me: Lots of footballers have trouble walking when they are 40 yrs old    They can’t play with their children because they have bad knees and ankles    It’s a bit sad   [implicit DHV is I like to play with children and make a great father]
Her: yes,maybe..    but it is how looks like..stereotipes I guess   [accepting my leadership by coyly backing down. Beautifully feminine behaviour – I’m liking her more and more]
Me: yeah    What sport do you like?
Her: I played basketball in primary school    a short period
Me: Haha, me too
Her: For watching football,handball    but only men
Me: Favourites?
Her: players?
Me: yes  [three sentences of few words. I’m dialling it down to see if she expands her word count]
Her: kakaa    in croatia ćorluka    you know him?
Me: I know kakaa    not the other guy    My team is Newcastle United
Her: hm..but he is in tottenham,how do you dont know?
Me: I have to log off for a few minutes….  [doesn’t hit, time to show non-neediness]
Her: ok..
Me: hey
Her: hey    are you back?
Me: aha    I had to help a friend for a while   [tease a DHV]
Her: what he was doing?  [she bites]
Me: He got lost in Zagreb with no money and no mobile phone connection    Got a call from a random girl he asked for help!    “Do you know Jimmy?”  [DHV – getting Jambone out of another self-inflicted mess]
Her: haha     why you came to croatia?    what you know about croatia?
Me: I have a friend here.    He’s been inviting me to come for a long time  [the only lie of the interaction – it was Jambone’s friend]
Her: “why did you come” is correct,right?
Me: yeah    So I brought another friend and we are seeing the city    It’s fun
Her: and do you like zagreb?
Me: I think it’s nice, but the rain is a problem    Usually I like cities in rain. Santiago is beautiful in rain    lots if mist, and dark blue sky  [positive vibes, drop in an international man of mystery DHV – I know this girl hasn’t travelled much]
Her: yes,but  it is similar to london or not?
Me: No. Very different. London is like Tokyo    busy, fast, bustling, exciting    so many people everywhere  [oh, was that another far flung destination I mentioned?]
Her: zagreb is smaller..but also fast for people who work..you are on vacations..
Me: Mostly I like the little cultural differences    Like the sausage shops    or blue trams    I’m fascinated with travel – learning how other people live  [more positive vibes]
Her: it is exciting..but my problem is fear of the unknown..    I dont know..i am always with my family..maybe that is a problem..  [again she’s showing some of her true self – the hopes and fears – this is good rapport]
Me: You’re still young, right?  [lead the age-difference problem by setting the frame]
Her: yes..    22
Me: You’ve still got lots of adventures you can have!    I’m gonna have to go soon. I enjoyed this chat.   [set myself as knowledgeable about her future. End it on my terms]
Her: me too…    good night..
Me: Sleep well

The next two chats are to come….


  1. Two things.

    First, I think PUAs should, on principle, leave virgins alone sexually. Not because I think they’re some sort of cockteasing waste of time (they’re game-able, like any other girl); moreso because I think you should honorably leave these rare women uncorrupted for at least a possibility at a good LTR/marriage w/a traditional man (such as, say… myself). As a Christian guy who is convinced he should opt for marriage (if he can find a lady worthy of the institution, that is), and who is doctrinally bound against short-term game, my options w/modern females are pretty limited. I don’t take much issue w/PUAs fucking the undateable, but I mean… c’mon man. Couldn’t we at least have a slightly bigger pool to choose from?

    [Sorry fella, the world doesn’t owe you a living. It’s a free for all, like nature intended. Step up your game. Also, every girl I sleep with I teach in the female life-cycle to warn her off the cock carousel. I get my jollies and she gets the knowledge to guide herself away from players. K.]

    Second (and off topic), I hope you haven’t forgotten about that series you mentioned on “intellectual mastery” over a girl. That sounded like my frame, which should make sense, given that it’s one of the few that go w/a LTR. In fact, I’d say it’s the longest-lasting form of game, almost required for an extended monogamous relationship.

    [I just wrote part 2 of my Intellectual Mastery series. It’ll be on the blog within a week]

    PS: If you haven’t read it already, look at Kierkegaard’s “Diary of a Seducer” for a good example of “intellectually manipulative game”.

    [My version is not meant to be manipulative. It’s meant to be compelling]

    • I will admit that a part of me also cringed at the post from Krauser a while back where he banged a young Lithuanian hottie while her boyfriend was spending time with her family. I stopped visiting the site for a while because it did not sit well with me. But it is misplaced idealism. Krauser is right about facing up to reality.

      Contrary to the cynicism of the Roissy-sphere, in my experience there is still a signficant percentage of the population, maybe even a majority, who are “good girls.” They will choose a relationship with an attractive beta over alpha chasing. The key here is attractive beta rather than boring beta. Learn a little game and do interesting things with your free time and you will be fine.

  2. Ryan – paragraph 1 is simply ridiculous. I don’t know where to start… asking that alpha douchebags don’t prey on young innocent girls is like wishing that lions in the wild didn’t chase down and rip to bits young zebras seperated for a minute from their mums… not gonna happen.

    Accept that, get with the program and man up. BTW I too am a christian, even manage to go to mass from time to time.

    [I do sympathsise with him. I’m still a naive romantic who wishes our sexual dystopia wasn’t how it is. I see why Cypher wanted to be plugged back into the matrix. Most men want to be honourable and don’t like being in a society where honour is punished rather than rewarded. K.]

    • ..And where a mans productivity, intellect and drive are punished and his indolence is rewarded. Welcome to Britain! Randian.

      For most of my chode life (i.e. life) I didn’t believe women really wanted or enjoyed sex and that the less sexual you were with a woman the less unattracted she’d be to you.

      Now I’ve taken the red pill it’s very interesting for me to see Christian men often lacking success with women because they project no sexual energy or intent, and then me realising at last that nearly all modern women deep down want a good fucking as much as we do and that they don’t want to have to be super-serious with a guy to get it, and they suspect Christian guys ain’t going to be much good at it either as they don’t pound much vadge.

      I’m not having a go at Christian men. I admire a lot of their values. Problem is: society’s fucked and cunts like Krauser will be defiling all the girls while you sit at home bored. Get some game. Women are distracted by shiny things. Be shinier.

    • my reading of the Bible is that we are to be strong, dominant, productive men. If you are that success and women are there. Being kind and generous at the right time isn’t the same as being weak and submissive, Dalrock and Athol Kay have eloquently written on this, Christian doesn’t equal a wuss.

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