Daygame in Croatia: A Krauser 10

December 4, 2010

Here’s a vid of a girl who ticks every box for me. I’m sitting in a cafe with Jambone and she glides past. We’ve been talking about what we like in women. I say “that there is my ten”. “Open her then” he says. This is how it goes. She’s on facebook for Long Game now and it’s looking promising.

I’ll add some commentary soon. Gotta rush out for a bootcamp now…. for now you guys can fill the comments with why she’s not a real ten. C’mon, give me some solid IMS (internet male syndrome).


  1. you stated it looks promising. But to be honest, I didn’t get much from her that would make me think she likes you in the sexual way. I didn’t see any handshaking/holding or you standing close to her, and then she responding good/positive to that. That’s why I’m saying this.

    • It’s the facebook game since then that is promising. Lots of good sets start this way. Drawing the girl in through long game is an art form.

      • Oh. facebook and long game, I have no experience with. I disguarded that, and thus don’t participate in that. Because I decided it be to time consuming, and inefficient as far as time to actual sex goes.
        What is you experience with it so far? Do you think it’s overall inefficient? Do you have to spend much time/at with it? And did it result into some actuall succes (read sex)?
        I’m asking this. Becasue I like to asses if my previous judgement of me of it being to time consuming and inefficient needs reconsideration. Thanks in advance, and hoping to recieve your honest answer.
        Cheers, Eduard Koopman.

  2. She’s not a redhead, so how can she be a 10?

  3. i’ve been abusing “you look french” its something they never hear from men, so even if i get stupid with my comments they still don’t mind. sometimes i get anxiety from thinking they dress well so they might be smart, but that’s not true most times.

    coz i like blonds i actually use “you look Russian” and than say something about like Russian mafia-men girlfriends or James Bond girls with accents. whatever flips my boat….i could always use some more ideas here Krauser.

    she seems nervous a bit, i think that shes not offering energy not because she doesn’t want to but because she can’t, she doesn’t know how or smth. no actually a case of non-investment.

  4. Krauser how did you record that… a camera hanging from around your neck or…?

    I like her nails!

  5. She’s wearing a wedding ring. Tough game sir.

    • Nope. I’m Facebook chatting to her right now as I type this and she has just gotten into a relationship last week. But she is IOIing me strongly and totally fascinated. It’s gonna take time, but this one is still on. Sir.

      • Krauser, I can imagine you’re going to be drilling her she’s talking on her cell to hubbie telling him she’s out shopping while you’re silently mouthing the word “cuckold” to her.

  6. I find the shopgirl Irina(?) in “Jimmy blows my set #4” to be a little hotter. JMO…

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  9. I don’t understand why we can not see her head on video 😦

  10. Still reading, still researching, tried my first few opens now, blow outs lol but notes taken from each. Just lauding at some of the comments on this one, questions about Facebook and your camera set up, does nobody else read past posts? Keep up the good work squire. Looking forward to reading the next two years worth.

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