Croatia #4 – Facebook game on an insta-date girl

November 27, 2010

UPDATE: Video added

Here’s some more facebook chat. This girl was a street pickup on my third day in Croatia who then went off to collect her two friends and returned for an instant date. It went ok but she’s mostly unavailable for the boyfriend and we never had a day 2. So this is Long Game. The first chat was two days after the instant date, while I was still in Croatia:

Me – oh no! it’s her!!!!!
Her – hahahaha…    and what are you going to do now? xd
Me – I thought first I’ll say some simple things    to relax you  [I’m in a funny mood so I go into a weird meta-game]
Her – oke..I’m listening..xd tell me…
Me – Then when you are relaxed, I’ll make a couple of jokes
Her – haha..oke..
Me – Then I’ll gradually include some sexual innuendo
Her – haha
Me – Then, when you are quite excited, I’ll arrange our date
Her – hahah..I told you that I have a boyfriend..  [this is where I decided it’s gonna have to go to Long Game]
Me – You’re not gonna be my girlfriend. I’m only here one week  [but I try to go the Short route anyway]
Her – I know that..hahah..but he’s gonna be mad if he find out that I’m meeting somebody else…
Me – That’s his problem. Anyway, by the time he finds his gun I’ll be on the flight home [frame him as jealous of me]
Her – hahahahahaahhahahahaha…you’re right..hahaha…
Me – What you doing now?
Her – I’m talking with my stupid friends..and I’m angry now on them..
Me – The ones I met?
Her – no…  [girl 1] and [girl 2] are nice.. XD
Me – It was nice to get some sun today  [don’t let her vent about her friends, snip the thread]
Her – yes..It wasn’t raining today for a change…I hate rain…
Me – I went to Hemmingway cafe by the town hall. Was nice
Her – woow…super….I’m glad for you..
Me – Is that sarcasm, woman?
Her –…why?? xd
Me – it sounded like it
Her – i’m not sarcastic…don’t worry…
Me – ok, +10 points for you
Her – hahahahahaha…I’m so happy now….aaaaah…
Me – THAT was sarcasm
Her – hahahahahhaha…yes…hahahahahah…:D:D
Me – So tell me a secret
Her – which secret? I don’t have secrets…
Me – Sure you don’t……
Her – so why did you ask me that? xd
Me – C’mon – a secret….
Her – tell me yours and I tell you mine..
Me – You promise?
Her – yes..I promise..
Me – ok, ask me ONE personal question
Her – hmmm…tell me what is the most important for you  on the woman, how she looks or her character??
Me – That has a complicated answer  [make her wait]
Her – hahaha..never mind..tell me…
Me – wait a moment    …
Her – ok..haha
Me – ok…    I’m a man, so obviously I am only interested in pretty women    It’s the first filter    But because of my job, I meet lots of beautiful women    So I have learned not to be too impressed with beauty    The main thing I look for is confident femininity  [screening frame, pre-selection]
Her – hmmm..that’s interesting…    In what way?    because you only  mentioned  appearance…xd
Me – Femininity is a way of moving through the world. It’s an attitude    not appearance
Her – whatever you say…You’re right..xd I must listen to you…haha
Me – My turn…
Her – ok..xd
Me – What is the most embarassing thing you ever did?
Her – hmmm…let me think..    I lied to my mother once that I was with my friends and actually I was with my boyfriend…I was watching her in the eyes and lied…but I didn’t know that she already knew where I’ve have been all day…
Me – ooooooh, I’ll bet you were very timid around her for a few days after that  [showing social calibration]
Her – I didn’t speak with her for a mounth…she was so made at me…
Me – Was this a long time ago?
Her – a year ago…
Me – women!  [framing women – and thus her – as childish and thus me as more mature]
Her – hahahaha….
Me – I’m watching kickboxing on TV. I love it
Her – hmm..I don’t like such a dangerous sport…xd
Me – My favourite fighter is on next    Anyway, let’s do the coffee tomorrow. I might be in Budapest on Saturday
Her – hmm..I’m not sure….because I’m working tomorow….
Me – boo
Her – XD
Me – When you finish work?
Her – at 8 pm..
Me – It might be possible.
Her – hmm..I don’t parents are very strict..If I don’t come home on time..hmm…that wont’be good..xd and I’m scared..hahah….at 8 pm is dark outside…xd
Me – yeah yeah yeah…..    we’ll meet for about 2 hours    I need to sleep too!
Her – haha..I know…
Me – so are you gonna buy some phone credit?
Her – yes..some day…hahaha…XD
Me – hang on….     hey
Her – ey..xd
Me – had to help my friend….  [mild DHV]
Her – ok..     that’s nice..xd
Me – I’m going to bed soon. Find a way to contact me and we’ll sort something out
Her – ok.. xd    goodnight
Me – sleep well
Her – you too

I leave it at that – though she’s attracted she’s basically telling me it’s not enough to overcome her boyfriend. Fair enough. Two weeks later I reopen her, when back in London. Again this is the full text, so these two conversations are 99% of our contact since the date (the remaining 1% is light text chat)

Me 23:11 – Have you been stealing motorbikes again?  [she’d just tagged herself in a photo straddling a superbike]
Her 23:12 – hahahah…no…that’s mine..xd
Me 23:12 – Really???? I don’t believe you  [she responded in playful mood, so I run with that]
Her 23:13 –’s true.. 😀
Me 23:13 – No. This is you on your bike  [tease to build attraction – always worth doing early in each chat]


Her 23:14 – hahahahahahahahahahaha    oh catch me…that’s not nice..xd    😛
Me 23:14 – 😛    My motorbike is awesome  [being a proud boy, playfully childish and confident]
Her 23:15 – hahahaha..xd
Me 23:15 – But if I let you ride it, you have to wear the matching costume  [mild future projection, where I set the rules]

a Krauser 10

Her 23:16 – are crazy..  [IOI]
Me 23:17 – If we had a race, would you cheat?  [set her up as naughty, which is consistent with the original approach and helps a little in unlocking the inner slut]
Her 23:17 – no..I always respect the rules of a game..    😛
Me 23:18 – Cool. What you doing now?  [enough attraction, move into comfort before it fizzles out]
Her 23:19 – nothing…I watched tv but it was I’m now doing nothing..just    sitting and relaxing..  [telling me she has time to talk and is easily hooked through lack of better things to do]
Me 23:19 – on a friday night?  [make her qualify on popularity and excitement]
Her 23:20 – yes..well it’s freezing outside..XD it’s snowing..xd  [bingo]
Me 23:21 – haha. Okay, I believe you    you’re NOT the lonely girl with no friends 😉    Hasn’t started snowing here yet
Her – 23:21 –’s better without snow…xd
Me 23:23 – What are you wearing?  [fuck it, I’m bored. Let’s just throw in the sexualisation]
Her 23:24 – :O why are you asking me that? xd  [shit test, but clearly not offended]
Me 23:24 – you answer first, then I’ll tell you  [dominance]
Her 23:27 – well I’m wearing shirt,pullover,and trousers..and socks..hahaha
Me 23:27 – boo! not sexy at all 😦  [release]
Her 23:28 –’s cold..xd    i’m sorry    hahah
Me 23:28 – hmmmmmmmmmmmm    what colour are your panties?  [call it and raise it, based on how well she took the last question]
Her 23:28 – omg..hahahaha…  [IOI]
Me 23:28 – ( if it’s not a personal question :/[joking about the pretended lack of calibration]
Her 23:29 – well it’s very personal..xd
Me 23:29 – tell me anyway 😉  [dominant]
Her 23:30 – hahahaha…imagine something..I wan’t tell you ..:D  [nice answer, she’s ok with me thinking of her sexually but is playing coy]
Me 23:32 – big, white…. like my grandmother wears  [release the tension entirely, returning to a tease]
Her 23:33 – noooooooooooo :S    hahahaha  [it hits well]
Me 23:33 – I just tried to find a funny picture    I google image searched “furry underwear”    and the results….. :O    I’m shocked….    maybe I should turn “safe search” back on  [transition away from her into general stuff, to keep tension down for a while]
Her 23:34 – hahahahahhaha..maybe you should..xd    what did you find?  [I’d hoped to lure her into asking this]
Me 23:35

Be careful what you google

Her 23:36 – hahahahahahahahahhahahhahaha    omg    that’s ugly..hahah
Me 23:37 – that was one of the least shocking photos
Her 23:38 – hahahahhaha    i believe you..    hahah

I let it die with this. The only purpose of the second chat was to establish myself in her life as the guy she responds to on facebook. I was surprised how far she let me push the playful sexualisation.

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  1. These interactions are golden. That picture of the guy in underwear made me want to vomit though.

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