Where did all the pictures and videos go?

November 26, 2010

Some of you have noticed photos and video disappearing from my site. This is a temporary over-reaction while I think about my new privacy policy. There’s three girls now who’ve discovered the blog after having my cock inside them, and thus discovering detailed posts (and video) of it in vivid colour. They’ve all been extremely reasonable about it but understandably concerned about their reputations.

When I started this blog it was private, and for a long time after going public my daily hits were somewhere between “zero” and “fuck all” (like Jambone’s blog now). It was essentially harmless to post pictures and video – there was no way google would turn them up and I wasn’t fucking any of the girls anyway.

Fast forward to now and I headline Google on all kinds of common searches. There is a realistic possibility of me getting girls into trouble. So I’m gonna have a think about it and figure out the best way to balance credibility and openess with some protection of privacy. Until then, make do with reduced media.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while should have no doubt I’m fucking a bevvy of hot girls. I probably don’t need the evidence anymore.


  1. That make sense. hat’s why I took a lot of identifying info off of my blog.

  2. That’s too bad, I just found your blog and was looking for the down and dirty lays and pics of them! 🙂

    Seriously, I’m enjoying your blog so far it’s pretty tight. Keep up the good work man.

    who would have thought that would happen?
    good luck finding a lawyer

  4. Nothing to add, other than thanks for having the balls to add vids and pics to your posts.

    On another note, you’ve changed so much in the past year, how have your friends and family reacted?

  5. majority of the girls you fucked dont speak english clearly, and are from poor european countries….
    the only reason they did that is because they wanted to use you to get out of shithole that their country is.

    you are a balding old fuck.

  6. I think it’s wise to remove that sort of material. Its presence in the public sphere could harm you. I always obscure the identities of people about whom I write on my blog.

  7. These girls gave themselves up in the most intimate way to someone they barely knew. What are we supposed to think? That their delicate sensibilities need to be protected? Give me a break.

    • One thing you shouldn’t think that all those girls were easy to get (maybe some of them were, but definitely not most) and that they sleep with random guys all the time (because in that case there just wouldn’t be any need of a long game). If you think that, try to at least picking up a few you like in the street. If you by any chance succeed, try getting at least one to sleep with you. I think then you just might reconcider the “barely know” part.

      Krauser was the only one who almost managed to persuade me to give myself up(whatever my reasons were). Up until then I’ve been (and I still am) consistently rejecting anyone trying to get my number in the street/club (with very rare exceptions) not to mention sleeping with any of them. So yes, I do have a reputation which I value.

      When you eventually have a one night stand (which u will, unless u’re an omega), u’ll regret being so assertive.

      This goes to Don Ghixote too.

      • Congratulations on your extreme selectivity, and coming closest to giving it up to someone for whom you would have even less significance than the average guy looking for a quick lay. It says a lot. You must be something really special, rejecting so many yet still going to the clubs to reject some more. Makes me wonder what girls like you are holding out for. I know its not love.

      • If you were talking about a normal Anglosphere girl you’d probably be right, but just think for a minute about the types of girl I select. I almost entirely avoid party girls. Pretty much every girl I date turns out to have <5 sexual partners and shun nightclubs.

      • And yet they’ll give you their bodies knowing there isnt anything real or long term there. Makes you wonder how grateful the guy who finally ends up with them is going to be to have them.

  8. I agree with ModernGuy. The only thing you are protecting for them is the lie that they aren’t easy or the lie that they are innocent/inexperienced. There is no reputation to protect.

    Still, out of respect and human decency, I get it but it seems out of place with what you are doing here. And if you are doing this so that you can strictly continue banging these ladies, I charge that reason is weak and you should adjust the harem. Forget social proofing to the guys. We can either take your info or leave it with or without the photos and vids of cuties.

  9. I hope you throw the videos backup, they were interesting and I’m sure very helpful to other students of the game.

  10. You need to have two different aliases – the Krauser alias should never have gotten bak to these girls you slept with – why would it have unless you felt the need to brag?

    There should be no way a girl you sleep with finds her way back here. In any case, any intimate footage didnt need to be placed on the site anyway, your fans come here for the approach/ 2nd date videos and anlysis, facebook stuff etc, not a couple of seconds of video of banging an eastern europe broad – in any case for me, putting that part up is unnecessary.

    Cheers Krauser

  11. “your fans come here for the approach/ 2nd date videos and anlysis, facebook stuff etc, not a couple of seconds of video of banging an eastern europe broad”

    I love the banging videos. Incredibly inspiring.

  12. The videos aren’t just important for evidence. They’re very instructive.

  13. Just as well. You’ve established your street cred and the bedroom videos were a little disturbing. You can back up your claims unlike some others roissy. No need to post the private videos except some of the photos are always nice to look at.

  14. Ha ha. Some of these comments are funny.

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