Croatia #3 – Sexually charged with a banging hot girl

November 25, 2010

Here’s an example of sexually-charged non-verbal displays. Except for the relatively crass opener (which I soften in various ways so I can sexualise without being creepy) there’s not much going on at the verbal level. But this girl was really responding to the eye-fucking and giving it back. She was clearly in sexual state, as can be seen with her crazy neckchain rubbing, and I just wish her eyes were caught on the camera. Very sparkly for about three minutes.

I really though the same day lay was on, until she said she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend. I tried a street kiss close anyway just cos the vibe had been so charged but you see her shy away. Damn. What a hottie.


  1. “So you’re bossy, is that it?”


    Self amusement, baby.

  2. Hi Krauser, have you tried daygame in Osijek?

  3. Man… sorry but no great game at all. She was completely uncomfortable when you started to push agendas on her like 1minute in, the boyfriend was mentioned as an excuse to get away. Stop telling them what they are and listen to them (or pretend to) less quantity on the talking and more quality. [“Man…. sorry but I need to position myself above you so I feel good about myself. So I will pick and old infield to nitpick in a concern-trolling manner. Peace out.” K.]

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