Routine comfort on Facebook

March 29, 2011

Here’s an example of routine chats I use in facebook to keep distant girls on my radar, gradually building comfort and attraction until I get a good moment to amp it up. This is Goose, the 19yr old Lithuanian virgin I instant-dated from the street then had a long day 2 with in January.

The goal is to have her offer her virginity to me sometime in 2011. She’s talking about coming to London for University in Autumn. She’s a little messed up and low confidence so much of what I do is building her up or giving some light escapism from her humdrum routine. I’m not pushing hard sexually. I’ve already told her I intend to fuck her so no need to labour the point on a sexually inexperienced girl.


Me: Hey, you’re up late again
Her: its not late ;D    What about you?
Me: 1am is past your bedtime, young girl
Her: what have you been up to?    😛
Me: Still on holiday. It’s my last night
Her: nice 🙂 so why are you here? ;D    you should be havin fun!
Me: My girlfriend went home this morning. So I finally have some peace and quiet 😀
Her: peace and quiet? shouldnt you be having boys night out or smth? 😀    and be like ‘finallyyy,shes gone!’ 😀
Me: the latter   Just me and her came here
Her: youre all alone now? 😦
Me: Yes. Completely    I’m a bit scared 😦
Her: yeah,those monster.i get you :/
Me: I’m terrified now    I’ll have a nightmare    about a tall clumsy badly-dressed Lithuanian girl trying to kill me    😛
Her: well,she sounds pretty cool,so you probably deserve that.    but its only a dream,dear.
Me: If I control the dream, I’ll fight her with custard pies    and a water canon    I’ll push her back into the sea, then electrify it with power from a nuclear reactor, like in Godzilla
Her: see,youll be allright! ;D    so theres nothing to be scared of
Me: I’m never scared    I’m tough
Her: of course….

And there I leave it hanging. I’m not looking to stretch these chats out forever.


  1. “I’m terrified now I’ll have a nightmare about a tall clumsy badly-dressed Lithuanian girl trying to kill me :P”

    such a win line

  2. Hey Krauser,

    As a Day Game pro, would appreciate your input on the day game approaches in this video:

    [I had to give up after five minutes. These guys are so dull. I’m amazed the girls humoured them so long. I’ll try and watch the whole thing because I only saw one warm-up set each so maybe they get better later. K.]

    • This is my first time posting on Krauser’s comments…

      Excuse me, hi. I know this is very forward of me, but I just had to tell you that you have the most

      painful day game ever!!

      Sheesh. My brain was finding three mistakes every second.

  3. You really do have great social intelligence Krauser.

    You can read girls really well.

    One of your strongest points. Plus aggression of course.

  4. Virgins are a lot of work… it takes ages of coaxing and once they decide to plunge in they have to be taught everything. If muslims knew this there wouldn’t be so many suicide bombers…

    Corrupting them slowly makes up for it though. Did you consider giving her some homework assignments, to make her more comfortable with sex and to make sure she is thinking about you in her masturbation session?

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