Text sex chat 101 – Button Nose

February 19, 2011

Get a load of this text game as it escalates to full on depravity. Background is: she was a five minute number close at trafalgar square about 3 months ago and though we’ve had some lively banter by text she hasn’t agreed to a date and she hasn’t “crossed the sexual rubicon” of admitting sexual attraction to me. I text her out of the blue late one night, first time in about 2 weeks.

This was about a month ago and I’ve held it back from my blog until I finally went “radically honest” on her and told her I’m a dating coach. So if she’s smart enough to google any of the texts she’ll see this. Due to the rather intimate nature of the texts I’m withholding her photo. She’s a 22-yr old 7. Maybe 8, didn’t get a good look.

Me: Haven’t been drunk in 2 weeks. You must be missing the texts
Her: drunk now i take it?
Me: Nope. Just being filthy on Facebook chat and I thought of you.
Her: Wonderful! 🙂 how r u anyway?
Me: Doing great. Been back in the gym so I’m fit as a fiddle. How come your facebook updates always make you look like a nutjob?
Her: Lollllllll because I am a nutjob!!!!!!!
Me: I’m now officially wary of you.
Her: Why what in particular freaked u out?
Me: Sex and the City. I always screen girls out on that. Doesn’t matter how tight their ass is.
Her: I do hate sex and the city for many reasons. I abhor the films. But sometimes when i hate men, it cheers me up.
Me: Ok, you’ve earned a reprieve. While we’re on the subject – is your ass actually tight? (I mean, the buttcheeks, not the anal sex fit) I only got a glimpse, after all…..
Her: It’s a beautiful ass. Of course. But then again i am biased.
Me: How about the tits? They showed promise, but again I’ve not really had a good look
Her: You are terrible. I will tell you that i have been blessed in the three areas men care about most – legs, ass, breasts, but anyway, moving on…. how are tricks?
Me: I’m a man talking to a woman. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Anyway, about me…. I’m off to Latvia next week with friends. Starting to get excited. You strike me as a vacation skier.
Her: I totally am! U keep jet setting around!
Me: Since June 2010 I decided I will do only those things that interest me and not give a fuck. Grab every opportunity. Make my life a hell of a story for when I’m aged 70 as a washed up drunk in a Jamaican beachfront dive.

[one hour passes]

Her: Why did u suddenly decide that? What happened to u?
Me: Oh, you’re alive again?
Her: Was on the phone to an admirer….
Me: Sorry to interrupt you princess. Are you cadging free meals and rides from the office boys?
Her: Absolutely not! And i can’t believe u used the word cadge! Ha!! Anyway answer my question
Me: I don’t believe you. You totally have the airs and graces of a girl who tools the beta boys to get a little army of orbiters to validate the princesses ego. You dirty dog you.
Her: I used to be like that! But since i had my heart broken repeatedly by the same cunt and had it smashed around and then began to piece it back together only for him to swoop in a slide it around on the floor again…. well, i kind of stopped being a girl with an ego and became someone a little fragile and cynical. Oopsies.
Her: I also never used to drop the c-bomb. But i am sorry, he does not deserve any other word.
Me: Is this where the “I hate men” thing came from [reference to a recent Facebook status]? Actually, I can related to that but usually I was the heartbreaker. I’m not bragging in some power trip, I’m actually quite ashamed of it.
Me: C-bomb indeed. I try not to use the F-word, the B-word, or cunt.
Her: Lol yes, i am usually the heartbreaker too!!! i understand. And now it has happened to me i am a bit more contrite about my horrific abusive behaviour. Yes, the i hate men came up when that cunt and i tried to maintain a friendship when the dust settled and he felt the need to brag about shagging hookers.cunt.
Her: I enjoy swearing. Used to never ever do it, but now it amuses me.
Me: Shagging hookers is so lame. That’s what losers do when they can’t get it for free. Ugh. I hope you were disgusted, rather than jealous.
Me: Swear away, but try to keep it thematically relevant, well timed, and above all creative. I have standards.
Her: Ha ha ha! A man with standards?!  NevaaaaaH! Well i was both disgusted and jealous. He and i are not speaking any longer. I hope he contracts a painful sexual disease and his penis falls off. And people see it happen and laugh. Am i mean? I don’t think that’s mean….
Me: Oh dear, you just lost me. A girl jealous of hookers has a few screws loose. Are you a better lay when you’re angry and wrathful? I suspect you are.
Her: I am a good lay at all times. Always. Im not jealous of hookers i just don’t like the thought of him with anyone but me! But i kind of just hate him too much right now to care. Why do we always discuss me anyway? Tell me something about u mr judgemental
Me: You have three questions. I promise to tell the whole truth. Don’t waste them. The window will snap shut after and I’ll be the cocky arsehole again.
Her: One, what was the worst moment in ur whole entire life? Two, what is ur penis size, DONT LIE ABOUT IT! Three, how many times have you honestly been in love?
Her: And bonus question number 4 if u care to answer, how often do you follow girls down the road to sandwich compliment them?
Me: Oh, she’s firing both barrels!! +10 points for [nickname]. Lemmee see…..
Her: Hell yehhhhhhhh
Me: 1. My divorce. Very unpleasant for 3 months and not a whole load of laughs another year longer.
Me: 2. Not measured since I was an adult. Bang on average, the girls tell me (they say above average but I think they’re just being nice). If big dicks are your thing, look elsewhere.
Me: 3. Once. My ex-wife. Not anymore.
Me: If you want the fourth, you gotta take a question or two.
Her: I want to hear about that. When did u get married, when did u get divorced and why? I dont need some essay just some concise facts. Am tres curious ma cherie.
Her: I will answer anything come on u can ask me 3
Me: Met 1999, married 2006, divorced 2009.
Me: 3 questions. Cool. Gimmee a moment.
Her: Why did u divorce?
Me: We changed. Long story. I’ll tell you if you feed me vodka long enough
Her: Maybe i dont want to know lol
Me:1. How many men have stuck their he-rocket in your she-pocket? Real number, I don’t wanna be multiplying by 3
Me: 2. Feminist ideology aside, do you enjoy being dominated in bed?
Me: 3. What’s the sexual thing you most thought about but haven’t had the courage to try?
Me: Heh! Answer THOSE badboys
Her: Reall number, and its something i am not proud of at all… oh my god… ok its 9! I have held off men for ages because i dont wanna reach double figures. 3 were long term relationships and the rest were friends of mine who it seemed like a good idea to sleep with… potential relationships etc etc Oh dear. You are the only person i ever told that to…
Her: Love being dominated. im horrifically kinky, especially dirty talk. its something i miss about my ex, our disgustingly filthy texting.
Me: I appreciate your candour. Really. I know what you mean though, it can take a long long time to find someone who’ll do the right things and get into a position to do it. The shit I used to do to my wife. Christ, it’s probably illegal in many countries :/
Her: I have tried every real fantasy of mine. The only thing i have considered is letting a girl… pleasure me. But i wouldnt do it in real life, some things are better left in the imagination, everything else i have at least attempted. mostly they are just nice to talk about or think about but are not as good to do. Same question back to you, as well as how many girls u have… With and also how many times a day on average you play with your… ‘he rocket’.. was it?
Me: If I do these 3, I’m getting another 3. No freebies. Deal?
Her: Deal!
Me: Ok. 1. I have recently become enormously interested in fucking girls in the ass while telling them they are dirty bitches. Only got to do it twice so far. Kinda liked it.Would like to do it again, but with the girl giving me some backchat so I have to slap her around a bit.
Her: Definitely enjoy being slapped around…..
Her: Makes me worry for myself to be honest lol the things i enjoy in the bedroom… anyway good honest answer
Me: Girls. Remember I’ve been coupled up for most of my adult life. 35 in total I think. I feel like I should be upping the count as a matter of urgency
Me: Masturbation. No regularity at all. Depends on how I’m doing with girls, hobbies, and how rapey I’m feeling. If I was to keep a spreadsheet (which I don’t) I’d estimate a weekly average of 4.
Her: Rapey?!
Me: Not literally rape-y. A synonym for horny. Though my wife used to enjoy the occasional simulated rape.
Me: My questions. I’m gonna totally do you on these 😀
Me: 1. How many times have you masturbated in 2011 (and if it counts as the same question, what were you thinking about)
Me: 2. How do you feel when a man comes on your face?
Me: 3. did you / would you enjoy having a man fuck your face while he sticks a dildo up you and grabs a handful of that nice long hair?
Her: Fucking hell… over a hundred. I like to do it around ten times a day sometimes. Usually i think about being raped or i guess fucked in a harsh way, being called names… everything dirty and kinky you can think of.
Her: Im not a massive fan of someone coming on my face. I dont dislike it, i just like my face to be clean so i immediately want to wash it off. I have been told i look beautiful like that though LOLLLLLL
Me: +25 points. I think I’ve just fallen in love. Your honesty is quite compelling.
Her: Lolllllll well i have had my face fucked… its not bad. Never had a dildo inside me. I kind of prefer the real thing, not that i know the difference, and i dont know how a man could really used a dildo whilst fucking my face.
Me: Btw, shooting on a girl’s face is a major kink of mine. So I guess we won’t get on after all….
Her: Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha what honesty? why should i lie? i love that i am so honest with u, u now know everything about me that no one else knows.

Her: Looooool. All men like it.
Me: On that latter point, girls describe the feeling as “full”
Her: So you have done that before then??
Me: and got the videos. Heh! I like the idea of stuffing a girl so full she just squeaks.
Her: Hahaha. Oh my god why are u so honest as well? U do seem to share a fair few fantasies with me.
Me: I love sex. I think it’s the most natural thing in the world. I don’t care what society says – I just wanna fuck my girl like it’s the last night on earth.
Me: C’mon, raise the stakes. Ask me something challenging.
Her: Lollll i am running out of questions. Ever had a threesome?
Me: No. Several near misses. It’s on my “will try, would enjoy, but not gonna bust a nut finding it” list. Would like it at lease once for my memoirs.
Me: You?
Her: Nope, never. What is it u like about fucking a girl in the ass?
Me: Owning her body and soul. I’m big on the masculine dominance. It’s not the physical tightness – don’t care about that. I do like the visual image because the ass looks more round and peachy than in normal sex. But mostly I like to see her biting the pillow, panting and squealing in that peculiar mix of pleasure and pain. If that makes me a bad man, then so be it.
Me: Obviously I’m gonna reverse the question. What do YOU like about being nailed in the ass?
Her: Oh my god. Marry me.
Me: Haha. Answer the question [her name] darlin’
Her: Oooooooo u assume ive been nailed in there??? I have tried it, twice. And i cudnt do it for more than a minute. I absolutely pleasure myself to it… its a massive fantasy of mine and i loved my ex to talk dirty to me, its particularly hot to imagine a man kind of raping me in there because i KNOW how much it would hurt. Im also massive on male dominance. Being slapped, dick slapped… everything like that.
Me: Dear lord, whatever kept us apart so long 😀  Quick question (doesn’t count as a real one). Are you thinking of rubbing one out right now?
Her: I absolutely am lol. Its not a maybe its a certainty. Are u?
Me: Not yet, but it’s a dead cert before I go to bed. I’m well up for fucking you right now. Teaching you a lesson. And that includes slapping, grunting and punishing that tight ass of yours.
Her: I think some texting when the time comes is in order….
Me: Facebook chat please. It’s far more dynamic
Me: And if I’m gonna wank over you, I expect some encouragement
Her: My internet is rubbish but ill give it a go later.
Her: such as?
Me: A couple of filthy photos. Crop your head out if you’re shy
Her: I am not sending u photos!! Totally not!
Me: Then you gotta rub one out while I masturbate. I don’t do solo sex. Deal?
Her: I thought that was the plan anyway?
Me: I wasn’t sure you were gonna wait 😛
Her: Of course
Me: Ok, we’ll park that till bedtime. Tell me something filthy you want me to do to you
Her: I’ll tell u later…
Me: Short answers. Your brain is shutting down. I think the tingle is getting the better of you
Her: the tingle?? U crack me up!
Me: Haha. I’m in my room now. Log on to FB whenever you’re ready
Her: Wont be for a while
Me: You’re not at home?
Her: I am but supposed to be consoling flatmate whose boyfriend cheated on her…
Me: Boo! I’m going to bed imminently. Let’s do some more back and forth. Describe a sex act you like. Shock me.
Her: contrary to popular belief i really really enjoy giving blowjobs. And not just the usual mundane shit. There is somethign called a lingham massage which involves getting a man to lie comfortably, naked on his back with his legs apart. then the idea is to massage all the area around his cock, then gently massage his balls and perineum and finally the head of his dick. But its not like a handjob its some crazy penis massage i dont know… usually ends with the man exploding everywhere but personally i dont like men to come from that. I prefer to do that until they are well and truly aroused and then start using my tongue to gently lick from the base of the cock up to the tip, before just licking around the head whilst palying with the balls in one handuntil the man gets so excited he forces my head onto his dick until i am deepthroating and choking and he pushes me up and down on it by my hair. Shocking? No. Fun? very. Your turn.
Me: Not shocking. Just very impressive. I love a girl who loves sucking my cock. I like her to treat it like her favourite toy in the whole world. You can really tell the difference between an enthusiastic blowjob and a dutiful one.
Me: Btw, another kink of mine is I like forcing a girl into surprise blowjobs – in restaurant restrooms, elevators, ferris wheels etc. Ok, now mine. Gimmee a minute
Her: Public sex is a massive turn on… and yes i agree there is a big difference between someone who likes doing it and someone who just does it
Me: I Iike to tie girls up in a carelessly aggressive manner. I just grab them from the kitchen or whatever they were doing, drag them into the bedroom, chuck them on the bed then handcuff their hands above their head to the bedpost. Usually without saying a word – just an intense “I’m gonna do you now” look. I’ll do a bit of foreplay, not much in this scenario, mainly sticking my cock in her mouth and facefucking her till she’s gasping, slap her face, slap my dick against her cheeks and nose. Mash her tits a little, then without much preamble, start fucking her hard with no real concern for her opinion in the matter. Shall I continue?
Her: Please, i am intrigued… Don’t you care if she’s wet?
Me: She will be. I’ll be eyefucking her for five minutes before I first grab her.
Her: ok,,, and then what?
Me: Ok, so I’ll fuck her, make her feel all my weight, pull her head into my chest and get some moaning and screaming out of her. Then flip her over, still handcuffed, and do her so hard she’s scared she’ll get smashed into the wall. Maybe in the ass too, maybe not. Depends on my mood. Then I’ll pull out, put my cock in front of her mouth and wait for her to hungrily reach for it and suck me off till she’s draining every last drop of cum out of me.
Me: Then I’ll put the cricket on tv
Her: Lad points!
Me: Heh! I actually do all the tender romantic stuff as well, but I’m a big fan of variety in mood / location / acts
Me: Give it a score out of ten and tell me how you’d feel
Her: I completely agree with u, depends on the mood. I score it maybe a 7. I prefer something random like me going downstairs to the bathroom in a bar but on the way in the stairwell being followed, skirt pulled up to reveal i’m not wearing underwear and then being fucked against the wall with my face pushed against it and a couple of his fingers in my mouth. And being called a bitch and a slut… then people are coming so im dragged by the hair down into a cubicle, forced onto my knees, fucked in the mouth then turned and bent over so im touching my toes and fucked in whichever hole he wants whilst he slaps my ass and then pulls out and comes all over it.
Me: That’s like you are describing one of my favourites. I like a quick knee-trembler especially with the girl standing while I fuck her from behind. Did that in Poland a few months ago in a pub toilet one afternoon with a local I’d just met. Very happy memory.
Her: I also enjoy begging him to stop so he becomes angry and slaps me and tells me to shut the fuck up, or forces my head into a pillow to drown out moaning and screaming.
Me: Good lord woman! Have you any idea how much I wanna fuck you now????
Her: Oh my gosh im so horny. Tell me something else you like… like something really really rough or kinky
Me: You got work tomorrow?
Her: I havent been fucked for over half a year… i need it. Big time
Me: Get a taxi here. Literally, just book the fucking thing. I wanna make you scream
Her: I have to go out of london during the day and then to the ballet 😦
Me: Pack your ballet bag and come suck my cock woman
Her: I really really want that too.. but i cant im still with my fucking flatmate and i gotta be up in 6 hours, the best i can suggest until im free next week is some texting so at least when im alone later on i can come thinking of u fucking my brains out
Her: What wud u do to me if i was there now?
Me: Something really fucking outrageous
Her: Liiike….? Details…..
Me: I hope you like costumes and sexy clothes. I got a wardrobe full of that stuff. Lots of… ahem… japanese imports….
Her: Me too
Me: Ok, here we go….
Her: Make it super super dirty and rough. I can already feel that im wet without touching myself.
Me: First thing I do when you get out the taxi is tell you you’re a dumb fucking whore for being so late and walk off so you have to meekly follow like a naughty child
Me: I walk you through the lounge where all my friends are. I announce “this is [her name]. She looks cute but I’m gonna take her upstairs and fuck her in the ass”. You blush. Then I apologise in advance to them for the noise you’re gonna make
Me: I expect dynamic feedback on this, bitch
Her: Well what am i supposed to say? Ur pretty much just telling me what ur going to do, which i like seeing as ur in control and ur pretty clear about that
Me: Yup, but tell me how horny you get. Don’t bother protesting though. Talk to the hand on that one.
Her: well im aroused but ur dick isnt out yet so its only mild
Her: Bearing in mind im not able to have my fingers on my clit right now….
Me: So I decided you’re gonna suck me off in a few different rooms first. First we go into my boxing gym. I tell you to play with yourself while I hit the bag a little.
Me: You rub yourself while you watch me whacking the bag around. You know I’m not gonna actually punch you, but you are turned on by the thought that I could, if you are disobedient.
Her: still no dick out / rape / forcing me into things….
Me: Wait your fucking turn woman. I’m boxing.
Her: Yessir!
Me: So I just grab you, push you to your knees and wait. You look up at me, pretending to be all innocent. Totally unconvincing. I pull my dick out and then watch myself in the full length mirror, while you go to work.
Her: Nice involving the mirror
Me: I just see your reflection in the mirror, full body, trying to cram my dick in your mouth. I tire of this so I grab a handful of your hair and drag you out into the garden.
Her: Very very horny now fuck
Me: You bitch about it being cold. I tell you to shut the fuck up and suck my cock. You do. I see one of my friends happen to glance out of the window. He gives me a knowing wink like I’m the Man. He assumes you are some cheap street whore I just ordered online.
Her: I want ur dick in me
Me: I’m tempted to just cum in your eyes and leave you outside till a taxi comes, but I’m selfish. I wanna fuck your ass till you squeal.
Me: I stand you up and roughly finger fuck you for a minute or two, then pull your shirt and bra off. Throw them on the grass and hair drag you past my friends on up to the bedroom. You are totally fucking humiliated but it just turns you on more.
Me: wait. You don’t get my dick in you till I say so.
Her: Oh my god… fucking hell
Me: Fucking presumptuous bitch! As if having a job and some qualifications is gonna make me listen to you about bedroom matters….
Her: Am actually gonna have to go into the bathroom and finger myself im so turned on
Me: Haven’t even stuck my dick in your ass yet. Horny slut. Make sure you get a good handful of your tits, cos I’ll be mashing them up good and proper when I see you for real
Her: Ok keep going….
Me: So I finally give you the honour of sharing my bed. Which, frankly, is more than a cheap whore like you deserves. But I find you physically stunning, so I do you this one single favour.
Me: You are just begging for my cock now. I slap you a couple of times. No reason. Ok, there is a reason. I want to see your cheeks pinken and a flash of submissive fear in your eyes. Then I rip your clothes off so you are naked and vulnerable.
Her: Just so u know i have two fingers inside my fucking wet pussy and my thumb on my clit and i want u so fucking much u cant imagine to fuck me
Me: Then I stick my dick in you. You quiver, gasp and grab me. I fuck you good. In and out, over and over again. You feel me aggressively pushing into you
Me: Believe me [her name], if you didn’t have that annoying friend and stupid trip, you’d be getting it fucking big time for real right now
Me: You are scratching my back, biting my shoulder and screaming all kinds of filthy shit while I rail you
Her: not dirty or painful enough….
Me: I keep telling you to watch your fucking mouth when you’re in my house but you can’t control yourself. So I slap you around a bit. Not because I expect it to quieten you. Just because I’m an aggressive arsehole and I know I can treat you like some worthless street whore.
Me: I draw some blood from your lip and nose. I wasn’t trying to, you just wouldn’t take a telling. You gasp and get off on it. So I yank your hair and cuff you around
Me: I’m gonna silence that yapping for a while so I grab your throat and squeeze. I’m not trying to kill you, but I do want your face to go purple so you learn your lesson. The look of fear in your eyes is priceless and almost makes me come. You can’t believe you are getting nailed so hard off someone who seems to have so little respect for you and your body. You feel ashamed it makes you so horny.
Her: I meant more sexual violence….
Me: I flip you over. I pull your head down onto my cock so you can feel it bashing against your throat, and inside your cheek. You nearly retch it feels so deep. While I’m doing that I pull a huge dildo out from under the bed
Me: Your eyes go crazy-wide. You are terrified of having that inside you. But you’ve got no choice. I thrust it up you from behind. It’s so big your pussy tightens and resists at first, then gives up
Her: I am extremely close to coming btw, hence lack of textage
Me: As I ram it home, it feels so deep you think it’s gonna touch my cock at the other end. You feel thoroughly spit roasted and cheap as hell. I spit in your hair and laugh.
Me: I facefuck the shit out of you, while ramming the dildo in and out violently. You aren’t even thinking human thoughts now. You are just gurgling and moaning, your spit running out your lips onto my cock, and your hot pussy juice streaming down your legs
Her: Are you touching yourself too???
Me: It’s the closest feeling to dying, but it’s so fucking good you want more. You feel like you’re gonna rip in half.
Me: Not yet, gotta type fast 😉
Me: You can vaguely hear me shouting at you, calling you a whore and names worse than shit. You are past humiliation. Your whole world is reduced to my cock pumping in your mouth and a fucking massive dildo nearly tearing your pussy apart.
Me: For a moment you get random thoughts. What the hell would your workmates think of you if they knew what a slutty little whore you really are.
Her: Well i just came. a lot. And i think it is horrifically obvious from the noises i was making what i was doing :/  so … u must be pretty horny by now…?
Me: *bows*
Her: You are an absolute hero of this genre
Her: I take it u have a lot of practice… can’t wait til u fuck me for real….
Me: Yeah. I well wanna fuck you. I’ll knock one out before I go to bed. Type me a short story to think about while I do it. Something to make sure I’m thinking of you and only you, bypassing all my porn.
Me: Yup, I’m a horrible pervert 😉
Her: Ok hold on…
Me: Cool
Me: Btw, +100 points for frigging yourself stupid while I wrote that. We can add “[Krauser] watches while [Button Nose] masturbates” to our shopping list of future depravity. I like that.
Her: I’ll do this all in one text, its easier for u to read that way. Imagine u come to my place of work one day, unannounced and its a total surprise but ur horrifically horny and u were in the neighbourhood and u knew that if u needed a little slut to fuck then i was the one to visit. So u come in and ask me to excuse myself. I start complaining so u subtley grab my nipple. Hard. No one else sees u do it but i have to bite my lip to stop from calling out. You want a blowjob. Immediately. You force me into a corner and onto my knees so that ur facing the walls but its obvious what we are doing. u put ur hands behind ur head and start rocking ur pelvis a bit so that whilst ur cock is in my mouth and im licking it at the same time as sucking it, it is going in and out of my throat. Like ur gently fucking my face. after a while I try to get up, i take ur cock out of my mouth and explain to u that i have to work, but u force me back onto my knees with a thud and slap my face with your dick, still wet from my mouth. You tell me to shut the fuck up before u make me, and before i can talk again u put ur cock back in, but this time roughly, fucking my face so that with every thrust my head bangs against the wall. You want to come but you want to be inside my tight pussy first, want to hear me call out ur name and moan so you drag me up by my hair and tell me to go into the back room where there is a table. You lie me out flat on my back with my pussy at the edge of the table and my legs in the air and you ram your cock deep inside me. The shock of the first time you enter me makes me yell so loudly that someone knocks at the door. You tell her to shut the fuck up because ur fucking a little bitch to teach her a lesson and unless she wants the same treatment she will fuck off. You continue fucking me so hard that i am moaning so loudly and touching my clit at the same time. U grab my breasts roughly, hurting me so i moan louder in pleasure and pain and you watch my face contorted in ecstasy. But ur bored. Im enjoying it too much so you yank me up and put me on all fours on the ground. Doggy style. I wait, my pussy wet and open for you to come into it, but instead and without warning you shove your hard dick into my unprepared ass. I cry out in pain so you stick some of your fingers in my mouth, a few more thrusts then you move to my pussy again, and soon im calling out your name in pleasure, asking you to fuck me harder, which you do, but then go back to my ass, repeating this, every time changing so i go from pleasure to pain until u feel i am enjoying ur cock in my ass too much and my pussy is dripping onto the floor so u turn me around and command i suck your cock until you explode onto my face and at the same time as you do, you make me finger myself so as i suck it im also moaning in enjoyment. Then you pull out of ur mouth and the hot come runs down my face and i lick the remainder of it off ur dick
Me: Thanks. Gonna take me a while to read it. Gonna cheat and look at one of your photos too. My dick’s in my hand now
Her: Which photo of mine
Me: Profile 8 of 43. You’ll be in this position when I fuck that slutty mouth of yours
Her: Lollll! Ok well lets say night night. Talk tomorrow x enjoy urself
Me: Good gosh woman, you do have a way with words there! good story and certainly one I can buy into
Me: Good night. if you rub out any more for me, be sure to send a text to confirm the deed. I don’t mind waking up to read that.
Her: 🙂
Her: I will be doing that btw. U can count on it. At least twice more
Me: Heh! That’s my girl 😉


  1. And here I thought it was impossible to turn lead into gold.

  2. Haha I bet you didn’t knock one out, it’s just work to you.

    She probably got just as wet writing her own story.

    Your sex-chat skills are admirable.


    you could make this into a book.

    what happened next??

    so much better than roissy’s story.

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    How are you guys doing up in Latvia, you frozen yet – cracks me up that you all head out to day game and average temps are -12 celcius…

    Use this next time before booking your Ryanair flights:


  7. amazing, and I thought I was good at this on MSN and Omegle.

  8. This is gooood…. this girl will be brilliant… im gonna blatantly steal your sex chats again for my targets… thanks fella….

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  10. Did this girl live up to her self billing?

  11. This was incredible. Did you smush her in RL?

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  14. You sir are a hero!

  15. That was the most epic shit ever!

  16. (late to the party) The precocious wee thing…

  17. This guy deserves an award

  18. The excitement in the comments is unjustified, considering that it is just a text fantasy after all.

  19. Hey K., you should really write a small book about sexting. Some basic guidelines and some of your examples. There is so little of proper ‘how to do it’ online and IMO you do it really well. [It’s a chapter in Daygame Mastery. K.]

  20. Coollll bro yur the master of all players in the worlddd…:-)

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