Daytime Dating Review

October 9, 2010

* UPDATE: I’ve removed the original review because I think it’s too negative and doesn’t give Jeremy sufficient credit for the social side of his method. Instead I’ve inserted a summary of my thoughts.

Daytime Dating fits neatly into history as the first “proper” daygame book from the London method which makes it historically important as a curio, but also completely outdated as a way of picking up girls. It’s like buying a Nintendo N64 now to see what all the fuss was about with Goldeneye – interesting, but it’s hardly Battlefield or Bioshock.

Students learning the London Daygame Model will typically progress through three stages:

  • Beginner – For the first 500 sets you’re struggling with approach anxiety and everything is new and confusing. The big challenge is to simply open your mouth and make conversation. Thus the advice focuses on dealing with AA, getting some simple fundamental on how to open, and then the basics of making polite social conversation. You’ll only get laid from the strongest of Yes Girls, and it all takes 5x longer than it should.
  • Intermediate – Once you’ve settled into being the chatty guy in cafes and on the street you realise all your numbers are flaking and getting laid from daygame is currently rare and random. So you make the move from social to sexual. The advice focuses on projecting sexual intent, flirting energy, and getting a more conscious control of the process so that getting laid is a direct result of what you do, rather than simply “flipping stones” and hoping for the best.
  • Advanced – Now you’re getting laid regularly and you know it’s simply a case of playing the percentages. The goal becomes younger-hotter-tighter. The advice here is to optimise your game towards r-selection and become a pure Lover so your can pull hot girls fast and in industrial quantities.

Daygame is not as simple as reading one book, doing a bunch of sets, and then you’re getting laid. It’s a long tortuous process akin to learning chess or fencing. You’re trying to juggle six balls at once, so you start with the first, then add the second and so on. There’s no magic bullet.


Jeremy Soul’s Daytime Dating is very clearly a beginner’s book – the content is all about orienting your mind to the very possibility of daygame and then giving a structure to become the chatty guy. By following his advice you can expect to get through your first 500 sets without too much trauma. You probably won’t get laid, but you’ll probably not get shouted at either. Then you’ll realise the positive (your social skills have improved, you’re “doing daygame”) and also the negative (it’s unwieldy, inefficient, and is just a route to collecting flaky numbers).

This territory of teaching terrified noobs how to make polite five minute chats has since been conquered by Andy Yosha and Yad with their products. Thus my earlier statement that Jeremy’s book is interesting primarily as a curio. The business of teaching guys how to get laid from daygame has passed them all by and is currently best exemplified by my video instructional Daygame Overkill which includes all the theory and ten infields showcasing what real advanced daygame looks like. When you’re ready to move to Intermediate and Advanced I’d suggest my own books Daygame Nitro and Daygame Mastery respectively. Those books are about getting laid and they fully incorporate the advances the London Daygame Model has made in the six years since Jeremy Soul last put up an infield.

So no I don’t recommend his book but Jeremy has rightfully earned his place in the history of daygame as an early pioneer and the first guy to write a book on it.


  1. just deleted the copy I had…..

  2. so the best system in the world contains “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” ………hmmm. For me those are momentum killers…….must be doing it wrong. I would also argue that the right sense of value of self is essential even for a beta like me. The guy goes through all the trouble to dress to dress up for daygame in his video, and the first move he makes is to give it all away by complimenting HER? that will cost you dearly.

  3. Sorry to go off topic but I just saw this video and immediately thought of you Krauser… you’ll know why…

  4. Great breakdown.

    this is precisely my issue with a lot of the material/”gurus” I see out there…. a lot of it is this supplicating game for betas, but then again you have to consider who their target audience. its much more mainstream and a larger audience to reach all betas and AFCs if you “learn how to hold a conversation with women” as opposed to “learn how to manage a harem”.

    That’s why I have a hard time finding good wings. especially the guys that message me on Love Systems forums… they all just seem to be complete newbs/keyboard jockeys. where are the guys with real game?

    • True True. I agree with Krauser’s review on this, Soul’s book is great for guys that want an intro into game without getting way too much info and since it’s mainstream it is overly simplified to apply to most people reading it.

  5. yes, Krauser’s daygame model is daygame for… delusioned 35-year old… bald… self-proclaimed “alphas”

  6. These are good comments. So is your text game. I appreciate the detail and analysis. Your comments on Soul’s book make a lot of sense. I’m older than you so I have different strengths and weaknesses, but as soon as a woman hooks, i flip it direct and blunt. I start stirring those emotions right away.

    One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is outrageously insulting them. You’d be amazed, but the more direct and the more insulting I am, the better results I get. I sometimes get the impression they don’t understand what I’m up to unless I do that. They seem to think polite conversation is just boring jibber jabber. All my polite conversations go stale quickly. Insulting them so outrageously they can’t be certain if I am serious pulls the trigger for me. Sometimes there is a bit of a dead spell. But as soon as their cute little minds figure out i actually said what they thought i said, the conversation blows up with her (or them) doing most of the talking, complimenting me and qualifying themselves.

    When i first started doing this, sometimes I was so surprised at the intensity of the response that I stood there slack jawed in amazement. Sometimes I am still surprised. No one has ever talked to these women like that. I do it primarily in crowded venues where a lot of people can overhear. I have only had a couple bad reactions, and each time I just kept it up until they were finally won over. During daytime, I like spinning and yoga classes and checkout lanes especially. I usually direct it to 18 to 25 year olds because that is the group i am most interested in, but it works on all age groups, even if they just overheard the insult. I think the insults are so outrageous and over the top, they innately know I’m having fun at their expense. I generally direct it to the most attractive female in a group, or someone she is talking to qt that moment, say the instructor in a yoga class, or the hot bartender, or the current customer in a checkout lane. The better looking and the more authority she has the better it seems to work.

    My evenings are spent where i expect not to run into people i know professionally, so I don’t go to the upscale places. I like gay bars frequented by attractive women. This has really helped my social proof in those venues. Even in a bar with a lot of turnover, there are always a lot of attractive women who frequent the place. Now they all know me and start waving and talking to me as soon as i walk in.

    Another thing, if I insult them, they don’t forget me. Weeks later, I will run into them, they will chase me down and start chatting up a storm. They will bring me up-to-date on their lives. They don’t seem to be put off that I don’t remember their name. I don’t tell them I don’t remember them at all, but that is generally the case. I find it amazing.

    I don’t think it would work as well for a young man who doesn’t have as strong a presence. But for me, in my particular circumstances, it’s like an atomic bomb pussy magnet.

    • Robert could you give some examples of certain “insults” you use?

    • In all honesty I use to hangout with Jeremy Soul ten years ago. He has laid girls that I would never go near with a 10 foot barge pole. These were girls he met when he was drunk during night game.

      Hangout with him for months he got a few numbers but never manage to translate them to dates.

      Nice guy but a scam artist when it comes to teaching day game.

  7. On the other hand, Ozzie’s new book
    “The Physical Game” (published by RSD) is solid.
    The mindsets are well explained, and it does cover dominance.
    “All testing the waters for possible rejection must end if you are
    to establish yourself as a dominant male.”
    Second mindset: “If it is worth it, get it done, no matter how.
    Do it poorly, but get it done. Have the guts not to look good.”
    Third mindset: “DIWA – do it while afraid” – approach the impossible
    set first, step into the fear, stay there, and bring it to submission.
    Ozzie’s explanations based on “Mastery” by George Leonard,
    are useful too, you have to identify your learning style “Masters
    are not afraid to look idiotic. They are not afraid to fail.”
    And the idea of not measuring your performance in the
    traditional way (good set or bad set?), but rather by whether you
    are carrying out your Practice, doing it with Patience, and putting
    in sufficient Time (the PPT mindset). The concept of “plateau”, and
    how to love them (zero outcome dependence).

    • i didn’t get half of what you sayd, but i watched ozzies videos in transformations last night and the DIWA thing you mentioned should actually be correct, its actually the perfect timing for doing stuff because you probably are afraid of what you subconsciously are reading from her. for example your subconscious might see she’s responding well and inviting you to do more so you get scared. Of cource it’s best not to get scared in the first place, if you can that is.

  8. “Ozzie’s explanations based on “Mastery” by George Leonard”

    I was just writing about that book on my blog. I had that book 15 years ago. I re-bought it last week.

  9. “The supplicating smile, the pleading eyes, the shitty posture, the nervous vocal tone and herb clothes all sink his approach before he’s even gotten the opener out.”

    that line is key!

    btw there is a new book being rereleased by tariq nasheed (he bought the rights)
    called Black players:the secret world of black pimps. definitely worth a check.
    other books I’d recommend are:

    48 laws of power by robert greene.
    Pimp:story of my life by Icebergslim
    and Modeone:Let the women know what you’re thinking.

  10. I wouldn’t dis this, see the thing is, the more you read, the more you know and the better judgment calls you can make on how you want to act as a PUA

  11. i don’t real…..that’s why i’m so beta i think!

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