A Deplorable Cad

February 12, 2017




Three years ago I embarked upon a wildly ambitious project. As an aspiring player I’d read Neil Strauss’s famous memoir The Game in which he describes his entry into the underground world of pick up artists. Reading those pages I felt like I was along for the ride, living the successes and failures with Neil. It’s a good book.

Unfortunately, it’s also a bit light. In order to squeeze everything into a single volume to sit on a bookstore shelf, Neil packed a long timescale into few pages. By necessity, he skips over so many things that I had wanted to read about in detail. It felt like eating a chocolate bar when my stomach rumbled for a three course meal.  FRUSTRATING!

What I would have liked was more  detail.

– How exactly did he meet these girls and how did the dates go?

– What was it like to deal with anxiety and self-doubt on a daily basis?

– How did he deal with women he actually succeeded with?

It’s one thing to simply tell a good story. I also wanted to learn. I looked around and tried many books but none were able to walk me through the Player’s Journey in real live detail, red in tooth and claw.

Fortunately for you scamps – Enter the Nick Krauser Memoirs!



By mid-2014 I’d achieved all my goals in Game. I’d been hitting on girls for six years straight, learning, improving and ultimately writing best-in-class material on how to daygame. Now I wanted to tell my story. I didn’t want to perform a victory lap, telling everyone how awesome I am (though I’ll admit that’s highly tempting….)



..I wanted to write a memoir that would help my fellow players improve.

..I wanted to write a book rich with detail, depth and above all wisdom.

..I wanted to chart the Player’s Journey so every man following in my steps knew exactly where to go and exactly what to expect.


This was a wildly ambitious project, to write however much needed to be written to convey my knowledge. To write until it was done – however many pages it took to get there. The Nick Krauser memoir is neither a cash-in nor a victory lap. My vision was to plant my flag, to blaze a trail and leave a map for other men to follow.

Because it’s not all fun and games. It’s a tough path to follow.



From my many years coaching students I’ve been shocked at how many men fall by the wayside. It’s no exaggeration to say over 90% of men give up, having cracked under the pressure and fallen short of their goals. NINETY PERCENT!

Those of you who’ve daygamed understand why. You know how it is to trudge through the rainy streets, your mind racing with anxiety and self-doubt, wondering if you’ll ever really make it. You know how it feels to have four dates lined up and then three cancel at short notice. You know how hard the downside hits you. It can sap you of the will to continue.

Believe me, I know how this feels. I lived it.

I know how important it was to have my friends around me, riding the same waves up and down. I could look at their experiences to be inspired by their successes and commiserated by their failures. It was so very important to have someone next to me, taking the same blows, and we pulled each other forwards.





A Deplorable Cad isn’t just a story. It isn’t just an entertaining recounting of my sexual escapades. This book is LOADED with heartfelt emotion and deep introspection. At every stage of my journey, at every key event, I explore how it made me FEEL and how I summoned the willpower to proceed.

Yes, I just said this book is full of FEELZ.

“How gay”, you laugh.

That’s the problem we face as men. You can’t talk about it with your mates.  It feels weird, right? And Youtube and websites are full of coaches puffing themselves up like supermen who never suffer self-doubt or fear of failure.

Let’s put that shit to rest right now.

I’m a  successful player yet self-doubt and fear of failure kept me company throughout the entirety of my journey. Denying it to your audience doesn’t make it go away. If anything, it hurts your audience, makes them wonder if they are the only people who doubt themselves.

A Deplorable Cad is an inner game book.  The next time you struggle – the next time a girl cancels a hot date with no explanation.  The next time you see your dream girl glide by, but you just CANNOT approach her no matter what – you will recall that I’ve been through this EXACT experience, and overcome it.  You’ll feel the comfort of knowing you’re not the only one.  The self doubt will dissipate and you will find the will to push forward.

And you won’t need to have embarrassing confessional sessions with your mates to do it!

I lived this life. My friends lived this life. And now I can take you along for the ride.

thanks for listening,


Nick Krauser

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Deepak Wayne – Analysis Of His Fake Infield

September 2, 2016

Sit down in your most comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. I’m going to ask you dear readers to do something rather unpleasant – to sit through an entire Deepak Wayne infield video. It’ll make you feel dirty as you listen to him bing-ding-ding-a-ling through fifteen minutes in that awful call centre accent, but really, this time it’s worth it. [1] This is a training exercise.

There are three ways to spot a fake PUA:

  1. Meta-analysis of his results. This was my first expose post. The rule of thumb is “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Deepak was claiming results 5x better than the typical good daygamer. Additionally, his evidence base supported results of maybe 1/5th of what he claimed [2]
  2. Detailed analysis of his game. This is what I do in this post. I’ll take you through a particular fake video of Deepak’s and explain play-by-play why it’s fake. The rule of thumb here is “if it jars against what you know is a legit interaction, it’s probably not legit” [3]
  3. The Smoking Gun. Hardest of all is to find clear incontrovertible evidence that an actress has been hired. Daniel Blake was finally exposed a year later when an enterprising viewer found the bra-strap incident. Tom Torero was exposed when a viewer googled his real name and found a French actress listing two of his videos on her resume, then Andy Yosha contacted her and got a video statement and screencaps of the text messages setting up the shoot.

So let’s get on with a detailed analysis. Treat this as a test of your calibration. The whole time you watch it, listen to your gut. Ask yourself “does this look like a natural spontaneous conversation between two people who just met?” and “would a girl like her respond as enthusiastically to a man like him spitting game of that quality?”

And again, I apologise for making you sit through fifteen minutes of Deepak and his creepy homosexual friend. But oh man, are these clowns hilarious!

0:01 – I call this the “piss on your back and tell you it’s raining” gambit. Deepak pre-frames the video to tell you what you’re going to see, setting the frame so you are less likely interpret the evidence a different way. This is an old marketing trick and not in itself suspicious. Stay alert for how many times he tells you what you should be seeing rather than actually are seeing.
0:05 – This is the “ultimate seduction model” remember! See how she’s already leaning back away from his kiss. She’s disgusted by him.
0:21 – “She can easily have any guy she wants” is why a funny-faced ding-a-ling Indian scammer has to pay her. But we’ll get onto that [4]
1:08 – “So many dating coaches out there who don’t walk their talk”. This is what makes the expose so much more delicious. The sheer duplicity of this man is incredible.

The real deal, yesterday

The real deal, yesterday

1:27 – This is the world’s worst opener. Hello, I’m from Berlin and I just left my friend from Ukraine. I have no idea why he’s so retarded and yet she hooks enthusiastically. Sometimes girls are just very receptive and she may think he’s about to ask directions. So this is evidence of bad game rather than a hired actress. Nonetheless, just keep watching for such consistently bad game getting such a good reaction – that’s the tell.
1:28 – Look how close the cameraman is. She may actually have looked directly at him briefly (hard to tell, might have been at the shopper walking by). Cameraman then circles round clearly keeping them in frame, in her full view. They claim it’s a small spy cam. As you’ll see later when they zoom the shot, it’s clearly not a small cam. The girl would definitely know she’s being filmed yet doesn’t react at all to this knowledge.

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

1:41 – Oh my god, that’s the Torero Toe isn’t it?
1:42 – Deepak’s life-partner frequently mutes the video at strange times to tell you what you’re supposed to be seeing. Why isn’t it simply freeze-framed then restarted? Why is it done in a way that removes information and breaks up the flow? [5]
2:10 – It’s very odd which information they choose to redact for her privacy compared to what’s left in. Deepak’s videos have many strange mute, blur an edit choices that simply don’t make sense if you’re dealing with legit material.
2:38 – Another strange mute and now the lie about using a shitty camera. It’s obvious from the cameraman’s frequent repositioning that he has a viewfinder screen to check. He moves around a lot but always manages to keep the scene clear and without cropping out their heads or feet. Any daygamer who has recorded his wing with an actual spy cam knows how difficult this is when you’re moving. For example. at 2:54 the cameraman sits down then readjusts using the viewfinder.
2:46 – Reason one for using spy cam is “we tried filming with a big DLSR camera but got caught multiple times”. “He met this girl over a long period of time and therefore we needed to be extra careful, that’s why we had this small hidden camera”. Just let that sink in. It’s a time-paradox. They knew in advance that this set would result in multiple meetings with the girl – before opening her – so they needed to use a small hidden camera so as not to arouse her suspicions. And then as you’ll see, it is in fact a DLSR anyway! [6]
3:25 – Consider how chatty she is, without pausing to think or form her words, to talk about something incredibly boring to a stranger. If this happened to me for real, I’d be thinking “this girl is not right in the head”.
3:38 – “I work in Volkswagen”. Is that a DHV or a sexual spike? Not only is this awful game but why isn’t such private information redacted considering city names are?
4:02 – Consider how fast she spits her lines, how little she has to think, and how odd the timing is for bouncing him to the corner. It’s as if none of this requires weighing evidence, assessing her own emotions, then making a decision. It’s more like rattling off a script.
4:05 – Note how the cameraman wasn’t in place and the conversation jumps a little like re-saying the same scripted lines at the jump cut. See also at 4:23 that the first camerman has disappeared. The resolution, filters, exposure etc are all identical as if the actors simply paused until the lone cameraman switched positions.

teleportation machines have a delay

teleportation machines have a delay

4:23 – The entire set has been a barrage of intrusive boring questions. He hasn’t showed any value, spiked, DHVd, stack. His ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ has so far not involved any actual game. [7]
4:43 – Does the cameraman’s posture look more like (i) carefully hiding a spy camera to look unobtrusive or (ii) pretending to do so but actually using a big DLSR and keeping the viewfinder visible?
4:35 – The phone is clasped in her right hand, with the left used to gesticulate. At 4:48 he shakes her left hand as she offers it, keeping the phone clasped in right. Now watch to 4:56…. would you just look at that! She’s switched the phone over to her left hand at precisely the moment there’s a jump cut and awkward pause to allow the cameraman to switch positions. It’s almost as if….. they disengaged and she fiddled around for a bit.
5:15 – Note her lack of increased emotional engagment when Deepak does his physical moves such as holding her hand, closing distance, and leering at her sexually. Actual girls will react to this – if they take it the energy amps up and is visibly in her involuntary actions. If they reject it, they step back or shrug it off. What always happens is they noticeably react to it.
5:20 – Smooth zoom in. Tell-tale sign it’s a DLSR with a viewfinder and not a spy cam. This exposes both the earlier lie at 2:46 and also makes it really weird she hasn’t noticed cameraman moving around her on three separate occasions keeping her in view. There’s another zoom at 6:38
5:26 – Completely fake non-reaction to what would’ve been very big display of intent in a real set. A real girl would feel the intent. She expected it and had no emotional reaction – because it was rehearsed and she was acting.
5:32 – She’s bizarrely receptive to his constant intrusive questioning and challenging. Why isn’t she pushing back a little?
5:59 – They redact her ((unique animal)) [8] even though only someone who knew her really well could use that to identify her – such a person would likely recognise her voice, fashion, mannerisms and jawline. Rather bizarre.
6:02 – “+2 points”. That’s game, that is.
6:56 – She’s about to meet her friend but goes on idate anyway. This sounds rather like it was scripted to convey him overruling her objections with tight game rather than with a concern for how people behave in real world. Given this incongruity it would be natural to show how Deepak convinces her to abandon the friend and yet the next section is completely muted. It’s a black box. One of the key moments (and higher-level skill displays) is simply removed. When the audio comes back in at 8:12 we have no idea how he pulled it off.
8:10 – “You listen to us, you get paid” if you’re a girl.
8:27 – Another barrage of dumbass questions that expect her to do all the work. No mythology, no stack, no story-telling, no humour. Nothing. It’s as if Deepak is a completely charmless buffoon.
8:21 – “So what’s going on in your life?” and she begins to answer then asks exactly the same question at 8:50 after a jump cut that places them 200m further up the street. Doesn’t that seem a little odd? If I’d invented a teleportation device I wouldn’t be hawking bootcamps to fools.

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday... or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday… or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

8:36 – There’s lots of daygamers on this street!
9:46 – Did you notice all the text in the shop logos and street signs is backwards? Yes, the entire video is mirrored.
9:54 – “You literally looked like her daddy” lol. I wish I was a retarded German homosexual. Life would be so much more fun!
10:02 – “I will take you to Delhi and show you India”. Look carefully and you can see the cold hand of terror grip her spine.
10:19 – This is the first in a series of scripted “now I’m sexual” scenes where she is physically recoiling. Shit just got real and she is faced with letting this ugly weirdo touch her in order to earn the money. She tries to hide her disgusts, bless her.
10:38 – Ignore the bizarre jump cuts and decision to edit the rest of the goodbye. Just focus on her body language. Does she show any of the excitement you’d expect from a girl who just met a charming man she fancies and has invited her on a date? Or, does she seem to recoil then lean away, turn away, and hope he goes away?
11:04 – An unenthusiastic meet. In itself no big deal – she could’ve been undecided at this point – but believe me these are gonna start piling up of the next few minutes.
11:24 – They meet at one end of the street and are walking at the other after jump cut outside Starbucks. This is a five minute walk, and the park they end up in is a ten minute walk. Again, not conclusive but very odd. Usually on a date you take her to one of the first decent venues. Deepak has skipped all the great venues of Chmielna street (right next to that Starbucks) and instead wandered ten minutes up to a park in a part of Warsaw that has no good cafes or bars nearby.

11:32 – You’ll note from this point on every single bit of “intimate” kino is initiated by Deepak and she shivers and recoils each time. Note how stiff it is and how she offers absolutely nothing by her own volition. This is the “do the minimum to get paid” mentality rather than behviour of a girl sexually attracted to a man and wanting to fuck him. [9]

Stiff body language, yesterday

Stiff body language, yesterday

11:40 – Not a single kiss involves her opening her mouth, using tongue, or pushing into him. They are all “god this man is gross, just show me the money” kisses.
12:10 – If you’re banging a girl multiple occasions and she’s into you – and willing to be filmed on your phone cam in McDonalds – don’t you think you could find better footage?
12:16 – He’s trying really really hard to force her mouth open and she’s simply not having it. Note her dead motionless hands and utter lack of body movement. Compare this to girls who’ve kissed you on your bed just before fucking. There’s footage of inconclusive fumbling and she doesn’t remove any clothes.
12:43 – A stiff embrace and she turns her head uncomfortably away.

"Show me the money", yesterday

“Show me the money”, yesterday

Stop and think a moment. Deepak met this girl on multiple occasions and can’t get a single clip of her (i) kissing him properly (ii) removing any items of clothing (iii) showing any affection towards him.

13:46 – Yes, Deepak, you have indeed shown us exactly what the ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ is…. a crock of shit by a lying scammer thieving money from vulnerable men. The only legit bedroom videos you have is bumming that autistic German faggot sitting next to you.

The only true statement in this entire video is the second half of the title – that Deepak is an ugly old immigrant.

[1] The reason I didn’t expose Deepak a year ago was I couldn’t actually sit all the way through an infield of his, so I never did the micro-analysis necessary. Same thing with his (already caught faking) business partner Justin Wayne.
[2] As you’ll see, that evidence base is fake. He barely gets laid at all.
[3] This is why every active daygamer immediately recoiled at watching him. He doesn’t pass the smell test of a guy who gets laid and his stories are wildly implausible given the actual quality of his game. These daygamers know what the streets produce and how it looks when you’re producing it. In contrast, armchair enthusiasts or beginners are more prone to believe the intellectual rationalisations in his defence, because they lack the calibration and experience to trust their instinct.
[4] I just love insulting this loathsome scammer.
[5] In Daygame Overkill I’d freeze the screen, give the analysis, then restart it so that no information was missed. I also released completely unedited versions of same infield as raw data. This proves you see everything that happened. There’s no chance to edit out bad game or tells that it’s acted, e.g. fluffing lines.
[6] Somewhere in all this is a clue to why India has such an undeveloped economy and never wins Olympic medals despite being almost the size of China.
[7] An unforgiving viewer may conclude Deepak doesn’t deploy any game because he doesn’t possess any.
[8] Maybe it’s a ((Jew)).
[9] I suspect Deepak is gambling on likelihood that his audience don’t know what it’s like to have a girl sexually attracted to you and therefore won’t smell a rat.

If you thought Deepak was right to claim all my Adventure Sex lay reports are fictional, then you should read the book. Top class make-believe.

Is Deepak Wayne a fraud?

August 30, 2016

Those of you following my Twitter [1] will be aware I’ve been laughing my ass off at Indian [2] daygamer Deepak Wayne‘s recent outlandish claims on YouTube. He’s been walking around Kiev lately talking into his phone cam on a selfie stick, saying first that he fucked fifteen girls in thirty days (one a 17 year old virgin) and then just yesterday that he’s up to twenty-five girls in fifty days now including THREE teenage virgins. No evidence, of course. Just him and his selfie stick.

Stop laughing. This is serious.****

A slayer, yesterday

A slayer, yesterday

Long-time readers will be aware that PUA is a sordid creepy business full of liars, frauds and outright thieves. At the bottom end there is that creepy Korean guy who ran a big daygame bootcamp in Belgrade last year after having never actually done daygame before. Word on the street is he took everyone’s money and didn’t even show up to coach. I also heard the RooshV forum found evidence he’s on the run for money laundering in the US [3]. There’s form for this, as even Neil Strauss admitted in The Game that he taught his first boot camp in Los Angeles before he’d even been laid. Mehow was the same – he started a whole PUA business after just one lay.

Within our own European daygame world we have our own embarrassments, such as Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez hiring actresses for “same day lay” videos then getting busted [4] and of course the famous Tom Torero fake kiss close video [5]. There are also a number of guys who inhabit that grey area of not hiring actresses but being terrible at game and then implying way more success than they actually get (e.g. Johnny Cassel, Simon Spence, and of course King Berba himself).

Let’s remember that at the root of these scams are two motivations:

  1. To cheat vulnerable men out of hard-earned cash.
  2. To look cool in front of an audience of credulous men.

I stress, faking in-field videos or lying about your results is not harmless. Deliberately telling pre-meditated lies and faking videos will cause actual active daygamers to get extremely insecure about their own results. I’ve had a number of guys worried that they must suck because they only bang one or two girls a month from daygame. They actually think they are underperforming and must be doing something wrong! Worse than active daygamers getting badfeelz is what these liars do to the vastly bigger army of online voyeurs that they are trying to extort for money. Most men don’t understand female psychology and have never laid a girl from daygame, thus their experience base to compare a YouTube video/claim against is literally zero. I know how this is because I was once that naive (I even once mistook a clip from a porn movie for a close video of RSD Ozzie!).

PUA attracts the most clueless of men, the very men who are most desperate to believe and also the least-calibrated to spot lies and fakes. These PUA scammers are trying to steal money from such men. It’s sickening.

I can watch a Daniel Blake video and just feel it’s off. I know that’s not how women react to daygame and my gut instinct warns me [6]. I can watch a Deepak Wayne video and almost cry laughing at how fake it is**. But what about Devak, a little Indian computer programmer in a German back-office cubicle, who doesn’t know women, doesn’t know seduction, and especially doesn’t know white women? What does he see when Deepak ding-a-ling-a-lings in his thick Indian accent running his mouth about all the hot white girls he’s banging in this mysterious foreign land called “Ukraine”. What is Devak to think? Devak who hasn’t ever been laid for free but now has a magic system dangled in front of him, for just 600 euros a day coaching?

So to help the Devaks of this world, here’s a list of things to look for in spotting PUA scammers, particuarly in daygame.

1. Outlandish claims.
Here’s the reality of daygame – if you’re pretty good at it, work hard, and go after women a bit younger and only a little better looking than you, you’ll get laid approximately once every fifty approaches. If you change those parameters to get hotter girls (or you’re just not as good at daygame) then it can easily become 1-in-100 opens. That’s a week of hard work on the streets, plus all the dating, including the idates and Day 2s to nowehre. That includes the LMR you get at your front door or on your bed. You’ll get the odd purple patch where everything goes right for a week, but mostly you revert to this grind.

It’s not as simple as finding a Yes Girl and same-day-laying her two hours later. There are a ton of wasted text chats, idates and bouncebacks surrounding these rare glimpses of glory. They take time and they wear you down. No one – literally noone – fucks 25 white girls in 50 days, averaging one every other day*. No one. Even if a PUA can find that many girls interested in him, think of the process and attrition required to whittle down all those leads, dates and bouncebacks into actual lays.

The only way anyone is getting 25-in-50-days is a good-looking young white man going to South East Asia, pipelining on Tinder/Date In Asia, and then fucking literally any girl no matter how ugly. That’s the only way. I’ve hung around some of the best seducers in the world. Good-looking, cool, savvy, vastly experienced men. The kind of men you hang out with and you know you’re in the cool gang. On a good month they might get 8 white girls, if they try hard and have some good luck.

So no, don’t believe that a charmless ugly Indian is getting 3x their results.

2. No ripples in the pond.
Imagine you throw a rock into a pond – you watch it arc through the air, make a big splash in the water, and then for many seconds afterwards ripples spread through the pond. Throwing the rock created a stir, the impact of which is visible. Now imagine you are looking in a different direction as someone else throws a rock into the pond. You don’t see the rock but you hear the splash and turn around to see the ripples. You can infer the rock having been thrown in despite having not seen it. Now imagine someone merely tells you they threw a rock in (while your back was turned) yet you didn’t hear a splash and looking at the pond you don’t see any ripples. It’s as calm as if no rock was ever thrown in. You can very confidently conclude that someone is a liar.

An easy way to spot this in daygame is when someone posts only two types of video: talking into a camera about results, or showing a same day lay infield. Why is this suspicious?

Hiring actresses costs money and if you pay to fuck them too it’s considerably more expensive. It’ll take a few hours of her time, showing herself on YouTube, and she has to act a role which requires some preparation. Plus of course you have to actually find such a dirty whore, negotiate, and set up a time/place to do it. It’s not like simply walking out onto the street with your buddy and saying “turn the camera on and record my sets”. Given this, a fledgling PUA business is limited to how many such videos they can make.

A real daygamer who goes filming will get a ton of footage. He’ll get blowouts, hook points followed by “I have a boyfriend”, idates to nowhere, number closes to nowhere, and of course some dates and eventually a lay or two. This is a ton of footage. Just look at the montage at the beginning of my Outlaw Daygame video above – that was from just one afternoon session with the camera on. Yet the scam PUAs show you only the SDLs. Why is that?

Because there is no other footage.

They never did go out and approach lots of girls and thus build up all that other footage. In the off chance it’s a Daniel Blake-type character, the real (i.e. non-actress) footage is so bad that showing you will completely undermine the supposedly real SDL footage. You’ll watch him getting blown out so bad from real girls that you conclude “no way he’s suddenly going from that to an SDL”. This is why the scammers are just talking down a selfie stick and putting in the occasional “SDL” video. It’s black and white, all-or-nothing. The entire grey area that makes up 90% of a real daygamer’s street experience is completely absent.

3. They don’t look like someone who gets laid.
I know within twenty seconds of meeting a man exactly how his sex life is. A calibrated man can size up another very quickly, seeing him like a woman does. Genuine womanizers have a cool vibe and strike you as larger than life. They don’t have the hunted eyes of a chode, nor the uncertain body language. They don’t look dorky. You can look at him and think “he looks like he gets laid”.

The scammers never do. They all have an off-vibe. Their conversational flow is disjointed and difficult to follow. You don’t feel intrigued or comfortable watching them talk. You actually get bored of listening to them – and if you’re bored watching, imagine how bored a girl is being on the receiving end of it in set. If a guy struggles to keep the interest of his audience, he’s not seducing women. [7] If you find yourself wondering “how does such a charmless guy get laid so much?” the answer is that he doesn’t. He’s lying.

4. Where are the girls at?
When I go through my hot periods with women, I’ve always got girls around. I’ll be sitting on an idate with one, or walking around town with another. I’ll be lying in the park with a girl eating ice cream, or drinking coffee on a patio cafe. The important thing is I’m not short of female company in these periods. Do you think a guy banging 25 women in 50 days would struggle to snap a few photos or video snippets of himself with girls? Remember to whittle down to 25 actual lays, he’d need to date at least double that amount. So out of those 50 girls he can’t muster up evidence?

Imagine you were so charming and likeable that you were able to deflower three teenage virgins in rapid succession. These are girls who have so far gone their whole lives not giving it up to a man. But you’re so goddamn special to them that they think: ‘this is it, this is the guy I want to lose my virginity to”. Imagine the positive feelings you must’ve created in her. The strength of the attraction. The depth of the rapport. Her willingness to give so much of her time, emotion and body to you.

Are you telling me those girls won’t want to take some pictures with you? That they won’t let you snap off video footage of you walking through the park together? You’re so special that she let you deflower her but not special enough that she wants a photo with the man who made her a woman. For contrast, look at this video of me below hanging out with a girl. If you’re banging a ton of girls, you can easily provide evidence. Not just evidence that you fuck ’em (which can easily be bought from a prostitute, like in the SDL videos) but evidence in their body language and manner that they really like you and gave it up for free.

Scammers don’t have that. They have badly-acted SDL sex videos, heavily-edited “hanging out” videos, and the girls don’t seem at all interested in the scammer – it’s almost like they are just there for the money!

5. Nobody will vouch for them
What is the single best way to develop credibility in a small scene? You seek out the opinion influencers, befriend them, and show them your skills. Those guys will then say, when asked, “oh yeah, he’s good”. This works in PUA just as it does in music or art. You build a rep by having people notice you, watch you, and vouch for you. I’ve seen guys like Eddie, Richard, Jimmy, Tomas*** etc. They’ve seen me. When asked we can say some variation of “I’ve seen him in action plenty with my own eyes and he’s for real”.

It doesn’t even need to be an “influencer”. In Europe there are a limited number of popular Euro Jaunt daygame cities and literally every time I travel I’m recognised and approached multiple times by active or beginner daygamers. Presumeably even more guys see me but I don’t know I’m being watched. They see me approach, they see the results, and frequently they see me on dates with girls. Some of them have been with me and watched me get SDLs in front of their eyes (e.g. I’ve been out with local guys in both Warsaw and Prague and got two SDLs in front of each of them). Often I let a guy tag along with me after being introduced and he sees me in action. Some of them become proper friends and travel buddies.

The point isn’t that I’m legit. The point is that nearly every legit daygamer in Europe has the same experience. It’s a small community and we all know each other either directly or through only one degree of separation. We talk. Back when Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez were coming under scrutiny I couldn’t find anyone to vouch for them. I can’t find anyone to vouch for Deepak Wayne now. Not a single person [8][9]

I could continue with more red flags but this ought to get you thinking. So, next time a charmless retard rants to his iphone and posts it on YouTube about all the hot snatch he claims to bang, do a mental run-through of this list. You don’t need wait for the smoking gun of getting caught red-handed hiring actresses.

"For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price"

“For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price”

[1] – I think my blog and Twitter audiences only slightly overlap.
[2] – He lived in India for thirty years, speaks like the grandad who owns the Indian corner shop by my brother’s house, yet told Stefan Molyneux that he’s German in this hilarious interview. Bear in mind a guy with such weak frame, weaselly hypocrisy, and inability to make a point is allegedly smashing it with hot women. He’s also whining about why white women WON’T fuck him.
[3] – Thanks to a reader for sending me the links to the RVF forum post discussing him (I couldn’t search it because Roosh banned me) and the story of him being jailed for grand larceny.
[4] – I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time despite my gut feel thinking them fake. When they were given an opportunity to defend against specific claims on a specific video, they declined and just posted an evasive “we’ll release a statement later”-type comment.
[5]- I’ve posted my thoughts on this incident here. The TL:DR is that Tom has real daygame skills but sometimes lacks integrity.
[6] – Though I overruled that gut instinct in the past and gave him tacit acceptance because there was no smoking gun evidence of fakery until almost a year later. When your blog has as big an impact in the daygame scene as mine, you have to be careful calling someone out in case you’re wrong and damage the rep of someone who doesn’t deserve it.
[7] – Unless he’s doing it purely on looks, which doesn’t describe many daygamers.
[8] – Anonymous students don’t count. I mean someone who is actually verified in-person by me or another daygamer who I trust.
[9] – I’m also rather disappointed that daygamers who actually have a platform are not calling out such frauds. These people are scamming vulnerable men and damaging the reputation of the real daygame community. It supports my contention that most daygamers are actually rabbits – they hide behind their mum’s skirts and hope someone else will deal with the problem

* Well, Pakistani men in Rotherham might rape 25 white girls in 50 days but it’s not the same thing.

** I should stress that “fake” includes shifty editing then claiming a result which didn’t happen, e.g. a bounceback that ended in unbeatable LMR but claiming it as a lay. Fake doesn’t just mean scripted with actresses.

*** The Polish one. Though my mate from Wales is quite good too.

**** Steve Jabba is suitably impressed by Deepak’s claim to bang FIVE Kiev girls in one day on THREE SEPARATE OCCASSIONS. So impressed is Steve that he’s flying to Kiev to ask Deepak to show his miracle skills on video. Deepak declined the offer and ‘clarified’ the claim to be five girls in three days.

If you thought this post explained how to spot bad daygame, you might like my book. That tells you how to do it right.

Tom Torero Street Hustle – review

March 18, 2016

Grab life by the horns my fellow flowmads and add your badass to the buddha!

I’d be amazed if my regular readers were unaware that Tom has a new book out. Allow me to give my thoughts on it.

On January 12th this year Tom asked me to have a look through a late draft of his Street Hustle book and give feedback. Seeing as I was still in Newcastle I had free time so I spent about twenty hours over four days wading through the Word document and putting in various notes. It was mostly theoretical or phrasing feedback, rather than a line edit. We also had a debate over how to apportion credit for various terms in the glossary.

That’s the thing about the London Daygame Model – there’s really nothing new under the sun. My readers will be aware that in Daygame Mastery I spend several pages giving credit to mainstream PUAs (Mystery, Tyler, 60YearsOfChallenge), manosphere (Rollo, Roissy) and fellow players (Jimmy, Bodi, Antony, Matrix, Tom). While that book is all my own work I wasn’t plucking ideas from the air. What were some of the new concepts I introduced into the LDM with Mastery?

  • R-selection
  • Respect the hustle
  • Universal fractionation (I called it “matched pairs” then)
  • Approach anxiety is really assessment anxiety
  • The text model
  • Long game (I’d blogged about it before but this was first theoretical treatment step by step)

Of course I’m not saying I invented those concepts, and I could give you a blogpost on each to identify how the ideas percolated into the LDM. But I was the first to introduce them into daygame generally and the LDM specifically. I’m sure you don’t give a shit, but I’ll get to why it matters. That’s why Tom and I spent a while discussing (and briefly arguing) about credits in the glossary. For example it’s uncontrovertible that the term “avoidance weasel” was invented by Bodi.

I had a watch of Tom’s Street Hustle launch video and noticed at 5:00 he briefly mentions “my friend Nick in the north of England” did a “copy edit”. Not “Nick Krauser, a daygamer” and not “gave extremely detailed theoretical feedback of which I implemented many in the final version”.

Krauser Street Hustle edit

My suggestions in red


Suggestions as implemented in Green

Suggestions as implemented in Green

So that’s red flag #1. I had a look through his website and YouTube channel and failed to find any mention of Nick Krauser. It seemed like the entire LDM was invented by Tom and a couple of unnamed daygmers that are occasionally alluded to. When he did mention my name on our Beginners Daygame video he seemed to choke on it. Have you seen the end of Back To The Future where Marty McFly is gradually fading out of the family photo? That’s how I felt. Red flag #2.

He didn’t send me a copy of the finished book. Red flag #3.

So finally I’m in Prague in March and a fellow daygamer shows me his copy of Street Hustle. I flip to the introduction and don’t find any line of acknowledgement for all my work. I flip to the glossary and see every concept in game is attributed to either Tom or nobody, including a few which clearly aren’t his concepts. That discussion on Facebook was ignored. Not a single mention of me in the book. Not a single recognition of the ideas taken from me, the aphorisms I gave him for the book, or the editing work I did. Not once. Red flag #4.

So it’s for this reason that I am announcing I am no longer associated with Tom Torero. It’s not the only reason, but it’s the final straw. We will not collaborate again. Blog readers can feel free to comment about him here as if he’s Daniel Blake, Ed Lopez, Johnny Berba, Michael Valmont, Alex Coulson, Todd RSD or any other public-facing daygamer with whom I have no connection. That doesn’t mean I’ll accept slander or hating, BTW. Just normal comments like you do other guys.

Note also I am not casting suspicion over his daygame abilities or the quality of his material. My opinion on those hasn’t changed.

As for the Street Hustle book, you are no doubt curious what it’s like. I’m going to withhold my public opinion on it. Feel free to check it out yourself or to save money by just re-reading Daygame Mastery.

You can buy the budget-priced Daygame Mastery here in paperback.

London Daygame Buffoons #2 – Michael Valmont

December 27, 2015

Are you familiar with the term “uncanny valley”? It’s a term that came into use once robotics. CGI and video game graphics all became sufficiently advanced to make that leap from “obviously not human” to “kinda human-like”. A quick search on Google got me this definition:

used in reference to the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it

The icky feeling you get from observing a humanoid in the uncanny valley is because your brain senses it’s just off. It’s like the disgust reflex for spoiled food or brakish water. With that in mind, let’s introduce you to the Ricky Martin of London Daygame…… Michael Valmont.



  • Is it because he’s wearing a suit (to look professional) while shooting a video in the stationery cupboard of his boss’s office?
  • Is it the smarmy smile like a used car salesman?
  • Is it the over-use of hand gestures rote-learned from a How To Succeed In Public Speaking seminar?
  • Is it that he describes himself as “world leading self-development and dating coach” from that same stationery cupboard?
  • Is it is completely fake forced empathy and gratitude in wishing us a happy new year?
  • Is it the weird facial expressions such as that flash of eye-bugging 0:23 into the video?
  • Is it because he sounds like he’s reciting someone else’s material rather than his own?


It’s all just rather uncanny. We know that homosexuals are characterised by infantilism, narcissism, lack of empathy and an all-round superficial fabulousness. Mr Valmont appears to give off precisely these signals, so my first thought is perhaps that uncanniness has a more interesting – shall we say closeted – origin. Let’s check out an infield. Bear in mind he’s listed this following video as a “social experiment” so it won’t give us a window into his method, but rather a window into his world view and vibe.

First things first. He’s a good-looking tall white dude. Therefore I’m predicting a Johnny Cassell-type response where girls will initially stop, react well, and then gradually get creeped out. Let’s see.


0:08 – Okay, first set is creeped out and quickly excuses themselves.
0:13 – The music is making me want to buy a girl roses and chocolate. I feel so…… noble. It’s warming my cold red-pill heart.
0:24 – His manner is like a condescending psychotherapist, like the M’kay guy in South Park. That’s uncanny and she bolts.
0:50 – She really fancied him on looks alone.
1:09 – Note the weirded out look to the side. She knows she’s not actually nicely dressed but she can’t believe a guy that hot is talking to her so she just spins around, spazzing. That’s a nice baseline to measure the impact of his looks before game is applied.
1:51 – Pedestalising and lacking sexual tension. Now, remember this is a social experiment so he’s not trying to fuck them. Nonetheless, note the vibe for comparison with the next infield below.

So at this point you’re probably thinking what I was – what a faggot! His pieces-to-camera are clumsy and unconvincing and his infield work is creepy and uncalibrated. Just another purple pill charlatan ripping off other people’s material then mixing it with blue pill happy thoughts and pranks for the benefit of YouTube monkeys. This shit is clogging up YouTube and presents a formidable interference smokescreen for a dedicated wannabe daygamer to find his way through. When deciding to add him to my London Daygame Buffoons series, that’s what I thought.

However, rather than run my mouth half-cocked (I use Twitter for that!) I did my due diligence. I delved into some of his older infields and was very much surprised. Here’s one from two years ago.


You weren’t expecting that were you? After those god-awful recent videos it was a big surprise to find out he’s actually running a solid London Daygame Model. Let’s analyse it in detail. I have to admire textbook game, even when they’re using my textbook uncredited.

0:13 – Good confident stop. Tap on the arm, correct distance, entitled vocal tone.
0:19 – Direct and fairly ballsy opener. She’s immediately hooked. Strong yes girl. That’s the power of being tall, good-looking and opening well. It’s like Roger Federer smashing a strong first serve – the point is already won even if the opponent gets their racquet onto the ball.
0:25 – Further confirmation of the hook. She’s stacking him. Her momentum is completely killed.
0:42 – Spotting that she doesn’t really know how to stack, he takes over with one of his own. This is all technically correct so far. Nice one.
0:47 – And now some challenging to get her qualifying. Textbook. He lets her talk and holds solid body language.
1:01 – Note the excess of energy seeping out through her fidgeting. This girl is already completely sold.
1:04 – “Observational comment + Tease” straight out of Daygame Nitro (Mastery wasn’t released until a few months after this video).
1:09 – He vacuums to draw her into asking a question. Again, solid LDM.
1:19 – Now he slips from vibing into investment. They are being more normal now. Attraction is done. It’s enough just to spike a little from here on out.
1:37 – Gentle reframe of her job on brand identities, painting a picture with words. Solid.
1:42 – Unlike his public speaking videos, these gestures are real and appropriate. He’s having fun and it’s putting a nice vibe onto the girl.
1:54 – And another teasing story. So far, I like what I’m seeing. It’s a technically solid set.
2:05 – Pushing back and disagreeing. LDM suggests you find at least one thing to disagree on, playfully.
2:41 – The investment is so-so. He’s doing the right things but lacking a bit of the quality that he showed in the first two minutes. Still, it’s adequate. You don’t need to be awesome every second of the set.
3:01 – Qualifying and reframing her age. I don’t think it’s necessary in this set but it doesn’t do any harm. Sometimes when you’ve learned the model, you want to run every piece of the model regardless.
3:05 – This is a very covert sexual spike. He could only be in trouble with the police if he intended on interferring with her sexually. So, clear man-woman frame rather than gay best friend.
3:15 – He should be wrapping it up now. That was her signal to get on with it. She’s sold.
3:20 – He correctly reads the signal. So, no Johnny Cassell-like calibration miscues here.
3:32 – This is his first bad move of the set. Up until now it was smooth solid work. Suddenly he betrays a lack of entitlement and begins babbling and second-guessing himself. If she likes him enough she’ll interpret it as Hugh Grant bumbling and think it’s cute. If she’s in any way on the fence, it’ll guarantee a flake. I think he’s going to get away with it this time.
3:46 – Mars Bars line is a good recovery.
4:11 – Correctly refuses her full name. Note how vibe is better than when Cassell was actively asking for full names.
4:21 – “That’s too much romance for me” is also a subtle push. Solid.
4:31 – “I like that, give me a hug” ends it with a clear statement of interest so she doesn’t think he’s just being a clown.

Me, yesterday

Me, yesterday

I’ll admit it, the reason I chose to feature Michael Valmont on the blog is Eddie and I had been pissing ourselves laughing at how bad his recent videos are. We just thought what a fucking buffoon. I actually thought he was a closet homo shamming daygame to build a prank channel.

But no. I checked a few more of his late-2013 street stop videos and they are a similar style and quality. The dude had proper LDM skills. Okay so he’s tall and good-looking, and okay he’s not showing Y-H-T but it’s still technically solid work. The dude has clearly studied the material and gone through the grind on the street to internalise it.

Now, the big mystery is why is he teaching all that non-technical purple pill faggotry now? What happened to take his vibe from “quite charming” to “uncanny valley” – or is his vibe still pretty good but he just feels uncomfortable speaking directly to the camera – hence the weirdness is an artifact of shooting the videos rather than something inherent in him? Has he done an ayuhasca-addled Sasha-Marshall-Berba type disappearing up own arsehole reversal or does he still coach his students in a technical manner with actionable behaviours? Is he pandering to the purple pill crowd for the money or have I got it all wrong based on having only seen his recent prank videos?

Conclusion: Real skills, mystifying recent direction.

Opinions below. And if you’re reading this Michael, are you still running the LDM and do you coach it in technical steps ala myself and guys like Tom and Eddie? (And apologies for calling you a fag. I wanted to start the post with a strong impact to bring out my own surprise at the quality of the infields).

London Daygame Buffoons #1 – Johnny Cassell

December 19, 2015

Time for some comic relief.

While there are many guys in London doing daygame, that does not make them London Daygamers in the sense that we are. In a seedy industry that has no barriers to entry, turning over rocks can find some very strange creepy crawlies hustling a living. Usually there’s a blurring between the lines of Self Development Guru and the hard-case noobs they work with. Often I can’t tell which is which.

Most of us are familiar with the hyper-documented train wreck that is Johnny Berba’s dating life aimless wander around London streets. But did you know there’s another Johnny who is even worse? I introduce you to Johnny Cassell!

That video is something of a soft target as he follows the standard “hire bored models and then read awkwardly from slides” blueprint that charlatan PUAs have been doing for years. It’s such a transparent piece of fronting that the only specific instance I’ll bother highlighting is this:

Focus on the girls faces as they become increasingly unable to hide their disgust.

It seems mean to mock bottom-feeders. “Hey, they are just trying to get by and make a few quid helping men” you may say. Well, watch the next video. This is just shameless misrepresentation. He knows he’s peddling a lie. If he was just an honest nincompoop I’d have let it slide.

0:00 – He’s a dating expert for the elite, remember. So this is top-drawer game you’re gonna see.
0:09 – DHV. “I was in Riga.” Watch for more awkward attempts at qualifying himself.
0:18 – “… they need to catch up on their infrastructure” is a good go-to line if you feel the hook dropping and need a quick spike.
0:30 – She’s all um, ok, yeah. Highly invested.
0:33 – That’s the second “It’s crazy”
0:40 – He’ll eventually find the right James Bond posture, after trying a few dozen variations.
0:44 – Count all the rapport laughter.
1:05 – This is the best part of the set. No fidgeting, smirk, letting her talk.
1:16 – “I have to go to a meeting” is presumeably a DHV / false time constraint. Way too early.
1:19 – This false choice is a weaselly attempt to avoid hearing “no”
1:27 – She doesn’t get that he’s trying to take her number. He hasn’t shown any intent nor moved her through the requisite stages, so it comes off so uncalibrated she doesn’t even recognise it.
1:31 – This occasionally works, but rarely, and not here. She has no reason to come on an idate after such weak preamble so she’s only likely to walk a few yards until she figures out a way to sneak off without confrontation.
1:36 – This is a flat-out lie, as you’ll see. Which is the main reason I decided to write this post.
1:44 – Note they are now just on the other side of the arch and the conversation / vibe is no different. Obvious conclusion: there was no instant date.
1:47 – This sounds like emotional blackmail. Basically, “take pity on me”
2:00 – I imagine the main thought in her mind is “WTF is this?”
2:03 – Do you think she’d have waited until after an instant date to ask his name?
2:24 – She does seem to like the attention.
2:28 – Never ask a girl’s surname on the street when taking a number. So, this is probably a Facebook brush-off.
2:51 – Another uncalibrated lunge – physical this time – without any set up
2:56 – “Have a good day” and no indication of wishing to meet.
3:05 – Apologetic laugh on opening. Don’t ever do this.
3:15 – He’s DLVing himself implying he’s usually lacking confidence.
3:18 – Rapport laughing shows her you feel lucky just being there.
3:23 – You don’t need false time constraints on a street stop. The whole point of them in Mystery Method is to put girls at ease during an ambush. That dynamic doesn’t apply on a moving street stop.
3:27 – “What’s the story, quickly, don’t tell me too much.” That’s something Mystery might say four minutes into a set when he’s already got the girl interested. It’s madness to do such a hard qualifier on a girl that hasn’t even hooked properly. Additionally, it’s putting the responsibility for stacking onto her, which is unfair.
3:40 – Anybody else creeped out by that line?
3:58 – He’s preventing any attempt at rapport being built. Madness.
4:09 – “How do we go about it?” So another attempt to shift the burden of leading onto her. Other than the stop, he’s expecting her to lead the seduction without giving her any incentive to do so.
4:20 – This is a simple “no”.
4:23 – And this is begging
4:55 – You should only argue the toss when the interaction has been good and you know she likes you. When the whole thing has been flat, she’s been looking away to IOD you the whole time…. just let her go!
5:00 – More of the creepy emotional blackmail
5:22 – “an email address or something” and volunteering for friendzone is about as needy as it gets.
6:29 – “heheh, it’s ridiculous” WTF?
6:39 – A mini-assumption stack. First bit of daygame for several minutes. Note how it got her talking.
6:56 – Doesn’t qualify her on why he picked that girl, and then jumps to date invite without any preamble. So this set is basically “Hello. Do you like how I look? Let’s get a drink. Bye.” That’s as extreme as filtering gets. Zero attraction, vibing or investment.
7:01 – Jesus, that’s a bit strong. I thought he was gonna slap her. “Bitch! Don’t tell me about yourself!”
7:16 – When a girl asks for your number instead of giving hers, it’s 99% flake.
7:18 – This is a genuinely funny comeback, but then rapport laughter spoils it.
7:40 – That’s 3/3 asking surnames. Creepy.
7:55 – Okay, so now he’s qualified her. In a very strange way.

Johnny Cassell

The TL:DR is simple – Tall, good-looking white guy creates good first impression then progressively destroys it with horrendous uncalibrated nonsensical game.

Conclusion: Buffoon.

My 2014 Daygame Stats

January 3, 2015

As noted in my previous post, I’ve been reading The Numbers Game, a statistical deconstruction of football. It’s been inspiring in its analysis, giving that sense of intellectual power that comes when you realise a vague, complex, artistic activity can be data-mined and understood by the intelligent application of a statistical mindset. Regular readers can imagine the direction my mind turned.

While I’d love to do a rigorous data collection exercise for the sport I love – adventure sex – I fear it’s far beyond the scope of one man. The sports analytics community is hundreds strong with many full-time staff at sports clubs and tremendous technology. So, daygame will have to wait. However, in the spirit of Christmas let me offer you my 2014 stats. As with last year, only the lays are a 100% reliable number. Everything else involves a degree of estimation because I didn’t keep records.

Working on my new book

Working on my new book

Opens: I racked my memory to estimate how many days I went out each month and roughly how many sets I did per day then multiplied one by the other. I was dormant throughout Q1, barely opening. Q2 I hit it hard in Russia, Serbia and Czech Republic. Q3 was so-so, and Q4 I had a final roll of the dice when I wasn’t crippled by toothache. This opens number is accurate to the nearest 100. I’d have liked to have opened more but all manner of things derailed me.
Numbers: I tend to get one phone number or social media add for every four girls I talk to. This hasn’t changed from last year. I rarely bother asking if she doesn’t seem keen. So this total is just ¼ of the Opens estimate
Dates: I tend to bang half the girls I get onto a first date, so this is just double the lays number with a few added on because of a bad run in Russia. In Russia I had a run of dates-to-nowhere in April, whereas in Prague in November I banged 4 of the 6 girls I dated (one of the LMR knockbacks was, and remains, a virgin so I don’t feel too bad about that one).
Lays: This number is exact. I kept notes and it’s memorable enough that I don’t really need the notes.

  • Opens: 480 (London 50, Russia 100, Serbia 150, Czech 100, Croatia 40, Hungary 40)
  • Numbers: 120
  • Dates: 50
  • iDates: 15
  • Lays: 23 new girls, 8 repeats from prior year

So that’s one lay per 21 opens. It sounds about right. I always do better on the road and I was barely in London this year. It represents an almost doubling of my efficiency from 2013, and the girls averaged about a half point hotter. So, improvement. Unlike 2013 (which was very consistent), my anecdotal feel for 2014 is that my results were volatile. Nineteen (82%) of my lays came within four of the months (April, May, July, November) when I was most active and least hindered by illness or outside interference.

  • SDL: 1  (a virgin)
  • SNL: 1
  • Day 2 lay: 6
  • Day 3/4 lay: 12
  • Long Game lay: 3

Compared to last year that’s a bit slower, I think mainly because I wasn’t getting London tourists so I was dealing with more chaste girls and also my average trip length went up from two weeks to one month meaning I was no longer in a hurry to close. Nothing went beyond the third date (D4) except the Long Game. I was also doing “marking time” coffee second-dates of an hour which hit the numbers but don’t really take much of my time. Let’s consider the geographical distribution:

  • Sex in same country we met: 22
  • Sex in different country to open: 1

And for the Long Game:

  • Sex where she came to London for me: 1
  • Sex where I went back to her country: 2
  • Sex where we both went to a neutral country: 0

Now lets get to the ages. I’m 39. The average age of girl I slept with was 23, making a 16-year average age difference. More stats:

  • Youngest: 19
  • Oldest: 30
  • Number of girls under 23: 13
  • Number of girls over 23: 10

I fucked six 20yr olds and three 19yr olds, which is very pleasing. Let’s consider nationalities (not ethnicity). I’d say the Slavs and Balkans were the hottest as usual, averaging 8s. Overall I think eleven of the girls were legit 8s (I feel some pride having them on my arm), three were 6s (not too proud of myself) and the rest were 7s. I’m very strict on what I call a 9 (gobsmacking beauty that turns heads everywhere) there were only two girls who might be called a nine but I think they didn’t quite make the cut. I had a few nines on dates.

  • Slavic: 12
  • Balkan: 8
  • Western Europe: 2
  • Anglosphere: 0
  • Latino: 1

The nationality is heavily skewed by my choice of holiday destinations. The furthest West I visited was Czech Republic. I never left Europe and missed the opportunity to pick up the more diverse London crowd. Now lets consider the self-reported chastity of the girls involved. I interviewed most of the girls after sex to find out all manner of things, such as when they decided to fuck and how many men they’d had before me. Bear in mind these are self-reported numbers and girls aren’t entirely truthful (to put it mildly). I think I got more truth than a k-selected guy but I’d take these following numbers with a pinch of salt.

  • Virgin: 3
  • 1 or 2 men before me: 5
  • 3 to 10 men: 4
  • 10+ men: 1
  • Didn’t ask / didn’t tell: 10

Just over half the girls gave me an answer, the others I didn’t ask (except for one I asked and she didn’t tell me). The virgins I am certain of because I felt the hymen break and saw the blood. I suspect two of the “didn’t ask” were over ten based on how comfortable they were with the seduction and sex. The rest I put under ten based on same criteria. But you never really know. I’ve also racked my brain for near misses. I only count them as a near miss if the girl was totally up for it, had her hand on my dick, I’d had my hand on her pussy, and she’s either agreed to come to my place or we’d been in a sex location. It’s a bit of a muddy definition but every single one of these girls I was certain I was going to fuck and then it fell apart at the last minute:

  • Near misses: 7
  • Failure due to LMR at sex location: 5
  • Failure due to unexpected outside forces: 2 (both virgins)
  • Failure due to logistical errors: 0

So in summary, I had to do approximately twenty opens to bang one low-eight who was sixteen years younger than me. I’m pretty happy with that. That’s basically two day’s graft for a new girl and not many dates-to-nowhere. I also had greater retention of girls from prior years still wanting the Krauser D. Importantly, my results continued to improve on almost every index. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to outperform that through 2015 but generally if I turn my mind to something, I figure it out. I’m inclined to go for higher quality, less work, and less notches this year.