My 2014 Daygame Stats

January 3, 2015

As noted in my previous post, I’ve been reading The Numbers Game, a statistical deconstruction of football. It’s been inspiring in its analysis, giving that sense of intellectual power that comes when you realise a vague, complex, artistic activity can be data-mined and understood by the intelligent application of a statistical mindset. Regular readers can imagine the direction my mind turned.

While I’d love to do a rigorous data collection exercise for the sport I love – adventure sex – I fear it’s far beyond the scope of one man. The sports analytics community is hundreds strong with many full-time staff at sports clubs and tremendous technology. So, daygame will have to wait. However, in the spirit of Christmas let me offer you my 2014 stats. As with last year, only the lays are a 100% reliable number. Everything else involves a degree of estimation because I didn’t keep records.

Working on my new book

Working on my new book

Opens: I racked my memory to estimate how many days I went out each month and roughly how many sets I did per day then multiplied one by the other. I was dormant throughout Q1, barely opening. Q2 I hit it hard in Russia, Serbia and Czech Republic. Q3 was so-so, and Q4 I had a final roll of the dice when I wasn’t crippled by toothache. This opens number is accurate to the nearest 100. I’d have liked to have opened more but all manner of things derailed me.
Numbers: I tend to get one phone number or social media add for every four girls I talk to. This hasn’t changed from last year. I rarely bother asking if she doesn’t seem keen. So this total is just ¼ of the Opens estimate
Dates: I tend to bang half the girls I get onto a first date, so this is just double the lays number with a few added on because of a bad run in Russia. In Russia I had a run of dates-to-nowhere in April, whereas in Prague in November I banged 4 of the 6 girls I dated (one of the LMR knockbacks was, and remains, a virgin so I don’t feel too bad about that one).
Lays: This number is exact. I kept notes and it’s memorable enough that I don’t really need the notes.

  • Opens: 480 (London 50, Russia 100, Serbia 150, Czech 100, Croatia 40, Hungary 40)
  • Numbers: 120
  • Dates: 50
  • iDates: 15
  • Lays: 23 new girls, 8 repeats from prior year

So that’s one lay per 21 opens. It sounds about right. I always do better on the road and I was barely in London this year. It represents an almost doubling of my efficiency from 2013, and the girls averaged about a half point hotter. So, improvement. Unlike 2013 (which was very consistent), my anecdotal feel for 2014 is that my results were volatile. Nineteen (82%) of my lays came within four of the months (April, May, July, November) when I was most active and least hindered by illness or outside interference.

  • SDL: 1  (a virgin)
  • SNL: 1
  • Day 2 lay: 6
  • Day 3/4 lay: 12
  • Long Game lay: 3

Compared to last year that’s a bit slower, I think mainly because I wasn’t getting London tourists so I was dealing with more chaste girls and also my average trip length went up from two weeks to one month meaning I was no longer in a hurry to close. Nothing went beyond the third date (D4) except the Long Game. I was also doing “marking time” coffee second-dates of an hour which hit the numbers but don’t really take much of my time. Let’s consider the geographical distribution:

  • Sex in same country we met: 22
  • Sex in different country to open: 1

And for the Long Game:

  • Sex where she came to London for me: 1
  • Sex where I went back to her country: 2
  • Sex where we both went to a neutral country: 0

Now lets get to the ages. I’m 39. The average age of girl I slept with was 23, making a 16-year average age difference. More stats:

  • Youngest: 19
  • Oldest: 30
  • Number of girls under 23: 13
  • Number of girls over 23: 10

I fucked six 20yr olds and three 19yr olds, which is very pleasing. Let’s consider nationalities (not ethnicity). I’d say the Slavs and Balkans were the hottest as usual, averaging 8s. Overall I think eleven of the girls were legit 8s (I feel some pride having them on my arm), three were 6s (not too proud of myself) and the rest were 7s. I’m very strict on what I call a 9 (gobsmacking beauty that turns heads everywhere) there were only two girls who might be called a nine but I think they didn’t quite make the cut. I had a few nines on dates.

  • Slavic: 12
  • Balkan: 8
  • Western Europe: 2
  • Anglosphere: 0
  • Latino: 1

The nationality is heavily skewed by my choice of holiday destinations. The furthest West I visited was Czech Republic. I never left Europe and missed the opportunity to pick up the more diverse London crowd. Now lets consider the self-reported chastity of the girls involved. I interviewed most of the girls after sex to find out all manner of things, such as when they decided to fuck and how many men they’d had before me. Bear in mind these are self-reported numbers and girls aren’t entirely truthful (to put it mildly). I think I got more truth than a k-selected guy but I’d take these following numbers with a pinch of salt.

  • Virgin: 3
  • 1 or 2 men before me: 5
  • 3 to 10 men: 4
  • 10+ men: 1
  • Didn’t ask / didn’t tell: 10

Just over half the girls gave me an answer, the others I didn’t ask (except for one I asked and she didn’t tell me). The virgins I am certain of because I felt the hymen break and saw the blood. I suspect two of the “didn’t ask” were over ten based on how comfortable they were with the seduction and sex. The rest I put under ten based on same criteria. But you never really know. I’ve also racked my brain for near misses. I only count them as a near miss if the girl was totally up for it, had her hand on my dick, I’d had my hand on her pussy, and she’s either agreed to come to my place or we’d been in a sex location. It’s a bit of a muddy definition but every single one of these girls I was certain I was going to fuck and then it fell apart at the last minute:

  • Near misses: 7
  • Failure due to LMR at sex location: 5
  • Failure due to unexpected outside forces: 2 (both virgins)
  • Failure due to logistical errors: 0

So in summary, I had to do approximately twenty opens to bang one low-eight who was sixteen years younger than me. I’m pretty happy with that. That’s basically two day’s graft for a new girl and not many dates-to-nowhere. I also had greater retention of girls from prior years still wanting the Krauser D. Importantly, my results continued to improve on almost every index. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to outperform that through 2015 but generally if I turn my mind to something, I figure it out. I’m inclined to go for higher quality, less work, and less notches this year.


  1. Your accountability is admirable. And like you said, 20 opens per high-quality lay? Some would kill for that.

    Best of luck in the new year.

    • Your stats are super interesting because years ago I kept stats on real estate cold calling and it took me 21 calls (speaking to a person) for every lead. I wonder if there is some kind of correlation among cold contacting anyone about anything? I remember my stats started horrible and as I became skilled they improved to 21 for the calling. I made a change in my method which lead to finding warm leads and my stats improved. The golden goose would be able to identify women that are in the warm lead zone before even approaching.

  2. In 2015 you should hit the gym hard and get fucking jacked and see what difference it makes. [I am at the gym now. My body-type/age will never get jacked without drugs but I can definitely add some extra muscle and trim fat. K.]

    • You’re games clearly at a high level would be interesting if you put on some muscle to see if changing that variable made much of a difference to your stats. [I think it’s the only easy win I’ve got left without moving to an entirely different type of game. K.]

    • >My body-type/age will never get jacked without drugs but I can definitely add some extra muscle and trim fat

      Would you ever consider the drug route? I’m thinking of getting this this year, simply because it seems legal to import into the uk: [I have no moral or financial issue with TRT, HGH, steroids or any other drug. My issue is that I had my blood checked and I’m a bit above average in testosterone. Therefore I don’t want to risk fucking up my endocrine balance. Once I get the post-40 dive in T I’ll probably hit the chemicals. K.]

  3. Quite good stats – can;t think of any legitimate seduction master who tops those numbers, though of course comparisons are always difficult. Probably you could raise quality by sheer wealth and thus by attracting more 8-9s on a more consistent basis. There is a r-selected use of money as well – similar to Dan Bilzerian vs most corporate VPs. [I’m undecided on Bilzerian. He appears to be a trustifarian and provider chump playacting at having game. But, I haven’t followed much of his story. K.]

    • Bilzerian’s father was a minor corporate raider back in the 80s … he ended up doing some jail time and apparently now lives down in the Caribbean where I’m sure he still has some of his fortune stashed in offshore accounts …

  4. I wonder what would happen if you just approached from IOI’s given by 7s, 8s, 9s,, 1-2 girls a day. Depends on how many IOI’s you get, obviously, if you walk around for an hour or so. Is it less efficient to give yourself a daily small target, like 3 a day, instead of, let’s say, 3 times a week 7 approaches? [I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2 IOIs a week. I’ve never had a 9 IOI me ever. If you’re getting 1-2 IOIs daily off girls that calibre game is very very easy. K.]

  5. ”off topic” …. I purchased ‘overkill’ pre-release and have started making my way through it in the last few days…. it is by far and away the best thing I have seen in a long, long time…. , as solid value as first discovering ‘game’ via ‘Attraction isn’t a choice’ …..before which I was literally clueless when it came to girls….

    Love the breakdowns and all the details on what you’re doing and why…. all makes such sense…. It’s given me a fair few missing pieces for sure….. and the effort you’ve gone to in getting the presentation
    of the material is spot on…. it’s impressive!

    Interestingly (well, to me anyway!) …..I also noticed, maybe by accident, maybe by design…. a couple of things you do, as do I…. I would class as ‘Hank Moody’ Game….

    A big sincere thanks for making such a great product….. here’s to hoping you do another similar one for going from the number to getting her back home…..

    As it happens, we did speak ever so briefly as your recent book launch…. ”Nick Krauser….. they tell me you’re a man of true grit….” [Yeah, I remember. While we were getting a pint downstairs before the talk. I’m glad you liked the product and thanks for the kind words. Could you put a review up on the RVF forum in the Knowledge, Arts & Letters section? Or somewhere else. K.]

  6. the bogartandbecall comment, ad I’m sure you gathered was by me, Hersh, wordpress seemed to default me to an old account…..

  7. Congrats! But to translate these numbers into US standard for the average guy would mean 60 opens to bang a 6 🙂 [I feel sorry for any US guy living outside NYC. Must be really tough to find the quality. K.]

  8. Thank you for sharing the stats. Do you remember the nationality and age of the “virgin” girls you banged? I suppose those were the youngest? [22 Argentina, 22 Serbia, 26 Montenegro. K.]

  9. i love the breakdowns. Ruthlessly analytical INTJ. As a fellow NT…this is like porn! happy new year, thanks for the content, i think im in my third year reading.

  10. Fantastic results, congratulations on your productive year.

    One number I’m curious about, in terms of the time investment involved. On average, how many girls do you approach per hour roaming the streets? I’m sure it varies per country, probably Russia the highest?

    You’re shooting for high quality, and so if the average girl you approach is a high 7/low 8, do you ever feel there is a lot of down time in between approaches while you look for one that fits your standard, especially on a slow day? Many pua experts would recommend opening 6s to stay warm, but I’m guessing you’re at the point where you can snap into action immediately so you don’t bother (or is that expert advice generally wrong for everyone and one should only open what they truly want?)

    Thanks. [When I hit it hard I’ll do ten or fifteen sets. Usually it’s more like five or six. The places I go have plenty of 7s but the 8s are more spread out. K.]

  11. It has just dawned on me reading through this and your previous years stats, that you must have met thousands and thousands of women over the years by daygaming. Granted most of these can be discounted as simply opening and no more, but that still leaves a significant number of women that you know well and / or intimately well through daygame.

    What % of women do you stay in contact with post lay, and do you stay in contact only for more sex? Serious question – because in a world where who you know often counts for more than what you know, you can potentially build a very useful list of contacts.

    Thanks Nick, and best wishes for 2015.

  12. Saw your twitter spat on your sidebar … quite a contrast between your 2014 summary post and his … any reasonable person would expect that making outlandish claims may result in skepticism … his butthurt reaction is quite telling … [I’ve been in private contact with him. I’m inclined to think his post was truthful but a bit “window-dressed” due to his enthusiasm at having improved his life. I understand the impulse. K.]

    • I’ve met the man and he is legit.

    • I am entirely sceptical on him ever since he’s made recommendations on photography and on buying dslr camera gear (with the obligatory ama$on links) while always producing footage that is never focused properly. In our age of lightning fast and accurate autofocus, nothing screems more of photographic incompetence than that. Why should his other abilities be any better?

  13. Have you ever attempt to fuck Western European girls? 2 is not that much. And please don’t raise the point “London is a melting pot” or “all girls are equal” cuz your stats are still biased since London has no rate of 10% Brits…

    I would really appreciate and shut up if you just would visit NY, Berlin or London and talk up to residents. [This argument is all played out. If you’re not convinced now, you won’t ever be. K.]

  14. God bless that coach route from city B to city Z… but I think the cat’s out the bag now. [It doesn’t matter. There’s very few men can make daygame work in the Balkans. K.]

    • True. Quality is sky high but footfall too low… have to be on point every approach. Just makes me sigh a little when I see a 10 man bootcamp being taught there.

      • the Balkans is tough, those that claim they are ‘killing’ it there are liars or have never been. 90% of those bootcamp guys will stop daygaming anyway.

  15. nick, and anyone else, i’m in amazing shape and look well younger than my almost 40 years. i workout at home. no mess, no expense, minimal time used. i wrote a forum post about it here

    take it or leave it guys. no reply necessary [Sounds very similar to what I did for years, except you’ve focused more on Pavel-esque maximal strength whereas I did higher reps / lower load but similar style. K.]

  16. Great stats, thank you for this!

    What percent of the girls you approach are pure street-stop cold-approaches? Do you get IOIs or force IOIs? Do you also do warm-approaches like in coffee shop queues etc… Interested in success ratios of the various styles if you have an idea about that.

    All the best for 2015

  17. Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your experience. Do you do some night/social circle/party games?
    How big is the gap between being able to seduce a woman in the street and within a party? Is it the same thing with slight differences or is it a whole different world? [Night game is far more reliant on looks and youth. I don’t do social circle game because I’m introverted and don’t like the effort required to maintain one. I imagine it’s extremely easy to pull girls using SC game, basically daygame on easy mode. However, the big limitation is the time, effort and location dependence relative to the amount of new girls you can meet. This is all discussed in length on the Male SMV podcast I did with Tom Torero on his YouTube channel. K.]

    • party game is way easier. with social circle/ party game, discretion is key. you have to be secretive and communicate subtly, but in-no-uncertain-terms, that whatever happens is strictly between the two of you. then just lead lead lead … discreetly

    • “I don’t do social circle game because I’m introverted and don’t like the effort required to maintain one”

      Same here. Another reason is because most young hottie’s social circle’s consist of leftoid zombies – even in Eastern Europe.

  18. You are your own Leporello.

  19. So you’re finally the top google result when you google “Krauser.” Congrats.

    By the way, I recorded a short approach and decided to upload it to the internet:

    Feel free to sneak a peak if you want. I think my biggest mistake was not comparing her to a furry animal before parting ways…yeah…that’s it. Anyway good luck besting last year’s drillings. Should be fun for you. Also, regarding Nomad’s point, I now realize where game should be done after visiting NYC for a few days. Good lord. So many girls…so many not fat, young girls. Even on a Monday night! It’s incredible!

  20. Post how you would game higher quality women.. These women are being chased and having sex with guys who are attractive, rich, bad, players aka common sense. I don’t think you would cross their minds for anything. No offense lad 🙂

    You’re against the odds, but I believe you can pull them. Show picsof the girls too [I posted pics and videos for years. You missed them, that’s all. K.]

  21. Krasuer would you consider daygaming with a hot girl hanging around you? surely that would draw more IOI’s and thus Opportunities? [I have no idea what question you’re trying to ask. K.]

  22. Each time you go out to daygame, how much time do you spend in field? [Slightly longer than you spent using the search function on my blog before expecting me to do all the work for you. K.]

  23. I hope you are more polite to the girls than to commenting guys…

  24. My stats: 13 girls: 9 under 30. Oldest 40 ( should be asterisked but this is a long-time repeat bang I meet once a year), youngest 23. I’m 49. 2 repeats

    The majority were 7+ I would say there were 3 that were 6’s. Didn’t go lower this year.

    All were normal girls who after using your techniques became highly sexual…..crazy sexual. Even the 23 year old was one you’d least expect to be sexual…was so into it until she somehow wasn’t and pulled away. By then it didn’t matter. I was pissed at her disrespectful behavior and told her so.

    2 I met through social circle. the others online. Two others I met through social circle but didn’t bang bringing the total number of girls I was with on some level to 15. Not bad for a 49 year old dude.

    I don’t “Daygame” but your book Daygame mastery was tremendous. I bought it mid-year I believe and it amped up my game. That’s when it took off.

    Then after building up my own understanding of approaching women and adapting the model in Daygame Mastery to suit my own situation, I bought the co-authored book with Jabba.

    This was interesting. This was where my game took a bit more of an amped up level. I stopped being so concerned about “appearing beta” and in some cases just opened up to the girl I was seeing either expressing that I enjoyed being with her or that she was being a bitch and walking away—did that twice.

    So this year is a pivotal year. After a phenomenal year I”m now thinking of scaling down to more quality instead of quantity because I know I can do it.

    I’ve adapted a lot of your ideas to suit my own situation and the type of girls I game [Good work. Well done. K.]

    • Respect Walawala! I am younger than you, but started learning Game in my end 30s just a short time ago. Krauser’s works are tremendous – he himself would have profited greatly if he had his stuff available to him when he started out. The science of Game really went through a good transformation in the last years.

      • What I pull from this is that at the start of 2014 I had a mission. At the start of the year I was sloppy and my mindset was one of trying to focus. Once I got a few notches then I started to become more focused. I didn’t do the huge number of approaches that Daygamers do but I did approach, make my intentions known, ask for numbers. In many cases I was rejected but if it was a girl in my social circle what happened was the girl was always intrigued. In many cases the girls who rejected me may have done it due to lack of comfort. But they still give me IOI’s. I just don’t bother actively pursuing. I still game when they message me or approach me but no longer go after them to bang because I’m not getting enough IOI’s.

        I get IOI’s all the time including from ex gfs and girls I’ve banged. But if they broke up, ended it or otherwise acted shitty, I don’t re-engage anymore apart from gaming them and amused mastery.

        I only focus on girls I think are worth the effort or I think I can bang.

        Also, I have noticed that many of the girls I banged say they want a boyfriend or “relationship” but they certainly put very little effort into it and are very comfortable banging my brains out.

        What I think I pick up is the conflict between feeling good about banging and feeling bad about feeling good. It’s not really my issue it’s theirs.

        What Jabba’s book did was help me to understand that expressing interest in girls and telling them I like them isn’t “beta” unless it comes from a place of neediness.

        one girl I’m banging will only bang me if I express to her I like her and text her every day with some expression of interest. She doesn’t bother me otherwise and thinks of me as a bf but there’ no way I could be because we see each other every 2 weeks and it’s drinks or dinner and then banging.

        Understanding all this has helped me to be more comfortable about approaching women because they do like a guy who “gets it” even if they don’t end up banging you.

        Building attraction is no problem…building comfort and balancing that is a challenge.

    • Hey man,
      so dou you follow the venue model in Mastery or rather free flow with Jabba’s dating advice? For me, it was focusing more on vibe and yes/maybe girls, while dropping all routines except those that naturally arise from time to time and arent routines anymore, that helped me to be relaxed. I also fully realized the strength of the love bubble which is something that makes other routine stuff just a poor attempt to get there. This way I made progress in entitlement – from real word results – and calibration in the moment. What makes people good at game is being in that situation before, being relaxed, and knowing what to do with full belief it will “work”, all this creates a cascade of positive stuff- great subcommunications etc. [Be careful of binning the model, it’s a natural stage of revulsion. I still use the model, I just run it faster. Musicians never reject the scales and chords, they just learn how best to use them. From structure comes freedom. K.]

      • I always use the model and adapt it to the girl I’m gaming. The idea of “Free flow” is for me too hit and miss. The value of the Jabba approach was to adapt an inner confidence where you’re not afraid to tell a girl what’s on your mind. That approach has produced results.

        The combination of the model with specific approaches and content from the Jabba approach works best.

        Krauser talks about it as a musician, you could also look at it as a chef or a dancer—when you understand the moves and structures, you can then add or delete as long as the rhythm or overall look and feel of the dish is maintained.

        Without a recipe, you’re basically making it up as you go along—for me anyway. Do it enough times and it becomes more natural–you know what’s coming next and what to do.

    • “So this year is a pivotal year. After a phenomenal year I”m now thinking of scaling down to more quality instead of quantity because I know I can do it.”


      You’re about to hit the big 50, and I’m only three years ahead of you. So this will just be observations of the reactions I’ve been getting from women in the last couple of years.

      First of all, a man in his 50s who has taken good care of himself, is not bitter or jaded on life, and STILL gracefully goes out and breaks the ice with women is damn near a unicorn. You’re not just a potential prize, you survived the battle of attrition, which makes you the vetted real deal. If you want to play the quality over quantity game, it is absolutely yours to play. Do not be tempted to offer a “discount code” to gain attraction because of your age (lying about your age, etc.). You will be shocked how many tingles you’ll get just from a woman who realizes she is gaining the attention of a sexy older guy. Be prepared to hear yourself being called “amazing”…a lot.

      Acknowledge as many unsolicited IOIs from hot babes as logistics will allow. When hitting the high traffic areas I get cold approached by college students, usually giving me props for the beard (Steampunk style chops, a dignified way to peacock). Flip the script and allow them to maintain frame until their momentum falters, then let them give you a hand off and carry frame from there. They will do a lot of the work for you if you just lean back and let them. There is a good chance you will be playing into her fantasy, and she knows the script better than you do.

      On the one hand, being older and wiser means you can be kinder without looking beta. On the other hand, being a douchebag is much riskier, as it DLVs your wisdom. You can pull it off if you come across as scolding for bad behavior. The rule still applies that being a gentleman is no excuse for being a pushover.

      If you’re working all the time in the same market, just use the same discretion you use in Social Circle Game. You will be surprised how even in a 1 million+ metropolitan area, everybody knows everybody. You want your Sociosexual Credit Report to just keep improving.

  25. well Nick… a ‘day or two’ turned into ‘a week or so’…. but the review is written…. now I’m just waiting for my account to be activated on the Roosh Forum as I wasn’t previously a member….. once it’s done… the review will go up….

    I’ve pasted it below…. it’s a long one, I know, so if you decide not to have it ‘jamming’ up your comments section… no worries!



    Before the conspiracy theorists start…. yes… this is my first post and it’s a review…. but after thanking Nick for making such a great product on his own blog’s comments, he asked me to post a review, which I’m more than happy to do.

    I have no vested interest, I don’t know Nick and have only met him once, briefly at his last book launch, but have avidly read his blog since around 2010, when his early videos were the basis of my initial day game approaches….

    So… to ”Day game Overkill”… I found this to be the best thing I have come across in a long, long time…. As one of the commentators above states, I also watched ‘geek gets girl’ and you get the impression Yosha doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he knows his own model in theory, but doesn’t have the instinct, intuition or intelligence to really excel at day game, and his ”analysis” is more like a commentary on what we’ve just seen, as opposed to any real ‘insight’, or anything new.

    By contrast, Nick has a new angle to the standard London day game method, based around actually getting a girl into bed, as opposed to nice chats and numbers that go nowhere, he breaks all the theory down in fascinating detail during the introduction, and then shows how he puts the theory into practice infield, stopping and starting each video to explain what just happened, and where it relates to the theories previously explained.
    It’s all based around the female desire for the lover or bad boy verses her mating strategy for the boyfriend or nice guy, and how this came about over time and also in nature.

    Going back to the infields themselves… he shows step by step his new method in practice, breaking the videos down and explaining the ”science” of what he just did and why, as we see how the girl reacts.

    There were many aspects of his style that I recognised in myself, but various tweaks, though small, which I’m sure will have a big impact. But regardless of where you are personally or your own style, I’m sure there is much for anyone to learn and use that will help them.
    If you’ve done a lot of day game, you will recognise the various different girl archetypes he stops , and we see how he expertly handles them…. I certainly recognised types of response I’ve received but misread or opportunities I squandered in the past that had I have watched this product, I would have had a better understanding of and what to do.

    The overall presentation is excellent and Nick clearly spent a lot of time, and late, late sleepless nights getting it spot on and creating something he could be proud of.

    Another thing I loved is there was nothing I would consider fluff, filler or ”my story , from zero to hero” – it was all content and value, and that Nick talks to the audience assuming we know what he knows and do not need basic gamer principles or reference points re-explaining, thus not wasting time.

    As you will see… his day game really is like a conductor controlling the girls emotional reactions to him…. creating a concerto of ‘attraction’ and ‘sexual interest’

    I would say it’s an ‘advanced’ product…. as if you’re not already familiar with day game principles and classic game concepts it might be a few steps ahead for you (not that you won’t benefit from it in some way) …. but if you are already day gaming, or if your good at night game and want to transition… you will get a lot out of this and it’s well worth the investment.

    —————- [Thanks boss. It was a pleasure to read such carefully-considered feedback. I’m glad you liked it. K.]

  26. Only 1 woman I banged all year–my wife, lol. Too many bangs to count. Considering that we had been in a sexless marriage for 5 years, that’s a major accomplishment. When Mrs. Gamer is mad at me, she doesn’t resist duty sex–and becomes sweet as pie afterwards. Duty sex does not start out particularly enjoyable, but is sometimes necessary for relationship maintenance.

    Krauser, did anybody open you? I was opened twice in 2014 by women during the day.

  27. Daygame Overkill very strongly compliments Daygame Mastery. Daygame Mastery is like the textbook, Daygame Overkill is the university seminar course. You can get by with one or the other, but your shortening yourself to achieve excellence in daygame GPA.

    Purchasing both products is pricey, but it definitely speeds up your daygame development/journey. I say that because, although I understand Nic on an intellectual level which was why I was attracted to his blog in the first place, there weren’t any infields to demonstrate his Mastery model. I was left to my own imagination to figure out certain steps of the model. The infields are phenomenal. I say that because each and every infield video, I recognize myself in that situation before and have experienced each and every response given before. Epiphanies all around reflecting back on similar sets. Thats when you know he’s the real deal. I’ve repeatedly this in my review of Balls Deep, and its true.

    In each infield, Nic breaks down in detailed analysis – step by step – how he runs the London DayGame model that is completely r-selected in nature. four videos of theory/background, and twelve infields. Worth every cent in my opinion.

    As Nic has asserted in the past, his products aren’t targeted for the beginners demographic, but you can still gain tremendous value from it. For instance, I started my own daygame journey last year as a complete beginner and I bought Mastery because all I needed was a framework/structure to operate from. Or my sets would just be cold approaching for self-amusement and flirting with no lay awaiting me at the end. With general approach anxiety aside, I don’t have a problem getting into conversations with woman. I just needed a framework. As Nic says, with structure comes freedom.

    Nothing is ever perfect. Feedback for improvements:
    – In a perfect world, would’ve been nice if you recorded all the infields in a HD device. Although you’ve addressed this yourself.
    – The last few infields when you were providing your analysis, Too much background noise. You were in some coffee shop and its irritating having to turn up my volume just to be able to hear you break down the set.

    Nic’s daygame products are phenomenal guys. He teaches those who are willing to go through the journey how to be a r-selected bad boy in daygame. guys are great because they give the average man hope and I’m certain there are men out there who have benefited from their bootcamps. However, personal opinion, I find that the way they teach daygame is commercialized and too love dovely nice guy daygame material. Nic may be diplomatic and not say much, but its obvious that Andy Yosha is taking the reigns of and producing his insights/products and showing himself doing infields because of the departure of Tom Torero. If it wasn’t for a personal friend gaining value from a Yad session and Nic edificing how Yad helped with his inner game, I have a extremely tough time believing Yad is a good daygamer. His appearance and mannerisms defies my mind of what an alpha male or being masculine is. woman’s man as opposed to being a man’s man I suppose.

    Don’t see any other PUA in the community providing such honest and vulnerable feedback on the daygame journey and how to start it as Nic has.

    Nic says in his FAQ: “There’s a fine line between respecting a mentor and worshipping a guru. By all means learn from my successes and failures but don’t kid yourself that I have all the answers.” And he’s right. Nic says himself, daygame will get you laid but won’t give you the path to true happiness.

    Life is short. Time is valuable. Been reading your blog since 2010 NIc, you’ve given more than enough free value away. WHich is why I’m willing to fork over my hard earned cash for your products.

  28. Hi Krauser,
    thanks for the stats as each year. It gives all players the truth about the game instead of some unrealistic non sense sh*t.
    As a follower of your blog, I have observed that you success rate on the field increased. (Success as number to date rate) That means that you have improved on your street game. But also I have noticed that date to lay ratio is not improved and even decreased this year (compared to your old stats) Of course maybe I could be wrong cause all depends the country and girls too cause it seems like this year your gaming was focused on Eastern Europe girls which I find more beautiful/fun and generally less b*tchy than West Europe girls. In any case, if you are having fun than it is good.
    In my humble opinion you are going great but it seems like it is time to focus a bit to your date model, not only street game model. If you do this than you will see that you will improve much more (scientifically it should be like that )
    I also have a question, are you doing all your sets in english or have you ever tried to make the set in another language too?
    Also, have you ever think of stopping the game or do you have a plan as it cause as you know, life passes and fun can not be until forever even all of us want this so. I suggest you to put that point also in some point on your head so maybe one of these girls will be the final part of your game one day.
    Good luck there, and enjoy the life. We only live once and we all deserve really living full.

  29. Pingback: Tyranny by numbers – or why being stupid can sometimes be good – Tantalus Reborn

  30. I don’t judge. As a PUA, did you feel some guilt to fuck virgins? Did you feel that the virgins wanted to get rid of their virginity? Did the girls cried after sex? Was it emotionally charged?

    My wife said to me that she was virgin the first time we made love, but even if her pussy was very tight, I didn’t feel any hymen and didn’t see any blood. Maybe I am naive because she had 2 other boyfriends before me, 6 months-relationship each (an artist, and an alcoholic/drug addict). Now I think she lied, but I don’t want to ask her. I don’t want to deal with her fucking past.

  31. i would kill for for having stats like that i am 54 ,however i see why you score so good with slavic girls.
    Russian and ukranian woman are much more open to this approach then western european women in my view.

    I was in kiev for a week and i didnt even made a effort
    Daygame sets=30 ,
    Nightgame sets=5
    Totale sets=35

    I holland where is live its not possible to get these stats [That was my best year for stats and I haven’t reproduced it since. K.]

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