The euro-jaunt rucksack

January 9, 2015

I’ve just left the chilly climes of Northern England to get a bit of winter sun on the south coast of Spain. Perhaps that’s a good time to talk about some of my tips for the regular euro-traveller who wants to squeeze in a few extra creature comforts.


  1. You mentioned Newcastle there do you think you could of got as good at Daygame as you are if you lived there or do you really need to be in a big city like London? [Yes, you need a big city, young women. K.]

    • You gotta escape man. I didn’t realize what was missing until a 1 day New York trip. Even in the bitter winter…so many options MY AGE (21). I’m planning my Shawshank Redemption as we speak.

      • Me too mate my City is so fucking small and boring. I’m heading to London for a weekend at the end of Jan for a scouting mission plus some Daygame I need to move there it’s starting to depress me living here there just isn’t the volume of girls needed and you can get a reputation pretty quickly. Only thing I worry about moving to London is my finances was just looking at rent prices it’s pretty expensive. I feel the pull to London looking forward to getting over there in 2 weeks.

      • If anyone has any advice about moving to London it would be much appreciated.

    • London is expensive, I live here. I also do Daygame (which is a very cheap activity compared to night game), I’m not a pro but have had some results with it. Girl abundance is another level in London, there are SO MANY YOUNG WOMEN here. Go to any shopping district in central London on the weekend and its wall-to-wall pussy.

      There are also hundreds of meetup groups, sports clubs, societies and classes going on all the time, pick a language, go learn it and meet some chicks there. If the only thing holding you back is rent then you either rent cheaper (more house mates / shitter place), live further out or improve your income by skilling up and getting a better job. If the ditzy blonde that works in Starbucks can get by, you sure as hell can.

      • Thanks mate, I remember being in London about a year ago and seeing the amount of young hotties outside Topshop on a Saturday afternoon it was literally pussy paradise at least to the amount of girls here there was thousands of them. I do alright here but it’s all local girls there’s literally no foreign girls here they are all white locals it’s the only place in the UK or Ireland were the invasion of immigrants hasn’t happened yet for various reasons. I think I’ll kill it if I move to London I need to get over there, last time I was there done some training with Tom T and got a SDL with Singapore Airlines cabin crew, you’re right mate just an abundance of chicks there I feel I’m missing out. Bring on 23rd Jan 🙂

  2. Gay socks and no condoms: this guy is a fraud and doesn’t get laid. The real Krauser has been spotted in Berlin doing suitgame going after some hot lass:

  3. Killer rucksack. Also, although a heavier grade leather and a bit more rugged: [Nah, don’t quite like it. All those pockets at the bottom feminise it. K.]

  4. Your intro and closing graphics were super slick – I can dig it. At this rate of evolution I don’t know what to expect next…maybe original scores? Hans Zimmer music redubbed to include women’s orgasms? [Thanks. Overkill has a custom soundtrack. K.]

  5. Great video, gave me some useful ideas.(especially the mini projector) Thanks for that.

    Would you mind sharing which video editing software you use? [Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 package including ColorDirector and AudioDirector. K.]

  6. About to do my second Euro Jaunt.. taking this with me.

    This speaker is awesome.

    Thanks for the video.

  7. Got an in-and-out jaunt coming up, I’m going to implement something like this. Having less stuff feels more liberating, at home or on the road.

    Also have some Sigma reviews in the making. Holidays and money opportunities have delayed the mental masturbation. [Cool. I look forward to hearing your feedback. K.]

  8. I figure one pair of jeans will do for a few weeks.

  9. Hey Krauser, do you er have a home? Excuse how weird that probably sounds but I mean, with all the traveling it seems you do, I was wondering if there was a place you were paying rent for or own that you were leaving empty for the majority of the time. Just curious. [I’m literally homeless. I have a bedroom in my parents’ house for when I’m between trips. Living the dream. K.]

  10. K, you’re just making us office drones jealous until our euro-jaunt season starts in spring! Enjoy.

  11. Goes on a Euro-jaunt to the south coast of Spain …. brings video games and a home movie projector! [This one is a real holiday like normal people do, to reward myself after an insanely productive year for putting out books and videos. No girls allowed! K.]

  12. K, can you provide details on the phone charger? Is it a multi phone unit that lets you charge all different types of phones? [It’s a standard wall charger from ebay. It’ll charge any phone that allows you to USB charge from a laptop. K.]

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