Relentless Notch-Count Hyena

September 6, 2012

I recently tweeted:

What is your magic number that, once hit, takes away the relentless urge to bang more girls? Mine was 50. For a few friends it was 100.

Every man with 100+ lays is either a fuck up or a former fuck up

Sitting in my lounge yesterday with my buddies listening to music it occured to me that although my lay count is huge compared to “normal men” it was by far the lowest in the room. There’s Lee with 100+ at the tender age of twenty four. Robusto is on 98, Jambone somewhere north of 150, both Tony and Steve are considerably above 300. No wonder girls are a little intimidated when they come to my house, they can sniff out the sexual experience like dogs.

To an outside observer, or a wannabe PUA still struggling to knock over a new girl every few months, it’s easy to be impressed with these notch counts. You may have even just subconsciously ranked the men in my house placing Steve and Tony at the top (and me at the bottom!). If so then I’m afraid you’ve been cognitively captured by the weirdness of the PUA lifestyle and fallen into it’s messed-up frame. Lays are like money – the people with the most of it don’t think it’s such a big deal and don’t go round conspicuously bragging, they tend to be distrustful of the men who shout it from the rooftops. All the men I named have moved on from relentlessly acquiring notches.


As soon as Lee hit 100 (I think she was a girl in Malia he fucked in the nightclub toilets. He was the inbetween fuck of her three lays that night) he wanted a girlfriend. A switch flipped in his mind and he no longer cared about SNLing, even turning them down frequently. He’s now in a long relationship with a girl he likes.

Robusto has fallen big-time for a sweetly feminine Croatian girl. He wants to make her number 100 when they are in the same city again, so he’s knocking over a couple of sure things to get to 99 before boarding the flight. Yes, that’s both messed up and very romantic. I wonder if she wins a new car too. We don’t see Jambone much but he’s much more interested in running his businesses and setting up his geographical and financial independence. He’s turned down alot of lays in 2012. Tony is doing his own version of the same, far more interested in his personal interests and lifestyle design than clacking new birds. Steve is also in an exclusive relationship and has written about his laycount here.

So why is it that a group of guys with hard-earned finely-honed skills to bang women, a skill most of you dear readers would love to have, are basically refusing to use that skill? Based on conversations with these and other guys, plus my own person experience I’d put it this way….

All men are hard-wired with desire to sow their seed widely and constantly chase sexual novelty. Most of the time society sets restrictions on how much you can do this (e.g. social conventions on monogamy and dating) or sublimates it into over avenues (e.g. porn) which results in societally wide low median laycounts. Some men stumble upon success with women and break out. It’s exciting, like being let loose in a supermarket sweep, so we run hog wild clacking everything we can. It’s tremendously ego-gratifying. The problem is that men who are capable of forming secure attachments will quite quickly run into a woman they really like and want to date. This temporarily eliminates one of the necessary conditions to achieving a high laycount – time in the field. Dating just one girl for a year can knock 10-60 lays off a player’s final count as an opportunity cost.

Thus most guys with very high laycounts are the ones with attachment issues, men who have studiously avoided dating nice women and pushed them away. It’s a strange metaphor but I think the psychology is similar to serial killers. These men tend to be drifters and don’t hold down real career jobs, often forming fleeting alliances with other like-minded males. They are also driven by a relentless pressure to keep finding new girls, like wolves at their door. I don’t want to overstate the case – players are just having fun with women, not murdering them!

Each lay is delivering a dopamine hit, placating Relentless Notch Count Hyena for another week, pouring more water into the leaky bucket. And then at some point you turn a corner, whether it’s a change in your life circumstances, the result of conscious inner game work, a good trip on mushrooms….. the leaks get plugged. Then you hit your magic number and RNCH packs his bags and slinks away tail between his legs. As he disappears from view you hear some yapping behind you. You turn around and meet Secure Attachment Pug wagging his little tail and licking your hand with his little tongue.

While this process is ongoing you’ll find your attitudes to women and sex change. In the beginning you select women for silly reasons (mostly availability) and treat every moment between opener and f-close as a grind to be endured. It’s a quantity-based approach to pour as much filthy water into the leaky bucket as possible. Gradually you transition towards quality as you become competent enough to insist upon it. The water is cleaner but the bucket is still leaky. And then finally, like Angelsinn commented here, you are no longer screening based on quantity or quality – you are zeroing in on precisely the feminine girls you like because now every moment between opener and f-close is a pleasure. The leaky bucket is repaired, RNCH makes way for SAP, and while your notch rate slows your overall satisfaction with life rises.


  1. Damn. That’s deep. Some advanced level shit right there.

    6 men in the same room with a total lay count of 1000+

    A few times I’ve thought I’m ready to settle down… then the urge to hook up with more beautiful women kicks in again. It’s strange as well because I can go without one for a few weeks or even months when I’m insanely focused on work. But the second I hook up with a girl again, I need multiple women. It’s probably a bad character trait.

    I always presumed settling down would be when I found the ‘right girl’ after accomplishing everything I needed to personally. As for an arbitrary number, that was never my goal (other than pushing myself to my absolute limits), so it’s a very interesting thing I’ll have to think more about (and try and add up the notch count).

  2. I have this issue too:

    “But the second I hook up with a girl again, I need multiple women. It’s probably a bad character trait.”

  3. Hey Krauser, can you explain me that:
    – was AFC for 28 years
    – went into PUA year ago
    – meet people, various PUA on various levels
    – did like 1500+, got 30+ dates, got 3 lays
    – I have read about alpha, beta, hypergamy, etc. almost everything available
    – meet girl 8hb, fclosed same evening, started LTR 3mths ago

    Right now I don’t have even urge to open girls anymore.
    I know I can do it again if my LTR ends (I sarge from time to time to check skills level), but my PUA-friends are asking why I am not going out.
    It’s onetits or what?

  4. Agree and very wise. But Roosh is still a treasure! [This post was not about Roosh. K.]

    • Do you mean Roosh V?

      Roosh V is lousy to his customers. I’ve bought his products and he banned me from his forum for asking him to do in field lay reports like Krauser does. Roosh V runs his site like a Turkish calpihate- if you question him or his drones they want to expel you- the very things they preach about culture and women they do. I’m of Latin extraction so perhaps I have a disdain for caliphate tyranny. Roosh and his drones are mental tyrants- typical American behavior. As a reader I can pick up on the UK guys like Krauser, Jabba, and La Ruina and feel the vibe they have as one of openess, curiosity, intelligence, and informed enthusiasm. That’s the difference between Europeans and Americans- flats compared to trailer parks, baguettes and wine compared to Mc Donald’s. Be glad you guys are European- having class, intlect, and style is better than the Walmart mentality Americans carry.

  5. Figure I should post my question here because it’s the latest post so someone could give me insight on it:
    My girlfriend told me last night I have a monotone voice and that she has never actually met someone that talks with a monotone voice like me.

    I wasn’t sure whether she was playing me or whether it was a backhand insult or whatever the fuck it was. What’s the deal? I’m sure my voice is more monotone than other expressive guys but is that really a bad thing? [It’s not a problem. Keep it like you are. K.]

  6. Oh man, I know a friend exactly like this, except he’s not as successful as ya’ll. DEEP rooted female issues.

  7. This is an excellent post for one important reason. It shows what the point of it all is…
    What’s the point of banging random girls if it doesn’t fill the bucket? The end goal is to be able to know whether a girl is right for you and have the skills to be right for her (so to speak). Not just settle because you have no options. So for the young single guy, fuck as much as possible until the age gap between you and the girl you eventually decide to stick with is sufficient enough to prevent her sexual market value from ever dropping below yours (15 years). And for the old married guy, dump the hag and fuck as much as possible until you find a college girl you want to stick with.

    Those who don’t go the PUA route are much more likely to be married to a hag and be miserable because the age gap is too small or god forbid negative and she wasn’t as attractive as he would have liked because he had no skills.

    I have also had the benefit of banging a few girls (different body types and configurations) and now I can say without doubt what I like in women. It’s liberating to be able to see a girl and know that she’s your type, not just because of what you’ve imprinted, but because of what you’ve experienced.

    Back to the point of it all. Sometimes I’ve felt disheartened because it felt like there was no end to my addiction to women. I always need a fix and am always thinking about women. Constantly texting different chicks while I’m working and texting while I’m on dates. It’s fucked up. I’d like to think that eventually I’ll find a girl I really like and won’t be so jaded by the sexual market.

    I’ve “nexted” girls that wouldn’t put out by the third “date”. What’s your take on them? Innocent and naive, meaning better for LTR? Or sexual issues and continuous blue ball risk? [You just have to figure out if they are playing or have different (i.e. slower) values. K.]

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  9. I dunno… I’ll get to 50 and assess the situation when I get there. Around october-november 2013 at current pace.

  10. that gratuitous brazilian photo is haunting my dreams kraus.

  11. Good post.
    I think a lot of it comes down to family values as well. Being Turkish, my dad has always been a strong ‘family oriented man’ like my grandfathers and have relentless and consistently engrained in me the importance of character and doing the right thing.

    While i won’t preach on what’s right and wrong as it’s debatable. What i can say is that ever since i’ve got into Game, i never really knew what i wanted.

    It wasn’t until i did some soul searching and fixed my insecurity issues when i realised that all i ever wanted was ‘choice and the ability to get girls whenever i wanted’.

    At the time, i felt helpless as i was always making the same mistakes with them. As soon as i realised that i can get the type of girls i wanted through cold approaching, that’s when i felt secure and free.

    I no longer go out now specifically to chase tail (because i know i can do it).

    I think the biggest detriment to most players and PUAs is that they treat all of this like a game. You mentioned this in one of your previous posts about being an authentic man.

    The real secret is to find your masculinity and to fix your issues. Once you’ve fixed it, approaching will be a piece of cake and won’t need to go out and “practice”. I rarely get blown out anymore on a direct approach.

    This really isn’t a skill we need to practice because it’s our birthright as men to be able to approach and attract girls. It’s engrained in all of us.

  12. Some deep stuff krauser. I have a notch count of around 15, but I have all the symptoms you mentioned above ..attachment issues, dating nice women and pushing them away. At a more deeper level its self acceptance issues, not being happy with myself etc etc. So I don’t think some of us have to reach a notch count of even 50 before realizing easy ONS are not something we want.

  13. This is some hopeful stuff here. I’m definitely feeling that the bucket is leaky and wondering what the end game is. Think I’ll go for the century and see what happens.

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  15. I have a question. Is it possible to achieve the alpha mindset or nonchalant attitude without the reference experience (i.e., sex)?

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