Game theory has its own life cycle

November 30, 2012

C. Wright Mills popularised the idea of the sociological imagination, the central idea being he “felt that the central task for sociology and sociologists was to find (and articulate) the connections between the particular social environments of individuals (also known as “milieu”) and the wider social and historical forces in which they are enmeshed.” In many respects this means observing humans as actors within small ecosystems with feedback loops and risk/reward systems. It’s common to take this perspective when analysing society through the Game lens. It’s also interesting to zoom out on a meta-level and apply it to the community itself.

The original meta-frame of Mystery/Style/DavidDeAngelo-era Game was pretty simple and sometimes explicitly stated: young beautiful women have a higher SMV than men and thus efforts must be made to bridge the gap until a small window of opportunity arises where relative values are close enough to open her legs, at which point you close. That gap can be bridged by chipping down her value with negs, raising you value with routines / preselection, or even controlling the environment to provide your own pedestal (such as entourage game). Consider the ecosystem from which this frame arose.

Self improvement begins with an ill-fitting blue shirt on every fucking video

Self improvement begins with an ill-fitting blue shirt on every fucking video

Reading through the seminal The Game book it’s obviously not the story of the world’s coolest seducers clacking scores of hot women. The 2002 community was the story of nerdy losers tired of having their heads flushed down the toilet at school and decamping to LA to circle-jerk. A LAN party without the computers. They’d then go out every night and feed women social fuel, considering a success any interaction that doesn’t involve getting laughed at and their head flushed down the toilet. These were insecure men with very low expectations. Hardly anyone gets laid in The Game and the two hottest chicks are a thoroughly unpleasant and mediocre Katya (Mystery’s oneitis) and a vile mannish trollop (Style’s eventual oneitis). Look at the women the original gurus date and you’ll see low expectations written all over the project. I’ll call this Aspy Game and it’s characterised by:

  • Obsession with linear programming / engineering of secret systems that simply need to be learned and applied (e.g. the M3 model)
  • Dogmatic literal interpretation of evolutionary biology
  • Commodifying human interaction into programmable units that are endlessly sub-divisable (e.g the Opener, the forward stack, the roll-off)
  • Dehumanising the participants as mere occupants of a social role such as PUA, HB, Wing, Cockblock, AFC, AMOG etc
AMOGed and herbified by a raging manjaw

AMOGed and herbified by a raging manjaw

I don’t mean to deny this phase had value (I still rate Mystery’s original book as a core text) but it’s quite clearly an infant discipline, somewhat analogous to the functionalism movement in sociology (try reading Talcott Parsons to see the same mindset in action). The main outcome and undeclared purpose of the whole meta-frame is to depersonalise and externalise Game. It is something outside you.

Action leads to reaction so by the mid-2000s there was the pushback and phase two being the RSD-led hippy touchy-feely natural game. This is roughly analogous to the ethnomethodology / interactionist movement in sociology that sprung up in the late 60s. They rejected the cold impersonal system-building of the functionalists and zoomed in on the energy flow and symbolism of small-scale social action. The meta-frame of Mystical Game is that we are all in our heads, these structures don’t really exist but are illusory and constantly renegotiated between the participants. It’s characterised by:

  • Obsession with rejecting and transgressing social norms (e.g. beasting, AA-busting pranks)
  • An overestimation of internal state and it’s ability to suck people in, an underestimation of social structures and people’s stubborn insistence on clinging to them
  • Fluid equivocating definitions of terms. It’s all a flow. Read more Tolle
  • Self acceptance and living to your own values
  • Reading the social matrix at the level of small groups of actors (e.g. in a club)

This is quite understandable as a reaction to Aspy Game as those dedicated original LA nerds had internalised the lessons of 2002-era game well enough to jettison their original low expectations and look for the next plateau-busting themes. Tyler explicitly explains their motivations in the first hour of The Blueprint Decoded. The big problem with ignoring the real world of value and social structure, however, is it bites you in the ass. RSD-types are weird cultist self-helpy schlubs (e.g. Roger) or embarrassing awkward social violators (the Beasts). Denying reality is a fast-track to disappearing up your own arse.

An Eastern guru worth following

An Eastern guru worth following

Towards 2008 we got the next wave, the meta-frame of Alpha Asshole. Social structure was back in focus but with conflict at its heart. The 2002 guys viewed themselves as outsiders in a system they otherwise mostly accepted as legitimate – functionalists are interested in the forces that keep society functioning. The 2008 guys are more like the Marxists of sociology (ironically) in which society is by nature antagonistic, full of competing interest groups jostling for advantage (men, women, feminists, MRAs, white knights, betas, douchebags, bad boys, nice guys, cougars etc). The Alpha Assholes describe the faultlines of social conflict and then advise how to secure membership of the likely winner – the aloof game-adept alpha bad boy. Like most social theories you can quickly understand it’s flavour by looking at the time and place it developed – east coast metropolitan America – and the men who created it – early middle-age white professional men. The meta-frame is characterised by:

  • Obsession with sexual market rank, in particular to achieve Alpha and reject Beta
  • An overestimation of people’s adversarial and self-interested intention to screw you over
  • Humorous, non-PC, taboo-breaking definitions of people and their behaviour
  • Embracing high self-regard
  • Reading the social matrix at a macro-level (e.g. demographic trends)

I think this wave will run its course soon. The internet is a fast-moving place and literally hundreds of blogs are rapidly mapping out the territory until there’ll be nothing left to say within that paradigm. It’s also gradually being replaced by the latest meta-frame of Galt Game. While the Alpha Assholes are learning to work the Western niche to score skanky bar pussy, ever-increasing numbers of men are looking to redesign their lives to insert themselves into favourable environments (e.g. ex-pats) and to unplug from the corporate grind. Mostly a younger generation who completely missed 2002 and 2006 Game these men don’t aspire to the white-picket fence respectability of their grandfathers. The meta-frame is characterised by:

  • Obsession with finding the mythical pussy paradise
  • An overestimation of no-skill “hacks” and passive income, an underestimation of the need to have a real employable skill
  • Glorification of freedom, travel and living life on your own terms
  • Tension between laziness to get things easy, and genuine drive towards self-improvement (gym, grooming, wide reading etc)
  • Dispensing with grand theory and looking to accumulate cliffs notes on “what works”


It represents an individual solution of “how do I get mine” rather than still holding on to the male role as a provider, protector and participant in public life. The big weakness with Galt Game will come down to age differences – it’s quite easy for a 35 year old man to shake off the parasites and live as an international man of mystery. He has already spent his 20s building a marketable career skill (or his own business) and developed fluid intelligence. 35 years of accumulation can now be cashed in. A 22 year old boy seduced by the same freedom porn is like a 19 year old hottie seduced by the cock carousel, unaware that the ride has to end. What is fresh and exciting at 22 is often loserdom at 35. Galting your way through your twenties without an accumulation phase will lead to:

  • Severly constrained job opportunities and thus inability to switch paths
  • Rootless, aimless life where no place is home and no strong social group you can claim as your own
  • Player ennui from addiction to the dopamine hit of new women
  • Misanthropy from conceiving yourself as an outsider and from reducing male-female contact to a frenzied animal coupling
  • Existential angst from linking your self-esteem to your success with women

That’s the glass-is-half-empty version for young kids to avoid. The glass-half-full-version is very satisfying indeed. I don’t mean to disparage any meta-frame unduly. It simply interests me to see the long-term trends in social thought and how they develop. One characteristic of the wise man is his ability to step back and understand not just the rules of the game but who created those rules and whose interests they serve.


  1. Wow..

    I don’t keep my ear as close to the ground as you do so I don’t know if that’s the direction that things are moving in. Like you say though plenty of 22 year old kids will try and fail.

    I’d like to think I will be a big influence in the next big paradigm shift as well. Fingers crossed.

    I love how you can take a birds eye view and synthesise it all. I don’t have the background knowledge to do it, I guess. Mostly cos I don’t read much of other peoples stuff because I assume I know better anyway . Ha ha!

  2. Interesting post. I can personally relate to experiencing all those phases of game, in the same order, but in a much shorter timescale – I only became aware of game as a concept in 2007.

    I naturally rejected Mystery style game – it simply wasn’t part of my character to be comfortable using canned openers and routines. Ad-libbing my own stuff always felt more enjoyable, if a lot tougher.

    And I can identify with being a participant of Galt game (as you put it) at present – all my efforts currently are going towards getting out of full time work for good so I can travel. Being 31 however, I have had plenty of opportunity to build myself a very lucrative career and strong skillset, so I am in an ideal position to do this at present.

    Where next for game? I believe perhaps an increased focus on creating ecosystems where women come to you, rather than the other way round. I’m a firm believer in working smarter, not working harder.

  3. This is a nice post on game history and how it evolves over time as it grows into maturity.

    Personally, I was given The Game to read by a friend in 2007. By spending the entire summer holidays emerged in game theory (about eight weeks, on average 16 hours a day) I quickly went through most literature on the subject by all the big names. This led to a huge information overload, but also a big picture kind of few, which I still hold: every ‘method’ has its own merrit and useful elements. It’s all about distilling the common essence and identifying the flavours that make that specific method work, then combining them into something that works for you.

    This is also what we see in this evolution of game as Krauser illustrates. Issues of personal development, self-esteem, confidence, life experience, all are at the core of each and every step of the evolution of game. Basicly game is becoming a better man, a more interesting person.

    In essence all these steps are doing is teaching us useful tools to leverage our being an interesting man worthy of attention.

    From 2002-2006 the tools were on how to open, attract, set the frame, lead the women.
    From 2006-2008 the tools were on how to escalate and have fun with the interaction.
    From 2008-2012 the tools were on how to be an alpha man, keeping the frame, and obtaining freedom.
    From 2012- … the tools still have to be developed. It looks as though the community is starting to centralize the point of being a man in general.

    Each phase builds upon the pre-existing tools and addresses a new psychological issue of being a better, more interesting man, and developing it. That is also why if young guys jump in with the 2008-2012 type of game they feel disconnected, as Krauser puts it in his analysis up above. They missed the essential early building blocks that start the development. Anyone can be an asshole, pretend to be ‘the man’ or actually give up on the local women because “it’s easier abroad”. Especially that last point is the epitome of a lack of personality and self confidence. If you are worthy of a woman’s attention, then you should be worthy everywhere.

    Instead of focusing on the method or ideology itself, focus on the underlying principles of building a better man out of yourself. Use the tools from the earlier phases of game to do this. Not only will you attract more women, you will build a stronger character, which in turn will help you on multiple levels of your life and then get you even more women. I believe Krauser is at this point at the moment. Giving him the opportunities of a lifetime. And, in my opinion, this is also the natural, mature form of game.

    (As an aside. One of my personal favourites, and often underlighted in my opinion, is still Juggler and his way of generating conversation in a natural way. This is a perfect example of a tool that is not only useful to help you get women, but is probably even more useful when applying to other males and your professional life.)

  4. Hey Krauser! Have you gone through misanthropy and existential angst? If so, what did you do, besides thinking positive? [There’s plenty of posts where I talk about this, so check the archives. In life, you need a code of conduct and a mission. With girls, try to find the nice ones. Be careful about painting yourself into a corner by stripping everything down to just notches and then wondering why life seems shallow. K.]

  5. Awesome synthesis of 10 years of game evolution.

  6. Certainly an interesting analysis.

  7. Pure gold. Supern breakdown. No names but roissy seem the alpha game poster boy according to your description and roosh the galt game. [They are the main influences on each but I didn’t want to make it too personalised because the “movements” have mushroomed since K.]

    Where does your own pickup/lifestyle m.o fit into this schema? [I’m too close to myself to accurately judge.]

  8. This is solid like marble, from someone who picked up the theory quite early, (2003ish), but exited the scene until the 2008 revolution was well underway.

    I really enjoy these “meta” posts, and it’s a fantastic way to take a step back & re-evaluate the landscape.

    This is the mark of a real leader and an intelligent man, an alpha, of course.

  9. Awesome post

  10. I didn’t discover any of this till a few years ago. So I guess I came in around Roissy game, which is the first I really learned. The other was Roosh. I makes sense that they both seemed to apply the most since they both came out of the east coast yuppie environment (where I am).

    Both of them developed their own style. Roissy perfectly crystallized asshole game while Roosh went Galt.

    It is interesting to see their evolving styles. What you get out of both is that they really hate that they have to act the way they do. For all the talk of enjoying the collapse poolside its clear they see it as the reluctantly embraced best option among bad options. They both really do want the white picket fence. Roissy stayed and figured out what he thought the best game for staying was. Roosh fled and developed the best game for the nomad.

    Where are they now? Roissy has said what can be said about game. His posts now center around things like society and culture on the macro level (yes, I know its not the original Roissy, but he choose the people who took over and was already headed in this direction). Roissy sat poolside for years and found poolside unsatisfying. He wishes we lived in a better society, knows what it would take to get there, but knows it won’t happen. And having to live with that realization makes him more depressed each year, and more bangs won’t help that. The rage at the base of his asshole game is for the society he lives in.

    Roosh has had a good life, but its clear he doesn’t care anymore either. His posts are full of, “chasing this girl was a waste of time” or “I hate fucked that bitch.” My guess is other then the actual act of sex he no longer enjoys the chase at all. He does it because he’s made banging girls his livelihood. He needs to income from his books to travel and have free time (probably the only thing he still enjoys). It’s become a job. This happens to all things you turn into income streams. I used to love poker. Then I made it a job to pay for college and it became a grind. You get the feeling that if the white picket fence was there for real Roosh would give it all up and come home.

    The key thing about Roosh and Roissy is they want the white picket fence. They rejected it because it wasn’t there. It was a scam. They did what they did reluctantly. They are embracing lifestyles they don’t really believe in (deep down, for the long term) because they think they are the only option. And I think they are right about that, but that doesn’t change the fact that its unsatisfying. All of the girls, all of the bangs, are just morphine to cover up the symptoms of that ennui. [Great comment. The red pill is tough to swallow and we each need to find new meaning. I might post on my personal answer to the problem. K.]

    • Great post, K!
      Have to take issue with asdf’s claim that Roissy and Roosh “really” want the white picket fence but that it’s not available. Couldn’t they just become Mormons or something if that’s what they want?

    • I will add one more thing. I think one of the biggest divisions in the man-o-sphere will evolve into individual solution vs group solution. Or more precisely existential solution vs nihilist solution.

      Both Roissy and Roosh have tried to be nihilists and are failing. Not due to lack of options. Not due to lack of ability. There are “solutions” for the nihilist. There are “lifestyle hacks”. They don’t scale. They can’t work for anything but a handful of men, and they largely work only so long as other men are taking it up the butt on their behalf. However, you might become one of the lucky few who can achieve constant distraction (unending dopamine release).

      However, they will only solve the dopamine problem. Ultimately what Roissy & Roosh really want is functioning societies. They would like a solution that worked for everyone. I know I will get disagreement on this, but I think the feeling one gets alone with their thoughts when there isn’t a woman, bottle, or other distraction around is all the same. “What is the point of it all?”

      I think we all intuitively understand the difference between happiness and meaning. They are qualitatively different. Happiness can never be fully satisfied. That’s the dopamine trap. Only meaning can really give one peace. However, there is often and conflict between happiness and meaning. Between the satisfaction of individual wants and the fulfillment of existential needs towards family, tribe, and God.

      I’ll end on some quotes from TV alpha male Don Draper on “happiness” from the first and last season. And perhaps one can wonder why that isn’t enough for people.

      “Advertising is based on one thing, happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay. ” -Don Draper, season 1

      “What is happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness.” -Don Draper, season 5

      • Great post K…

        It’s always about balance; the Man-o-phere in my opinion is the true path at this moment.

        Fill your bowl to the brim
        and it will spill.
        Keep sharpening your knife
        and it will blunt.
        Chase after money and security
        and your heart will never unclench.
        Care about people’s approval
        and you will be their prisoner.

        Do your work, then step back.
        The only path to serenity.

        Knowing others is intelligence;
        knowing yourself is true wisdom.
        Mastering others is strength;
        mastering yourself is true power.

        If you realize that you have enough,
        you are truly rich.
        If you stay in the center
        and embrace death with your whole heart,
        you will endure forever.

        Keep up the good work!

      • Happiness IS “keeping up with the Joneses'” to a certain extent.

        Happiness IS materialism. It is hardwired by evolution for men AND women to want resources, and ACCESS to resources.

        The popular idea that materialism is fools gold is a mindfuck – spread to the masses by elites.

        Materialism is not everything. But it plays a substantial role in happiness and being a fully developed man.

        The Elites running the world don’t live by this meme that PUA bloggers and the masses have been brainwashed into and have fallen for. That tells you something.

      • Spirit needs nothing it is complete. If you want to live as a man the beast is definitely happiest with plenty of pussy fine wine and money. That is if you believe in mind, body and spirit.

      • Lucky White Male,

        I’m not really talking about materialism (except in the philosophical sense of whether you believe in something beyond the physical world). Don is talking about winning accounts not getting “things”. Things themselves are amoral. How did you get them? How are you planning to use them? Why? Those are the relevant questions. They don’t change whether your a prole or fortune 100 richest people.

      • To me game is about understand what it means to be a free man in this material world and how to get the most out of it by escaping its mental and physical chains, but happiness, serenity and fulfillment are transient only in transcending the body and mine can one find them… Still I’m a human being now and I’m with you; as an Alpha I want it all! For me it’s all about inner game and the trinity… Mind, Body and Spirit… Balance!

        The Master gives himself up
        to whatever the moment brings.
        He knows that he is going to die,
        and he has nothing left to hold on to:
        no illusions in his mind,
        no resistances in his body.
        He doesn’t think about his actions;
        they flow from the core of his being.
        He holds nothing back from life;
        therefore he is ready for death,
        as a man is ready for sleep
        after a good day’s work.

    • I suspect the next stage will have the focus on ‘holding’ a woman over time – married game and the like – MMSL being the leading indicator of this. [I think relationship game will get more prominence, but I think once you get abundance there are big challenges on changing your goals. One trend now is the Rollo-esque positive masculinity. We’ll be finding ways to organise your love life based on the male imperative rather than finding more effective ways to slot into the female imperative. I doubt marriage will interest many competent players. There’ll be another answer. K.]

    • One thing. The original Roissy is still the main writer for that site.

  11. Great post, relate to having gone through nearly everyone of those stages and i’m wondering what the next big paradigm shift is going to involve.

    If I had to guess i’d say Steve’s stuff has huge potential to take off. Actually being aware of what universally attractive masculine traits are and doing what you can to develop them is about as far away from the first style of game that you can get. I embrace everything about the change.

    Hell of a grateful for blogs like this.

  12. 50 Shades of Game.

    I cherry pick from the various eras and experiment. Sometimes a combination works sometimes one particular techinque works over another.

    My own success rate has increased as I start to get better at this.

    But it’s a struggle, like re-learning how to walk after an accident. Learning game is like physiotherapy after an accident or after waking up from a coma.

    At first i struggled. Now 2 years later, I’m getting better at it but still not where I want to be.

    This year I banged 8 girls, some who I met and did long game, others through OK Cupid.

    Midway through the year inspired by your blog, I set my sights on banging girls below 30. I’ve banged 3. I find them to be much more fun, funny and open to game.

    The ones over 30 are angrier, more cynical, tend to fuck first, ask questions later, then in some cases demand more and then react badly when that doesn’t happen.

  13. The last part seems like a direct description of me. Thanks for the heads-up. I am 22 and still at a phase where I am finding myself. I actually realize that if this continues, I will enter “loserdom” in the future. Still, does that mean I should plug back into the matrix until I’m older? Or should I carry on but be more conscientious to prevent myself from falling down that path? [I don’t know what it’s like to be a kid in today’s society so I don’t know your choices. But knowing the risks is half the battle – forewarned is forearmed. Just keep in your mind that you must find ways of building the value you have to offer, so that you get a good price in value exchanges. Try to deploy your energies in ways which are less taxable or give you more choices. For example, industry-specific skills are safer than company-specific skills. K.]

  14. Just about to ask a similar question (just turned 23) and am also interested in your thoughts K. I don’t want to be a social 9 to 5 robot but also not a “banging ho’s left and right” empty feeling kind of guy. I guess the fun part is trying to find that middle ground for yourself. [Check my posts from this time last year when I talk about female beauty, dark side etc. I might write about one answer which is to NLP yourself into mythologising women in ways which improve your own life (rather than supplicating to the feminine imperative). K.]

  15. But one other point to make about this. All that you write is an analysis of the movement and thinking. But using the tools is really a matter of personal development and choice isn’t it?

    When I use some new idea or technique and it works, i take note. My confidence goes up.

    When it doesn’t work, or I blow it, i analyze why and begin to know immediately why. But there is a temptation to coast back into the “comfort” of AFC mode where you were passive and able to “Wait” for good things to happen.

    The movements you describe are more like personal journeys which each era or discipline introducing some revelation that caught on through social-networking.

    But where each AFC is in their development is a factor of their own inner game.

    My own introduction to this 2 years ago was the result of a crash and burn.

    I tried the Mystery Method and began adapting it starting with kino escalation.

    From there I’ve moved through that and begun to refine.

    So while there are game movements.

    My own journey incorporates many of these ideas including yours.

    But any one school of thought doesn’t make it, i view these more as tools in the same way that technology has evolved and influenced how people communicate. But you still need to know what to say to use an iPhone.

  16. We all live within certain hard limits around who we are and what we can become, and what will become of us, called “fate” by the ancients. Game comes solidly out of the human potential and self-improvement movement of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The human potential movement didn’t recognize any limits and thought that to do so was wrong and bad. Game overpromises for the majority of men. The best application is to apply the broad principles to making your life better and not worrying about your failures and limitations.

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  18. The act of unplugging paves the way to male happiness. Sacrificing youth, aspirations and mental stability for a romantic model that’s delusional and obsolete is criminal. It’s can enslave and deceive those indoctrinated so pulling back the veneer gives young men the opportunities they’d otherwise overlook.

    “Game” started this unveiling in it’s relatively successful attempt to understand true female nature. As the “Game” movement evolved male thinkers expounded on related concepts to provide a better, more accurate picture of gender politics. An enlightened male can now navigate a more level playing field rather than stumble blindly into the meat grinder. What he makes of himself now is entirely due to his merits.

  19. this is good man, coming from a young black guy…i want to be in the position you at in game in this case game-becoming a man of genuine value

  20. This is an absolutely excellent post.

  21. Excellent post. You are obviously in the “galtgame”, being London the paradise of pussy. How many native English girls do you bang? You let Eastern Europe come to you. Fundamentally it’s something in society that’s terrible wrong.
    I came into the game as an aspy who learned “alpha asshole”-game in a few bootcamps. I’m now considering to go full throttle galt-game, moving to Thailand or the Philippines. Most pickup instructors are now saying the same: JUST MOVE !!! Guess what, the amount of chicks there are also not infinite. The core of the thing is: how do you become a man with value? Being “having chicks” the only value there is it’s a circle…

    I think what your story of game shows, is that lots of socially unattractive men without value (like myself) are just trying one method after another to get laid. In prehistorical times we would have died off. In today society we survive. I have learned some things over the time:
    -Jerk assholes who get laid every weekend in bars/clubs is a myth.
    -Most single chicks are dry because they are waiting for “the one”.
    -There are far more men than woman in the western world, so woman make the rules.

  22. I think the biggest issue most of us face doesn’t really come from society itself as i couldn’t care less what they spoon feed us.

    It mainly comes from the older generation of people (Your relatives and family) who give you advice and raise you based on models that make sense to them but ultimately doesn’t work.

    I struggle every day in trying to give them my interpretation of how i see life and am constantly in an arms war with my family who think i’m crazy and still have a lot to learn. Even though i know better.

    I’m sure for those who come from a predominantly strong family background can relate to me on this. But it really is tough.

    Like, how could you get married when you know the true reality of a females true hypergamous nature?

    How can you possibly be comfortable with your masculinity when your own mother seems to think all men are predators for wanting to date young 19+ year old fertile women?

    How can you lead a happy single life when you own father believes that a man needs to settle down in order to feel content with his life and to avoid growing old alone and miserable?

    In terms of work… How can you go it alone and lead the ambitions of an entrepreneur when your friends and family believe that you’re doing the wrong thing and that getting on the career ladder is where you’ll find true job security?

    I think looking at this all in perspective. I believe the community is heading in the direction where living an independent life that is free from societal expectation is the way it will go.

    In the next 20 years, the old system will break down and government will no longer have a strong hold in society as they currently do now, and i believe that’s a good thing. We’re no longer going to be a cog in the wheel and will eventually wake up to our true calling as human beings.

    I like your post Krauser, but i honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the idea of getting out of the 9-5 grind… Nobody wants it in their life deep down and feel they have to do it due to perceived lack of choice. I get reminded of this time and time again the minute it turns Friday and see Facebook status updates of things like “Glad it’s Friday, time to parteyy!” or “Here comes the weekend!”

    All of us are natural leaders yet we’re forced not to be by the things that get dictated to us, and i believe the community will help pull us out of this in due course. Maybe not now, but it’s inevitable.

    • I’ve had similar family related issues, I’ve overcome them by establishing dominance over my own direction. In some cultures it’s not a feminine imperative, more a ‘tribal imperative’ where there are traditional family hierachy’s which are not to be changed. One can only ‘game’ once they are removed from that structure and free.

  23. Outstanding analysis. Thank you!
    It’s amazing how a book like The Game changed the lives of so many people around the world creating these widespread sociological-cultural patterns/trends…
    Starting in 2007 I personally did go through all the stages and I ended up in the Galt Game stage too… And yes, I have different business VISAs on my passport, online job and currently in Russia, the “mythical pussy paradise”…
    What’s next?

  24. I fell into Game in 2009 when I stumbled into Roissy’s blog through a link. I was ticked off to start, but thankfully still retaining some feminine traits decided to be open to learning. (And who better than from the source of all my angst (in dating) – men.) I think you outline perfectly what I’ve witnessed and or heard about in my interactions. I like that you’ve applied critical thinking and that you’ve compared it to advancing sociological thinking – very cool. There is a transition and I think you’re one of the ones who is leading it.

    I personally believe our genders are radically different and that there are strengths to both. I refuse to put men down (in fact I’m more allied with men than any feminist), but I also refuse to negate the value of women.

    I try to educate women on the value of their femininity, while removing shame about wanting a strong man who will lead them. 50 Shades was VERY popular for a reason and it wasn’t about sex (terribly written book). The popularity is due to a female drive to surrender to one who has her best interest. Unfortunately the book still includes feminist propaganda – after all his desire for dominance in the bedroom stems from childhood abuse and she is not REALLY a sub, she’s the one who will save him from himself. Nevertheless it makes a point I’ve been trying to make for a long time. Women are the like the waves of the ocean, smooth sailing and wicked storms sometimes rapidly shifting, we want a captain who knows how to sail us without tipping the boat.

    I’m a fan Krauser, have been for a long time, this post was brilliant. Your commenters are also very informed and interesting. Keep up the great work! [Thanks. I appreciate it. I think men can look after their own interests without screwing over women and vice versa. K.]

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  26. Since it’s in the title:
    it’s -> its [Fixed. Thanks. K.]

  27. Excellent analysis. Your description of Galt Game and the effect it has on young men really struck a chord with me.

    “Freedom Porn”…did you coin that? A very succinct way to describe the way young men feel when confronted with the international lives of thirty-year-olds who’ve already made it. [Believe it or not but I heard that term first from Aaron Sleazy. K.]

  28. One trend now is the Rollo-esque positive masculinity. We’ll be finding ways to organise your love life based on the male imperative rather than finding more effective ways to slot into the female imperative. I doubt marriage will interest many competent players. There’ll be another answer.

    I admit I do see the progression coming to this. I think Athol found a niche for the MFC’s (married frustrated chumps), but these guys were just as clueless as he was back in their single-man sex lives and needed a way out of the sexless hells their marriages became.

    Good for him, but it does little for the guys who are single, Game-aware, red pillers who want monogamy at some stage, but see contemporary marriage (even contemporary LTRs) for the trap it is. These are the guys who are “never gonna get married” that the Kate Bollicks and Hannah Rosins love to complain about, but miss the whole point of.

    When I read a comment post by Mark Minter on my blog I can’t help but agree with the guy, even being in what most Men would consider an ideal marriage myself. The (real) Positive Masculinity movement might be an avenue for men to transition themselves in a male-framed, self-protecting monogamy – once a guy has experienced enough women to have a genuine source by which to estimate them.

    I think Roosh may be at this point right now. In romantic comedies this is the part of the formulaic story where the incorrigible cad realizes he wants a ‘true connection’ with a woman – something ‘real’ – and finally accepts the feminine frame, acquiesces to what everyone in the feminine reality believes and lives a better life because he’s no longer fighting what’s “right”.

    In reality, this isn’t going to happen. Men have no motivation to marry even without being Game-aware, and the wider dissemination red pill knowledge will progressively make men look for better social avenues by which they can insure themselves against feminine primacy. So when a guy like Roosh begins to actually tire of the Game and wants something more, what is there for him but to play along with the rom-com plot line?

    Nothing at present, but in the coming years Game will further evolve to accommodate for a long term solution.

  29. A life lived for women is not a life at all. Losing the frame, as you’ve said. You must ask yourself what you want most. Women cannot be it, they will come as a result of a life well-lived. I want to chase my dreams of owning my own business. Never succumbing to love is for fools. Once I’ve built myself up, or accumulation as you call it, and after a possible period as an international playboy, I know I want to eventually settle down and build a family. Not just to be able to “cash out” with the hottest girl possible, but to eventually leave the rat race of trading my time for an hourly rate/salary. To build something I can be proud of and to have a lifestyle and legacy for my eventual sons and daughters. Everyone has to piss some blood in this life(work). I just refuse to piss all my blood in another mans cup. Krauser, I’ve always related to your blog more than any other and held your words in high esteem. I’m 19 and feel I’m headed in the right direction, but would appreciate any advice. [It sounds like you are already ahead of your peers. Just keep making the most intelligent decisions you can, don’t shy away from hard work, and keep developing yourself into the man you wish to be. K.]

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  31. The next phase, or maybe it’s 10 phases down the road, is revolution where we rise up and re-make society. I’m not kidding.

  32. While I think you’re spot on in your analysis of what has happened until NOW, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will happen in the coming ‘cycles’. We are learning and changing. The world is changing at the fastest rate it ever has since humanity began.

    Hell, even a technological singularity ( isn’t all that far fetched.

    ^ This is fairly important, as I believe this advance in technology and the reduced need for human involvement is responsible for a lot of these social shifts we’re seeing. Simply put, we don’t have to work much or do much to survive. With even barebone skills you can live your entire life, perhaps not luxuriously or in the most posh of neighborhoods, but with Maslow’s basic needs met – for about 20 hours/week of work.

    And of course let’s not forget the ‘internet teacher’ – getting these ‘bar skanks’ is now a lot easier since we have an endless pool of knowledge to pick and choose weapons from.

    It’s an exciting time we live, that’s for sure.

  33. Great article K,

    The future of game?

    Perhaps its hypergamy 2.0? Where men only want to marry a woman that has higher status than them. This is a way of counteracting the deficit created by the legal system and feminist movement in the West. We are the value and its time they started earning it. Once it becomes socially acceptable then it will accelerate in popularity. And yes I know about evolutionary theory and no I don’t believe in it has much relevance to practical questions. [Nope. Status is usually a negative in a woman due to it’s effects on her character in getting it and having it. Men with options won’t choose status. K.]

    As for the ‘Galt game’ the tricky bit is going to be the practicality of getting to live in foreign countries and being mentally able to adapt to it.The lack of your usual social/family circle etc. I am capable of doing and, in fact, am doing it right now. Everyone says’ Oh I would love to be able to do that’ but in reality few of them could actually do it.

    As for the practicality, I have found my way but it requires real courage and a lot of hard work and no little skill. It will not be for most people and without arrogance I would say that I am the best person I know who does what I do.

    For most people the solution will probably come when companies start realising that they can just as easily set up an office in say Eastern Europe and get staff to go and live there. Of course this kind of labour mobility is what the EU is supposed to be about. I look forward to some EU grants for PUA! 😉 [The off-shoring of skilled jobs will reverse due to racial aptitude / work ethic issues. Certain professions will, however, do ok in Central/East Europe. K.]

    • You are assuming here that most women acquire status or necessarily live in a society where having it means they have negative traits?

      With regards the forner point I think most women get given it by their fathers or via luck. The question then is what do they do with it? It is actually an important question becauese it represents around half of inherited status and wealth.

      With the latter point I don’t think it is a static scenario.There were periods in history where the social pressure to marry outweighed the fear of not achieving monetary hypergamy and the values of these women also differed substantially. My favourite example is of the three Karls. Marx, Jung and Stockhausen. All three achieved great things (Marx documented conditions on the poor) and would not have done so without being married to wealthy women. You might also argue the same about Odey or Al-Fayed and many others. The only women I can think off that contributed to society via hypergamy was Margaret Thatcher. And that’s it.

      It is little discussed but this valuable resource (great men supported by wealthy women) is being lost to society nowadays with the rise of Feminism and the role models of Kardashian, Bradshaw, Hilton, Goldsmith etc. They are destroying the ranking of ‘values’ (hard work, intelligence, education, the stuff they call ‘nerdy’) upon which we rely upon to progress society and replacing them knowledge about Britain’s Got Talent, Oprah Winfrey or Jamie Oliver’s views on nutrition etc. These women not fit to wipe the ass of the Karls’ wives. The latter valued other, more worhwhile, traits in their men. They achieved associated greatness.

      Totally agree with you with regards the subset of professional women with status. I’ve met a few of them and they seem stuck with desperately seeking alpha but not understanding why they don’t appeal to it. Horrible. And Sad.

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  35. Damn, sir. It appears you have thunderstruck the zeitgeist of the long now off-kilter manosphere. Well done.

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  38. Many of most prominent and vocal game pundits seem intent on making a living from selling Game theory via books, courses etc which leaves the rest of us to work out how the hell we are going to balance work, life, freedom and the application of game.

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  40. So if we want to study game and get some pussy…what the fuck should we study????

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  42. Im a 22 years old guy and I want to live a lifestyle which involves travelling, doing the things I like , women and especially freedom . Currently Im in my third year at an engineer college specialized on computers and I hate it. In one year I will finish and have to get a job but my engineer skills sucks, and even if I manage to get the job Im afraid I wont like it a bit. Do you have any suggestions for me ?? [Yes. Don’t be such an entitled lazy cunt. Do your own research and don’t expect people to snap to attention when you demand they do your work for you. K.]
    Thanks !

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  44. While admitting my naiveté to Game meta-frames, having only been studying them for several weeks now, I am hoping my thirty years span of infield experience may derive valid observations here. Crystalized intelligence may have benefit notwithstanding lack of direct experience. I’ll characterize my predictions of the Alpha Asshole and Going Galt meta-frames in their internal and external phases (micro scale) and effects on society (macro scale).

    Internal Alpha Asshole – Channeling your innner asshole. Currently positioned as a way to for betas to learn PUA techniques and score more and higher quality women mostly by overcoming approach anxiety. As a goal seeking exercise has major issues, not the least of which is the learning curve.

    External Alpha Asshole – As a means of learning or blasting through the GBSL (Gender Based Sign Language, my term for male/female subcomms) language barrier, it might not be a bad thing for a lot of men to learn. Krauser and others of course have been all over the frame control techniques.

    Macro Phase Alpha Asshole – If too many men apply this meta-frame externally, we have AMOG meltdown. Witness just the problems Krauser has had in managing wings and infield collisions. If enough men apply this meta-frame externally, we might have get a social equilibrium where more men and women are communicating. This could be a good thing. Unfortunately the best example that comes to mind is the French seduction meta-frame. “French Women Don’t Sleep Along” posits that even this may not be all that bad.

    Internal Going Galt – This is the MGTOW movement in its non-ideological, pragmatic sense. It is an individual boycott of failed institutions (marriage, cost of child rearing) in order to avoid paying a failure tax. Krauser covered the material savings versus the social costs.

    External Going Galt – Going expat to greener pastures. The domestic version of that is Krauser and others just simply not dating the locals.

    Macro Phase Going Galt – Internal phase is the sex worker industry, especially porn. Externally, we tried this pre-WWW with mail order brides in the 1990s. Can we agree the jury delivered a “fail” verdict on this one? For the same macroeconomic reasons this is a option today limited to international men of mystery.

    Possible Positive Goals with Meta-Frame:

    1) Just like we experimented with intentional communities (commune, kibbutz), we can experiment with intentional social circles (, activities with local cause based non-profits). The geographical restrictions and performance failure penalties are not nearly as harsh as geographical and faith based circles. More interlocking circles provide more opportunities for daygame in a natural setting.
    2) MGTOW as a mass movement plays out like the Greek comedy Lysistrata (women denying sex to end a war) but with the genders reversed. As a form of coercion it fails because antagonists will cheat and cross the line. But it can cause enough of a social disturbance to get the gender combatants (feminists, MRAs) to come to negotiations over the gender wars. I know, call me idealistic!
    3) The externalities of PUA behavior may make society rethink its position of forcing courtship rituals, now devolved to hookup rituals, out of GBSL and into open dialogue. Think Sadie Hawkins dances but on a much larger scale.
    4) Positive mens movements – Reverse the feminization of men, restore male role models with surrogates, provide more resources to develop inner game, and emphasize the importance of life balance.

    There is probably more, but let’s keep this out of TL;DR territory.

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