Your life is a project….. foundations

December 7, 2012

I recently parsed the history of Game, drawing out macro themes that emerge from the busywork of thousands of individual explorers, theorists and deniers. Painting in such wide brushstrokes necessarily ignores nuance and diversity so my apologies to those of your who feel your school of thought was unfairly represented. Not that I give a fuck. The obvious question is what comes next?

Predictions are difficult to make, especially about the future. Rather I’ll address a question that gets directed my way regularly through emails and comments: I’m a young guy setting off on the path, what should I do? So here I’ll set up a high-level view of one solution. It’s heavily informed by my own experiences and interests so feel free to flex it to your own circumstances. I haven’t followed this path exactly – it’s an idealised version based on learning from the mistakes of myself and others. First internalise the following axioms:

  • A woman’s value is mostly fixed at birth. Her strategy is to maintain that value, prevent it’s erosion (e.g. through bad diet or feminism), and learn how to present it to men. Conversely a man’s value is mostly built through his life choices. A high value man is the outcome of a long process relying upon part genetics, part mentoring, part luck, and lots and lots of self-directed hard work. This is why Eastern European women (and women from low-middle GDP countries generally) are so much higher value than their men – the conditions for creating high value women are abundant whereas the specific circumstances to get the best out of men are rare.
  • Your life is a project to be managed according to goals of your choosing. In psycho-babble the locus of control is internal. Does a top poker player bemoan his hand and resign himself to defeat? No, he plays his cards the best he can and pounces on the opportunities that arise. A wise man once said “investment success is not about winning more than you lose. It’s how much you win when you’re right, and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” You must take control of your life’s path.
  • There are three phases to a man’s life: foundation, accumulation and maintenance. Roughly analogous to a farmer ploughing the field, sowing the seed, and reaping the harvest. The limits to each phase are set by how well you executed the preceding phase.
  • Working smarter is better than working harder, but you’ll still have to work hard. Do not search for a Wop Paradise where you can lie in a hammock and everything just comes to you.

1. Foundation (birth to first real job)

Chances are you will have already completed this phase before reaching the maturity and self-awareness necessary to know there was even a process to follow. If so, console yourself by knowing you can now mentor the younger generation to steer the boys you care about onto the right path. Modern society gives you fifteen years of free education and fifteen years of free time with which to pursue it. This is an opportunity you will never get again – your bills paid for you and no expectation except to learn. Yes the education system is fucked, yes university is a long-con, and yes most teachers are socialist parasites but you can still make it work for you. Enjoy your study, keep focused on the prize, and do not fall into the slacker frame of “it’s all bullshit” and you need to “keep it real” on the streetz, yo. So what is the goal?

Goal: Build the basic foundational skills that society expects of all its functioning members.

It’s not rocket science yet. Example… Learn to read actively. It’s easy to doze off in class and let your eyes just wander down the page, passively letting the words float over you. No. Approach each text as a potential solution to the problems your mind has identified. Most of you theory-junkies here are passionate about Game theory because you can sense it’s giving you real answers to real problems. Approach academic study the same way. Life is full of hugely interesting side stories if you’ll just allow yourself to enjoy them. Most of my school friends found History boring – just a bunch of old stuff of little relevance. For me, each module was a self-contained tapestry of stories and biography. Think of all the richness and colour of human experience in Napoleon’s march on Moscow, or the technical excellence of Nelson’s strategy in the Battle of Trafalgar. Consider the politicking and economics of the Corn Laws and their eventual repeal. Every subject is what you make it. Ask yourself the right questions going into it, set yourself the right frame, and you can strike your own personal gold from your education. This will translate into good academic scores, win-win relationships to teachers, and planting the seeds of excellence into a fertile mind. The main risks here are (i) your classmates – you need to avoid social exclusion while not letting the crabs pull you back into the barrel (ii) maintaining motivation when you’re still a young man who isn’t sure of himself.

As you approach your late teenage years choices open up over what you study and where, such as choosing a university. It’s vital that you take control of your choices. Don’t sleepwalk into a university course. Do not choose a course to learn about society / philosophy / arts / literature / sociology. The reason for the latter is that there are much cheaper, much better ways to get that education on the side while reserving your large time-cost university investment into a subject that results in marketable skills. If you’re really curious about liberal arts type stuff follow this plan in your free time:

  • Find a course you’re interested in and obtain the reading list (and if possible lecture notes) then read on your own time whatever looks interesting
  • Find blogs by experts in the field and read them
  • Over time you’ll learn how to research a field and obtain the books you need.

But when it comes to university or an apprenticeship focus on real-world marketable skills and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of excellence. Not only will your competitive male instincts be harnessed but you’ll build your confidence in line with your competence. So consider what you are good at and what things tend to interest you (e.g. do you like sitting down for several hours single-mindedly solving technical problems, do you like tinkering and getting your hands dirty on machines, do you like glad-handing other people and running events?) then research careers. Don’t wait for it to come to you through a careers department – seek out more experienced men in those fields to advise you. Adult men take great satisfaction in mentoring bright young men, passing on their legacy. As a kid you might think “what do I have to offer this successful adult man?” and psych yourself out. Don’t. Skilled men take pleasure in exercising that skill just for its own sake. You’ll find some experts willing to mentor you.

Another foundational skill is cost control / downshifting. Matrix plug-ins buy into the frame that higher levels of consumption are the route to happiness and social acceptance. This leads their cost base to bloat with high fixed payments for a mortgage, car, cable tv add-ons, taxis home from the pub and so on. Due to the principle of hedonic adjustment you won’t actually experience any greater happiness from this bloated consumption but you will paralyse yourself financially. A man’s happiness requires freedom. Keep your cost base low and flexible. As a teenager you set these foundations mainly by disinvesting your ego from consumption and instead placing a high value on flexibility. Minimise your entanglements by remaining debt-free, do not get sucked into a web of collectivist obligations and counter-obligations from your family, girlfriends, mates or political groups. Late teenage is the time that collectivist parasites will try to suck you in to fight their battles and promise your resources to them. Resist it. The only person with your self-interest at heart is yourself. Do not allow yourself to be shamed for it. The world doesn’t owe you a living and you don’t owe the world. Ask not what your country can do for you. Just tell it to fuck off and mind it’s own business.

This is also the time to set yourself onto the low-tax low-reliance path. Consider your health, skills and personality to be your pension. As a kid it’s easy to take your health for granted but like a woman’s beauty, once it’s gone it’s gone forever. When racked with ill-health everything in life takes on an unpleasant tone so avoid it at all costs. This means get yourself to the gym. I’d recommend focusing your energies into a sport that you enjoy rather than gym-for-gym’s sake which few young men have sufficiently developed mental discipline to stick through. Play football, boxing or whatever it is you enjoy but make sure it’s manly, fun, and carries a low risk of catastrophic injury (i.e. where a bad move can ruin your life, e.g. a bad fall in skiing). This sport will greatly aid your social acceptance while building the health, confidence and responsibility for your own performance that will pay dividends the rest of your life. Be aware of diminishing returns so don’t aim for mastery, aim for “very competent”. Mastery is a timesink that will draw resources away from other equally vital projects.

None of the above needs to be rushed. Just choose the right start lines and set off in the right direction. Youth is impetuous while maturity is patient. Just keep doing the right things in the right balance knowing this is money in the bank as you approach the accumulation phase.

to be continued….


  1. I hope you guys realise how lucky you are that Nick takes the time and effort to write stuff like this for you!!

  2. “Conversely a man’s value is mostly built through his life choices.” I object. Gamers are strong believers in sociobiology and evo psych, and so believe that women’s status and behavior is mostly genetically fixed. Yet they also believe men can and should be existential heroes. You showed up the lack of realism of various game systems in your previous post. People- men and women, start out first with a genetic endowment, then family, cultural and political environment. Breaking out of those limitations is rare and so becomes a big story about the few people who do it.

    Men have more opportunity to increase their value than women, but less than is generally supposed. Self-loathing generated by inability to meet an unrealistic standard is a big problem for people at the bottom of the food chain.

    • Maybe the wording is too aspirational, but it really goes without saying that man’s potential value is limited, as are his choices. He must find these limits himself by pounding his head into them many times. Self-loathing for people at the bottom is inevitable.

    • True, but how many men actually take the time and effort to reach their genetically / situational-ally imposed limits?

      • Isn’t game partly predicated on the view that there is a sea of men failing to fill their potential. And that men who develop strong game can outdo men who might, superficially, look like they have more going for them.

        I know this guy who is very short, probably 5 2 something like that. Given that womens subconscious check lists seem to favour height Id expect that on average this guy should not really being doing as well with women as many other people I know. Yet Ive only ever seen him with women who id say were in the 7ish range and above. He does take care of his appearance, and is defo down gym a lot but he must also have good internal game I think. Hes pressing the right buttons whereas guys like me with all my dry wit , sarcasm and self-doubt are probably giving off a an evolutionary tell as soon as I walk in a pub!

        I read these sorts of blogs every day, and while I think I seem to fall in the gammaish sort of range, I can see that there is a way out. But its not easy, requires hard work, being honest with your self, and taking a few raw emotions beatings along the way and not giving up. [I never said it was easy. If it was, everyone would be awesome. K.]

        Its quite easy though to stay with what you know, your old habits, that feel ego-safe. I remember Krauser talking about the ego having to die first to allow for re-building. Once the old coping mechanisms dont work anymore your forced to face yourself and that hurts. My coping mechanisms keep me above water so to speak and my motivation to change just doesn’t seem high enough.

        Great blog by the way. Really enjoyed Krauser on the London radio interview.

      • Not many. It’s really hard.

  3. Is the female imperative a bad thing? Shouldn’t being able to see the matrix allow you to bend it towards your will. For example, it allows an alpha to have an extreme surplus of women pining for their affection. Sort of like in the land of the blind the one eyed man is King.

  4. This is fuckin great kraus. Cant wait for the next bit

  5. Fascinating post. Looking forward to the next.

  6. Great stuff, top shelf.

  7. You’ve said you taught English in Japan for years. Was this before or after you had gotten your career in finance together?

    Wondering about teaching English abroad while studying a more useful skill…

  8. Great post. But I think sadly in society through popular media, through various other channels men are not encouraged to be manly. Think of even the simplest examples, Joey on “Friends” is the Alpha male banging all sorts of chicks but he’s portrayed by the others as kind of a loser while both beta males Chandler and Ross are seen as somehow worthy of the hotties they end up with.

    The way I discovered game was after a series of failed relationships in which i was the Ross/Chandler character. I figured something must be wrong and looked online to see if there was a solution and discovered this among other blogs and a whole subculture.

    Ironic that manliness has been relegated to a sub culture phenonmenon.

    No matter since discovering game in January 2010 I’ve moved forward. I now bang as many girls as my busy work and travel schedule allows with chicks in various cities ready to offer themselves to me the minute I land–a far cry from my AFC loser self of a few years ago.

    But from a career and life experience perspective I’m far from a loser, I’m very accomplished. But the concepts of DHV of generating attraction never occurred to me.

    I still have beta moments. But I do become much more aware of them.

    Also saying the odd beta thing is not beta if you are aware and it doesn’t become the dominant theme.

    I went direct on a girl I’ve been gaming and told her I enjoyed dancing with her. But this was to build comfort after basically negging and being cocky funny.

    The look of surprise on her face was immediate. Her eyes widened and she was clearly very turned on. After that she was all tactile and kinoing me.

    Then I went back to cocky-funny.

    I digress…..The point being that by learning game in a kind of subculture, you’re forced to seek it out at the time that is right for you.

    As someone in their forties banging hot chicks in their 20’s was only a dream a year ago….i thought wow if I can get them under 35.

    Inspired by your writings I raised the bar on myself.

    Raising the bar has to be something that is incremental and does start with perhaps an epihany of some kind.

    I wonder if you need to learn game if you’re already successful.

    It’s generally people who are unsuccessful who seek this out.

  9. Great post.

    Your take on learning should be very helpful to lots of people.

  10. I think when it comes to men. We really are in a losing position. No matter what we do to improve ourselves, we’ll always be the ones in the wrong in a feminised society.

    Rollo Tomasi wrote a great blog entry about the SMV marketplace which I think is awesome. It simply implies that women are able to enjoy spinsterhood and still be able to land an ‘alpha’, settle down and start popping offspring.

    A man improving himself for his own benefit is simply not in the female imperative because a man will easily be able to eject and find someone better or as the community calls it. ‘Dating up’.

    Relationship and marriage is simply a way to thwart that by keeping a man from doing that and sucking him dry of all his resources. It’s the reason why government is structured in a way where a man needs to give away half of his assets and to stop the man from growing.

    Think about it. If none of this existed. Women would have to find ways to improve themselves and their likelihood to settle.

    I don’t really blame the women, but the system that’s currently in place that’s causing all of this to take place.

  11. Sounds like krauser is getting broody? Or is that way off.

  12. Thanks man, i look forward for the 2nd part

    – a 19 year old kid

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  14. Good post, but I disagree that mastery is a time sink. While I do think that once you’re 80% there you’re there, if you really feel strongly about something, mastery is a worthwhile pursuit. All of those things you mentioned in your post, Napoleon, the great writers, and so on – they are all masters.

    • Yeah, the “mastery is a time sink” caught my attention too. I agree to the extent that the pursuit of perfection in one exclusive area will leave your development stunted (Michael Jackson?). But I think the mastery he alludes to is the ‘Renaissance man’, polymath type, where you become a master in running several life projects to a very high level of competence simultaneously.

  15. One aspect missing from your narrative arc, a period that cannot be planned, is the wilderness period. The period in your life where you jump headlong into some part of your life that is sorely deficient, where you have no idea what you’re doing, where you fight like hell to succeed, where you might fail but take a risk and come out hardy and successful on the other side. A man’s happiness depends upon taking a leap of faith and winning.

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  17. “Play football, boxing or whatever it is you enjoy but make sure it’s manly, fun, and carries a low risk of catastrophic injury (i.e. where a bad move can ruin your life, e.g. a bad fall in skiing).”

    Lol…what? Boxing is practically the definition of a hazardous sport – your goal is to hit the other guy in the head until he passes out, while he’s trying to do the same thing to you.

    I was going to say that football is practically as bad, but I realized that I’m not sure whether we’re talking about english football (what’s called soccer in america) or american football where you spend the whole game crashing into other players almost headfirst.

    Skiing, on the other hand, is something that no one I’ve personally known has ever ended up with a major injury from. (Snowboarding is an entirely different story though, known several people to break something major with that).

    While I agree with the sentiment, choosing a sport where getting hit in the head until you pass out does not seem like a safe route in any way to me. [I think you misunderstand the concept of catastrophic risk. It’s almost impossible to get seriously hurt in boxing unless you fight professionally. Lots of superficial injuries that heal quickly. In contrast, one bad moment in skiing can ruin your knees for life. I know several people with injuries that limit their lives picked up in skiing, snowboarding and BMX. None from boxing or BJJ. K.]

    • I don’t think I misunderstood what you meant by catastrophic risk – I also meant injuries that cause a long term and unsolvable physical problem. Short term injuries that heal and you’d never know they happened don’t count, as you said.

      I tried to do some research, it’s the internet so take it for what it’s worth, but this article summed up what my perception of injuries from boxing typically are –

      – Although many injuries occur, boxing accounts for fewer deaths than many other sports, but the British Medical Association (BMA) says this is insignificant compared to the effects of brain damage that may go unrecorded in many boxers.

      – As boxing involves powerful people hitting each other repeatedly, often around the head, there are significant risks of head injury. Most serious of all is a risk of permanent severe brain damage. According to brain surgeons, over 80 per cent of professional boxers have serious brain scarring on MRI scans. The evidence for harm or cumulative brain damage to amateur boxers is less clear.

      Frankly, I’m not sure what to think now. I had thought it would say the same thing for both amateurs and professionals. But I think most people would agree that getting permanent brain injury is worse than permanent physical injury (when at roughly the equivalent level). Hmm, admittedly though, it looks like the effects of that happening when doing amateur level stuff are not as clear cut as I had thought. [The British Meddling Association cannot be trusted. They are constantly peddling lies about boxing and MMA. For example they claim headgear reduces injury, which is bullshit. They want to kill boxing for ideological reasons. Also remember the BMA is simply the trade union for medics. Its not a charity or government organisation. K.]

  18. Loved this series, wonder if you gave up on the third part.

  19. K, is the third entry to this series ever going to materialize? The first two are excellent. [Thanks, but probably not. I think Aaron Clarey covers it quite well in Bachelor Pad Economics and Enjoy The Decline. K.]

  20. What I’m about to advise will be accompanied by a Greek chorus of PUAs and trainers chanting;


    Take on an experienced older lover, no more and no less than one, and only for long enough to learn the basics.

    This will probably be after losing your virginity, but before you start serious work on external game. In your early to mid-twenties, you’ll be in the prime demographic to be targeted by a MILF. No point in wasting a good buzz from a fading Oedipal Complex, go for it. If the idea of dating a woman with children bothers you, then skip over MILFs and just go for a single woman with diminishing SMV and no offspring. If you have brass balls and nerves of steel like I did, hook up with a GILF.

    The primary goal of this mating is to get very good at sexual technique very quickly. Think of it as less like gymnastics and more like acupuncture. She’ll show you all the erogenous zones; internal, external, obvious, and diguised. She’ll teach you how women communicate their needs and desires directly, with words. She’ll show you how deeply and how often women orgasm. If she is really kind, she’ll show you first hand all the subcomms women give off (you may have to swear an oath to not reveal from whom you got your Girl Code knowledge).

    Do not think that just because a woman is older, and especially if she has been married, that she knows what she is doing in bed. If hers was a typical beta marriage there is a good chance her skills are rubbish. You might want to think of it like giving a job interview, just do not ask for a CV/resume. Instead, ask for references.

  21. This is exactly what I need to read at the moment (I am 25). So lucky I found you. Thank you Nick [You’re welcome. K]

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