December 2, 2012

While I was living in Tokyo my co-worker told me about a highly regarded domestic whiskey called Yamazaki. It has a peaty smokey taste coming from an unusual casking procedure up in the mountainous hot springs region slightly north of Tokyo. While I was travelling up in Nikko I visited one of the small hole-in-the-wall whiskey joints they have around the rural train station square and fell into conversation with the owner. He must’ve been into his seventies but still had that gruff clipped demeanour of the old generation – the yamato damashi Japanese spirit. When I asked for a Yamazaki single malt his eyes lit up and he regalled me with the history of the drink.

Total war

Total war

Back in the Meiji Restoration (1868) the Emperor waged a power struggle with the Shogun that culminated in a major battle as depicted in the Tom Cruise movie The Last Samurai. Leading up to this samurai showdown was a strange stand-off just twenty kilometres south of where I sat on my tatami mat sipping the whiskey. The Emperor’s army had moved north supported by American rifles and camped out on the south of two large thinly-wooded hills. The Shogun host was on the north side. It was a standoff because whoever advanced into the marshy clearing between was at significant disadvantage.

A local whiskey maker, just a ramshackle operation out of one large barn, had begun to supply both sides. As the standoff stretched from one day to a whole week the amassed troops eagerly bought whatever he put in front of them. Before long he was sourcing whiskey from nearby villages and having it shuttled through forest trails at night under cover of darkness, a team of local boys carrying small casks on their backs as they slip past bribed sentries. For a week raucus singing was heard around campfires and the local whiskey maker Shigeru Yamazki filled his coffers…. then suddenly one day the armies moved, a decisive battle was fought, and like a passing tornado the villages were returned to their normal quiet state.

Mr Yamazaki had positioned himself as the biggest whiskey maker in the district, a position his descendents hold to this day. He’s since sold on the brand to Japan’s huge corporation Suntory. Locals of Nikko still remember the story.

Deep and rich, like my bank account

Deep and rich, like my bank account

Ok, I lied. Every word of the above is a sheer fabrication. But ask yourself this given the following two choices:

  1. Suntory Yamazaki 12 year malt or
  2. Sainsbury’s own brand

Which one will give you the greater satisfaction when putting a slug of whiskey over some ice cubes then sitting back, your feet up, unwinding after a day in the office? Marketers know that we prefer to buy experiences and symbols than mere products. I’d rather smoke a Cohiba Esplendido as smoked by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, plugging myself into the long lineage of Cuban culture than an equally fine Honduran cigar form Carlos de No-Name’s plantation.

One question I’m asked about Game is how do you avoid player ennui? How do you avoid that empty feeling that its all pointless and women are just stimulus-responders to run the same model on over and over again until you just want to shut yourself into a room and cry. My answer is to mythologise them.

Mythology Game: Create grand narratives of evocative symbolism, sweeping histories that you can insert the woman into and give her a role to strive to fill

This is value-added game. Reductionists will dehumanise interactions to reduce Game down to a mechanical system – a blueprint, a sequence, a secret code. You apply the code on the lizards / HBs / sluts / girls until you achieve your notch. If you reduce male-female interactions down to the notch you are painting yourself into a corner. You’ll find:

  • You target venues where women are at their least interesting, such as nightclubs or online dating sites. Not only are you positioning yourself into a millieu which dehumanises the experience but you are also self-selecting the worst of women
  • Your game model funnels girls into a particular role – the target. She understands this. At a meta-level you are leading her to be a co-participant in squalid meaningless sex. Girls who reject this position will be screened out. Girls who are in the grey area are stripped of their better features
  • The experience is framed as squalid, so you pilot it that direction

Run this over and over again and of course you’ll have no respect for the women you fuck and this will soon bleed out into a lack of respect for yourself. You are NLPing yourself into misery. Compound this with the dopamine addiction of new lays. Not good. Why not make the process work for you by directing it towards increasing your long-term satisfaction? That’s reality weaving, what I consider to be the next jump forwards in Game.

Try to find the good in everybody and everything that you interact with

Say you are lying on your bed now, your logical forebrain in control. Perhaps you worry about a deadline at work or you are mentally reorganising your Xbox gaming schedule to make sure you can level up on Black Ops 2 but still finish Hitman Absolution. Pull your mind out of the future and live the power of now. Feel your toes. Wiggle them. Enjoy the sensation of sending signals to your toes and making them move. Feel the cotton duvet under your fingertips, the soft duck down of the pillow as it cushions your head. There’s a satisfying plume of heat blowing out the fan of your laptop, like warming your hands over a radiator on a snowy winter’s day after your breath has formed perspiration clouds in the crisp air.

You get to decide how much you enjoy your experiences. You get to decide the symbolism you put onto them. Use that to make your life richer.

KGB 2012 collection

KGB 2012 collection

Use symbolism to make your girl more interesting to you. She’s Romanian? Slip in callback humour about her being a vampire. Build a whole mythology around it. She’s the last of a long line of vampires from a dark old castle tucked deep in the Carpathian mountains. At night when she closes her Skype she walks over to the windows and looks for miles across dark forests, mist swirling around the treetops and over the vines that snake up the cliff face. Keep the symbolism going, embellish it, get her playing along. She’s Russian? Now she’s a KGB agent like Xenia Onatopp, a top assassin who seduces high-placed diplomats in casinos on the French riviera. Get her talking in an exaggerated Russian accent, encourage her to wear fur hats, call her Comrade when you’re in restaurants.

Women spend their whole lives daydreaming of romance stories. They are desperate to be whisked out of the dreary monotony of the daily grind. Whisk her away mentally. Importantly, you are doing this for yourself. By bringing out the best in her, by fitting her into your favourite mythology, you enrich the experience for yourself. She’s no longer “girl A”. You are co-conspirators in an adventure full of fire, passion and imagination.

Consider routine mechanical dating to be like reading a school textbook or the local free newspaper. Like a repetitive modern dance song. It’s a passionless mediocre affair. How much more fun it is to read a ripping yarn, an adventurous period piece (say Count of Monte Cristo) or to immerse yourself in an amazing song. It’s still just you lying on your bed in your dressing gown but your mind is in the clouds and your heart is beating with the blood of a thousand warriors.

Bring the best out of your women. Mythologise your dating life.

* NSFW link to those Russian birds.


  1. This is great, but more geared towards those with abstract thinking. Not everyone is right brain dominant. It’s another facet of game – verbal game – which is extremely potent, but not something you should attempt unless you’re a creative person naturally.

    PS. Alcohol works wonders for story weaving, both from your ability to tell it and her ability to receive it with above-normal enthusiasm.

  2. Absolutely insightful Krauser. I had a girl this year somewhat obsessed with the ideas of spies, she loved role playing that we were two foreign agencies having late night rendezvous. Made it very easy to keep it in the frame of just late night hookups lol!

  3. You`re on a roll man, that last phrase is genuinely epic.

  4. Ok great, this is exactly what I was thinking the other day. It’s almost as simple saying “make it fun.” I think too many game aware people like to go around acting like bad asses and treating people like mindless drones (or in the case of women, just wet holes and yes many are). But if you treat people who you want in your life as actual people with their own story, than it makes many things less stressful, including getting the girls you want. Great post K

  5. any suggestions for brazilian girls?

  6. But shouldn’t the ideal be women whom you needn’t mythologize to appreciate intimacy with? [Missing the point. Cohiba cigars are top quality but still offer an improved smoke when you buy into the symbolism. K.]

  7. This is great. I love this for so many reasons but it makes me sad for a few too. I think this is probably one of the last things in game I learned. When you finally understand this is probably when you actually graduate from game. People aren’t targets, or “wet holes”, everyone has good to them. Everyone has something to teach and no one is perfect. The judgements you make on other people sample your own insecurities. When you finally take the time to appreciate every moment that you’re alive, every blessing you have and every person you interact with is the goal. I only wish everyone could share in that enlightenment but we all need to take our own journey.

  8. Off topic question, inspired by a recent post that you’ve since deleted.

    I assume that at some point, you want your life to involve less Internet chatting with girls in preparation for visiting them, and you don’t want to have to pretend that you’re in some girl’s country visiting friends when in fact you came just for her. I assume in the future you want to REALLY be traveling the world for non-girl purposes, and have these same types of girls realize how cool you are and fall for you without so much effort and managing of how the girl views you.

    How do you know when it’s time to switch from this “fake it till you make it” strategy into a strategy where you try your best to act only as a high value man would?

    I’m in a similar position where I feel like I’ve almost made it, but I still engage in behaviors to make myself appear more high value than I am. For instance I might spend 10 minutes thinking about how to compose a single text message.

    Aren’t you and I just reinforcing the idea in our own minds that we need to try to impress girls, and perhaps making it harder in the long run to cultivate a genuine high-value attitude? [I think there’s a gradual hand-over between the processes. It might be 90/10 fake/real when you begin, until those numbers gradually reverse. It may be purer to be real from the beginning but if your value isn’t there you simply won’t get any results. K.]

  9. This post is rich and intriguing. You make some great points very well. But I’m not entirely sure that I entirely understand all of it correctly. I will re-read this post until then.
    What I do know is this:
    Your capacity for appreciation of your reality is your capacity for happiness in your life as it is.
    You can choose how appreciative you will be or will not be.
    The rewards of going through life sneering at everything are not worth the price you pay for doing that. A negative outlook is self-defeating.
    PUA guys who exude contempt for all women in general are projecting/revealing serious issues of personal misery, self-loathing, still being a hurt little boy or a wounded romantic, etc.
    There’s a way to be realistic about life/women and aware of the pitfalls and yet you are still going through your life (each day) joyfully. That’s a good goal.
    Don’t run your race against the other runners on the track today; run your race against the clock, against your own limitations, against your own past best performance, etc.

    I hope I’m not just restating ideas already expressed by Krauser or other readers
    (although sometimes restating is worth doing for certain communication).
    The average quality of reader comments on this blog is appreciably higher than on many others.

    • I also apprececiate the quality of the comments, very rare indeed. It seems like you cats have a pretty healthy view on women & relationships. Roleplaying can really add that fun element to the connection you have with women. I remember back in the day, I always used to try to be witty, but women respond more positively to that playground humor. My favorite roleplay is probably acting like they are my bodyguard. You can flex her biceps, check out her karate chop & screen her to see if she is “qualified” lol…What are some of the ones that you guys find effective?.. anyway keep the good posts coming!

  10. My immediate gut reaction on reading this one is that it’s a totally wrong way to go about things. I am very surprised. It’s like the complete opposite of red pill, more like just plugging back into an alternative matrix, like the traitor tries to in the Matrix movie. I don’t feel a need to mythologize girls or life in this way. My goal is face reality as directly as possible. Life is rich and can be experienced as such (which you do point out someway through the article). Girls are very complex and a good quality girl has so much going on in her, this mix of animal and girl and woman, the richness of her personal history, her unpredictability and her character traits, in addition to the pure physicality of her smell and body and the sounds she makes and so on, why would I need to project fiction on to her? This is like Cosmopolitan columns that advise girls to imagine they are being fucked by Brad Pitt to spice up their relationships.

    “Marketers know that we prefer to buy experiences and symbols than mere products. I’d rather smoke a Cohiba Esplendido as smoked by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, plugging myself into the long lineage of Cuban culture than an equally fine Honduran cigar form Carlos de No-Name’s plantation.”
    Again this is surprising. Advertising is for suckers. Buying into marketing like this demonstrates lack of frame control. You can’t “plug in” (a revealing term no? from a red pill advocate?) to Cuban culture by buying products, you have to put in time and effort in participating in it. What counts in this case surely is the quality of the cigar and not the marketing gloss? Just as in game what counts is the real value of the man and not the bullshit image PUAs try to manipulate?

    What’s the basis of your philosophy of life then? Just complete postmodern relativism? Again I am surprised.

    • his post is a reaction to the inevitable feeling that there must be something more to life than banging sluts.

      as you go through the stages of game, you usually end up with this feeling, i believe.

      this is where I think Roosh and Roissy (roosh especially) has lost touch with main point of all of this, which is to lead a happy life and that life involves positive relations with women.

      no offense to you, but perhaps you need to evolve more in the game life. thats where this feeling comes from.

      and if you really step back and think about how infinitesimally small we are and how meaningless our lives are, creating a good story for your life is essential for enjoying what little bullshit we have here.

      at some point Game theory has to move on from how to bang sluts and into how to have the most fulfilling life possible.

      • “his post is a reaction to the inevitable feeling that there must be something more to life than banging sluts.”

        Krauser has been the one who’s focused his attention on gaming quality girls rather than ‘banging sluts’ so this shouldn’t apply.

        “as you go through the stages of game, you usually end up with this feeling, i believe….
        no offense to you, but perhaps you need to evolve more in the game life. thats where this feeling comes from.”

        No offense taken (I am nowhere near Krauser’s level) but I don’t agree that this is inevitable, and if it was inevitable then your line of thinking would be a solid argument to avoid it in the first place.

      • banging sluts was a euphemism.

        while i’ve had similar experiences even with banging only quality girls, I have had the same feelings that krauser describes. the ennui that results i believe is what we’re trying to over come.

  11. When I first learned game, it was about getting the basics right: Attraction, Comfort, Seduction.

    As I advanced, i looked towards more of the “Aloof asshole” game.

    Then as I started getting better at that, I found Krauser’s blog and practiced and adopted and localized many of the approaches, I find that this concept of creating a story is vital.

    I struggle now to get it right but the basics are about keeping frame, passing shit tests and keeping things light and lively.

    The whole weaving of plot-lines, of creating characters from the girls I’m gaming, mimiicking their speaking or texting style…all create a kind of bond that builds comfort and leads to better closes.

    The idea of creating an “experience” by being with me is a new concept in my game but something i’m getting quite quickly and using to my advantage.

    Banter is not it….the whole idea of “experiential” game or “experiential seduction” is not particularly new.

    Watch 9 1/2 Weeks and see how the Mckey Rourke character games the Kim Bassinger character.

    It’s about role play about scaring her, about putting in a variety of situations so that she begins to feel more.

    The challenge is not to go beta, not to supplicate or cave in.

  12. “Try to find the good in everybody and everything that you interact with.”

    I would add to see the good in yourself too. That would be the way to a healthier self-esteem.

  13. Don’t lose yourself in the symbolism…isn’t this how males are made into romantic betas

    • Design is control when the designs belong to you. Life is your ship, your charts and your crew. Every great man who ever lived didn’t reach his peak by giving a flying fuck about externalities, of which the alpha/beta decisioning committee is one.

  14. Adding a bit of roleplaying in a relationship can be a lot of fun. Just use your imagination to turn a regular situation into something more. Remember those childhood games where the floor became lava? A middle class living room was never more exciting. The same can be done when you’re out. Instead of grabbing a drink, you are there to keep tabs on foreign spies. But you have to find them first. So who is acting suspiciously normal? Or you are anthropologists working for National Geographic. Get her to describe the awkward seduction going on at the table in the corner in her best David Attenborough voice.

    From personal experience, I know that women tend to respond a lot more interestingly to a text that says ‘Comrade Pekovich, report!’ than to ‘Hey 🙂 how was your day?’
    It is also a great way to quickly screen out boring, unimaginative girls and should combine very well with the patented chick crack. [While I agree with your points, mythologising is much more than little roleplay games. K.]

  15. The phenomenon Krauser is describing here has been part of rapport building in Game since the beginning. It basicly is the evolution of the rapport building question “what do you want to be when you grow up, and you can’t say princess” or the “we’re married, kids, divorced, etc”-gambit. And then sticking to the reality you/she create(s).

    You don’t do this from a perspective of getting to the bang asap! But you do this for enjoying the interaction. Getting to learn and enjoy the repsonses she is giving you. Creating your world in which the two of you live. It’s you and her against the world.

    There are at least two reasons to do these fantasy simulations:
    1. to enjoy yourself;
    2. to keep her coming back.

    Eventually in Game you feel a sort of emptiness after the umpieth shallow bang. Women have become just pussies and you can dissect the procedure on how to gain access to the pussy too clinically. And eventually it becomes boring. Some form of roleplay and emotional enjoyment can bring back the appreciation for her as a human being and for you yourself to enjoy the interaction more.

    By taking the initiative to conciously create these mythologies or symbolisms you can suck her into your frame and mold her exactly like you want to. The strong psychological effect this has on her will keep her coming back to you. It gives her an oppotunity to see you as someone different and fall in love with you through what women perceive as romance.

    This concept is probably one of the main aspects of deep conversion which Krauser doesn’t want to post in its entirety. Great stuff, mate. [Yes, this comment is closer to parsing what I meant. K.]

  16. Another great post, Krauser. Two ideas:

    1) The neuronal mapping in female brains is largely that of a child, having to do with their biological imperative to bond with, well, children. (Read the book: ‘The Female Brain.’) This leads them to love playing make believe, just as we did when we were children: cowboys and indians, war, ninjas, Stars Wars, etc. Only now we get to play slightly more advanced games that involve the hard wired desires of BOTH boys and girls.

    2) My personal view on female companionship is that dealing in the world of men is warfare. Bringing females into that world is an oasis from the war. Playing sexual games with them becomes a respite from the war. I love it. I get highly imaginative with it. The females love that. Once they’re receptive to my imaginations in the games we play, I introduce them to the magic of real life. I direct her attention away from Facefuck, but rather to: the explosive taste of FRESH herbs we incorporated into the dish we just cooked and savored; the aroma of a quality coffee ground freshly brewed in the morning; the post-coitus feel of cold winter air rushing through the cracked window that hardens her nipples; the maestro sounds of my favorite music on the stereo; the moaning, sighing, squealing sounds of her own orgasms; the feel of massaging and tickling fingers over her flesh; the sight of a fantastic sunset or spring chicks newly hatched in their nest in the rafter of the balcony. These are games of existence; the things that make life worth living.

    Beyond that are the other senses, which are a topic for another day.

    Nihilism towards male/female relationships (despite the fact that Western culture has brought us to the brink) is a slow death for YOURSELF . . . AND the rest of us. Work through the phases; you probably have no other option (spiritual law, and all that). But just go through them as quickly as possible, trying not to get hung-up at any one level (though, we all have our sticking points). The majesty of life on this speck of sand hurtling through the universe is still breathtaking–THEY CAN NEVER TAKE THAT FROM US. Despite how awfully Western culture has degenerated, the magic of life is still right in front of you every day. The females don’t want that dystopic existence any more than we do. Let that magic be the bond between you and your women. They will cherish you for it. After all, in this dystopic era, who else is going to give it to them? The media? Fashion magazines? Pop culture? YOU become their oasis through your own selfish desires for a better world . . . Everyone truly wins, and for the long term. [Agreed. Also, men are women’s oasis away from having to deal with the sniping of other women on the swingset. K.]

  17. Krauser, you have reframed the mythopoetic as a means of entertaining yourself and others. The Greek tragedians and comedians are probably the best early examples in Western civilization.

    Think of two bipolar scales in a Cartesian space; [+/- memorable] and [+/- truth]

    [+Memorable,+Truth]: War stories, DHV stories, memes, mythology, epic poetry
    [+Memorable,-Truth]: Urban myths, a lot of social conditioning
    [-Memorable,+Truth]: Raw infield reports
    [-Memorable,-Truth]: White lies

    You want your ad hoc and post hoc stories to fall in the first quadrant, not the third.

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