The Upa Drill – Bedroom Edition

December 31, 2016

Sitting over a morning coffee in Thailand with a couple of friends our conversation turned towards the previous evening’s events in the UFC. Before long we discussed the application of MMA techniques to the bedroom. Let me show you a very easy trick to employ with a lucky lady. It has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Pure porn

Pure porn

Do you know the “upa drill” in Brazilian Ju Jitsu? It’s a warm-up / conditioning drill in which you lay on your back and then buck your hips up and to one side, then reach an arm over your head to touch the mat on the other side. Here’s a video.

You can practice that on your living room floor until it’s burned into your muscle memory. It’s application is to bridge an opponent out of mount position. There are several YouTube videos demonstrating it, so let’s pick one what has two slim women making only a token effort to pretend it’s not a wank-stash vid:

The key is to conceive of the top girl’s balance as like a table with four legs. If you remove the legs on two sides it will tip over. Watch the video again and note how the bottom bitch girl traps her opponent’s ankle with her own foot, and the same-side arm with her arm, bringing it tight into her body. This removes the two “table legs” and makes her tip over in that direction with only the lightest upa movement.

If you haven’t figured out why this move works great in the bedroom, I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. And on another note, here’s some art from my almost-ready next book:


If you liked that, you’re gonna like my book. It’s just not on sale yet.

Simple In-Set Predictions

November 8, 2016

We you talk to a girl, there are two variables that determine whether she’s likely to fuck you: interest and availability. Put simply, to fuck a girl she must be at least somewhat interested (in you) and somewhat available (to you).

Contained within that are all manner of shades of grey. If she’s happily married, heavily k-selected, and feels sexually cold towards you then that’s an extreme No Girl for a caddish player in town for a week looking for casual sex. She could be a Weak Maybe for a local daygamer looking for a mistress over the longer term. She’s unlikely to be anything closer to Yes for anyone else. An all-around low probability girl because she’s happy with her current romantic options, her life plan, and not of the type to have casual sex easily.

In contrast a girl who broke up with her boyfriend three months ago, hasn’t had sex since, is in a new city, and at the horniest time of the month – this girl scores high on general availability. If you then happen to match her on DNA or the archetype of man she likes, she’s interested in you. This could be a Yes Girl. Between those two extremes are all kinds of Maybe Girls. Sometimes a girl is dating a boyfriend but growing dissatisfied and harbouring thoughts of dumping him – she’s just waiting for a better option. So she is somewhat available and you coming along may be the push she needs. Even so, you might not be her type so she’s uninterested in you even though she’s theoretically available to a player with different characteristics.

Most daygamers have experienced a girl who eye spazzes quickly, gives a long hand-hold, allows you close and to touch her, and is clearly dripping wet on the street but….. is married and says no. That’s a girl strongly interested in you but unavailable.


So, that fleshes out the concept that the girl must be interested in you and available to you – and that these are somewhat sliding scales. Let’s talk about how to recognise it in set.

INTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These girls give immediate positive reactions be it strong eye sparkle, blushing, giggling, hand-holding (strong interest) or a milder version of the same, so as subtle body shifts, solid eye contact, and an agreeability (mild interest). The crucial tell is physical engagement. If you see that, you can tick off “interested”.

Now, does she invest? If a girl is willing to stick around for ten minutes talking to you, come on an idate, or she tells you she’s late for a train but she gives you a few minutes: this granting an opportunity to make a pitch suggests availability – she may still be making her mind up about you (i.e. not strong interest) but she’s at least willing to hang around a while to find out – she’s generally available.

INTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These girls also give the positive signs of physical engagement but – crucially – few signs of social engagement. Think back to how many times you had a fun chat with a girl who seemed ‘on’ but at the end she says “sorry I have a boyfriend / husband”. Now rewind your memory of the set and look for one specific thing – did she ever throw herself into the conversation?

These girls are always holding something back in-set. You feel they won’t take a step forwards into the interaction. Rather, you get the feeling they are letting you run your game as if they are spectators to a football match. They aren’t taking the pitch themselves. This situation emerges because these girls like you (are interested) and therefore wish to continue feeling the pleasant sensation of flirting but would feel guilty about actively encouraging you (are unavailable). So they fudge it – they let you run your game, coo and giggle, but don’t muck in themselves. These sets usually last five minutes and end as soon as you force her to stop sitting on the fence.

No reason

No reason

UNINTERESTED / AVAILABLE – These are the flat boring sets that never seem in a rush to end. Let’s say you spot a girl sitting in a cafe and you open. She looks a little dubious but makes conversation. It probably feels like you are plowing at the beginning and it takes skill and effort to keep the conversation going. Yet she’s not really IODing you. She doesn’t ask you to leave or make excuses (the street version is she doesn’t walk away). So you think “maybe I can turn this one around”. You sit down and have a twenty minute chat. She gradually opens up. She shit tests you but does give some mild IOIs. You bring the set to an end on your own timescale (not hers) be it a number close or an idate. She doesn’t reply to your feeler text.

This happened because she was generally available to being picked up by somebody but she lacked initial interest in you specifically. Given that she felt open to the world she allowed you to run your game so she could see if she’d warm to you and develop some interest. She granted you the opportunity to make your pitch. That’s why she shit tested you, to see if it would provoke feelings of interest in her. It’s why the whole thing was so flat – she’s just not very interested. These sets are the worst time-wasters because the girls don’t excuse themselves quickly like the INTERESTED/UNAVAILABLE girls do. Typically they’ll last between ten minutes and an hour.

UNINTERESTED / UNAVAILABLE – These sets are easy to spot – you never have a real hook point. They either blow you out fast or stand around impatiently with magnetic feet (they want to be polite but also want you to take the hint). Most of these sets last between ten seconds and two minutes. You never feel like you’ve stopped their momentum.

Next time you’re out daygaming watch for how the end result of your set can be predicted by spotting these signs while you’re in there.

If you thought this post was clear, precise, and actionable you should see my video product. It’s all of this done live in-field with a shit-load of analysis.

Rage Quit

November 5, 2016

Daygame is a Sisyphean task. Depending on how you do it, it’s either hunting or fishing. Most of the time it’s the former – we go out onto the streets and search for women. When we find one we like we pounce on them. Fishing is also possible; sit in a good spot outside a cafe and chill with your friend waiting for the right girl to amble past – then you pounce.

This is both the joy and the sorrow of daygame – it’s all on you. When you’re in the mood for the work, it’s exhilarating. You have the ability to roll up into a new city and make things happen. If you get the right combination of effort, skill and luck you’ll bang a pretty girl that week. Long-time daygamers will also know the downside to that calculus – when you aren’t in the mood, it’s a grind. You know that if you stop putting forth the focused effort, your results dry up.

I was watching a video analysis of Dark Souls last night [1] Towards the end of the video the speaker addressed the game’s theme, something widely contested in that geek’s corner of teh interwebs. For him, Dark Souls is about a bleak choice – you either strive or you die. The world or Lordran is fierce, unforgiving and no matter how hard you try you never make real progress. You put forth your best efforts, step-after-step, facing never-ending hardship and then any time you stumble you’re thrown back to the beginning. It’s a never-ending struggle just to stay in the same place. Any time you lose an engagement, you’ve had a little of your humanity whittled away from you never to return. The game is like walking up a down escalator.


And yet you persist. It’s compelling. Why is that?

Is it because that while the world is harsh, it’s fair? Every time you replay an area you learn a little more about its traps and opportunities. Every time you face an adversary you pick up on the tells and patterns in his attacks. You learn his weaknesses. There are few moments as satisfying as taking down a boss at the tenth attempt, crowning a learning cycle that began with you getting smashed into a pulp on the first attempt.

Is it because the alternative is simply death? There’s no easy mode in Dark Souls. It sets you a herculean task and you either press ahead or you give up.

Is it because that perilous journey feeds a never-ending supply of small engagements with enemies and forces you to become intensely aware of every metre of land in the level? Dark Souls forces you into a hyper-awareness of your surroundings and you come out of every play-through with a collection of mini-dramas from the battles – the wins and the losses.

When you play Dark Souls you experience video games very differently to blasting through on-rails levels like Call Of Duty. You sink into the world of Lordran and are immersed. Time ticks by while you are focused on the task. You are in a flow state. But sometimes it’s all too much. You creep down the spiral staircase of an abandoned castle tower to the spot where you died ten minutes ago. You see the bloodstain marking the spot – if you reach that you recover all those souls that took you an hour to collect. You step into the room and….. smash, crash, bang the Black Knight has just killed you. You’d forgotten there was one there.


An absolute fucking cunt, yesterday

An absolute fucking cunt, yesterday

Those souls are gone forever. An hour of work evaporates before your eyes while the Black Knight stands above, hacking at your lifeless corpse. FUCK THIS! Your controller goes flying across the room. You simply cannot bear to play it any more.

Obviously if daygame was that shit I wouldn’t have done it for seven years. That’s just the downside. Conversely, the upside creates feelings which are – without exaggeration – the most addictive and joyful I’ve ever experienced. Two days later Dark Souls is back on your mind. You’ve been strategising while in the bath – if I throw an alluring skull into the far corner he’ll investigate then I can creep in and backstab him. Yes! I’ll try that! Four hours on the Dark Souls roller-coaster and the controller goes flying across the room again [2]. But you learned something in the interim. You opened up a new zone and unlocked a new shortcut. You had a compelling four-hour struggle and you remember some of the battles in exquisite detail.

For the past six weeks I’ve been deep in Daygame Revulsion, the rage quit equivalent in our world. 2016 has been a fantastic year with tremendous upsides and many memorable encounters (win or lose). I’ve unlocked new areas in Lordran [3] and encountered new enemies [4] and also helpful NPCs. But now it’s cold, I’m worn out, and I’ve already banged enough girls for the year.

Just as I can’t go long without picking up that controller for another run at Dark Souls, I know with certainty I’ll be back out on the streets putting forth real effort again. But not for a while. I’m done with 2016 [5]. I’ll do a little half-assed opening on auto-pilot, akin to the zombies in Dawn Of The Dead stumbling around a shopping mall listening to the echoes of a former life.

[1] – Go on, tell me that surprises you.
[2] – I exaggerate. I’ve only launched the controller once ever. Usually I’ll just shout expletive-laden rants at the screen.
[3] – Specifically, Odessa and Moscow
[4] – There’s one big muscular brown mini-boss with an Indian accent. His main attacks are smoke and mirrors. It’s pretty easy to just aggro him and watch him kill himself.

[5] – Personally,I blame Donald Trump. It’s impossible to focus on getting laid when the entire future of Western Civilisation is to be decided within a week.

If you thought this was a bit negative, you’ll be glad I was banned from Twitter. In the meantime, buy my book.

I don’t plow

November 3, 2016

“I don’t plough” I say to my friend after letting a girl walk away after just thirty seconds of chat. “Waste of time”

A bit later I’m talking to a different girl. She tells me she’s in a hurry for the train home. I keep talking and tell her to get the next train. I’m much more interesting, I tell her, and what’s the point of rushing home to watch TV all night when the most interesting and charismatic man she’ll ever meet is inviting her for a drink right now? She seems indecisive, clearly weighing up the two options.

“But I have a boyfriend” she protests.
“I don’t care. I’m not the boyfriend type” I reply. “Look, there’s a nice bar over there. Let’s get a quick drink. Come on.”

She dances side-to-side awkwardly and I can almost hear Joe Strummer singing Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

“I’m sure you love your boyfriend. That’s great. You can get married, buy a house and have lots of beautiful children. But right now, I like you and you like me. Let’s go.”

She relents and joins me on the instant date. So, do I fuck this girl or not? Who knows, who cares. The point is why did “I don’t plow” became “I just plowed”?

Would you plow this?

Would you plow this?

I don’t think about technique in set anymore [1]. I trust the years of practice to have drilled my muscle memory to do everything right or at least close enough to right that fine-tuning doesn’t matter. Now I’m just looking for answers to the key questions, the main one is this: Does she fancy me?

That’s the single most important success factor in chatting up a girl. There has to be some attraction there. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but she has to have some. Often you can take your time in the set (be it the street or a bar) and let a girl gradually warm to you and then go for the number regardless. However, sometimes circumstances require you to make a decision about whether to cut your losses or to go all-in.

Instant dates are an obvious example – it only takes a minute to take a number but idates can stretch on from twenty minutes to seven hours. Suddenly there’s a massive time investment in walking her off rather than taking a number. That’s a decision to make carefully and I explain exactly how in Daygame Mastery.

Plowing is another special case. This is because unsuccessful plowing can really fuck up your vibe and frame. If you do it too much you’ll look and feel like a pussy beggar. Girls will feel awkward and it’ll sour your sets. Your body language and eye contact will become needy, carrying over into all your future sets. Conversely, we’ve all had times when a girl initially protests but we end up fucking her. Nobody wants to leave money on the table. So, what to do?

Put that back on the table, bitch

Put that back on the table, bitch

For me it’s simple – I ask myself does she fancy me? If she does, I’ll plow and I’ll argue the toss. So long as she fancies you, you avoid the main pitfalls of over-plowing. She won’t feel awkward because the mutually-understood context is of course you’re going to try and she’s pleasantly receptive precisely because she likes you and thus enjoys your show of interest. You don’t feel like a pussy beggar because you’re not plowing every girl, just the ones whom your calibration directs you to. Chasing high-probability leads is hardly begging.

Additionally, once you start arguing the toss you are free to engage in very overt fourth-wall chat which makes the set even more entertaining for you both.

“Look, I can already see your future. You’re nervous now and you’ll run away, jump on that train. And I’m telling you – later tonight, you’ll facepalm. How could I be so stupid you’ll tell yourself. I was talking to literally the most handsome and charming man I’ve met in my whole life but I ran home to watch House Of Cards. This could be the biggest mistake of your life.”

“My mother says I’m special. Don’t you agree? Look at the firm angle of my jawline, the cheerful spark in my eyes. This is what charisma looks like.”

So how do you know if she fancies you? I think existing PUA literature has that covered. The big ones for street game are:

  • a flash in her eyes that you feel as electricity
  • wide eyes and big smile
  • she lets you get close
  • she lets you touch her

[1] Because I’m so awesome at street game

If you thought this was specific, relevant and helpful to improving your daygame, then you might like my book. It’s basically the best thing in the world.

My New Infield Product

October 2, 2016

Daygame Overkill is my crowning achievement so far. It represents the perfect intersection of both my game being on-point but also me still being sufficiently fascinated by the technical innovations in daygame that I wanted to analyse it all in teachable micro-detail. I poured my heart and soul into creating that. Every daygamer with a YouTube account and website has bought a login to Overkill and copied the style. I’m not bitter at all, I’m flattered. But it did mean I needed to change my style and come up with some new innovations.

Back when I was good, yesterday

Back when I was good, yesterday

Those infields were shot two years ago and I’ve learned lots since. Perhaps another infield series could be done? It would certainly be different to Overkill. At the beginning of 2016 I settled upon a grand plan. I’d mic up with a dictaphone and record all my sets, where possible getting a wing to video them too. Then I’d very carefully cherry-pick the best of them to pretend that was my normal game. “That’ll sell tonnes of books!” I thought, rubbing my hands in glee.

Surely some cherry-picking and selective blurring of girl’s faces could craft the illusion that I was constantly banging hotties!

I respect this HB8 too much to show her face

I respect this HB8 too much to show her face

Then I future-projected how much actual work that would involve and thought “Fuck that, I need a Plan B”. A new cunning plan formed.

I could stitch together a tapestry of infields based on a whole range of scams. I’d approach girls who looked like models then simply mute audio on the bit where I pretended to be a talent scout who could get them a job. I’d approach scammers on Khreschatyk Street in Kiev and mute the part where I invited them to an expensive restaurant. Perhaps I’d pick up disgusting fat girls high on drugs then ply them with alcohol and date rape them in my apartment and simply reframe them as being psychologically unbalanced by the power of my game.

I could fill an entire YouTube channel with that! If I gave them salacious titles like “Foreign Bald Man Lays Hot Model Teen – Nearly Died So Wild” it might go viral. Then I realised a brown pathological liar from India had already sewn up that niche. Fuck. I needed a PLAN C.

How about if I got high on coke and walked around London bug-eyed hassling unsuspecting girls and uploading literally every set, occasionally monologuing in a park about “self acceptance” or “inner fear”. SHIT! Someone had already thought of that.

Ok, PLAN D. How about trading on my looks to get hot but skanky whores from assisted dating sites, sending them dick pics, and filming myself banging them. SHIT! Someone had already thought of that too! Ok, ok, Nick……. wait. Think! Is there any niche that some enterprising daygame coach hasn’t already sewn up?

I could take hallucinogenic drugs then video myself drinking my own piss, claiming it freed me of social anxiety? Perhaps periscope myself doing weak “PR” closes on the escalators of American shopping malls? How about getting fucked off my nut on cocaine and booze then manhandling terrified chubby drunk girls and trying to pass them off as HB10s?

Done. Done. Done.

Shitty infields, tomorrow

Shitty infields, tomorrow

How about I just aped my own Daygame model but hired actresses in London and Krakow to play the part up until fumbling around in the bedroom on the “Same Day Lay”. Shit, I’d been beaten to that too! Was there nothing left to show? I had a good think about it and realised there was only one thing left that no-one else had thought of……. to just admit that most of your sets are shit and let people see them. Daygame Mediocrity was born! More soon.

If you somehow liked this, you’ll almost certainly enjoy Daygame Overkill. But you probably can’t afford it.

Deepak Wayne – Analysis Of His Fake Infield

September 2, 2016

Sit down in your most comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. I’m going to ask you dear readers to do something rather unpleasant – to sit through an entire Deepak Wayne infield video. It’ll make you feel dirty as you listen to him bing-ding-ding-a-ling through fifteen minutes in that awful call centre accent, but really, this time it’s worth it. [1] This is a training exercise.

There are three ways to spot a fake PUA:

  1. Meta-analysis of his results. This was my first expose post. The rule of thumb is “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Deepak was claiming results 5x better than the typical good daygamer. Additionally, his evidence base supported results of maybe 1/5th of what he claimed [2]
  2. Detailed analysis of his game. This is what I do in this post. I’ll take you through a particular fake video of Deepak’s and explain play-by-play why it’s fake. The rule of thumb here is “if it jars against what you know is a legit interaction, it’s probably not legit” [3]
  3. The Smoking Gun. Hardest of all is to find clear incontrovertible evidence that an actress has been hired. Daniel Blake was finally exposed a year later when an enterprising viewer found the bra-strap incident. Tom Torero was exposed when a viewer googled his real name and found a French actress listing two of his videos on her resume, then Andy Yosha contacted her and got a video statement and screencaps of the text messages setting up the shoot.

So let’s get on with a detailed analysis. Treat this as a test of your calibration. The whole time you watch it, listen to your gut. Ask yourself “does this look like a natural spontaneous conversation between two people who just met?” and “would a girl like her respond as enthusiastically to a man like him spitting game of that quality?”

And again, I apologise for making you sit through fifteen minutes of Deepak and his creepy homosexual friend. But oh man, are these clowns hilarious!

0:01 – I call this the “piss on your back and tell you it’s raining” gambit. Deepak pre-frames the video to tell you what you’re going to see, setting the frame so you are less likely interpret the evidence a different way. This is an old marketing trick and not in itself suspicious. Stay alert for how many times he tells you what you should be seeing rather than actually are seeing.
0:05 – This is the “ultimate seduction model” remember! See how she’s already leaning back away from his kiss. She’s disgusted by him.
0:21 – “She can easily have any guy she wants” is why a funny-faced ding-a-ling Indian scammer has to pay her. But we’ll get onto that [4]
1:08 – “So many dating coaches out there who don’t walk their talk”. This is what makes the expose so much more delicious. The sheer duplicity of this man is incredible.

The real deal, yesterday

The real deal, yesterday

1:27 – This is the world’s worst opener. Hello, I’m from Berlin and I just left my friend from Ukraine. I have no idea why he’s so retarded and yet she hooks enthusiastically. Sometimes girls are just very receptive and she may think he’s about to ask directions. So this is evidence of bad game rather than a hired actress. Nonetheless, just keep watching for such consistently bad game getting such a good reaction – that’s the tell.
1:28 – Look how close the cameraman is. She may actually have looked directly at him briefly (hard to tell, might have been at the shopper walking by). Cameraman then circles round clearly keeping them in frame, in her full view. They claim it’s a small spy cam. As you’ll see later when they zoom the shot, it’s clearly not a small cam. The girl would definitely know she’s being filmed yet doesn’t react at all to this knowledge.

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

1:41 – Oh my god, that’s the Torero Toe isn’t it?
1:42 – Deepak’s life-partner frequently mutes the video at strange times to tell you what you’re supposed to be seeing. Why isn’t it simply freeze-framed then restarted? Why is it done in a way that removes information and breaks up the flow? [5]
2:10 – It’s very odd which information they choose to redact for her privacy compared to what’s left in. Deepak’s videos have many strange mute, blur an edit choices that simply don’t make sense if you’re dealing with legit material.
2:38 – Another strange mute and now the lie about using a shitty camera. It’s obvious from the cameraman’s frequent repositioning that he has a viewfinder screen to check. He moves around a lot but always manages to keep the scene clear and without cropping out their heads or feet. Any daygamer who has recorded his wing with an actual spy cam knows how difficult this is when you’re moving. For example. at 2:54 the cameraman sits down then readjusts using the viewfinder.
2:46 – Reason one for using spy cam is “we tried filming with a big DLSR camera but got caught multiple times”. “He met this girl over a long period of time and therefore we needed to be extra careful, that’s why we had this small hidden camera”. Just let that sink in. It’s a time-paradox. They knew in advance that this set would result in multiple meetings with the girl – before opening her – so they needed to use a small hidden camera so as not to arouse her suspicions. And then as you’ll see, it is in fact a DLSR anyway! [6]
3:25 – Consider how chatty she is, without pausing to think or form her words, to talk about something incredibly boring to a stranger. If this happened to me for real, I’d be thinking “this girl is not right in the head”.
3:38 – “I work in Volkswagen”. Is that a DHV or a sexual spike? Not only is this awful game but why isn’t such private information redacted considering city names are?
4:02 – Consider how fast she spits her lines, how little she has to think, and how odd the timing is for bouncing him to the corner. It’s as if none of this requires weighing evidence, assessing her own emotions, then making a decision. It’s more like rattling off a script.
4:05 – Note how the cameraman wasn’t in place and the conversation jumps a little like re-saying the same scripted lines at the jump cut. See also at 4:23 that the first camerman has disappeared. The resolution, filters, exposure etc are all identical as if the actors simply paused until the lone cameraman switched positions.

teleportation machines have a delay

teleportation machines have a delay

4:23 – The entire set has been a barrage of intrusive boring questions. He hasn’t showed any value, spiked, DHVd, stack. His ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ has so far not involved any actual game. [7]
4:43 – Does the cameraman’s posture look more like (i) carefully hiding a spy camera to look unobtrusive or (ii) pretending to do so but actually using a big DLSR and keeping the viewfinder visible?
4:35 – The phone is clasped in her right hand, with the left used to gesticulate. At 4:48 he shakes her left hand as she offers it, keeping the phone clasped in right. Now watch to 4:56…. would you just look at that! She’s switched the phone over to her left hand at precisely the moment there’s a jump cut and awkward pause to allow the cameraman to switch positions. It’s almost as if….. they disengaged and she fiddled around for a bit.
5:15 – Note her lack of increased emotional engagment when Deepak does his physical moves such as holding her hand, closing distance, and leering at her sexually. Actual girls will react to this – if they take it the energy amps up and is visibly in her involuntary actions. If they reject it, they step back or shrug it off. What always happens is they noticeably react to it.
5:20 – Smooth zoom in. Tell-tale sign it’s a DLSR with a viewfinder and not a spy cam. This exposes both the earlier lie at 2:46 and also makes it really weird she hasn’t noticed cameraman moving around her on three separate occasions keeping her in view. There’s another zoom at 6:38
5:26 – Completely fake non-reaction to what would’ve been very big display of intent in a real set. A real girl would feel the intent. She expected it and had no emotional reaction – because it was rehearsed and she was acting.
5:32 – She’s bizarrely receptive to his constant intrusive questioning and challenging. Why isn’t she pushing back a little?
5:59 – They redact her ((unique animal)) [8] even though only someone who knew her really well could use that to identify her – such a person would likely recognise her voice, fashion, mannerisms and jawline. Rather bizarre.
6:02 – “+2 points”. That’s game, that is.
6:56 – She’s about to meet her friend but goes on idate anyway. This sounds rather like it was scripted to convey him overruling her objections with tight game rather than with a concern for how people behave in real world. Given this incongruity it would be natural to show how Deepak convinces her to abandon the friend and yet the next section is completely muted. It’s a black box. One of the key moments (and higher-level skill displays) is simply removed. When the audio comes back in at 8:12 we have no idea how he pulled it off.
8:10 – “You listen to us, you get paid” if you’re a girl.
8:27 – Another barrage of dumbass questions that expect her to do all the work. No mythology, no stack, no story-telling, no humour. Nothing. It’s as if Deepak is a completely charmless buffoon.
8:21 – “So what’s going on in your life?” and she begins to answer then asks exactly the same question at 8:50 after a jump cut that places them 200m further up the street. Doesn’t that seem a little odd? If I’d invented a teleportation device I wouldn’t be hawking bootcamps to fools.

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday... or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday… or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

8:36 – There’s lots of daygamers on this street!
9:46 – Did you notice all the text in the shop logos and street signs is backwards? Yes, the entire video is mirrored.
9:54 – “You literally looked like her daddy” lol. I wish I was a retarded German homosexual. Life would be so much more fun!
10:02 – “I will take you to Delhi and show you India”. Look carefully and you can see the cold hand of terror grip her spine.
10:19 – This is the first in a series of scripted “now I’m sexual” scenes where she is physically recoiling. Shit just got real and she is faced with letting this ugly weirdo touch her in order to earn the money. She tries to hide her disgusts, bless her.
10:38 – Ignore the bizarre jump cuts and decision to edit the rest of the goodbye. Just focus on her body language. Does she show any of the excitement you’d expect from a girl who just met a charming man she fancies and has invited her on a date? Or, does she seem to recoil then lean away, turn away, and hope he goes away?
11:04 – An unenthusiastic meet. In itself no big deal – she could’ve been undecided at this point – but believe me these are gonna start piling up of the next few minutes.
11:24 – They meet at one end of the street and are walking at the other after jump cut outside Starbucks. This is a five minute walk, and the park they end up in is a ten minute walk. Again, not conclusive but very odd. Usually on a date you take her to one of the first decent venues. Deepak has skipped all the great venues of Chmielna street (right next to that Starbucks) and instead wandered ten minutes up to a park in a part of Warsaw that has no good cafes or bars nearby.

11:32 – You’ll note from this point on every single bit of “intimate” kino is initiated by Deepak and she shivers and recoils each time. Note how stiff it is and how she offers absolutely nothing by her own volition. This is the “do the minimum to get paid” mentality rather than behviour of a girl sexually attracted to a man and wanting to fuck him. [9]

Stiff body language, yesterday

Stiff body language, yesterday

11:40 – Not a single kiss involves her opening her mouth, using tongue, or pushing into him. They are all “god this man is gross, just show me the money” kisses.
12:10 – If you’re banging a girl multiple occasions and she’s into you – and willing to be filmed on your phone cam in McDonalds – don’t you think you could find better footage?
12:16 – He’s trying really really hard to force her mouth open and she’s simply not having it. Note her dead motionless hands and utter lack of body movement. Compare this to girls who’ve kissed you on your bed just before fucking. There’s footage of inconclusive fumbling and she doesn’t remove any clothes.
12:43 – A stiff embrace and she turns her head uncomfortably away.

"Show me the money", yesterday

“Show me the money”, yesterday

Stop and think a moment. Deepak met this girl on multiple occasions and can’t get a single clip of her (i) kissing him properly (ii) removing any items of clothing (iii) showing any affection towards him.

13:46 – Yes, Deepak, you have indeed shown us exactly what the ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ is…. a crock of shit by a lying scammer thieving money from vulnerable men. The only legit bedroom videos you have is bumming that autistic German faggot sitting next to you.

The only true statement in this entire video is the second half of the title – that Deepak is an ugly old immigrant.

[1] The reason I didn’t expose Deepak a year ago was I couldn’t actually sit all the way through an infield of his, so I never did the micro-analysis necessary. Same thing with his (already caught faking) business partner Justin Wayne.
[2] As you’ll see, that evidence base is fake. He barely gets laid at all.
[3] This is why every active daygamer immediately recoiled at watching him. He doesn’t pass the smell test of a guy who gets laid and his stories are wildly implausible given the actual quality of his game. These daygamers know what the streets produce and how it looks when you’re producing it. In contrast, armchair enthusiasts or beginners are more prone to believe the intellectual rationalisations in his defence, because they lack the calibration and experience to trust their instinct.
[4] I just love insulting this loathsome scammer.
[5] In Daygame Overkill I’d freeze the screen, give the analysis, then restart it so that no information was missed. I also released completely unedited versions of same infield as raw data. This proves you see everything that happened. There’s no chance to edit out bad game or tells that it’s acted, e.g. fluffing lines.
[6] Somewhere in all this is a clue to why India has such an undeveloped economy and never wins Olympic medals despite being almost the size of China.
[7] An unforgiving viewer may conclude Deepak doesn’t deploy any game because he doesn’t possess any.
[8] Maybe it’s a ((Jew)).
[9] I suspect Deepak is gambling on likelihood that his audience don’t know what it’s like to have a girl sexually attracted to you and therefore won’t smell a rat.

If you thought Deepak was right to claim all my Adventure Sex lay reports are fictional, then you should read the book. Top class make-believe.

Is Deepak Wayne a fraud?

August 30, 2016

Those of you following my Twitter [1] will be aware I’ve been laughing my ass off at Indian [2] daygamer Deepak Wayne‘s recent outlandish claims on YouTube. He’s been walking around Kiev lately talking into his phone cam on a selfie stick, saying first that he fucked fifteen girls in thirty days (one a 17 year old virgin) and then just yesterday that he’s up to twenty-five girls in fifty days now including THREE teenage virgins. No evidence, of course. Just him and his selfie stick.

Stop laughing. This is serious.****

A slayer, yesterday

A slayer, yesterday

Long-time readers will be aware that PUA is a sordid creepy business full of liars, frauds and outright thieves. At the bottom end there is that creepy Korean guy who ran a big daygame bootcamp in Belgrade last year after having never actually done daygame before. Word on the street is he took everyone’s money and didn’t even show up to coach. I also heard the RooshV forum found evidence he’s on the run for money laundering in the US [3]. There’s form for this, as even Neil Strauss admitted in The Game that he taught his first boot camp in Los Angeles before he’d even been laid. Mehow was the same – he started a whole PUA business after just one lay.

Within our own European daygame world we have our own embarrassments, such as Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez hiring actresses for “same day lay” videos then getting busted [4] and of course the famous Tom Torero fake kiss close video [5]. There are also a number of guys who inhabit that grey area of not hiring actresses but being terrible at game and then implying way more success than they actually get (e.g. Johnny Cassel, Simon Spence, and of course King Berba himself).

Let’s remember that at the root of these scams are two motivations:

  1. To cheat vulnerable men out of hard-earned cash.
  2. To look cool in front of an audience of credulous men.

I stress, faking in-field videos or lying about your results is not harmless. Deliberately telling pre-meditated lies and faking videos will cause actual active daygamers to get extremely insecure about their own results. I’ve had a number of guys worried that they must suck because they only bang one or two girls a month from daygame. They actually think they are underperforming and must be doing something wrong! Worse than active daygamers getting badfeelz is what these liars do to the vastly bigger army of online voyeurs that they are trying to extort for money. Most men don’t understand female psychology and have never laid a girl from daygame, thus their experience base to compare a YouTube video/claim against is literally zero. I know how this is because I was once that naive (I even once mistook a clip from a porn movie for a close video of RSD Ozzie!).

PUA attracts the most clueless of men, the very men who are most desperate to believe and also the least-calibrated to spot lies and fakes. These PUA scammers are trying to steal money from such men. It’s sickening.

I can watch a Daniel Blake video and just feel it’s off. I know that’s not how women react to daygame and my gut instinct warns me [6]. I can watch a Deepak Wayne video and almost cry laughing at how fake it is**. But what about Devak, a little Indian computer programmer in a German back-office cubicle, who doesn’t know women, doesn’t know seduction, and especially doesn’t know white women? What does he see when Deepak ding-a-ling-a-lings in his thick Indian accent running his mouth about all the hot white girls he’s banging in this mysterious foreign land called “Ukraine”. What is Devak to think? Devak who hasn’t ever been laid for free but now has a magic system dangled in front of him, for just 600 euros a day coaching?

So to help the Devaks of this world, here’s a list of things to look for in spotting PUA scammers, particuarly in daygame.

1. Outlandish claims.
Here’s the reality of daygame – if you’re pretty good at it, work hard, and go after women a bit younger and only a little better looking than you, you’ll get laid approximately once every fifty approaches. If you change those parameters to get hotter girls (or you’re just not as good at daygame) then it can easily become 1-in-100 opens. That’s a week of hard work on the streets, plus all the dating, including the idates and Day 2s to nowehre. That includes the LMR you get at your front door or on your bed. You’ll get the odd purple patch where everything goes right for a week, but mostly you revert to this grind.

It’s not as simple as finding a Yes Girl and same-day-laying her two hours later. There are a ton of wasted text chats, idates and bouncebacks surrounding these rare glimpses of glory. They take time and they wear you down. No one – literally noone – fucks 25 white girls in 50 days, averaging one every other day*. No one. Even if a PUA can find that many girls interested in him, think of the process and attrition required to whittle down all those leads, dates and bouncebacks into actual lays.

The only way anyone is getting 25-in-50-days is a good-looking young white man going to South East Asia, pipelining on Tinder/Date In Asia, and then fucking literally any girl no matter how ugly. That’s the only way. I’ve hung around some of the best seducers in the world. Good-looking, cool, savvy, vastly experienced men. The kind of men you hang out with and you know you’re in the cool gang. On a good month they might get 8 white girls, if they try hard and have some good luck.

So no, don’t believe that a charmless ugly Indian is getting 3x their results.

2. No ripples in the pond.
Imagine you throw a rock into a pond – you watch it arc through the air, make a big splash in the water, and then for many seconds afterwards ripples spread through the pond. Throwing the rock created a stir, the impact of which is visible. Now imagine you are looking in a different direction as someone else throws a rock into the pond. You don’t see the rock but you hear the splash and turn around to see the ripples. You can infer the rock having been thrown in despite having not seen it. Now imagine someone merely tells you they threw a rock in (while your back was turned) yet you didn’t hear a splash and looking at the pond you don’t see any ripples. It’s as calm as if no rock was ever thrown in. You can very confidently conclude that someone is a liar.

An easy way to spot this in daygame is when someone posts only two types of video: talking into a camera about results, or showing a same day lay infield. Why is this suspicious?

Hiring actresses costs money and if you pay to fuck them too it’s considerably more expensive. It’ll take a few hours of her time, showing herself on YouTube, and she has to act a role which requires some preparation. Plus of course you have to actually find such a dirty whore, negotiate, and set up a time/place to do it. It’s not like simply walking out onto the street with your buddy and saying “turn the camera on and record my sets”. Given this, a fledgling PUA business is limited to how many such videos they can make.

A real daygamer who goes filming will get a ton of footage. He’ll get blowouts, hook points followed by “I have a boyfriend”, idates to nowhere, number closes to nowhere, and of course some dates and eventually a lay or two. This is a ton of footage. Just look at the montage at the beginning of my Outlaw Daygame video above – that was from just one afternoon session with the camera on. Yet the scam PUAs show you only the SDLs. Why is that?

Because there is no other footage.

They never did go out and approach lots of girls and thus build up all that other footage. In the off chance it’s a Daniel Blake-type character, the real (i.e. non-actress) footage is so bad that showing you will completely undermine the supposedly real SDL footage. You’ll watch him getting blown out so bad from real girls that you conclude “no way he’s suddenly going from that to an SDL”. This is why the scammers are just talking down a selfie stick and putting in the occasional “SDL” video. It’s black and white, all-or-nothing. The entire grey area that makes up 90% of a real daygamer’s street experience is completely absent.

3. They don’t look like someone who gets laid.
I know within twenty seconds of meeting a man exactly how his sex life is. A calibrated man can size up another very quickly, seeing him like a woman does. Genuine womanizers have a cool vibe and strike you as larger than life. They don’t have the hunted eyes of a chode, nor the uncertain body language. They don’t look dorky. You can look at him and think “he looks like he gets laid”.

The scammers never do. They all have an off-vibe. Their conversational flow is disjointed and difficult to follow. You don’t feel intrigued or comfortable watching them talk. You actually get bored of listening to them – and if you’re bored watching, imagine how bored a girl is being on the receiving end of it in set. If a guy struggles to keep the interest of his audience, he’s not seducing women. [7] If you find yourself wondering “how does such a charmless guy get laid so much?” the answer is that he doesn’t. He’s lying.

4. Where are the girls at?
When I go through my hot periods with women, I’ve always got girls around. I’ll be sitting on an idate with one, or walking around town with another. I’ll be lying in the park with a girl eating ice cream, or drinking coffee on a patio cafe. The important thing is I’m not short of female company in these periods. Do you think a guy banging 25 women in 50 days would struggle to snap a few photos or video snippets of himself with girls? Remember to whittle down to 25 actual lays, he’d need to date at least double that amount. So out of those 50 girls he can’t muster up evidence?

Imagine you were so charming and likeable that you were able to deflower three teenage virgins in rapid succession. These are girls who have so far gone their whole lives not giving it up to a man. But you’re so goddamn special to them that they think: ‘this is it, this is the guy I want to lose my virginity to”. Imagine the positive feelings you must’ve created in her. The strength of the attraction. The depth of the rapport. Her willingness to give so much of her time, emotion and body to you.

Are you telling me those girls won’t want to take some pictures with you? That they won’t let you snap off video footage of you walking through the park together? You’re so special that she let you deflower her but not special enough that she wants a photo with the man who made her a woman. For contrast, look at this video of me below hanging out with a girl. If you’re banging a ton of girls, you can easily provide evidence. Not just evidence that you fuck ’em (which can easily be bought from a prostitute, like in the SDL videos) but evidence in their body language and manner that they really like you and gave it up for free.

Scammers don’t have that. They have badly-acted SDL sex videos, heavily-edited “hanging out” videos, and the girls don’t seem at all interested in the scammer – it’s almost like they are just there for the money!

5. Nobody will vouch for them
What is the single best way to develop credibility in a small scene? You seek out the opinion influencers, befriend them, and show them your skills. Those guys will then say, when asked, “oh yeah, he’s good”. This works in PUA just as it does in music or art. You build a rep by having people notice you, watch you, and vouch for you. I’ve seen guys like Eddie, Richard, Jimmy, Tomas*** etc. They’ve seen me. When asked we can say some variation of “I’ve seen him in action plenty with my own eyes and he’s for real”.

It doesn’t even need to be an “influencer”. In Europe there are a limited number of popular Euro Jaunt daygame cities and literally every time I travel I’m recognised and approached multiple times by active or beginner daygamers. Presumeably even more guys see me but I don’t know I’m being watched. They see me approach, they see the results, and frequently they see me on dates with girls. Some of them have been with me and watched me get SDLs in front of their eyes (e.g. I’ve been out with local guys in both Warsaw and Prague and got two SDLs in front of each of them). Often I let a guy tag along with me after being introduced and he sees me in action. Some of them become proper friends and travel buddies.

The point isn’t that I’m legit. The point is that nearly every legit daygamer in Europe has the same experience. It’s a small community and we all know each other either directly or through only one degree of separation. We talk. Back when Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez were coming under scrutiny I couldn’t find anyone to vouch for them. I can’t find anyone to vouch for Deepak Wayne now. Not a single person [8][9]

I could continue with more red flags but this ought to get you thinking. So, next time a charmless retard rants to his iphone and posts it on YouTube about all the hot snatch he claims to bang, do a mental run-through of this list. You don’t need wait for the smoking gun of getting caught red-handed hiring actresses.

"For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price"

“For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price”

[1] – I think my blog and Twitter audiences only slightly overlap.
[2] – He lived in India for thirty years, speaks like the grandad who owns the Indian corner shop by my brother’s house, yet told Stefan Molyneux that he’s German in this hilarious interview. Bear in mind a guy with such weak frame, weaselly hypocrisy, and inability to make a point is allegedly smashing it with hot women. He’s also whining about why white women WON’T fuck him.
[3] – Thanks to a reader for sending me the links to the RVF forum post discussing him (I couldn’t search it because Roosh banned me) and the story of him being jailed for grand larceny.
[4] – I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time despite my gut feel thinking them fake. When they were given an opportunity to defend against specific claims on a specific video, they declined and just posted an evasive “we’ll release a statement later”-type comment.
[5]- I’ve posted my thoughts on this incident here. The TL:DR is that Tom has real daygame skills but sometimes lacks integrity.
[6] – Though I overruled that gut instinct in the past and gave him tacit acceptance because there was no smoking gun evidence of fakery until almost a year later. When your blog has as big an impact in the daygame scene as mine, you have to be careful calling someone out in case you’re wrong and damage the rep of someone who doesn’t deserve it.
[7] – Unless he’s doing it purely on looks, which doesn’t describe many daygamers.
[8] – Anonymous students don’t count. I mean someone who is actually verified in-person by me or another daygamer who I trust.
[9] – I’m also rather disappointed that daygamers who actually have a platform are not calling out such frauds. These people are scamming vulnerable men and damaging the reputation of the real daygame community. It supports my contention that most daygamers are actually rabbits – they hide behind their mum’s skirts and hope someone else will deal with the problem

* Well, Pakistani men in Rotherham might rape 25 white girls in 50 days but it’s not the same thing.

** I should stress that “fake” includes shifty editing then claiming a result which didn’t happen, e.g. a bounceback that ended in unbeatable LMR but claiming it as a lay. Fake doesn’t just mean scripted with actresses.

*** The Polish one. Though my mate from Wales is quite good too.

**** Steve Jabba is suitably impressed by Deepak’s claim to bang FIVE Kiev girls in one day on THREE SEPARATE OCCASSIONS. So impressed is Steve that he’s flying to Kiev to ask Deepak to show his miracle skills on video. Deepak declined the offer and ‘clarified’ the claim to be five girls in three days.

If you thought this post explained how to spot bad daygame, you might like my book. That tells you how to do it right.

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