My New Infield Product

October 2, 2016

Daygame Overkill is my crowning achievement so far. It represents the perfect intersection of both my game being on-point but also me still being sufficiently fascinated by the technical innovations in daygame that I wanted to analyse it all in teachable micro-detail. I poured my heart and soul into creating that. Every daygamer with a YouTube account and website has bought a login to Overkill and copied the style. I’m not bitter at all, I’m flattered. But it did mean I needed to change my style and come up with some new innovations.

Back when I was good, yesterday

Back when I was good, yesterday

Those infields were shot two years ago and I’ve learned lots since. Perhaps another infield series could be done? It would certainly be different to Overkill. At the beginning of 2016 I settled upon a grand plan. I’d mic up with a dictaphone and record all my sets, where possible getting a wing to video them too. Then I’d very carefully cherry-pick the best of them to pretend that was my normal game. “That’ll sell tonnes of books!” I thought, rubbing my hands in glee.

Surely some cherry-picking and selective blurring of girl’s faces could craft the illusion that I was constantly banging hotties!

I respect this HB8 too much to show her face

I respect this HB8 too much to show her face

Then I future-projected how much actual work that would involve and thought “Fuck that, I need a Plan B”. A new cunning plan formed.

I could stitch together a tapestry of infields based on a whole range of scams. I’d approach girls who looked like models then simply mute audio on the bit where I pretended to be a talent scout who could get them a job. I’d approach scammers on Khreschatyk Street in Kiev and mute the part where I invited them to an expensive restaurant. Perhaps I’d pick up disgusting fat girls high on drugs then ply them with alcohol and date rape them in my apartment and simply reframe them as being psychologically unbalanced by the power of my game.

I could fill an entire YouTube channel with that! If I gave them salacious titles like “Foreign Bald Man Lays Hot Model Teen – Nearly Died So Wild” it might go viral. Then I realised a brown pathological liar from India had already sewn up that niche. Fuck. I needed a PLAN C.

How about if I got high on coke and walked around London bug-eyed hassling unsuspecting girls and uploading literally every set, occasionally monologuing in a park about “self acceptance” or “inner fear”. SHIT! Someone had already thought of that.

Ok, PLAN D. How about trading on my looks to get hot but skanky whores from assisted dating sites, sending them dick pics, and filming myself banging them. SHIT! Someone had already thought of that too! Ok, ok, Nick……. wait. Think! Is there any niche that some enterprising daygame coach hasn’t already sewn up?

I could take hallucinogenic drugs then video myself drinking my own piss, claiming it freed me of social anxiety? Perhaps periscope myself doing weak “PR” closes on the escalators of American shopping malls? How about getting fucked off my nut on cocaine and booze then manhandling terrified chubby drunk girls and trying to pass them off as HB10s?

Done. Done. Done.

Shitty infields, tomorrow

Shitty infields, tomorrow

How about I just aped my own Daygame model but hired actresses in London and Krakow to play the part up until fumbling around in the bedroom on the “Same Day Lay”. Shit, I’d been beaten to that too! Was there nothing left to show? I had a good think about it and realised there was only one thing left that no-one else had thought of……. to just admit that most of your sets are shit and let people see them. Daygame Mediocrity was born! More soon.

If you somehow liked this, you’ll almost certainly enjoy Daygame Overkill. But you probably can’t afford it.


  1. I caught the Yad inference lol

    I’m still waiting on Jabba to release a infield battle of him and Deepak.

  2. That was great Nick you have totally right…
    Even Torero infield program sounds like cherry-picking

    Torero said probably half a years ago: “Full infield video product coming in autumn”

    Even if he have real skills.. why the hell need someone half year or a year to make an infield video product?

    If I got it right, Overkill was made a week [Overkill was three days. Half the vids from one afternoon. K.]

  3. Haha very funny nick. That weirdo deepak reference was good. As was the bug eyed aspie Berba 😂

  4. “How about trading on my looks to get hot but skanky whores from assisted dating sites, sending them dick pics, and filming myself banging them. SHIT! Someone had already thought of that too!”

    You making fun of Jabba here Nik? I thought he pulled genuine hotties, the high end 9s and 10s? Bodi’s book talks about him getting top class birds off dating websites.

    • I noticed this too. If he is, it’s a complete mis – characterisation.

      All tongue in cheek I suppose but really should watch his words when calling other dudes girls “skanky whores” when he has only seen pictures (and knows nothing at all of the girls in question). There’s plenty all of us could say about the others “game” but choose not to… [Calling my own sets “shit” and my product “mediocre” are the two tells this isn’t an entirely serious post. K.]

      • I don’t even know what to believe at this point. This is all so confusing. When you are all getting along you are all the best “bangin’ hotties”. When you’re not friends you’re suddenly “bangin’ skanky hoes” :/ :/ :/ [I do wonder if people understand the difference between trolling and critique. K.]

      • Typical steve jabba try to divert away from confrontation

      • Too many dick pics Jabba. You’re banned!

  5. haha so Plan B is that Indian guy … Anyone name all the others??

  6. Nick, come on. I like you. I think you’re one of the only guys who goes out there and grinds, who does the work. But why are you so obsessed with these other guys? Who cares? Focus all that negative energy on improving yourself and your game. Everything else is noise.

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